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The digidestined seperate well the girls become closer
Tai knelt on the cold ground with tears streaming from his eyes. The pain echoing through his body could not match the deadly agony bursting from his heart. All he had ever wanted was to protect Sora from harm but in his greed and his arrogance he put her in danger. The image of Sora with Apocalymon’s hands wrapped around her body drilled into his mind. He couldn’t imagine what horrible ordeals she was enduring at his hands nor did he want to. He couldn’t bare the reality that he had created. TK walked over to him slowly.

“Tai I know how you feel but we need to decide our next move.” TK said gently.

Tai said nothing and merely nodded. He stood up and joined the group. Joe and Izzy looked completely lost. Matt paced back and forth looking nervous.

“We have to go after them.” Matt declared definitively.

“I agree with Matt. This is our fault and we need to save them. We need to leave now. Carry the Digimon and when they are rested we evolve them and use them to ride on.” Tai commanded.

Izzy shook his head back and forth.

“And where are we going specifically? He teleported out of here and we have no idea where he could be.” Izzy explained.

“Well then we are going to need your deductive reasoning. Now come on that’s an order. I am the leader here.”

“A good leader knows to listen to his men who might have an intelligent opinion.”

Tai sighed.

“Fine Izzy what do you think we should do?”

“Ok going into this with a lack of information would be suicide. We need to find Genai he has always helped us before and he will know what to do.”

Joe nodded in agreement.

“Genai’s place is only a days walk from here. He could be a great asset.” Joe said.

“What about the girls? Are we just going to abandon them? He has them and god knows what he is doing to them right now.” Tai yelled.

“My Admiral Akbar senses are tingling it’s a trap Tai!” Izzy yelled back.

“No it’s not. He had us all on the ropes if he wanted us dead we’d be dead.” TK reasoned.

“Then what’s his game?” Izzy asked.

“That’s the point it’s a game. He doesn’t just want to kill us. He wants to challenge us. He wants to push us to the edge of our sanity and break us. He wants to drive us apart. We can not let that happen. We have to stick together and stop him.” Matt explained.

“For once we agree Matt. We need to get out of here and save the girls. We have to search high and low.” Tai said.

“That will take too long. We don’t know where he is but we do know where Genai is. We find him and then focus on them.” Izzy demanded.

“Come on Izzy don’t you care about Mimi? You two are supposed to be together now.” Tai reasoned.

Izzy looked down in shame.

“Her life no more important to me than any of yours and much less so then mine. If want to go after them then fine but I’m going to find Genai.” Izzy said firmly.

“I’m with Izzy I don’t have a loved one out there. Besides I don’t know if they want me around anymore.” Joe said.

“Alright fine we will meet at Infinity Mountain in two days with a report. TK and Tai are you in?” Matt asked.

TK nodded but Tai did not look as convinced.

“I’m not going anywhere with you Matt.” Tai declared firmly.

“Tai this is not the time to dwell on the past. We both care for Sora. We need to work together to save her.” Matt pleaded.

Tai did not respond and merely stared directly to Matt’s right. It was the first time Matt had noticed that Tai had not looked him in the eye once since they arrived.

“What’s wrong Tai can’t be a man and look me in the eye?”

Tai grew angry at the insult to his manhood.

“Do you know why I can’t look you in the eye? It’s because every time I look into your eyes I see her love for you reflected in them. I see the two of you naked thrusting into each other moaning with lust. It started when you were dating and got worse overtime. I accept the fact that she choose you but I’ll be damned if I’m going to travel with you.” Tai stated.

Tension began to rise into the air again. Matt glared at Tai with mixed feelings in his heart. He was partially relieved to hear that Tai had let Sora go but furious at his coldness to him. Matt sighed.

“Fine we will split into three groups. Izzy and Joe will go to Genai’s place. They can take Gatomon with them. TK and I will search the east end of the island with Palmon in our care and Tai will take to the west with Byomon.” Matt stated.

Tai looked shocked at Matt leaving Sora’s Digimon with him. Did he possibly forgive him? Well it didn’t matter they had business to attend to. The group gathered and shook hands like men. Despite all the bad blood between them over the years this simple act of respect bought them a little closer together. They may have been separating but they were still a team and no amount of time apart would ever change that. Matt, Gabumon and Palmon began walking east with TK and Patamon. Matt slowly turned back to Tai.

