he next day after having finally fucked her, Naruto went over the pictures he had taken during the photo session with Kushina. Of course Naruto broke his promise; he burned the photos onto a disc and hid the disc in a drawer. Then deleted them from the camera's memory and the laptop.

It was the next week when she finally asked the question. “Naruto, did you plan out what happened the night of your birthday?” She asked on Friday morning at the breakfast table.

Naruto answered honestly, “No mom, it... it just happened that way.” He planned everything that happened afterwords though.

She was silent for a few seconds, and then she smiled and let out a girlish giggle. “They did look professional, don't they?” Naruto and Kushina both shared a laugh.

“How about another photo shoot?” Naruto asked as he got out of his chair.

“I would love to Naruto! We can do it after you get home from school.” Kushina said happily. Naruto nodded and got ready before leaving for school.

After the day ended Naruto headed home and walked in the front door into the kitchen, and was met by the eyes of Kushina and Sasuke’s mother, Mikoto, sitting at the table talking and laughing. They were almost good friends. The only problem was Mikoto was a non-working trophy wife. Still slim and beautiful at the age of thirty one. She was about 5'4, had dynamite legs, and what everyone knew were fake tits. They were huge though, matching his mothers natural ones, so nobody gave a fuck. She kept in shape, like all trophy wives, she measured a person by their material wealth. The only problem with her false sense of superiority, based on monetary value was that his mother was just as successful, just as pretty (with natural and nice breasts), and was also independently successful. It was obvious that Mikoto didn’t like that people thought more highly of Kushina than her. So they were as close as they could get with that lingering feeling between them.

“How are you guys doing?” Mikoto asked them.

“Fine Mrs. Uchiha, just got a bit soaked in the rain.” He replied

“We were going to go shopping, but the weather was too bad.” Kushina explained.

“So we decided to stay in and drink some wine and chat.” Mikoto added, taking a sip from her glass. “Since my husband will be out of my hair for a few months, on his travels to Europe.” Mikoto finished. They both giggled a bit at Mikoto’s comment. They were getting hammered.

Naruto left the room, leaving the women to their gossip. He sat in theater room and put on a movie. It was something stupid with Jessica Alba. A pathetic excuse to keep her in a bikini for the entire running time. It was about an hour into the movie when the two MILFs walked in and joined him.

“Hey mom, mind I have some wine too?” Naruto asked out of the blue.

Kushina nodded before going back up and grabbing another glass. Once they were settled, the two women on either side of Naruto, they started to drink some red wine. A few glasses later, while watching the movie, Mikoto suddenly protested. “I can look that good in a bikini too!”

They all shared a laugh, but his mother spoke quickly. “She can, I've seen her at the pool.”

“I know you look as good in a bikini too, Mom.” Naruto added with a wink to her.

They all laughed again, the wine doing its job getting them drunk and Mikoto kept her superficial rant going. “I could play that part, and I'm twice her age. We could both look that sexy in swimwear, couldn't we Naruto?”

“I know you two would look good in swimwear, but sexy is only achieved in lingerie.” Mikoto laughed, but his mother blushed and looked at him. Her eyes were wide open, and she just stared at him. Feeling bolder, Naruto continued.

“You know, my Mom bought me a really awesome camera for my birthday. I have an assignment for my photography class to get pictures from a photo shoot. Me an mom had planned on doing that tonight. I bet I could take really nice pics of you two ladies, even making you both look sexy like Jessica Alba here, wanna join?”

Kushina’s mouth opened, but she kept silent.

Mikoto laughed, agreeing instantly and confidently. He could see her shallow insecurity already chipping at her though, and the chance to play her customary game of chicken with Kushina only egged her on. Naruto silently laughed at this.

“Let me get my camera.” He said as he stood to leave the room.

“No!” Kushina quickly replied.

“Oh come on Kushina, it'll be fun to strike a pose.” Mikoto interjected, seeing her opportunity to finally beat Naruto's mother at something, even if it was simply posing for a camera.

