When hos owner's friend comes to visit Golden Boy gets a new partner.
*This is a work of fiction to be read by adults only. Any resemblance to any character to anyone now or in the past is purely coincidental.*

This story contains scenes of bestiality. Rather than give offence, to those who would take offense, I prefer to give them a warning.

What Can Happen when you’re Really Bored II

What Can Happen when you’re Really Drunk

Two or three times a week, after my husband Josh leaves for work, I’ve gotten in the habit of walking Golden Boy down to our neighborhood coffee shop and drinking some coffee while he has a breakfast bagel.

For a month or so after I let Golden Boy fuck me, and kept letting him fuck me, I was worried he might exhibit some suspicious behaviors around other people. But no, if some of my friends came over or we had company, he acted like the good boy he always had, a perfect gentleman. So, as a little reward I’d started taking him out for little treats.

When we were about halfway there my phone rang. “Hey Babe,” it was Josh, but he sounded funny, like he might be calling with bad news. “Tracy, you’re not going to like this, but I’ve got to take a plane out tonight and be at the regional office till Sunday.”

He was right, I didn’t like it. But my Mama gave me a good piece of advice once and I tried hard to abide by it, “no one likes a sullen, complaining bitch.”Remembering her advice I swallowed hard, told him it was ok and asked him if he wanted anything special for dinner.

Well that sucked, but I’d just have to make the best of it. At least I had my sexy, furry friend to keep me company.

Now I’m not that vain, well, I’m lying about that, so I always enjoy the looks Golden Boy and I get when we go out. He has that shiny blonde Golden Retriever thing going for him. It seems like since the events of a certain night he also has a little more swagger in his step. I’m blonde too, not natural, but everyone seems to like it. I work out and I tan a little, so you know how they say some people look like their dogs, well we’re similar types anyway.

After I got my coffee and sat down at a sidewalk table I cut up Golden Boy’s bagel and then I looked at my phone. There was a message and when I saw the number I smiled. It was my old friend Ava, and as luck would have it she was coming to town for a few days. Well at least something interesting had turned up for the weekend.

All through high school and most of college the Tracy and Ava show was highly entertaining. Eventually we got up to some pretty kinky stuff. That all changed the summer before our senior year, Ava got swept off her feet and ran off and got married. It only lasted a couple of years, but she figured lesson learned. Sometimes things just don’t work out. She’d probably be here early tomorrow afternoon.

Now when Josh is going out of town I like to give him a special send off. I enjoy it and I think it helps him realize he’s got someone warm and ready waiting for him to come home to.

While we girls like frilly little things, most men prefer naked, so I met him at the door in nothing but a pair of high heels and holding a Bourbon to help him unwind.

I kissed him on the chin, took his hand and led him to the couch. He sighed as he sat down. I guess it was good to be able to relax for a little while.

I kneeled down, reached up, loosened his belt and began to unzip him. When I pulled his cock out of his pants he was already getting hard. It wouldn’t take long for me to get him a whole lot harder though.

I flicked the tip with my tongue as I looked up at him and smiled. I love looking at his face while I suck his cock. Then I took him in my mouth, sucking in just a little bit more of him each time.

“Oh yeah baby, you sure know how to say hello.” I stifled a giggle and sucked on him hard and deep. I pulled my head back. “Take your pants off,” I said a little bit bossy. “Yes ma’am, anything you say.” He was up off that couch like a rocket dropping his pants around his ankles, kicking them to the side and shaking his hard cock at me.

I grabbed his ass and took him in my mouth as he held the back of my head pushing me farther and farther down each time. It wasn’t long before he whispered, “I want your pussy,” as he picked me up and laid me on the couch.

He looked so cute, crawling on top of me naked from the waist down but still in his shirt and tie. I undid his tie with one hand as I tried to unbutton him with the other. I got the tie, but he was so impatient by then he just ripped his shirt off and threw it behind him.

He lifted my ass up off the couch as I spread my legs in anticipation. He likes to tease me and drive me crazy, so he just tickled my pussy lips with his tongue as I started to hunch his mouth wanting him to go deeper.

My clit is very, very sensitive, so when he flicks it with his tongue it drives me crazy and that’s exactly what he did. I was hunching his face like a wild woman by then, but what I really wanted now was to fuck.

“Fuck me Baby, I want you to fuck me now.” He pushed my legs back and pulled my cheeks apart, licked around my ass and then plunged his tongue deep inside it. That drives me crazy now. When he first did it, I was surprised and a little scared he was going to demand more, but by now I loved it so much that he could make me cum that way. He licked me more forcefully with long hard strokes. He had me moaning by now, I couldn’t take much more or I’d be cuming before I even got fucked.

