It was a normal birthday for Naruto. The weather was wet and horrible, and he came home to an empty house. It was Friday, five pm, and he knew his mother would be home in a few minutes. Hopefully with the present he had asked for; a new digital camera. Naruto had gotten into a photography class at college and had an assignment that would let him pass the class if he turned it in.

His father had passed shortly after Naruto was born. Naruto and his mother Kushina had lived alone for his entire life in a large suburban house they inherited from his father. They were pretty well off, not wanting for much, and Kushina worked mostly because it was something to do, more then because she needed to.

Naruto entered the house and had sat down on the couch for about five minutes when he heard the front door open, and his mother's voice say, “Wow, it's horrible out.” Before he heard the door swing shut behind her. “Naruto, are you home?” She called.

“Yeah Mom, I'm in here.” He called back.

She strode into the room wearing her black skirt suit and white blouse, her heels knocking loudly on the wooden floors. She was holding something behind her back, and had a playful look on her face. She leaned over, kissed him on the cheek and said, “Happy birthday honey.” Before making a big show of pulling the camera box from behind her back. “Tah-dah!”

“Thanks mom!” Naruto cheered. “It's just what I wanted.”

He opened the box quickly and pulled it out. A digital camera, capable of also recording video. The battery life was what he was really after, and the model she'd grabbed had that in spades.

“So, you like it?” She asked eagerly.

“It's perfect.” Naruto responded as he pulled it out and began to set it up to charge the battery. “I can't wait to start playing with it. So, what's for dinner?” He asked.

She wasn't in the mood to cook, so they decided to order pizza and had a nice chat while eating and unwinding. All the while Kushina was drinking her traditional Friday night wine. When they were finished they both returned to the living room and Naruto excitedly turned on the camera after noticing it was fully charged already.

“This is just what I needed for my new assignment Mom.” He told her.

“What kind of assignment, Naruto?” She asked curiously.

Naruto laughed sarcastically as he answered, “I have to do a photo shoot, but I need to find someone to be in it. So far I can’t find any one that's willing to do it with me.” He replied dejectedly.

“Don’t worry Naruto, I’m sure you will find someone to help you eventually.”

A light bulb appeared above his head and Naruto looked up at her from his spot on the couch.

Kushina stood about 5'5 and had what most would refer to as an hourglass figure, even more impressive considering she was in her thirties. People still asked her for her ID when she bought things. She had straight dark red hair that stopped at her waist, bright blue eyes and a beautiful face. She had a nice chest, with what Naruto guessed being 36E cups with her skirt ending just above her knees showing how slim and athletic her legs were from all the walking she did to stay fit.

Naruto shook his head and went up to his room, he needed to IM a few people and ask around before he decided on anything.

A few hours later Kushina came in and asked. “Any luck yet, Naruto?”

“No, I've asked every girl I know, this isn’t going good. I need to get some pictures ready by tomorrow.” He answered as he put his computer on stand-by.

“Well… if you need to get them that bad, you can take them of me I guess.” She said hesitantly.

“Thanks, mom!” Naruto gushed as he hugged her and took his camera and tripod downstairs and began setting it up.

He took a practice shot of her standing in front of the couch first, just to make sure everything worked. “Wow Mom, this picture is nice.” Naruto commented as he showed the camera to her.

She smiled and then giggled before drinking some of her traditional Friday night wine. “You think so?” She asked nervously, not having been complimented by someone that actually mattered to her in ages.

“Hell yeah!” Naruto grinned. He needed more for his project though, so he requested. “Hey, since we're bored and alone, let's get a few more pictures of you?”

“Oh alright.” She agreed, trying to hide her eagerness; this made her feel sort of sexy. She put her wine down and stood to face him. “Now what?” She asked with a little smile.

“Stand up there and face the camera for a picture.” Naruto instructed.

She stood proudly in front of the couch, and at once Naruto knew how to enhance the pose. Maybe he really did have a calling as a photographer? “Can you put your hands on your hips and smile for the camera?” Naruto watched her through the camera as she smiled at first and then giggled a bit. He joined her in the laughter, but snapped a few pics too, even if he knew how to make it even better.

