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I'm new at this...fictional story and of course, I welcome constructive reviews.
Life as we know it can be altered...from one moment to the next, you can never predict the future. Looking back to that dreadful day...

I'm a happily married woman, 43 years of husband Richard is a good man. He's in the insurance industry and without question, he's always devoted his time and energy towards his career. With that being said, I know that he loves me...and he loves our kids. As for myself, I've been working as a loan officer in the same bank for the past 15 years. My oldest daughter Melissa, was in her 2nd year at college and my son David, had just turned eighteen and was beginning his senior year in high school. My name is JoLyn.
On any given day, most of my day is spent on the phone. To this day, I can't explain why this happened to me...only that it did. With that being said, it was mid-morning and like any other call that I would receive; I picked it up. "Good morning, this is Jolyn in loans, how can I help you?"

"Hello JoLyn in the loan department." The voice was a bit garbled and I can recall having a hard time in trying to understand every word that was being spoken. It was as if he was trying to disguise his voice with some sort of device. "If everything works out right...we will be helping each other out."

I was at a lost of words, but I remember saying, "Um, okay. May I have your name so I can better assist you?"

His voice became threatening. "No, you may not know my name. If you value your families will not hang up the phone."

I was already in the process of hanging up the receiver. Like any place of business, we gfet crank calls. It goes without saying, for one reason or another, banks tend to piss people off. But the last words that he said caught my attention...and i slowly drew the phone back up to my ear. "Who is this? What...what do you want?" I could feel the slightest bit of hysteria in my voice.

There was a moment of silence, but I could tell that someone was still on the other end of the phone. His breathing was heavy. "JoLyn, I'm giving you a task...and I have faith that you will obey my every word. But too, I know that you'll need some incentives. If you truly love your will listen carefully and do everything that you're told to do."

I glanced at the door to my office...for a moment, I wondered if I should run out and get someone to help me. I've often heard that people will threaten bank employee's families to extort money. Sitting in my office on that particular day...this scenerio was being entertained in my mind.

In a weakened voice, I heard myself say. "I can't help you rob this bank...even with your threats...I...I can't help you."

As soon as I had finished my statement, his voice filled my ears with such fear. "JoLyn, I said that you should listen carefully. You're not focused and you need to focus your attention on my voice; to my instructions." A moment of silence followed. "I'll make sure that your husband and daughter are on the evening news...and the news won't be good."

My heart dropped into the pits of my stomach. I felt a wave of dizziness sweep over me. In a small, quiet voice, I replied, “Yes, I’m sorry. I’m listening.”

" JoLyn, I've been watching you for quite some time. You've been under constant surveillance and will continue to be. Morning, noon and night...I've been watching you; your entire family." My heart was beating a mile a minute. "Your husband is flying to California for a weekend seminar. Your daughter has 3 classes today...calculus, physcology and a literature class. If she keeps to her normal habits...she'll blow off her last class to get a start on her Friday night partying. You even scolded her this morinng...on the phone about slacking off."

My stomach was now doing flip-flops. How did he know about my conversation with my daughter? “H-how did you know that?” I said in a tight whisper. “Is my — did you bug my phone?”

"JoLyn, I know everything about you. I'm always watching...I'm always listening. While at the airport, your husband bought the latest edition of Esquire. Before coming down for breakfast, your husband masturbated to some inter-net porn. I'm also aware that your daughter...after her morning class, she met up with a boy and had a cup of coffee with him. Just between you and I...she's hopeful that he'll fuck her soon. As for this very moment, I know you're wearing black french bikini panties."

“Omigod." I said. I was on the verge of fainting. I tried to steady my breathing until the black clouds at the edge of my vision began to fade. My heart seemed so loud as it pounded inside my chest. How did he know what I was wearing? My son, my husband...they had both left the house before I’d showered and dressed for work. When they left the house, I waved to them while I was still on my old flannel nightgown. “What do you want? I can try and get you money, but I’m not sure how much I can manage.” Who was this guy and how did he know all this? Did he have cameras in our home?

"I'm not interested in money. I'm not interested in robbing your bank. JoLyn...this is more personal."

Another moment of silence. "JoLyn, I want you to fuck your son."

Silence...just dead silence ensued. My brain was trying to process what the caller had said. His words just didn't make any sense. He didn't want money? Sex? He used the word son? I ran my hand through my hair...rubbing, massaging my's as if I was trying to warm my brain order to process what was being said to me. "Wait...what?? You want me to do what?"

"JoLyn, you heard me. You are going to fuck your son. You'll spread your legs and you'll let your son bury his cock deep inside your pussy. And JoLyn, I think your son deserves a nice blow job."

“I can’t do that!” Shivers of revulsion seemingly ran through my entire body. “What your asking, what you're sickening."

"JoLyn, you will do it. I don't care how sickening it might sound. Listen carefully JoLyn...because the clock is now ticking. You will seduce and fuck your son by midnight tonight...or your husband and daughter will not live to see tomorrow's sunrise."

I started to supress my anguish, I covered my mouth with my hand. I stuggled to stay in control and finally, I blurted out, "I can't do that...I won't do it. My son would never...for God's sake, I'm his mother!"

The "voice" on the other end of the phone remained passive. "JoLyn, you have a choice to make. You can pleasure your son...or you can hear about how your family died. " My heart skipped a beat. "Pay close attention to my instructions. If you try to explain to your son what is happening...I will kill your husband and daughter." Silence ensued. "If you attempt to call your husband or daughter and attempt to warn them...they will be dead before they hang up the phone with you." Another moment of silence. "If you contact the authorities...your husband and daughter will die."

His voice had been so calm...a cold shiver ran through my entire body. He calmly told me the rules that I were to follow...and for every word he said; I believed his threat. I wasn't going to call the police...I absolutely believed tha he would do what he said he would do.

"JoLyn, what time is it?"

It was a quick mind was reeling in thought, his question caught me off guard. I struggled for that moment to understand what he had said...then, I looked down at my watch, the lovely gold watch that my husband had given me for our 20th Anniversary. I swallowed and replied, "It's a minutes to 11."

"JoLyn, do we understand each other? You have just over 13 hours to seduce your son and make him your lover. Failure to do this by the midnight hour will reslt in your husband and daughter's death. You're racing against the clock...your son usually gets home from school around 3...I'd start preparing if I was you."

", yes. I think I understand. After...after I fuck my...after it happens, how do I get in touch with you?
The most obscene chuckle was heardon the other end of the phone. "JoLyn, trust me...the first time your son sticks his cock inside his mother's cunt...I'll know." The voice continued to laugh and then, he said. "Oh and JoLyn?"

"Y-yes?" I replied...becoming very fearful of what he might demand of me next.

“Enjoy yourself."

The caller had hung up. The phone line was dead. What seemed like a very long actuality, it had only lasted a few minutes. In that span of time, my entire world had turned upside down.
I broke down crying. Hanging up the phone...recalling his every word, his became an overwhelming moment; I sobbed loudly. The caller was a madman...would he actually kill my family? He was watching me...there was no way I could go to the police for help. Even so, my hand was already reaching for the phone to dial 9-1-1...then, my fingers hovered over the phone for several mind was racing in circles, trying to find another solution. Nothing came to entire body shivered with fear. I glances at the digital readout display. It was past 11:30 AM. Somehow, thirty minutes had passed.
The time of the morning...that suddenly became the overwhelming thought in my head. I had made my decision. My hands punched up a number on the phone and I said, “Dora? JoLyn here. I’ve had a family emergency come up and I’m taking the rest of the day off. Let everyone know, okay.” Words of concern and sympathy came back and I replied, “No, everything will be okay...I think. Have a good weekend.”