“Oh my God, you’re driving me crazy. Please baby I want your cock inside me. I want it now.” He almost had me ready to beg when he came up for air long enough to whisper, “Well, you know what I want.”

I did. Ever since the night he’d caught Golden Boy knotted inside me and I’d sucked his cock at the same time, he liked to fuck me on my hands and knees, even though he’d never seemed to prefer that position before.

I practically somersaulted onto my knees, raising my ass up to him and rubbing my clit. Oh God, I wanted him. When he put his dick in me I reared back on him as hard as I could. We’re alone in the house, so sometimes we get kind of loud. When I yelled for him to fuck me harder, we heard a familiar sound from the kitchen. Golden Boy was whimpering along to the sounds we were making. He obviously wanted to join in.

Nobody’s ever been able to make me come the way Josh does. I wanted to make this last even though I could feel myself cuming already. The ass licking he’d given me had gotten me so hot that he was still fucking me hard when I came all over him. He pounded me so hard I could feel my cum begin to trickle out of me and down the inside of my thighs. By the time he came in me I was weak in the knees.

We rolled over into each other’s arms. We were covered with sweat, even though the house was cool. As nice as it would have been to lie there and build up enough energy to go again, we couldn’t. We barely had enough time to eat a little dinner and get to the airport, because security backs up like crazy there sometimes.

I wasn’t tired when I got home. I would have loved more sex, but I didn’t want to excite Boy before Ava came tomorrow, she knew us both too well. I was still all wound up so I just took him for a long walk and left him to sleep in the living room.

Ava was driving in, so thank heavens I didn’t have to go back to the airport. With decent traffic she should get in around 1:00, so I went and picked up some Chinese food from her favorite place and made us a pitcher of Margarita’s to wash it down with.

I hate waiting, so I was pretty thrilled when Ava called and told me she was only a couple of miles away. Boy and I went out to the drive way. His tail was wagging hard because he knew something was up and maybe we both would like it.

We ran to each other and hugged like we’d been apart for ages, even though it had only been about six months. That’s a long time to be away from your best friend though.

“Hey Golden Boy, long time no see buddy.” His tail was wagging a mile a minute as Ava bent down to give him a friendly hug. Ava likes dogs too. She has two of her own, chocolate Labs named Buzz and Lucy. She likes to joke that since her marriage didn’t work out it was a whole lot better they had dogs instead of kids. They tried each taking one, but they were miserable apart so her ex eventually took Buzz back where he’d be happy.

“Ooh, Margarita’s and Chinese food, ah you know me so well,” Ava joked after we’d stashed her suitcase in the guest room. I have to admit, nobody likes a nice stiff Margarita better than me, but I sort of had an ulterior motive in making them. Josh and I both believe no matter how faithful somebody intends to be, if you go out drinking with your friends, you just might get into trouble. So, I do other stuff with my girlfriends and he goes other places with his guy friends, but we only go to bars or clubs together. Ava thought this was kind of stupid and I didn’t want to argue so I hoped I could get her too mellow to care whether I wanted go out clubbing or not.

After lunch we decided to go lay out by the pool, drink some more and get some sun. When we bought this house, the pool was nice to have but the setting was pretty blah. I landscaped and had a stone patio and barbecue area built and now I had it looking about the way I wanted it to. When we got new patio furniture I got real fond of the two double chaise lounges we bought because they were big enough for Josh and me to make out on.

I put my bathing suit on and brought the pitcher and glasses out. Ava was a few minutes longer and when I saw her standing there I had to smile. She was the same old Ava I knew and loved, her bikini bottom was on, but she was just holding her top in her hands. Mind if I get rid of some tan lines?” She knew I didn’t, I’d probably do the same.. Even though I was a little jealous of her bigger bust, the part of her I’d always envied and admired most was her ass. Damn she had a nice one. No pair of jeans could conspire to make that butt look flat. It was round and full and yet somehow very firm. It looked as good as it had in college.

Looking at her standing there took me back to all the times we’d kissed and fondled each other in high school. Back then we’d never done more than that, but it was nice to have someone you always knew would make you feel good without any jealousy or drama.

Once we got to college and got kind of wild, we went much further. We would lick each other’s pussies and get each other off with our hands and tongues or vibrators. It was awesome and we loved it, but for the most part we were more into guys, at least most of the time we were.

