A Summer I'll Never Forget
My family owns a 30 acre farm in Oklahoma. We raise all kinds of vegetables and every summer, a bunch of high school kids come to work for us. This past summer, an 18 year old guy named Billy came on the scene. The dude had a bangin body, good tan and was totally straight acting.

I'm 23 and bi-sexual. As soon as I saw Billy, I couldn't help but fantasize about what I wanted to do with him. So my summer was off to a good start. I do a lot of odd jobs around the farm and every summer I get to pick one of our workers to help me. Obviously, I went straight for Billy.

He was eager to please; the type of guy that catches on fast and a damn good worker. While the other workers were off picking the crop, me and Billy would be off doing something else. We got along great, joking around and just being guys. We talked about girls we'd been with, craziest places we'd had sex and stuff like that. He was so straight that I figured nothing would ever happen between us, but I still thought about it a lot.

Billy liked to work with his shirt off. He usually wore jeans and when he took his shirt off you could see a big bulge in his pants. He had a hard, smooth body, nice abs, cut biceps and it was all topped off with these hot 18 year old nipples. So just like any other competetive guy, I always took my shirt off too, just to show off a little. Working on a farm, you can't help but be in shape.

So the summer was going along and I was tortured everyday by being around him but not being able to do anything with him. I jerked off so many times just thinking about him. I would get so frickin hard wondering what his dick looked like and how it would feel throbbing in my mouth. I wanted to lick the sweat off his balls while I stroked his cock.

We even went swimming at the creek one day. I had to practice a lot of self control that day just so I wouldn't get hard in front of him. He looked so damn hot standing there in the sun, dripping wet, getting ready to do another trick off the swing rope. One time when he dove in the water, his shorts came down a little which gave me a peak of his ass. We laughed about it, but he had no idea what a thrill it was for me. While we were driving home on the interestate, we kept our shirts off so we could dry with the windows down. I had to keep my shirt over my crotch because I was hard as a rock.

More and more I started thinking that Billy wanted to mess around just as bad as I did. Like one day we were picking peppers and he pulled up this huge pepper and put it on his crotch like it was a hard dick. He said, "hey Blake, look at this." We laughed about it but it definitely made me start thinking. Another day, while we were working and talking trash like usual; he said "if I washed my dick, would you suck it?" I laughed and said, "sure dude, whip it out." All of a sudden, he got this wierd look on his face and flashed a grin. That's when it happened, I looked down and could tell he had a hard-on.

We both knew it was on at that point. We dropped what we were doing out in the field and ran over toward the pond where there were a bunch of trees. We already had our shirts off because it was a hot day. I started out by running my tongue up his sweaty stomach straight up to his right nipple. I sucked on it for a while and then I felt his hand massaging my cock through my shorts. I was already rock hard and he reached in my shorts and started playing with my balls and rubbing my shaft a little. I continued working my tongue all over his chest and then his neck and around his ear. Billy through his head back as a sign that he was defintely enjoying himself.

We stopped for a second and started tearing our clothes off. His dick was straight up and throbbing. I got down on my knees and started licking his balls and all the sweat that was rolling off of them. He was stroking his cock fast and hard while his balls were swinging around my mouth. I ran my tongue up his shaft and then started to suck him off. I could hear him moaning while I was beating off. I looked up at him and saw him biting his lips and playing with his nipples.

I kept sucking his dick while he started to thrust in and out of my mouth. He was really getting into it. After about 10 minutes, he said, "dude, I'm about to blow my load." I just gave him a gesture like, "go for it." I wanted to taste his cum. Before long, his body started jerking and he let out this huge satisfied groan. His load shot out in like 7 squirts. I sucked the boy dry.

Then Billy knelt down and started sucking and licking my balls while I was jerking off. He started to suck my cock and he grabbed by ass and pulled me toward him. I fucked his mouth nice and slow because I felt like I was going to cum at any minute. I wanted to make it last a while.

It was a huge turn on for me because I knew he'd never sucked a guy off before. He handled it like a pro though. He would stop sucking and run his tongue all over my dick and play with the tip. I remember moaning while he started jacking himself off again.

He got up and we stood in front of each other while we were stroking our cocks. I got closer to him and we rubbed our dicks together. Our dicks were about the same size and it felt so good while our foreskins slid across each other's shaft. We were so fuckin horny for each other. I ran my tongue over his hard sweaty body.

He laid down on our clothes on the ground and I straddled his legs while we kept beating off. My balls were nice and relaxed and slinging all over the place. We both liked to massage our balls alot while we jacked off. In just a couple of minutes I shot my load all over his dick and some on his stomach. I thought it was pretty hot because he wiped off some of my jizz with his finger and then licked it off. He used the cum that landed on his dick to finish jerking off with. He said it was the best lube he'd ever used.

After that, we laid down on our clothes and had a cigarette. That was a great day.

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2013-06-28 00:23:59
The venting person on next page needs to go check into an insane asylum where he can enjoy his fellow inmates. He's a danger to himself and society. His rant only shows how totally repressed and depraved he is. A self-loathing idiot that reads these stories then pisses all over others for doing so. If you don't like this genre of story, don't read it, you moronic hypocrite. No one but a total masochist, male or female, would want to ever be a sexual partner with him.

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2013-06-28 00:13:59
The only "queer ass mother fucking fag" is the repressed scumball who obviously read and enjoyed this story, but can't acknowledge that to himself so he projects his self-loathing/Denial onto others by calling them names. Must be a fifth grader or just a spiritual retard. This was a good story.

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2011-02-22 05:12:54
Great story; I was hard right from your description of Billy. Except for the smoking at the end (a majorly disgusting turn-off), it was really hot. Thanks!

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2008-12-16 18:18:54
fuckin queer ass mother fucking fags...........................

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2008-08-31 21:14:48
Very well written and erotic. Good Work!

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