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“Oh, shit,” I thought, “I’m really in for it. She’s caught me again.” I had just showered after dinner and my hand automatically went down to my cock. I pulled my hand from my shorts and waited for the storm to hit. Instead, my wife Eileen walked into the den and sat opposite me.

“We definitely have to talk and I want you to be completely honest with me. Will you do that?”

I admit I was confused. She hated when I played with myself. I expected a real tongue-lashing—I’d received several over the past month. Why was she being so nice? “Okay, what do you want to know?”

“How often do you play with yourself?”

I sighed, “Every day.”

“When and how long?”

This was getting embarrassing. “Okay, virtually every morning for at least a half hour before getting out of bed; again after my shower for as long as I feel like it, most anytime I’m idle in the evening, and again when I get into bed.”

“So…at least an hour every day?”

“Yeah, probably more. It itches sometimes. I just don’t seem to be able to control it.”

“I have to agree with that and it could get really embarrassing. Remember last week when Patricia came in with me after bridge on Saturday afternoon? I saw you and she would have, too if I didn’t distract her. It’s out of hand.”

“Okay, I agree, but I don’t know what to do about it.”

“I have a suggestion, but I don’t think you’re going to like it.”

“What?” I was already skeptical.


“I’m not wearing a fucking chastity belt. Talk about embarrassing…everybody will be able to see it through my slacks and shirt, and what about when I want to go to the pool or beach? Forget it!”

“You didn’t let me finish. Not a chastity belt, a chastity cage. It fits around your cock and balls so only you and I will even know it’s there.”

“Great…sounds really great; I’m being sarcastic in case you didn’t realize.”

“I did realize and it’s pretty much what I expected. How about if I promise to let you out twice a week for relief—once with me and once for you to masturbate? That way we’ll both get what we want. I won’t have to see you playing with your penis and you’ll still have enough sexual activity to be satisfied. It could be the best of both worlds.”

“I don’t know. I guess I could use some help, but I’m not so sure about this.”

“Why don’t we look on the internet and see if we can find something we can agree on? Would you at least do that for me?”

There are times when I hate how sweet my wife can be and this was one of them. I was backed into a corner—either say no and get myself ready for a real argument every time she catches me, and believe me, she will. She’ll be on the lookout if I don’t go along. The alternative is to follow her lead and…God only knows what. I chicken out and agree, thinking it’s the lesser of two evils. She takes my hand and we go to the computer where she’s already on line. We go to Bing and type in “cock cage.”

We researched a few vendors and truthfully, I was terrified at what I saw and read, but I could see Eileen’s enthusiasm. I knew that I’d pay for a refusal for months into the future. I gave up and agreed eventually to try—that’s all, just to try—the CB 6000. I made sure she fully understood that I wasn’t committing to anything. “Eileen, I am willing to try it, that’s all. T…R…Y, but I’m not committing to it. I have no idea how this will work out so don’t get upset if it doesn’t.”

“I understand, Michael. You don’t have to repeat it five hundred times, but I really do appreciate your willingness to address the problem. Maybe you’d like me to show you how much I do appreciate it.”
I knew what she was doing—reinforcing the decision by giving me some good sex—but it wasn’t going to work. I’d been down this road before. I’d take the sex—I’m not an idiot—but that alone wouldn’t change my mind about trying this…thing…this monstrosity.

She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I stood still while she stripped out of her clothes, enjoying the show. We’ve been married for about ten years and she still had a really good body with nice tits—firm and high—and a nice round butt. My only complaint was her pubic hair. She refused to do anything with it, even trim it back, so I was reluctant to eat her pussy. I enjoyed the taste, but I absolutely hated getting hairs stuck between my teeth.

She laughed when she saw that I was still dressed. “Playing hard to get? Is that it? I know you’re concerned. I understand that. It’ll be fine. You’ll see.” She moved up to me, jamming those fine tits into my chest as she reached down to handle my package. “Hmmm, I see someone is eager, even if you aren’t.”

“I’m eager for this…not so much for the other.”

“You worry too much. C’mon, I need this and I’m still going to need it when you’re wearing it. I’m going to go out of my way to make it pleasant for you. You’ll see.” Somehow, I wasn’t all that reassured, but I did want to fuck my wife so I joined her on the bed. We kissed, our tongues dancing back and forth as we shared saliva between our mouths. I loved the sensation of her soft plump lips against mine. I reached down between her legs. Her cunt was oozing juice, but then so was my cock. The head was covered in slippery pre-cum and hard as a rock. Eileen groaned and pushed me onto my back as she climbed over my body.

Eileen hovered for almost a minute, rubbing my cock into her slit, before slowly sinking onto me. I watched, amazed, as my cock disappeared into her body. Slowly she began to rock, driving her hot clit into my abdomen. I rose to meet her with every thrust. Our pace quickened as our passion rose and soon we were humping wildly. I knew she was getting close several minutes later when her breathing became erratic and she began to chirp like a chipmunk, a sure sign she was ready to cum. I drove into her harder and faster, lifting her from the bed every time until I grunted like a boar, spewing hot white semen into her again and again until I could go no more. Fortunately, my orgasm was almost always a trigger for her. She opened her mouth for a long silent scream before collapsing onto my chest. I rubbed my hands over her ass and back while we recovered.

She raised her head after several minutes and asked, “Think you could handle that every week? I think knowing that you’ll need my key will make me even hotter for you.”

“Yes, I could definitely handle that, but, no, I’m still not convinced about the other. But, you are right—time will tell.” I kissed her and extricated myself from her grip. I still had some paper work to do before tomorrow.


