A few days after having Kushina see him in the nude Naruto decided to keep sleeping naked so his sexy milf would keep coming in to see his hard cock, or limp, depending on what dreams he had.

Waking silently Naruto pretended to be asleep, waiting patiently in bed for Kushina to come through his door. It wasn't long before she did, barely a full minute in fact. Kushina wore a light blue night gown that did almost nothing to hide her bra and panties from sight, which energized the hell out of his flagging erection; forcing it back to its full twitching glory before she'd even made it to his bed.

“Naruto, wake up. Your sister is going to be coming home in a few days to pick up some more stuff.” She said as she shook him gently. Naruto's younger sister Tayuya was helping a friend move to a new apartment and had spent the past month with her friend as she helped her move out. Tayuya had referred to it as practice for when she herself moved out, but Naruto got the impression she just wanted a bit of freedom since the date she would move out was a few years off and she was still suffering aftershocks from her 'rebellious teen' phase. These musings aside, Naruto 'woke up' with a groan and got out of bed, his hard cock standing as stiff as a flag pole, jutting out as he stretched his back making it stand out for Kushina to see.

"Morning Mom." He said, giving her a hug, as had become tradition for them for the past few days. Once again he felt his erection pressing into her thigh. She hugged him back and gave him a little pat on the back. Naruto walked off to take his shower, only this time he felt as if her eyes were glued onto his naked body as walked past her into the shower.

The next morning when Naruto was waiting for Kushina to come in to wake him up he noticed she was taking longer than usual. After half an hour he sighed and got out of bed. Once he'd taken his morning shower and dried off he ventured up into the Theater Room he'd set up in the basement where his friends would hang out and watch movies.

Flipping on the massive TV he'd saved up for two months for he saw that a porno was on, showing a Sexy red haired porn star named Karin getting fucked hard by an almost bipolar actor with orange hair. He watched for a few minutes and was unable to get even a semblance of arousal from watching Karin getting fucked. It was like she was just a pale imitation. He just wasn't as attracted to redheads as of later that weren't Kushina. Just as she was being bent over a couch and about to be pounded even further he heard his favorite milf come down the stairs. Casually changing the channel he turned to see her and his jaw dropped. She had apparently taken his advice and now she was just as naked as him. Naruto got off of the couch and stood up, both of them freezing as they locked eyes.

“My mom is a knockout!” Long, tanned toned legs. Slim waist. Beautiful, 36E breasts that stood high on her chest, looking incredibly firm and inviting.

Naruto had never felt his cock harden faster in his life...

As they continued to stare at each other Naruto’s penis, which had been soft and hanging down against his legs, shot upwards. Kushina watched with wide eyed awe as it rapidly thickened and hardened to its full ten inches length and pointed directly up at her.

"Is this okay, Naruto?" She said, her expression was shy though, as if she were afraid that he would be shocked, or he wouldn't approve of her body. "I enjoy being naked, and after our talk yesterday morning I decided that it was silly for me to hide my body from my own son when he's not."

"Sure Mom, of course it's okay. You're right, it's silly.” He tried to contain it but he just couldn't. “My God you're so beautiful! You could be a porn star." He blurted.

She blushed, and then did a little spin for him. Unintentionally, or maybe not, letting him see her gorgeous, tight, and not-so-little ass. When she had turned all the way back around Naruto realized for the first time that her vulva was totally hairless – either shaved or waxed – and while she was tanned, there were no tan lines anywhere on her body. Her flawless tits and ass were uniformly browned to perfection like the rest of her body.

Naruto’s first instinct was to grab her, throw her onto his couch, and turn her into his cock loving slut, but managed to restrain himself. She would panic, and that would utterly destroy any chance of doing this later voluntarily; Naruto could wait.

"Thanks, Naruto. I try to stay in shape." She said humbly.

"It's working, Mom. You're so hot! How do you get an all-over tan though? Do you use a tanning bed?" Naruto asked, hoping to keep the conversation going as long as possible, afraid that he would never get another chance to see his beautiful mother's naked body.

