Naruto awoke to a war zone. His room was a mess, clothes thrown everywhere, his various knickknacks were on the floor - mostly those that used to be on any surface that could support a human body - and the floor, bed, desk, and even a few of the walls were... sticky.

A quick check of himself revealed he was covered in bite marks, his back looked like a werewolf had mauled it, his legs were numb, and his balls were bizarrely empty.

It was a strange feeling. He'd never been this spent before. Even before his sudden jump in stamina recently he'd always been pretty virile. He never had to worry about over-masturbation, which was nice. Overall, it was a nice feeling. Not because it was comfortable – not that it was uncomfortable, sort of neutral really – but because of what it meant.

He felt even better as he gazed upon his mother Kushina beside him, her position the very definition of 'sprawled' as she lay on her back with her arms and legs flopped in seemingly random directions. Her body was similar to his own, only less bite marks and finger nail lines. In trade, she was covered in red hand prints and hickeys. Her lips were puffy, curved in a gentle, pleased smile as her chest rose and fell softly. Between her legs was similar, her engorged labia and well-used ass still leaking his semen.

Figuring she deserved a little more sleep after what they'd done the previous evening Naruto got up and staggered into the shower the best he could with his numb legs. Thankfully, the shower did wonders for his legs and he could almost feel his balls start filling up again as the warm water soothed away his troubles.

Fifteen minutes later Naruto stepped out of the shower. He dried off, but didn't bother dressing as he found his bed empty. Following the smell of food cooking he entered the kitchen and paused. His Mother had never been a very animated chef; while she enjoyed cooking occasionally it was just a thing she did. This was certainly the first time he'd seen her dancing around the kitchen, happily humming and cooking up a storm. Naruto, despite the seeming physical impossibility, grew hard as he watched his Mother bounce, jiggle and sway around the kitchen, steadily preparing a full breakfast feast.

Thankfully, his Mother had the amazing power of Common Sense and was wearing an apron so the bacon grease didn't burn her, so she wasn't completely naked, but that only made her more attractive in Naruto's eyes.

“Mornin' Mom.” He said as he pulled a chair out and sat down.

His Mother squealed and launched herself across the room to plop down in his lap before he could pull his chair in. “Naruto!” She said happily, greeting him with an affectionate hug, which turned into a kiss, and then a heated make out session that Kushina eventually, reluctantly, pulled away from.

Resting her forehead on his Kushina sighed, her warm green eyes locking with her son's cerulean blue. “Last night was... was... wow.” She breathed. “I feel... satisfied, for the first time in what feels like forever. Not just satisfied, but I don't think I could fuck again today if I wanted too!” She exclaimed.

It was about that second Naruto's erection decided to make itself known. Naruto grinned, his hands cupping her plump ass to pull her onto his cock harder. “Well that's too bad, and here I am with a hard-on in need of a tight pussy, skilled mouth, or maybe even just a silky hand.”

Kushina started to moan from the friction, only to flinch as pain flared up from her overworked flesh. “Oh baby, you have no idea how much I want to stuff myself full of your cock and just fuck the day away, but I really am sore.” Seeing him droop made her quickly remind him; “It's Sunday you know, my sister Shizune will coming over to visit us. I'm sure she could take care of you if I'm not recovered by then.”

“Oh yeah...” Naruto muttered with a widening grin.

Kushina climbed off him and hurried over to the stove. Switching the dials off on the stove-top she took the last pancake off the pan and put it on the stack. That plate, along with the ones holding bacon, hash browns, and scrambled eggs were quickly transported to the table. One last stop produced a glass of orange juice for both of them before Kushina finally sat across the table from him and looked at him sternly. “Now I want all of this food gone. You're still a growing boy, no matter what you think, and you need all the energy you can get. Not only to make up for last night, but to get a head start so you make a good impression on Shizune. I want her to be walking bow legged by the time she leaves.”

To her credit, Kushina's stern visage lasted almost until she finished speaking before it rapidly broke down into a giggling fit.


Three hours later found Naruto laying back on his mother’s bed, Kushina’s head bobbing above his cock.

“Ohh.” Naruto moaned, and then groaned louder as she had her own orgasm, her eyes fluttering and her hips jerking against an invisible cock. It was too much for Naruto, and as he was holding his mother's sexy gaze, he shot his cum all over her face and breasts.

Naruto was feeling shaky when he heard the door open downstairs, and then the sound of his aunt calling. “Kushina? Are you there?” The door closed as the two of them panicked.

“Oh Fuck.” Kushina exclaimed. “We just talked about this in the morning, how did she surprise us?!”

