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Hey guys it's part two please feel free to provide constructive criticism, to the person that said to proof read I tried my best. I hope that you will PM me or anyone really because I would like someone to review my stories so I won't be ridiculed again. Regardless enjoy:D
So there I was my dick had deflated and the blood was returning to my head. What have I done I thought to my self. She's my cousin! As I sat there not knowing what to feel I hear her say "Hey! Put your pants back on my mom could be home any minute." "Well you did take them of..." I said to her. "Ok" She said. She picked up my pants and walked over "lift your feet up" she said. She pulled them up to my mid section and stared at my pubes, "You don’t like them huh?" I asked. She replied in sad voice "No I don’t really like it much." I sadly said "Oh." She then looked up at me and said something I didn’t expect her to say, "Don't worry I'm sure your secret Santa will bring you something to take care of that." She then looked back down at my dick and kissed the head, then taking it in and sucking it, I looked over at the window and I see my aunt pull up. I tell Jane in a panicked voice, " Your mom just pulled up right now" She said "Relax we got 1 minute she always takes her time getting out." She gave my head one last kiss and put it back in my pants zipped me up and we walked out the door and helped my aunt bring in the stuff.

Since we were the type of family to stay up till 12 and open our presents on Christmas Eve more and more family members came over. Nothing really happened until we started to open the presents. When it was my turn to get my Secret Santa gift. "Alright who was John's Secret Santa?" asked my aunt (Not Jane's mom but another aunt) "I was" said Jane and she got up and gave me my present. I opened it and I saw that it was a set of razors and some shaving cream. "So you can shave that thick mustache cousin!" She taunted me because of my lack of facial hair. "Thanks Jane" I said. The other family members laughed but they didn't know. So after that we all got out presents from our parents and uncles I wasn't paying much attention until I saw what Jane had gotten from her parents. "Alright honey open up our present" said her mom. "Ok mom!" Said Jane they would always get her something special every year. She opens up the box and she smiles. It was a box of underwear and bras from Victoria Secret. (Now as I said before she had been one of the girls to develop fast, at 13 she had C-cup breast and an ass that went perfectly with her figure she was slim but not anorexic thin but not "thick" she was perfect amount, that went great with her long brown hair.) One of my younger cousins went in and pulled one out and showed it to everyone. "Put that back Nelly" yelled Jane. Everyone went on to open their presents and we went home.

A couple days later I messaged her:
Me: Hey
Her: Hi :)
Me: So what else did you get for Christmas
Her: Oh you know just a couple of gift cards sweaters and some new bras and underwear
Me: :0 nice aha
Her: You wanna see then?
Me: Sure!
Now here I was just thinking she was messing with me or just going to send me pics of her sweaters or something but she then asks me:
Her: Ok Is anyone at your house?
Me: Nah they are all gone
Her: Ok how long will they be out?
Me: for the rest of the day. Why aha?
Her: Because I'm going to go over, and have your present I gave you present I gave you ready.
Me: Ok

So I'm just sitting on my couch watching TV and waiting for her to get here. I decide to jack off just in case she decided to give me head again. All I had to do was to think about her and I was hard, the memory of her naked in her living room and giving me head made me climax in two minutes.(She lived like a block away from me.) I hear a knock on the door I check who it is and its Jane. She was in baggy sweats and a sweater. "Hey" she says to me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. "Hi" I say a bit surprised she never really kissed me before. "So you got your present I gave you ready?" she asked "Uh yeah its in my room." I said "Well lets go and get it" she said to me. We went into my room and she took the little bag and my hand and walked me over to the bathroom.