“That's nice mom, now slowly turn around, keeping your hands on your hips and look back over your shoulder at the camera. Make sure to keep that pretty smile.” He told her with a grin.

Kushina did as Naruto asked her, slowly turning as he took pictures. When her back was to him, Naruto was treated to a view of her very shapely ass in her black skirt. He could make out the straps of her white bra through her blouse. He distinctly remembered this moment when recalling it in the future, because this was the exact moment he decided that he wanted to see her pose sexy for him. He wanted to see her sexy mature body, and to see how far he could persuade her to go.

“How's that?” She asked as she looked at him from over her shoulder.

“Perfect.” He replied firmly. “You look amazing. Seriously, I think I could get some really great pictures of you now with this new camera...”He trailed off, hoping she'd take the bait; she seemed to be enjoying herself.

“Really...? Like what?” She asked, taking the bait perfectly.

“Well... can you put your hands on the couch, bending at the waist and look back at the camera again?” Naruto requested. “That would look so sexy.”

“Bent over?” She replied, slightly surprised at the request.

“Yeah, it'll look great mom, trust me. Try it, it might be fun.” She said with an easy smile.

“Okay, I guess I could do that...” She said slowly as she began to bend over, the skirt tightening over her nice ass as she set her hands on the armrest of the couch.

Naruto felt his breath quicken as he watched her, snapping pics from a few different angles as he took the sight in. “Wow, you look gorgeous. Your legs are incredible in those heels as you bend over.” He knelt down behind her, camera held up eagerly. “Can you put one hand on your ass while you look back?” He asked without changing his tone.

Slowly, looking unsure, she did as he asked, eased by his professional tone. Naruto snapped a few pics before he said, “Now squeeze your hand?”

She did so and his camera clicked rapidly as he captured the moment. “That looks great! Can you sit down now on the couch with your legs crossed?”

“Alright, that sounds fine.” She replied as she sat down. Not finding a good place to set her wine glass that wouldn't cause it to possibly spill, she drained the rest of it and set it on the floor.

Naruto took pictures all the while as she got into position, the flash filling the room every few seconds. “Can you lift the skirt up a bit? Show more of your lovely legs?”

“I'm not sure Naruto, I'm wearing stockings and lifting the skirt will show them.” She said hesitantly, her face showing a slight blush.

“Stockings, really? Oh come on, now you have to show them to the camera. It's only stockings and your legs, I've seen your legs loads of times already. Plus these pictures of you might get me an A+ on my assignment; you are so fucking hot right now.” Naruto excused.

The pleasant buzz she was on warmed her veins just as much as his compliments did and Kushina felt herself smile coyly. “Okay, here goes...”

Slowly, she lifted the skirt up over her tan stockings. Naruto kept clicking pictures, the flash breaking the silence in the mood. Then, as he glimpsed her stocking tops, his heart sped up. She extended her top leg and held the pose for him; showing a little sliver of flesh above the stocking top.

“God, that looks so great. I can feel it; I'm gonna be good at this photography stuff mom. Can I get you to maybe do some more similar poses? I've got all kinds of ideas. We can even make this our little secret if you'd like, and to help me learn. Can you open a few buttons on your blouse to give the camera a glimpse of your bra. Like a real magazine model, teasing the camera?” He asked.

“What? No, I can't do that Naruto.” She said with a slightly nervous giggle. She was silent, but after a few seconds she finally asked, “I'm not sure Naruto, who will see these pictures?”

“Just us mom, this is only for me to get better at this. Like I said; our secret. I'll even delete the pictures of you when we're finished, promise. Aside from the ones I need for my assignment anyway.” He had no intention whatsoever of doing this, but he'd definitely delete them from the camera itself; he had a few flash drives lying around after all...