“You get pretty single minded when my cock is in front of you.” Naruto joked hurriedly as he grabbed his discarded pants. He was taken by surprise as his Mother grabbed him by the cock before he'd managed to pull up his pants and kissed him heatedly. “When you stop being so tasty I may be able to focus on anything else.” She teased huskily.

Naruto grabbed a handful of her plump ass and squeezed, grinding his rapidly hardening cock against her labia. “Never.” He grinned. He blinked as he heard his Aunt start coming up the first flight of stairs and hopped to it.

Naruto ran out of the room before his Aunt Shizune could come up the second flight of stairs. He reached the guest room and closed the door just as he heard his Mother meet his Aunt in the hallways outside her room. Kushina told Shizune she needed a shower, and to wait downstairs for her.

Naruto, stood against the guest room door listening. His pants, the only clothing he was wearing, still mostly around his knees. He heard the two women move from his mother’s room, one heading back down the stairs, while the other headed straight to him. If it was his aunt there would be a big problem to deal with, considering he was naked from the knees up.

The door knob turned and Naruto’s heartbeat quickened.

Kushina entered the room.

Naruto sighed, chuckling to himself at the tense situation. “Your Aunt Shizune is downstairs; I told her you were busy with some of your summer homework. Go downstairs and get dressed.” She said before she raced back to her room.

Naruto had years of experience and was in his basement room within one minute, his journey completely silent. He must have been a ninja in a previous life. He took the time to throw on some actual clothes, black sweat pants and a burnt orange tank top, before he casually left his room and went back upstairs.

Naruto had decided not to shower, feeling brave and naughty. He wanted to talk to his Aunt Shizune with the smell of him and his Mother's carnal debauchery still on him.

Naruto walked into the kitchen to find his Aunt was at the table sipping some tea. She was about thirty one years old and, while not as outright stunningly gorgeous as his mother, was still very attractive in a more homely sense. She was slightly shorter than his mother, possessing a great pair of breasts. Her hair was something Naruto had mused about a lot in his life. It was black, but in the right light it had an almost green coloring to it.

Today she was looking very casual. Jeans and a black t-shirt. Her hair tied back in a simple pony-tail. She looked up at Naruto when he entered. “Hey stranger, long time no see.” She said with a warm smile.

“Yeah, been a while.” Naruto replied, “I think my Mom’ll be down in a minute. So how are things?”

The two chatted about a few things for a while, and Naruto suggested they move to the front room. He was still feeling very perverted after he and his mother had fucked on the couch just hours ago. Her pussy might have been incredibly sore so he only came in her two times, but her ass held out for five rounds more before they had to call it quits and retreat upstairs for one final blowjob. As such, he wanted Shizune to pick up the scent that was no doubt still lingering in the air.

“I hear from Kushina that you got a nice new camera for your birthday?” She asked in meeker than usual tone as they both sat down. They were both sitting on the couch, and Naruto made sure she sat down right when he'd had his gorgeous Mother bouncing on his cock just a few hours ago.

“Yeah, it's for my Photography class. Although I've discovered I have a talent for it and it's pretty fun, so I think I'll be picking it up as a hobby now that school's letting out for the summer.” He explained.

Shizune looked like she was trying to distract herself from something, and she asked, “Oh? What have you done so far?”

“Mom and Mrs. Uchiha let me use them.” Naruto added with a hint of innuendo. “Actually, they were really good sports. They surprised me a lot.”

“Really? And what kind of photos did you take?” She asked.

“Just the usual modeling shots.” Naruto said casually. “You know... posing.”

Just then he saw his Mother as she finished descending the stairs and appeared in the doorway. She was wearing hip-hugger jeans and a polo shirt. Her face was still flushed from the frenzied situation Shizune's arrival had created.

“What are you guys talking about?” She asked, leaning against the doorway.

“Oh Naruto was just telling me how you and Mikoto were posing for his new camera.” Shizune answered.

“Yeah, we helped him out with a few pictures.” Kushina tittered, obviously, to Naruto at least, worried about what Shizune may know. “Mikoto called and said she'd be here in a few minutes so we can talk about planning the holiday. Naruto, why don't you go hang out in your room and let us two girls chat?”

“Sure.” Naruto agreed, getting up. As he passed his mother he checked to make sure Shizune was looking away before he reached over and grabbed a handful of her ass, grinning as she stiffened.

