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“Fuck me!”

Rachael was furious with herself as she looked in to the rearview mirror and saw the red and blue flashing lights. This was the second time she was pulled over for speeding in under an hour. Rachael was in such a rush to get to her parent’s house that she didn’t even realize she had been speeding. With another 45 minuets till she got to her parents home, and here she was on the side of the road as the officer approached her car. The officer asked her what the hurry was when he finally reached her window. Rachael lied telling the officer she had been working all night and was headed home to be with her family. The officer politely asked for her id which Rachael had to fish out of her purse.

The police officer taking Rachael’s drivers license looked at Rachael’s id and looked at her. She definitely looked tired enough to work the late shift. “Well normally I would have to write a ticket up but since it is the holidays and you’re just trying to get home to get some sleep I will let it slip this time. But please be careful on the roads at your speed you wouldn’t have been able to stop and would have had an accident then your Christmas would be ruined.” The officer handed Rachael’s id back to her he turned and walked back to his squad car. He watched Rachael start her car and slowly pull her car back onto the road he shook his head.

Rachael on the other hand was breathing a sigh of relief. That was the second time she had used that lie to get out of a ticket. She had to be more careful and pay attention to the road she couldn’t get James to forgive her if she was careless and had a wreck. Rachael drove she found it was hard to concentrate on being careful she just wanted to get to the house as soon as possible, but she did notice the storm in the distance and forced her self to stay at a safe steady pace.

Rachael arrived at her parent’s house around noon. Rachael opened her car door she turned to see the front door open and see Grace rushing out the door before Rachael could even say hello Grace scooped her up in her arms and gave her a big hug. Rachael had been expecting something like this but it still surprised her. Rachael hugged Grace for all she was worth both women not saying anything. Rachael pulled away from grace and they started talking. Even though Rachael called weekly Grace had a lot to tell her while the two women talked Rachael had pulled her bag from her car and they had started towards the house.

When the screen door opened Rachael could smell the sweat smells coming from the kitchen. She saw Frank in his favorite chair his eyes closed and breathing was steady she guessed he was taking his afternoon nap. Rachael walked towards the stairs saying that she was going to unpack and would be back down to help in the kitchen. Rachael unpacked and placed her clothing in the dresser she stopped when she came to the envelope slowly she reached down and picked it up and stared at it for a few minutes. She had not put who it was for on it but then again she didn’t have to.

Rachael lifted the pillow off of her bed and placed the envelope under it and returned the pillow to its place on her bed. Rachael returned to the bag and kept unpacking. When finished she stopped and looked around her room. Grace and Frank had left it in the same condition it was in when she left for college. Posters hanging on the walls, stuffed animals in the window, and a picture of James sitting on her desk. She slowly approached her desk the picture of James was perfect except for the tear stains that showed. Every day for two years after he had left she held that picture in her hands and cried. Her tears dropping off her red and puffy face onto the picture.

Rachael opened the desk drawer to place the picture in it but she stopped she decided that she was going to get a new picture of James a picture that was perfect and didn’t have any stains. Rachael set the picture back on her desk and turned and walked out of her room. She was passing the door frame she said something in such a low tone of voice it was softer than a whisper “James I hope you get here soon. I love you and want you to know it.”


James pulled up to the house just as he had in the dream. So far everything had happened today just as it had in his dream. James was called to work just as he knew he would to cover for a co-worker. And now here he is sitting in front of his parent’s house, the cars lined up just like he had seen in his dream. James pulled into the drive he watched he front door just as he had seen his parents came running out. James found himself following the dream doing and saying what he had in the dream and got the same results, his mom fussing at him for calling her and his dad by there first names everything was the same. James followed his mom to the door and in side, again just as he had seen everything was exactly set up and in place as he remembered. Rachael there in his chair, why did he still care about her after how she had hurt him? James knew the answer though his love for his cousin. He had given her what she wished he had given her freedom from him he had stayed away just like she wanted.

