Terry takes Sue shopping . . . this is by far my longest chapter . . .there was no obvious point to break it so I continued to where it lead. I hope you enjoy the story . . .
“OK, Sue, remember” Theresa said to her daughter as she pulled into the parking lot of “Pandora’s Box”. “He thinks my name is ‘Tracy’ here so don’t act surprised when he calls me that”. Sue was making her first trip to the adult book and movie store and she was both excited and nervous. Terry had become something of a regular here. It was off the thruway almost 25 miles from their home so she figured she’d never run into anyone she knew. She always paid cash and she had made up a fake name on her first visit, concluding afterward that it had been a good decision . . . many of the things they did at home were illegal and she didn’t want there to be any way to incriminate her. Over the last few years she had bought dozens of X-rated DVD’s, lotions, candles, multiple vibrators and a purple, double-headed dildo that she and Jillian had used a couple times. No one under 19 was supposed to be allowed inside but she knew that Mike, the owner, would be fine once he got a look at Susan. The 14-year old hottie that was her oldest daughter was dressed in a tight red skirt that stopped at mid-thigh and a gauzy black blouse which gave a clear view of the lacy white bra beneath. She looked like she could be 18 or 19.

“Should I go by a different name?” Sue asked.

“Sure, if you want to . . . who do you want to be?”

“How about . . . . . Monique?”

“That’s definitely a sexy name! . . . OK, you’re Monique.”

*** *** ***

“Hi, Tracy!” Mike greeted her as they walked in. “Haven’t seen you in a while, how’s it going? . . . Oh, you brought a friend!” Mike was a friendly enough guy, but he was about what you’d expect from an owner of an adult book and toy store: in his mid-40’s, a little grungy, definitely single, and probably had to pay for what he got. His eyes swept up and back down Susan’s body as she followed her mom into the store on 3-inch heels. “Your friend looks kind of young, Tracy, is she 19?”

“Well, Mike, this is my daughter Monique and I hope you don’t mind me being her chaperone today.”

“Your . . .uh, . . . daughter?”

“What, don’t you get many mother-daughter shoppers in here?” Terry laughed.

“Can’t say that I have . . . and certainly not as good-looking as the pair of you” his compliment was genuine as his eyes traced the curves of both ladies. “So how old ARE you Monique?”

“Fourteen” Sue replied very casually as she began browsing the very explicit DVD’s along the wall.
Mikes mouth opened and his eyes practically bugged out of his head.

“She’s very mature for her age, Mike” Theresa assured. “And kids these days know a lot more than you’d think.” She gave Sue a wink.

“Look mom” Sue held up a box to show Terry. “MILF Next Door 2! One of our first movies!”

Mike could feel his cock hardening as his mind jumped to many conclusions . . . but his imagination couldn’t approach the reality of the sex life of these two women. “Looking for anything in particular today, Tracy” his voice cracked.

“Actually, Mike, yes. I’d like to see what you’ve got as far as strap-ons go. Do you carry any?”

Mike was starting to sweat as he slid open the back of the display case and took out the two models he stocked to show Terry. They both had black nylon straps that went around the waste and legs, attached to the panel in front of each were flesh-colored, very realistic looking dildos. One was fairly normal-sized, about 7 inches long and maybe an inch and a half in diameter. The other was a good 2” in diameter and 10” in length. The bulging heads and veining along the lengths were exaggerated for effect.

Terry gripped one in each hand and held them up. “What do you think, Monique?”

Sue walked over and took the smaller one. “This one looks like it will do the job for me, mom. I don’t think I want to try getting THAT monster into my cunt.”

Mike was rendered speechless and the girls knew what effect they were having on him. Sue could feel herself getting wet.

“We’ll take both of these, Mike.” She set them back on the counter. “Now” she went immediately on to the next order of business, “for something to watch . . . Mike, uh, I know this might be a bit unusual, but do you carry any movies that have, um . . . incest?” She whispered the final word.

Mike struggled to find his voice again. His cock was hard as a rock, which hardly ever happened to him at the store. Being surrounded by sex every day had a numbing effect, but picturing this ridiculously hot 14-year old getting done with a strap-on by her mother was way beyond the mundane. “Uh, um . . . well, Tracy, you know that stuff is illegal in some states and most places can’t carry them due to obscenity laws and stuff.”

“Yeah” Tracy replied coyly, “but you have some anyway, don’t you?” she teased and gave Mike a sultry, slutty look.

“What are you looking for . . . real or fake?”

“Real of fake?”

