On Saturday Kushina let him sleep in, but he was awake by six am anyway, his body in need of Kushina’s touch. Naruto got up and messed around until nine am, then went into the kitchen for some coffee. His Mother was already there, dressed in linen shorts and a white cotton halter top.

"Morning, Baby," She said. Then she grinned at Naruto. "It's going to be a beautiful sunny day, and I thought I'd work on my all-over tan. Wanna join me?"

"Eh... honestly, Mom, I'm not so sure." Naruto replied hesitantly.

"C'mon, Sweetie, like I said, it's good for the soul. You've got to try it at least once." She pressed.

Knowing she wasn't going to yield he just accepted it. "Alright, alright, I'll join you." He did promise her he would try it, so he didn't put up any more of a fight.

So Naruto went to his room, got naked, wrapped himself in a beach towel, and walked through the sliding glass door off the breakfast nook to join Kushina out on the patio. Their house being on a cul-de-sac had a good sized backyard with a patio, a small pool, and several large trees with bushes and flowers between them. Because their house was located at the very tip of the curve of the cul-de-sac the neighboring houses were offset and the fenced backyard was very private, only helped by the high double wooden fence.

Kushina arranged two lounge chairs next to each other and then removed her towel, revealing her beautiful nude body. She put the towel on her lounge chair and laid face down on top of it on her belly. "Ahhh." She sighed. Then she looked up at Naruto expectantly.

'What the hell, I already agreed.' Naruto thought for a second time with a mental shrug. He took off his towel and laid face down, too.

"There." She said. "Doesn't the sun feel good on your naked body?"

It really did, actually. "Yeah, I have to admit it does."

She reached under her lounge and pulled out a bottle of lotion. She squirted some onto her hands, which Naruto heard, but he lightly jumped when he felt her start to rub it onto his back, legs, and his ass. "We can't have you burning that fine little butt of yours." She teased.

"You think my butt is nice?" Naruto asked.

She stopped rubbing it and looked into his eyes. "Naruto, you have the nicest body I've ever seen, and I'm not saying that just because I'm your… Mom. You have a gorgeous body, you big hunk!" She slapped his ass to make her point, then handed him the lotion. Naruto had a good feeling that she wasn't originally going to say 'mom'.

"Now do me." She said, lying back down.

"You want me to do you now?" He asked with a stupid grin on his face.

"Yes, Dummy, I don't want to burn my fine little butt either." She teased.

“Wouldn't exactly call it little, more like deliciously plump really...” He commented with a slightly lecherous grin. She harrumphed, but didn't respond further.

Naruto trembled a little in barely contained lust as he squirted lotion onto his hands and then massaged it into her back. She sighed as he worked on her shoulders and then moved down to her middle back. Naruto’s hands lingered over her breasts, which were smashed against the towel and sort of pushed out on either side of her. "We don't want these to burn either, right?" He said.

"Nope, sure don't!" She answered airily. Naruto spent as much time fondling her breasts as he dared, then moved on to her lower back. He got more lotion and began to work it into her plump ass cheeks, working them one at a time with deliberate slowness before doing them both, his finger diving into her crack only a few times, getting now response aside from a very small twitch in her thighs. As he moved further down she parted her legs a little and gave Naruto a beautiful view of her bare pussy mound. Naruto stroked lotion into one fine, toned leg, and then into the other. Down and back up, one hand on each side of the leg. As he slowly moved up each leg, his inner hand would brush up against her pussy, and she would give a little shiver, but she didn't say anything.

Emboldened, Naruto squirted a little more lotion onto his hand, then placed it gently onto her pussy mound and began to rub.

"Ohh." She moaned, but nothing else. Her pussy was already wet, so Naruto knew that she was horny. He rubbed harder, up and down her pussy lips, and lingered over her clit.

"Mmmmm." She let out a muffled groan and propped her butt up a little higher to give Naruto better access. He gave up all pretense of spreading lotion and started rubbing her clit directly.

"Mmmm, sweetie." She breathed as Naruto continued to stroke her clit; he wiped the lotion off of his other hand and slowly inserted first one, then two fingers into her pussy.