Five minutes later, I was in my car, driving towards home and wondering how the hell I was going to do what I was being forced to do. As I drove, a terrible thought crossed my mind. Was my son behind this? I quickly dismissed that thought. Many people who are reading this story may assume that every son wants to fuch his mother and vice-versa...but I had never seen a hint of sexual interest from my son. Of course, my son liked girls...when he had reached puberty, he got caught peeking in on his sister while she was dressing. I had found porn on his computer...mostly younger women with huge breasts and too, being the typical male; he viewed some lesbian sites. He was scolded...but in all honesty, I wrote it off as being a normal thing that any boy would do.

My son has always been a pretty shy young man. My mind was reeling in thought. Thinking back...I could recall three girls that he had asked out for dates...and there were no repeat performances. He's a bit husky...wears glasses...I gave up trying to get him to wear contacts. His sister...her favorite term for her brother; nerd. As I was driving home...I felt myself smiling; her term was very accurate. And so, how was I going to seduce my son? If I was just to blurt it out...asking him to fuck me, his mother...would he run up to his room and lock the door behind him?

It's not like I'm anyone's idea of that term...that slangy word. I'm not a MILF. I'm 43 years of age, standing 5'4". I'm a good 20lbs over what my appropriate weight should be. My breasts aren't huge...34B...definately not the beach ball type that my son seems to be looking at on the porn sites. My hair is short...blonde...almost white hair with blue eyes. My legs aren't too bad, but my thighs are thicker than I ever wanted them to be. So, in my greatest use of my imagination...I couldn't imagine my son finding me sexy.
I found myself thinking of could I pull this off? Every thought that my mind considered...I knew it was doomed for failure. How does someone make their son think of someone they'd like to fuck? I eventually got away from the downtown traffic and was heading home on the freeway. Suddenly, I saw an exit it an inspiration...or better yet, desperation. I crossed over a few lanes of mind entertained a vaguest hint of an idea...and I had little time to get what was needed.
I saw my smile in the rear view it a horrific smile...but a smile nevertheless. In order to save my family...I needed to do a little shopping.

It was 3:30 PM...I was home. My son wasn't in the house when I entered...his old Dodge wasn't in the driveway. It didn't take me long...I had everything in place for what I was hoping would be a successful seduction. I could hardly believe what my mind was contemplating...going to such extremes, in order to seduce my son. The time was ticking by at a fast rate...the terrible images I had of my husband and daughter kept me focused on my quest. Another hour had passed...finally, I heard my son pull into the driveway.

I was in the kitchen pulling some brownies out of the oven when I heard him unlock the front door. I heard the thump of books being dumped on the couch and then his footsteps treading down the hallway towards me. “Hi, sweetie,” I called out. “Welcome home!”

Before he came through the doorway, I could hear him say, “Mom, you’re home early, what’s up?” I heard his feet come to a sudden halt. When he saw me, his eyes grew wide.

I was never the type of woman that showed off alot of skin. While shopping, I had found a little sundress...intentionally a bit small for me, that tied in a halter around my neck with a plunging neckline...and an even deeper plunge in the back...almost to my hips and with a hemline that ended barely south of my crotch. Aside from the sundress, I was wearing these "fuck me" pumps that I thought would improve the look of my legs...and with my back to him and bent over in front of the oven...I was hopeful that he was getting a good view of my bikini clad ass.

I looked over my shoulder at him and said. "I decided to take the afternoon off...hit the mall, but a few things. What do you think of my new dress?"

I looked over my shoulder at him and said, “Yeah, decided to take the afternoon off — hit the mall and buy a few new things. What do you think of my new dress?” I felt so embarrassed being dressed as I was...especially, in front of my very own son.

My son swallowed...his eyes again grew very wide...his face was turning bright red. He managed to mutter, "It's um, really pretty mom. Um...I've got some homework, do." He was blushing and I considered that to be a good thing...a good start. I then found myself idly much I was blushing.

When my son began his retreat, I straightened up and turned in his direction with a tray of my secret weapons in my hand. "Honey, you got the entire weekend to do your homework. I thought with dad off on his business trip...well, you and i could have some quality time together." I lifted the tray, feeling the warmth radiating across my mostly uncovered breasts. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I said, "I made your favorite...brownies!"

My son actually took a step or two towards the hallway...but the scent of my homemade brownies reached him. His appetite caused him to step into the kitchen...though I was wearing this shameful outfit...instead of looking hungrily in my direction; his attention was towards the brownies. "C'mon...fresh out of the oven...all hot and gooey, just the way you like them."

My son swallowed and then slid into a seat at the kitcfhen table. Once again, I noticed that his attention was on the brownies and not on his mother's body. I placed the tray down in front of him and then crossed the room to get us some plates and forks. I came up behind him and reached around to set the plate in front of him...purposely leaning my body into his; pushing my breasts against his back.

"I've been looking forward to this weekend...spending some time alone with you. Soon, you'll be heading off for college...getting married." As I was talking, still leaning into him...I cut a piece of the brownie from the pan and placed into his plate.

Without question, my son shifted nervously in his seat...which caused my breasts to rub up against him, all that much more. I noticed the goose bumps on my sons forearm. "Yeah...married with kids...that'll be the day." The sarcasm that only a teenager can create.

I finished by giving my son a big hug...pulling him tight against my body. "Oh, some girl is going to be mighty lucky when she manages to snag you!" I leaned me head in and kissed my son on his cheek. In a lower voice, I then said. "Very lucky." I felt my face burn with embarrassment...I let him go and hurried myself to the sink...facing away from him, so that he couldn't see my reddened face. Still, I was hoping...that he was watching me...I was enabling him to enjoy the view.

I began to wash the dishes in the sink and too, I was working hard to keep the conversation alive. “So, how was school today?” I asked.

I heard my son give a snort and then say through a mouthful of brownies, “Sucked as usual. I’ll be so glad when it's time to graduate. My english teacher is a real bore.”

With my back turned to my son, I kept asking questions. Finally, I said, “Well, I’m sorry you had a hard day. I’ve had some fun...I played hooky all afternoon and went shopping.” I then took a deep breath and turned to face my son. I was rewarded to see that he was staring at me, as he ate.

He immediately ducked his head down in order to avoid my gaze...quickly, he looked down at his brownie. "You never take off from work mom...whats the special occasion?"

I came over to the table and sat down across from him. I crossed my arms and rested them on the table...using them to push my breasts up, making them overflow the low cut front even more. "Well honey, I've been thinking. You know, I got a nice raise recently?"

My son nodded as he ate his brownie...he was trying to avoid my eyes...still, he was unable to keep his gaze from drifting down to the exposed flesh of my big breasts.

“Dad and I have been talking about taking a trip down to the Bahamas...during your fall break. I got the urge to buy some new things to hopefully, you know...wear on the this dress."

John nodded again and said, “Um, yeah, that’d be awesome, Mom. Are you saying that dad is going to take some time off from work?" He rolled his eyes. “You know how he is.”

It was my turn to nod and I replied, “Yes, I do and that’s the whole point. We could all go can hang out on the beach and watch the girls in their bikinis and maybe your Dad and I could spice up our love life a little.” I gave my son a wink and then giggled, “If you know what I mean?”

The redness in John’s face which had begun to fade now flamed anew and he got a panicked look on his face and exclaimed, “Aw, geezus, Mom!”

I laughed and reached out and took his hand. “Oh, don’t act embarrassed, honey. You’re eighteen’re a young man. You know your father and I do it…at least we used to. Otherwise, how did we get you?”

John was going on instinct, trying to push away from the table, but unable to while I held his hand. “Yeah, yeah, I know, but for crying out loud, Mom...TMI!”

I tried to look a little hurt. “Sorry...but I...I don’t know...I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. We’re both adults...sitting together in the the table.” I looked down at the table. “I mean, you’re eighteen now...I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.” I felt a little ashamed...I puposely was trying to make him feel guilty.

My scheme seemed to work. With my sons hand in my hand...I felt his grip relax and in a soft voice he said. "You didn't make me feel's just...I'm not sure I want to hear about my parents sex life."