"Oh, No." She said, shaking her head. "Sometimes when you're at school I lay out in the backyard and get some sun."

Naruto stopped himself from drooling at the thought of Kushina lying naked by the pool when a sudden ugly thought occurred to him. "Really? What about the neighbors?" He asked.

"They can't see anything over the fence Sweetie. That thing is like ten feet tall, I haven't the faintest idea why anybody would build a fence that tall, but it works out so why question it?” She assured him, shrugging at her own question. “You should try it sometime. It's good for the soul, and very relaxing."

Naruto sighed a breath of relief. Looks like he didn't have to murder any of the neighbors, good. He kinda liked most of them. "Maybe I will, Mom." He replied absently.

“What are you watching?” She asked suddenly as she plopped down on the couch and sat down next to him. The method she used was a dead giveaway that she used to be, and still was to a degree, a tomboy.

“Er.., just some morning News. Should be bright and sunny the rest of the week, maybe we can do that tanning thing later on this week?” He suggested, thankful his luck was holding out and his channel change hadn't swapped it to more porn.

“Sounds great honey.” She chirped happily.

Although she was talking to him, she was stealing almost constant glances at his dick. Naruto looked down. He was so excited that his erection was actually pressing against his abdomen, as opposed to pointing upwards. Every time his heart beat, his dick would bounce up and down a little. It felt harder than it had ever been before. Naruto glanced at his mother out of the corner of his eyes as he heard her gasp. He glanced back down and noticed a good sized drop of pre-cum had oozed from the tip of his cock and slowly dripped down his shaft, painting a, at least he hopes it was, enticing shiny line. He glanced back over at her, only to see her drag her eyes away from his erection with visible effort, but she wasn't able to stop from licking her lips involuntarily.

"Can I ask you another question, Mom?” He commented, keeping his tone casual. She nodded, still doing her damnedest to look away from him. “I noticed you don't have any hair, eh, down there. Do you shave it?"

She calmed slightly at a topic to latch onto and finally looked up at him. "Oh, no, Sweetie. A friend of mine at work waxes me, and I wax her."

"Wax on Wax off huh? We seem to lack a little old man yelling at you to train harder around here." He said jokingly. Kushina laughed musically, her breasts bouncing up and down. Naruto was hypnotized by the bouncing flesh in front of him.

"Well, it just makes me feel really clean and sexy. And it makes... umm, well, some things, ah, more fun to do." She said, her face turning red and her eyes once more glancing at his cock. She licked her lips again as she noticed another dollop of pre-cum building quickly at the tip. As she said this her hand moved down and unconsciously moved towards her crotch. Naruto thought he would cum right then, and a little gasp escaped his lips. Kushina heard him, and the wonderful was it caused his erection to twitch, seemingly growing even harder right before her eyes, and realized what she was doing. Quickly, she removed her hand, blushing heavily again as she smelled something; the smell of her sex was in the air now.

"I get it, Mom." Naruto looked down at his own hairy balls and dick. He's never had very thick or copious pubic hair, and he kept it short, but... "Maybe I should get waxed, too. Could you or your friend do that for me?" He didn’t really look forward to getting his pubic hair pulled out, but he was willing to try it at least once and see if it was worth it; the thought of his mother actually touching him down there was a very good incentive.

"Well... I'll think about it. For now, you'd better hit the shower Sweetie." She said distractedly.

"Alright Mom." He said. He moved over to Kushina, who for once tried to back up, but Naruto was too fast and wrapped her up in a hug. He was just a little taller than she was, and when they came together this time his erection pressed up against her bare stomach. Naruto felt his pre-cum smear against her skin, and he couldn't resist pressing his hips a little harder against her, disguising it as he tightened the hug in a quick pulse. She gave a little shiver, and then hugged him back. Naruto moved his own hands down, but he didn't even reach the small of her back before She gave a slight jump, rubbing his slimy cock even more against her belly, and gently pushed him away.

“I-I think you should go take a shower…” She said as she grabbed the remote.

“Already did.” He said, looking at her gorgeous legs as she sat down once more.

