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I find out about Ashley's hunger for young stuff
I met Ashley at NCLA, Naked City Los Angeles, back in 1992. She was one of the models and regular contestants in the Ms. Nude “whatever” contest Dick Drost was holding that month. She was 21, blonde with a medium rack and a nice big ass. I happen to love nice big asses. She was also one of the sluttiest girls I’ve ever met. I still wonder to this day if she had any limitations, one of which I was soon to find out was not having sex with teens under the age of 18.

Ashley lived in a mobile home that belonged to her grandmother. Granny lived somewhere else of course which gave Ashley the freedom to pursue one of her favorite past times, sex, sex, and more sex. As she and I came to be friends I would hang out at her place and noticed that a number of the neighborhood teens would drop by from time to time to visit her. Then one evening after a few too many drinks things took a different turn. Two young men came over to hang out for a while. She offered them some beers which I didn’t find a problem figuring they looked old enough. After downing a few Ashley put on some music and started dancing for us. I’d seen her dance nude many times at Naked City but didn’t expect her to do the same in front of the boys. I was so wrong. Ashley slowly began stripping for us all removing piece after piece of her clothing until she was completely nude. She then came over to us one at a time bending over in front of us spreading her ass wide open before planting her plump ass on our laps for a mini lap dance. What came next was the surprise. Ashley looked at one of the boys and told him, “your turn.” She sat down next to me on the sofa as this teen boy stood up and started to dance and strip. Now I’m a pretty open-minded guy so I figured what the hell, why not. This kid was built tall and lean without an ounce of fat. As he took his clothes off I started to feel a little aroused. It was a sexy scene indeed. As he slipped his underpants off his erect cock sprung out into view arcing toward the ceiling. He then came over to Ashley and presented it to her to which she reached out and gave it a quick kiss. He sat down and it was then the other boys turn to do the same. While he was dancing and stripping a thought raced into my mind, “was I going to be next?” At the end of the second boys dance he also came over to Ashley and she also gave his hard teen cock a kiss. The second boy sat down and then all eyes turned to me as the words came out of her sexy mouth, “your turn.” My turn! In a million years I would have never thought the day would come when I would be asked to dance and strip in front of two boys half my age. To begin with I am not much of a dancer, so that was definitely going to be the embarrassing part. I was also not nearly in the shape these boys were being in my late 30’s. But hey, no way I was going to be a party pooper. It may not have been artistic but I gave it my best shot moving in time to the music while trying not to fall over while removing my pants. When I was finally naked I struck a few poses just for the heck of it and got some good laughs. Then it was my turn to stand in front of Ashley as she planted a soft wet kiss on the head of my now hard cock. Now that we were all nude what was there to do? Keep dancing of course. I don’t know the name of the song but the lyrics include “jump around jump around.” So that’s what we all did. It was almost comical with the jiggling flesh, bouncing tits, balls sacks, and bobbing hard cocks. All of this was making me extremely horny and I wasn’t the only one. At some point Ashley laid down on the floor spreading her legs. Her slender fingers reached down to open her pussy lips for us to view the wetness inside. Not needing an invitation the three of us joined her on the floor, one of the boys on his knees by her head with the other boy and me kneeling on opposite sides of her chest. The three of us started stroking our cocks while encouraging her to finger fuck herself. Ashley was getting hotter and hotter and told us to play with our cocks for her. The boy at her head scooted forward to place his cock at her mouth. Ashley’s tongue lashed out licking it like a wild woman in heat. I and the other boy began rubbing our cocks on her nipples getting them hard and sticky from our pre-cum. Now I have to tell you, I have more than one state of arousal. I have regular hard and then I have very horny hard. Somehow my cock swells up to another level depending of the excitement. Well I had reached that level and I wasn’t the only one to notice. To my surprise it wasn’t Ashley, it was the boys. One of them said, “Look at the size of his cock!” I sort of stopped for a moment before saying thanks and wondering where this might go. I decided to find out. I took my hands off my cock placing them on my hips and said, “you can feel it if you like.” I figured I had nothing to lose, they could either say no way and I could turn it into a joke, or they could take me up on my offer. It turned out to be the latter. So here I am kneeling next to a horny hot blonde woman with a young boy stroking my cock. Another million year thing. It was amazing. His hand was caressing my cock from its base to the head and back down. I was being masturbated by a kid half my age and loving it. His buddy, now with his ball sack in Ashley’s mouth, urged him on and then dared him to suck it. I couldn’t believe what I just heard or the fact that he would take on that dare. As he removed his hand and leaned forward toward the head of my now painfully erect cock I sucked in my breath and waited. And then I felt it, his warm mouth enveloping my cock. I can’t begin to explain how good his mouth felt but I do know one thing, this was not his first time sucking a cock. After what seemed like an eternity, probably really only a minute or two, I had to make him stop before I blew my load down his throat. All I could say was wow. My little teen cocksucker then told his buddy that he needed to take a turn so they switched places, Ashley got a new ball sack to lick, and I had a new mouth on my cock. It was all good. I couldn’t handle much more so I backed off and heard my cock go pop as it left his still sucking young mouth. I needed to cum, and fast. I got between Ashley’s legs and pushed my cock into her wet pussy. The boys moved to either side of her head with the tips of their cocks next to her mouth. It was almost surreal. I was fucking Ashley like it was the end of the world while the boys were jacking off over her face. I came first but kept up the pumping action until Ashley came. It was then the boys turn and they amazingly did at the same time. Spurt after spurt of teen cum shot into Ashley’s open mouth and onto her cheeks. I rolled off and just laid on the floor for a while to regain my strength. The boys had done the same and were now sitting on either side of Ashley while she nonchalantly wiped the cum from her face with a finger and then licked it clean. After a bit the boys got up, got dressed, said their thanks and goodbyes, and headed home.

