Naruto woke up in a daze. Looking around he saw that his bed was, amazingly, in one piece. It was odd he was alone in his bed, but he spotted a note taped to his door, so he got up and took it off and read it.

Dear Naruto, in case you forgot from how exhausted you got last night, Shizune passed out and Mikoto had to take her over to her place after we stopped. Ino and Temari will be coming over so you three can have fun.

Your lover,


He grinned at how she signed it and decided to take a shower to get the smell of the three cunts he'd pounded last night off his cock.

He idly wondered what he would do with Ino and Temari while they were here as he washed; he was very much looking forward to having Ino blow him. He loved fucking Kushina, but he was in the mood for some less experienced blonds today.

He went upstairs with a towel wrapped around his waist, he still wanted Ino and Temari, but he wasn't going to object to his favorite little cum slut (and that wasn't derogatory, his mother adored the title) taking a load or two to the face after sucking him off.

He was slightly let down by her not being in the kitchen like she usually was, but he chuckled as he saw another note stuck to the refrigerator.

Dear Naruto, as you must be awake to read this, I can no doubt assume you're hard as a rock and longing for my pussy, but I'm afraid I have to go visit a friend across town. I'm pretty sure you can have Ino and Temari take care of your needs, they should be there at about 4PM.

P.s. Don't break them! I know it's frustrating but it's better to hold back and build up their stamina so they can at least keep up for a while, letting it all out at once means they won't be able to fuck for days. Trust me on this...

He crumpled up the note, scoffing at his mother’s warning. He would do as he pleased with those two... and then went and put some waffles in the toaster. He heard a car drive up to the house, followed by very faint footsteps walking up the steps. Looking at the clock showing it was just passed four-holy shit did he sleep in! There was a knock on the door and Naruto shrugged before going to answer it, not caring how under dressed he was.

He opened the door to see Temari and Ino in front of him. Ino was wearing a short purple sleeveless blouse with an open-front purple apron-skirt over a shorter black shorts underneath. Temari wore a plain pink shirt with short cut-off daisy duke shorts. While both of them wanted to appear ready to fuck, Naruto had them beat as he wore a simple towel that acted more as a loin cloth, barely concealing his waist.

"Hey there Ino, glad to see you came over!" He said with a grin stepping out of the way as the two girls walked in, both had their eyes glued to the outline of his cock as they past him.

"Temari this is my friend, Naruto." Ino introduced the slightly taller blonde to him.

"Hey." He said with a wave.

"So, Naruto... What do you want to help us with?" Ino asked as she leaned against the wall.

"Well, mom hired you to clean, and I haven't had a chance to clean my room today, so I'm sure it has a few things that need I can find that need some work. If you want me to help?" He offered with a shrug. Ino nodded eagerly and headed down the stairs with Naruto and Temari following her.

"So I hear you have a huge cock." Naruto's eyes widened; he didn't expect her to say that of all things the first time they met.

"Well that was rather blunt, but yes, I do... Care to take a peek?" He said mischievously. Temari smiled at him as they reached the downstairs room, so Naruto pulled his towel off. Temari let out a gasp, causing Naruto to smirk at her.

"It's so big..." She whispered to herself.

"So, Ino, I let you get a taste last time so how about we let your friend have first go at trying to suck my cock. What do you say Temari?" Naruto said as he turned to face the shocked blond.

Ino pouted, "I wanted more of your cum..."

Naruto's smirk widened, "Trust me, there's more than enough for both of you." If he could completely tire out three full blown Milfs, two inexperienced teen girls would be nothing, a warm up.

Temari finally got over her shock; it seemed like she could dish it out but wasn't very good at taking it. Naruto felt there was a dirty joke in there somewhere, but his cock demanded attention and stole the needed IQ to make said joke.

“Temari if you would please? Naruto said, gesturing it his swelling dick Temari knelt down with her face inches away from his cock

Temari looked up at Naruto and a big grin swept her face before she softly said, "I thought you would never ask!" Then she looked into Naruto's eyes as she slowly took his cock into her mouth and all the way to the base in one continuous movement. He groaned blissfully.

"Oh, do you like that?" She asked, pulling back briefly with a pleasurable slurp. Naruto just nodded his head and she happily resumed her oral work.