Naruto watched as she took the remote and his eyes widened as she hit the ‘back’ button.

“Oh... Oh my.” She gasped as she watched a girl with hair as red as hers giving a guy sitting on a couch a blowjob. The redhead on the TV was working like a woman possessed, ravenously inhaling the cock in front of her.

“I-is this what you were watching Naruto?” She asked averting her eyes from the TV... right onto his erection. She quickly averted her eyes again.

“Yep, the girl is pretty hot isn’t she?” He asked as he sat down next to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

“I guess.” She mumbled, a light grimace on her face.

“Yeah, but I think you look sexier than her though.” Naruto said with a grin. She looked over at him, not noticing or not caring that she was sitting hip to hip with him.

“You think so?” She asked, her voice full of happiness.

“Hell yeah! I was watching this when you came down, remember? I was barely nursing a semi, but the second I spotted you; bam! This.” He slapped his thigh lightly to draw her attention.

Kushina looked down and gasped as she saw how hard and long his cock was. It was even bigger up close, intimidating almost. The head shined in the light now, thanks to her abdomen rubbing the pre-cum around. The shaft was covered in thick veins, the entire thing twitching every second or so from his heartbeat.

“N-Naruto, that thing is bigger than anything I've seen!” She exclaimed, her eyes locked onto his dick, and showing no signs of ever moving.

Lowering his voice to a husky whisper Naruto said, “It's your fault you know... Kushina.” She looked up at him suddenly at hearing him call her by her name and not Mom.

“M-my fault?” She whispered shakily.

“I could use what that guy is getting.” Naruto said gesturing to the guy Karin was sucking off on the screen.” Kushina looked closely at the cock mere inches away from her and noticed that while it was a solid ten inches long it was as wide as her wrist as well!

“Naruto, I don’t know, if I did give that to you... I can help.” She finally said after stammering before she got up and went to get something from upstairs. A minute later she came back and moved in front of her son, who was gazing up at her as if she were a goddess, before getting down on her knees between his legs in front of the couch.

“I brought you something that will make it more... enjoyable."

She held up the little bottle for Naruto to read. "Strawberry flavored Angel Glide?"

"Yeah," She said, flipping the top open with a pop. "I use it when I... it makes everything slick." She squeezed a little drop out onto her finger and rubbed it around for him to see, then rubbed her wet fingers on Naruto’s arm. "See? Would you like to try it?" She held out the bottle.

"Sure," Naruto said; anything to get her to focus her attention on something, he felt like he was going to explode. "Go ahead."

She looked at him. "You mean you want me to put it on you?" She asked, her face growing just a tinge redder.

"Yep." Naruto replied easily. He figured she'd just drip it onto his dick, or put the bottle in his hand, but instead she squirted some into her hand, put the bottle down, and rubbed her hands together. Naruto put his arms on the back of the couch behind him and watched in anticipation as her hands moved toward his pulsating cock. His heart was racing now, beating faster as her hands inched closer, as if in slow motion.

When her hands touched him, he couldn't help but moan in pleasure. It felt so good! First, both of her hands caressed his erection, moving up and down and twisting lightly around his thick shaft, spreading the Angel Glide over the length. Then she moved one hand down to caress his balls, spreading the liquid across his nut sack as her other hand continued to work her son’s cock up and down.

He looked at her face; she was staring at her hands moving up and down on his erection, gently playing with his balls, in rapt fascination. She was breathing in short little pants, and her nipples looked hard enough to cut glass. Then she pulled her hands away from Naruto and stood up.

"There," She said "That should make it a lot more comfortable for you."

"Don't stop now, Mom! It feels so good!" Naruto protested.

She stared at him without speaking for a long second, but then she got back down on the floor in front of him and once again grabbed his big fat cock in her little hands. Again, Naruto had to moan as she began working her hand up and down his shaft.

"Oh, yeah." He groaned and she started jacking him off faster. The Angel Glide made it feel great, much better, the sensations more vivid than jacking off dry. It also made things noisier: Kushina’s hand made a rhythmic slapping sound as she really began getting into it. After a while, Naruto felt the familiar tingle. "Mom, I'm gonna cum!"