I pretty much forgot about the cock cage for the next week or so. I was even better at keeping my hands out of my groin. Of course, I was praying that the damned thing would get lost in the mail. Unfortunately, that only seemed to happen with checks for my mortgage and credit card bills. I walked in exhausted after a long day in court almost two weeks later to find the package on the kitchen counter. Eileen was there, too and to her credit she didn’t gloat or smile. All she said were two words, “it’s time.” I nodded glumly to agree.
I changed out of my suit and washed my cock and balls carefully before returning to the kitchen naked. I took out the parts and tried to read the instructions. They looked as though they’d been written by some guy in China where they don’t have any tenses. Eventually, I made sense of them and had it placed around my cock and balls. All that was needed was the lock. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Eileen stepped forward after I had stood there for several minutes. She removed the lock from my hands and placed it onto the cage, snapping it shut. She kissed my cheek and ran a silver chain through the keys, placing them around her neck. She hugged me again, kissed me, and told me to dress. We were going out for dinner.

We drove to a favorite Italian restaurant and I felt so self-conscious as though everyone could see the prison around my penis, but nobody said anything or acted as though they knew. I understood why Eileen wanted to eat out. She wanted to rebuild my self-esteem. I felt better when we drove home and even better the following morning.

On Wednesday evening I asked if I could masturbate, but Eileen had a better idea—we fucked like kids, so eager were we to explore each other’s body. I thought I’d masturbate on Sunday, but once again she made delicious love to me. I was beginning to think this actually could be the best of both worlds.

We probably fucked seventy-five percent of the time with no rhyme or reason why or when. It all depended on Eileen’s mood that day. That’s the way things went for almost six months—and then everything changed.
I had a critical meeting on a class-action suit the following morning and was having difficulty falling asleep. I got up at 12:45 and Eileen rolled over to ask me what was wrong. “I’m having trouble falling asleep. I’m going to take some sleeping pills.”

“Oh…okay,” she replied as the rolled over and returned to sleep. I woke to the alarm the following morning and tumbled out of bed to the bathroom. Halfway there I realized something was wrong. I had run my hands down my pajama shorts and found my cock encased in metal, not the polycarbonate I was expecting. I ran to the bathroom and dropped my shorts. Fuck! The thing was made of stainless steel and I couldn’t find a lock. Looking even closer I could see some things that looked like bolts pushing down against my cock, squeezing it into the tube. There was no retaining ring, but there was a thick stainless strap that went tightly around my balls. I pulled up my shorts and went back to the bedroom. That’s when I first realized that Eileen wasn’t there.

“EILEEN! EILEEN!” I screamed her name as I tore through the house. I found a note on the refrigerator when I reached there.

“Michael,” it read, “if I know you you’re screaming and ranting like a maniac right now which is why I’m not at home. You need to calm down and relax. No harm is going to come to you, but there are going to be a few changes. I will tell you about them tonight when you come home, but ONLY if you are calm and respectful to me. Don’t bother to look for the key—it’s not there. I’ve placed it into a safe deposit box in another bank that only I can retrieve until I have made other arrangements.

“As I said, there will be a few changes, but nothing you can’t handle. I will explain tonight. Love, Eileen.”

Eileen was smarter than I gave her credit for. I probably would have killed her if she were here now. There was nothing I could do, but get dressed and go to work. I couldn’t wait for tonight to let her know what I thought—of this and of her.

I staggered in after a long and hard day around six that evening. Eileen was sitting and relaxing in the living room when I walked in. If looks could kill she would have been dead. “I see you haven’t calmed down yet.”

“Calmed down, Eileen? What the hell do you expect? Did I agree to wear this? Where’s the key?”

“In our closet. Go ahead and look for it. I’m sure you’ll know where it is immediately.” I stomped off to the bedroom. I walked into the closet and stopped. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She’d had a safe installed during the day. I tried to pull it out, but it was obviously bolted to the floor. I returned to the living room defeated.

“That’s better; would you like a glass of wine?”

“No, thank you. Why are you doing this? You’ve betrayed me with this.”

“I won’t even consider answering the idea of betraying you. I prefer to look at it as being true to myself. I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently and I’ve learned that I have acquired an extremely valuable asset.”

“And what would that be?”

“Why, my cock, of course.”

“What do you mean…your cock?”

“Well, it used to be yours, but now it’s mine. I control it. I own it. I control you because of it. I own you. It’s that simple.”

“Eileen, what the hell are you talking about?”

“I’ll let you get away with that because I’m sure you’re upset and still have to get used to the idea of this. However, if I hear anything like that after tonight, there will be trouble. Okay, here goes—we have been married for almost ten and a half years. During that time I have done all the house cleaning. I’m tired of it. I’m not doing any more.”

“I’ve told you many times we could hire a cleaning service. We can easily afford it so what’s the big deal?”

“We’re not hiring a cleaning service. We already have one—you.”

“Eileen, are you kidding? I already work at least ten hours a day and I’m usually exhausted by the time I get home. You don’t do housework anywhere near that long. That just isn’t fair.”

“I know it’s not fair, but if you ever want to cum again you’ll do what I tell you. Every night when you come home I will have a list of chores for you. I will expect you to have them completed before dinner. We’ll eat a bit later than in the past to accommodate you. Your time will be your own after dinner.”

“You’re crazy.” I walked back to the bedroom and changed into my jeans then I walked out to my workbench in the garage to see if I could get this damned thing off my body. Eileen pulled up a chair and watched.

“Surely, you don’t think I’d buy something cheap that you could break the first day, do you? Go ahead--see if you can get out.” I looked at the damned thing. The tube surrounding my cock was solid stainless. There was no way I would be able to do anything with that. My only hope was the band that connected the tube around my balls, but it was also stainless and it was tight. I’d have to hurt myself to get this off, but first I’d have to figure out what kind of tools to use. I tried a pair of cutting pliers, but that was a complete waste of time. The stainless was harder than the steel in the tool and I could barely get it between the band and my scrotum. All this time Eileen sat behind me laughing. I worked for almost an hour before giving up.