I quickly heard myself say, "Or lack thereof." With those words spoken, I offered my son a weak smile. "Of course, I don't expect to talk to you about your father and I in the sack." I felt his hand begin to tense up again. "But, your not blind. You know that your father and I have kind of drifted apart, these past few years."
I took a deep breath. "All I meann to say is, I thought maybe a romantic vacation on a warm beach...well, it might put the spark back into our lives. I went shopping to get a few things that might get the old engines revved up." I winked at my son and was relived to see him nodding...still looking uncomfortable, but not appearing as if he wanted to flee from the kitchen.

A long quiet moment passed and then I looked into his a softer, shyer tone of voice, I said. "You know, I really could use another man's opinion right now."

My son eyes me warily and said, "Opinion on what?"

“Well, I’d like to get a man’s perspective on some of my know, how I look in them. I’d hate to wear something, whereas, it turns out your father hates it.”

John’s face reddened again. “I don’t know, mean like swimsuits." He shifted in his chair again as if he couldn’t get comfortable. “I’m not sure I can, uh, should.”

“Awww, c’mon, honey. I really need a man’s opinion and you’re definitely a man.” Giving my sons hand a tight squeeze...I felt as if I was in the pleading stages. “You’re my’d tell me the truth and besides, who else could I ask, Mr. Turner down the street?”

At that we both laughed and the tension seemed to break. Mr. Turner was an old letch that lived on our block...well known for his proclivity to somehow turn up in a person’s back yard whenever a woman was trying to sunbathe.

My son was thinking...he still seemed to be uncomfortable with the idea, but too...he was thinking. Suddenly he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I guess I could. Anything to save you from old man Turner."
I sounded like an excited schoolgirl. Jumping to my feet, I said. "Just sit right there...have another brownie. I'll go change." I quickly left the kitchen and hurried off to my bedroom. My heart was beatingin my chest so hard, I could scarcely breathe.

Once I reached my bedroom, I tried to quickly change...but my hands were shaking so much. I slipped out of the dress...followed by my underwear and slipped on the first of three swimsuits. The suit was a sand colored tankini...a somewhat modest tank top...the bottom was a french cut bikini bottom.
I allowed myself to see my image in the mirror...I felt nervous, its as if I was on my first date. Like the dress, the suit was a couple of sizes too small...the top of the suit hugged my breasts, leaving very little doubt as to their shape. I toyed with my nipples against the no time at all, they stood perfectly erect.

Still wearing my "fuck me" heels...I walked back to the kitchen. Before entering the kitchen, I paused to take a deep breath...throwing my shoulders back, I walked into the kitchen. "Well honey, what do you think?" I was trying not to throw up...I was putting on a charade, a false front...and so there I was, posing in front of my son.

My son...immediately; his eyes grew very wide! His fork suspended in mid-air...he looked at my chest and then...I could see him scanning my entire body. I shivered as my son's gaze romaed downward...and I felt oddly embarrassed that he might notice my round belly. It was at that moment, I wish I had worked harded to maintain my flat stomach. I felt a flush of warmth wash across my son's eyes moved lower, seemingly, he was studying the expanse cloth that covered my mound.

I shifted nervously on one foot, and than the other. As my son continued to look appraisingly up and down, I said. “Well, what do you think?” I felt so skittish that I couldn’t stand still and I slowly turned around...purposely, I thrusted my butt out a little. “Does this outfit look alright?”

It seemed like it took my son a moment or two for my question to sink in. He slowly begann to nod his head up and down...with a shy he continued to study my body, he said. "Yeah...I think dad is going to love it. You look great!"

A great sense of relief swept through my entire body...and I was grinning from ear to ear. "You're so sweet! Think you can stand to look at another one?" My son sat in the chair...his shy smile turned into a silly grin. He nodded his approval. A strange sensation swept over my entire son was seemingly pleased with my physical features. I winked at him before stepping out from the kitchen....I hurried back to my bedroom.

Arriving back into my bedroom, I was surprised to find that I was breathing heavily and that there was a deep flush across my cheeks and include, my upper chest. I immediately dismissed any thought that I might be in any way aroused...instead, I focused my attention onto my next outfit.

After looking in the mirror...this time, the swimsuit that I was wearing...well, scandalous comes to mind. This time, I had changed into a baby blue bikini. The bikini top was modest...although I did go out of my way to pick a smaller size than I normally would wear. My meaty breasts were overflowing the cups and the thin material left no doubt as to how dark my nipples were. The bottom part of the suit wasn't much better. I had little doubt...if the thin material was to get wet, it would cleave to my pussy like it had been painted on...revealing the shape and contours of my labia.

Taking a deep breath, left my "fuck me" heels were clicking on the wooden floors. Knowing full well that my son could hear me approaching the kitchen, I yelled out, "Ready or not, here I come."
My son was waiting with anticipation...and once again, his eyes widen as I strutted into the kitchen. As I moved around the room, my breasts bounced and jiggled. Pleased with my son's expressions, I charted a course all the way around the table....allowing him to see my figure from every angle. I even teasingly reached out and trailed my fingers through his thick dark hair.

When I stopped in front of my son...I began to swivel my upper body back and forth...knowing full well, that this caused my breasts to roll and bounce. I didn't have to encourage my son, this time he stated his approval in a clear voice. "Mom, you look fantastic!" His voice was filled with enthusiasm...his eyes were flickering up and down, taking in my bikini-clad figure.

That strange tingle of pleasure...upon hearing my son's words...a certain spark seemed to erupt inside my body. My nipples grew very hard and between my legs; my body felt very warm. That tingle had been absent from my life...for far too long. I felt weird and ashamed...and still, a part of me was delighted to hear of my son's approval.

“Really?” I said. “You don’t think its too um, too much, do you?”

If anything else was causing my son’s face to be that shade of red...I would have rushed him off to the hospital. I admired his effort to act nonchalant, as he shook his hand in an expression of dismissal. “No, looks…you’re beautiful!”

Again, I could feel my smile stretching across my face. "Thank you honey. Do you think you could stand to see one more outfit?"

My son was still in the process of looking over my entire body. But too, he was nodding his head and spoke a bit to enthusiastically, "Sure mom!"

The last thing my son was able to see before leaving the kitchen...were my meaty ass cheeks. Back in my bedroom, I quickly removed the bikini. As i was stepping out of my bikini bottoms...I couldn't help but notice the stain in the gusset. I shivered as I quuickly came to the realization that I was wet between my legs...wet enough that in just those few minutes; I had stained my swimsuit with my own juices. I turned the panties around and stared at the crotch in dis-belief...there was just a hint of discoloration from my pussy cream.
I took a moment and looked at myself in the full length mirror...I was naked and truly amazed at what I saw. My breasts were heaving nipples thick and errect and amongst my wispy blonde pubic hair, I could see the glistening pink flesh of my labia. In fact, my labia had begun to swell and part. I hung my head in shame, knowing that what I was doing was a sin, but even worse...this contemplated sin was turning me on.

I broke out of my reverie and began to dress in my last outfit. I have to admit, it took me alot longer to work up the courage to leave my bedroom. The last swimsuit that I had purchased...what littel fabric is had was composed of, was a bright fire-engine red and consisted of three small swatches of fabirc and some thread-like strings. My breasts were totally exposed except for my aureoles and nipples. And yet, my nipples were so erect, they jutted out against the thin cloth as if they were little door knobs. The bikini was more a thong than anything else. It didn't adequately cover my wispy bush and I could only hope that the light in the kitchen wouldn't reveal the strands of whitish blonde hair that was peeking out of the bit of material that barely managed to cover my mound.

Stepping out into the hallway...I had to stop and once again, catch my breath. I was ashamed. I was scared. And in the far reaches of my mind, I knew that I was also turned on. The heat between my thighs...there was no denying how my crotch was feeling at that specific moment. After taking several deep breaths...I began to make my way to the kitchen.

