This one picks up right where the last one left off, Terry, the kids and Christina . . . there is some boy/boy action here, so if you don't care for that please feel free to skip this chapter .. thx, Snow.
“Get the BIG one Sue” Theresa said breathlessly as her daughter continued to hump her with the 7” strap-on dido.

Sue paused; sweat beginning to bead on her forehead. “Are you sure, mom?”

“I wouldn’t have bought it if I weren’t, dear.”

Sue pulled out of her gorgeous, petite mom and stood to begin unbuckling herself. Christina quickly came over to help and in a few seconds Sue stepped out of the straps and reached to the table behind the sectional to grab the larger of the two Terry had purchased. This one was a good 10” long and big enough in circumference that Sue’s fingers couldn’t touch when she grasped it.

She pulled off her pajama top and bottom and Chris got her first look at those amazing boobs that Missy always went on about. Sue’s were bigger than her mom’s, healthy C-cups supported by the miracle of youth, beautifully rounded and tipped with dark pink nipples which stuck out nearly as far as Chris’s did. Chris helped her adjust the new strap-on as she had the earlier one, this time with Sue’s medium blond bush inches from her face. Chris could smell her womanly scent and it further aroused her, so she decided to do as Missy had earlier and touch Sue’s labia. It was immediately obvious that they were swollen, along with being sopping wet.

“Oh, god, Chris” Sue breathed and stopped her belt adjustments so that she could concentrate on the feel of the young girls tiny fingers in her snatch. “You little slut . . . push ‘em in . . . fuck . . . fuck . . . harder . . . my clit . . . fuck . . . use your thumb . . . my clit . . . god . . . yeeeeeeeeeees” she shuddered with her orgasm, which had been building as she humped her mom. “Damn! Thank you, Chris, I fucking needed that BAD.”

She leaned down a placed a light kiss on Chris’s lips.

Chris beamed a smile as she sucked on her fingers. Sue’s taste was a bit different than Missy’s but it was still wonderful and erotic to have it in her mouth. She looked over at Missy and watched her skinny, pearly-white ass bump up and down on her brother Jim. Jim’s cock was just visible to her as it penetrated her friend over and over. Christina hoped they would finish soon so that Missy could come back to her.

Sammy had cum on himself and wiped up with his underwear what he hadn’t licked off his hand; watching the action around made him feel a bit left out. Jimmy had cum inside of Missy, he could see the last bit dribbling out of his brother’s cock as Missy pulled off of him and slumped on the couch to savor her orgasm. Sue was back on her knees with that gargantuan dildo lining it up at his mom’s cunt. It looked like there was no way it could enter her. “Mom, how is that thing supposed to go inside you? It’s bigger than any dick I’ve ever seen, even in the movies!”

“Sweetheart, you do know your HEAD came out of mommy’s pussy. Now that was a tough one!” She laughed. “You were the biggest Sam, almost 9 pounds. Missy was barely 7 pounds so she slipped out of mommy’s cunt like nothing. I just need to relax and Sue can put that pole right inside me.”

“Should I put anything on it mom? To lubricate it?” Sue didn’t want to cause any pain to her mom.

“Missy, there’s a tube of jelly in my vibrator drawer” Terry thought quickly. “It say K-Y on it, can you go grab it and bring it down.

Missy recovered quickly and dashed upstairs, her brother’s semen leaking out of her and down her thighs as she ran.

*** *** ***

“Could I suck on your boobs, Sue” Chris asked shyly as they waited for Missy to return. “Missy’s told me how beautiful they are and she wasn’t lying.”

Sue blushed at the compliment and just waved her over to her side. Chris knelt and grasped Sue’s breasts in both hands, sucking her left nipple into her mouth with a slurping sound that made Sue giggle.

“I like boobs” Chris said as she took a breath and went to the other nipple. “And pussy too,” when she took another breath as Missy re-entered the room. “. . . do you suppose I’m a lesbian, Mrs. Mo-, uh, Terry?”

Terry giggled as she watched the sweet young girl fondle her daughter. “You’re still very young, Chris, and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do and who you do it with. If you don’t want to be with boys, you don’t have to be with boys, but your body and your heart will let you know.”

“I think I love Missy” she was barely audible.

Terry looked up at her and stroked her arm “I know you do Chris, but you probably are a bit too young to understand THAT kind of love, but I know you do love her and she loves you too. She wouldn’t have had you join us if she didn’t. Missy is a very good judge of character.”

Missy blushed furiously as she knelt next to Chris beside her mom and handed the tube of K-Y to Sue. She bent down to give her mom a kiss and then hugged and kissed Chris passionately, their bare breasts and erect nipples pressing against each other.

*** *** ***

The dildo glistened with the layer of lubricant that Sue had slathered on it and all eyes in the room were on its head where it met Terry’s cunt lips. She had pulled her legs up and was breathing deeply with her eyes closed. Sue leaned in to apply pressure and the rubber dickhead parted her folds obscenely and entered her canal. Breathe, breathe, breathe . . . she thought and did as she took 2, then 3, then 4 inches of the monster cock inside her. She opened her eyes to look up to Sue’s questioning look, both of them wondering if any more could go inside of her. Being penetrated by something this large felt so kinky and dirty to Terry. One of her children was doing it to her and the others were watching intently. She reached out to grab hold of Sue’s tits and she twisted on her nipples, perhaps a bit harder than she ever had. Sam and Jim took over holding her luscious legs up as both her and Sue moaned with pleasure.