She sighed, exhaling loudly as she worked it over in her head. Absently she grabbed her discarded wine glass and the bottle, refilling the former about a third of the way. Since there was still nowhere to set it without risk she sipped on it as she considered until it was gone. “You are a terrible young man, Naruto. Okay fine, but just a few pics!” She told his firmly as she opened the top three buttons of her blouse, causing Naruto to catch a glimpse of her cleavage and the lace of her white bra.

“Mmmm, that's nice Mom. Very nice. That bra looks gorgeous, very sexy, really works well with your skin tone.” Naruto snapped pics as he spoke, catching as much as he could on the camera. “God, I bet a picture of you without the blouse would be amazing, just in the bra, like a lingerie model. What do you think? Can I get you to slip the blouse off for a quick picture or two, please?”

Cutting him off she said, “No way Naruto, you can't see your Mother in just her bra.” Almost scandalized.

“Why not mom? I've seen you in a bikini plenty of times. This is the same thing, maybe even less so because you're still wearing a skirt instead of a bikini bottom.” He flipped the camera around and cycled through some of the pics he'd already taken. “See how good these look? Aren't you curious to see how good you look in lingerie pictures?”

She took a large sip of wine, forgoing the glass completely and just taking a pull from the bottle itself as she scrolled through the pictures. She did look pretty good... She handed the camera back before she looked Naruto in the eye and said, “I can't believe I'm doing this.” As she opened her blouse and un-tucked it from her skirt.

“You make sure nobody sees these photos Naruto... okay?” She said firmly, holding the blouse below her bust.

“I promise.” Naruto replied as he watched as his heart started racing, his mouth going dry with excitement. “Wait!” He suddenly barked as she raised her shirt.

Kushina jumped, looking at him curiously as he backed up a foot or two and got on one knee, “Stand up, I want to get a shot of your full body as you take it off.” He said.

Standing up, Kushina made sure she was the right distance from him before slowly removing the blouse, a slight grin on her blushing face. Exposing the white lace bra to the camera, her large tits framed perfectly in the lace cups, the globes still holding a firm shape. The real surprise was that the lace was partially see-through and her dark nipples were clearly visible as she posed.

“Well, how do I look?” She asked, her voice a bit shaky. She was obviously nervous, but the atmosphere in the room was electric.

Naruto answered thickly, “You... You look so fucking hot, and that bra is sooo sexy. Put your hands on the sides of your breasts and push them together for a picture. Also, try and pout really sexy. Not a duck face, because if I accidentally photograph one of those i'll have to burn the taint off the camera, no matter how great you look.” He joked.

“Oh, okay, I guess I could do that.” She answered, her hands moving to her tits. She was awkward and unsure, but the pictures were good as she pressed her large tits pressed together, looking sexy and inviting. Any mistakes she made were gently corrected by Naruto and the pictures were; “Amazing mom, you look like a real model!”

Naruto queued up the latest pictures and eagerly handed her the camera. Kushina took it, her eagerness just as high as his but restrained so it barely showed. She gasped as she flipped through them; she did look like a model! She felt a little light headed from it all actually. 'You should be a model!' was just one of those empty pick-up lines she'd ignored until now, but seeing it first hand was... wow.

She handed the camera back to Naruto, who made sure the pictures were saved and everything was set up for more. “Out of curiosity, are you wearing panties that match that bra?” He asked absently, checking to make sure the memory still had plenty of room and the battery life was good. He'd taken up less than .2 percent of the camera's memory and the battery still read 100 percent.

“Naruto! Where did all this come from?” She asked, half incredulous and half amused.

Naruto finally looked up a few seconds later, which was enough time to bite her lip and wiggle her hips sexily, which Naruto, thanks to his almost ninja-like reflexes, was able to get a picture of. “Well if you must know, yes, I am wearing matching ... panties.” She answered meekly.

Naruto laughed. “You know I have to photograph your sexy ass in just the bra and panties now, don't you? I can't go without a matching set like that, it'd be criminal! Besides, you look amazingly in sexy these, imagine how much sexier we can make you look...”