As I approached the doorway into the kitchen, I picked up my pace and with determination...forcing a fake smile; I paraded myself practicaly naked in front of my son. I couldn’t even speak as I strutted across the tile floor; breasts bouncing. With every step taken, both of my breasts were threatening to flop out of their tiny halter. All I could do was to keep my eyes on my son...and I was half expecting him to run out of the house.
My son's mouth hung wide open and his eyebrows immediately lifted high on his forehead. I was aware that he was ogling me...his middle-aged mother. Most of my flesh was made available to him. He was able to notice, to see every freckle and curve that my body offered. I purposely turned around for him...a complete total view of my ass cheeks emerged...the thong had been buried deep within my ass crack. With every step that I took, the material was tugging against my mound.

Perhaps a minute, maybe more had passes...I continued to walk around the kitchen and every so often, I would purposely pose for my son in a seducative manner. I noticed that his eyes stayed glued to my body. It's as if he was trying to memorize every curve to my body. Not fully able to trust my voice, I made a motion with my hand, as if to say, "Well, what do you think?"

My son remained motionless. Only his eyes were seemingly working until finally, while in a pose...I watched him close his eyes and he then, licked his lips. In a rough, husky voice that made something turn liquid between my legs, he said. "' mom; dad will never let you outside in that thing."
Upon hearing my son's words, I felt crushed...disappointed in a way that wasn't expected. Emotions joined by raw fear...if I had dsigusted my son, then what chance would I have to save my husband and daughter. Almost in tears, I said. "Honey, do I look that bad?"

My son slowly shook his head from side to side, his eyes never leaving my body. "No way mom! Dad would never be able to beat off all the other men at the beach!"

I tried to control my smile. I felt like the weight of the world had just been lifted off my shoulders. I felt lightheaded and incredibly warm all at the ssame time. "Honey, you like my swim suit?

Not able to hold back, my son said. "'s, I are freaking hot!"

In my son's eyes, he saw me as being a sexy woman. The relief that I experienced at that specific moment...and so, I decided to push the envelope further. I walked up to the kitchen table...laying my hands on the kitchen table, leaning forward...well aware that my breasts were now hanging down like two full udders, I said. "Honey, are you saying that I'm a MILF?"

My son's face regained it's redness as he realized what I was saying...his shy personality reasserted itself and he tore his eyes away from my hanging breasts. But still, he managed to say, ", guess so."

My kitchen became ever so silent, as we both seemingly were processing his response. My son then scooted back his chair and said, "I really should get my homework done."

My son's words had barely he got up, I was able to notice my son's crotch. I was amazed, horrified at the same time...a large bulge appeared...a long tube running down his right inner thigh. It was at that moment, when I thought of the voice from this morning. Was he aware that I had made my son's cock hard?

I swallowed, my throat seemed rather dry. "Ok honey," I said. "Go ahead...I think I'm going to take a shower before we decide what to do about dinner." I recovered enough to move around the my son stood up...him trying to hide his obvious erection from me; I pressed myself against his side; my breasts enveloping his right arm; I kissed him on his cheek.

Whispering in her ear, I heard myself say, "Thanks for making your mother feel good." I gave him a lingering peck on his cheek.

My son nodded and unable to handle the moment anymore, he whispered, "Sure, I love you mom." My son then left the kitchen...once in the hallway, he ran for the stairs, to the safety of his bedroom. Standing in the hallway, I watched him go...smiling lovingly at him. Once I reached the upstairs...having passed by my son's bedroom...all I wanted to do was to jump in the shower.

I tore the strips of clothes off from my body...shivering as I turned on the shower, letting it run until a steam began to billow out. I could barely stand...but the hot water felt good. As the water cascaded across my body...I then realized that my hand was caressing my body...over my breasts and down across my stomach. In a quick moment, I realized that hand had came into contact with my swollen labia and spliced through my dripping lips; I was aroused and needed relief.

I fell back against the shower wall...the tiiles were cool and comforting against my hot skin. I allowed the pulsing jets of the water spray to touch my pussy, as I began to work my fingers and down my suddenly needy flesh. I closed my eyes and slipped two fingers inside my slick cunt...images of my son's very large bulge flashed before me. I could see myself kneeling before him...unzipping his pants, reaching in, wrapping my hands, my fingers around that warm, hard pole...bring it out, bringing it to my lips.

I shuddered with an incredible wave of pleasure...the approach of a wonderful orgasm and then suddenly, I snapped open my eyes and jerked my fingers from my clasping pussy; sobbing. I had been masturbating while thinking of my son's cock! Part of me wanted to laugh...and yet, I stood in the shower and cried. No matter what my emotions were at that specific moment; I knew that I had to fuck my son by the midnight hour.
And so, I returned to reality...the overwhelming realization hit me, the rememberance factor of why I was going to fuck my son. The images of my husband and daughter flashed through my mind...trembling with fear, frustration, I left the shower...there was no way I was going to allow myself the satisfaction of reaching my orgasm. While I was standing outside of my shower...I couldn't help myself...I was thinking, wondering what it might feel like, to have my son on top of my body; being inside his mother's pussy. I took a deep breath and prepared myself, my mind for the next stage of my plan.

Naked and dripping wet, I left the bathroom, stepped ito my bedroom...walked over to the entrance and yelled, "Honey, help me!" I had to repeat myself a few times before my son's bedroom door opened. He called down from the hallway, "What's wrong mom?"

“Honey, I don't have a towel. Can you bring me one from the linen closet?”

There was a long pause. I was hoping that my son was slow to respond because he was imagening his mother...being wet and naked. Then in a slightly hoarse voice, he said. "I'll be right there mom."
I peeked out from the doorway...only my head and bare shoulder was visible...he went to the linen closet in the hallway and with a reddened face, he slowly approached my bedroom door. I then withdrew myself from my bedroom door, walked quickly to my bathroom...hoping that I had figured this out right.

My son's face was truly he slowly entered my bedroom. “Here you go, Mom.” My son’s voice simply faded away...from the angle in which he was standing at the entrance to my bedroom...I knew that he would see me naked, standing in front of the mirror over my sink; in my bathroom.

Taking a deep breath...I looked in his direction...and then, I simply walked from my bathroom to where he was standing. His eyes grew very's not an everyday occasion when my son was able to see his mother naked. I took my sweet time taking the towel from him...instead of immediately covering up, I whipped the towel behind me and began to dry my back breasts were swaying and bouncing; his eyes never left my body.

Standing in front of my son, leisurely drying myself wasn't a mystery; my son's tent had risen once again. A wonderfully shaped bulge showed against my son's pants. After a minute or so, I winked at son looked at me with shock and alarm...slowly, he began to back step away towards the entrance to my bedroom. Once he was in the hallway, I quickly followed him. He was almost at his bedroom door when he heard my voice. "Honey."

My son froze in his steps...slowly he turned around and faced me. I'm not sure if he was disappointed or perhaps relieved to see me...mostly my breasts were exposed; I had used the towel to cover myself up, below my waist. Staring at me, my son said. "Yeah mom?"

I"m sorry to ask this...but I left the laundry basket downstairs in the family room. I know I have a pair of undies in the basket...would you be sweet and go down and bring the basket back up to me?"
He slowly nodded and said, "Sure mom." He hurried down the stairs...and that stiff pole in his pants was clearly defined.

I went back into my bedroom and began drying myself off completely. The next stage of my plan was now if effect, I had purposely left the laundry basket in the family room. While I was out shopping, I had bought three pairs of undies at the lingerie store. I had placed them neatly on top of the laundry basket. I wanted my son to have the opportunity to see them...hopefully, he would find himself wanting to touch them.
The tamest of the panties? One pair had a see- through crotch...the other two were crotchless. A pair of silky red ones...and a pair of lacy black, and knowing that blue was my son's favorite color; a silky baby blue with white lace. Standing in my bedroom, I felt that familiar tingle between my legs...imagining my son holding them in his hands...hopefully, picturing me wearing them.

A couple of minutes passed and then I heard my son climbing the stairs...his footsteps in the hallway were heard; he remained at the entrance to my bedroom. His eyes were wide...he held the laundry basket in his hands. The towel had been tossed on my bed...and so, I stood completely naked so that he could see my every curve.