A few minutes later Naruto sat down at his desk and connected the camera to his computer. The pictures began to appear on the screen in a seductively slow slide show. He was at the pictures of the two Moms' beginning to play with each other’s breasts when he heard a knock on his door. Naruto quickly shut the laptop in case it was his Aunt, but it was his Mother. He found it funny that she knocked, all things considered.

“Naruto, what are you doing?” She asked, and he knew she was there to see the pictures.

“Just going over the photos Mom, wanna see?” He asked with a grin.

“Sure, but just a quick look, Mikoto's here and she's talking with Shizune upstairs.”

Naruto lifted the laptop screen and started the slide show again. His mother stood beside him watching. Naruto could feel her excitement growing as the pictures became more erotic. She began to comment on them too. Saying what ones she liked, her comments steadily becoming more explicit.

“Ooh, that one's sexy.” She said as a shot of her and Mikoto giving him a dual blowjob came up.

When it came to the pictures of the threesome fucking, Naruto knew she was fully turned on. Her cheeks red and her breath heavy and fast. He hooked his arm around her waist and steered her around him before giving a gentle pull, causing her to fall side-saddle onto his lap.

“So Mom, wanna pose again sometime? You're such a great model, the camera really loves you.”

“Oh absolutely. It isn't the only thing that loves it, I feel.” She purred into his ear as she ground onto his cock as she felt it grow, the head seemingly homing in on her pussy lips, only blocked by their clothes.

“You're damn right it does. I was thinking Mikoto would like to see these as well. Ya know what, why don't we have Aunt Shizune pose for me too?”

Kushina looked concerned, “Are you sure, sweetie? What if she freaks out, imagine if she told people what we were doing. I know what I said at breakfast, but we need to take this slow.”

Naruto hugged her, kissing her neck. “Come on Mom, trust me. Wouldn't you like to see how far we could persuade her to go?” He tempted with a perverse and cheeky smile. “I know it was fun for you and Mikoto. Shizune's always been kind of self conscious about her looks because she compares herself to you, with a little encouragement from the three of us she'll be putty in our hands.” He explained.

Kushina looked a lot more confident now that she knew he had a plan. She raised her hips and lowered her jeans just enough so his cock ground into her pussy. She wasn't wearing panties, and the only thing stopping him from fucking her right then and there was the stretchy material of Naruto's sweat pants. “Okay lover boy. How do you propose we try to do this?” She asked as she pushed her hips down on his cock, the head just barely entering her before his pants pulled taught.

Naruto groaned deeply, playing along with her game as he rapidly but carefully pushed the tip of his cock in and out of her tight hole. He was shocked she was recovered enough to be doing this, but he couldn't detect any disguised winces or other giveaways she wasn't ready, so he continued.

“Well,” He started shakily, incredibly turned on. He was getting just enough pleasure to make him crave more, but not enough to make even the smallest sliver of progress towards any sort of release. It was maddening, and every jerk of his hips got him more worked up. “You could get Mikoto to help you convince her to try on swimwear. You have like four dozen different bikini's that should fit her too in your closet, so once she has some that she likes picked out one of you suggests getting a guy's opinion.” His fingers sunk into the seductive flesh of her hips as she swiveled her body so she was sitting straight forward, leaning herself forward just slightly to get a good look at the images at the computer. She smirked to herself as her poor son's thrusts grew desperate and needy, his hips speeding up and raising themselves higher, pushing harder into her pussy, despite the action doing no good and only bending his cock painfully.

Letting him suffer a bit as revenge for the grope from earlier, she focused on the computer. It was a shot of her and Mikoto, on all fours, side by side, both getting fucked by her son’s cock and hand, respectively. It was one of the hottest shots yet. The camera had caught her ass perfectly in a span of three shots showing her ass smacking into his thighs before rebounding forward.

Kushina clicked on the bottom file in the folder, which was a video file. She leaned forward as it started playing, her own voice as well as Mikoto's quickly filling the room, arousing her further. The temperature in the room, however, grew as the two of them watched the home shot pornography, dry humping eachother as they watched.

“Okay, I'll bring the girls up to my room to try on bikinis. Shizune already had some wine too, and Mikoto appears to be quiet eager to repeat what happened earlier.” Kushina said as she pulled her pants back up and got off her son’s lap.

“Of course Mom. Whatever you say.” Naruto replied. He was in a state close to lust driven madness from Kushina’s teasing and was even more so as he now knew that she wanted to be part of the scheme to persuade Shizune to pose for his camera.