"Oh, Baby." She groaned unashamedly as she began grinding her mound against his hands. "Deeper..." She said quietly, to which Naruto happily complied.

By this time his cock was hard as granite and dripping pre-cum onto Kushina’s ass. He knew instinctively that he could mount her right there and she wouldn't protest in the slightest, and he promptly did so, burying his cock to the hilt in her tight, gushing little pussy.

"Naruto! Ohhh... OH! God, aaaaahhh!" Kushina's body tensed and her moans became almost a scream as she climaxed. "Ahhh, AHHH, Oh God, oh, oh, AHHHH!"

Naruto slowed down, but continued to gently pound her pussy with his cock. First her body began to relax as she came down off her orgasm, but then it tensed again and Naruto felt her vagina tighten around his cock. His Mom was having another orgasm! This time, she bucked like crazy and really did scream a little. Her juices flowed from her pussy past his dick, soaking the towel beneath them.

As she came down from it, he removed his dick from her pussy and gently stroked her back. She looked around at him, and was surprised to see tears streaming down her face.

"Mom? Are you okay?" He asked, inwardly terrified he'd been wrong about her level of compliance and he'd scared her off.

"Wonderful!" She said. "Oh, Naruto, that was... certainly the best suntan lotion application I've ever had. I'm sorry about... all the noise and stuff." She almost squeaked as she seemed to realize they were outside and how loud she'd been.

"I enjoyed it a lot, Mom." He touched her pussy again, causing her breathe to catch and her body to shiver lightly. Then Naruto brought his hand, covered in her juices, up to his nose. She watched as he inhaled her wonderful scent, then, one by one, put each finger in his mouth and sucked her delicious moisture off.

She shivered again as she watched the display before she got up. Naruto was struck and in awe by how gorgeous the red haired goddess that walked to him was before she pushed him down onto his back on the chair.

"Sweetie," She said with a smile, "I think it's time to do your front." She said as she went down his chest slowly applying the lotion before getting to his cock. She didn't hesitate in the slightest; one second she was looking at it, and the next her lips were a stretched circle as they kissed his pubic hair, her tongue seemingly growing two times as long as it readily wrapped around his shaft and her throat flexing and vibrating around him.

Naruto fell asleep shortly after Kushina finished sucking him off. She was relentless, he'd tried to hold himself back when he mounted her earlier, but she was having none of it now and had coaxed a load from him within minutes, he'd literally seen stars as he came and was out like a light just seconds after he saw Kushina greedily licking and sucking every drop of his semen up like an addict finally getting a fix.

He awoke to the sound of a female gasp of surprise. Was somebody there with him? Afraid to move, Naruto opened his eyes just a bit and looked through the dark sunglasses that had been placed on his face. Ino, another senior in his math class, was staring at him from the sliding glass door, her mouth making a little 'O' of surprise.

"What is it, Ino?" Naruto heard his Mom say from the living room. Ino didn't answer; she just continued to stare at his naked body. Kushina soon joined her at the window and smiled.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Ino. I'd completely forgotten that Naruto was out there getting some sun. Do you want me to wake him up and have him put something on?"

Ino's eyes never strayed from Naruto's body, drinking it all in similar to how Kushina had inhaled his cock before he'd fallen asleep never looking away from Naruto’s body. "Uh... no, that's... that's okay." She said absentmindedly.

Kushina looked at her, then at Naruto. "Are you sure, dear? Can you still help me clean up here with a naked boy asleep in the backyard?"

"Sure! I was just a little surprised, but really it’s okay, Mrs. Uzumaki." Ino said, forcing herself to sound confident and in control of herself, not fooling the older woman for a second, not that the redhead showed it, mind you.

Kushina smiled, amused, but hid it well behind a more motherly smile. "All right, Ino. Why don't you start on this big window while I run down to the ATM to get some money to pay you with? I'll be back in a little while."

"You got it, Mrs. Uzumaki!" Ino said as she was recovering her cool.

After she left, Naruto watched as Ino slowly washed the inside of the big sliding glass windows. She must have done a crappy job, because her eyes never left his cock. The whole thing had given him a new hard-on, and Naruto decided to give her a good show. While she watched, he pretended to move around a little bit in his sleep, and then turned over to thrust out his dick, his legs spread as much as possible without being obvious he was putting on a show, with his head angled enough so that he could continue to watch Ino surreptitiously from behind his sunglasses.