I sat up to undo my top, but there was a knot. Ava was always so nimble she had it undone in no time. She felt my new chaise approvingly, “Nice,” she said, “you’ve done an awesome job with this place, it looks like a resort now.” I probably smiled like an idiot. I lost my job as researcher at the local paper a few months ago and nothing good had turned up since. I just tried to keep busy improving our house and yard. It felt good for my hard work to be noticed by someone whose opinion meant a lot to me.

We had a lot of catching up to do. I was happy where I was, but sometimes I envied Ava’s abilities. To look at her you’d never know it, but she had a mind like a steel trap when it came to math and finance. She’d landed a real good job with an investment firm in Dallas. Due to her abilities and I’m sure not hurt by the way she looks, she seemed to be moving up the ladder fast.

I didn’t have much to tell, but she kept me in stitches as we finished another couple of drinks. She could tell a good story, about her crazy co-workers and neighbors and dogs, or the guys she might consider dating.

We had a timer that dinged every so many minutes telling us to flip over. We were still wearing our bottoms, because we both liked the contrast of tan and fair around our pussy and ass. By the second flip onto our stomachs Ava had pulled her bottoms way down so half of the crack of her ass was showing.

I got up for a minute. I’d wanted Golden Boy to be extra sweet and docile, so I’d boiled him a big old soup bone, and laid down a throw rug on the kitchen floor so he could enjoy it without greasing up the tile. Still, he needed to be let out, so I put him in the side yard by the kitchen. I intended to come back in around five minutes to let him back in.

Whether it was intentional, or accidental due to the Margaritas, when I came back Ava had pulled her bottoms down to her thighs. I forgot all about the dog when I saw her. She was still on her stomach, but as she took one more sip she looked so sexy with her hair all tousled and her sweet ass sticking up in the air, I just bent down and gave one of her cheeks a swipe with my tongue.

She tasted so good, like coconut lotion and soft pink skin. She didn’t protest, so I kneeled over her legs and pulled her cheeks apart. Everything about her ass was so perfect, the shape, her complexion and even the perfect color of her little brown ass hole. I just couldn’t help myself.

Suddenly, I don’t know if it was the booze, or the taste for this kind of thing I’d gotten from Josh, but I wanted to stick my tongue in it. I hesitated for a second, but what was she going to do, run screaming from my house?

I went for it, burying my tongue in her ass and then circling her cheeks. She tasted sweet, like fine soap and coconut, but I was really after her own natural scent. My tongue couldn’t get enough; I pushed it deeper over and over again.

“Oh baby girl, you haven’t changed a bit,” she moaned, “you just have a few new tricks up your sleeve.” She giggled, as I touched a tickle spot. Her head was thrashing from side to side now, so it must have felt good. She motioned for me to pull her suit off and while I did she flipped onto her back and spread her legs. “You want some of this baby?” she teased as she spread her lips apart inviting me to taste her.

She was already wet and that just got me hotter. She gracefully lifted off the chaise and spread her legs wide for me.

I couldn’t wait. I buried my tongue in her pussy, licking at the juices there. “You haven’t lost your touch at all,” she purred. I hadn’t had her pussy in my mouth in a long time and I’d forgotten how good it could make me feel. While I licked her I kept her ass in my hands rubbing her cheeks hard. Oh she tasted good, sweet yet just a little musky at the same time.

She lowered her legs and pulled me up to her lips. “I want to taste me and then I want to taste you.” Oh my, that sounded good. Outside of Josh, nobody had ever put a licking on me the way she had.

“Salty,” she giggled as she snaked her tongue inside and out of my mouth. We were both hunching our pussies harder and harder against each other. “Now I want to taste you.” “What are you waiting for?” We giggled. All of a sudden it was just like old times, teasing and licking and just doing whatever came naturally.

She flipped me over onto my back and slid down to pull my suit off, twirling it like a slingshot and tossing it way off into the bushes. “Good throw,”we giggled some more. The drinks and the fun we were having were making us as goofy as we’d been in high school.

She spread the lips of my pussy wide, licking the insides of them. Then she put her fingers in me and tickled the sides. She knew that drove me crazy. She pushed her fingers deeper wiggling them as she did. “Oh, Ava, you’re driving me crazy,” I moaned. She nodded her head as she went down on me, but I already knew that’s what she wanted to do.

After all these years, she still knew exactly what I wanted. She was finger fucking me hard, pounding deeper, first with two fingers and then with three. As she did, she nibbled at my clit and then would flick her tongue across it as fast as a butterflies wings.

I could feel my ass rising higher and higher off the chaise, trying to get her fingers as deep in me as I could and to get her to suck on my clit the way she knew made me cum.