Standing where I was, I asked him if he could put the basket on my bed. His lips were trembling, but he slowly entered my bedroom. With every short step taken, his eyes never once, left my naked body. His eyes traveled from my breasts to my pubic area; I became so wet. With every short step taken, my son's tent...visible through his pants, seemed to grow harder and harder.

With the laundry basket on my bed, I quickly took the black crotchless panties in my hands. Holding them up for my son's approval, I asked him. "What do you think of these?"

My son remained quiet...his lips were trembling. All he could do was nod his head in approval.
I shaked them out...slipping my fingers through the open crotch, I wiggled my fingers at him. "Again, I guess I need a man's opinion. If you were my husband...would you like to see them on your wife?"

My son just stood there...eyes wandering back and forth between my lacy panties and my naked flesh. He slowly licked his lips...his hand went down to his crotch, seemingly to adjust his huge package, in his pants. As if he became aware of what he had done, he quickly moved his hands away from his crotch. "Um...yeah. I think dad would love them."

Another moment had passed and the tension was thick...somehow, my son found the hidden reserve of strength...though his voice was barely above a whisper, he said. "I...I shouuld go back and study some more."

He turned away from me and literally ran out of my bedroom, down the hallway to his bedroom. I quickly followed my son to the hallway. "Thank honey for your opinion. I'll call in for a pizza for supper...I also have some great DVD's for us to watch." My son was in such a hurry...I couold barely hear his mumbled reply.
I then dressed myself...slipping on the crotchless panties...quickly admiring myself in the mirror...the black lace contrasted so well with my wispy blonde muff. I then slippede into a slinky black lace peignoir that I had purchased earlier. I foudn the outfit to be very sexy...teasingly sexy. It hung to my mid-thigh...when I sat down, it would be drawn up close to my crotch. The scooped neck offered a voluptuous veiw of my meaty breasts, just skirting the edges of my aureoles...yet, transparently revealing my nippes in sheer silk swatches.
Leaving my bedroom, walking in my "fuck me" pumps...I once again, returned to my kitchen. I was feeling nasty, whorish...the wetness between my legs caused me to think of just walking back up stairs and throwing me at my son. Still, I knew that my son wasn't quite ready...and the time was passing quickly; I was already past the 6 o'clock hour. I felt that I had to proceed in a cautious way.

I called in for the pizza. Within 20 minutes, the next stage of my plan was going to be put into effect. My confidence took a shattering hit, when right after I had placed the pizza order; my husband called. Seeing the caller ID, I wondered if the mystery person would be listening to my phone call with him. I decided to pick up the phone. Half of my brain was listening to my husband...he was telling me about his first day at the seminar. He said something about new insurance statistics...I had to fight the urge to scream at him, to run to the somehow get himself protected. But I fought off the urge, my impulses squelched the certain knowledge that if I did so...he might be saved and yet, what about my daughter?

Then a terrible wave of guilt washed over me as I realized that for the first time in our marriage, I was going to be unfaithful to him. But what else could I do? I felt a little crazy for a moment as my husband comtinued to talk. The urge that I had at that moment was so intense. I just wanted to ask him, “Hey honey, what would you prefer I do...let you be murdered or fuck our son?”

Finally my air of distraction became obvious even to my husband. “JoLyn, are you okay?” Another question was asked, “Is our son taking care of you while I’m gone?”

I fought the urge to just start laughing or cryiny. Ii simply said, “Oh sure, you’, you’d be proud of him.” That seemed to mollify my husband and after we discussed his schedule, he told me he’d see me Monday evening and that he loved me.

“I love you, too, Honey,” I replied a bit numbly. After I hung up the phone, I stood in my kitchen and cried.
I needed to cry. I felt so ashamed...and still in the back of my mind, I knew why I was pursuing my son. I was able to get myself together. I struggled to regroup...taking many deep breaths, I reassured myself that I had to do whatever was necessary, in order to make this seduction work.

I was prepared with the next stage of my plan. I thought about the fashion show that I had put on for my son...the naughty flashing. Without question, the bulge in my son's pants also was considered at that particular no time at all, I felt the fires growing between my legs. I again tryed to understand how I could feel both ashamed and aroused all that the same time.

The doorbell rang...I yelled up to my son. When he answered me, I asked him to come downstairs, so he could pay the pizza delivery person. I had placed the money by the front door. I also yelled to him, saying that I would meet him in the living room.

I listened to the discussion that the pizza delivery person had with my son. I knew he went into the living room, after the front door was shut. From the kitchen, I began the journey to the living my hand, I held a tray with plates, napkins and drinks. When I entered the living room, my son had laid the pizza on the coffee table and he was in the process of looking over the DVD's that I had picked up.

“So, do you like the video's that I selected." I asked.

My son was about to answer me...but his reply died on his lips. His eyes grew wide...and i was beginning to enjoy that look of astonishmet. My negligee either scared him or aroused his curiousity. As i walked into the living room with the tray, I was wondering what he was thinking at that particular moment. I wasn't wearing a bra...his eyes were scanning downward, studying the them of my peignoir...perhaps he was remembering that my panties were crotchless.

I leaned over and placed the tray on the coffee table. My breasts almost fell out...certainly I was giving my son a tremendous view of my cleavage. “Honey? Everything okay?” I asked softly, handing him a plate and a soda.

That same reddened face returned. He just sat on the couch and continued to stare on my semi-exposed breasts. "Um...what. No, uh, I mean...yeah mom, I'm ok." He forced himself to look away from my breasts. He was grasping his words, staring first at the pizza and then the video's...and then, back to my breasts. "Mom, I'm not sure that you're going to like these movies...they're kinda crude."

Actually, the video's were really crude. I picked them out carefully. They movies were so-called teen comedies. Mostly about teenagers trying to get laid, or losing their virginity. I knew there were alot of nude shots and provacative scenes. I was hoping that my son was going to see alot of boob shots. I selected one of the movies and popped it into the player. And so there we were, mother and son...sitting on the sofa, eating pizza and watching a movie together. The movie was in fact, crude and nasty...full of cursing, nudity and I will admit, funny in its own sort of way.

My son's attention? Well, he watched the movie and then again, his attention was drawn on me; his mother. Whenever I got up to go to the bathroom, I knew his eyes were following my every step. Whenever I moved to get into a more comfortable position, I was aware of his eyes. Every time I got up, or repositioned myself on the couch, I slithered closer and closer to my son. I knew that my son was catching glimpses of my crotch...knowing full well that my peignoir would ride upwards. Long before the movie ended...that beautiful bulge in my sons pants, had returned.

When the movie ended, it was past 10 o'clock. Time was running out and so, I knew that I had to be quick with the rest of my plan. I got up to turn off the player...I was well aware that by bending over, I was exposing my ass to my son. I purposely spread my legs a bit...I was scared and yet, aroused. I could feel the heat and slipperiness of my was swollen and wet...and very much exposed to my son's eyes.
Having shut off the player, I quickly sat down by my son on the sofa. I wasn't playing around...again, time was slipping by. In a bold move...I simply curled up to my son. I was acutely aware that the hem of my peignoir was hovering right up around my crotch. My son was tense and to hopefully ease the moment, I began to lightly scratch the fine hairs of his arm. I could hear his heart beating...

At one point, I whispered to my son, "Honey, thank you for helping me out today...for being the man I needed"
Barely audible, my son managed to say, "Yeah mom...anytime."

“It really meant a lot to me...hearing you tell me how beautiful I am…how sexy I am.” I paused for just a moment, then I moved my fingers down to his hand; interlocking our fingers. I quickly said, “A woman my age...well, we want to hear that sort of thing."

There was a long pause and then, my son said. “Well, it’s true, Mom. You are beautiful.”

I turned my head to look up at him and said in a quite voice, “Really, honey?”

My son gave me a shy smile and said, “Really, Mom. I’ve always thought that you were beautiful.”