Naruto knew he could hold out for much longer than she expecting him to do. He found a clock hanging on the wall and was laughing on the inside as twenty minutes passed and his sex partner was still doing everything she could think of to make him cum. Naruto could tell she was frustrated that it was taking so long and Naruto stoked the fire just a bit by saying, "Hurry up! You said you'd make me cum and swallow it all! Come on, let's get to it!"

She looked up at him with desperation written all over her face as she said around his cock head, "I'm twying, honesth I yam. I'll do bedder, sthoon ou'll be clummin." She dropped back down fully onto his shaft and she was hungrily trying to drain the contents of Naruto's balls down her lovely throat. Her eyes were begging to him to cum as she frantically jerked his shaft with both hands while she swirled her tongue rapidly around Naruto’s cock head, her lips sucking hard on the bulbous tip. Then she would release her hands and slam down onto him, putting her nose into his abdomen as she bounced her face on his dick.

Naruto decided to let her have his load, which he'd been holding back just to torment her, and she felt it as his cock swelled even more between her lips and she groaned around his shaft "Ummm hmmm. Ummm hmmm!" Naruto grabbed her head and held her as four blasts of cum rocketed straight into her mouth. Then he pushed her head back about six inches and held her there as the remaining five huge ropes of cum filled her mouth to over flowing time and time again. Temari’s eyes bulged out as she desperately worked at swallowing everything Naruto had to give her.

He released her face and she gently worked her tongue and lips round and round Naruto’s cock head, making certain that she had fully drained him. "Holy shit," She said finally pulling her well stretched mouth from his cock, "You really did have a gallon of cum in these things!" She squeezed his balls lightly as she said that.

"That was really nice, but now look what you've done!" She looked at his cock in surprise wondering what she had done wrong and Naruto continued. "Just how the hell am I to get this back into my pants? Now I need to fuck you!" Temari smirked only for Ino to come over and wrap her arms around him.

“I get to have that in me first.” She said purring into his neck. Naruto sighed pleasantly at the feeling she gave him before he lifted her up to see she had no underwear on. Seeing her absolutely sopping wet pussy lips he lowered her right onto his cock, sliding the entire length inside her in one shot. Ino gasped, panting as his girth stretched her wide.

“Naughty girl, I think you've been practicing for this.” Naruto grinned savagely as he slammed his hips into hers. He wondered if Temari had played a part in this practice. He would have liked to have seen that, even if she wasn't.

Just then the telephone rang, startling all of them.

"Answer it." Naruto told Ino, removing his cock from her pussy.

Ino complied quickly, wanting more. She hopped over to the side table the phone was sitting on and answered it after taking a deep breath.

"Hello?" She said said. "Oh, hi, Kushina."

"Put it on speakerphone." Naruto instructed with a devious smile as he walked over to sit on his bed, his cock, still shiny with her juices, in plain view of the horny girl.

Ino hesitated for a moment looking at him, before the hard erection she desperately wanted back inside of her overrode whatever hesitance she had. With a few button presses Kushina's voice could be heard coming from the speakerphone as Ino set the phone down.

"What are you up to?" Kushina's voice asked from the speakerphone.

"I've been cleaning the hoUSE!" Ino squealed as Naruto flipped her around from her sitting position and dragged her backwards by the ankles.

"Is my son there there?" Kushina asked with a muffled laugh as Naruto began to rub his cock up and down Ino's labia.

"Y-yes." Ino gasped as he slowly fed his cock back into her tight hole.

"Will he be there when I come home?" Kushina asked.

"Probably, yes, I don't know?" Ino's suddenly scrambled thought process supplied haltingly as

Naruto began to rapidly pick up the pace.

"What's he doing now?" The redheaded mother asked slyly.

"Tell the truth." Naruto whispered in her ear as he hilted his cock deep into her tight little pussy, holding it there until she did as she was told.

There was no hesitation this time as Ino cried, "He's fucking me!"

"Oh, I bet he is." Kushina said with a voice that made it obvious she was smirking. "What's he doing this time?"

"Give the woman details." Naruto whispered in her ear as he began an agonizingly slow pace.

"He... He won't pound me like I want! He's teasing me by going really slowly and-oh God yes! Faster!" Ino suddenly cried as Naruto picked up the pace once more, pleased with how she was following his orders. Trying not to moan out loud, Temari leaned against the basement wall, her hand inside her shorts as she began fingering her pussy while she watched the erotic scene before her.