She closed the door and turned to me with a razor in one hand and the bottle of cream on the other and said "Take off your pants" I looked at her funny but I dropped my pants. "The underwear" she said. I did as she asked. So there I was my dick hanging out and a bush of pubic hair around it. She pulled out a pair of hair clipper's and said "Sit on the toilet seat please" At this point I knew what was going on but I didn’t care I just did as I was asked. She trimmed me as she did I could feel her breath on my dick and it made me shiver, it felt so good. She got up and said said "Step in the tub and turn on the warm water" I put on the warm water and she splashed my pubic area with water. She turned around and grabbed the cream and the razor. She set the razor down and out some shaving cream on her hands. She rubbed them together all while looking at me in the eyes and biting her lip. She kneeled down and rubbed the cream all over my balls and around my dick. When she was done she grabbed the razor and started to shave me. Each stroke just got me more turned on that my dick was fully erect by the time she was done. She washed me and dried me off and she walked me back to my room but this time she was holding my dick instead of my hand. She looked though my clothes and handed me some boxers that she liked and told me to get dressed. I was confused but I played along and she said to me "Go wait in the living room" I went out but not before I gave her a long kiss while I felt her ass squeezing her left cheek and hearing her moan. She wasn't wearing any underwear from what I could tell.
So I sat down on the recliner seat in my living room waiting for a her to show. She comes out in a matching set of cheetah print underwear and panties. She comes up to me and sits on my lap with her feet on my shoulders. She wrapped her legs around my neck and leaned back with her head in the edge of the seat. I started to rub her panties and decided to peek at her snatch again. She was so warm and wet. I decided to tease her and run the tip of my tongue over her lips and flick her clit with my tongue. She loosened her legs and flipped backwards landing on all fours. She crawled up to me and unzipped my pants letting my dick spring up. She pulled off my pants and pushed my dick up on my stomach and started to suck my balls. Her tongue felt amazing, my balls were baby smooth thanks to her and I could feel ever lick and tug she gave me. She then released my balls from her mouth and licked my dick from the base to the tip taking it all in and getting it ready for what was to come. She slowly stopped and go up and turned around. She bent over and took off her panties. She said "I want you inside of me." I didn't even think about it I grabbed her hand and brought her closer to me. I took my dick in my hand and started rubbing my head around her lips. Her head leaned back in ecstasy, she wanted it. Just as I was about to pop her cherry she said "No! Not there" and grabbed my dick and directed it to her tight virgin asshole. "In here" she said. She took a hold of my dick and slowly teased herself rubbing the tip of my dick around the edges of her tiny hole. Meanwhile I took advantage and unclasped her bra and let her beautiful breast out. I quickly went to work on her breast caressing her right breast pinching her nipples with one hand and sucking and the other breast like it would be my last. I felt her hand move up to her pussy was, after about 5 minutes I felt her tense up and moan. She climaxed while she was in that state I took advantage and pushed my head through her tiny asshole. She moaned even louder. So I kept pushing in and out while continuing to suck on her breast switching every other minute until I was completely inside of her. It took her a minute but she started to like it. I pulled the lever and made the chair recline and laid back to the view of Jane riding my dick and her breasts bouncing up and down. Her asshole was so tight it made me come "I'm cumming" I yelled but that didn't stop her. I came in her ass squirting my sperm in her while she kept riding me after about a couple of minutes she tightened up and let out a loud moan and collapsed on top of me with my dick still in her ass. We both passed out laying there in sweet bliss after my cousin had given me the best orgasms of my life within two weeks.

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2014-05-03 17:43:55
It went like this paragraph paragraph then one fucking big paragraph I would suggest tryingto keep them all the same size you did ok for the first few then stop at the end so it became a struggle for me to read and another thing you sometime have the same line repeated in both part one and two

but over all I would say good stroy fun to read and keep them coming my friend

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2013-12-09 13:46:57
no comment..............

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2013-12-07 11:13:21
Much better than part one, however I would suggest paragraphs. thanks for the read!

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2013-12-06 21:32:05
i think this one was far better than part one good job

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2013-12-05 10:26:26
Nope...Part two was no better than part one....In fact went downhill...
No paragraphs....Zzzzzzzzz..........
2 out of 10 and I'm being generous...

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