Eileen rose and headed back into the house. “Come and have dinner and I’ll share the schedule to you, assuming you plan on cumming sometime in the next year.” She laughed at my predicament. I followed her glumly into the house.

I sat at the table and she scooped out some stew for me. “I knew we might take a lot of time tonight so I wanted to be ready. You will need your strength for what’s to come.” She laughed again. I had never seen this side of my wife and, truthfully, I didn’t like it at all. She passed a sheet of paper to me. “Okay, on Mondays you will dust and vacuum the living and dining rooms. I’ll supervise at first to make sure you do a satisfactory job. Tuesdays will be the three bedrooms, dusting and vacuuming. Wednesdays you can do the guest bath and the lavatory. Thursdays will be for our bathroom and Fridays you can clean the kitchen. On Saturdays you will work outside doing the lawn, trimming the bushes, etc. Sundays will be open for some special project I’ll dream up. There you have it. If you do that you’ll be able to cum twice a week, just like you’ve been doing.”

I stood up and dropped the bowl of stew onto the table. It flew up and fell all over the table and floor. “FUCK! YOU!” It was all I could think of. I was furious.

“If that’s the way you want to be…fine. It will be at least a month before you have an orgasm.”

“Okay, then there’s no reason for me to live here, is there? I obviously can’t trust you at all. I’m leaving.”

“I’ll destroy the only key if you do that.”

“Fine…do it. I’ll see you in court.” I walked into the bedroom, packed a small bag with my toiletries, some pajamas and underwear for a few days. I grabbed a few suits, some shirts and ties. I stormed out past Eileen who was still laughing.

“You’ll be back. Michael. You’ll come crawling back once you need to cum. You men are always so weak.”

“I’ll be back; that’s for sure. This house is in my name. It’s my house, remember. I’ll be back to kick your sorry ass to the curb. Oh yeah, as soon as I get to the hotel I’ll be cancelling your credit cards. Enjoy your life, bitch. Once word gets out about what you did you’ll be toast. There isn’t a man alive who’ll have anything to do with you.” I was out the door and back in the car before she even had a chance to react.


I went to the apartment the firm maintained for visiting clients and phoned all my credit card companies. Once done I sat on the bed and took another long look at this fucking device. I looked closely at the tube. It appeared to be welded on the underside with two welded cross pieces vertically over my cock head. The band was attached to the tube by a sizable rivet that was flattened over the hole in the tube on both sides. The band could swivel freely, giving the tube some freedom of movement. The band that ran around my scrotum appeared to be a solid strip of stainless which was rounded on each side so it wouldn’t cut into my skin. I couldn’t see the lock without a mirror that I could place under my scrotum, but I had to assume it was at least of the same quality at the rest of the device. I was in trouble, but there was no way I was going back to Eileen. I had thought that we loved each other, but what she’d done was inexcusable.

I went to see my lawyer the following morning. I explained everything, and I do mean everything. He asked to see the cock cage Eileen had placed on my genitals. “Were you willing to do that, Michael?”

“No, Steve, I wasn’t. We had agreed that I would wear a plastic one because I had a bad habit of touching my penis, but she did this Sunday night when I was drugged with sleeping pills and then she tried to blackmail me into doing all the housework. I’m guessing that was only the beginning. I’ll bet she was reading a lot of that mistress-slave nonsense on some of those internet sites.” I dropped my pants and showed him the cage so he could take a few pictures. “I hate to say it, but I think I might be stuck in this for a bit until I can figure out how to break it off.”

“Don’t ask me, Michael. I’m no engineer.” That gave me an idea. I’d bet that an engineer would be able to tell me what to do. All I had to do was find one. I tried the Yellow Pages on my cell phone once I was back in the street. I found one—Professional Engineer/Mechanical and Civil Engineering—only a few blocks away. I walked there in less than ten minutes.

“Excuse me,” I asked the receptionist, a tall slender and cute brunette I wouldn’t have bothered yesterday, but today…. “I’d like to see an engineer, please.”

“Can you tell me what it’s about?”

“Uh…no, at least not now, but I assure you it is a real emergency.” She was flirting and I was flirting right back. I was well dressed in a $2,500 suit and $500 shoes, my official plaintiff’s attorney uniform. “However,” I continued, “If he can help me I’ll be thrilled to take you to dinner tonight.”

She laughed. “See the sign—‘C.W. Wilson, C.J. Wilson?’ C.W. is my dad; he’s retired. C.J.--that’s me—Catherine Jean Wilson. So, how can I help you?”

Oh boy--I gave serious thought to leaving, but if I did I’d never see this gorgeous woman again. “Do you have an office or something more private?”

“Sure, c’mon this way; my receptionist will be back in a minute or so. She walked me into an office. “Now, then….”

“Okay…I assume you’ll be discreet.”

“Are we ever going to get to the point here? I do have to earn a living, you know.”

“I need to know how to break something. Let’s assume that someone has a…uh, wristwatch that’s locked onto his body…uh, arm. The watch is made of stainless steel and the band is a single strip of stainless steel that’s riveted to the watch. How could he get it off?”

“We’re not really talking about a watch here, are we?”

“Um…no; let’s just say that I’ve left my wife because she locked it onto me against my will.”

“Oh! Can I take a look at it? I promise I won’t laugh. There’s no need to be embarrassed. I think I know how to break it, but a look will help. I’ll lock the door so we won’t be disturbed.”

“Oh God, this is so embarrassing. I’ll do it on one condition—dinner. You can pick the place.”