Naruto quickly loaded the pics to his new laptop folder and cleared the camera's memory card. Then there was an agonizing wait of twenty minutes before they were ready, in which he just barely resisted the urge to furiously jerk off at his raging hard-on that refused to go down. Only the knowledge that his cum would be wasted on the floor kept him in check. Finally, he heard the women leave the kitchen and begin to climb the stairs, hearing them chatting and giggling as they entered his mother's room.

Naruto waited in my room. Sitting on the bed as he was counting the seconds, still holding the camera in his hands when he eventually heard the laughter grow. Followed by Kushina texting him.

Come on up! Was all the text on his cell phone read.

The excitement was causing his heart to race. Taking the camera in his room, Naruto crossed the hall, and opened the bedroom door to his mother’s room.

The three of them were in bikinis, all looking amazing and giggling. When he walked in Shizune let out a cute ‘meep’ and sat on his mother's four poster bed, attempting to cover up. Her arms across her chest, the arm in front of her chest holding an almost emptied wine glass while she cupped her crotch with the other; as if she was naked.

She was blushing. Her bikini was, from what Naruto could see, a plain black one; a color she seemed to always wear. It was tied behind her neck and back. The bottoms were also tied at her hips. Making it quiet a small swimsuit. Her voluptuous frame looked sexier than he imagined it would. There were no visible signs of fat on her body, just soft curves.

Mikoto was wearing a white bikini. Her tits framed beautifully in the padded cups. It was the clip type, tied behind her neck. The white looked great against her tanned skin and jet black hair.

His mother was wearing a small bright orange bikini that barely managed to contain her beautiful breasts and ass cheeks. Her beautiful red hair held back in a simple but long pony tail. She looked at Naruto with a conspirative smile. Mikoto, however, was more blunt and winked saucily at him when he caught her gaze. She was up for the new game of posing chicken, it seemed.

“Well Naruto, how do you think us girls look in our bikinis?” Mikoto asked, still standing beside his mother.

“You look great Mrs. Uchiha, and so do you Mom.” Naruto said grinning at them. He put on his best 'innocently confused' face and said, “I can't see your bikini Aunt Shizune.”

“Stand up there honey.” Mikoto said to her.

Blushing, she stood, obviously unsure of herself, but she did hold her nervous smile as Kushina and Mikoto grabbed an arm each and helped her to her feet. Feeling a sudden boost of confidence she put her hands on her hips and looked him in the eye. “What do you think?”

“You three look amazing!” Naruto replied with total honesty, giving them a cheesy double thumbs up.

They all laughed as the alcohol worked through their blood before Naruto said, “Hey, wait right here, I have to get a picture of this.”

Before Shizune could protest, Naruto was turning on the camera, which he'd stored in his pants pocket. The sun was beginning to set, spilling gorgeous orange-red light in through the large windows.

“Ohh, he has his camera again Kushina,” Mikoto said playfully. “How would you like us to pose this time?'”

“Can the three of you stand by the bed, side by side? Aunt Shizune, you get in the middle. Nothing fancy, stand however you like.”

They all giggled, Shizune looking nervous. Her tits wobbled in a sexy way as she moved. 'God, they're almost as big as my Mom's...' Naruto gushed as he took the first picture. The flash causing them all to close their eyes against the glare.

“Mom, you and Mikoto turn inwards, facing Aunt Shizune. Can you all put your arms around eachother’s backs? Don't forget to smile!” He said, making vague hand gestures with his left hand while holding the camera steady.

The picture looked great, Naruto would freely admit, even if there wasn't anything overtly sexual about the poses yet. The women were so close that Mikoto's tits were touching Shizune's left breast, and his Mom's were touching her right. The smiles were attractive too, as Naruto was watching Shizune slowly relax he took more photos.

“Can the three of you sit on the bed now?” Naruto asked. Mikoto and his mother complied, Shizune just following the flock.

“What do you mean?” Shizune asked, but Kushina answered for him by lying back and putting her head on the pillows. Mikoto followed her. “O-oh... okay!” Shizune said, and lay back between the two sexy milfs.

This was a gorgeous shot. Naruto could even make out a hint of Shizune's bush. Unlike his Mother and Mikoto she trimmed hers, as opposed to waxing. All three were on their backs, giggling, but then he got Mikoto and his mother to face Shizune.

“That looks amazing!” Naruto said, snapping pictures furiously.

All three of them were laughing now, so Naruto decided to press a bit more. “Mom, Mikoto, can you put your legs across Shizune, and all three of you look like you're in a state of lust?”

Shizune's eyes widened a bit, but she stayed quiet as Kushina and Mikoto did as he asked without hesitation. Naruto’s Mother gave him a wicked grin through the lens. She was going to enjoy this.

