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Somali Pirates and Their Prey

Chapter Three “ Diamonds”

Lord Vattendaul with his money belt strapped tightly around his waist is in a hurry to meet with these shady diamond traders! He has enlisted one of the crew's help as the yachts small power launch with him aboard heads for the small port of Mogadishu and this clandestine meeting! Once there he is blindfolded and and stuffed into the back of a Land Rover, then whisked away to this unknown appointed place. He is almost insane with lust to be the owner of these rare diamonds and this, overshadows any rational thought about everything else. There is little formality as they are all business! Lord Vattendaul has only brought one other thing besides his money and that is a Diamond Loupe magnifier, that will indeed confirm these diamonds are real!
Once he is assure that the half dozen or so Moussaieff Reds he is looking at are in fact real, has almost endured a cerebral orgasm at the realization they can be his! The haggling and dealing goes on for a relatively short time with a deal being struck, with the money an obscene amount, as well as the diamonds changing hands! The one player in all of this is Cabbas who in his traditional native Somalian male garb? Is a man that Lord Vattendaul pays little attention to, and gives him only a passing glance as his zest to be the proud owner of these rare diamonds over shadow everything else!
The trip back to his Yacht is uneventful and once there quickly retreats to his personal cabin to gloat over what he thinks is a diamond deal of a lifetime! It takes only until the next morning for Lord Vattendaul to be ordered out of his cabin at gun point, he is mad as hell at being treated like this! The Captain he has hired so cheaply could care less what he says, or thinks as he is brought up on deck? At about the same time what looks like a Somalia naval vessel pulls aside and ties off, as several men in uniform board the Yacht! Then in a language he cannot understand a conversation takes place between these men, and the captain,... as he finally realizes he has been duped, had, and double crossed?

Then in perfect English Cabbas with his first officer Sengisi, both in Somalia Naval uniforms,  asks Lord Vattendaul for the Diamonds! This is a request he ignores! Cabbas has ordered the women brought up on deck, threatening to brutally rape them in front of his very eyes if he does not comply?
His two teenage daughters have been rousted from their cabins, and are first to be brought up, they are still in their night clothes! Both are securely bound with brown hemp rope tied tightly around their breasts an up through their crotch with their wrists tied tightly behind their backs! If this is not enough ripped under garments have been stuffed down their pretty little throats and more wide black tape has been firmly and tightly wrapped around and across their lips! About the only sound the girls can make is a faint squeal as their eyes are wide, especially the younger Lindsay with wonder and terrified fright?......
But for Cabbas his henchmen, the Captain, and crew of the Yacht, the best is yet to come? He has heard everything about Lady Jane, and her slutty daughters the Captain has kept him informed of Jane's wanton interest as a submissive sex slave to men of color especially forceful and sexually abusive black men like him and the sadistic Captain!

This kind of woman is of interest to the Pirate King Cabbas! As women, especially white European women of stature, ones like Lady Jane are and have been of the most interest and appeal to him!
Lady Jane, stark ass naked and also tightly bound with the same brown hemp rope is next to be brought up on deck! She is and has been a very well used and sexually abused woman! Her face is swollen with shades of a black eye and her naked white fair skinned body, mostly her big breasts buttocks and pubic area have multiple bruises that are black and blue with marks of sadistic sinful sex all over them, she too is also gagged with shreds of underwear and black tape!
Cabbas, now with Lady Jane in the Captains sadistic hands, asks Lord Vattendaul again for the Diamonds! It is a request he does not wish to comply with, as the reality of what is happening is still tempered with the euphoria of actually owning these precious gems, one that has for the moment not totally left him!

Then Cabbas with the Captains help, and him holding Lady Jane, says again to Lord Vattendaul The Diamonds and your money now! I want very valuable thing you have aboard this Yacht!. Turn it over or we will rape your daughters first, and then your wife! Lord Vattendaul balks at the request and starts into a loud vocal tirade, of who he is, his money the power, and the so called powerful connections he has, and how dare they treat him like this! Not even acknowledging the brutal threat to his wife and daughters! This pompous asshole is stead fast, and makes no effort what so ever to comply, and is smugly confident knowing that the money and diamonds are securely locked in his safe! Cabbas could care less if Lord Vattendaual complies or not as he has this particular situation well in hand!

His youngest daughter will be first,... still bound! Has her night clothes mostly ripped off enough to expose her sweet young breasts and her shapely young bare bottom that sticks out vulgarly from in between the tight brown ropes, as the yacht's crew lines up loping their big black cocks to the ready with perverted glee!
Lady Jane held helplessly bound bruised gagged and beaten is unable to plead for her daughter's safety or for her husband to comply,... as the first big black and very hard dick penetrates their youngest daughter Lindsey's almost virgin like tender vaginal folds! The five crewmen with several holding her and all with their pants down take turns hard fucking this tender young girl's tight little pussy! It is not a pretty fun filled sight, of two consensual adults enjoying sexual intercourse! It is just the opposite! It is hard hate filled perverted lust of rape, as one big black cock after the other brutalizes her and goes from penetrating the entrance of her tight little opening to full depth with no warning and absolutely no concern at all for her well being, from these nasty perverted men!