“Yeah, the fake stuff is made here in the States, ya know. They’ll have some 19 or 20-year old girls in pigtails pretending to be daddy’s little girl or with some old hag that has no resemblance to her. Or . . . you can get the REAL stuff, which mostly comes out of Japan or Russia.”

“I’ve seen some of that Russian shit on the internet, mom” Sue interjected helpfully. “They all look like their inbred or something, and the woman are ugly.”

“Well we don’t want to watch ugly women getting fucked, do we dear?”

“No, mom, I like to watch HOT women getting fucked.”

“Fuckin’ A!” Mike said under his breath . . . were these two for real?

“I do have a little Japanese something that you might like then . . . but it ain’t cheap.” He went into his office where he opened a locked cabinet and returned with a DVD box that had ‘Godzilla’ printed on it. “They package them so that they don’t look suspicious but this disc is fucking hot! I’ve watched it myself. It looks like a legit family . . . the girl is supposedly 18 or over, but she sure as hell don’t look like it. 13? . . . maybe. I don’t sell this shit to just anybody who asks but you’ve been a good customer for years now Tracy, so I’m pretty sure you don’t work for the FBI or DEA or anything like that” he chuckled.

“And is the mom hot?” Sue asked.

“Not as hot as you, Monique, but she’s got a pretty face and a tight body.”

“I’m getting wet just thinking about it mom, can we get it, PLEASE!” she whined like an 8-year old.

Theresa was having trouble keeping a straight face. “OK, dear, if that’s what you think you want. How much is it Mike.”

“A hundred bucks . . . like I said, it ain’t cheap. These things aren’t easy to come by.”

“How about 200 cash for that and the two strap-ons, will that cover it?”

“It’s always a pleasure doing business with you, Tracy. I’ll throw in copy of “Dirty Angels 6” for the bargain . . . and your daughter is welcome here anytime.”

“That’s really sweet of you, mister” Sue beamed a smile at him. “I like this place . . . it makes my pussy tingly.”

*** *** ***

Terry and Sue managed to get back into their SUV before bursting out with laughter. “’It makes my pussy tingly?’” Terry was laughing hysterically as she looked over at Sue. “Oh my god, where did you come up with THAT one?”

“I was improvising, mom. I WAS gonna ask him to show me how to put the strap-on on, but I thought that might be pushing it.”

“Holy shit, Sue, how did you become such a hot little slut?” Terry marveled as she backed out of their spot and turned to pull out of the lot.

“I guess I had a good teacher . . . Do you think he’s jerking off yet?”

“He may have cum in his pants before we left!” Terry broke into fresh laughter until tears were streaming down her cheeks. “Oh god, I might fucking pee myself!”

“Well I’m gonna fucking fuck myself!” said Sue as she unbuckled her seat belt so that she could unbutton her skirt and slide it down her legs. Her panties quickly followed and she rummaged through the bag to retrieve the smaller of the two strap-ons. “We’ve got like a half-hour ride home mom so I’m gonna try to enjoy it.”

“Oh, now that is cruel, Monique! You’re going to play with yourself while I have to concentrate on driving?”

“I’ll take care of you too, mom. Pull over somewhere before we get on the thruway and get your pants off.”

*** *** ***

More than one trucker was treated to the site of Susan in the passenger seat, her feet up on the dash panel, her long, golden legs spread wide, and plunging a dildo into her cunt as Terry cruised past them, anxious to get home.

*** *** ***

Jim, Sammy and Missy were at the kitchen table eating grilled cheese sandwiches when their mom and sister entered from the garage. They were both naked from the waist down, carrying their clothes, giggling and holding a large plastic bag that said ‘Pandora’s Box’.

“Awwwww, no fair!” complained Missy, noting their semi-nakedness. “I knew that was gonna be a fun trip to the store!”

“I’ll take you with me next time Missy” Terry promised. “I’m sure Mike would love to get a look at you! Monique here was a perfect filthy slut . . . it was hilarious!”

“So what’d you get?” Missy was reaching for the bag, which Terry surrendered to her.

Missy reached in and brought her hand out clutching the dildo of the smaller strap-on. Her eyes widened as she looked over the straps and figured out what it was. “Holy shit, mom . . . with this we could . . . oh fuck . . . that is so cool . . . they had one of these in that “Horny Housewives” movie! . . . hey, it already smells like pussy!”

“Uh . . . that would be me sis” Sue chuckled.

Missy smiled at her and put the head of the dildo in her mouth. “Yep, it’s you sis.” That drew a laugh from everyone there.