“Hey Tai good luck man.”

Tai nodded slowly and the three groups departed into the unknown. Guided by love and a thirst for revenge they kept moving forward.

Sora burst up in a cold sweat. Her body was soaked to the core. She had been tormented by horrible nightmares. She was in a dark stone pit with only the dim glow of the waning moon to give her sight. Her body felt as though it had been cut by a knife hard and deep. She looked down at her once beautiful dress and discovered long bloody tears in both her dress and skin. She slowly reached down and felt one of her wounds. A sharp stab of pain rushed through her body.

“Just relax and lie down. You’ve been through a lot.” A gentle female voice from the shadows called out.

“Who’s there?” Sora called out nervously.

Kari slowly moved out from the shadows with her clothes torn around the shoulders and chest. She looked worse for the ware but Sora could see a slight glimmer of light hiding behind her eyes. Sora’s heart rate slowed and a warm feeling rushed through her body. Even at the edge of darkness a friendly face was all that she needed to feel safe. Sora let out a long sigh and lied back down. Kari walked over to Sora and began dabbing at her wounds with a wet piece of torn clothes.

“What happened?” Sora asked casually.

“Well I would imagine that you tried to repress what happened. You got the worst of the punishment by far. Apocalymon dug his claws into you pretty deep I’m surprised that you survived at all. The sounds of you screaming were almost unbearable. I thought Mimi was going to throw up.” Kari explained.

Sora bolted up completely forgetting about her pain.

“Mimi where is she? Is she alive? Is she alright?”

Kari shushed Sora and lay her back down. Kari let out a sigh and pointed to a dark corner. Sora had to squint to make out Mimi’s thin form in the corner. She was huddled down with her head in her knees. She bared several scratches on her face but her most disturbing feature was her eyes. Her eyes were almost completely glazed over with no hope left in them.

“She’s been like that for hours. She hasn’t moved or spoken since the torture stopped. I tried to talk to her but it’s like she is miles away.” Kari explained

“Well at least the worst is over.” Sora said.

Kari looked nervous.

“I wish that were true but I’m afraid that we haven’t even begun yet. Apocalymon said that he would be back. I’ve heard the most terrifying sounds echoing through the walls. Whatever he has in store for us it will make our previous encounter seem like a tickle fight.”

Blood began gushing from Sora’s vagina. Kari began to panic.

“Your wounds are reopening. He put those disgusting claws deep inside you. You are bleeding internally and you can easily be infected. Ok I’m going to have to sterilize your wounds but it won’t be pleasant.”

“This whole situation is unpleasant. Please just do something.” Sora pleaded.

Kari nodded and pulled down her pants. Sora was shocked at Kari stripping in front of her but the pain was overshadowing that fact. Kari took her little cloth of clothes and crouched over it. She looked as though she was concentrating very heavily. It took Sora a moment to realise what Kari was doing. She moved to protest but she knew that there was no other option. After a few moments a yellow stream of urine poured from Kari’s vagina and soaked the cloth. The urine was an extremely dark yellow and the smell was overbearing. They clearly hadn’t been given any water and were close to dehydration. Kari looked deep into Sora’s eyes.

“This is going to hurt a lot but understand it needs to be done. Is that ok?” Kari asked gently.

Sora merely nodded. Kari stuck a finger in Sora’s mouth to prevent her from biting her tongue. Kari moved the cloth towards Sora bloody vagina. A couple of drops dripped down sending send small shockwaves of pain through her. Sora’s teeth lowered nibbling on Kari’s fingers but he regained composure. Kari sighed softly and stuffed the cloth into Sora’s vagina. Every part of Sora’s being protested what was happening. The pain from her vagina was worse then that of even losing her virginity. Her whole body tensed up and fought to force Kari’s hand out of her. Kari didn’t give up and twirled her fingers around the gash. Tears poured out of Sora’s eyes it was the most disgusting and painful moment in her life. Finally Kari removed her hand and the pain slowly stopped. Sora relaxed and panted. Kari leaned down and gently kissed Sora’s cheek.

“Well on the bright side. You’ve gotten some training in for child birth.” Kari said with a smile on her face.