I lifted myself up and gave my son a slow, a very lingering slow peck on his cheek. As I moved, my meaty breast was rubbing up against his body. “You’re so sweet, honey.” I said, giving his hand a squeeze.”
Silence followed. I continued to play with the hairs on my son's arm...I squiremed about, working my way closer to my son...a moment later, I allowed my hand to fall, to touch my son's leg; just above his knee. The tension in the room was high, my son was breathing heavily; he remained motionless.

The clock that sat on the mantel was now heart began to race; I had ninety minuteds to complete the seduction. I had 90 minutes to save my husband and daughter. I took deep breath and made my move. "Honey," I said.

"Yeah mom."

“This afternoon, when I was modeling my new clothes for you. Did I make you hard?”

My son gasped and his body stiffened and I think he halfheartedly tried to rise, but I kept my hand firmly on his leg. “Please...I really want to know.”

Silence ensued. I slid my hand a few inches up on my son's thigh and said, “Please tell me...did I make your cock hard?”

I watched as my son began to lick his lips...he opened his mouth, and then his mouth closed. He turned his face away from me, but finally...without making eye contact, he whispered, “Yes.”

I slid my fingers further up his thigh. I stopped just below where his tent was seen. I then asked my son the most obvious question, "Honey, are you hard right now?”

He nodded. Swallowing with difficulty and unable to speak, I asked my son, “Honey, are you hard now because...we're sitting together on the sofa?"

My son could only nod. I leaned into him with my free hand, taking his chin...I forced his face towards me. "Tell your mother the truth."

At that particular moment, there were tears in my sons eyes. Finally, I heard my son say, "You're making me hard!"

With those words being said, my son began to cry. I made numerous shushing sounds and held him close...placing my fingers on his lips, rising slightly...I pressed my lips to his lips. I began to kiss him gently...lovingly...mostly with a closed mouth. I was also aware that my tongue was tasting his lips...somehow, this seemed to calm him down.

"Thank you honey. I'm glad that I made your cock hard." The next words that I spoke...just flowed out from my lips. I couldn't believe that I had said, "I wanted to turn you on...I wanted to make your cock become hard."

I slid my hand further up along my son's thigh...finally, the palm of my hand had covered his monster hard-on. I coud feel it pulsing in rhythm with his heart. I looked into my son's eyes and said. "Can I see it honey? Will you show me your hard cock?"

My son's eyes remained wide open...perhaps, in total amazement. He was speechless...and yet, he nodded his head. Never taking my eyes off from my son's eyes...trying to convey my love for hand became active; I loosened his belt. I then unbottoned his pants...the only sound at that moment, was his zipper being lowered. My son tensed up...I slipped my hand into his crotch, through the opening of his boxers...and the first time; I wrapped my fingers around my son's erect penis.

I was able to free my son's cock. My heart was pounding against my chest...I had to look at it. Finally, looking away from my sons eyes, I cast my eyes downward; I was speechless! I couldn't believe that my son was that big! Actually...huge! I became so mesmerized...I just did what came natural to me, I began to stroke it...feeling its pulse in my grip. I returned to my son's eyes and said, "Honey...your cock is beautiful."
Freeing it from the confines of his shorts, I finally looked down and now I was speechless. Oh my god! Who the hell knew my son was carrying around such a huge piece of cockflesh. Almost mesmerized, I began to slowly stroke it, feeling it pulse with life in my grip. I tore my eyes away from my son’s mammoth cock and looked again into his eyes.

My breathing was heavy. "It''s so beautiful and so...huge!" Lowering my voice, I added, "You're much bigger than your dad!" I wasn't lying...he was bigger than his father. I was looking at my son's cock in my hand...aside from being bigger, my son's sock was thicker. Stroking his cock, becoming aware of my son's breathing...I rose up and kissed my son on his lips. I felt my tongue leaving my mouth. I was deliberately licking my son's lips...wishing that he would open his mouth and take my tongue deep into his throat.

"Mom...we shouldn't be doing this! Isn't this wrong!" My son said.

“Honey," I said in a very gentle voice...never ceasing my slow stroking. "It's not wrong. You love me and I love you." With a slight pause, I then said. "You've made your mother...very, very wet."

Looking into my son's widened eyes he whispered, “What?”

I slowly spread my knees, my legs apart...knowing that I was pulling the hem of the peignoir upwards, therefore, I was revealing myself to my son. My naked pussy became visible against the framed black lace of my crotchless panites. "You...and only you made my pussy become wet. The love I have for ned for you...and this fine cock of've made my pussy wetter that its ever been in my entire life." I reached out with my free hand...finding his limp hand, I said. "Touch me...feel for yourself honey."

I assisted my son...tugging his hand towards me...letting it come to rest on my inner thigh. His hand was just a few inches away from my flowered darkly pink and glistening wet. I released his hand. I wanted my son to make the move on his own.

My voice was hoarse, "Touch me honey. Feel what you do to me." Hearing my voice, I became horrified by the moment. More than anything...I wanted my son to touch me. I needed him to touch me.
I knew the moment was near. I held my breath and without taking my eyes off from my son's face...while I continnued to stroke his beautiful cock...his hand finally moved! His hand slid up my thigh...brushing over the lacy silk of my panties...pausing for a moment, his hand hovered over the heat from my pussy. It's alright honey...please touch me...I want you to."

The gasp that was body became son's fingers brished through my wispy bush...then he pressed his hand against my wet labia. My son paused...his eyes were filled with such doubt, my eyes were filled with such incestuous lust. One finger...then two began to trail along my slit...between my swollen and quivering lips...suddenly, my son's fingers sunk inside...then deeper into my pussy. "Yessssss! I hissed...encouraging my son to go even deeper. I begabn to clamp down around his fingers...wanting to feel him inside me.

"Oh mom," My son whispered. " are wet." He waggled his fingers around, sinking them to the second nuckle and I grouond myself against his hand. I heard him say, "I love you mom!"

Feeling ashamed and aroused all at the same time, I whispered back. "I love you too honey."
With his fingers still in my pussy, I leaned forward and kissed him. This time, I wasn't just licking his lips...I forced my tongue between his lips...gratified and excited; my son welcomed my tongue into his mouth. As we kissed, I contineud to stroke his cock...and without question, his cock just seemed to grow and grow. I passed my thumb gently over the top of his cock, smearing the thick drops of his precum around his pink head.

My son was doing his part...causing me to shiver with pleasure as he plunged another finger deep into my pussy. He was discovering my sweet he began to probe I was making mewing nooises against his mouth...rubbing myself up against his body like a female dog in heat. My son's free hand...I reached out and held it in my hand...he didn't fight my advances as I led his hand to my breasts. Tugging down the neckline of my breasts were let free. My son had a fetish for titties...he was moaning as he kneaded my heavy tits.

Call it animalistic passion...all thoughts of shame were long forgotten; I was on the verge of an orgasm. I pulled away from my son only to sink to my knees in front of him. I wasn't thinking of a "plan" anymore. My son's cock stood out before me...without thinking about the bond of mother/son; I ran my tongue over the head of his cock. In a blink of an eye, I took my son's cock into my mouth...the head of his cock touched my tonsiils; I was sucking him furiously. Not once, did I ever lose eye contact with my son...the look of utter pleasure was seen on his face.

His pre-cum had long ago...been swallowed. My son's cock was deep within my mouth, my throat...his wiry blonde pubes were tickling my nose. Then, depite being in sheer carnal desire, I realized that i was tasting cum. Yet, he hadn't shot his load into my mouth...but without question, I could taste it. On his shaft...his crotch; I suddenly became aware of the dampness in his pubic hairs. As I was sucking my son's hit me; he had been masturbating earlier.

I let my son slowly slip from my lips...with my small hand, I held his cock...rubbing it over my face and cheeks. I looked up at him and said, "Were you playing with yourself earlier?" How could my question be it was, I was holing my son's cock in my hand. My face showed a brilliant smile. I just wanted to hear the truth. My son nodded slowly.