*** *** ***

Missy was sitting on her bed with Christina, talking about school. Chris would be sleeping over again and she was anxious about what was going to be happening there tonight. Missy had been her tour guide into the world of sex and her body, and she was grateful to her. She trusted her with all her heart. Their school discussion was interrupted by a light knock on the door.

“Come in?”

Missy’s mom poked her head through and said “can I talk to you girls for a minute?”

“Sure mom.”

“Hi, Mrs. Morris” added Chris.

“Hi Christina . . . I just wanted to talk to you to make sure everything is understood before we watch our movie tonight.” She took the chair from Missy’s desk and sat down to face the girls on the bed. “How old are you Christina?”

“I’m 5 months older than Missy, Mrs. Morris. I’ll be 13 in March. And you can call me Chris.”

“OK, so Chris, you know something about what we do here when we have ‘Movie Night’?”

“Missy told me a bit but I think she wants to leave some of it for a surprise. You guys watch dirty movies together . . . with people having, uh, sex . . . and you, uh . . . masturbate together . . . and sometimes touch each other too.”

“Yeah, I guess she left a little bit out there” Terry chuckled lightly. “And you feel like you’re ready to be a part of that? I just want to make sure because you are still very young.”

“I know I’m young, but Missy has taught me a lot about sex and stuff . . . a lot more than my mom ever did. My parents are from Japan and they are what you’d call . . . a bit traditional.”

“Have you had your period yet, sweetie?”

“Yeah, about 6 months ago I had my first. I don’t have it right now, if that’s what you mean. It should be here in about 10 days, I guess.” Christina’s mind cycled through the possible reasons for her asking that question.

Theresa then continued, “so, Chris, do you think you’ll be ok being around other people naked, and seeing them do . . . things?”

“Well, I’ve been naked with Missy a few times . . . she . . . showed me how to make myself feel good, Mrs. Morris. She, uh, and she has MADE me feel good . . . with her hands and, uh . . . with her mouth.”

Terry had watched the action on Missy’s 11th birthday, and she was aware of what had occurred the prior Friday when she was at the Homecoming game; but she wanted to hear it from Chris. It would be a good indicator of her comfort level. “And . . . ?”

“And . . . I was naked in front of Mr. Morris . . . last week. I hope you’re not angry about that or anything . . . he, uh . . . he, touched my boobs and I, uh . . . I sucked on his thing a few times.” She became flush admitting the details.

Terry got up and gave her a hug. “I know sweetie, and it’s ok. I also know that Missy here had a lot to do with that happening.” Missy looked toward the ceiling with an innocent look on her face. “ . . . I just want to make sure that YOU are OK with it. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do, or will regret afterwards, or that will make you feel bad about yourself. And I certainly don’t want you to feel weird about US!”

“I don’t think you guys are weird, Mrs. Morris. It was so exciting what we did last week. Missy and I have become so close and the, uh . . . things we do together? . . . they make me feel even closer to her.”

“You are a precious, beautiful girl, Chris. And I’d be very excited to have you be part of our little get-together . . . but you need to understand that what we do here has to remain absolutely secret, right?”

“I understand . . . I can keep secrets, Mrs. Morris. I kind of keep to myself most of the time anyway. The only person I tell real personal things to is Missy.”

“Good” Terry said. She placed a finger under her chin, tilting Chris’s face up to kiss her lightly on the lips. Chris’s beautiful, dark, almond-shaped eyes consumed her as the young girl returned the kiss. “Oh my god . . . you ARE absolutely gorgeous Chris! I can see what Phil was talking about.” Terry concluded and headed toward the door. “Dinner in 20 minutes, girls.”

*** *** ***

Dinner was a spicy ziti bake that Terry had thrown together, with homemade red sauce, crumbled hot Italian sausage, mozzarella, ricotta, and parmesan. She was well aware of her strengths in the kitchen and her family never had anything to complain about with her pasta dishes. Jim had gone to get a fresh loaf of crusty Italian from the nearby bakery on his bike. He had turned 16 and had his learner’s permit now, but Terry wasn’t about to let him go even the one and a half miles unsupervised. Terry appraised his lean athletic body as he returned and thought back to the first time she had grabbed hold of his little cock and jerked him off . . . over four years ago now.

She opened a bottle of white zinfandel . . . certainly not her favorite but she knew the kids preferred it to a merlot or a cabernet. Their taste in wine had not matured as quickly as their taste for sex. A glass or two always helped loosen up the environment, and Terry knew that it might help Christina with whatever inhibitions she might experience once they were settled in for the movie.

“Chris, have you had wine before?”