Taking another pull from the wine bottle, a larger one this time, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She wiggled more, her head tilting back and forth as she made an almost whining noise, an internal debate raging. Naruto, of course, capture all of this because it was just plain adorable. “Oooh, alright!” She finally decided. “But this is as far as it goes mister.” She said, a half stern, half playful look on her face as she moved to unzip the back of the skirt.

“Wait!” He barked again. This time she didn't jump, but she did freeze completely, waiting for him to continue. “Can you turn around and do that Mom?” Naruto asked as he knelt down and watched through the camera.

“Oh, my mistake.” She replied with a giggle as she turned her ass to face the camera. She unzipped the skirt slowly, pulling it down her hips, wiggling them as she went due to the skirt's tightness, which only improved the picture being taken at lightning speed by Naruto. Speaking of the blonde, his jaw was completely dropped and he felt his chest grow tight as more and more of her creamy ass was displayed and capture by the camera.

He was speechless as the skirt pooled around her feet, but his fingers worked independently, taking the pictures his brain was too frozen to order them to. The flash of the camera illuminated Kushina's body, enhancing her beauty all the more.

Kushina slowly turned to face him, giving him a perfect from row seat as she showed off the front of her panties, which, as with the bra, were partially transparent, barely managing to cover her entrance. He could make out a tidy, small patch of red hair through the fabric.

She eyed him curiously for a second but then followed her son’s gaze to her panties and jumped and gave an uncharacteristic squeak as she realized what he was photographing. “Oh God! No, Naruto! I... I didn't know they were see-through!” She protested, covering her crotch with her hands.

“It's alright Mom, I don't mind.” Naruto said with a grin as he snapped a picture of her again, almost as if for emphasis. “Besides, this is our secret, remember? Come on, move your hands... Please, I already have a few pics of it anyway, and the bra is see-through too.”

Her blush was deep, but he also felt the heat of the room rise. Naruto could read the barely contained sexual energy in her eyes. Was she beginning to enjoy this little posing session with her son? He certainly was.

“O-okay... I guess you can take the pictures if you have them already...” She ceded meekly. Naruto could sense the inner confliction and excitement in her voice as she placed her hands on her hips.

“Hmm, great. Alright, can you stand with your hands behind your head holding your hair up?” She complied and Naruto snapped a few pictures, but decided the pose needed something. He circled her, eying her critically, causing her to blush at the intensity in his eyes. “Cock your hips a little bit forward... a bit to the left... little less... perfect.” She complied without question, but he frowned a little and hummed. “Plant your feet a liiittle farther apart.”

His camera clicked three times as she did so, adding a little roll of her hips subconsciously that sent a tremor down his spine. “Good, good... now, tilt your head back a little bit and... hmm.” He frown again, thinking of how to explain it. “Ya know that feeling of when you first get in the shower? That relieved and euphoric feeling of the warm water just washing your cares away? Try and make that expression.

Kushina held her head high and tried to imagine stepping into the shower. She felt her face shift, which almost crumbled into something else as she heard he son whisper shakily, almost reverently, “Holy shit...”

Naruto almost failed to start taking pictures as her pose came together. Her expression was pure perfection, displaying absolute bliss as her raised arms emphasized her bust nicely. Down below her spread legs and slanted hips drew attention to her concealed pussy, which he could swear looked a little damp.

“C-can I get you to do the bent over pose again on the couch mom?” He asked, shakily at first but he quickly 'professionalized' his tone.

She groaned and rolled her eyes, like she was doing it reluctantly, which she definitely was and nobody could prove otherwise, but the second she faced away from him her face morphed into a giddy smile as she imagined what the pics looked like. She bent over the couch as her mind whirred, her hips rolling of their own accord, showing the camera her gorgeous ass.

“Oh my God.” Naruto whimpered. Louder, he said, “You didn’t say you were wearing a thong! Can you spread your feet a bit mom?” Without speaking she took two steps, her feet each setting themselves about six inched farther from where they were.

'Christ she looks sexy in those heels, stockings, thong and bra.' Naruto thought thickly. Not able to stop himself, he blurted, “My God that is hot. I bet all the guys who see you want to take you home and just fuck your brains out!”