Ino gasped. His erection was standing proud and high, sticking up in the air over his stomach. With the sun directly overhead, and Ino only ten feet away on the other side of the big window, Naruto knew she had an excellent view. He wanted to grab himself and start jerking off, because the attention to his not so little buddy was making him almost painfully hard, but he didn't think he could get away with going that far pretending to be asleep.

While he watched, Ino slowly slid the screen door open and crept onto the patio. She walked to the side of his lounge chair and knelt down next to him. Her face was maybe six inches from his cock, which was bouncing up and down a little bit in time with his heartbeats. Ino licked her lips nervously and looked around.

"Naruto?" She whispered. "Naruto, are you awake?" She put her hand on Naruto’s thigh. "Naruto?"

He moved a little and tried to make breathing sounds like he was asleep. Emboldened, Ino slowly moved her other hand onto Naruto’s rigid prick. He couldn't help moan a little, startling Ino. He’d tried to keep it in, but failed; all the build up had made him hyper-sensitive. Thinking quickly he mumbled something unintelligible and he moved around some more before settling again, trying to convince her that he was still asleep.

After remaining motionless for a minute, as if frozen solid, Ino began inspecting Naruto’s body in earnest. First her hands played with his rock hard penis, moving up and down and around the shaft, and moving the skin around. Then she became fascinated with his ball sack, playing with the loose skin and moving each testicle around a little. Then back to the penis. Naruto wondered if he was the first guy she had seen naked, or maybe just the first guy with a hard-on.

Finally, she encircled the shaft with both hands and clumsily began to jack him off. Naruto didn't want her to stop, but figured that she'd be suspicious if he didn't wake up now. He moaned, "That feels good." Putting one of his hands lightly on her forearm. "Ino? What are you doing?" He took off his sunglasses and looked at her.

She froze and looked at him in sudden fright. "I'm sorry, Naruto. I just… couldn’t help it, you have a giant cock. Bigger than anything I saw on the internet…" She confessed bluntly.

It was so sexy hearing those words come out of her mouth. "Have you seen a guy cum before?" He asked after a brief pause, it wouldn’t be good for him to ask right away.

"No." She looked at the ground. "I've never been with a boy like this. I really want to see it happen... to know what it's like." She looked into his eyes again and her hands started moving on his cock, and he moaned again. "Let me make you cum, okay, Naruto?"

"You'll get no complaints from me, Ino, please continue. Be a little more gentle with my balls though, they're sensitive." Naruto suggested, causing her to nod. He reached down and showed her how to hold him for the greatest effect, and what rhythm to use as she jacked his cock off.

When she got going right, her hands started making a familiar slapping sound. "Is this right, Naruto?" She asked.

"It's perfect, Ino. It feels great. You're a natural, I'm going to cum in no time." He said blissfully.

She smiled at the compliment before she looked down and smirked at him. “I think you already did.”

Naruto looked down to see that pre-cum was streaming from the tip of his cock onto her fingers in a surprising quantity, enough to make even him think he was cumming. "No that’s just pre-cum, and a guy's dick always makes some when he gets excited. Get some of it onto your fingers and use it to lube up my dick. It'll make things easier." He instructed, remaining calm. What was happening to him?

Following his directions she placed her hand at the base of his cock and slowly pushed it up; gathering the plentiful pre-cum in her cupped palm before slapping her palms against each other and rubbing her hands together. Once her hands were nice and glazed she started working it onto his shaft with both hands. It felt so good that he moaned yet again, much louder this time. She really was a natural, he'd have to see about getting her to do this more often. She continued jacking him off with one hand as she raised the other hand first to her nose to smell his juice, then to her mouth. Her tongue darted out and tasted Naruto’s pre-cum.

Naruto thought he was gonna cum then and there! Her face when she tasted it rapidly shifted from curious, to surprised, before finally settling on pleased. "Salty," She said. "But good." She started jacking him hard again using both hands. He felt the tingle start.

"Ino, you're doing real good. I'm about to cum." He warned.

