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The weather was deteriorating fast. My folks had called to tell me to be sure the boat was ready for a storm. Although it had been a cool day it was very nice for this time of year but the temperature had been falling fast for an hour now and it was going to get much colder still. It would be dark soon and I wanted everything outside secure so I could get back inside the cottage and warm up.

As I walked back to the cottage I braced as a powerful gust tugged at me. Suddenly it began to rain. I pulled my raincoat tight around me and pulled my hood over my head. In a second it was pouring. Turning the corner to the porch I caught a flash of pink out on the trail in the forest. I knew everyone who lived around here but the girl I saw was a stranger. She was young and pretty and certainly wasn't dressed for this weather. Her pink hoodie and capri pants were no match for the wind and rain. She must be mad I thought or more likely lost. I called to her. "Are you okay?"

She looked up and stopped. "I guess I'm kind of lost," she called back. The rain was now coming down in torrents. She couldn't be wanting to be out here so I called back, "come in out of the rain! You must be freezing."
She hesitated. Seeing a girl about the same age and size as herself she decided I was safe, then turned and scurried toward me saying, "yes. Thank you." Skirting the growing puddles, she dashed to the door. Once inside I saw she was petite like me, perhaps a bit older and a little taller. She had long blonde hair and kind eyes. She was shivering and soaking wet. Her little white tennis shoes were wet right through. In spite of looking somewhat drowned she was very pretty. She smiled broadly at being rescued.

"How on earth did you find yourself here," I asked, genuinely concerned.

"I'm visiting with my, my, a friend," she stammered. "I was angry and went for a walk to calm down then found I was lost. I'd run out and left my phone there. The weather gets nasty fast out here doesn't it?"

Yes it can. It's a little early in the year to go walking about dressed like that. Are you alright? You seem upset."
"No no! I'm fine," she said hastily.

"No you're not," I said. "It's okay, you're safe here. Why don't you slip out of those shoes and warm yourself by the fire." I smiled disarmingly and held my hand out to her. She smiled back with a quick nod, slipped off her shoes without untying them, took my hand and let me lead her to the fireplace.

Leaning over she began to warm her hands. Her long wet hair hung obscuring her face so she didn't see me looking at the curves of her bum. We both looked up as the phone jangled. It was my folks calling to see how things were. They'd met up with friends and ducked in out of the storm to share a drink and catch up so they'd be late and that I should eat when everything was ready. I asked them to hold a moment and turned to her.

"Would you like to join me for supper?" I asked sincerely. The smell of roasting beef was tantalizing in the air.

"Oh no. No thank you." She replied. "I'll just wait for this squall to pass and be on my way. I'm glad for the fire but I really don't want to impose."

"Don't be silly," I said. "It's my folks on the phone and they're running late. I'd rather not eat alone and besides, this weather isn't going anywhere for at least a day. Why don't you stay. I honestly would be grateful for the company. I'll clear the line so you can check in with your friends. I'm sure they're worried about you. We can sort you out later when you're warm and dry. Please, I insist."

After a brief protest she agreed. I told my folks I was good and had some company drop in. They were pleased and said that they would likely stay with their friends for the evening and have dinner and drinks. I told them to stay and be safe, I'd be just fine on my own. We agreed to catch up a little later. I turned the phone over to her and while she had a hushed conversation I went to put the kettle on.

"Okay," I said. "Why don't I make us a cup of tea while you dry off and get settled." I took her to the bathroom then quickly returned with my favorite thirstiest towel, a pair of track pants, a tee shirt, socks and jumper. "Take a warm bath if you like and I'll be busy out here. Make your self at home. There's more towels in the closet in here if you need them.

As I returned to the kitchen I heard the shower run. Pleased, I set about getting some refreshments. I grabbed Dad's snifters and poured a healthy tot of Grand Marnier in each then set them on the floor near the fire. The kettle whistled so I made tea, set a service on the coffee table with a some nuts and cookies, then stoked the fire. It crackled and roared as the storm closed in around us.

It was almost dark now with heavy overcast so I switched on the kitchen lights and a lamp in the living-room. Quickly I checked my potatoes and saw they were nearly boiled. In no time I had some veg ready and a light salad too. Hmmm, Dad won't mind I thought, so I opened a nice robust bottle of red and set it to breathe while we had our tea by the fire. It was all quite cozy when I saw her emerge from the bathroom.

She was looking much better, dry and dressed in my things. Her hair was up in a towel and she looked a bit out of place. "Come," I said. "I've got something to warm you. Now you just make yourself at home," I said firmly as I offered her the easy chair. "May I offer a drink to help warm you?" The snifters were nice and warm, the smell of orange mingled nicely with the fire, the earthy aroma making it all the more inviting. She smiled almost guiltily as she accepted it for my outstretched hand.