Ashley and I began to talk about what had just happened and how much fun it was. It really was a lot of fun. She then said that she had a secret to share but I had to promise not to tell anyone, ever. I agreed of course. “The boys”, she said, “are only 17.” My first thought was, “Oh Shit!!” But my second thought was, “is there more?” Ashley then confided in me that she had a taste for young sex. Not real real young, but at least in their teens. Under the guise of using them as babysitters Ashley had a regular group of the neighborhood teens than she engaged in sex with. Most of them were boys, ages 16 and 17, but she also had one 15 year old girl that was part of the group. Being bisexual, one of Ashley’s rules to be in the group was that you had to be bisexual. Well, that immediately answered my question about the boy’s excellent cocksucking skills. It was wrong of course to have sex with minors but it was also extremely hot, and after the experience I just had I wanted more. I was also now horny again and wanted to fuck Ashley again. I laid back on the sofa and she climbed on top sliding her still sopping wet pussy down over my cock. This time it was going to be long and slow. She moved her hips up and down grinding into my pubic hair on each down stroke. All the while I whispered in her ear about how fucking sexy she was and what a turn on it was to see her with the boys. I told her that if doing two boys at once was so much fun then why not more. I could see the light go on in her eyes. She had met a man that wanted what she wanted, and it was me. Ashley moaned as I laid out a scenario while we fucked, a scenario of a teen orgy with four of five of her boy toys and her little 15 year old girl toy. The thought was too much for her as I could feel her pussy muscles spasm around my cock. She started bucking wildly at the idea of a sea of teen cockmeat for her to suck and fuck. She was cumming and it was now time for me to cum also as I too was spurred on by the thought of boy cock and young teen pussy. I could hold back no longer as I shot my load deep into her womb. A few minutes later we showered, snacked, and planned a future weekend of teen sex and debauchery. But that is a story for another time.

To be continued in part 2.


2013-12-10 10:36:25
Ashley is a real person by the way and I have pics of her posted on My user name there is the same to help with your search.

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