“Okay, Aunt Shizune can you turn your head to face Mikoto?” He asked.

“Ehhh... Sure.” She replied, not sure what else she could do.

“Is that okay Mr. Photographer?” Mikoto asked, smiling, her eyes holding Shizune's.

“Perfect Mikoto, you three are the things wet dreams are made of.” Naruto said as he went about walking around the bed snapping more photos. “Hey, do you guys think I could maybe get shots of you without the tops?”

“What?” Shizune asked, her head raising sharply, “T-topless?” She squeaked.

“Yeah, I'm guessing that some topless shots of three unbelievable sexy older ladies will make for amazing pictures.”

“Sure, I'd love to. I want a copy of the pics from the first photo session we had though.” Mikoto bargained as she began to undo the bra top

“Come on Shizune, it won't hurt, and I bet Naruto is just looking to take nice pictures! Right Naruto?” Kushina said trying to relax Shizune

“Of course.” Naruto replied quickly. “And I'll make a copy on one of my spare drives next time I have some free time, Mikoto.

“See? I'm doing it too.” His mother added as she sat up and quickly removed the top to reveal those perfectly large tits, and perky erect nipples.

“Are you sure about this Kushina?” Shizune asked as Mikoto opened her top and revealed her gorgeous tits.

“Come on Shizune, its fun to pose like this. Isn't it, Mikoto?” Kushina replied.

Mikoto nodded, a devious smile on her face. “I haven't felt this sexy in ages. Live a little Shizune.” She teased.

“Well... I guess I can.” Shizune meekly complied. “Is this the kind of posing you two did earlier for Naruto?”

“We let him take some rather spicy pictures of us!” Mikoto answered as she stretched out, jutting her tits out for the camera and Naruto.

Kushina, and then Mikoto once Naruto had snapped half a dozen pictures of the raven haired her, helped Shizune open the top of the bikini. Kushina giggled perversely as Shizune’s top began to fall off, only for her to try and cover her bare breasts with her small hands. The hands barely managed to cover her aureola's. Her breasts were large and supple looking.

“Wow honey, your boobs are gorgeous!” Mikoto said to her. It was obvious she was beginning to really enjoy the thrill of persuading a shy lady to partake in this type of debauchery.

“Hold it there girls, just like that.” Naruto said, watching the three topless gorgeous ladies on the bed in front of him. “Aaaaand, smile for the camera.”

Naruto snapped a few pictures while the three women lay side by side on his mother's four poster bed. Gradually Shizune removed her hands from her breasts, exposing a pair of beautiful nipples. Though they were tiny in comparison to Mikoto and Kushina’s they were still very alluring. Her blush was a deep red now.

“What are you going to do with these pictures Naruto?” She asked.

“They're just practice shots, I’ll save a copy onto a special drive I keep safely locked up in case you or any of the others want to look at them sometime in the future. Don't worry, no one else will ever see them.” He said honestly. He had no intention of anyone that wasn't in this room seeing the pictures. “Can you three kneel up on the bed and lift your boobs.”

“Oh, that sounds fun.” Mikoto said as she quickly rose to her knees. His mother and Aunt followed her lead. All three of them held their lovely tits up for the camera. He could see Shizune beginning to relax and enjoy the naughtiness of the posing experience.

“Incredible,” Naruto stated. “You three look so sexy! Can the three of you stand up now, and turn to face the bed. I want to get pictures of you all from behind, standing side by side.”

As they stood, Shizune and his Mother drank some more wine, and then giggled. Mikoto now had a more serious look on her face as she grew more aroused. The three of them stood, Shizune in the middle still. Standing slightly shorter than the other two, and looking curvier by comparison due to her slightly wider stature. Her wider hips in the bikini were just too sexy. Naruto took a few snaps. His erection rock hard in his sweat pants. It was probably clearly visible now, so he quickly rearranged himself to hide it a little. Shizune wasn't quite there yet, and seeing his monster ready for action would scare her off.

“Mmm, now that's a postcard picture!” Naruto said. “Hey Mom, pull your bikini in between your ass cheeks,to make it look like a thong.”

“What?” Shizune asked, her head turning to look back at Naruto, surprised he would ask his mother to do something like that.

“Like this?” His Mother replied as she pulled her orange bottoms between her gorgeous cheeks; it didn't take much. Her large ass easily fitting the clothe inside it

“Yeah, perfect,” Naruto answered quickly and excitedly, “Just like that!”

Mikoto did likewise. Making her slim toned ass look especially sexy. Not wanting to be left behind, my Aunt did the same, reluctantly.