She quickly moved her head directly over the tip of his penis, so as not to miss the show. Part of Naruto wanted to warn her about how far his cum would shoot, and how much larger his loads tended to be compared to his already above average output when he was this worked up, but a bigger part of him wanted to see this as it happened.

"I'm cumming, Ino, I'm cumming! Right now! Aaaagh!" Naruto’s body started bucking and he watched as the first ropey wad of his cream shot directly into Ino’s face. She gasped in surprise and pulled her head back, but not far enough, because her hands bent him downwards, not enough to be painful, thankfully, and the second spurt landed right in her open mouth!

She was a trooper, though; she never stopped jacking him off. What a sight for a horny teenager a pretty girl, both hands working up and down on his spurting prick, and a big wad of his cum slowly dripping down her forehead onto her cheek.

"Ith's in my mouf, Naruto!" His body was still bucking and he was straining to get the most pleasure out of the orgasm, but Naruto fought to keep his eyes on her face and was rewarded by seeing her swallow a big mouthful of his cum!

Her hands pumped in a continuous and fast pace as his cock expelled wad after wad of his cum. Ino's face was hit by three more full sized blasts, before Naruto shifted his hips perfectly and managed to land the last six in her mouth, filling it to the brim. Finally, his climax was over, and Naruto had to grab Ino’s hands to stop her from continuing to jack him off.

"As much as I love this, let's take a breather.” Eleven full sized spurts before finally tapering off? His balls should feel like raisins, and yet he felt completely fine and ready for another go or four. There must be something in the water or something...

"Ah, so'y Na'u'o." Ino slurred an apology as she sat back on her heels, trying valiantly to swallow his incredibly thick seed.

Naruto's cock was at full mast within seconds as she saw her, mouth still open, swirling his seed around with her tongue, before finally swallowing it, made all the more enticing as she scrunched up her face cutely as his thick seed refused to go down her throat. She fought with his cum, and finally managed to get it all down after four gulps.

"Uh, you've got some on your face." Naruto pointed out, his brain a little fried from the display.

"Oh." As Naruto watched, Ino used a finger to wipe his cum off of her cheek and forehead, then popped it into her mouth and sucked it down.

"How does it taste, Ino?" He asked eagerly.

"I like it!" She chirped. "You've never tried it?"

“Not really, it's a guy thing I guess, never been even the slightest bit curious.” He answered honestly. He'd mused once that, being the curious guy he was, he should have wondered what it tasted like at least once, but no matter how hard he tried to force himself to wonder he just couldn't. So; he dubbed it a 'male thing' and moved on.

"More for me." She said happily, and then bent down and started licking the rest of his cum off his balls and cock. By the time she was done, he was glistening in the sunlight like the obelisk from The Space Odyssey, at least from Ino's perspective.

"Do you want to do it again?" She asked. If he wasn't mistaken Naruto was sure he could hear a hint of... devotion in her tone? Interesting and flattering.

Naruto looked at her, and over her shoulder he saw Kushina watching the two of them from the window. Shit, how long had she been there?

"You'd better do some cleaning before my mom comes home. Mom's usually pretty generous to nice girls like you, but if you haven't actually done anything she may not be so giving." He pointed out. Hearing that line, Kushina hustled back into the living room and out the front door.

"Okay, Naruto, but I want to do this again with you!" Ino scampered back inside, just as Kushina 'came home'.

"I'm back!" Kushina said. "How's the cleaning going?"

"Fine, Mrs. Uzumaki! I had to take care of something before I could finish the sliding door, but everything else is done." Ino excused herself quickly, and in a legitimately convincing manner too. Naruto was impressed.

"Oh, I see Naruto flipped over onto his back. Are you still okay with the nudity?" Kushina asked slyly.

"Sure, no problem." Ino grinned, a type of grin that would have given her away if Kushina had actually believed her cover story in the first place.

Kushina smiled at her, and then pointed at her cheek. "You've got something on your face there, dear. Here, let me." Kushina wiped the last trace of Naruto’s cum from Ino cheek, causing Ino to turn bright red from embarrassment.

"Yeah, I guess." Ino mumbled, looking at the floor.