Kushina laughed. "He has a pretty big cock, doesn’t he?" She said frankly, pride clear in her voice.

"Yes! It's huge!" Ino gasped as the thing they were talking about seemed to grow inside her, thickening even further. Naruto didn't miss a beat at the even tighter fit, and continued his clean strokes in and out of her pussy. "It's the biggest one I've ever seen!"

"You bet it is!" Kushina bragged. "I suppose you're outmatched, so how about you share?"

"N-not if we... fuck him out first!" Ino challenged. "I've been called a greedy pig before!" Granted that was about food, but cum was food so it counted, right?

Naruto just grinned, grabbing his fellow blond by the hips and slamming her back against his forward thrusts, bucking the Yamanaka hard against him, causing her to grasp the sheets tightly and gasp for breathe.

"Oh-ho!" Kushina laughed with faux-haughtiness. "Is that a challenge? Well I think I'll just take the long way home then and see if you can even put a dent in my boy's lust." She offered.

"Don't bother... we can... take him... no matter what!" Ino declared, which lost any effect it might have had as she was half muffled but the bed sheets she was pressed against and her lack of breathe as the wind was fucked out of her.

The both heard Kushina's delighted laugh over the phone before she sing-songed, “I'll be home in half an hour~!” and hung up.

"She didn't believe me." Ino slumped as Naruto removed himself from her pussy, not resisting at all as he flipped her over and sat her up, thrusting his sticky cock at her mouth.

"Oh she did, and I think you'll find yourself rapidly outmatched when she gets here." Naruto said slyly, rubbing his dirty cock head on her lips, glazing them like some kind of lewd lipstick. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Temari start taking her clothes off.

His attention was brought back to Ino as she dove her mouth onto his cock, showing just as much prowess as Temari had, and brought him to the orgasm that was just out of reach before. As much as he wanted to blow his load straight down her throat he knew how much she loved his cum, so he pulled back and began rapidly beating off, groaning as his orgasm started. The thick roped of cum that spewed forth seemed never ending, and by the time her was done Ino's mouth was full and her face was completely glazed, as well as a good portion of the large tuft of hair that wasn't pulled back into her pony tail.

Ino groaned blissfully and fell back onto the bed, licking at her face with her tongue and greedily scooping everything else up with her fingers. Temari made to put off the wall, but something her hand was on depressed, throwing off her balance and causing her to fall straight backwards into the steel floor with a yelp. After hurrying over and making sure the girl was okay, Naruto looked around and saw a large cylindrical machine in the middle of the room attached to numerous machines.

Naruto helped Temari up off the floor, joined by Ino, and went over to a desk near the hole in the wall. He got his answer to this whole 'secret lab behind the wall' business when he found a picture of his dad working diligently on the very machine in the room.

Meanwhile, Ino was leaning over what looked like a disk tray on the large machine in the middle of the room when a drip of Naruto’s cum fell off her chin and landed on the tray, which instantly slid into it's slot.

The whole room was illuminated with various colored lights going off as the machine Ino was near started to shake and glow before the door opened and out walked an identical Naruto, except he had a glowing white light emanating from his cock.

“Oh my God!” Ino gasped as she backed away to the wall as the clone of Naruto turned to her and advanced. The original moved to block it’s path.

“This is too weird…” He said as he and the clone mirrored each other’s movements.

“I know, right?” The clone said back.

Naruto raised an eyebrow as Ino peered over his shoulder.

“I can’t believe it.” Naruto said as he looked behind his clone to see another one had appeared and was getting a blowjob from Temari who didn’t seem to want to make her wait for his cum as he shot his load in her mouth. Temari pulled back off the glowing cock and struggled to swallow the load down her throat, the clone started to turn extremely pale until it was a sickly white color and transparent before it popped like a balloon. What remained of it splashed all over Temari’s chest and legs as if drawn to her skin covering her in what looked like cum.

“Can I tap that?” The clone asked, looking at Ino’s pale long legs and face.

Naruto palmed his face, “Sorry, I never thought I'd have to deal with myself asking me if he can have sex with a girl I was about to have sex with-” He answered, only to turn, along with the other two as they heard Temari scream.

Temari was surrounded by five more Naruto clones. Four of the clones had her held in the air by her arms and legs as the fifth pulled her shorts and panties off. Leaving her firm round breasts in her shirt as one by one the two clones holding her legs moved to let the shorts and panties slide down her tanned legs. They slowly lowered her to the ground and shoved all five dicks into her face at once, making her eyes go wide in a mixture of fear and arousal before she began pleasing the five cocks one by one with her hands, mouth and tongue.

