A young guy and woman find themselves getting too hot for the sauna
Boiling Point

F-M Sex, Public Place

"Oh, hello" She said, as she entered the sauna, the steam filling her lungs as perspiration began to appear almost immediately on her firm body. She was young, with an attractive body and face. Her bikini complimented her figure well and caught the eyes of more than one man. She had not noticed until entering that the sauna was already occupied. It was the local self-defense coach; she had learnt from him at school and had received a few outside lessons.

"Hey, how are you ?" He greeted her warmly, his body covered in sweat, which reflected in the dim lighting.

She gazed across his tanned muscular lines and found a seat near him. He was young himself, only a few years older than her. She had spoken to him on several occasions but none as unique or awkward as this.
He looked up, his eyes greeted by a most pleasing sight. She had turned to arrange her towel so that she could sit on the hot wood bench. Her bikini hugged her round butt like a second skin and he looked her over hungrily, her soft feminine sides and her long slender legs. It was inevitable that his body’s physical response to such stimuli would kick in. The shorts he wore were black and tight, his erection began to form and leave its mark. Without any underwear beneath the thin material shorts his hard member was on display. He did not think to look or cover it up assuming he was hidden.

When she sat back, leaning her head against the wall, she looked over to commence idle chat. Her eyes locked on straight away. She saw what was the most arousing sight she could ever hope to imagine. His cock, right down to every vein and fleshy groove, was pressed splendidly against his shorts, and he was completely unaware. With the heat, steam and the view that magnetised her eyes, she was finding it hard to breathe. She had never noticed this, but he was tall and gorgeous, quick to smile and perfectly defined. Her nipples, already hard from the sauna began to stick out with a might, between her legs she felt it moisten, uncertain if it was sweat, her bodies reaction to his good looks or both.

"I wonder if you can get this smell as an after-shave?" he asked.

"Mmm, that would be nice on a guy." She smiled, sarcastically, while ribbing her thighs together, mildly stimulating herself.

"Or you could always have deep chlorine by Calvin Klein. Tough choice." He smiled.
She laughed lightly at his joke.

"So what are you doing with yourself, these days, of course apart from breaking hearts and fending off all the boys?" He asked, his eyes locking with hers.

"Ha ha, no, I wish. I’m doing a traineeship at my Dads firm. It's pretty cool, I get to be a typical secretary."

"Well, remind me to visit your Dads firm, if it means I get to see you in a short mini skirt" He answered, clearly flirting.
She smiled, liking the attention and comments. She felt a tidal wave of lust come over here, she had not touched herself in ages and the pent up energy was a powder keg brewing to explode. And here was the spark.

She leaned back some more and opened her thighs, whether intentionally or not she did not know. Between her legs he saw her beautiful mound covered in the bikini material, he could see the outline of her womanhood. Pre-cum began to form at the tip of his engorged member. He fought against the urge to plant his head
between her thighs and devour her tasty, delicious looking mound. He decided instead to cool off in the spa.

" I’ve been in here way to long, I might go have a dip." He said as he stood up, his prominent bulge standing out as his most obvious feature. The thick-long cock was pressed to his left leg, struggling for release against the tight shorts.

She looked up to say something but was again drawn to his groin. That one image almost gave her an orgasm, she could feel a surge of slipperiness occur between her legs. Goosebumps prickled up across her skin as blood pumped through her loins.
She continued to watch him as he left the sauna. What an ass, she thought.

While in the spa, his hand went down to his cock, he removed it and stroked it, boy was it hard. He thought of her body and how badly he wanted her. As he fisted his hard cock, he looked up seeing her looking at him. All the blood drained from his face. Before he could say anything, she whispered, "it’s ok."
Stepping into the warm bubbling water she approached him. Her gentle hand wrapping around his hot flesh.

"Ohh, my" She said, before her lips pressed into his. Seconds later, after recovering from his shock, he returned the kiss. He dropped his hand down to cup her mound where he manipulated his thumb and fingers to maximise her pleasure. Their tongues wrestled violently each trying to control the others mouth, as their hands gently pleasured the others genitals. He raised her up with his strong hands and sat her on the lip of the spa. He parted her thighs and moved her bikini bottoms to the side, his thumb finding her clit as two of his fingers entered her. His big cock bounced in front of him as he pulled her bikini top down with his mouth. Her hands rubbed his cock firmly as he sent pleasurable waves through her body, starting with her pussy.

He pulled his hands out as he cupped her head, kissing her forehead with passion, and she took this opportunity to sample his delicious looking package. Her lips wrapped around his cockhead, she let it slide into her mouth as she kept a firm suction on it. Her tongue swirled over its head teasing his cock eye licking the sweet pre-cum from its source. He groaned as she pumped his hard cock with her small hand and fucked it with her hot wet mouth. Her other hand found her own genitals and rubbed in a firm circular motion. She ground her hips against her own hand as he pumped his hot tasty cock into her accommodating mouth. His hairless heavy balls slapped against her chin and sent an erotic thrill through her body as they did so. The tension from earlier was too much, he could feel his orgasm approach. His cock pumped thick hot jets of white pearly liquid into her throat, she continued sucking, never failing to miss a beat. His orgasm served to send her over the edge. Both her hands went to her dripping pussy and rubbed and pressed furiously. She rocked against her self wildly as his still firm cock still filled her mouth. His cum and her saliva dribbled down her chin and onto her round breasts. She was cumming. She shuddered, her body shaking uncontrollably as she came
He sat back down into the water, she followed, he cupped her breasts and kissed them, his tongue flicking over their juices as he did so. He pulled her to his lap and guided his recovered cock into her hot body. She groaned from the depth of her core as he filled her. He thrust into her, raising her up and down onto his hard pole. The water lightened her petite frame making it easier for him to manipulate her body so that he could get full penetration as they fucked. She rolled her head across her shoulders as he moved her against the spa's ceramic tiled wall. He now pinned her against it as he pressed hard into her, she met his thrust with her own slight rolling of the hips. Beneath her a jet angled up, and forced hot water into her as his cock did so adding to the erotic physics of the situation. He turned her around so that now she was leaning over the side of the wall, the same jet now focused on her clit. He took her from behind his cock sliding in and out of her wet, glove like pussy as he kissed along the back of her neck. She wanted to cum so badly, but at the same time to enjoy the moment. It was one or the other, and inevitably her pleasure peaked.

For a long moment she felt as though the water was boiling as orgasm went through her. Steam shot from her ears as he kissed them, her body sizzled as he touched it, and her hot pussy exploded as he came deep inside of her. After her tremendous orgasm she collapsed over the side, he continued to remain in her.
As they both started to recover an elderly couple walked in, greeted by the nakedness of the two young lovers. The old lady, easily in her sixties turned to her husband of so many decades and said…

"They stole our idea."

The End

Fantam july 2001


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Boiling hot story! Thanks for posting it.

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