“I never go to dinner with strangers.” I laughed and extended my hand, introducing myself as Michael Kelly, attorney at law.

“An ambulance chaser, eh?”

“I’ve never actually chased an ambulance. I’ve run alongside a few times.” We shared a laugh together. “Actually, I specialize in suing major corporations on behalf of the little guys. You know—faulty artificial limbs, tobacco, even one of the local hospitals for turning away illegal immigrants.”

“I think I read about that one. Mind if I ask how much you made on that?”

“Nada…nothing; it was pro bono, ‘for the good.’ I hate that lawyers are looked on as scum, although some really are. I always try to take the high road. Okay, here goes.” My face turned bright red as I took off my jacket and dropped my trousers. Seconds later my boxers were at my ankles.

Cathy took a good look at the cock cage. “This is pretty interesting…very well made, but as I suspected, the rivet will be the weak point. Stay here while I get a few tools.” Like I was going anywhere--she returned a few minutes later with a big, heavy-looking toolbox. She rooted around for a minute before settling on several needle nosed vise grips.

“What I want to do is twist the band. The rivet will be very strong if it is pulled, but it’s susceptible to being twisted. I think we’ll be able to split the band or even pull the rivet out. Now, I have to warn you; this may hurt. I know how sensitive a man’s testicles can be. I may be single, but I’m hardly a nun.” She pushed my scrotum down and out of the way before carefully pushing one side of the thin needle-nose under the band. She locked the pliers and asked me to hold it in place. “This vise grip will restrict the twisting to this end of the strap. Otherwise all we’d do is spread the motion across the length of the strap rather than concentrate the twisting force at the end”. A second vise grip twisted the belt 180 degrees. She was right—it did hurt, but I was determined to get this damned thing off. I held the vise grips in position while she repeated the process with yet another tool after removing the one that had twisted it first. Now the belt was twisted 360 degrees with all the stress at the one end.

Cathy released the second vise grip while I held the other two. She repeated the twisting and I could see the stress on the rivet. It looked as though it was pulling through the strap. One more twist did it. The strap separated from the rivet. Only the vise grip prevented it from twisting wildly back, possibly cutting me with the sharp broken edge at the end. Cathy used the vise grip closest to the end to pull it away and around my scrotum. I was relieved when it was done. She pulled the tube from my cock and it reacted immediately, growing and hardening to its full seven and one-half thick inches.

“Sorry,” I exclaimed, trying to pull my boxers up and cover my hard-on. I tugged them several times before I realized that Cathy had her foot on the material.

“Hmmm, I’m not. How long has it been in there, anyway?”

“Well, I took two sleeping pills two nights ago and she put it onto me while I was asleep. I had a CB6000 on for two days before that. I had a habit of touching my penis which she didn’t like. It’s a long story. I’m sure you don’t want to hear it.”

“No, actually I would.” So I told her—all of it and, surprisingly, she listened carefully without interrupting and without laughing. “That was quite a sacrifice you made, giving her control of your orgasms. You must really love her.”

“I did…right up until this happened. It was betrayal, pure and simple. Listen, I have to go to work—plenty of ambulances out there with nobody to chase them.”

She laughed, “I really didn’t mean that.”

“That’s okay, I’m used to it. How much do I owe you and I was serious about dinner. I suddenly find myself with a lot of openings on my social calendar.”

“The job is on the house and I do accept the invitation.” She stepped to the desk and wrote on the back of her business card. It held her address and phone number. “I still live with my folks so don’t get any ideas, at least not yet. How about seven? Ever eat at La Strada? I’ve always wanted to try it.”

“It’s a deal. I’ve enjoyed it any number of times. I’ll make a reservation for eight. Thank you so much for this. Truthfully, I’d like to throw it under a bus, but I’m sure I’ll need it as evidence in the divorce proceedings.” She handed it to me and I put it into my briefcase. I walked back to my car and drove to have my blood tested before proceeding to my office. Steve was pretty sure I’d still have traces of the sleeping pill medication in my system. If so, it would strengthen my case in the divorce proceedings—and then there were the possible criminal charges I could bring. At the very least it would be sexual battery, and then there were the possible civil rights issues. I’d save them as my ace in the hole.

I had several important chores for my secretary. No, I wasn’t at all interested in her. For one thing she’s sixty; for another she was very happily married and she was my godmother. She and my mom were closest friends. She almost came unglued when she heard the details. Having told her in the office meant that the entire conversation would be confidential, just like everything else that happened here. I had checked my credit card statements online and found the purchase transactions easily. I wanted duplicate receipts for the transactions. I’d get them fairly easily for two reasons. First, if necessary I’d have no difficulty obtaining a subpoena. Second, the accounts were in my name—I was responsible for all the purchases. Of course, the fact that the phone calls were coming from an attorney’s office often made the folks on the other end nervous and intimidated.

People usually give little thought to the consequences of their actions and this was a prime example. Eileen had left the perfect paper trail for these purchases. They’d make for great evidence against her. What I had found astonishing was that she had actually ordered the stainless cage more than a month before fitting the original cock cage on me. The whole episode was nothing more than a ploy to get me under her control.

I was a partner at Kelly, Kelly, Fitzgerald and Stein. My dad was the first Kelly. Now I had to see him and let him know what was going on. I phoned ahead and asked for a meeting as I always did.

“Well, Michael, how are you? I haven’t seen you in…more than a week, isn’t it? How’s Eileen?”

“Yeah, Dad…a week ago Monday and Eileen is why I’m here. I’ve left her. Steve will serve divorce papers on Monday.”

“Kind of sudden, isn’t it, Michael?”

“Yeah, Dad,” and I continued, explaining everything to my father, including how she had ordered the “escape-proof” cage before even introducing the concept to me.