This went on until one of the clones pouted at the lack of attention and laid down, slipping himself underneath the multi-ponytailed blond. One clone took further initiative and bent down slightly to wrap her breasts around his cock, not even bothering to remove her thin top, incidentally forcing her down on the laying Naruto's cock beneath her. Two other used her hands to get themselves off, while the fifth grew impatient and bent the girl backwards in an impressive display of flexibility and thrust himself back into her mouth.

The clone fucking her breasts wasn't pacing himself, and ended up blowing his load fairly quickly, painting Temari's trim belly in his glowing seed. The clone turned into a clear substance that ended up completely coating Temari's lower body, while it's cum stayed, which only seemed to spur Temari on to thrust into and against the clones.

The one roughly using her mouth came next, setting his cock against her forehead so the shots were stopped and ended up drooling down her face and onto her barely covered chest.

For some reason this seemed to spur her on as she began to work with a gusto in sucking and jacking off the two clones above her while the one beneath her began hammering up into her.

“Wow.” Naruto and Ino said in synch as they and the first clone watched Temari’s eyes glazed over as the two clones she was sucking off came at the same time, flooding her mouth with their cum and coating her face and hair with it as they pulled away and dispersed, covering her chest and head in their clear leavings, making her look as if she was being covered head to toe in it.

“Hey!” Naruto turned to see the first clone had pulled Ino over to the bed and bent her over and began groping her breasts while it massaged it’s cock against her lips. Naruto walked over and shoved the clone away, glaring at it. He soothed the pouting clone's ego though as bent Ino over further and pointed the girls head at him. He left the rest up to his copy as he slammed himself back into her wet cunt, enjoying her reaction to having her pussy being filled again.

The clone didn't waste any time, and was quickly bobbing Ino’s head on his length as Naruto began pounding into the girl, making her scream in pleasure with each ball slapping thrust. The clone seemed to be in heaven as a blissful expression crossed it’s face as it held Ino’s head in position on his cock making her squirm as it came in her mouth. The first clone like all the others before it had turned to the milky transparent color signaling it’s soon departure before it burst and coated Ino’s already damp hair with its remains which oozed down her face coating it as if a hundred men had just came on her face. Naruto didn’t slow down in his thrusts as he got closer and closer to his release, each of his pumps sending Ino rocking forward pushing her face first into the large puddle of the clones remains making her take it in her mouth and nose as she gasped and screamed her orgasm as Naruto fucked her without pause. Naruto himself after fucking her nonstop for a solid twenty minutes straight and causing Ino to orgasm four more times had grunted and tensed before he pulled out and came all over Ino’s untouched backside staining it white.

Ino was unresponsive as she lay face first in the puddle of the clones essence only to roll over showing Naruto her eyes like Temari’s had clouded over as if she was in a dreamlike state.

Naruto turned his head as he heard the front door upstairs open up and who he assumed Kushina walk into the living room. He walked upstairs still naked and went to see his main piece of ass and was not disappointed to see her wearing a tight mini skirt that barely concealed her pussy and ass while she wore a spaghetti string tank top with the words ‘squeeze me’ drawn in blue across the red fabric.

“If you insist.” Naruto said as he groped her breasts making her giggle and slap his hands away playfully.

“Where are Ino and her friend Temari? I thought they would be up here with you by now?” she asked looking at him with lust and humor at his undressed state.

“Yeah I gotta show you this!” Naruto said as he grabbed Kushina’s hand and dragged her downstairs. Leading her through his living room and into the bedroom to see it was empty save all the cum like fluid on the bed and floor.

“Naruto, I know you can cum a lot but this is much even for you…” Kushina said eyeing the puddles in suspicion. Naruto ignored her and went over to the hole in the wall, Kushina gasped as she saw Ino and Temari riding a pair of Naruto clones while jacking off two on each side of them and sucking on another while more jacked off and sprayed them with their loads before they erupted, their fluid like remains landed on their bodies as if given a last mission to cover them again.

“Let’s get out of here before they notice you…” Naruto whispered as more and more clones came out of the machine to converge on the two panting moaning girls that were being fucked without end. Kushina and Naruto walked upstairs to be sure out of ear shot of the clones.