Kushina noticed Ino wasn't looking so she looked at Naruto and, as he watched, she sensuously licked his cum from her finger. His mouth dropped open, and his hard-on raged even harder.

"Well," She said, said with a slightly naughty smile. "I'm going to go wake up my boy. I don't want him getting too much sun out there." She came outside and pretended to shake him awake.

"You're insatiable." She whispered.

"You have no idea." He whispered back, his voice containing a hint of worry about his strange jump in virility. “I came what felt like a quart and my balls still feel overfilled.”

"I understand, really, I do. I was young once, too." Kushina whispered evasively. “Now get up and get inside; you really will get burned if you stay out here much longer." She pulled him up off the lounge and pushed him towards the house.

"Shouldn't I cover up?" Naruto said, pointing to the towel laying on the chair.

"Why? Ino’s pretty much 'seen' everything already, right? Aside from that, by the look on her face she'd be terribly disappointed if you covered that bad boy up now." She teased. Even though she was being quiet Ino still heard her name and looked up at the mention of it. Her gaze instantly locked in on Naruto's cock.

"Right, I guess so." Naruto said quietly before walking into the house past Ino, his hard-on bouncing in front of her with every step. He was both amused and turned on to note that her eyes bounced in her head with it, like a cat's eyes tracking a laser pointer right before it pounced. The image of a catgirl Ino flashed across his mind's eye, causing his erection to bob a little harder, much to Ino's viewing pleasure. As he walked down the hall, he heard his mom say.

"So, Ino, would you be interested in offering to help me clean every weekend? I'm sure Naruto wouldn't mind the company, and I think he really enjoyed tanning so you'd even be getting a free show."

He smirked as he heard Ino squeak loud enough for him to hear her and stammer out a, "S-sure, Mrs. Uzumaki, I'd love too!"

That sounded good to Naruto too.

As the two women planned things out, Naruto, being bored, decided to head to the attic and see if he could find something to toy around with, he was going through a box when he saw a blank DVD with the words ‘for my son' written on it.

“Dad made this?” He said curiously, grabbing the DVD. He didn't feel like watching it right away, so he placed it in his desk and grabbed a book.

Later that afternoon, Naruto was lying on the bed reading when Kushina came in, sat on the bed, and began unfastening his shorts. "Mom?" He asked, curious but still helping her relinquish him of his shorts.

She smiled at him as she pulled his shorts down, exposing his cock. "Honey, after what I saw this morning I realized that you need more than our usual once-a-day 'treatment.'" She immediately bent down and took the entire soft cock into her mouth.

Naruto quickly hardened as she worked on him, and in no time at all she had him moaning and bucking on bed and shooting his cum into her soft, warm mouth. She looked up at Naruto and let her mouth open a little, and Naruto could see that she was swirling a mouthful of his cum around with her tongue, just like Ino had. She closed her eyes and swallowed, an orgasmic little moan causing her body to shiver before she licked her lips and looked at him and smiled.

"Wow Mom, thanks!" Naruto said a little dazed. He'd cum even harder and just slightly more than with Ino earlier and he was feeling a little light headed. His balls were still packed full and his cock was standing at the ready like a good little soldier though, as if waiting for orders. "But..." He was going to take her, he planned to take Ino earlier but she left too soon; plan be damned, he wanted it, needed it!

"But what, Sweetie?" She asked innocently.

"It's just not as much fun when you're dressed. I really like looking at your body." He grinned.

"Oh! Well, I can fix that pretty fast." She stood up, shucked off her clothes, and then laid back down next to him. He turned to spoon into her, and she pushed her butt back against him.

"Naruto, I want you to know that any time you want me to get you off, I'll be there for you. Hand job, blow job... whatever. As many times a day as you need." Kushina promised. The sheer sincerity in her voice, the eagerness even, both warmed his heart and sent a jolt down his spine that caused his hips to involuntarily thrust forward.

Naruto wordlessly reached around her and put his hands over her beautiful tits. His cock, already as hard as steel, bucked ever so slightly, but almost erratically, in between her plentiful ass cheeks.