Curled up there with our tea and brandy we got acquainted. I liked her very much right off the bat. I also noticed that she was much much more than just a pretty girl. She was very good looking indeed and even sexier. How could I not like what she wore. It was making me wet seeing her dressed in my things, knowing her naked body was touching them. I felt as if I was staring as I studied the shape and character of her face, her full red lips and dazzling white teeth. She halted, seeming to notice how intently I was looking at her.

"I'm sorry," I said, "but I was just thinking of how glad I am that you'd become lost. I was in for a rather boring evening and now I'm very happy and having a great time," I said sincerely. Her eyes lit up and she relieved me with a megawatt smile. "Tell me, how is it that you needed rescuing?"

"I came here with my boyfriend against my better judgement. It's not been going so good with him lately but I thought some time alone with him would, or at least could, be good for us." She threw her head back and said, "he can be such an asshole! I was getting pretty fed up with his bullshit and couldn't resist ripping into him! I don't know if I have bad luck or even if I ask for it sometimes but I'm sooooo done with him right now. Anyway, I stormed off before I ripped his face off. I wasn't paying any attention to where I was going and when it started getting cold I realized I didn't have a clue where I was. I'd hoped I'd see someone but I guess everyone was coming in out of the cold. I saw the smoke from your fireplace and hoped this was his place." Smiling broadly again she said, "now I'm glad it wasn't. You've shown me more attention and kindness in less than an hour than he has in months."

"And there'll be more of that, I promise you," I said with conviction. "Sit tight and mull while I finish in the kitchen." She gestured 'no' and started to rise but stopped when I said in an admonishing tone, "be a good guest now and enjoy your drink. I'll be done in no time. Are you hungry?"

"Starving," she said.

"If you like, you'll find my brush on the counter by the bathroom sink," and with that I shuffled off into the kitchen. I pulled out the roast and covered it with foil so it could rest. Quickly I drained the potatoes and set about mashing them. The drippings were starting to boil as I was coming with my gravy fixings. As all this was coming together the veggies boiled so using the water from the pot for my gravy I drained and seasoned them. The table I'd set earlier but I decided on a couple of candles to create a mood. She rose as the food came out and with a querying look asked where to sit.

I placed us across the long side of the table. As I finished setting out the food I called, "be a good girl and pour us some wine." With a flourish she poured smiling happily. I raised my glass and toasted, "to an asshole free night!" We clinked our glasses and dug in.

It was a fine meal and we ate with relish. We talked and laughed and ate and drank. By the time we were done we'd become fast friends. Flushed from the wine we cleared up and washed the dishes. I brought the candles to the adjoining living-room and turned off all the lights. On the way back to the fire I grabbed the bottle of brandy, gestured her back to her chair and plopped myself on the floor at her feet. Retrieving our snifters I poured another bracer, set them back beside the blaze to warm and stoked my fire again.

As it came back to life, crackling loudly I turned to face her. Even being a bit rumpled I could see she had movie star good looks and watching the reflection of flames dancing in her eyes made her all the more alluring. We'd had so much fun over our meal and I hoped she was feeling at ease as much as I was. I was in perfect bliss. "Comfy?" I asked.

"Very," she replied. "Maybe too comfy. Between the brandy and wine I'm swooning." She crawled from the chair to the floor beside me. Seeing my brush, I reached for it and positioned myself behind her. Slowly and deliberately I began to brush her long soft hair. Taking the utmost care I smoothed it and untangled it. When it was shimmering in the firelight I set down the brush and moved to face her. I was very much taken aback to see she was crying silently.

I held her face in my hands and with my thumbs I gently wiped away her tears. I leaned forward and kissed her forehead. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"If you could only know what a terrible day I've had. Now, to have you treat me like a cherished friend, feeding me and brushing my hair, making me feel so welcome, I wonder why it takes a stranger to make me feel what my man should."

"He must be a fool."

"Or maybe I am."

"You're no fool. I mean right now you recognize what you want, what you feel, what you deserve. You're breaking my heart. I could see your grief and I'd hoped to release you from it, if only for an evening. Now I feel we are true friends, lasting friends. I like you very much you know. Now come here and cry this out. Like you said, 'he's such an asshole.' I took her head in my arms placing her cheek on my breasts and let her weep.

She cried and I held her. I felt her pain and wanted only to soothe it. When she began to calm I held her face in my hands and looked into her eyes. In the soft flickering light, with only the sounds of the rain and her tears falling I brought my lips to her. With tenderness and affection I ever so gently kissed the tears on her cheek, then without thinking, I kissed the tears on her lips.