“I see you found your dad’s lab…” She said looking out the window. Naruto turned to her, his eyes wide in surprise.

“You knew that was there this whole time!?” He asked incredulously. Kushina shrugged and turned to face him and whatever irritation he had at her keeping this a secret melted away at the sight of her in those slutty clothes.

“I didn’t know what it was I just knew it was there, I’m sorry if I didn’t read the guide book for how to tell my son that his father was a crazy scientist.” She said jokingly.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said waving her off before she got serious.

“You have to go and get Ino and Temari out of there, the clones might just fuck them to death down there.” Naruto nodded in agreement. If either of them most likely passed out from exhaustion the clones would fuck her throughout her sleep and until she woke up again, then they would keep going. They would die of hunger or dehydration if they didn’t stop soon.

“Ok, but let’s give them another five minutes. I want you to taste Ino’s cum.” Naruto said suggestively as he thrust his cock out to Kushina letting it glisten in the light from Ino’s juices. Kushina walked over to him swaying her hips and getting down on her knees as she licked the underside of the shaft.

“Mmmm she tastes good.” Kushina purred before she began to suck his dick.

“If I die right now, I would only regret not getting to fuck you more.” Naruto said blissfully causing her to giggle sending vibrations into his cock. He groaned and bucked his hips, sending his dick into her throat as he came, filling her stomach with his cum as it poured out of his cock. She took the rest of his load in her mouth as he pulled out of her throat, only for her to hold him there with suction alone as she coaxed another two loads out of his cock with her skilled tongue.

“Now go get those two girls out of there, don’t want their friends and family coming to look for them here and find out you have them in your room being gangbanged by clones of you.” Naruto blanched at that and hurried downstairs to his room. Kushina arched an eyebrow as she heard the sound of things being thrown around and glass breaking before Naruto was coming up the stairs flanked by Ino, who had the cum all over her face and hair making strands of her blond locks stick to her face as large gobs dripped onto her firm breasts. Naruto was more preoccupied with trying to keep a hold of a struggling Temari.

“I think we might have a problem…” Naruto said as he held the naked Temari back from going downstairs. Ino looked at her friend, who twisted around to try and suck on Naruto’s dick, only for Kushina to come and hold her back with Ino’s help.

“Ino, does Temari have any family in the city?” Naruto asked as he looked to her from Temari’s wild clouded gaze, which was glued to his cock.

“No, she just moved here. Her father disowned her and her brothers, who live overseas. She moved in with me… just a few months ago.” Ino said as she forced herself to focus on not looking at Naruto’s nude form.

“Do you think we should just have her live here? I think she's addicted to my dick and by proxy the clones as well…” Naruto said as Temari broke free and moved to go back downstairs only for Naruto to grab her in a headlock and slam his cock into her tight but well used pussy, calming her down.

“Kushina, take Ino upstairs and get the shower there running, let’s see if cleaning this stuff off her will help.” Naruto instructed, getting nods from the two women before they ran up the stairs. Naruto followed after, going far slower as he bounced Temari up and down, bringing her down hard with every step, causing the girl to mewl in pleasure.

Back upstairs the blond and redhead had started running the water as they waited for Naruto to show up. Kushina's gaze drifted down toward Ino's backside as the younger girl put her hand in the stream of water coming from the shower. Ino turned to see Kushina looking down at her ass, her stare focused on the large trails of cum and clone remains trailing down her legs.

“What are you-” Ino asked ,only for Kushina to interrupt her as she crossed the room and grabbed and squeezed Ino’s ass cheeks with one hand and her head with the other as she began licking the cum and clone fluids off her face and breasts.

“Yummy!” Kushina said as she tasted the fluid in her mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it slowly. Naruto appeared seconds later as Ino stared at Kushina in shock before Naruto put Temari in the shower, finishing himself off inside her with a grunt, pressing her against the shower wall. He used her momentarily placid mood as she enjoyed her own orgasm to wash the fluid off her. Ino got in and helped with a sponge lying on the bathroom counter as she scrubbed the fluid off her friend’s face and breasts as the water did the rest. Temari’s eyes seemed to come back into focus as the cloud over them slowly vanished and she looked around confused as to what was going on.

“What the hell is going on and why are we all naked around Naruto’s mom?!” She asked, trying in vain cover herself in embarrassment


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