Her response was to moan a little and begin jerking him off even faster than ever. The feeling started in Naruto’s balls and spread up his cock. Naruto watched as the first shot of his cum erupted from the tip of his cock and shot maybe three feet straight up into the air before falling back down onto Kushina and landing on her hair and face, dampening the former before it slowly oozed down to her 36E sized breasts.

"Ohh! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! God! Aaaaah!" Naruto bucked and moaned as he continued to shoot his cum all over Kushina’s hair, face and breasts. Naruto gripped the couch and squeezed tight as his orgasm overtook him. It was incredibly intense, one of the best he'd had, and it was just from a handjob.

"Yes, baby." Kushina hissed, staring at the thick jets of cum intently.

The orgasm was so strong that Naruto saw stars, and for a moment he was afraid that he might pass out. Slowly however, his vision cleared and Naruto’s cock stopped pumping its jizz.

Kushina’s hand stopped its jacking motion, and her thumb moved over the tip of Naruto’s cock, smearing his cum all around the head. It felt incredible, and Naruto was in heaven.

"There, better?" She crooned

Naruto let out a shaky breath. "Mom, that felt amazing. The stuff is wonderful, and it feels so much better when someone else is doing it."

Naruto’s plan was going far beyond his expectations as he took in the sight of Kushina kneeling in front of his cock, cum covering her hair, face, and breasts, looking up at him lovingly.

She looked at him, still rubbing the head of his dick with her thumb. "Do you do this every day, Sweetie?"

"Yeah, usually in the shower." He replied, his breathing finally evening out.

She looked away and was silent for a moment. "I could do this for you every morning, Naruto... if you want." She offered slowly.

"You're kidding," Naruto said. "You'd really do that for me? Why?"

She looked back at him. "Yes Sweetie, because you need it, and because I love you. I... ah, I also enjoyed it, too."

"Sometimes I jack off four or five times a day..." Naruto said with a big perverted grin.

She giggled and stood back up. "Let's just make this a morning wake-up thing for now. I don't think you could survive five orgasms like that in a single day, every day." She joked before noticing Naruto’s cum dripping down her face and breasts. "I'm going to get something to clean us up." she said. Naruto’s eyes were stuck as he watched her plump naked ass move as she got up to walk out, only for Naruto to grab her arm.

“No need to get a towel or anything, the steam-vac'll get it.” Naruto said as his cock jumped as if sensing his thoughts.

She nodded before sitting back down and gently cleaning off Naruto’s cock and balls with her hands. Once he was all clean she wiped his cum off of her own face and breasts, running her hands on the carpeting to clean them.

"You're still hard.” She noted.

"Yeah, well, this is pretty exciting for me." He said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

"Me, too, Sweetie." She said.

“You said you enjoyed it, plus you rubbed that strawberry flavored stuff all over my cock. You could just clean and fix me up right here.” Naruto said with a grin as he stood up, his cock inches away from Kushina as she knelt in front of her son.

“You should help me get rid of this one mom; you got it up this time.” And Naruto had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last time she did. Kushina knelt down and took Naruto’s cock in both hands once again; she slowly began to lick the tip of his cock.

In one gulp she took a full six inches into her mouth and began bobbing her head back and forth on his shaft with her tongue swirling around Naruto’s cock. Naruto felt his eyes cross as her hands also began assaulting him, pumping the remaining four inches furiously and gently playing with his balls.

Naruto's head rolled back as he felt his mother suck his cock. “If you hurry up and make me cum we can get out of here.” He said as he watched her look up at him, her bright blue eyes glinting in the light. What she didn’t know was that he was holding it in as long as he could to make her suck on him as long as possible. She was starting to moan something out and she came up for some air to speak.

“I’m trying; you won’t cum for some reason!” She said, coughing.

“Keep trying, I think you almost had me.” He grinned.

She sighed before taking him back into her mouth. Only as she did, Naruto’s hands gripped the sides of her head forcing her to take all but the final inch of his cock down her throat.

“MMPGH!” She screamed around his cock, making it shake and vibrate.