"Mmmm, nice!" She said. She snuggled back even tighter against him, pressing his cock against her ass crack harder. Naruto played with both of her tits, paying special attention to her hard nipples. One of his hands moved down and began gently stroking her pussy lips. She moaned and ground her ass against his hard cock.

"I first started having sex when I was Ino’s age with your father. I loved it, and I couldn't get enough. Your old mom is a bit of a nympho, Sweetie. I had to have it all the time." She began explaining, frowning lightly. "After your father died I pushed my sex drive down deep into a part of me that I've kept locked up for four years. But seeing your beautiful naked body and your big fat cock unlocked that part of me, Naruto."

"I woke up a little at a time. First, you showed off that gorgeous body to me every morning, and I told myself that it was okay and healthy. Then you wanted to see me naked, and I convinced myself that that was okay, too. Then when I caught you masturbating, I really wanted to do it for you and you made that easy for me. Just a mother who loves her son and wants to give him some relief and pleasure - nothing wrong with that, right?"

"You bet, Kushina!"

"But I've always loved sucking cock, so I just had to have yours in my mouth. It was easy to rationalize moving from jerking you off to sucking down your cum: same result, only we were both getting what we wanted, you see?"

"Sure." Her dirty talk was really turning him on.

She rolled over onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. "Though, it became clear to me when we fucked in the shower, that what I really want is for you to fuck me for hours on end. I need your thick cock deep down inside of me, and I need it now.”

"Kushina..." He rolled onto her and kissed her deeply and passionately.

She kissed her lover and held him to her. She didn’t get to start her sentence as he had pounced on her.

His cock rubbing her pussy away with reckless abandon, Naruto was on cloud nine, this felt a thousand times better than her hands and mouth.

Kushina suddenly looked conflicted and she flipped them over, pinning him down. “Naruto, I really want this, but you need to be able to please me fully. I don't think I could handle bottling myself up if you can't keep up with me.”

She looked away, not seeing Naruto's incredulous look, assuming his silence was admittance that he couldn't, or hesitation. “I... I think we should stop.” She said.

She yelped as she found herself on her back and gasped as she looked up at her son, seemingly a different person as he glared down at it, looking half wild. When he spoke his voice was level, but barely restrained. “Ever since we had sex in the shower I've been able to think of nothing else. The only time I ever get any relief if when I’m getting off and even then it only lasts a few minutes. I'm sick of holding back, and if I keep doing it I’m going to go crazy! You're not getting away, if you don't do this willingly than i'm going to tie you to the bed and-!”

Naruto blinked, some of his composure coming back as his body slumped. “Oh God, what's wrong with me?” He asked himself.

Kushina quickly enveloped him in a hug. “Exactly what happened to me...” She whispered, almost nostalgically.

Naruto looked up at her curiously, so she explained further, “What you're going through shouldn't be possible. The reason I’m so eager for intimate contact is a family... well most call it a curse. I'm not sure where it originated, but every redhead in our family has turned into complete nymphomaniacs after their first taste of sex. I know exactly what you're going to because I said the exact same words to your father about a week after we first had sex.”

“So... this is normal, sort of? This all encompassing need to have sex? I thought puberty was bad when I went on three hour sex session with Tenten, but at least when I was a teenager I could take a break after a good orgasm.” Naruto asked hopefully.

Kushina giggled, “If you were your sister and you were asking me this after your first time I would say yes, but you're just unique Naruto.”

They both lay together in silence for a few minutes, taking comfort in each others presence before Naruto finally spoke, “How about this then, we'll wear each other out. Whenever one of us is feeling needy, we come to the other and start stripping.”

Kushina suddenly kissed him, and Naruto eagerly returned it. When they pulled apart her voice was husky. “You're right! Since you're affected by this... whatever it is, you can keep up with me, and I can keep up with you! We can both be satisfied...” She said this almost reverently, like the very concept was a miracle.

Naruto promised himself she would never think that again.

Suddenly she smirked, “You do realize that we'll likely have to bring your sister into this. She is a redhead, so she's going to be affected too once she starts having sex. I'm actually a little shocked she hasn't yet. Oh, that makes me sound like a horrible mother!” She laughed at herself, Naruto chuckling along with her.

“I don't think anybody would blame you for it, Tayuya may have hidden depths to her, but they're very... very well hidden.” He claimed.