James barely paid attention to what was being said he was running on auto pilot. Having been through this so many times in his dream James just let himself say everything that he had in his dream he did everything just like his dream. The only thing so far that he had done different was that he had noticed the letter left by Rachael. It was almost dinner time James was out in the garage with his dad. James found it hard to act surprised when his dad showed him the ring for his mom. James knew what was going to happen later on tonight he had decided that either way he would continue with this.

James will let everything happen just as he dreamed it; he had made this decision while he was driving to his parent’s house.

- - -
So far everything had happened just as she had dreamed it, Rachael had decided to follow the dream and it seemed that everything will happen just like she dreamed it. Rachael’s only worry was what would happen when she reached the part where she wakes up? Her dreams never finished and she was worried about that. She had to force herself from letting her worry show, she felt like she had to continue with how she saw this day in her dream that is what she felt she had to do if she was to get James back in her life. Rachael loved James more than life and it had only been after he left that she came to realize how much she loved him.

Rachael realized how fast the day was moving she had just gone and told James and Frank that it was dinner time. One of the first surprises for James was about to be given the desert that she had made it was his favorite. Rachael knew what his reaction would be even though she was still nervous about it she knew that he would love it. Rachael also knew that she had still a few more hours of waiting till James and she would talk. Rachael was prepared she was ready to talk to James to let him know how bad she wanted him back in her life and how bad she wanted to be with him. Besides the desert she had another surprise for him she just hoped that this worked and that he would take her back.

Rachael on the inside was screaming wanting time to fast forward so she could talk to James so she could see his magnificent body coming out of the shower like she had in her dreams, just the thought of seeing James naked was enough to make her knees feel unsteady. Rachael took a few deep breaths as James finally started to eat her desert, the night was moving so fast at times other times she felt like time was standing still. Soon she could tell him; soon she could have him she knew it would happen tonight.

It happened just like the dream James had showered and was trying to get to his room before anyone could see his erection and she was there at the door looking at him when he opened it. Just like his dream as he walked past her to go to his room she asked if he did like her desert and of course he did and he told her just as he had in his dream, and just like his dream his towel fell off exposing his nude body to her.


Rachael was astonished that it had happened just like she knew it would. They talked in the hallway and the towel dropped and his nude body was exposed to her. She had seen his cock it was about 7” long and it was thick, the rest of his body was perfect as far as she was concerned. Rachael counted to 5 and walked to the door James just dashed into and very quietly opened the door. She saw him with the letter she had written and placed on his bed before she told Frank and James it was dinner time. James was still in a state of undress, slowly he turned his head and looked at her, his face had a look of shock with a hint of fear. James moved to the edge of his bed and moved from his laying position to a sitting one he made a gesture offering her a seat Rachael shook her head.

“James can we talk I would really want to talk about what happened the last time we saw each other. I know I was wrong I was hurt and that I had said some things that had hurt you, but four years. I don’t think that I deserve that, and mom and dad practically having
to beg you to tell them what was going on in your life they defiantly don’t deserve that.” She knew she did deserve what had happened she told him to stay out of her life and he had done just that. But she also knew that if she wanted him in her life she had to play this out just as the dream had shown her over and over again.

And here it was she was talking to him asking him why he hadn’t talked to her in four years and hardly ever talked to his parents and the feelings from his dream started to come to him. How could she ask him that she knew very well why he had stayed away from her. James would tell her how he felt now was the time. “Do you know how I felt when I left four years ago? How I felt when the little cousin I loved like a sister yelled at me calling me a big dumb jock for trying to keep her from being known as the sophomore slut to the football team, or how I felt when I was told that mom and dad were worried that I might screw my scholarship up because of my grades. How about this one when I was being told I shouldn’t take the scholarship that I should let someone take it that I wasn’t worth the time and effort. When we were growing up I didn’t mind you hanging around because I loved you. I always wanted a baby sister and you were that sister to me.”