“That’s a fucking big dick you’ve got there” Terry managed to joke with Sue as her vagina continued to get used to the size of its guest.

“Just a little something my mom picked up” Sue responded. “She’s the fucking horniest, hottest mom in the whole fucking world.”

“That sounds exciting . . . you don’t have sex with your mommy, do you, little girl?”

“I eat her pussy every time I get the chance” Sue continued the word play. “She eats my pussy too. God, she’s good at eating pussy. She even fucks my brothers, she’s such a horny slut. I’d fuck her with this big fucking cock if she’d let me. I’d put it in her cunt and fuck her ‘til she begged me to stop.” As she continued with the filthy talk she had begun gently easing the dildo in and out an inch or so.

“You eat your mommy’s pussy with that filthy mouth?” Terry urged her on.

“I eat HER pussy and my sister’s pussy too. If she brought a friend over I’d eat HER pussy!” she met Chris’s eyes and saw the lust there. “I fucking fuck my dad too bitch” her strokes became longer, 3-4 inches sliding in and out of her mom. Terry’s clit was being pulled down against the shaft each time it plunged in and relaxed each time it pulled out. “My dad’s dick isn’t as big as this but he’s fucked me backwards and forwards. He’d love to pound on you too. Maybe stick it in your ass!” Sue wasn’t sure what made her say that, but they had seen anal action in several of the movies they’d watched. Aside from an occasional finger slipping in to each other’s asses, none of them had given it a go.

“I think I’d like that” Terry surprised her in response. “To get drilled in my ass . . . oh, yeah . . . fuck, that is so dirty.”

Sue now had an actual rhythm going with this massive strap-on and both she and her mom were covered with sweat. The pressure against her clit from the panel was such a tease . . . she needed to cum again and soon.

“How ‘bout we put it in both your holes, bitch?” Sue escalated the talk as she got more excited and her strokes became more rapid. Terry was grunting with each thrust.

“Fuck . . . oh . . . fuck . . . you . . . filthy . . . slut!”

“You know I am” Sue affirmed. “I’m a filthy slut because my mom’s a filthy slut and she taught me how to fuck my brothers and fuck my daddy and eat her pussy . . . fuck . . . fuck.”

“Fuck me hard, you bitch!” Terry pleaded “I’m gonna fucking cum!”

The last several strokes were a blur. Jim, Sam, Missy and Chris could hardly believe what they were seeing and hearing as Terry once again twisted Sue’s nipples and screamed out “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

Sue quickly popped the dildo out of her and lunged forward to hug her and pull her into an open-mouthed kiss. Terry moaned as her body shuddered twice more and finally her orgasm released her from its clutches.

*** *** ***

“Now I’ve got another boner and I haven’t been able to be with anybody!” Sam complained. Sue and his mom looked exhausted, holding each other on the floor with that monster dildo still sticking up from Sue’s crotch. Missy was now putting the smaller strap-on to her skinny hips with Chris’s help and he figured he wouldn’t get any help there. “Jimmy? Could you, uh . . . ?”

“Sure” Jim said, like he was agreeing to help him with his homework. “ I’ll jerk you off, little bro, let’s see that prick.”

Sam moved to where Jim had taken a seat back on the sectional and his brother grabbed hold of his 13-year old cock and started stroking it with the expert touch that only a boy can have. After several strokes he leaned down and took it into his mouth to get some saliva onto his brother’s head and shaft. Sam moaned as the warmth of his brother’s mouth surrounded the head of his dick. Jim stroked and sucked as he had many times before, as good as either of his sisters were at giving head. He and Mason had done it only a couple times, but Sammy and he were very familiar with each other’s dicks. Jim didn’t think he or his brother were gay . . . they just made each other feel good while they watched their sister’s and their mom make each other feel good to. He really loved fucking, and the fuck he’d just had with Missy was phenomenal. That tight little nympho could get anyone going, that’s for sure.

Right now that nympho was making sure everything was secure as she squeezed a little K-Y onto the rubber shaft sticking from her pelvis. She laid Chris down on the ottoman and teased her nipples playfully, then moved down to lick her friend’s pussy for a few minutes, satisfied once she could feel her juices being released onto her tongue. Sue disentangle herself from her mom’s grasp to sit up and hold Chris’s hand and look in her eyes as she prepared to be penetrated for the first time in her life.

“Chris, it’s gonna feel a bit weird at first . . . and it may hurt some” Missy informed her. “I’m gonna go nice and easy, but if I’ve got to break your hymen, you’re gonna feel it. But that won’t last, right Sue?”

“No, Chris, it will feel really good after that. Just think of the dick as part of Missy. Missy won’t hurt you, Missy loves you.”

Chris nodded her head and pulled her limber little legs up and put them right on Missy’s shoulders. Missy rubbed the tip up and down her friend’s slit, poking at her clit to elicit quivers of excitement from her. She eased inside and found that Chris was able to relax. The head popped in and then a little bit of the shaft. Chris was smiling up at her when she looked down to see how she was feeling.

Missy tried a couple small thrusts as Sue rubbed and pulled on Chris’s nipples, which stuck out so far Sue found them fascinating. Missy discovered the point where there firm resistance and looked again at Chris. Her look confirmed that she was against her hymen.

“I trust you . . .” Chris said before Missy even had the chance to ask.

Missy pushed hard and tore through the tender barrier. Chris cried out loudly once, and a teardrop formed in each of her eyes to trickle down the side of her face as she looked into Missy’s eyes and mouthed “I Love You”. Missy hugged her tight with the dildo still buried inside he sweet young twat.

*** *** ***

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