One after the other, if she was not bound and gagged she would have been screaming her pretty little head off, and pleading for them to stop! As the few little white pricks of the young college boys she has had in the past will pale by comparison to the full grown woman wreckers these men possess!

Tears of pain and anguish flood from Lindsay's young eyes as the last of the five injects and incredible amount of black sperm deep into her tender succulent ripe young womb, for her it is enduring a number of mostly harsh vaginal ripping pain! At the very end of this ordeal her young body shudders now fully violated, one that betrays her and leaves her with the first realization of what a real shuddering orgasm is, as the last bull pulls free! Her formerly sweet pink little pussy is gaping and wide open, and an enormous amount of slimy cum runs out of her slit, then drips down into several pools on the yachts expensive polished wooden deck!

Cabbas purposely has the girl turned so that Lord, and Lady Vattendaul can see the results of their hard brutal handy work, and their young daughters brutal rape! Then her hard fucked anguish is heard, as the black tape is pulled free, so her hurtful sobs of violation can be heard by all, and they can almost see down into the very depth of her young black cock stretched wide open vaginal love tunnel! Their other daughter Paris was next, as the rest of her night gown is ripped off! Several of Cabbas crew has joined those of the yachts as almost a dozen are now taking turns! One of the men wants his cock sucked, so the black tape is painfully ripped from the older girls lips! She is a true little slut as once the ripped fabric leaves her lips, actually wants them to rape her,.. as she hollers out,...much to her mothers dismay, fuck me, and fuck me hard! The first of several big hard dicks then find their way into her yellow haired cunt at one end, and down her willing blond headed throat at the other!

Paris shudders not in pain but in pleasure as she easily and quickly experiences the first of several sinfully anticipated orgasms at the hands of these brutal men! Even they are astonished by her reaction, and her willingness to endure this harsh black cock pounding! She even bucks her bare bottom back and up at them at one end, and tries to suck down one big black dick after another at the other! It does not take long before Paris is looking for more cock, as she screams at them for more, saying come on you black bastards give it to me harder, I want it harder! Her mother Lady Jane cannot believe that these words are coming from this young innocent looking skinny blond daughter of hers,...and that she is and has become such a wanton sex slut, that is now just like her mother! But she is, and Lady Jane unless her husband gives in, will be next!

He, Lord Vattendaul still thinks that his money and power will somehow save him and resolve this ordeal in his favor? But he is wrong, Lady Jane is the next to be brutally raped, is forced down on her knees by the Captain, in front of Cabbas! The black tape is also ripped from her lips as he unzips his white uniform pants out flops a most appealing black cock that is fast becoming hard! One last time with a knowing sadistic smile he orders Lord Vattendaul, an order he already knows this man will not comply with! The diamonds and your money or we will rape your wife and sell her at the slave auctions of Mumbai India!

Then says to Lord Vattendaul mocking him, your wife is a slut for black cock, did you know that? Then saying to Jane, you are a whore and a sex slut for black men aren't you?.. Say it “Whore” so your husband knows what kind of a woman you really are,..... then suck my cock! Jane not quite sure what to do hesitates for only a moment still naked and on her knees, with this beautiful black cock staring her in the face, and eyes wide in excitement says in a lustful whorish mater of fact way, yes yes I am a slut and whore for black cocks!.....And OMG! I want this one!.

Then with her hands still tightly bound behind her back, she excitedly knee walks up to his now very hard cock an eagerly and wantonly gorges herself on it! It only takes several minutes as Cabbas, in full control of the situation holding back until the perfect time, then ejaculates a large amount of his pent up nasty cum, that shoots out of her nostrils and around her bruised swollen lips! The Captain is next with her still choking and trying to gag Cabbas's semen down, he forcefully grabs her head and jams it back and forth very hard face fucking her quite harshly! But for her it is only a prelude to their real intentions?...

They are getting her ready for his first Mate a true henchmen, Sengisi, better known as the Elephant man! There is a reason he has this name, he is a big man, but this is not why he is named Sengisi? Jane still on her knees and burping up warm spunk cannot believe what awaits her? It appears he has a belly, a gut hanging over his belt from to much good food, but this is strange as the rest of his broad masculine frame is trim and fit? Then as his belt is undone it is down with his white uniform trousers,.. as he steps out of them then, pulls off a baggy and strange looking set of briefs?