As Rachael listened she understood how much she had hurt him. But he said something that surprised her and he had said he loved her. How did he love her was it the way she wanted, craved, needed? Her vision started to get watery as she listened to how badly she had hurt him in her fit of anger. She felt she could just barley understand how he felt when he left those long four years ago and how he had felt up until this point.

“And what really hurt Rachael was the look on your face. I knew what it was and it hurt the most. It was a look of total finality that you believed what you told me that you were done with me for the rest of your life. So when you told me to get out of your life and stay out I did. I didn’t want to hurt you anymore. I knew you were hurt when I threw Rickey out. He never came back did he? Did he even tell you I called his coach and told him that he was trying to force him self on some sophomore? I didn’t say any names the coach removed him from the team. He was tired of how Rickey treated the girls he was with and didn’t like what it was doing to the other players.” At this point Rachael started crying. She was crying for all she was worth. James couldn’t believe that he had made her cry he was just trying to let her know how he felt.

Rachael stood up and started moving for the door, as she reached for the handle she left James hand grab her wrist, she looked up at him and James did something surprised her. James pulled her into a hug, which she eagerly accepted. As James hugged Rachael he stroked her hair and rubbed his hand up and down on her back and whispering that he loved her and that he was sorry that he made her cry that he just wanted her to know how he felt. And then he said it again “Rachael I love you. That’s why I have stayed out of your life. I didn’t want to hurt you again. I have missed you. I just hope you love me as much as I love you. I only wanted the best for you. Please forgive me for hurting you.”

Rachael stood there with her cousin he was hugging her and telling her that he loved her and she wanted to know how he loved her. Rachael struggled to get ahold of herself to slow her crying, she felt so touched that even while trying to express how he felt that he cared about how she felt . All she wanted to do was stay in his arms and be close to him but if she didn’t make her move now she never would be able to. Rachael looked up at her cousin and looked into his eyes and then she made her move she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss.

James was shocked when his cousin looked up at him and looked into his eyes he couldn’t understand what he was seeing in her eyes. And then he felt her hands grab the back of his head and pull him into a kiss. It wasn’t a short sisterly kiss, it was a kiss that he had seen but never felt. It was soft and tender and in that one kiss she had opened her heart to him. James was overwhelmed; his mind was trying to comprehend what was happing. When Rachael pulled back from the kiss James looked into her eyes what he saw was fear. She was sacred how he would respond to her kiss.

Rachael looked into James eyes her only thought was he said he loves me show me how you love me. She felt James hand that was rubbing her back stop when she pulled him into the kiss. His hand was at the small of her back. Rachael looked up into James eyes trying to decipher what he was thinking she felt his hand begin to move up she felt James arms pull her closer to him and his hand go to the back of her head as he pulled her into a kiss. This kiss like the one she had given him was gentle and answered her question of how he loved her. She felt his lips begin to part and his tongue tentatively touch the front of her hips. She instantly responded by opening her lips and allowing his tongue to enter her mouth. As their tongues danced with each other she felt his other hand slide slowly down her body until it reached the small of her back hesitant to go any lower.

When James pulled back from the kiss he looked into her eyes the fear was gone replaced buy the same look he saw at dinner. He looked her right in the eyes “Rachael I love you, I love you more than a cousin, I love you more than a sister. I have fallen in love with you.”

This moment was the most important moment in his life. No matter what happened for the rest of his life James knew this moment would be one he remembers until the day he dies. James looked into Rachael’s eyes waiting for her to respond.

Rachael looked into her cousin’s eyes “James I love you I need you in my life, without you my life is empty. James I love you and I am in love with you.” Rachael didn’t wait for James to answer she pulled him into another kiss. Rachael felt dizzy everything was turning out just how she wanted how she needed it to happen.