“Oh God, Kushina, that feels so good.” Naruto said as he held her head there, slowly moving her back before slamming her face into his trimmed bush. He was determined to get all of his cock inside her throat, but that last inch kept eluding him until he finally grunted savagely and couldn't hold it in any longer. With one final hard thrust for good measure he pulled back a little to let his mom take his load.

Kushina’s eyes went wide as the hot cum flooded down her throat and into her mouth as he pulled out of her throat making her swallow every time it began to fill up her mouth, finally she couldn’t swallow anymore and it began to leak out of her mouth before turning into a full out flooding. Naruto pulled out and shot rope after rope of his cum directly into his MILF of a mom’s face, completely coating her face and hair, letting it slowly drip and ooze down onto her chest, as she coughed up more onto her breasts.

“I think you should come to my shower as well. Let’s just wash it off now.” Naruto said suggestively as he opened the door to his shower. Kushina looked torn, she didn’t want to go too far with Naruto. But she knew he was right, feeling the sticky fluids almost covering the front of her body.

“I guess I should.” She gave in and followed her son into the bathroom shower.

She went to start the shower, giving Naruto a gorgeous shot of her beautiful plump ass again, which swayed with every step she took. It was a large shower, with enough room for more than two people, Naruto followed his sexy mom into the shower, grabbing body gel as she perfected the water temperature. He began rubbing it over himself to clean the sweat covering him off.

“Sweetie, don’t forget to scrub me down as well.” Kushina said as she finished using her mouth wash to clean the cum out of her mouth before turning to put her back to him. Naruto paused as he saw his Kushina super sexy naked body mere inches away from him, her ripe plump ass brushing up against his crotch. His cock got so hard it began to strain him to control himself.

“Oh crap, I’m hard again, Mom.” Kushina turned around and her eyes shot up, seeing him hard again after his second orgasm.

“So much for once a morning thing I guess, eh mom?” Naruto said with a chuckle as she sighed.

“I guess. Do you think you can make it go away on your own?” She asked. Naruto decide to see if he could get her to go for it again.

“Not a chance. How can I jerk off without your sexy body in front of me? It'd be impossible.” Kushina saw his hands move her closer as they went behind her and squeezed her ass cheeks, pulling her close to him.

“Naruto...” He reached down and gently grabbed under her arms, pulling her up to him, face to face. "It's because you're so beautiful Mom." Naruto said. His left hand moving down to caress her wet naked ass as the right hand moved behind her head and pulled her into a kiss. Her eyes closed as their lips met, and her lips parted as Naruto’s tongue found hers. She moaned deep in her throat and ground her pussy onto his hard-on as they passionately kissed.

She suddenly pushed him away. “Naruto, quit it! Wash my back for me will you?” She asked shakily, ignoring him and bending over to continue washing his cum out of her hair, unknowingly thrusting her ass right onto Naruto's cock

“I'm sorry mom, but I can’t take it anymore!” Naruto exclaimed as he took hold of her arms and slammed himself into her cunt. The second his hips slapped into her he started pounding away with reckless abandon.

“AAAAAH!” She screamed at the sudden intrusion.

“Naruto, stop! OH GOD! Pull out now!” She screamed, not wanting to be fucked by him so soon. The next thirty seconds were spent putting up a token resistance before her mind was overridden with pleasure.

“Oh fuck yeah! Keep fucking me, don’t stop!” Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as Naruto pulled her arms back as he pounded into her pussy repeatedly, making her larges breasts bounce back and forth with each thrust. This was exactly how the next half-hour passed, Naruto's hips never slowing down as he fucked Kushina into a drooling mess, gasping for air between firework-like orgasms.

"Mom, watch out, I'm going to cum soon!" Naruto said with as yell as he continued to fuck his red headed milf.

“PULL OUT!” She screamed urgently after several seconds, her brain taxed heavily from the pleasure. Just as Naruto pulled out, Kushina turned around and was instantly on her knees, her mouth inhaling his cock.