“You look great Aunt Shizune, you're really good at this.” He encouraged, the flash illuminating the three women and their almost naked asses. “All three of you put your hands on the bed now, bending over, and look back at the camera.”

Kushina was the first to comply, followed quickly by the others. It looked amazing. Their mature sexy asses facing him. Naruto knelt down and took as many pictures as he could from as many angles as possible. Now it was time to ask for the big finish. This was the dangerous part. Was Shizune drunk enough to agree to peel off the bottom of her bikini, to expose herself totally to her nephew and sister?

“Since I have you three in such a hot pose already, which one of you's brave enough to go the rest of the way and remove the whole bikini?” He challenged. Mikoto and Kushina said nothing, both looking at Shizune inbetween them, waiting breathlessly for her response, but Shizune said nothing either, she just giggled a bit and waited to see what the others would do.

Kushina, once again showing her lust, took the lead, and said. “Well, we've come this far, I don't see why not!” Before she slowly peeled the bikini down her legs, exposing the pussy that Naruto had already fucked hard that day, Mikoto following suit soon after.

Naruto snapped photos furiously as they did so, wanting to capture every erotic second.

“Kushina, what are you doing?” Shizune sputtered, looking her sister in the eyes. Naruto would have panicked, but there was a playful jest in her voice. She was having fun. “You're both crazy!” She exclaimed with in incredulous giggle.

“Come on Shizune, what's the harm? It's only pictures. Picture's that only we'll ever see.” Kushina said. Naruto’s cock throbbed hard again watching his aunt hook her thumbs into the waistband of the bikini. A chant picked up in his head, begging her to pull it down over her lovely tight ass.

“Oh God, I can't believe we're doing this.” She said as the bottoms fell to her ankles. Her pussy was neat and trimmed, with dark brown hair. Her pink lips almost as inviting to Naruto’s dick as Kushina’s were.

“These pictures are going to be amazing.” Naruto said as he turned on the main light in the room. The sun had fully set, and the sudden burst of strong light made the whole scene seem more exposed. He got the ladies to stand and turn and face him. Shizune complied without protest.

“You know what would really look hot? If you three pretended to be kissing each other, and touching each other on the bed. Like a sexy lesbian threesome photo shoot.” Naruto’s mouth was dry as he said it.

“Like, hmmm.... Mikoto, can you lie back on the bed, and Mom, can you lie beside her and hold one of her tits. Lemme snap a pic or two before you start kissing.” He instructed slowly as the two women smiled at him before falling onto the bed, Kushina on the bottom with Mikoto straddling her.

“Better get those quick, I don't think dear Mikoto can keep her lips off me.” His mother teased as she and Mikoto drew closer. True to her word, Mikoto claimed her lips rather quickly. Luckily, Naruto was quick and had natural skill when it came to working the camera, and skillfully nabbed three photos of them holding eachother and staring into eachother's eyes. They began to kiss next, his mother on her back, drawing Mikoto to her as she wrapped her hands behind the raven haired woman’s head. Naruto could clearly see their tongues in each other's mouths, and so could the camera. His aunt stood and watched with her jaw dropped, her breath quickening.

“Oh... Oh my God...!” She said squeaked, not sure where to look. “I.. I can't believe you're doing this…!”

“Aunt Shizune, can you lie next to my Mom and massage her tits?” Naruto requested.

“O-okay, I guess that is okay to do.” She replied as she moved around the bed and nervously allowed her body to touch his naked mother's back.

“Can you reach around and hold my Mom's tits?” She slowly complied. When her hand touched Kushina's nipple the kiss with Mikoto became hotter and deeper.

“Okay, press your hips right into her ass cheeks Aunty.” Again, she wordlessly complied, nudging her hips forward until her crotch was flush against her sister's large butt.

“Mikoto, can you lift your knees and open your legs for the camera?” She broke the kiss and did as he asked, exposing her soaking pussy to Naruto.

“And Mom, can you put her nipple in your mouth and place a finger on her pussy?” Once she'd done that and he'd taken four more pics he continued, “Shizune, can you slip your hand between you and my mom and touch her pussy from behind?”

“Is... Is that okay with you?” Shizune asked her sister in a breathless whisper in her ear.

“Mmmm, yes.” Was all Kushina said, her mouth never leaving Mikoto's tit and her fingers now fucking her pussy slowly.