“Naruto!” She exclaimed turning her head to look at him, her face bright red.

Naruto caught himself, confessing that may have been a bit forward, “Sorry, sorry. I still think it's true though, you look absolutely gorgeous. Back to pictures. Can you put a hand on your ass again like you did before, maybe give yourself a nice grope?” She looked at Naruto for several long second before she complied, slowly sliding her right hand onto her right ass-cheek. The flash filled the room several times, the click loudly breaking the silence as her fingers sunk into her cheek and squeezed.

Jesus, she looked so sexy, his own mother, who would have guessed it?

Feeling braver, and hoping the erotic charge in the air was affecting her too, he asked, “Mom, can you... can you slip a finger back between your ass cheeks? Ya know, tease the camera?”

She sent him a sharp stern look, but Naruto was ready. With the best shot of her pose from earlier queued up on the camera he turned the camera and showed it to her.

Kushina gasped as she caught sight of what she, at first, thought she was some sort of goddess of fertility. It took her several seconds to realize it was her! She'd never though herself possible of looking so good, and she was positively oozing sexuality. And she was still wearing clothes too...

Biting her lip she nodded, causing Naruto to step back and put the camera in front of his face, both to be ready to take pictures at a moments notice and to hide his wide, victories grin.

Kushina got back into position and put her hand on the small of her back. Slowly, the camera flashing to catch her every movement, she slipped her hand down, her panties indenting just so, enough to tell Naruto exactly where her asshole was as well as her pussy as her finger eventually stopped right on top of it. His cock jumped in his jeans as her finger pushed just a little deeper and she shuddered lightly.

Naruto felt a wave of bravado rush over him. “You know mom, since the bra is so transparent you could just take it off for a few topless pictures. I bet you'd make an amazing topless model...”

Kushina was quick to shoot down this idea as the bolts of pleasure she'd felt from accidentally brushed against her clit, which had extended from her hood for reasons she wasn't quite willing to admit, had brushed away the slight haze of the wine. “Sorry Naruto, but it’s late and you have school in the morning. We'll have to stop here and get ready for bed.” She hurriedly stood up and gathered her clothes. She took the steps two at a time as she retreated to her room, her crimson curtain of hair bouncing and dancing just above her plump rear.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders and decided he was tired as well before heading downstairs to the basement where he'd moved most of his things. He'd decided to move from his upstairs room recently and hadn't quite moved everything. The computer and his bed were down there, and those were exactly what he needed.

The next morning Naruto woke up to Kushina entering his room.

"Hey mom." Naruto rolled around under the covers while she bent over to shake his shoulders. “A few more minutes?" He requested, like he did every morning. She always had to make him get up in the morning.

"Sure." She accepted with a smile. "You can get to school late and it'll be put on your permanent record. What college is going to care if you don't get to class on time?" She said, her smile morphing into a devious smirk.

"Craaaap." Naruto yawned, rolling out of bed in his boxer shorts before and heading for the bathroom. Same thing, every morning.

A week later Kushina went to a PTA meeting. As soon as she left, Naruto called up Shikamaru and Chouji, some childhood friends of his. Shikamaru was 'living the dream', as it were, and owned his own weed farm. Seeing as Chouji and Shikamaru were brothers in all but blood, Shikamaru employed Chouji right away. At first it was to help with tending to the crops, but Chouji just didn't have the same instinctive talent for it Shikamaru did. After making a few not-so-legal deals Chouji settled into more of a bodyguard role; he even bulked up to make himself more intimidating. Naruto had spent months with Shikamaru and Chouji in the beginning to make sure everything was set up perfectly, and occasionally pointed trustworthy clients towards the two, so Shikamaru returned the favor by giving him huge discounts whenever he wanted a little for himself, and never turned down an offer to just hang out and get baked.

Shika and Cho left late, really late and after a quick shower Naruto just collapsed into his bed, out like a light the second his head hit the pillow.

Next thing he knew his mom was back and in his room, being far too cheerful for his liking. "Come on big guy, up and at 'em!" She chirped.

"Arrgh." Was Naruto's eloquent reply.