Sora gave a dry laugh and smiled a little. The thought of her baby made Sora worry. Her current situation put the baby in grave danger. If Apocalymon found out about her baby she couldn’t even imagine what he would do to it. Kari could see the fear on Sora’s face and she knew what was bothering her.

“We won’t let anything happen to your baby. We will do everything in our power to stop him.” Kari assured her.

Sora gave a small smile.

“Thank you so much Kari. You are such a good friend. I don’t know what I would do with out you.” Sora said.

Tears began to flow from Kari as well. The two girls hugged each other tight. Kari began rubbing Sora’s back gently. She felt warm despite their cold surroundings. Sora could feel Kari’s breath on her ear and she let out a small gasp of pleasure. There was something about Kari that felt right. Her body was soft and smooth that radiated with a youthful glow. Sora could feel their heart beating in tune with each other. They gazed deeply into each other’s eyes and could see each other’s souls.

“How are you going to protect the baby when we can’t protect ourselves?” Mimi said coldly.

Sora and Mimi turned to Mimi in shock. It was the first time she had spoken since they had been captured.

“What did you mean?” Kari asked.

“We have no power here. Our Digimon are gone and we are facing a god like being. Face it we’ve lost.” Mimi declared firmly.

“Hey things may look down right now but you have to have faith. We have each other and that’s what matters. If you give up then you have already lost.” Kari yelled.

“And what makes you think that you will survive? What evidence do you have for that? Do you think that someone will ride in on a white horse and save you? Do you think that life is just a sugar coated roller coaster ride of fun? The world is cold and will only break your heart.” Mimi replied.

Sora and Kari looked over at Mimi with disbelief.

“What happened to you Mimi? Why do you feel like this?” Sora asked.

Tears rolled down Mimi’s face. She began sobbing.

“I didn’t have a wonderful life like you. I’ve done things that I’m ashamed of. I’ve been used and abused by so many men that I can’t even look even look at myself in the mirror anymore. All I see is a cheap horror with dead eyes. I cannot face that. I have nothing left in my life to be happy about anymore. I’m just a broken girl for men to use as a toy.” Mimi sorrowfully admitted.

Sora and Kari began to leak tears as well. They couldn’t believe that something so horrible could happen to someone so close to them. Sora slowly walked over to Mimi and rubbed her back slowly. She gently touched her chin and turned her face to hers.

“You are not a broken toy you are our friend and you mean the world to us. I know that things have been rough but we are here for you. You are not alone.” Sora said softly.

Mimi looked deep into Sora’s eyes. She felt the genuine concern and love she had for her. A warmth spread from her heart throughout her body. She began to sweat and pant she didn’t know what to do. Mimi closed her eyes and leaned forward. She gently kissed Sora on her soft moist lips. Sora’s eyes widened in shock. She had never kissed a girl before and she didn’t know how to handle the situation. Half of her wanted to break off and start spitting out her germs. The other half of her wanted something completely different. She wanted to lie Mimi down and ravage her body. Mimi’s skills in kissing were incredible she moved her lips around in a perfect pace and her mouth tasted like a tangy mint. Sora relaxed and let Mimi continue to work her. Mimi finally broke off and the two panted. Mimi blushed slightly.

“I’m sorry about that. I did a little girl on girl stuff in my film career so I’m used to doing that. I just wanted to thank you for everything. I haven’t heard a lot of words of encouragement lately and I guess I overreacted. Oh god I’m so sorry I don’t know what I was”

Sora grabbed Mimi’s head and shoved her tongue down her throat. Mimi looked just as shocked as Sora had but accepted it. Sora shoved her tongue deep down her throat and wiggled it around like a worm. Mimi rubbed her shoulders and went deeper and deeper making Mimi moan softly. Sora broke off and a little stream of their saliva fell to the ground between them. The two looked at each other like a couple of drunk and horny schoolgirls.

“I’ve learned a few things myself.” Sora declared slyly.

Kari watched from the distance. She was shocked at her friend’s willingness to let everything go. She was horrified and a little intrigued. She had never even considered women before but watching the two of them and how close they seemed filled her body with lust and her vagina with a moist sensation. She wanted to join them and experience a new level of closeness and love with their friends. Her body moved closer to the group and she got on her knees.

“Can we really do this? What about our loved ones?” Kari asked.