“Dear God, what a fucking bitch—I don’t blame you. How’d you get out of that…thing?”

“A professional engineer solved it in minutes, and that reminds me, I have to make dinner reservations for tonight. The engineer’s a woman—good looking and just as appalled about this as we are.” My father just shook his head in dismay. I walked back to my office to phone La Strada; I needed to do more than make reservations.

“Hi, Tony… it’s Mike. I need a reservation for two at eight tonight.”

“No problem, partner; how’s everything?”

“That’s what I want to talk to you about.” I explained about Eileen, omitting the details about the cock cage. “I’m sure she’ll show up one of these days. Just make sure she pays cash. Absolutely no freebies; I’m not kidding—anyone who comps her is going to be looking for a new job.”

“Gotcha, Mike. I’ll let everyone know.” I thanked Tony and told him about my date for tonight. He assured me that there would be no embarrassing questions. I wasn’t worried about being embarrassed—I’m an attorney. It’s against my religion.


I drove up to Cathy’s place, an old Victorian in a quiet neighborhood I knew only a little about. I recalled that there had been a killing about twenty years ago—one of the university’s coeds-- while I was a college junior away at Harvard. It had never been solved, but that could be said about too many slayings, unfortunately. My mind was full of thoughts of the past as I walked up the drive to ring the bell.

An older gentleman answered the door. “Ah, the ambulance chaser, I presume.”

“I can see where Cathy gets her sense of humor,” I replied as I extended my hand. “Mike Kelly.”

“Hi, I’m Cathy’s dad, Christopher. C’mon in; I’ll let her know you’re here.” He yelled up the stairs for her. I followed him into the living room where I met her mom, Emily. We were in a polite discussion when her dad asked me, “Hey, Mike, what do you call it when an ocean liner with 2,000 lawyers aboard sinks to the bottom?”

“Ha, that’s an old one—‘a good start’-- and, truthfully, I’m not so sure I disagree. A lot of lawyers are really smarmy bastards, the kind who’ll do anything for a buck and, don’t forget that most politicians are lawyers, too.”

“Enough, Dad; don’t scare him off until I’ve had the chance to eat, will you?” She walked up to me and kissed my cheek—a pleasant surprise. We said our good-byes and drove north to the restaurant. I pulled up in front and exited as the valet opened the door for Cathy. “Evening, Mr. Kelly,” he gave me the ticket as I greeted him in response. The doorman opened up for us and also greeted me. Finally, we approached the desk, but halfway there the maitre d’ intercepted us. “Ah, Mr. Kelly, I have your table ready. Please come this way.”

‘Thank you, Milton.”

“You’re welcome, of course. I’ll let Tony know you’re here.” He held the chair for Cathy and opened her napkin before handing her the open menu. I sat, an amused smile on my face, as Cathy tried to digest my celebrity.

“I assume you’ve eaten here before…more than once I gather.”

“A few times, and it helps that I’m a partner. Tony Stradicci and I own the restaurant. We go way back to sixth grade together. We used to go fishing every afternoon after school and when we weren’t fishing we were nothing but trouble.” I looked up to see Tony approaching the table. I rose and we hugged. “Tony, this is C.J. Wilson—Cathy—my favorite engineer.” He greeted her effusively, but once she had returned to the menu he took me aside.

“I had a long talk with the entire staff so everyone knows what to do in case.” I nodded and thanked him and returned to my date. I knew the menu by heart so looking at it was a waste of time. Our waiter took our drink order and had just left when Cathy spoke again.

“So, Michael, are you really getting divorced? I don’t date married men.”

“Yes, she’ll be served with the papers Monday morning and about thirty minutes later she’ll get the eviction notice from the Sheriff’s office. She can appeal within thirty days, but then she’ll have to get out.”

“I thought that the wife almost always got the house.”

“In this state she’ll be entitled to half the marital assets which means everything earned during the marriage, but I bought the house with an inheritance from my grandfather while I was in law school. I lived there while I was studying. Truthfully, getting off campus was the best thing I ever did…too many distractions. I owned the house for more than three years before we even met. I can’t see any alternative to a divorce. I can’t trust her, can I? How could I ever close my eyes and go to sleep? I’m glad I can just leave this to my attorney to deal with.”

“But, you’re an attorney.”

“Yeah, I am, but there’s an old saying—a man who defends himself has a fool for a client. It’s much better if I use an attorney to represent me. I will rarely have to confront Eileen—he’ll do it. I won’t get emotional or vengeful. It’s just easier all around. He’s an excellent attorney and he’s almost as vicious as I am. Plus, I’ll be free to earn more money than I’m paying him. Now, can we talk about you? How’d you become an engineer?”

Cathy explained how her mom and dad could only have one child and she was it. Her dad never showed any disappointment, but Cathy never played with dolls or other girly stuff. She learned to use tools and made things with her dad. She was really good at math, too, so it made sense for her to study engineering. She joined her dad’s firm when she graduated, but at the bottom and worked her way up. She was respected by the others in the firm as a result and was now at age 30 a partner, helping to support her semi-retired father and mother.

Cathy asked me about some of the dishes. I did my best to explain—everything I’d ever had was great and the portions were huge. “Plan to have some leftovers for at least one lunch. That’s part of the fun here.” She ordered the Rigatoni with Sausage and Mushrooms in a garlic and oil sauce. It was one of my favorites, but tonight I had the Osso Buco. We were eating our salads and enjoying the delicious focaccia bread and garlic knots when I heard a commotion at the reception desk. I knew immediately it was Eileen, no doubt upset about her restrictions. I excused myself and walked into the fray.

“What do you mean I’m not welcome here? My husband owns the place!”

“You’re welcome, Eileen, as long as you plan on paying cash,” I interjected.