Kushina hummed, but was interrupted as Naruto started grinding his erection against her pussy, his hands near desperately grasping at her hips.

“Slow down, Naruto.” She scolded teasingly, knowing they both knew she wanted nothing more than for him to do the opposite.

"Never…." Naruto said as he grabbed her ass with both hands and rolled over before he pulled her down onto him, his full ten inches plunging right into her cunt.

The feeling was indescribable. She was so tight that his entire dick felt encased in a hot, slick vice. She started a low moan that quickly rose in volume and pitch. Naruto could feel her vaginal muscles rippling around his cock. She started bucking and her head thrashed back and forth. It felt like Kushina was cumming, and he hadn't even started moving yet!

"Mom, are you cumming already?" Naruto asked as he stopped.

She looked up at him. Her eyes were beginning to tear up, and her breathing was ragged and shallow. "Yes," She panted, "I am." She grabbed his ass harder. "Now, fuck me! Fuck me hard, Sweetie!" Naruto started moving his hips, slowly working up to a good rhythm. "No, God dammit! FUCK ME!" She started bucking her hips up to meet his, twice as fast as he was moving.

Naruto didn’t need to be told twice. He started moving faster, really slamming into Kushina’s cunt, pistoning his cock in and out, grinding his pubic bone against hers as he bottomed out against her cervix. All the while Naruto could feel her vagina contracting around his cock, and her juices spurting out, coating him. The vice-like feeling increased, and Naruto didn't know how long he could hold out, but he kept slamming into her anyway. Sweat began to drip from her face onto her breasts as they bounced up and down.

"Yes, YES!" She screamed, her voice reaching a volume Naruto had almost never heard before. "GOD, OH GOD NARUTO! FUCK ME BABY, FILL UP MY CUNT, MAKE ME YOUR WHORE! OH GOD, OHGODOHGOD, AAAAAAGH!" Her vocalization was constant now, a mixture of moaning, screaming, and filthy talk, and her fingernails dug into his back. Naruto couldn't believe that this woman was his!

"SUCK MY TITS, BABY, OH GOD! PLEASE, BITE MY NIPPLES!" She begged, her voice still

Naruto obliged her and sucked and nibbled both of her nipples as he continued pounding into her, and then finally felt the approach of his orgasm.

"Mom, I'm going to cum." He grunted, almost silently compared to her wild declarations. She started to pull off of him, but he grabbed her ass and pulled her back onto him hard, her ass slapping his thighs, the sound containing an almost tangible tone of finality to it that Kushina heard loud and clear.

"NO!” He snapped, his wild look from earlier coming back. “Don't you dare pull off me, DON'T YOU DARE! I want to cum inside of you, Kushina, I need it!" His tone was so dominating, so full of almost desperate need, that Kushina had an orgasm from it alone, her pussy was going crazy, every inch of it's walls clenching and contracting around his cock as she wrapped her legs tightly around him and began to buck up against him even faster, willing him to cum.

"Okay, here it is... right now... Unngh. Ahhh! AHHH! Oh God, Kushina! OHHHH! TAKE IT ALL!" Naruto closed his eyes and rode the waves of his orgasm. He know that most men really just let out a little fluid in an ejaculation, but it felt as though he were pumping quarts of cum into his lover. The sensation was incredible; he almost passed out from the pleasure of it.

"YES, BABY, YES!" She screamed. "CUM FOR ME! BABY! OH, GOD, YES! I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING INSIDE ME!" Her eyes rolled back and she saw stars, a distant part of her both aware and absolutely loving the positively massive amount of cum flooding her womb well past capacity.

Finally, Kushina was spent. She stopped bucking against her lover, and collapsed on top of him. Both of them breathing raggedly, with his chest pressed up against her sweaty tits, Naruto could feel both of their hearts beating a mile a minute. Kushina slowly regained her composure, and her glazed over eyes focused up onto his.

"Oh, Naruto, Sweetie, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to let myself go crazy like that. Did I hurt you at all? It's just been so long since I've been able to really let myself go..."

"No Kushina, you were a great lover." Her face matched her hair as she turned her head. “I want you to let yourself go all the time; don't hold back. That was the deal, remember?”