Her lips were so soft, sensuous pillows of warmth and salty pleasure. She let me kiss them without remorse or hesitation. My heart beat faster as I drew her closer to me, pressing my lips harder, wanting her to feel me healing the hurt she felt so deep in her soul. They were still, yet inviting, then, very subtly they quivered as she began to kiss me back. I caressed and stroked her hair, my kiss more urgent now. I felt her head move back, our kiss now more direct, more mutual. More and more deeply we kissed one another, deliberately now she was kissing me back. We both jumped as the phone shattered the silence, it's jarring ring tearing us apart!

It was my folks checking in. They were still drinking with friends and were going to sober up to drive home if I wanted. I told them I would rather they stay there, have fun and come back safe and sober in the morning. They agreed and wished me good night.

I turned to look at her. She was sitting in front of the easy chair with her knees pulled up to her face and arms wrapped around her knees. She'd buried all but her eyes in her knees and stared at the fire. I felt a bolt of alarm run through me like an electrical current. I'd be sick if I'd offended her and was rejected. I felt on the verge of panic.

"I, I'm sorry," I sputtered. "I had no right to do that. Please don't be angry with me."

After a pause that seemed to last forever she turned to face me and said, "don't be sorry. I liked it. I kissed you back. It's just that I've never been kissed by a girl before. It felt good, very good. I've wanted to be intimate with a girl but never acted on it. I'm glad you did." She went back to her silent reverie, staring back into the flames.
I went to the spare room and brought back blankets, pillows and a heavy comforter. Carefully and neatly I laid them in front of the fire. Quickly I went to my parents room and grabbed their comforter and added it to the pile. Next I took clean sheets, laid them on the pile and tucked them in. Finally I returned with my comforter and pillows adding them to the top. I opened the bed exposing the sheets.

"Come," I said, extending my hand. "lay with me. We have all night without anymore interruptions" She looked up and reached for my hand. With a tug I pulled her to her feet. Moving over to the bed she stepped onto one side and looked down at it thinking. She sat down and leaned back on her hands. I sat cross-legged in front of her taking both her feet in my lap, pulled off her socks and began to massage them. She had nice slender unblemished feet. It was obvious she takes good care of herself. It looked as though she'd had a pedicure very recently. Her skin was smooth and soft and her toenails were painted the same pink as her hoodie. I thought they were cute perfect little toes and resisted the urge to kiss them.

She was obviously enjoying my touch but said nothing so I too remained silent. Slowly but deliberately I moved to her ankles and under her sweatpants to her calves. As I bent her legs at the knee and tucked in a little closer she laid on her back and began to relax. I pulled her pant legs up to her knee. With long strokes I massaged her calves and feet. I gave each leg and foot special individual attention. I could feel she was becoming more and more at ease making me more confident.

Touching her and soothing her was making me nicely aroused. I was wet and getting wetter. I moved my hands up to her knees. Slipping my finger tips under her cuffs I pushed them higher and began to stroke her inner thighs. As I did this she spread her legs. I wanted to go higher yet but her pants were binding and it was becoming awkward so I moved back down, confident that I should become even more bold.

I stood up and pulled off my jumper, sweatpants and socks. I'd been dressed as she was but now had on just panties and a soft cotton tee shirt with no bra. As I sat to slip in the bed with her she reached up and in a single motion pulled off her jumper, then to my relief reached down and took off her pants. She was now bare but for her shirt. I looked at her near naked form and smiled a devilish grin. She then returned my smile and flung off her shirt revealing full, firm breasts with tight erect nipples.

I'd hoped she was as aroused as I was. Quickly I finished undressing and slipped naked into bed with her. We laid face to face and pulled the covers up to our necks. Now comfortable and cozy warm we embraced, rubbing our bodies against each other. The fire and sounds of pounding rain, the flickering light and soft sheets made it all seem so much more intimate than just falling into my bed. Our faces touched and we began to kiss each other.
I'm always aware of the difference kissing a girl than kissing a man. There's a softness to a woman and the way they kiss that doesn't compare. They feel and smell different. I could smell the scent of fresh strawberries in her long, soft flowing hair and the tang of sweet orange, light on her breath. She had no perfume but for the natural scent of her body, her musk so subtle, so fresh. Her lips were much fuller and softer than a man's, her kiss more sensual. We were also about the same size making our contact points along our bodies stimulating in a way only a girl can.