“I might have known you’d be behind this. Plan on never cumming, you bastard.”

“Actually, I have a multitude of plans in that regard. It took an engineer all of five minutes to defeat it. Now…if you have cash you may stay. If you don’t I think you should leave before we have to call the police. That wouldn’t go well for you. I still have many friends in the DA’s office from my time there and don’t forget that I know a lot of the cops, too.”

“You know I never carry cash.”

“Well, you’d better start. You have no income and no credit so you’ll never get another credit card. You might qualify for a debit card as long as you have a bank account. Of course, once we’ve settled you’ll get your share, but count on that to be a long time from now. I’d plan on economizing if I was you or maybe getting a job, and eating at an expensive restaurant like this shouldn’t be on your agenda. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date.” I turned away and returned to Cathy.

“Is that your wife?”

“Yeah, unfortunately; she used to come here all the time and eat on the house. Of course, I’d have to pay from my share of the profits and I’d have to tip the wait staff. That’s only fair. Now that we’re separated I’ve cancelled her credit cards and I’ve told Tony she only eats if she has cash. I know Milton well enough that he’ll demand to see it first before he’ll let her into the dining room.”

“That seems kind of harsh.”

“It is, but if I give in to her in the beginning of the process I might as well give up everything. Like most legal actions divorce is a battle. It’s usually fairly civilized, but it’s still a war. Let’s talk about something more enjoyable, like our next date.”

“Oh? Are we having a next date? I hardly know you.”

“Fair enough…I’m Michael Francis Kelly, age 38, partner in the law firm of Kelly, Kelly, Fitzgerald, and Stein. My dad is the first Kelly. I grew up here, attended North High School and was Valedictorian. I went to Harvard, but attended law school here where my dad also attended. I was married for a little over ten years and I thought happily until this. I enjoy most sports. I played basketball and baseball in high school and basketball in college. I have a very competitive nature which is an essential characteristic for a successful attorney. I also enjoy the outdoors, like hiking and fishing. I have a boat--not a yacht--that I use for fishing. Maybe you’d like to join me sometime.”

“Oh, sure; get into a boat and go miles from shore and be at your mercy.”

“First of all, I rarely go miles from shore. It’s usually less than half a mile, and I’m always a gentleman. If I weren’t you’d be at my mercy in my car. Besides, I usually have a fishing rod and some sharp hooks to watch out for.”

“I’ve never been fishing. I’ve done a lot of other outdoor stuff, but I’ve never been fishing. Isn’t it boring?”

“Well…it sometimes takes patience, but there’s another saying—a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work. And there’s another—there’s only two kinds of fishing—good fishing and great fishing. Great fishing is when you actually catch something. I usually do catch something, but there’s never a guarantee. So, want to give it a try? I’m planning on going Saturday morning.”

“This is your idea of a romantic date?”

“No…that will come later that night when I take you to an early dinner and then to the ballet.” I showed her the hottest tickets in town—Row 8 center for the traveling company of the Bolshoi. “They’re doing ‘Swan Lake’, you know. The music alone is worth the price of admission. So?”

“It’s a date. What should I wear?”

“Well, for the fishing I’ll wear a T-shirt and shorts and some boat shoes. I suggest the same for you—sneakers for your feet and sunglasses, of course. A sweatshirt is a good idea in case it gets cold or windy. You’ll need sunscreen, but I have plenty and I’ll be happy to help you with it and—no—I’m not putting my hands where they don’t belong. The sun can be really strong on the water because of the reflection. I’ll wear a tux to the ballet if you have a formal gown, a dark suit if you’re just wearing a dress. You might want to bring all the fancy stuff when I pick you up so we can save time. Again, I will give you all the privacy you need. I have two bedrooms in my apartment. I can dress in the one I use for an office.”

“When do we get to the romantic part?”

I took her hand and kissed it. We looked into each other’s eyes for almost a minute before I spoke again, “How about right now?” I leaned across the corner of the table and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. It was only a second or two, but it spoke volumes—for both of us.

“Nice kiss, but not long enough.”

“Anything more will have to wait until after dinner, but I do have to agree…it was very nice. I loved every second just as I have loved every second we’ve been together and I think you have me at a severe disadvantage—I don’t have many secrets from you, do I?”

“That was business.”

I laughed, “Some business; don’t you usually charge for your services?”

Now she laughed, “Okay--that will be $100.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out two fifties, holding them out to her. She laughed again and would have continued had the waiter not delivered two steaming platters of food at that instant. We dug in, enjoying every bite, and as I had predicted we each had a big box of leftovers to enjoy at home. We left around nine, returning to my car.

“Where to now, Cinderella? Want to get some drinks or maybe a club?”

“Your place—I’m ready for some of the romantic part of the date. I’d like a few kisses—the longer ones.”
I put my hand on hers as I drove away. I liked the way she did things. I thought we might make a good team. Time would tell—I cringed as I had that thought. It was the same thing I had said to Eileen.


It was only a short drive of fifteen minutes to my apartment. I’d only been there for a day and it wasn’t to my liking. My dad had furnished it to his tastes; it looked like some assisted living place for the elderly. Hopefully, I’d only be there for a few months.

Cathy was watching me as I was thinking. “Yoo hoo,” she said laughingly, “you still here?”

“Yeah, just thinking; I’ve only been in the apartment a day and I really hate it. I can’t wait to get back into the house—not enough to go back to Eileen, but once she’s out…. Okay, we’re here. Hold on so I can get the door for you.”

“Michael, I’m an engineer—I think I can handle my own door.” She was out before I was even half-way there.

“I was only trying to be a gentleman, you know.” I took her hand as we walked to the sidewalk.