Naruto watched breathlessly as his Aunt slowly slid her hand between herself and Kushina. She let her fingers search between the ass cheeks, grazing her, before finally finding her drenched pussy. “Ohhhhhh Kushina, you're soaked!” She commented as she slid a finger into her. Kushina released her lip-lock on Mikoto's tit and moaned in appreciation.

Naruto took several shots of this sexy scene, and then he asked. “Aunt Shizune, can you lie back on the bed now with your legs open? And Mikoto, can you kneel between her legs and lick her cunt for a few pictures?” A look of lust was shared between Shizune and Mikoto as they slowly assumed the position he had requested. Mikoto wasted no time in sucking Shizune's clit into her mouth and slipping a finger into her soaked pussy.

“Oh God!” Was all Shizune could say. Her right hand holding Mikoto's hair while her left held one of her own nipples.

“Do you like that Shizune?” Kushina whispered in her ear.

“Mmm, yes... yes I do. Oh God Mikoto... Kushina... this is so naughty. I've never been... Hnn, never been with a woman...” The flash of his camera filled the room, and her eyes caught his.

“Oh, Naruto, is this what you wanted to see?” She asked, the pleasure clouding her mind as she tried to remember his exact instructions.

“Hell yeah, that's perfect, you look so hot.” He answered. “Mom, can you kneel across Aunt Shizune's face? Aunt Shizune eat my Mom while Mikoto works on you?”

“Sure… if that is what you think will look good.” Kushina replied as slowly knelt across Shizune’s open mouth. She was facing Mikoto, who was licking and sucking Shizune with abandon now. Naruto was snapping pictures of Mikoto's exposed pussy and ass before his mother moaned out loud as Shizune began to lick her, causing Naruto to switch targets.

Naruto knew he had Shizune where he wanted her, so he slipped his clothes off and set the camera to work automatically and stood naked behind Mikoto. He turned to his mother who stared at his rock hard twitching dick with unhidden lust. Naruto grinned and held a finger to his lips to silence her from saying anything.

Naruto tapped Mikoto on the shoulder, the woman turning to see the dick inches away from her face, and as if starving she took all of him into her mouth and began using her tongue to massage his cock in her mouth.

“Oh God...” Was all he could say as she worked on his dick over. Shizune, noticing Mikoto was no longer eating her pussy out, had Kushina get off her to look at what was going on. She looked down, only to see her nephew at the foot of the bed, naked, getting an intense blowjob from Mikoto.

“Shizune. Don’t stop now.” Naruto heard his mother say as he looked up from Mikoto and saw her mounting Shizune’s face. Shizune didn't resist, in fact she did the opposite and grabbed his mother’s hips before pulling her down onto her open and waiting tongue, which plunged into her pussy.

Mikoto broke her cock sucking to look up at Shizune eating out Kushina.

That seemed to encourage Mikoto more, and she began to suck harder. Naruto groaned and pulled his cock from Mikoto’s mouth at the last second, cum streaming from his dick and coating her face and chest. He moved across to Shizune after he finished cumming on Mikoto. She looked Naruto in the eye, her eyes widening as she saw his giant throbbing erection. Then moaned as Kushina came in her mouth as she was moaning from the tongue of his aunt Shizune moving about in her cunt.

Naruto quickly stood up and straddled his Aunt, and gently pulled his mother down so she was ingesting his dick while Shizune gripped her ass cheeks and devoured Kushina’s pussy with abandon. Kushina's face pressed into his groin with every bob of her head, her moans of pleasure released around Naruto’s dick send tingles up his spine as she came again to Shizune’s tongue.

Shizune once again saw the amazing incestuous blow job taking place and she was stunned by the vigor and passion Kushina was showing. She hadn't seen her sister like this in... ever. Her hips bucked and she wished she had something to grind into. “Oh my God Kushina, suck his cock you naughty fucking slut. Suck his fucking cock!” She said. It seemed she intended to mutter it to herself, but everyone else could hear her, and it turned them all on even more. While she was in the middle of her speech Naruto had Kushina stop blowing him then grabbed and lifted her off Shizune – Mikoto quickly taking her place – before Naruto stopped his mother from consuming his cock again and roughly turned her around and bent her over. Grinning down at her gushing pussy he plunged it into her soaking cunt with obvious relish. He could feel the spasm of her orgasm on his cock. It was like a warm, soft grip on his dick. Naruto started to fuck her at a steady pace while she moaned.