I ran my tongue up the length of my son's cock...then back down. I held my son's balls in my hands...they were so tight and I knew they were full of juice. I lapped at each one, licking lovingly...taking each one into my mouth. Then my tongue licked its way back up to my son's mushroom. Looking into my son's eyes, I asked him. "were you thinking of me when you masturbated?"

My son could only utter a soft, "Yes."

"Whenever you have the urge to masturbate...please honey, come see me. Momma will make sure that all of your needs are met." I then took his magnificent cock into my mouth...sucking my son with a vengeance. My head bobbed up and free hand was massaging his balls...going further south, I began to touch and massage his scrotum. I felt my son's hands on me, on my head...curling his fingers around my short blonde hair till he was helping me work my head back and forth. I felt as if my son was fucking my much as I was sucking his dick. I moaned my approval...and I heard him moan in return.

It didn't take too long from there...I heard my son's quickened breaths...his cock began to swell and he cried out, "I'm coming mom! I'm cumming!" And what a warm gusher it sperm flew into my mouth...exploding against the far reaches of my throat. Sweet, clean tasting cum. I forgot how wonderful cum can taste. My son thrust his hips against my face, crying with pleasure as I continued to suck him. With the reality of having swallowed my son's orgasm took shape and my body quivered in pleasure.
I couldn’t help but love what I had done. It had been years since I’d felt this much passion for a man…for my husband. A dam of repressed sexual need, seemed to son had long ago blew his load and yet, I just kept sucking his cock...I wanted to drain his swallow every precious drop.

As I continued to suck my son's cock, he squirmed in pleasure. I'm sure the sensations were overwhelming. When I released my son's cock from my mouth...I pressed my face against his cock, his balls. A long stream of saliva and sperm trailed from my mouth. I looked up into his eyes and said. "Honey, would you like to make love to me?" I so badly wanted to feel my son's cock in my pussy.

Not waiting to hear his answer...I took his cock and began to caress it against my nipples; my breasts. I fell back...shoving the coffee table aside; I wanted to be on my back. I drew my knees legs and thighs were spread wide apart...I exposed my hungry pussy to my son.

My son remained very still...and yet, his cock continued to stand straight forward. I quickly glanced at the clock on the was a little past 11 o'clock. I was so close now!

I held out my hands and somehow, I managed to spread my legs even wider apart. "Please honey, I want you...I need you." I thrust my pelvis up...flaunting my son to react...trying to entice him. "Please honey, I want you to make love to me."

For one terrible moment, when my son stood up...I thought he was going to run away. He just towered over me and said. "I, I've...well, I've never done this before. I'm a virgin."

As my son's words sank in...I wanted him even more. "It's okay honey. I would love to be your first lover."

A moment later, my son had fallen to his between my legs; our bodies met. I took him in my arms and we kissed each other with such passion...wrapping my arms around him; I held him tightly in my arms. I felt his hard cock against my mound...then it dawned on me. He still had his clothes on. I drew my feet up and worked his undone pants down to his ankles...somehow, he had kicked them off. Between wet, sloppy kisses...I was able to remove his shirt; I flung it to the side.

My son’s body shivered as I tongued his hard, pebble-like nipples. I sucked each one...nipping them both with my teeth and instinctively, he began to hump against my body with his. Between my legs, there was a raging fire...I needed to be fucked. I needed my son to fuck me...and it needed to happen now!

I reached down with one hand and took hold ofhis cock...the head of his cock came ito contact with my aching, needy pussy. It was time. My son was about to fuck his mother. I was saving my husband and daughter...I was being a good mother and wife. All at once, my son's cock began to press into my pussy...his large cock-head was enveloped by my hot and tender flesh. My son growled and all at once, the weight of his body fell against me; his dick was deep into my pussy. No one had ever been this deep in my pussy before...waves of sheer carnal pleasure exploded inside of me...magnified by the knowledge of my flesh melding with my flesh; in an incestuous union.

I buried my face against my son's chest...feeling his young heart racing, pounding with excitement...and again, he thrust his cock deep into my pussy; it felt like a jackhammer. His first dozen or so thrust were painful...but still, the pleasure was overwhelming. In record time, my pussy adapted to my son's first incestuous orgasm faded; I began to meet his thrusts.

In my son's excitement...his cock sprang free. Before i could move to help him get inside of me son's dick found its own way back home; thrusting itself deep within me. My son was a virgin...his cock was touching me in virgin places...and I was quickly in the throes of a son induced orgasm again.

My son fucked me in a sloppy way...and yet, he fucked me in such a wonderful way; hard and deep. He had no experience whatsoever...he moved awkwardly...barely doing anything but relying upon his instincts...and yet, it was the most wonderful fuck that I've ever had. Just feeling his cock sliding along...scraping my inner flesh...the touch of my son's flesh upon my flesh, he did things to my body that no-one had ever done before...which mostly, included his father.

I clung to fingernails dug into my son's shoulders...and my legs were wrapped tightly around his ass. In no time at all, our bodies were perspiring. we were covered in fuck sweat. I could smell my pussy juices...juices that literally poured forth, as my son moved back and forth inside of me. My thighs became slippery...allowing him to somehow pound his lovely cock into me all the harder and faster. We kissed a bit...his breath was heavy on my neck...and then he surprised me; he locked his lips on my nipple and sucked me with such energy.

A thrid massive orgasm swelled up inside of me...fueled by my son's cock. I forgot about my daughter and I allowed myself to fall headlong into a well of incestuous lust. I didn't want this moment to end...I just wanted to feel my son's cock in my pussy. I began to scream incoherently...slamming myself against my son's thrust and then the mother of all orgasms were felt; my son had emptied his balls into my pussy.

For many wonderful long moments...I felt my son's creamy semen filling my womb; his cock was buried inside of me. For that moment, it wasn't a mother with her was a man with a woman. I was floating in a heavenly state of mind.

Our breathing slowed, our kisses became more gentle...and in time, I felt my son's penis shrank; he slipped out from my pussy's grasp. My son got up...again, I hoped that he wasn't going o run away. Instead, he shut off the television...he lowered the lights. When he returned next to me...he tossed a throw blanket over us. He placed his arms around me...holding me, making me feel safe; we both fell asleep.

I awoke in the wee hours of the night...the mid-night hour, had long ago passed. My son's eyes opened...a soft kiss, a more passionate kiss; our bodies were sweetly touching each other. My son's penis came aline...hard and aroused, brushing along my thigh. Somehow...still entangled together, we made it to our feet...taking my son's hand in my hand; I led him upstairs. I led him to my bedroom; to his father's bedroom.
From the bedroom, still holding onto my son's hand...I walked him towards my bathroom. "I think we should take a shower together." My son nodded. When the water was warm, we stepped inside. I washed my son's body...his hair. We kissed up a storm. his hands moved over my body...and he felt much more relaxed; more confident. I knelt on the shower's floor. I looked up into my son's eyes and said. "Would you like me to suck your cock some more?"

My son's cock was rock hard...pointing straight forward, only inches from my face. "Yeah mom...please, please...I want you to suck me."

"Tell me honey. Tell me what you want me to suck." I smiled.

"I want you to suck my cock." My son was struggling to stand...but his voice was strong and filled with such desire.

Once again, my mouth opened for my son's cock...and once again, I felt my head moving forward and backwards. It was such a magical moment...immediately my son took hold of my head; his hips began to thrust against my face. When I sensed that my son was close to his orgasm...I slowed down. I wanted to feel his cock in my pussy. I wanted to make love to him in my bed. When his cock was free from my mouth...when I stood up; his hand found my mound. We kissed hard...our tongues were dancing together...his fingers easily made there way...deep inside my pussy. There I was in my shower...with my son; he was finger fucking me.

Our bodies were glued to each other...the water cascading down on our bodies. It was then, I heard my son say, "Can I taste you mom?"

Looking into my sn's eyes, I said. "Honey, of course you can. You can do whatever you want with me." I couldn't believe what I then said to my son. "My body is yours to enjoy...anytime...anyplace."