Naruto returned quickly, his mother sitting on the armchair staring at him. She looked nervous, unsure, and afraid of where he may lead this. Naruto didn't even need to ask Mikoto to stand; she was already up off the couch posing like an attention starved hussy. Wearing a Ralph Lauren soccer mom outfit of pink striped shirt and chinos, she looked very sexy. A few poses later, and Kushina couldn't help but laugh out loud at the ostentatious display of vanity in front of her.

“Think you can do better?” Mikoto challenged the redhead.

“You bet I can.” She said as she stood and tried the same poses as Mikoto, only more exaggerated, highlighting the hilarity of Mikoto’s poses. She was wearing jeans and a pink low v-neck top.

“Why don't you both stand together by the couch?” Naruto said watching through the lens. His mother still in her new-found playful mood was surprised when Mikoto threw her arms around Kushina’s waist and flicked her hair back, giving the camera a slutty look. Although it was only a playful pose, the pic looked hot.

“That's looked awesome ladies.” Naruto said. “Let’s try something similar. Mrs. Uchiha, put your hands on my Mom's hips while standing behind her.” To his surprise both ladies agreed and complied immediately. Naruto achieved a few more poses with them, and then said. “These are good, but not the sort of sexy we were going for.”

“Well, what is sexy than?” His mother asked, surprising Naruto. She knew where he wanted this to go. She was just to busy attempting to beat Mikoto at her latest game of prude-chicken to put any real thought into it.

“Well, why don't you both show me the underwear you have on, that would be sexy.” Naruto replied.

“What?” Mikoto said. Her and Kushina shared a glance, and this seemed to strengthen her resolve. “Underwear pics would be fun I guess!” Then she proceeded to open her shirt. The funny part was she was still trying to pose sexy; the really over-the-top kind of poses, and she struggled to get her shirt off. His mother was staring at him now; Naruto still couldn't describe what he saw in her eyes. Was it arousal? He wasn't sure. Mikoto began to pull her shirt up when Kushina stopped her.

“I just bought some new things we could try out; can you hold on for a few minutes, Naruto?”

“Uh, sure. Go ahead, I’ll just wait here.” Naruto said as he went in the kitchen to get more wine.

The moms looked at each other and headed up to Kushina’s room. A few minutes Naruto heard them coming down the stairs. He heard them before he saw them; their girlish giggles giving them away. Two wine bottles in his hands almost slipped from his grasp as he saw the two milfs in front of him.

Kushina stood straight; she wore a bright pink corset, her breasts spilling out of the tight top with black stripes and black panties that just barely covered her cunt with matching stockings that were so long they almost touched her ass cheeks.

Mikoto wore a much skimpier outfit, a frilly black and pink bra that barely covered her breasts. Frilly black stockings that were strapped to a see through skirt that hid the crotch-less panties she was wearing, making them obscure enough to conceal her pussy, if only just.

He took as many pics as he could before they started in earnest. They were standing about three feet apart.

“Mom, can you do a twirl, let me see the back side?”

Kushina did a spin on her heel and Naruto took picture after picture of her thong clad ass being framed perfectly by her fiery red hair and stockings.

“Oh Kushina, where did you get these, they're so lovely!” Mikoto asked, referring to his mother's panties. Naruto snapped pics while they chatted about each other's underwear. He was breathing heavy now.

“Can you ladies sit on the couch for me?” He asked after his mother had finished explaining where she'd bought them and how much she'd saved on them compared to buying them from blah blah blah girl talk. Naruto's brain went a little fuzzy from the rapid exchange, and their sexy bodies.

“Sure.” His mother said, already sitting. To her left Mrs. Uchiha sat down, looking a little miffed that Kushina was faster than her.

“Okay, both of you cross legs and face each other.” Naruto directed. They did, and he snapped the pic.

“Can you move closer, like you're about to kiss?” Again, more giggling followed his instructions, but they did as Naruto asked; his mother putting her hand high on Mikoto’s thigh and Mikoto placing a hand on his mother's shoulder. They looked so sexy...

“Really?” Mikoto replied, “You think we look... sexy?”

“Hell yes I do, really hot.” He said, tilting his hips back and hoping for a brief pause to rearrange his budding hard-on. It was getting uncomfortable. “You two do look really nice.” Naruto said as they finished getting into position. He held his mother's gaze as he asked, “Do you think you would be brave enough to take off the tops?”

