it all start when i was almost 16, my father left town and it was my mother and me and my dog goldie, now i have been fantising about my mother for a while now since i am at the age where i want to expierence thing but nothing would have prepared me what was comming next

i was commig home from school one day and all of a sudden i heard a noise comming from my house as i was walking so i go inside to find my mother on her knees sucking off the fucking dog so i say what the fuck are you doing and she replies " bobby i have been doing this ever since your dad has left me, as i am standing and staring in shock and disbelief she says to me "you can join too if you would like " and with this i kinda studder my words and said wwwwhhaaaatt??? yeah im not even going to deny it im lying here with my tits hanging down, my dildo beside me and a cock in my hand you have caught me so what am i supposed to do and i reply "i dont know" and she said back i know what you can do is strip down and show me that big cock of yours. Mom i cant.... come on hunny i know you want to i see the way you stare at me now i am completely naked and your not going to take advantage what kind of man are you??? with this i said fuck it and started stripping

as she was lying there with her hand still on the cock of mans best friend she took it and re-inserted it back into her mouth and as she was lying there on the ground with her leg so wide i was curious on what it tastes like so i got on the ground and licking her clit and her hole, well with my inexpeirence i went a little to far down and she made a oooohhhh sound so i said i was sorry and she said back dont be sorry do it some more so i did as i am licking her butthole she is sucking the dog as she is calling that she wants more and wants to take me around the world (what ever that means)

she rolls over and takes goldies dick and shoves it into her pussyhole and as the dog is just pounding away she grabs me and puts it in her mouth and after explode she tells me she doesnt want the dog any more but just me as i am hard as a rock still she slurps up what was left of my white creamy juice and takes one big swallow as i was stunned in amazement she says there is plenty more where that came from

and as my mother started to be me she kinda guided me to the back of her and pulled me by my penis and said have all the fun you want so i started thrusting and after about 10-15 minutes she came and i can feel her insides start to moisten up and become easier to move back and forth then just before i came she said to insert in the other hole so i tried it and didint work so she said she'd be right back well when she did she came back with a hole jar of vasaline well she dipped about 3 fingers in it and rubed it in and around her ass crack and said alight go ahead as i tried to put it in it just would't so she said put a couple fingers up there to losein it up so i dit then try to reinsert and this time it worked i put it in and i was deffintily thrusting and i was so close to cumming when she said hold on!

and right then she turned around to start to suck me off and clean so i am like what are you doing and my mother replies well i am already fucking my son so i dont see the harm in this. so after i go she calls goldies back to the bed so i figure my mom dont stop. but instead i was wrong

and as the damn dog comes on the bed tail a waging my mom takes my hand and brings it up to the dogs cock and starts moving it back and forth im woundering what the hell is going on and she says everything that i did so do you. so she said i started by doing this to make him grow larger and then put it in my mouth to taste his doggie sperm and since you interupted us this is your punishment for doing that

so my mother said open your mouth bitch so reluctently i did i pushed the dog cock down my throught and said tastes good dont it and as i am gaging and blowing my dog she pulls me from under my dog and tells me to get on all fours so i knew what was comming she took the left over vasaline and smeared it on my ass hole and pushed the dog knot into my ass and said that looks so good and after about 20-30 pumps the dog came in my ass hole so my mom pulled goldie off and started to lick my bum hole and said come on i what to taste your shit mixed with goldies cum so i pushed as hard as i could to let out this hummogous fart and a small turd hit her bottom lip and surpisingly enough she wasn't that mad instead she said so thats how you like to play ok lie on your back and open your mouth and as my mother got into the 69 postion she started peeing like you wouldnt believe then all of a sudden her butt hole started to open and this big ass turd started coming out (still with a little doggie cum) just deadlined right for my mouth and as i have this turd in my mouth she switches 180 degrees and starts making out with me then takes her turd out of my mouth and takes a big bite out of it and pukes it the toliet and just as she was getting done pucking she calls me over and i can see that she is in almost the doggystyle position and she says your time to really taste it, WHAT!?!?!? i said yeah you have to like me clean do i get down and dirty and start licking her asshole and literly taste like shit the dog comes back in and that will continue my next story tell me what you think good bad whatever

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2014-11-26 07:18:48
more scatology ;) love it keep going..

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2014-08-05 09:49:33
tvgID3 I think this is a real great blog.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.


2013-06-21 10:32:16
weird story but I don't believe its true

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2013-06-12 20:26:30
uhh what the fk, it was good right until you started the homo sex... not cool, you didn't put a tag for that... wouldn'ta read it if you did.

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2013-03-01 02:10:08
No quotation marks, no paragraphs, lack of clear endings to sentences... Learn how to write. Good idea, poorly excicuted.

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