For the three women and Lord Vattendaul this most interesting question of his gut is now shockingly answered! As an enormous animal like most unusual cock has kind of uncoiled itself quickly revealing a flat muscular abdomen! This is a cock like no other,is a fat nasty looking thing and is a good 12” long in its limp flaccid condition! Both of the daughters and especially their mother are wide eyed in perverse sexual horror! The two young daughters are enlisted to get the thing hard, both Lindsay and Paris are more than reluctant, and need several hard blistering whacks from Sengisi's uniform belt, mostly on their bare bottoms to encourage them to stimulate this incredible nasty piece of male elephant like penis!
The thing is a grotesque looking reddish dark purple as it kind of snakes around like that of a mean nasty looking serpent, almost with a mind of its own? Both of the young girls now with their bottoms stinging but still quite timid,.. then get busy as their young lips can barely get the urethral fleshy passage hanging down from the bottom of this sickening looking skin that is withering, in their mouths! They try to nibble bite and suck along the bottom of this thing! As Sengisi moans with animal like pleasure!

But, the big cock head looking thing of his penis is the most sinister part! This is his thing, as the girls Paris and Lindsay slowly end up at the flaccid mushroom shaped head that is fast becoming firm! It is a half man, and half beast looking prick head, one that allows easy penetration on entry but once past the vaginal pelvic opening swells! Then after it ejaculates, is almost impossible to withdraw until completely flaccid a trait that takes a very long time, and after his balls are empty of semen! Cabbas is a man that uses his first mates gift sparingly as it usually will ruin a woman for life,...he and the Captain cannot wait though,... to see this most brutal perverted sadistic sex tool used on the now not so innocence of Lady Jane!

With her still on her knees Sengisi has placed the twitching nasty looking head of this thing only inches from her face! A sickening looking yellow cream colored sticky precum discharge is oozing out of the gun barrel size opening at the very end! He grabs her head and places her lips over it, and tells her to suck! The smell and stench is that of where animals are kept, is nauseating at first, she gags and tries to upchuck and pull away in disgust, but is unable to as he holds her lips tightly against this repulsive thing, and pinches her nose shut! This has caused her to try and get air through her mouth and is exactly what Sengisi wants as it has forced her to helplessly suck the nasty stuff down!

Then after several minutes of holding her, letting the nauseating goo permeate the inside of her mouth and run down into her throat? Has jerked Jane up on her bare feet, turned her around and pulled the elbows of her bound hands up behind her back with one arm,... hurting her, and with the other has grabbed a fist full of her hair painfully pulling her head up, and back violently! At the same time he had thrusted this thing,... his hard elephant cock up into her well used and mature stretched cunt opening so harshly that it has lifted her toes up off the polished wooden deck for a moment, and only by his cock! Saying loudly, in front of others you like it rough, don't you Mum!

Caught completely by surprise and not expecting anything like this Jane screamed out helplessly the word,...yes! This had brought the attention of every one on deck directly to her! This big strong muscular black monster of a man, by the way he is holding her, and with his big hard elephant prick impaling her, was now totally and virtually in control! Had he just continued to fuck her like this would have been bad enough, but showing his incredible strength and male prowess in front of others! Had forcefully started fuck walking her around ahead of him as he slammed her with this thing again and again, from behind!
Again showing his strength Sengisi had raised her up quite high and slammed her down on her shoeless bare feet! Jane with now almost 14”inches of beast cock up in her was in wonder the first time as he raised her high,.. this had relaxed her pubic muscles for a moment and when she was slammed down hard again impaled her so deep his big prick went in almost as far as it would possibly go! And with her screaming, and screaming!

You could hear the bare soles of her bare feet when they hit the wooden deck! Thump, thump, Sengisi was loving her screams of humiliating painful discomfort, and through clinched teeth said quite loudly in her ear, bitch! Squeeze them pussy muscles of yours tight, as he pulled her hair even harder and tightened his grip!
Jane now scared by his meanness was really concentrating, grunting and trying to squeeze her pussy muscles as tight as she possibly could, in order to keep him from penetrating her any deeper!...And doing so around this gigantic male organ! Then to her humiliating surprise Sengisi fuck walked her forward still impaled! Back and forth in front of those enjoying the perverse view of her naked helpless impaled plight, and with her toes barely touching the deck! Her bare bottom and big white tits were jiggling and flailing around obscenely, right next to those of the crew that were watching! Cabbas had been walking along side pulling and twisting her big up turned nipples every chance he got! Sengisi raised her up again with his big dick, and slammed her down forcing his big cock up a little deeper each time until he was unable to penetrate any farther and the thing finally buckled against her cervix! As more terrified painful screams were heard!