"C'mon, Naruto, get up." She put one hand on his shoulder and the other hand on his chest, and started rocking him back and forth.

"Okay, alright, I'm up, I'm up!" She stepped back as he pulled away the covers and stood up. Naruto paused as he heard her gasp, and looked at her. She was staring at him, or rather, his crotch.

“What is it?” He followed her gaze and looked down…

“Oh shit!” He must have forgot to get dressed again after his shower. And now he was standing right in front of his mom with a serious morning hard-on; all ten inches pointing proudly right at her, looking as smug as a penis could possibly look. As he stood frozen there for a moment, Kushina’s eyes never wavered from her son’s cock.

"Shit mom, I'm sorry!" Naruto yelped as he pulled the sheet over himself covering his lower half, hiding the hard cock from sight. It was a largely futile gesture, the sheet was paper thin because of how old it was and every vein of his erection was visible through the clothe as it tented upward.

"Wha?" Kushina hadn't moved. She seemed to be in some kind of trance.

"I forgot I was naked." Naruto clarified.

"Oh... That..." She said slowly, finally coming out of her trance before sitting down on the bed. She put her hand on his stomach – dangerously close to his still rock-hard cock.

"Honey, I've seen everything there is to see on you... Granted it's been a whole, I admit. You've... um, been developing nicely, I see nothing to be embarrassed about." She said, her face red.

"Not making this any easier mom." He said flatly as he lowering his head.

"Naruto, that's perfectly normal to wake up like that, especially for a young man your age. I'm your mom and I love you, and nothing you do could embarrass me, dear." She gave him a kiss on the forehead and stood up. "Now, get up and hop in the shower." She stood back from the bed and watched, waiting for him to get up.

Feeling sheepish, he pulled the sheet around him and rolled out of bed. As he stood up, Naruto saw Kushina’s eyes move downwards towards his crotch, gazing at his erection again. Before he could walk to the bathroom she moved towards him, throwing her arms around his chest from behind and gave him a big hug. He instinctively turned and hugged her back, which caused his erection to rub against her leg, the only thing between them being her very thin nightgown and his worn sheet. "I love you, Naruto." She said warmly.

"I love you too." He returned.

She let go of him, and Naruto turned and walked into the bathroom, feeling his mom's eyes on his ass as he left.

The next morning when Kushina came in Naruto was naked again, deciding to see if she meant it when she said he couldn’t embarrass her. He got up and grabbed the coffee cup she offered him.

"Sleeping in the nude now, are we?" She said, sending not-so-sneaky glances at his long limp cock as it swung freely between his legs.

“Yeah, I'm starting to like it, really relaxing." Naruto commented as he stretched, working the kinks out of his muscles from his rest.

"Me too..." She said, causing Naruto to stop and look at her. He saw she was staring at his cock again. Her eyes quickly moved up to Naruto’s and her face reddened. "I-I mean... What I meant was I sleep in the nude, too." she hurriedly explained.

Naruto looked pointedly at her nightgown, then back into her soft blue eyes.

"Of course, I throw something on before I make the coffee and wake you up!" She added with an eye roll.

"Why? Are you embarrassed to be naked around me? I thought you said there was nothing to be embarrassed about. I mean, after getting an eyeful of my raging hard-on and that sexy photo shoot we had there's very little we haven't seen of eachother." Naruto commented with a sip of his coffee and a raised eyebrow.

Kushina couldn't meet his eyes as she looked anywhere but his face, "A-ah, no sweetie, of course not, but... well, I'm your mother." She explained hastily, and not very convincingly. Her eyes suddenly found a place to rest; her son’s crotch again. Naruto felt a strangely pleasant sensation run up his spine and settle in his groin as she stared at his cock.

“Alright, well I think I'll go take a shower now then. Can you put something in the microwave for me?” He requested.

“Sure thing, Naruto.” She turned around and quickly hurried out of the room. Her quick pace didn’t stop Naruto from getting a glimpse of her sexy ass as her night gown moved back and forth over it due to her wide rolling hips.


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