“You know,” she said, repeating what I had said verbatim, “sometimes a woman doesn’t want a gentleman.” She stopped short, yanking on my hand and wrist. She pulled me close and reaching up to my lips, she kissed me. It wasn’t a long kiss, but it was passionate as her tongue drove into my mouth exploring new uncharted territory. She pulled away, but before she did she spoke again, just above a whisper this time, “In case you haven’t figured it out for yourself—this is one of those times.” She gave me a peck and we continued on our way. I unlocked the door and we walked in.

“God, Michael, who decorated this place? It’s like something out of the forties—the 1840’s.”

“My dad--God bless him; I told him to get a decorator, but…anything to save a few bucks. Wait until you see the bedroom, and the room I’m using for my office—they make this look modern. After I’ve lived here a while I’m going to bring it up at a partner’s meeting. C’mon in…something to drink?”

We agreed on ginger ale which was just as well—I don’t like to drink and drive. I put the stereo on and we sat on the old fashioned couch and talked for a few minutes until I stopped. When I did she looked at me; I was already looking—staring would probably be a more appropriate term—and leaned in for a kiss. Her mouth was open, but before we kissed she commented, “About time; do you always move so slowly?”

“I’m just a bit out of practice. There are a lot of things I did in my twenties that I’d never even consider doing now. How about we move forward and stop all this talking?” She lunged to me, pressed her plump sweet lips against mine as she swallowed my tongue like a vacuum cleaner. Believe me—it was worth waiting for. I hadn’t kissed like that in a long, long time. It was heavenly as our tongues wrestled to a draw. Cathy sighed as she broke it, “Why don’t you show me to that bedroom where we’re going to dress on Saturday?” She almost laughed at the expression on my face as she rose and pulled me up with her. “After tonight I don’t think we’ll have much reason to use separate rooms. C’mon!”

I led her to the bedroom, cringing as she took her first look at the décor. It looked like something out of “Casablanca” or some other late-thirties period movie. I looked at her and we laughed. I pulled her close and we kissed again for more than a minute. She broke away and began to loosen my tie. “It takes me three months to get to this point…probably the reason why I’m still single.”


“Because I learned more about you this morning than I usually learn about most guys in six months; you gave me your complete trust, didn’t you? What kind of person does that?”

“Well…I suppose that a person who is sneaky, dishonest and a liar would think everyone else would be the same. He wouldn’t trust anyone.” Cathy just nodded as I continued, “So I would guess that the opposite would also be true—one who trusts completely would be completely trustworthy. I know that I always try to be trustworthy. Believe it or not, it’s an important trait for a successful attorney.”

“I do, and I do think you are trustworthy. Later you were both completely open and totally honest with me. Most guys try to hide things about themselves or lie.” She laid my tie over a Victorian chair and began to unbutton my shirt. It followed the tie a minute later. “Your turn,” she whispered as she turned around exposing about twenty tiny buttons running down the back of her blouse.

“Dear God, how do women ever get into these things? Just the idea of doing even a single button behind my back makes me nauseous.”

“I have to tell you—I cheat. I do most of them before I put it on and then I only have two or three and they’re pretty high which is easier.” I was barely a third of the way down when she took pity and pulled the blouse over her head, mussing her lustrous short brown hair. A shake of her head returned her hair to its original condition. I placed the blouse over my clothes. Her bra soon followed. I removed her skirt and panties before removing my shoes, socks, slacks, and boxers. She turned around and I stared.

Her body was slender, her frame small like that of an Asian woman. Her breasts were small, perhaps a B-cup, but maybe a trifle smaller. Her legs were incredibly long and slender, but muscular with a delightful space just below her flat abdomen where they joined her hips. I was pleased to note that her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a narrow landing strip. I continued to stare until she spoke, “You’re disappointed. I can tell. I’m too skinny. My boobs are too small.”

“No…not disappointed—enchanted; I think you’re beautiful. You look like a runway model.”

“All the girls in high school teased me about being so thin. ‘Skinny Minnie’…that’s what they used to call me.”

“I think you’ll have the last laugh. Not only do you have an extremely successful career, but as you age and your metabolism slows you’ll still have a fantastic figure while they’ll be fat with sagging bellies and boobs, and big fat asses. May I add once again that I think you look incredible now?” I moved away to pull the ornate bedspread down so I could fold it neatly on the rack so considerately provided by my father. Cathy was already under the blanket fluffing her pillow when I climbed in beside her.

We kissed again as we held each other closely, savoring the touch of each other’s skin. Hers was so incredibly soft and smooth. My hands moved to her firm ass. Hers found my cock, hard and hot and dripping pre-cum. I hadn’t yet ventured to touch her pussy, but I could tell she was ready by the juice she left on my thigh as she rubbed herself up and down against me.

She showed her strength when she rolled me onto my back and straddled my hips. “My God, you are slow. I was ready as soon as we stripped. You look pretty good, by the way—much better than my usual fare.”

“Thank you. I play basketball twice a week when I can and work out at the gym. Uh…I thought women enjoyed a lot of foreplay.”

“We do, but I have this itch. It’s really killing me—has been since this morning.”

“Well, I think you should scratch it, but don’t you think we should use a condom?”

“No…I’ll bet a thousand you never cheated on your wife and I’ve recently been tested--negative. I’m on the pill so that’s not a concern.” She slid down my shaft without hesitation. “Oh, yes…even better than I dreamed. You feel so good…so good.” She rocked forward slowly, her eyes closed and her head back. I could see the ecstasy in her face and feel the desire in her body as she ground her hard clit into my abdomen. I rose to meet her as my fingers found her swollen nipples. I pinched and rolled them between my fingers, enjoying her reactions—watching her go crazy on my cock.