James responded by kissing her back, no longer was he holding back his feelings he moved his hands from her back slowly down to her waist. Her hands locked behind his head Rachael wanting to keep him in the kiss as long as possible. Rachael waited a long time for this, and now that it was happening she didn’t want it to stop. They kissed for what seemed to be hours before James finally pulled away.

Rachael smiled “James I want you to be with me I want you to make love to me. But James I have to tell you I am a virgin, I knew I loved you more than I should and I didn’t know what you would do if I asked you to make love to me. I was scared of what you would say. I wanted you to be my first, I never dated after you left I was crushed I knew I had hurt you….”

That was as far as Rachael got before James leaned in and kissed her, she moaned into his mouth. James kissed her for what seemed like hours but was really only a few minuets pulled back “Rachael I have to tell you I am a virgin also, Rachael I have wanted nothing more than to tell you how I felt but I was also scared about how you would react. Then when I threw Rickey out and you told me to leave well I tried to forget how I felt about you. At college every woman I met I compared to you, at first I didn’t realize that. It took me a few years to understand why I wasn’t interested in any of the women at college. None of them were you or even like you. What do we do now? How do we proceed?”

Rachael looked into his eyes “Stay here I will be right back”. Rachael untangled herself from James and walked over to the door and out of his room. She went to her bed room and pulled and over to her dresser. She opened her dresser drawer and hidden between two of her shirts set the object of her search. This was another surprise for James, she bought just before she left college to come down to her parents. Rachael pulled out a dark blue teddy. It was silk and was almost see-through, Rachael quickly undressed and put the teddy on starting with the stockings, then put on the panties, and finally the main garment.

Rachael opened her door and looked down the hall, no one was there so she quietly walked down the hall she stopped in front of the door to her parent’s room and listened she heard a muffled snoring. Rachael proceeded to James’s room she quietly opened the door and shut it. James was lying on his bed he was on his side facing the door. When she entered Rachael saw James start to smile and noticed that his cock was hard very hard. “James baby this is my second surprise for you this is an early Christmas present I hope you enjoy unwrapping it.”

James was speechless he had never seen anyone look so beautiful he thought he must be looking at an angle. James found himself moving he stood up and walked over to Rachel and took her hand he led her to his bed and he picked her up. James looked at what Rachael had on and how she looked at this very moment. He wanted to remember this moment and he knew he would. James slowly lowered Rachael to his bed, her eyes looked deeply into his. “Rachael before we go any farther what about protection should I pull out I don’t have any condoms”.

“James for my first time with you I don’t want you to use any condoms and I don’t want you to pull out I want to feel you inside of me, I don’t want you covered I want you to fill me with your cum, and what ever happens will happen. Tonight I want you to enjoy our first time, and I want to enjoy how you feel inside of me. James cum and unwrap your present.”

James didn’t waste any more time, James leaned down and started kissing Rachael he then started to kiss down from her face to her neck being careful to restrain himself from biting her neck he didn’t want to give her a hickey. That would be very hard to explain to his parents. James kissed down from her neck on his way down James pulled down the fabric of Rachael’s teddy so that her right breast was exposed. James looked at Rachael’s breast in awe it looked so perfect the nipple was pink and hard. The areola was a light brown, the breast looked to good to James he leaned down and started to lick and kiss her breast. While James attacked Rachael’s right breast his hands uncovered her left breast. Soon James leaned back and looked at her left breast that was when he noticed it. Rachael’s left breast looked different the areola was a darker brown color and her left nipple was only half the size of her right.

Rachael knew what he was looking at she hoped that it didn’t change his mind about her.

James leaned down and started to lick and kiss Rachael’s left breast. Rachael was moaning loudly James pulled his head back and warned her that she had to keep it down or their parents would wake up. Rachael nodded and James went back to kissing and licking her breast. James slowly moved his hands down Rachael’s body till he got to her panties. He looked up at her and she again nodded, James moved down to her panties and looked at them they were set tight and showed the outline of her pussy. James hooked his fingers in the waist band of her silk panties and started to pull them down, down her panties went to her knees then off of her completely James held the panties looking at them. He put them to his nose and inhaled her sent it was intoxicating.