Sora’s mind flashed to her selfish husband. She could feel his cold stare on him and it sent a wave of white-hot rage through her. Part of her wanted to throw herself at anyone and disgrace herself to make him feel the pain that she felt. But this was not the time. She looked at the two beautiful women kneeling before her. They were more important to her then some petty revenge. This would be an act of purity. She would deal with her with her pent up emotions later. Sora reached out and grabbed Kari’s and Mimi’s hands.

“I sure that they will understand. Let us not worry about things to come. We have to stay in this moment there is nothing else. There is nothing but the three of us girls. Our hearts beat as one in this moment.” Sora said softly.

The three girls reached out and put their hands on each other’s chests. Their hearts beat in perfect unison. Sora and Kari leaned in and began French kissing each other around and around. Mimi leaned in and the three of their tongues danced around each others dripping saliva all over each other. Their tongues were warm and moist. They delivered pleasure to each other in ways that they didn’t believe was possible from a simple kiss The three fell back and panted loudly. Mimi gave a sly grin.

“You know that we are going to have to settle this right?” Mimi asked.

The other two caught the drift and smiled back. The three put out their fists and prepared for the ultimate battle.

“Rock, paper, scissors!” They all shouted at once.

Sora pulled out a pair of scissors and the other two rocks.

“Ah shit.” Sora grunted.

“Sorry Sora but it looks like you are the bitch.” Mimi said with a big smile on her face.

“Just watch my vagina it’s a little sore.”

Sora took off what remained of her dress and dropped it to the floor. She stood completely exposed in front of her two friends and yet she didn’t feel the slightest bit of embarrassment. Mimi pointed to the ground and Sora sighed. She lied down on the ground and Mimi slowly sat down on her face. Mimi’s vagina formed a tight seal on Sora mouth. Feeling the pressure Sora wasted no time in ravaging Mimi’s glorious love hole. Mimi signalled Kari to come closer and she obeyed instantly. Mimi grabbed Kari’s head and frenched her deeply. Kari reached down and began lightly twirling her fingers around Sora’s clit. Sora moaned softly well moving her tongue wildly like a snake sending Mimi into small spasms. Mimi began to leak all over Sora’s face. Sora nibbled on Mimi’s clit lightly sending Mimi into a blissful orgasm.

Mimi got off of Sora and she began to pant loudly. Kari got down on her hands and knees and began to lick Mimi’s juices off of Sora’s face. Mimi’s juices were sweet and salty on Kari’s tongue. Kari began kissing Sora’s bountiful breasts absorbing every bump and every bit of her smooth skin. Mimi moved down to Kari’s behind and began fingering her pussy very quickly. Kari moaned loudly and thrust her hips backwards into her fingers. Mimi’s skills were incredible. Mimi saw Kari’s reactions and grinned widely. Mimi twisted her fingers around and pushed on Kari’s G-Spot. Kari gave several loud and rough moans. No one had ever touched her that way before. No one even tried to look for her G-Spot. Sweat poured from her body and she gave off a loud piercing moan.

Kari collapsed and smiled. She leaned back and kissed Mimi deeply transferring some of Mimi’s own juices back to her. The two looked down at Sora who had been almost ignored and they nodded. Sora smiled and spread her legs wide. The two girls got on their knees and began licking Sora’s vagina together. Kari traced her tongue around Sora’s tight vagina well Mimi began sucking on her clit. Sora became drenched in sweat. The two girls working on her together became almost too much to bear. Sora’s wrapped her legs around their heads and forced them in closer. The two girls licked Sora’s vagina wildly as though their lived depended on making her cum. Sora finally couldn’t hold it anymore and squirted all over their faces. Mimi and Kari licked the juices off of each other and the two girls collapsed next to Sora.

Sora wrapped her arms around them and bought them in closer to her. The two girls rested their heads on her chest like a couple of small children. Their hearts though beating faster still beat as one. Sora could feel their souls transferring between them. They had become closer then they ever believed possible and nothing could ever bring them down. A loud rumbling sounded through the air. The three girls clutched each other in fear. The stone wall in front of them opened and a light peered into their chamber. Sora peered in and her eyes widened in shock and fear. She thought that nothing could harm them anymore and that the worst was behind them. She was wrong, very wrong.

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