“No, No, I think we have looked sexy enough.” Mikoto said to him, but Kushina had already reached behind her back to unzip her corset, obviously excited about this opportunity. Before Kushina could call her friend a prude, and win their game, she instead reached behind Mikoto and undid the zipper, causing the top to literally be thrown forward as her breasts burst free.

Mikoto looked down at herself, and then at Kushina's exposed breasts before finally looking at Naruto, who tried to look as professional as possible. “Well... Oh okay... but you have to promise not to tell anyone, alright?”

“I promise.” Naruto answered.

Naruto watched through the camera again as they looked at each other before tearing at the other's clothes. The bra Mikoto had been wearing was easy to take off, pooling most in her lap, but Kushina's corset had opened in the front, and Mikoto did things the long way by getting close to the redhead, mashing their breasts together, and grabbing the discarded clothe resting on her lower back, lifting it up over both their heads, and then throwing it behind herself.

Naruto snapped a few pics of Mikoto's arms up in the air mid-throw. Her fake tits were very sexy, in a slutty way; her pale pink nipples were hard. She was turned on. Kushina’s large natural tits were nicer though, her darker nipples also hard. The air was getting charged with sexual tension. Even more than when Kushina and Naruto had their first shoot. The two sexy moms, in only panties and stockings, both looked at him for guidance.

“Okay, let's make it really hot.” He said. “Mrs. Uchiha, can you hold my Mom's tits?”

Mikoto looked in my mother's eyes and held her gaze while she slowly reached for her tits, waiting for Kushina to flinch. To her surprise, she didn't. Mikoto's palms landed on her large hard nipples. This time Naruto was the one surprised as Mikoto started to kneed and rub Kushina’s tits for the camera. Naruto felt it likely that Mikoto had been in a porno before. He didn't know why, he just got the feeling.

Mikoto must have heard Naruto groan quietly, because she glanced at him and grinned.

“Mom, can you do the same to Mrs. Uchiha now too?” Naruto asked.

There was a slight look of hesitation in Mikoto's eyes for a split second, but she allowed Kushina to hold her tits. Naruto’s mother was pushing Mikoto harder now, trying to get her to call chicken first as she began to pinch her nipples. Mikoto couldn't help but respond in kind to Kushina's lovely nipples. A few seconds of this and both ladies let out a low moan.

“This looks sensational, I knew I could make you two look sexy.” Naruto said. “Alright, Mom, would you let Mrs. Uchiha put one of your nipples in her mouth for a quick picture?”

Mikoto quickly looked into Kushina's eyes, hoping she would flinch. “Sure Naruto. It's only for these pictures to make us look sexy. Unless you want to stop, Mikoto?”

“Oh no Kushina, this is kind of fun.” Mikoto replied.

He wasn't sure if she was just playing along or was starting to really enjoy this little photo session. He knew she enjoyed being the center of attention, being an object of desire, so he suspected she really was enjoying herself. Mikoto leaned in and licked Kushina's right nipple.

“Oh God that's hot.” Naruto whispered as he rapidly pressed the button on his camera.

Kushina then met her son's eyes as Mikoto sucked the whole nipple into her mouth. Their matched gaze was broken as she threw her head back. Mikoto’s eyes glanced at Naruto and then to the camera. She was moaning also, because his mother was pinching and rubbing her nipples as she sucked Kushina's hard. Her sucking became sluttier, sloppier and noisy. Both she and Kushina began to moan a little louder. Then, without a word, Kushina reached down Mikoto’s back and started squeezing her ass cheeks.

“Oh Kushina… I didn’t know you swung that way.” Mikoto said with a slur, not pulling her mouth away from the redhead's chest fully.

They changed places; His mother sucked Mikoto's tits and the raven haired woman toying with Kushina's breast with one hand and kneading her ass with the other. Mikoto glanced at him as she heard him moan again, but her eyes were instantly back on Kushina's head as the woman flicked her tongue across the nipple in her mouth.

“Oh God yes!” Mikoto moaned, releasing the first words that were purely sex related since they began. Mikoto's voice was like a switch and Naruto could feel his cock tenting his pants at full mast. Kushina was the same, moaning lustfully into Mikoto's chest. She suddenly pulled back before both women started giggling.