Rachael looked at James smelling her panties “So do you like this outfit I bought it just for you? I was worried you wouldn’t like the color or like how I looked in it”.

James looked at Rachael dropping her panties “Rachael I love your outfit it dose the impossible it makes you even look more beautiful, I am touched that you bought this just for me.” James leaned down and kissed her on the lips and started kissing down to her breast again kissing each nipple and then taking each into his mouth and sucking on them, he then kissed his way down over pulling her teddy with him when he reached her navel he kissed it and Rachael giggled and told him that she was ticklish there. James continued and kissed down till he reached the object of his desire.

Rachael was self conscious about how she looked to James but now all of that was out of her head she was only feeling pleasure every kiss was electric sending small jolts to her pussy.

James looked at her pussy, he expected her to be clean shaven but she had a small amount of neatly trimmed pubic hair. He loved it he had hoped she wasn’t shaved, James might be a virgin but he was still a man he had looked up many porn sites every site he visited the women were always shaved he thought that it didn’t look right. James removed the teddy from Rachael’s body which just left her stockings the same dark blue color as the rest of her outfit. James moved back to Rachael’s pussy he looked up at Rachael and into her eyes again she nodded he turned his attention to what was in front of his face.

James reached out and touched her outer lips and slowly traced the edges of her pussy with his fingers, in a trance James ran a finger up and down the length of the slit. Rachael started to moan when James leaned in and started to kiss her pussy he started at the clit and worked his way down when he reached the edge of her pussy he licked his way back to her clit. He repeated this process several times before shoved his tongue into her pussy, Rachael began to moan as her juices flowed out of her pussy James savored the taste. The taste was sweet but not to sweet but he instantly knew he was addicted.

Rachael was moaning loudly now she was trying to keep from being to loud but it was just too much James was making her feel so good. She only hoped that she could give him this much pleasure. A tingling sensation started deep within Rachael’s pussy it started to spread all over, Rachael’s toes curled, her back arched, and her muscles started to spasm. A short lived high pitch squeal escaped her throat as she thrashed around on James bed as her first orgasm over took her.

James held on to Rachael’s thighs for dear life keeping his mouth glued to Rachael’s pussy so he could get as much of her sweet nectar as possible. Rachael reached down and grabbed the back James’s head shoving his face hard into her pussy trying to keep his mouth in place. Slowly the pressure faded from the back of James’s head he looked up at Rachael what a sight she was. Her face had a picture of pure bliss her eyes were close and she was breathing heavily, each breath caused her breast to raise and fall her breast looked like perfect orbs which he could suck all night long. James noticed that the smell of his lover’s pussy was thick in his room; James smiled knowing that this would be an every day occurrence.

Rachael opened her eyes and looked at her lover, his face was coated in her juices and he had a lustful look in his eyes and a smile on his face. James’s 7” cock stood straight pointing at her as if saying come and lick me take me in your mouth. Smiling a lust filled smile Rachael walked over to James. She leaned in and licked some of her cum off of his face and smiled. She tasted good and couldn’t wait to see what James tasted like.

“It’s your turn James I hope I do this right this is my first time”. Rachel went to her knees and just looked at his cock it had grown atleast another inch or two, and had gotten a little thicker now. She wondered how she would fit the entire thing into her mouth. Rachael leaned down and kissed the head of James’s cock then worked her way down his shaft to his balls. Rachael opened her mouth and sucked one of his balls into her mouth and then she started to lightly suck on it then she opened her mouth and sucked his other ball into her mouth so that she had both of his testicales in her mouth and started to suck lightly on them. James’s moans filled her ears, she released his balls and started to kiss her way back up his cock. When she reached the head she licked the head of his cock Rachael then opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth slowly she lowered her head.