My hands were moving over her body, hers probing too. We kissed more deeply, our tongues dancing in each other's mouths. I rolled on top of her, my leg sliding between hers. I could feel her pussy warm and wet on my thigh. Her back arched to make better contact and she began to rub herself on my leg. Taking a breast in my hand I cupped it and felt it's firm fullness. Her nipple was fully erect and she moaned softly as I gently pinched and twirled it all the while driving my tongue deep into her mouth and flicking the back of her throat with the tip.
I then moved my hand down her belly and slid a finger between her lips. She opened wider, encouraging the intimacy of my touch. Emboldened, I spread her lips wide and plunged a finger into her drenched pussy. Her embrace tightened as she moved her hips to draw my finger in deeper. I pulled out and placed two fingers on her clit moving in a slow tight circle. With a firm stroke I slid down and into her pushing in as deep as I could go. She gasped and bucked.

I fucked her with my fingers as I moved my mouth down her body taking an erect nipple in my mouth. As she ran her fingers through my hair I sucked and covered it with my lips. With teeth behind my lips I bit her, clamping her nipple between my lips and teeth. As I sucked harder I tugged while stroking the inside of her pussy. She was moaning convulsively now, losing herself in the sensation. I played and tormented each breast and nipple making her squirm and moan.

Releasing her nipples I pressed my body lower. Taking her hips in my arms I reached around with my fingers and opened her wide. Using my tongue spread broadly I licked the full length of her pussy stopping at her clit. I kissed it hard as she mashed it on my lips. Pulling an arm around I touched her opening then drove two fingers deep inside her as I sucked her clit. Exploring inside her I found her g-spot and stroked it as I continued to suckle. With a deep guttural moan she came in my mouth. Her hands were pushing on my head but I forced back against her and sucked gently. Pulling my hand back, I was able to put the tips of all my fingers inside her lips. She was now pouring wet and moving her hips out of control. Using her motion, pressing harder and harder still, I worked my tiny hand up into her. As my top knuckles disappeared inside her she gasped. At the same time I rubbed her clit with the tip of my tongue and she shook with a monstrous orgasm.

I held still as she erupted. Her cries were loud, almost animal. She clenched my fingers hard and quaked. As her orgasm subsided so did her grip. Slowly I pulled my hand back then out of her while keeping my lips on her clit. As she laid back flat on her back and began to catch her breath I eased my stimulation on her clit and using my lips, massaged the inside of her lips. Opening my mouth wide I was able to pull her lips inside mine, then as I gently sucked I spread hers with the tip of my tongue. Her clit was swollen and tender so I avoided over stimulating it as my tongue roamed to her vagina, then inside it, then over the inside of her lips, lazily exploring and tasting her.
My face was now covered in her cum. I moved back to her face and kissed her lips. Tasting herself she kissed me back seeming to enjoy her nectar almost as much as I did. We embraced and kissed intimately, all hands caressing and fondling. Finally I laid back, her head on my arm. She nuzzled in beside me and pulled the covers back up around us.

We cuddled and fondly stroked one another. I rolled on my back pulling her on top of me. She propped herself on her elbows looking into my eyes and smile contentedly. She moved her face to mine and kissed my lips. Now, more intensely, she made passionate love to my mouth, taking full control. I laid back, arms above my head in full surrender. She straddled me and began to explore my body with her hands taking special attention with my breasts and nipples. Her touch felt wonderful and made me dripping wet. Lower she moved, now using her mouth on my nipples, hands constantly caressing. My hips began to move and I wanted to spread my legs.

She positioned herself so we could rub our pussies together. We came clit to clit, her hands on my hips. She was as wet as I was and we rocked there together. Her rhythm increased as I felt my orgasm rise. Sensing my pleasure she moved faster and harder until I was holding her and cumming hard. With my back arched, my feet flat on the bed I came again, moaning and gasping. Together we fell in a panting heap.

She slid down and took my hips in her arms, spread my pussy and gently tasted and explored me. Without rushing, sensing my needs and pleasure she indulged herself with me. I held her head and stroked her hair, guiding and encouraging her. She then placed two fingers at my opening and entered me. I moved my hips to get them in deep. She stroked me inside then brought her lips to my clit as I had done with her and brought me slowly and sweetly to climax as she finger fucked me. Now holding my hips in her arms, her tongue lapping up my wetness , we relaxed.

For the rest of the night we loved and slept in that makeshift bed. She'd awakened to her new sexuality and I reconfirmed my love of women's charms and bodies. It was the beginning of a great affair, something I'd neither forget or regret.

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Great story, junksoaker. I'd probably agree with the couple of other readers who've posted about the ambiguity in the characters' ages. I wouldn't necessarily come right out and say "A is 19, B is 22", but a couple more clues in thoughts/actions/dialog/description as to the intended age would be nice.

Also, I'm curious about the lack of names in the story. Was that intentional? On one level, this almost creates a sense that this could be happening to anyone...but there was enough dialog between the two characters that it seemed just a bit odd that they didn't at least introduce themselves.

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