As my desire built, she did something that felt so good. She kept pushing deeper into me with her fingers while she pinched my clit with her other hand. It felt so good I instinctively grabbed my legs to pull them higher. When I did, she plunged her tongue into my ass, which was now raised to meet her mouth.

I have to admit, I’d never felt anything like that before. My pussy was being finger fucked while my clit and my ass were being pleasured too. The exquisite new feeling had me in such a frenzy, that in what seemed like no time at all, my cum was all over her lips and chin.

I came so hard I collapsed, just wanting to rest for a minute. I knew it was time to return the favor, but I did need a little time to regroup first.

Ava snuggled up to me and gave me a quick brush across my lips. “It’s nice to know I haven’t lost my old touch,” she winked at me as she said it. Even though I still felt a little weak, I wanted to make her feel as good as she’d made me.

We lay side by side for a moment, just kissing and hugging and feeling each other’s soft tender spots. Ava reached over to get us a little sip of our drinks when without either one of us even noticing how he’d got there, Golden Boy was right on us trying very hard to sniff Ava’s ass.

“Oh my God,” I thought to myself I’d forgotten all about him being in the little side yard. There was a five foot fence between the side yard and the back and that little bastard had obviously climbed it or jumped it. Well, I’d always thought he’d make a good agility dog.

I was too woozy from cuming and probably a little from all the booze to know exactly what to do right away. Maybe because I’d already cum, maybe because Ava was a new bitch to him, I don’t know, he jumped up and started licking her pussy and hunching his ass like he was ready to climb aboard.

“Golden Boy, what do you think you’re doing,” I cried out as I tried to push him away. I started to protest that I didn’t know what had gotten into him when Ava just smiled at me. He was full on licking her pussy now, but rather than jump up or shoo him away she had spread her legs and was squirming like crazy to his expert tongue.

I didn’t know what to do, but as I watched her raise up so his tongue could go even deeper I began to understand I wasn’t the only one who’d ever wanted to do such things, or had done such things. Ava acted like this was something completely normal and familiar.

“Yeah Boy, get it, oh yeah get it.” By now part of me was a little jealous, but I was also mesmerized watching Ava hunch my dog’s mouth and reach up to pull his head even deeper.

She looked over at me for just a second and smiled. “Yeah baby, you know what I want.”

I watched as she pulled him up to her and flipped over, presenting her ass to him like a gift. He seemed to be grateful for after a few more licks he started to climb her back and aim his cock where he wanted it to go. She gave a startled little yelp as he entered her because Boy has only one ball, but one hell of a big cock. I could see her stiffen a little. There was something so different from the way he felt than a man’s cock felt, it could be a bit shocking at first.

Ava’s a very generous friend. Perhaps sensing I felt a little left out and knowing I had to be getting hot again, she motioned me to her. I knelt in front of her face and marveled at the sight of my dog fucking my friend harder and faster with every stroke.
She tried to suck the cum out of my pussy, but she couldn’t keep it up for long before she was crying out so loud she almost screamed. He’d knotted her and I knew how much that could hurt.

I got over my jealousy, fascinated at watching the same scene we’d played out so many times. Once the pain subsided she was clearly loving this new sensation, arching higher and higher with each gush of his hot cum.

“Oh Yeah, Boy, do me that way,” her voice had gotten higher pitched as her desire rose. “Oh yeah just like that.” The bitch was clearly loving the hard pounding she’d had and the feel of his huge knot, but who was I to judge?

I knelt down next to her and kissed her neck. “Oh God you look so beautiful,” I said in genuine amazement. She did, her face was glowing and she had a satisfied look that would be hard to describe, but if you saw it you would know from her expression she was being seriously fucked.

“I’ve never felt so much cum in my life.” I knew what she meant. The first time Golden Boy had ever fucked me it felt like he had the cum of ten men. Well, he did, but at least he couldn’t get you pregnant with it.

I could see she was liking it from the expression on her face as she reared her ass up to take in as much cum as she could.

She started to moan, but in a way that meant pain, not pleasure. His knot was obviously getting to be too much for her, but she was just going to have to take it, there was nothing we could do now.

I reached up and scratched his ears. He did look cute because he gets a really silly look on his face when he’s cuming. Still I marveled at the fantastic situation I’d found myself in.

Watching Ava hunching her ass up to take my dog’s cum I began to think. Josh’s birthday was coming up soon. Maybe Ava and I could do something really special for him, something he’d never have imagined and would never forget.

***Thanks to everyone who reads my stories. I never know what’s going to pop into my head next, but I keep trying. Sweet dreams. Sweetcreekcowgirl.

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