Rachael stopped when she started to gag and waited for a few seconds then started lowering her head again. James’s cock was thick it was difficult for Rachael to get his whole cock in her mouth but when she felt her noise touch his pubic hair she knew she had it all. Rachael raised her head till the tip was just inside her lips and then lowered it. Rachael started to bob her head up and down keeping a constant sucking pressure on his cock, using her tongue to lick the bottom of his cock as she went. It wasn’t long before James’s moans turned more urgent, soon she felt his cock start to swell she knew he was close very close to cumming but she had other plans for his cum and her mouth wasn’t in her plans to where she wanted his first load of cum.

‘Rachael I am about to cum.” It was on a downward movement that Rachael heard James’s warning she move her head up and let his cock slide out with a loud popping sound.

“James I want you to cum in my mouth but not the first time, the first time you cum it will be in my pussy. After tonight you can cum in my mouth all you want, but tonight every load of cum you shoot will be as deep in my pussy as we can get it.” Rachael didn’t know why she had to have it this way her first time she was scared to death that she might get pregnant, but for the moment she didn’t care she just wanted to feel James cum in side of her and fill her full. Rachael got up off her knees and lay down on the bed James walked to the foot of the bed and she spread her legs and looked up at him with a look of longing. “James I want you to get on this bed and make love to me and to fill me full of you’re cum.”

James looked at Rachael she was looking at him James leaned down and started kissing from her ankle up making his way to her pussy. James remembered hearing some of his team mates say the best way to take a woman’s virginity was to bring them to orgasm and then to shove your cock in as hard as you can, this way she will be so wrapped up in pleasure that the pain of having her hymen ripped wouldn’t be noticed. This is the way James wanted to take her virginity. “Rachael I am going to do this the best way I know how so that you wont feel much pain.”

Rachael nodded and bit her lower lip she was nervous she knew that loosing her virginity for the first time was supposed to be very painful, but she knew James wouldn’t lie he didn’t want to hurt her. Rachael knew James trying to make it as painless as possible. When she felt him start to kiss her pussy she started to get confused “James what are you doing I want you to” that’s as far as she got as he shoved his tongue back into her pussy. A low moan escaped from her throat as the tingling sensation started to overcome her again. Soon she was writhing on James’s bed in another orgasm shook her violently. It was at this moment she felt James grab ahold of her waist and then she felt something thick and hard push into her untested hole. And then it was inside of her she felt it rip thru her hymen but felt nothing but pleasure, still in the strong grip of her second orgasm.

James couldn’t believe how hard it was to keep a hold on Rachael’s hips, so he could align himself and enter her pussy. Once he got the head of his cock in Rachael’s virgin hole he knew he wasn’t going to last long it was like shoving his cock into a hot wet velvet vice. James didn’t expect the response he got when he ripped thru Rachael’s hymen, instead of any type of pain Rachael just moaned louder and proceeded to lift her hips trying to get him deeper in her body. Pushing his cock as deep as he could James was surprised when he was fully inside of Rachael and the head of his cock rested on her cervix.

Rachael’s moaning was getting louder, she couldn’t believe how James cock made her fill so full, his cock was so thick that it rubbed her entire pussy. Every time James thrust into her the head of his cock would hit her cervix it was just to much, Rachael thought that his cock had been custom made just for her pussy. The thought that she was having sex was James the only man she wanted was overwhelming, but now the thought that they were meant to be together was just too much she knew that she was near another orgasm and this one would be earth shattering. Rachael could feel James’s balls smacking her ass, balls that were full of cum that he was about to shoot deep into her pussy where it belonged where she wanted it.

James was not thrusting as hard as he could into Rachael. Every thrust he made was met by her lifting her hips trying to get him as deep as she could, James looked down at the angel beneath him. Her hair was disheveled and every where her eyes were closed, her breast bounced with every thrust the sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the room. She was moaning and it was getting louder and louder he couldn’t understand how his parents could not be woken up by this. But he didn’t care all he wanted to do was make this angel, this goddess his. James began to feel a tingle in his balls and he knew he was limited to a dozen strokes in before he would cum. “Rachel I am about to cum are you sure you want me to cum in side of you”?

