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Blonde Newscaster takes a Terrible Journey
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Prior: Megyn Kelley - Surprise Sex

Prior: Megyn Kelley - Terrible fate

Prior: Megyn Kelley - Terrible journey

Prior: Megyn Kelley – Dancing Melons

(Broadcaster Blonde MILF Bitch has been nabbed and is being held by Pro Football player
Michael and other players at a rural location. Michael has her strung up and is working over her legs with a power washer, he blasted her breasts and now……….)

Megyn screamed as her sensitive flesh stung from the water.
Michael played with her tits, spraying one and then the other, watching them jiggle, shake.
Her fucking MILF TITS flopped up and down.

“Make them Dance. Bounce those Melons. “
Michael played to the crowd. He sprayed her breasts side to side, up and down.
The players were singing making up rap lyrics to go with bouncing breast, they
called it the


“Make them Dance.” Back and forth , up and down they moved.

Her breast meat became redder and redder with each wave of water. Satisfied every piece of
her breasts were red and sore, Michael signaled for the bitch to be lowered. When her feet touched the
ground the chains were removed from her skinned ankles.

She was still suspended by her arms. Michael kissed her on the lips. I am going to make love to
you now. Megyn could barely reply, begging him to stop. He held her reddened breasts in his hands
as he watched the terrible pain in face. He squeezed and rubbed each tit watching in fascination
her contorted face. He reached down and slapped her flayed ass emblazoned with “HOE”.

Megyn was hardly conscious as they let her down. Michael looked down at her crumpled body.
Her tortured MILF tits were so inviting. The ones she flaunted so often on
her TV show.

Megyn’s tits were red as a beet from the water. In some places the skin was flayed away completely.
Michael imagined his cock sliding along her tortured meats, wearing away the skin.
Megyn lay on the ground, curled up in pain and fear surrounded b y Michael, Shawn and the other football players. “Sorry piece of Trash.” “You are not such a big deal now.”
Two of the players grabbed her and turned her over, stretching her out on the ground.

“Leave me alone. You are going to kill me. Stop. Eonough, Oh please.”
Megyn was crying, begging. The White Bitch crying just turned the guys on more.
Four men grabbed her, one on each limb. They lifted her up and swung her back and forth.

The pain returned to her joints as she was stretched, swinging back and forth, up and down, around in a circle..

EYAAAAAA the men shouted and threw her up in the air letting go flying through the air..
THUUUDDDDD. Stunned Megyn laid on the ground.
Megyn was exhausted. Acting on instinct she tried to crawl away.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Megyn cried out as Michael stepped on her hand with his
booted foot. “Where do you think you are going.”

“What is that? What are you going to do now?”
Michael threw the chain to the floor. It was a small tractor tire chain.
He spread it out so the studs were up and spread it out , about 24 inches wide.


Megyn struggled in total panic as the dragged her over on the chain, laying face up.
They held her laying on the chain, with part of her butt and her waist.
Michael wrapped the chain around her waist two times and tied the links.
Sobbing Megyn lay on the ground with the chain already biting into her skin.
Shawn attached the winch cable to the chain.
“Michael please.” Megyn begged weakly. Michael laughed and motioned for the winch
to start hoisting her up. They raised it slowly, inch by inch, the chain and studs biting in deeper.

Michael ran his hands over the chain looking how the metal studs were biting into her skin.
The bitch was sobbing, quivering as Michael pulled and tugged on the links.
They raised herr slowly so he could watch the chains tighten, listening to her screams.

Face up the winch slowly raised Megyn off the ground. Her back bent painfully backward.
Her arms and legs flayed wildly looking for something to hold on to take the pressure off.
Finally she hung from the waist face up, back arched painfully. Her head hung down at a painfull angle.
Her arms and legs dangled helplessly. The chain and studs bit into her waist.

The more she twisted, the more the studs bit in. She tried desperately to stay quiet but the
stress on her back was terrible.

Michael straddled her chest and her grabbed flayed breasts. Megyn screamed as pulled by her
tits and began to rub his cock along the skinless breast meat. He grasped her nipples with his
fingers squeezing brutally. He pushed her breasts together sliding his dick between them.

Megyn hung helplessly, her back bent terribly backward. Shawn grabbed her red thighs and slid between her legs. He plunged his cock inside her . Michael and Shawn pushed against each other
screwing her between them without letup. Michael grabbed her breasts with his hand at the base
as he continued his brutal tittie fuck. He squeezed them hard, distorting them terribly.

The little skin left on her breasts wore away as Michael looked for every way to torment them.
He slapped them back and forth and then began scratching with his finger nails. The tit meat
hung from his finger nails. Shawn held her thighs forcing his cock inside her as deep as possible.

Michael fucked her tits faster and faster, finally he came on Megym’s battered breasts, the cum mixing with the blood and skin. Shawn came inside her leaving her hanging by the chain.

Megyn hung from the chain, a battered piece of bitch meat. Michael and Shawn had satisfied themselves but there were six more thugs waiting their turn. Her tits were now raw meat, first
flayed by the pounding power washer and then mercilessly tittie fucked . Barely conscious she watched the men around her.

Chained by the waist and hanging face up her body stretched in a terrible painful position.
“OH let me down, my back, stop, please let me down.”
“Oh nooooooo.” A thug grabbed her head, hanging down pulled her mouth up to his crotch, forcing
himself inside her mouth. The group watched as one by one the thugs satisfied themselves on her
helpless body.

Cum dripped from her face, her bloodied tits, her raw and beaten pussy. Hot piss stung hitting her
bitch face contorted in pain. She hung helpless, barely conscious as the piss ran off her face.
Michael ran his hand over her chained waist looking how the chain bit into her skin, deeper and deeper.
The men were talking laughing, joking about what they would do next, each trying to out do each other.

To Be Continued.

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Aren't you going to finish Megyn? This sweet pieice of pussy needs to summarily raped and then snuffed!

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time for some serious shit for this cunt

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