“Did you think that was sexy, Naruto?” Mikoto asked.

“It was one of the hottest things I have ever seen.” Naruto admitted candidly. “I have an idea.”

“Like what?” His mother asked.

''Well, for starters, turn around and point your sexy asses at the camera.” He started.

A flash of fear shot across Mikoto’s face, which Kushina saw. “Sure, why not.” She said.

“Kushina, are you sure?” Mikoto asked, this time her smile was forced.

“Naruto knows what he's doing Mikoto, unless you want to stop?” Kushina grinned challengingly.

“No, no that fine, this is getting interesting.” She said quickly as she and Kushina both bent over pointing their asses at the camera.

Naruto took a few shots from different angles, “Alright Mom, can you show Mikoto how it's done and shake that ass for me?” Naruto asked. Mikoto turning to stare at him for using her first name.

“Like this?” She replied, before her ass started roll and sway, hypnotizing the room's only male occupant.

“Oh Kushina... that... that ...” Mikoto asked, her face flushed, her breath hot. She liked watching her friend shaking her ass, and soon followed suit, Naruto’s flash filled the room several times. Then Mikoto surprised him and reached for her friend's thong, slowly hooking her fingers under the string and pulling it down, showing Kushina’s pussy to the camera, before stroking her hand up and down Kushina’s ass.

“Okay, Mom, can you and Mikoto kiss now?” Naruto didn't need to repeat himself, his mother looked back over her shoulder and the two mothers soon locked lips in an wet open mouth kiss, tongues swirling together, all the while Mikoto still holding her ass.

“Alright Mikoto, can you kneel down with your ass facing the camera and start licking my Mom’s thigh? I want to get pics of you doing this in that sexy thong.” Breathlessly Mikoto knelt down as Kushina sat on the couch.

Naruto snapped pics from all angles as fast as he could, capturing the erotic display.

“Mom, would you kneel on the floor and peel Mikoto’s thong off for the camera please?”

Kushina smiled at Naruto again and knelt on the floor. Mikoto looked back at Kushina, but the redhead paid her look no mind and pulled Mikoto’s panties off, exposing her almost bald pussy. Mikoto then lewdly spread her knees to fully expose her cunt.

“Can you rub Mikoto’s pussy while she does that?” Naruto asked.

Kushina quickly did as her son asked. She turned her ass to the camera and started to rub Mikoto’s pussy. Mikoto stood up, feet wide apart and bent over, exposing her pussy to Naruto and his Mom. Naruto’s mother was now rubbing Mikoto’s clit. Both of them were moaning loudly. The camera caught it all in digital memory forever, clicking madly. Then Kushina, probably overcome with lust, stuck her face between Mikoto’s ass-cheeks and licked her cunt greedily.

Naruto moved faster then he ever had in his life and started snapping pictures from inbetween Mikoto's knees before the raven haired woman even started moaning. He started taking pictures of her facial expression when she did so, for good measure.

“Oh fuck! Kushina… Oh fuck! Mmm! Eat my pussy, honey.” Mikoto moaned as she leaned back into the couch.

The two milfs soon switched positions so Mikoto was now eating out Kushina.

Naruto fiddled with the camera and switched it to Video instead of Snapshot before he stripped naked. Only Kushina saw him doing it, and she smiled at her son as he walked behind Mikoto. Kushina suddenly got up, only to flop down on the couch before spreading her legs. Mikoto dropped to her hands and knees and crawled over to her before resuming her licking. She was kneeling licking Kushina pussy. Naruto grinned at her before kneeling behind the ignorant Mikoto. Making sure the camera was in positions to capture it Naruto lined himself up and, in one slamming thrust, speared his entire length into the Uchiha's pussy.

Mikoto didn't scream, she instead let out a loud and squealing moan, directly into Kushina's pussy, causing the redhead to grip her head tightly as she came.

Naruto started to slowly fuck her, keeping the camera surprisingly steady and capturing every second, occasionally lifting it to watch his mother moan and groan orgasmically. He ground his hips into her shapely ass meat, forcing his cock deeper each time into her wet cunt. But she just moaned in sexy appreciation. Eventually Naruto was ramming her pussy as she screamed and moaned, all the while eating Kushina’s pussy with abandon.