“No, Mrs. Morris . . . I have tried a taste of sake, though. My father has that on special occasions.”

“Well, here’s to you joining the family!” she raised her glass and the rest followed suit. “And you can call me Terry, Chris. ‘Mrs. Morris’ is a bit too formal, don’t you think?” She took a pull on her glass along with the kids.

*** *** ***

“The movie we’re going to watch tonight happens to be from Japan, Chris, but it’s not like we got it because of you being over, it’s just a happy coincidence.”

Sue laughed out loud and added “Yeah, it was that fuckin’ Monique at the movie store.”

Chris felt her chest grow warm as the laughter settled, and she took her second and third swallow of wine. By the time she finished her glass there was a pleasant lightness in her head. She felt relaxed and comfortable around Missy’s family. She had met them all before on multiple occasions . . . Sammy rode with them on the school bus every day and there were school functions which Mrs. Morris always attended. She’d also been to the house many times: for Missy’s birthday parties, when she’d come over to do homework and projects, or just play with Missy on the weekends. Her house was a lot more fun to be at than her own.

When the meal concluded, Jim and Sue got busy cleaning up as Missy took Chris back up to her room to change into their pajamas.

*** *** ***

“Oh gosh, Missy, I didn’t know your mom was going to let us have wine . . . my head feels a bit funny.”

Missy gave her a warm hug and then a peck on the lips. “Wine always goes straight to my pussy, Chris . . . hopefully it does the same for you.” She began to undress.

*** *** ***

Missy and Chris scampered into the family room first, Missy in a barely-there camisole with spaghetti straps and matching panties, it showed off her perky B-cup boobs and her dark pink nipples shown through the fabric clearly. Chris was much more modestly dressed in a knee-length flannel nightgown. They were soon joined by Sue, her loose-fitting, bright yellow pajama shorts and top teasing any observer to the curves that lay beneath. She was carrying the strap-on she had broken in earlier and she casually came over to the girls to get some help with getting it on.

Chris held open one of the loops as Sue stepped into it, her eyes fixed on the 7” rubber cock that was inches from her face, marveling at the sheer obscenity of it and feeling the warmth of the older girl’s thigh against her hands. They adjusted the buckles around Sue’s waist and legs for a tight fit as she shifted it about to find a comfortable position. Missy took the opportunity to slip her hand inside of her sister’s shorts and push her fingers inside of her lips. Sue’s head arched backwards as Missy gasped “you’re sopping wet already, Sue!”

“I’ve been wet ALL DAY, Missy . . . I came twice in the car on the way home . . . fuck, I’m so horny!”

Chris was agape as Missy removed her fingers from her sister’s snatch, held them to her so that she could have a sniff and then sucked them wantonly.

“Now THIS is fuh-king cool!” Sue then giggled as she stroked her new ‘member’ in front of the two young girls.

Sammy and Jim soon entered, followed closely by Theresa, carrying the ‘Godzilla’ disc. She began laughing as the boys hooted at their sister, sporting a rubber cock.

“And where do you think you’ll be putting THAT, young lady?” Terry asked naughtily as she inserted the disc into the DVD player and began the movie.

“I figured I’d just beat off like the boys always do, mom” Sue joked as she sat next to Chris and continued to stroke her rubber pole with her fist. Pushing down on it applied some pressure to her clit through the panel, and having a pink rubber dick in her hand turned her on further.

*** *** ***

Mike’s recommendation was not unwarranted. The movie was definitely taboo, and as described. Within minutes the father was telling the very pretty wife that it was time for his daughter to learn some discipline and how to make a man feel good. The dubbed soundtrack was funny as the man or woman would mouth multiple sentences in Japanese and the dubbing would have a three word response.

The father was short and balding, but when he had his early-teen daughter strip naked for his inspection everyone’s attention was on the screen. Her breasts were just forming and her pubic hair was sparse. Her father made her stand before him and he put his fingers into her slit . . . sniffed them . . . and berated her. He barked instructions as she lay down on the floor and his wife was told to lick her pussy to ‘get her ready’.

*** *** ***

“Oh god, this looks so real” Sue commented. “Do you think this is real?” she asked to no one in particular.

“I don’t care if it’s real or not, Sue, that girl is fucking hot!” Sam responded as he pushed his boxers down to free up his erection. He was sitting 5 feet from Chris, who he saw each day on the bus, but that didn’t matter, as he began to methodically stroke himself. “She looks a lot like you, Chris” he turned to look at her like he was just telling her the time, not gripping his dick right in front of her.

“No way, Sammy” Missy argued. “Chris is ten times hotter than THAT girl . . . show ‘em Chris!”

