Hey guys, this is my first story and it's about a collection of fantasies that I have had over the years. So enjoy! *The names in this story have been changed, because these are just fantasies of mine and the people involved are very close to me.* Introduction: Well before I begin, let me tell you about myself. My name is Nathan. I was 6, 13, and 14 when these “experiences” happened. My cousin Liz was 21, my cousin Jessica was 16, and my cousin Andrea was 18.
This all started when my cousin Liz would babysit me. It was in the summer and I was 6, so my mom would drop me off at Liz’s apartment while she would go to work. Now let me tell you about my cousin Liz, she was 5’7, 128 lbs, brown curly hair and c cup boobs. However at the time I did not realize how beautiful and sexy she was, I was too busy playing video games. But when I would get dropped off we would sit on the couch and watch TV for a while. Then we would eat breakfast. Afterwards she would let me play video games while she would shower.
On this morning I just happened to drink too much orange juice and I had to go use the restroom. Now her apartment only had one bathroom which was in her room. So I ran in her room and began knocking on the door screaming that I had to pee. She screamed back, “The door is unlocked!” So I burst in and ran to the toilet and took my 2 inch penis out started peeing. I must have forgotten that she was showering because she was peeking her head out of the shower curtain telling me to get her a soap bar from under the sink. I apologized and got it for her. When I reached in the shower to give it to her she “accidentally” splashed shampoo in my hair. I was mad because that would mean that I had to take a shower. She apologized “Sorry Nate, here just get undressed and come inside. I’ll rinse it out.” I got nervous, but I did as she told. Once I was naked, I stepped inside. The water was warm and relaxing, I closed my eyes for a bit before realizing the sight in front of me. My twenty one year old cousin was naked in front of me! I instantly got a hard on, bringing my little 2 inch penis to its full 3 inches. She giggled and said “See anything you like?” while winking at me. I nervously nodded my head and she came over to me and began rinsing my hair. While she did that she ran one of her hands down my body. She rested it in between my butt cheeks. She bent down and kissed the both of them. Then she spread them and looked at my butthole. She said it looked nice and started licking it. I did not know what to think other than the fact that it felt good. Once she was done, she got some shampoo on her finger and began pushing it in and out of my butt. She asked me how it felt and I told her that it felt like I was pooping. She said that was good. Then she found my prostrate and started “milking it”. I began moaning even more, but she stopped and took her finger out and turned me around so my penis was facing her. She giggled and started jerking me off and playing with my foreskin. I moaned as pre-cum began forming around the tip. Then all of a sudden she put all three inches in her mouth and started sucking. After three minutes of this I came in her mouth and she came up and started making out with me, passing my cum back and forth between her mouth and mine.
After a few minutes of that we got out and dried ourselves off. She put on her panties and a shirt, but she told me to stay naked. Then we went into her room and sat on her bed and began making out. She put my hand on her panties which were very wet. Then she stopped and got up. She opened her drawer and pulled out a strap-on. Then she put a two inch dildo on the end of it and rubbed lubricant all over it. She told me to bend over. She started rubbing the dildo up and down my butt crack. Taking time to stop and wiggle it when it passed my butthole. She told me that this might hurt a little, I told her it was okay. So she put more lube on the dildo and a little bit on my butthole. I got nervous again but once I felt the dildo enter inside of me I felt pain, like I was being torn in half. I started crying and yelling. But Liz slowed down and rubbed my back. “Shh… babe.. It’s okay I got you.. Just relax..” Her voice seemed to calm me and I relaxed. It started feeling good. I began moaning and she kept on thrusting into me. After a good 5 minutes of this. She pulled out and wiped my butt. She took off the strap on and lay down next to me. She held my face in her hands, wiped my tears, and passionately kissed me. Then she lifted her shirt and placed my head on her boobs, I instantly began sucking on her nipple. She started moaning and told me to nibble on them. Which I did, and it made her moan even louder. Then she pulled my head away and grabbed my hand and led it down her stomach, into her panties, and on her clit. I asked her what it was and she told me that it was a clit and to rub it gently. So I did. She then began moaning, almost screaming in my face. It excited me to see her like this and I felt my erection poking her thigh. She must have felt it because she pulled up and looked me in the eyes and said “I want you in me!” I did not know what this meant, but took her panties off and she did not give me a lot of time to think. She lay down on her back and helped my line up my penis to her vagina. I got nervous again and started shaking. She giggled and told me it was okay and to thrust forward. So I thrust my three inches into her vagina, and she began moaning. Her vagina was very wet and somewhat tight, but it felt warm around my penis. I came inside her after a minute. Then she grabbed me and kissed me. She told me she loved me and then she helped me dress and got dressed herself. We looked at the clock and realized that we still had time to play video games.
So we did that and made no mention of what had happened. Even years later, we still haven’t talked about that day. But it’s a day I’ll never forget….

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2013-12-05 01:23:49
"Prostrate" is a lying position "Prostate" is the gland you were referencing. It's your first time no biggie, keep writing!!

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2013-12-03 18:57:17
So let's get this straight you were 6 and you had an orgasm which doesn't happen in a male until he nears puberty.
You write in a constant block running words together, making it hard to read.
This story wasn't the only fantasy.

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2013-12-02 19:34:52
THis just a wall of text. try to divide better in paragraphs and find your enter button.

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