With the shower off...I dried off my son's body. He then returned the favor. We walked to the side of my bed. I looked at my son's firm ass...and I wondered if he had seen mine. Over the next few hours, I felt son met my every need. His cock stayed erect, where he lacked experience...his enthusiasm made up for it. When my son knelt between my legs...he was a little bit apprehensive. With encouragement, he soon moved his head forward; his tongue was electrifying. His hands were underneath my body, grasping my ass cheeks...his tongue was dancing all over my clit.

With a little instruction, I showed him the different parts of my pussy...I told him how sensitive my clit was, could be...if he lovingly and gently licked and sucked it. While between my legs, he watched his fingers enter my pussy; he watched his fingers as he fucked me with them. He learned of my orgasm. His mouth stayed glued to my pussy and I hel his head firmly in place until my moment of plasure subsided. I knew in time, he would become more confident in licking his mother's pussy.

My son was now on top of me; my legs were spread wide for him. We kissed each other with such passion. He looked into my eyes and said, "I want it all mom...I want to have it all."

The urgency in his words, the hunger in his voice...I became so inflamed with desire, the need to fice myself to him completely. "Tell me what that means to you...that you want it all." I asked him.

He reached down between our bodies. He found his confidence...he knew where his cock belonged. He placed his mushroom head against my opening...pushing himself into my body; I easily took every inch that he could give me. "I want your mouth." He said. He had brought his cock out and then...he drove it home; deep into my pussy. "I want you pussy." Slowly, he brought his cock all the way out...just as it did earlier, without any guidance...his cock found the entrance to my pussy and he drilled me hard and deep.
"Yes baby." I said. You can have my pussy...anytime, anywhere." My body was convulsing in pleasure.

"Mom...I want your ass too." Upon hearing my son's voice, I opened my eyes. My lips were quivering. My body froze...for just that moment. My son once again had driven his dick deep into my pussy.
I managed to say, "I've never done that before...not even with your father."

I saw my son smile. "Well, I'm not a virgin anymore."

He buried his face into my chest...I brought my arms around my son and held onto him tightly. His hips were in full force...his cock was pounding me, deep and fast. It was son was no longer a virgin; he was a man. I wanted to give him my body, my sexuality...when he chose to take, to enjoy my ass; I knew I wouldn't refuse him.

My son had me moaning in the missionary legs sometimes locked around his hips, other times my legs draped themselves over his shoulders. My son gripped my breasts, squeezing them...he lightly pinched my nipples; he lovingly sucked each one. From the missionary position...we switched positions...and I rode him; his mother was on top of her son.

I think my son liked the doggie style the best. he continued to thrust himsself deep inside me. He reached around and squeezed and pinched my sagging breasts. He kissed my shoulders...and a few times, I felt his finger touch my anus. I sensed that he did in fact, look at his mother's ass. I was lost in lust; my son wanted to make love to his mother's asshole. At one time, we looked over at the mirror that was on top of the was an electrifying moment, to see my son's hips move in such a wonderful fashion.
The mirror...that single image of me on my son's left arm around my round belly...his right hand was full of tit; I could see his cock leaving and then returning to the depths of my pussy.

That night...that beautiful night, while on my bed; my son shot his second load of sperm into his mother's pussy. Once my son had filled my womb up with his sperm...I quickly moved and got between his legs. I wanted my son to see me cleaning his him of our mixed juices. To my delight, my son was just as eager as I was...he knelt between my legs. I marveled at his willingness to lick my quivering and sensitive pussy...he appeared to be fascinated by his mother's pussy. While my son's sperm was oozing out from me...something that his father had refused to do over the years of our marriage; my son licked me clean.

Once again, we kissed each other with such passion. Exhausted...but in a good way; my son and I fell asleep in each other's arms. I didn't wake up until the first light of dawn. My pussy was tender and raw from being licked, sucked...and fucked. My nipples were tender and raw...even my tongue was tired from having sucked my son, so often through the night. Yet, I was happy and very content...not once, did I think about my husband or daughter. I fell back to sleep.

It was nearly noon when I awoke again, my head resting on John’s chest, hand draped across his slightly doughy stomach, my thigh across his legs and his cock. Speaking of his was semi-erect, nestled against my thighs. Simply beautiful to look at. My son was deep in his sleep...and for awhile I watched him. As weary as my body was, as sore as my body was; I wanted him again.

Nourishment was and something to eat. Good sex always made me hungry. Gently, so not to awake my son...I slipped from the bed and went downstairs. I was standing naked in my kitchen...humming a happy tune as I fixed us an english muffin, and started the coffee. The reason for my good my mind began to settle down; I began to cry.

I had broken my vows with my son lay asleep upstairs in his mother and father's bed. To make matters worse; my son was sleeping, naked in our bed. I sat at the kitchen table and ate a muffin and sipped my coffee. I had to believe that my husband and daughter were perfectly safe...unharmed, as I had completed the seducation of my son. I started to remind myself as to the many reasons "why" I had to seduce my son. I knew if I had to do it all over again...I would have made the same decision and so, I knew I had made the right decision. I could not allow myself to feel any guilt over what had taken place.
The truth was apparently nipples had hardened and I was able to easily recall last nights sexual romp with my son. As I sat at the kitchen table, I felt my labia begin to grow slick...and then, my senses sharpened...I could smell my son on my body; I could smell us. I reeked of sperm and pussy juice...and I was thinking to myself, how easy it would wake up my son.

I was on my way wake up my son, to enjojy his cock once again...when the phone rang. I walked over to the phone and said "Hello." In that instant, I knew who was on the other end of the line.

"JoLyn, you performed brilliantly last night. I thought it was going to be a challenge for you. You had nearly an hour to go when your son climbed on top of you. Your son left all kinds of DNA on your carpet."
His mechanical voice was maddening. When he mentioned the scene on the carpet, having known the precise time...confirmation; he was somehow able to watch everything that I did with my son. In a calm voice I said. "I did what you asked. My husband and daughter?"

"Your husband and daughter are safe. No hard will come to them."

“Thank God,” I replied. “What happens now?”

"That's up to you JoLyn. It would appear to me that you truly enjoyed yourself last night. I have this feeling that your son is going to want a repeat performance." A moment went by and then the voice said. "I think you have a new loveer in your life."

Dead silence. I began to cry. My mouth felt dry. My nipples swelled and I felt a ripple of desire through my body...the voice was right. My sonn was going to become my lover.

As if the voice was able to see me standing...naked with the phone to my ear; he began to chuckle. I then heard a woman sounded as if she was nearing an orgasm. When I heard my voice, when I heard myself encouraging my son to fuck me...I realized that the moan, the woman nearing her orgasm; was me. A sudden fear seemed to engulf my body, my senses...and somehow I found the courage to say, "So...are you going to blackmail me now?"

Only the voice was on the line. "JoLyn, I'm not seeking money. I certainly don't want to fuck you...not after you've fucked your own son."

“What the fuck do you want then?” I yelled into the phone; my fingers tightened around the phone receiver.

Silence. On the other end of the line...i knew the voice had hung up the phone. I sat it down...then I stumbled back to the kitchen table. I was lost in thought...i should be worried about this man. i should have been worried about how he was able to watch my every move...and I had no idea if he was going to continue to spy on me; on my family. This man, his voice had manipulated me into seducing my son...after a short period of time, I became less concerned about him; the voice.

I stood and quickly went back upstairs. I paused in the doorway of my bedroom...I could smell the scent of sperm and pussy juice. My son was laying asleep...he had kicked the blankets off from his body...his semi-erect cock was between his legs. I moved to the side of my bed, where my son was lying...I carefully took his cock in my hand, I bent down and lightly kissed the head. I lovingly began to lick his mushroom tongue tickled his pee slit.

“Honey, wake up” I whispered softly.

My son's eyes flickered open. He opened his arms to me...for the rest of the day...and though my pussy ached, though my breasts were sore; my son and I made love.

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