This milf had been a masturbation fantasy Naruto’s entire teenage life, and now he was behind her, plowing his cock in her cunt in front of his own milf of a mother. It was about that time it really sunk in what the camera in his hands was doing; he was shooting his own porno. Naruto grinned widely and hammered his hips a little harder into the eager Mikoto.

“Mmmm, Oh yeah Mikoto, you nasty slut, take my son's big cock.” Kushina said as she bent over, digging Mikoto’s face into her cunt. Naruto felt his cock pulse from hearing obscene slurping noise as Mikoto ate out Kushina’s pussy.

Kushina came again when she finally looked down and realized her son had his cock in her friend's pussy, the realization finally sinking in. She stood up, getting a moan of disapproval from Mikoto, only to crawl under the raven haired woman and get a first hand view of her son's fat cock stretching her friends well fucked whore hole. She reached up and spread Mikoto’s ass cheeks for both the camera and her son's viewing pleasure. She suddenly moaned as Mikoto lowered her head and started licking her pussy again like a woman possessed.

All three of them fucked in that position for a while. Once in a while Naruto would pull out and plunge into his slut mom's mouth, letting her taste her friend's pussy. He had to bend back pretty far because Mikoto's plump ass got in the way of the camera's way and blocked his shot, but it was well worth a little discomfort.

“God this is awesome Mikoto.” Naruto said as he rammed her shaved cunt.

“Naruto, Fuck me now.” Kushina said as she pushed her exhausted friend onto her side and off her son's thick cock. Mikoto instantly fell onto the floor, panting for breath from the magnificent fucking she'd gotten.

Naruto sat on the couch, Kushina following right behind him as she crawled into his lap and slammed her pussy down on his cock, yelping as she was split open once again by his thick cock. Naruto sucked his mom's tits and held her ass as she sat on his cock on his cock for just a bit before she started bouncing. She moaned lewdly, and before long she was riding her boy like a porn star. Naruto moaned and smiled proudly; Kushina’s pussy was far tighter than Mikoto, her walls gripping his cock almost possessively.

Mikoto awoke to the sounds of Kushina screaming as she rode her son’s cock. Getting up she surprised the redhead by coming up behind her and grasping her breasts. When Kushina turned her head Mikoto dove forward and captured her lips in a heated kiss.

Naruto captured this all on video, eagerly thrusting up into his mother's tight pussy to try and get them to hug so their lips wouldn't detach from the motion. He grinned as he succeeded, Mikoto eventually sitting next to him on the edge of the couch and pulling Kushina into a hug, mashing their breasts together.

Naruto let this continue on for a while before he suggested, “Start fingering mom's ass Mikoto.”

Mikoto complied; two manicured posh bitch fingers slipping down his Mother's crack. Kushina gasped, her back arching, but not to be outdone, reached her hand back and shoved two fingers roughly into Mikoto's asshole. It was an incredible sight, both women trying to out-pleasure the other.

Naruto eventually, reluctantly, lifted his mother off his cock before he turned and said, “Mikoto, your turn.”

Mikoto removed her fingers from where they were, her right in Kushina's ass and her left gripping one of her breasts, and helped Kushina get off Naruto before taking her place, her thighs glistening with juices.

Mikoto lowered herself slowly onto his rock hard cock, but she paused before he entered her because it was poking her asshole instead of her pussy. Kushina had already loosened her ass with her furious finger-fucking, so she supposed it would be alright.

“Ohhh.” She moaned as she lowered herself a bit more, Naruto's cock starting to slip inside.

She bit her lip, her moan turning painful as his thick rod pushed deeper and deeper into her ass. “FUCK!” She finally shouted. “It hurts! Ow!”

Naruto’s cock was now half way in her anus, and Kushina decided to help by leaning down and resting he cheek against her sons abdomen, which gave her a good bit of room to start licking Mikoto's pussy. Naruto reached over and fingered his mother's holes, alternating between them every few pumps, while she did this. Soon Mikoto was riding Naruto cock up her forbidden hole at a steady pace. She was in pain, but also in lust, just like Kushina had been a few weeks ago.