Right now I was wishing I had used a condom—anything to delay the inevitable. I hadn’t enjoyed sex so much in more than ten years, since before I had even met Eileen. I drove into her harder and faster. I was desperate to cum and so was Cathy. I looked into her face as I moved my hands to her ass for better leverage. Her eyes were glazed over; she was somewhere else—somewhere deep within herself. She continued our rhythm as I lifted her bodily with each and every thrust. Cathy threw her head back violently as her body shuddered slightly. Suddenly she experienced a massive convulsion as spasm after spasm raced through her body—her orgasm had taken control of her body for almost twenty seconds. I pumped her tight pussy even harder to sustain and hold it as long as possible for her. I finally felt it coming. My cock felt like it had exploded. Every thrust drowned her cunt in baby cream—white slick sperm-laden semen. Finally, she collapsed onto my chest and we rested in post coital dreamland.

“Wow,” she whispered as I gently kissed her cheek--her ears--her hair.

“Double wow,” I replied.

She moved back a bit so I could look into her face and she could look into mine. She smiled; I smiled back then we both laughed. I pulled her back to me, her head on my chest as I stroked her hair. “I guess I don’t have to tell you that I had a wonderful time tonight.”

“No…all my dates have orgasms like that—orgasms that go on and on; orgasms that shake them like a rag doll. It’s a secret skill we lawyers have.” Cathy laughed again and I joined her. She slid off my body, but lay close to me, her arm and leg over me—her head on my shoulder. She was asleep in seconds. I lay there content as I hadn’t been in years. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the touch of her body as I, too, rested.

I woke Cathy two hours later to shower and go home. “I’m too tired, but I have to pee. Do you have a toothbrush? My mouth feels like cotton.”

“Your father will kill me.”

“No, he won’t; I’m a big girl and he knows it, besides—I phoned him while you were dealing with your wife. C’mon, I really gotta go.” She slipped from the bed and slinked into the bathroom. It was dark, but I could see the way she moved…incredible. Who would have thought engineers could be so sexy? She was already on the toilet, door open, when I got there so I assumed it was okay if I walked in. I found the supply of toothbrushes and toothpaste we always kept for our client guests. She picked a red one. Once she had brushed I decided to pee, too. I could hear her yell, “Brush your teeth. I want to kiss you goodnight.”

I had just finished with my teeth and returned to find Cathy lying in the middle of the bed, her knees up and legs apart. “I thought you were too tired.”

“What did I tell you, exactly…exact words?”

“Um…too tired to shower and go home?”

“Right, but where did I say anything about fucking? I’ll never be too tired for sex with you. Now, come here and stick it in me. I need to feel you again.” I couldn’t argue with such logic. Crawling between her legs I first kissed her pussy, tasting her dried juices and what I assumed to be a large quantity of my own dried semen. I worked my way up her body causing her to giggle, especially when I tickled her navel with my tongue. She dug her fingers into my hair as I moved to kiss her again. My tongue found its way between her teeth, tickling the sensitive underside of hers and the roof of her mouth. I felt rather than heard her sigh into my mouth. Her hand brought my hard cock to her clit; she rubbed the tip into herself vigorously. Cathy spread her legs further and raised her hips in response.

She suddenly rubbed me up and down her slit, positioned my cock at her tunnel and pulled me into her warmth—her moistness. We moved together several times, moving slowly at first as she adjusted to my girth. My hands roved between her back and her ass as I pulled myself deeper and deeper into her. We kissed as I pounded her poor defenseless pussy. Our pace increased as we became hotter for each other and our need for orgasm took control of our actions. Cathy lifted her legs, locking them around my waist. She begged me, “Harder, Michael…harder…please fuck me harder!” I drove my cock into her, banging the tip into her cervix repeatedly. I was afraid I’d hurt her, but she never complained.

“Oh, fuck…oh, fuck,” she groaned repeatedly. “My feet, Michael…put them over your shoulders. I need you deeper…deeper.” I complied by grasping her ankles and moving them to my shoulders. She was bent in two as I rammed my cock into her with incredible force. I felt like a jackhammer as we fucked like maniacs. Cathy was anything but silent as she grew hotter and hotter, “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh,” she groaned. I couldn’t tell if it was a single sound or a series of short bursts, but it was obvious she was in rapture as my cock repeatedly massaged her G-spot. I knew she was close when groans became wails. I knew she was there when her wails evolved into a long guttural scream. She convulsed under me; her pussy contracted around my cock and that was just enough to bring me off a second time. I released her legs and lay gently on her body. We kissed as I moved to the side. “Don’t…not yet, Michael; I want to feel you inside me as long as possible.” I stayed where I was as we kissed and hugged. Cathy ran her hands up and down my back, even teasing my ass several times until my cock had shrunken so much that it popped free of her oozing cunt.

“Okay, we’ve had our fun; let’s go to sleep. I have a big day in court tomorrow.” I lay on my side facing her and was almost asleep when I heard her ask me, “Michael…did I hear you say you used to work for the district attorney’s office?”

“Yeah, Phil Sloan is a life-long friend of my father. I used to call him ‘Uncle Phil’ when I was a kid. I knew I had a position with Dad’s firm whenever I wanted it, but he wanted me to work there. A novice lawyer can learn a lot in the DA’s office—things like examining a witness and cross-examining, organizing a case, evaluating evidence, working with the cops—stuff like that although I mostly think he wanted me to learn on the county’s dime rather than his.”

“Do you really have a good relationship with the police?”

“Oh, yeah; they absolutely love me. Remember a few years ago when they sued the county and won. I was their attorney. The county wanted to unilaterally cut their benefits based on some obscure law from the 1800’s. I crucified the County Attorney. Now can we please get some sleep? I have to get up at six.” She kissed me—just a little peck and snuggled close, her back against my chest. I wrapped my arm around her and drifted off quickly.

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