Rachael wrapped her legs around James’s waist to keep him from pulling out she started using her legs to help push him in deeper “yes James yes fill me with your cum. Shoot it deep in my pussy please James cum in me please.”

The tingle James felt grew in intensity and traveled from his balls to the shaft of his cock and he knew he was about to give Rachael exactly what she wanted. He would leave his cum deep in his cousin, because she wanted it that way and if that’s what she wanted she would get it. “Rachael I am cumming, I am cumming in you!” James shoved his cock as hard as he could into Rachael’s pussy the head of his cock went into her cervix and into her womb, his cock exploded filling her womb with thick hot cum. Squirt after squirt shot from his cock into Rachael’s womb. James was pumping four years’ worth of cum into her, so much that she started to leak it was a pink color blood mixed with cum. James leaned down kissing Rachael to keep from yelling and waking his parents. Finally when the last squirts of cum left his body James collapsed exhausted and spent.

Why Did She Hate Me Pt 2

Rachael felt James’s cock grow thicker, then she felt James slam his cock into her then she felt his cock pulse and knew he was cumming inside of her, not her pussy but she knew he was shooting cum in her womb. When the first blast of cum shot into her it was hot, that was it her body started to convulse all she could get out was “Oh god” waves and waves of pleasure hit her. She had the biggest orgasm yet and every time James would shoot a new wad of cum into her womb she would have another orgasm, it continued till James had emptied his balls and had no more cum for her.
Rachael felt James collapse on top of her his face not even an inch from her face, his chest on hers. Rachael didn’t know where the energy came from but with what little energy she had left she wrapped her legs and arms around James. She didn’t want him to move she wanted him to stay like this as long as he could, James on top of her with his cock buried up to the hilt in her pussy.

As James started to recover he started to move and Rachael asked him to stay like this that she didn’t want him to move so he just lay there happily. Letting Rachael take as much from this moment as he was eventually his weight started to feel uncomfortable and she released him James rolled off of Rachael and laid beside her. Rachael rolled over on top of James looking at him and playing with his hair. “Rachael I love you I wish you didn’t live so far away I don’t know what I am going to do when we have to go back to college and I won’t be able to hug you or kiss you or make love to you.”

Rachael smiled it was time for James’s last surprise. “Well then lover you might like what I have to tell you. I talked to my college councilor we finished the paperwork to have me transferred to your college I told her that I would call her and let her know if she should send it or not. I told her that I had to get approval from my parents but James I wanted approval from you before I told her to send the papers off. Now I just need some where to live, I am sure you could think of some place I would be welcome.” With that Rachel smiled waiting for his answer.

James smiled “Rachael you can stay with me in my apartment.”

“James please take me again right now I need to feel you in me!”


James and Rachael made love four more times that night every time James cum he did so in Rachael’s pussy, during there last love making session Frank woke up hearing Rachael scream James’s name in orgasm. Frank opened the door to James’s room using a copy of the door key caught James and Rachael just as James filled her womb with cum for the 5th time that night. In a rage Frank grabbed James and pulled him off Rachael. Frank kicked James out of the house Rachael left willingly to be with James. Frank disowned James and Rachael he didn’t tell his wife why but just her he did not want to see either of them again.

That semester Rachael transferred and moved in with James. It few weeks after it was confirmed that James did get Rachael pregnant. Two weeks after it was confirmed Rachael and James got married, James graduated with his engineering degree and got a high paying job. Rachael gave birth to a baby boy, later Rachael graduated college with a doctor’s degree in pediatric medicine. Rachael is now pregnant again with there third child, and James is working on designing a new hydroelectric dam.
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