“Ride his young cock up your tight ass Miko, you fucking whore. Let my son's cock slide up your ass.” Kushina said hotly as she went down and started to eat out Mikoto’s cunt.

“Yes... YES! YES... fuck me up the ass Naruto... fuck me up my dirty ass... you naughty little... OH my god!” She moaned brokenly.

That was all Naruto could take. He moved his mother from Mikoto’s pussy and pulled out before slamming home in her pussy. She felt much tighter this time as Naruto started pistoning his hips up and down.

“Oh Jesus Naruto, Oh god...” Mikoto moaned as Kushina moved behind the woman and sat on her knees before fingering Mikoto’s ass.

They double penetrated Mikoto for a few minutes before Naruto finally pulled out, the reason making itself known as Mikoto fell onto her side on the couch, shuddering lightly in her exhausted state. She was soaked with sweat, and had came three times during the fucking she'd gotten.

“Oh God Naruto, fuck me now.” Kushina pleaded lustfully.

Kushina was quick to suck his now freed cock into her mouth, taking in the taste of Mikoto’s fluids. Once she'd gotten a good taste she turned around and, now on all fours on the floor, shook her ass enticingly at Naruto.

Making sure to record ever giggle of her backside Naruto crept closer and placed the head of his cock against her labia.

“Fuck!” Kushina barked as Naruto started fucking her, his hips a blur as he speared his cock into her pussy again and again.

Mikoto had gained a third wind, somehow, and dropped to the floor before crawling over to start kissing Naruto. Exploring her mouth thoroughly, Naruto pulled back and set her down on all fours beside Kushina and slipped four fingers up her pussy. Mikoto whined and moaned as his rough fingering, matching the noises Kushina was making, which was music to Naruto's ears. A milf duet, as it were.

Kushina froze as she felt Naruto pull out and press his cock head against her asshole. “Oh Jesus, no Naruto, I couldn't possibly take that up my ass!” Naruto paid her protests no mind and pushed forward fast and hard to get his dick into her already wet asshole.

“AH! Take it out, take it out!” She cried.

“Relax Kushina.” Mikoto said as Naruto’s fingers switched to her ass. “It's delicious once you get used to it.”

Naruto grinned as he noticed Kushina beginning to press back into him when he thrust forward. She glanced over his should; the sexiest milf ever, and he had his fat cock up her ass. Making damn sure his camera captured every second of what was happening he started to fuck her harder. Both milf's mouths threw out obscenities and lewd comments as his cock and hands did their job perfectly.

“OH FUCK, GOD YES!” Kushina screamed as she came, her body shuddering and her ass tightening almost painfully around him. Wanting just a few more second, Naruto was forced to pull out of her clenching ass

and pushed back into her pussy. Abandoning Mikoto, who seemed perfectly sated anyway, he leaned forward and grabbed Kushina's tits and started hammering his cock into her pussy as hard as he could, his camera now held below her pointed upwards, capturing as much of his cock pounding her pussy as was possible.

Kushina screamed incoherently, her pussy fluttering around him assuring Naruto his finale was a hit. “I'm gonna cum, Kushina.” He grunted.

It was too much for Naruto, he was already close, but this pushed him over the edge. He pulled out and pulled Mikoto by the hair to his cock as he stood and made her suck on his cock. Things quickly progressed and he was full out throat fucking her as Kushina got herself into position next to her friend. With a loud grown his orgasm started, turning his knees to jelly. He barely managed to stand as he pulled out of Mikoto's throat cum and shot his first spurt into Mikoto’s mouth, the second onto her chest, followed by switching to his mother and covering her as much as was humanly possible. When he finally finished cumming Naruto dizzily stumbled back onto the couch.

The hand using his camera seemed to have a mind of it's own as he slumped, but it remained upright pointing at the two milfs as they swapped mouthfuls of his cum.

Despite the sheer intensity of his orgasm Naruto was rock hard again within seconds. Beckoning both women over once they finished their passionate kissing Naruto grinned and brought the camera up to his eye as they started licking his cock, giving him a double blowjob; he had plenty of memory left on his camera and he fully intended to fill every kilobyte of it...


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