"I know I was screaming for a while. Did I say anything too shocking?" She asked. It was humorous really; here he was, balls deep in her pussy, the head of his cock kissing the entrance to her womb, which he'd just filled to the swelling point, and she was more embarrassed about what she'd said?

Still, she was genuinely insecure about this and she was his woman now – now and forever – and it was his duty to assure her she was perfect the way she was. "It was... different.” He answered honestly, but quickly followed it up with, “But I liked it. I liked making you do it, Kushina. Uh... How many times did I make you cum?" He asked, a little sheepishly. It was purely for male pride, but he wanted to know how well he'd pleased her.

"I started cumming the second you jammed your cock into me, and I don't think I ever came down. That's just the way I'm built when I’m worked up enough; when I make love I can't stop cumming until I feel my lover cum inside of me. Weird, huh?"

Naruto kissed her. "Not weird, Mom; great. It's excellent that you can cum like that. I loved feeling it, and hearing it, and knowing that I was doing it to you."

"You don't mind the screaming, Sweetie?" She asked hesitantly.

Despite the innocent tone, he knew it was very important to completely assure her or she would go back into her shell, and who knew how long that would take to re-break. "No, Mom, I love it, it turns me on. Just thinking about it makes me want to fuck you all over again."

"Great, Baby!" Her hand moved between them and encircled the base of his cock and she started moving her hips in a circle. "How about right now?"

"You even have to ask?" He laughed, a wide smirk forming on his face. “We're going to keep going until one of us loses feeling in our legs, and then we can just flip over and have the other person do the work for a while.”

Kushina took a deep breath, a warm smile on her face as she imagined what he was promising before a sudden thought came to her. "Oh, that reminds me, Sweetie. Ino and I had a little talk today. She understands that she can't let her parents know what you two did this morning. In return for that, I'm letting her bring her friend Temari over next weekend for a little, uh, instructional session with you. Okay?" She smiled sweetly up at me, but her smile was replaced with a gasp and a moan as Naruto started moving in her again.

"You bet, Mom," Naruto said as he lifted her legs over her head and began to slam her hard.

Kushina started cumming and thrashing around again, her eyes once more rolling in her head as a dopy grin started forming. "Yes, oh, YEAH NARUTO, POUND ME! POUND THAT FAT COCK INTO ME! SQUIRT YOUR CUM INTO MOMMY LIKE YOU SQUIRTED IT INTO INO’S MOUTH, LIKE YOUR GONNA SQUIRT IT IN THEIR FACES WHILE I WATCH, OH GOD, BABY, FUCK ME HARD!"


Tayuya was in the kitchen, her hands shaking as her mind fully absorbed the knowledge that she'd just walked in on her older brother and mother fucking. Not sex. That... what they were doing could never be called sex; what they were doing was Fucking. The savage slamming of hips, the desperate, needy grasping hands, the shaking bodies finally releasing passion that had been building for who knows how long...

She could still hear the two of them, even now, once more fucking. She bit her lip. It sounded every bit as good as the first round; or whatever round they'd been on when she'd walked in, it looked like they'd been at it for a while. She hadn't been quiet when she opened the door to her brother's room, the two were just so engrossed in each other they didn't even notice her enter the room, nor her shocked gasp as she froze upon seeing them. Tayuya was a virgin, but she was by no means innocent, and it certainly wasn't due to lack of trying. She just had terrible luck finding a boyfriend that wasn't purely interested in fucking her and leaving her after they were done.

She blamed Naruto. She knew she could be kind of a bitch... okay a rather large bitch who swore a lot, but she blamed her mother for that, and even if he was a stupid little shit, he was a stupid chivalrous little shit that always treated her great, no matter how badly she treated him.

She shivered as she heard her mother start to wail. Tayuya had never heard anybody make that sound before; the call of a woman being fucked and pleasured so well, so hard, that she couldn't hold her passion back and had to let it out. With a start Tayuya realized she was growing wet and stood up, making her way out of the house. She needed time to think. Her mind was starting to tempt her with thoughts that broke a lot of taboo's, and the audio evidence at just how good surrendering to these desires would feel was throwing her off


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