Chris had a slightly panicked look on her face and she wasn’t sure what to do. Theresa took charge and stood, holding out a hand to the young angel. She had her step up onto the ottoman which was centered on the sectional . . . like a stage for the waiting audience.

Terry once again looked into those impossibly dark eyes and saw the hint of trepidation there. She smiled her assurance to Chris and gave the slightest nod to let the little girl know that she was safe here. Terry ran her hands down the girl’s body, feeling her developing breasts; the hardness of her nipples was evident even through the flannel of the night gown. Her hands continued to travel down her small frame, over the very slight swell of her hips and down to her calves. Then they began the return journey, this time right against her supple, innocent skin. The nightgown puddled against her arms as she brought them back up and Christina complied to the unspoken request, raising her arms so that Missy’s mom could expose her to the rest of her family.

Chris was 4’11” and weighed maybe 90 lbs. The curves of womanhood had just begun to show on this vision of beauty. Her skin was the color of coffee with double cream. Her nipples dark brown and protruding over half an inch from the soft swell of her adorable budding breasts. Goose bumps rose along her arms and Terry could feel her trembling beneath her touch as she slipped her fingers into the white fringe of her lime-green cotton panties and slid them down her legs.

Terry looked back into her eyes to make sure she was OK and gave her a warm kiss on the mouth. Chris responded by wrapping her arms around her and opening her mouth to Terry’s tongue’s advances.

“I think I’m in love!” Terry laughed as she broke the kiss and then took one of Chris’s nipples into her mouth, sucking hard on the sensitive, distended flesh.

After giving the second one equal treatment Terry lay down on the floor and quickly pulled her own panties off. “Sue, get down here! I need to be fucked hard and you’ve got the stiffest prick in the room!”

While Sue moved to respond to her mom, Chris hopped down to rejoin Missy, who had taken off her frilly lingerie and the two began to frantically kiss and grope each other. Christina had never been so excited. She could feel the fluid being produced by her pussy, making her thighs feel slick as Missy slipped one, then a second finger inside of her. Two fingers was a new sensation for her but she found she welcomed them as she shifted herself slightly.

The two continued to fondle each other as they turned back to watch Sue rub the head of the dildo up and down Terry’s wide-open cunt. She was moaning and clutching her tits, twisting her nipples. Jim and Sammy were still sitting where they’d been on the left side of the sectional, both cocks at full staff and being serviced by their right hands.

Chris’s eyes were glued on Theresa’s pussy as the head of the rubber cock went in the first two inches. Seeing vaginal penetration for the first time was not something she would ever forget. She glanced up at the 60” TV to realize that the father was doing the same thing up there to his daughter. The camera was inches from his penis as it pushed open his daughter’s hole and slid inside.

Sue worked herself into her mom and the sheer joy on her face as she bottomed out and their pubic mounds bumped against each other was priceless. “I’m fucking you, mom” she whispered, kissing her mouth and neck. “I’m really fucking you.”

“Yes you are, Sue” Terry whispered back. “Fuck your mommy, dear, fuck your mommy.”

Being the delivering half of the missionary position was obviously a new technique for Sue to learn, but she was both limber and athletic, so soon she was thrusting into her mom like an old pro. The panel of the strap-on continued its pressure against her clit as she thrust and the two of them began to grunt together as she pounded into her mom’s sopping gash.

“Missy?” Jim asked, looking for a receptacle for his aching cock.

Missy held Chris close to her and whispered “let me take care of my brother, Chris, then I’ll come back to you.”

Missy went over to where Jim sat on the couch, his prick sticking up like a flagpole. She turned to face back to Chris and sat down to impaled herself upon him for the first time in her life.

Sammy, stroking himself slowly, looked longingly over at Christina, a silent question in his glance.

Chris looked back and, apologetically, shook her head no. Her initial climax was accomplished with her fingers . . . and any further ones would be with Missy, she told herself, when she finished fucking her brother . . . "oh, god" Chris thought through the haze of the sex she'd been watching . . . "Missy is fucking her brother!"

She thought she had known what she was getting herself into, but her imagination had not quite been up to the task. This was all so dirty, what was going on in front of her. But it also excited her so much that she was shaking. She decided to help Sam out a little bit and lay back on the sofa to spread her legs wide to him, and let him watch her continue to play with herself.

"God, Chris . . . you're friggin' hot!" Sam exclaimed.

Chris responded by plunging her middle finger into her cunt as far as it could go.

Sam finished quickly after that and grunted as he pumped himself hard.

*** *** ***

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