This was repeated several more times as she tried her best to squeeze her slit and pubic muscles tight, but was unable, do to his forceful slams!
For the crew, The sight with her toes pointed in, her heels out and her bottom up helplessly being fucked hard from the rear showed that she was indeed totally helpless, and was it ever so sinfully perverse for those watching! She was arched, like a swayback with her head pulled back by her hair, that only allowed her to see straight up! Being stark ass naked was bad enough, but Sengisi with his eyes red in wild animal lust now overcome by this helpless older woman impaled on his dick! Was dictating with his dick so to speak, the rough harsh treatment that Jane was experiencing! He would bend down as he walked her in front of him, then would straighten his legs out quickly with incredible force, and thrust this big thing up into her time and again! She would groan squeal and scream out begging him not to, as her big full white ass cheeks would part, then bell out to each side as his hard thrusts lifted her up off the wooden deck!

It was harsh erotic, and perverse from any angle as his big beast cock hammered her! Jane with her back arched, hair pulled, and her elbows held tightly together behind her back! Had allowed her big bare white breasts to be pulled vulgarly apart, and out to each side leaving her nipples pointing up and out! As he would hump,... her nipples would violently spring up and then down kind of like a toy paddle ball! But this was not the only sinful view? The pampered pudgy part of her stomach around her naval and especially lower around her pubic mound would also ripple spread and jiggle up and down as this big cock did its thing using her pussy slit and love tunnel harshly as it stretched her most abusively!

It was like watching a female animal screaming and squealing at being forcefully mated by an insatiable wild eyed beast! Lord Vattendaul seemed to be unmoved by first his daughters, and then his wife brutally and horribly raped in front of his very eyes! He, had only kept up this loud vocal dissertation about him, and his money, so much so that Cabbas had tired of it. This was followed by  both the Captain, and him, grabbing hold of Lord Vattendaul by the nape of his neck, and literally throwing him overboard into the sea!
Cabbas then hollered down at him in the water, you will now have to pay a kings ransom if you ever want to see your wife and daughters again? Not long after this, they had taken a small inflatable emergency life raft from the yacht and thrown it and a paddle in after him! He climbed into it still sputtering and shaking his fist at them as the current started drifting him out towards the shipping lanes of the Indian ocean!

The yacht with Jane and Sengisi still stuck together like two mated wild dogs in heat, and the two half naked bound, and well raped young daughters on board. Then powered up and sailed the short distance into the small port of Mogadishu..
All of this had happened, along with ongoing negations started for their release over six months ago, and the powers that be that had invested, and now enlisted these newly trained four young women,  were to be the ones that were charged with the rescue of these kidnapped female British subjects! Lord Vattendaul had drifted for several days, and had finally been picked up my an oil tanker, but it was on its way to Argentina in South America. None of the Chinese crew could speak English and after the captain of the tanker, tired of his loud vocal rants, had placed him in solitary confinement for almost a full 26 days! Then after the tanker docked in the North east port of Buenos Aires, he had first been turned over to the Argentine authorities, and then finally taken to the British embassy!

The whole sorted affair had taken well over a month, and until he had contacted those it the British government, no one had any idea that their yacht had been pirated and his wife Lady Jane, and their two young daughters had been kidnapped! Even then he had been reluctant to confess the true details of his black market diamond inspired trip off the Somalia coast! Because his wife Lady Jane had connections to the Royal family their was political pressure for some sort of concerted rescue to be attempted and these SAS women Louise Vanessa Sara and Corky were going to be the ones to attempt it?
Lord Vattendaul had finally made contact with Cabbas through discrete channels and tried to negotiate their release, but it had been a long drawn out arduous affair? Lord Vattendaul being the the tight pompous asshole he was, and not wanting to part with any of his money, tried to secure their release by offering a mere pittance of the money asked, and Cabbas being correct thought these women were worth a great deal more!

The daughters now were kept naked, and in the pirates camp had easily settled into, two slave girls that would willingly service Cabbas big cock or any of his black mates, almost on a perverted daily basis, especially Paris as her zeal for black cock was ever so more appealing! They both seemed to enjoy being naked on leashes and treated as sex slaves by these black Somalia pirates! Their mother Lady Jane no longer a lady had finally become unstuck after almost two day affair of forced breeding by Sengisi, and has taken up residence with him, and the Captain that now shared her most willing company as she had been for the most part corrupted, and addicted as a sex slave to harsh abusive black cock sex!

Both the daughters and Lady Jane were the perfect sex slaves and the fact that the dealings between Cabbas and Lord Vattendaul was taking so long, and seemed to be going nowhere was undecided? Should he keep them or to sell them both mother and daughters individually or as a mother and daughters package the latter would of course would bring a most sinful amout of money!! He had taken  and sold other women especially white European women to Mumbai India to the open and corrupt section of Anderi, one place where slave auctions still existed! To be sold as sex slaves as this was a place where they would bring the most money! This fact had been brought to the Admiralty’s attention and had put added pressure for an attempt at their rescue!

Continued in Chapter Four ....The Rescue attempt
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