His aunt and Mikoto had fallen into a sixty nine position beside on the bed. His aunt still on the bottom, pussy juice gushing from her lips onto the bed. Naruto pulled his cock from Kushina’s cunt and moved behind his aunt, gesturing for Mikoto to get off her. She looked back at him as Mikoto got up, but said nothing. He felt Mikoto take hold of my cock and guide it to his aunt’s soaking wet pussy. She was so lubricated her hole gave no resistance and his cock was hilted within her in no time, drawing a long, deep moan from Shizune. Mikoto licked my balls, while his Mom sucked and fingered her pussy, watching it all with lust-darkened eyes.

“Oh Jesus.” Was all Shizune could say. She was lifted up and bent over on all fours beside my Mother, giving Mikoto access to Shizune’s anus. She pressed the finger in to the second knuckle as her other hand reached down to rub her clit furiously, all the while Naruto was steadily hammering away at her pussy, driving her wild.

“Kushina... Oh Kushina... He's fucking me so hard!! Oh, Jesus, what are we doing? Your son has his cock in me, OH FUCK!!” Shizune cried out as she had an earth shattering orgasm. Naruto grunted and tried to hold on, but he failed in seconds and unloaded inside her pussy.

Naruto pulled his cock from his aunt’s wet pussy and Kushina quickly sucked it for her son. It felt awesome, she was really good at giving head in a number of different way, this one was meant to get him as hard as possible. He reached over and grabbed Kushina and Mikoto’s ass cheeks, pulling them to him. Kushina worked even harder on his cock while Mikoto went to suck and lick his balls again.

Both women were moaning loudly now. Naruto pulled his cock reluctantly from his mother’s mouth before motioning for her to turn around. She did so, and he pressed it against her ass. Her head snapped back, looking at him due to the sudden pressure on her ass, but then she broke into a wickedly slutty smile.

“Mmm, Shizune, he's going to fuck my tight ass now. He's pressing his cock against, OOOH! FUCK!” The rest of his cock popped into her tight, well used hole. “Fuck me up the ass, Naruto... fuck my ass!!” She cried.

Mikoto slid under his Mother began sucking and licking her pussy and clit, exposing her holes to Shizune.

“Ohh, Ohh, Ohh.” Was all Kushina kept grunting as he fucked her.

His aunt and Mikoto were now in a deep kiss lying down as he fucked his mother. Naruto was holding her tits as he fucked her. Both of them watching the other two ladies kiss and grope, before forming another sixty nine, this time with Shizune on top. Her ass right beside him as he pounded his mother into a sexual bliss.

“Aunt Shizune?” Naruto asked breathlessly. “I'm going to try and get my cock up your tight cunt.' Naruto stated as he watched his mother slip her long slender middle finger up Mikoto’s ass.

“Oh, Naruto....” She said, looking back at him. “Your cock is almost too much for my pussy!” she protested.

“Well why don't you try your ass? You have to try it Shizune, it's so fucking hot!” Mikoto suggested excitedly. God bless her enthusiasm, Naruto thought as he lay on back on the bed.

“Get on top of me Shizune.” Naruto directed. She did as he asked, and before Naruto could get his cock into any hole, Mikoto had it in her mouth again. Fuck she could suck cock! She then released it and while still jerking it, licked his Aunt's chest. Then Naruto felt his cock press against her tight ass. Her eyes locked on his, she gasped when she felt it.

His Mother held his cock, Mikoto gripping both sides of her hips guiding Shizune's ass down on it. Naruto could feel his mother's breath on his balls.

Shizune's relaxed a bit, and his cock slipped in. “FUCK!!!” She screamed.

“Relax, Shizune... relax!” Kushina said.

His Aunt had her lips in a tight 'O' shape. Breathing heavily. She held that position. Naruto’s cock began moving in and out of her ass. Getting used to the feeling. Then she relaxed the muscles again, and pressed against his young cock fully, allowing him to enter her further.

Shizune then pulled his face to her tits and started to move on his cock. She was still saying how much it hurt, how it was too big for her, but it was soon all the way up her tight ass and she was riding it hard now. All three of the women saying the sexiest things. Especially his Aunt.

“You dirty little fucker... do you like that... do you like how your Auntie's ass feels on your cock?” She started to cum again.

“Fuck I'm starting to cum!” Naruto shouted.

Kushina pulled her son’s cock from his Aunt's hole and plunged it into her mouth. Sucking the entire load into her mouth. Mikoto kissed Naruto deeply. Her tongue in his mouth as he came. Then his mother kissed her, and they swapped his cum in front of him and a dazed Shizune.

It wasn't long before he was hard again and Mikoto nudged Shizune off his lap to take her place. Shizune was fully into it now though, and she took Mikoto's old place next to him and began kissing him, rubbing her body against his
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