After forcing her to drink so much of his cum on the couch Naruto was surprised she would take him in her mouth again. But instead she moaned again and began sucking his cock harder and faster; managing to get the full ten inches in her mouth. She showed this off by pressed her lips hard against his pelvis before shaking her head side to side.

"Ohhh..." Naruto moaned dizzily as he came.

The rest of the shower passed uneventfully, both were too out of it to do much more then lean heavily against each other and lazily wash whatever body was closest to their exploring hands.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were the same; Naruto’s beautiful naked mother entered his room at six in the morning, carrying a washcloth and the little bottle of her favorite flavored Angel Glide. She began by pulling the sheet down to uncover her son’s nude body, and then applied the filmy liquid to his cock and balls. If Naruto wasn't already hard, she played with his penis until it was fully erect, then lovingly and expertly sucked him off until he erupted hard.

Naruto always started to caress her tits, at this point, his hand venturing lower the more enthusiastically she sucked him, eventually reaching her pussy. By the time he flooded her mouth Kushina, without fail, came at least twice from his skillful hands.

On Friday morning she came in at the usual time, naked, but without the washcloth and Angel Glide.

'Shit! Did she decide to stop now?' Naruto’s hard-on was aching for her touch.

"Mom?" He asked cautiously.

She smiled. "Don't worry, Sweetie, I'm still going to take care of you. I just thought we'd do it a little differently today, if that's okay?"

She pulled the sheet and knelt between his legs, taking Naruto’s raging erection into her hand.

"Are you going to jack me off dry?" Naruto wondered.

Her answer was a moan. She began to suck him off in earnest: while her head bobbed quickly up and down, her lips created a strong vacuum that intensified the feeling. Then she encircled the base of his penis with one hand and used it to follow her lips up and down. She was working every part of Naruto’s dick all of the time, and it did the job. He felt the tingle start.

"Mom, watch out, I'm going to cum soon!" Naruto expected her to pull her head away, like she did every day; she always finished him off into the washcloth, but instead she moaned again and began sucking his cock harder and faster. Naruto exploded into her mouth.

"Aaaaaaah! God, Mom!" Naruto began his usual bucking, only for her to put a hand on his abdomen to hold him down. Her mouth never left my cock, and Naruto knew that she was swallowing his cum.

Kushina pulled her mouth away from his dick and looked at me and Naruto could see a little trail of his cum dribbling down from her lower lip. As they looked at each other, her tongue flicked out and captured the cum droplet. She moved it around in her mouth for a moment, savoring it, and then she swallowed. Naruto shivered a little, and she smiled at him.

"Like it?" she said.

"Are you kidding, Mom? We need do that every day."

She laughed. "Maybe," She said evasively. Then she bent down and licked up some of the cum that had continued dribbling out of his cock-head and swallowed that too. She frowned up at me. "You're still hard." She didn’t let the shower incident go it seemed.

He reached down and gently grabbed under her arms and pulled her up to lay on top of him, face to face. "It's because you're so beautiful Mom," Naruto said. In a mirror of what happened in the shower his hand moved down to caress her naked ass. His other hand reached up to pull her down to kiss him. Her eyes closed as their lips met, and her lips parted as Naruto’s tongue found hers. She moaned deep in her throat, and ground her pussy into his hard-on as they passionately kissed.

And just like a mirror of what happened in the shower her eyes flew open and she pulled away, as though she'd just woken up.

"Well, umm... that was nice! I guess... I guess we should get you off to school now, heh heh." She stood up. "I sort of forgot to make coffee; I'll do that while you shower."

“Mom, did I do something wrong?" He asked.

"No, Sweetie, I just... we have to be careful is all. Do you understand?"

"Sure, Mom, I guess," Naruto said. What he understood was that, although she was willing to get him off, she didn't want it going any farther than that again. She had drawn the line, but was maybe having a bit of a hard time staying on her side of it. They'd already fucked once, she knew how good it felt, and her resistance was flawed and flimsy because of it.

He would have to make her cross her own line, if it was the last thing he did. Of course, there was little need for dramatics, he had plenty of ideas, and the task itself didn't seem too hard to begin with...


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