He takes a gamble and wins out
Jackpot !

F-M Sex, Public Place

It was getting late, the pokies room stank of cigarettes, spilt beer, flatulence and the musky odour that rooms, lacking good air circulation, get. Most of the patrons were leaving or preparing to leave, there was still an hour left until closing, but most had run out of funds or pension money. A slender woman walked into the near emptied room, and she noticed that her womanly figure and slinky dress attracted eyes. She had noticed this earlier, which is why she was wearing the dress. A young man was standing near the bar, sipping OJ as he watched her. He was waiting for his grandma to finish up, and had thought the evening generally boring until she walked in. As she sat down, inserting some coins into a machine, the dress parted, revealing her upper thigh. The room was now nearly completely empty, in a distant corner the small frame of his grandma hulked over a machine as she laughed and played the odds in her own little world. She would be there for hours if her money held out. He was dragged into coming, there for safety and to keep an eye on her. He could not work out why, she had been coming here since the place first got the pokies, years ago.

The woman glanced over towards the bar, she smiled at the man as he finished his drink. He returned the smile, his stomach churned in desire as he hungrily looked her over. She looked back at the machine pulling down on its lever, as he watched she slid her hand up and down the thin metallic shaft slowly. The implication of that gesture clearly apparent. He gulped lightly as he felt his pants shrink and his body grow. She turned her head, licking her lips as her eyes looked deep into his. This end of the bar had become abandoned now, even the lights had been turned down as to deter anyone else from entering. In the main bar two employee's cleaned tables and served the remaining drunks their last drinks.
Helen noticed the young stud when she had entered, it was the main reason she had come to play the pokies. He was tall, muscular and clean looking. She figured that he must be there waiting for his mum, or grandmother as he continued to watch over the old lady in the corner. Helen had been in an aroused state for a few hours and now thoughts stirred in her mind as she teased this young hunk. He was biting too. The thrill of turning him on bit into her. He shifted in his seat, half standing as he did, she could see a manly shape in his pants, the coiled lump of a cock. She could have him now she thought, the devil in her telling her to try something; the angel cautioning her. The devil had a powerful ally, her raging desires and willing body. As she stood up, she knocked a coin onto the floor, turning her back to him she bent over, her buttocks pressing against the skirt. His eyes caught every detail, he could see the every contour of her tight round ass. She stood back up and turned to him, flashing him a devilish grin.

" Excuse me, do you have change for a five?" she asked.

" Yes, yes I do." He answered, fidgeting with his wallet. As he did this he pulled his pants accidentally against his cock. He was wearing satin boxers, which gave it tremendous freedom, allowing it to press into his pants at will. This was one of those moments where it throbbed readily against the material of his pants. She sighed inwardly with hunger, she rested her hand on his thigh, only inches from his groin. Slowly she slid her hand closer, she could feel the heat as she closed nearer to the burning source. His heart pounded as he felt her wanted intrusion.

She leaned close to his ear, almost touching it with her lips.

" I think we can find better ways to entertain ourselves than by just sitting around here." Her tongue flicked across his lobe at the end of the sentence.

" I agree." He managed to say, as he turned to her their lips joined.

Hands and tongues explored one another, her hand rubbed his hardness as his hands cupped her back and ass. She rolled her head as he kissed her deeply, his mouth tasted of orange juice, she savoured the sweetness with her tongue. He stood up off the stool and turned her against the bar. Without thought of their surroundings the two continued, their act seemed like the most natural thing in the world. He lifted her up onto the bar, she sat as he stood between her legs. His mouth grazed hungrily across her perfumed neck, down to her breast bone, and finally he planted kisses between her breasts.

She arched her head back as she felt his tongue spiral towards her breasts, his hands cupped them, as his fingers pinched them lightly. She was wearing no bra, he realised, excited. Her legs clasped him in tight as he divided his attention between each breast. Releasing one he engulfed it with his lips, the nipple clamped gently between his teeth as his tongue rolled over it. They were hard, her body was rigid as he toyed with her bringing her to a crescendo of powerful sexual explosiveness. He kissed her bosom and moved his face up to hers, he smiled as she, with desire in her eyes tried to smile back. His left hand rested between her legs and found her moistness. He kissed her, sucking her lower lip as his hand rubbed her mound through her wet satin thong. He slid his hand beneath the material and inserted his long slender finger into her opening, his palm pressing against her clit. Their kissing grew more intense, his right hand was cupped behind her neck and held her against him. He broke off the kiss and lowered himself, she quickly looked around, no one was there, they were getting away with this. Something inside of her was telling her to stop, but her lust beckoned her on, the risk of being caught only added to the desire.

His head was between her thighs, she opened them, the cool air and his breath was enough to make her shudder more. He moved her silver thong to one side and pressed his head into her, his tongue darting furiously against her clit. She leaned back helplessly raising her hips so as to give him better access. His lower lip rolled down against her slit as he pumped his tongue into her, occasionally rolling it around her clitoris. He did this for some time, never tiring as he pleasured her with his hot willing mouth. He stood up, pressing his pant covered lump agianst her, he kissed her on the neck as he rubbed her thighs and her sides. Helen reached down to his front and began to pull his fly open. He knew what she had in mind. Her hand went inside of his pants and rubbed the hot shaft through the satiny material. She felt the sticky dampness of his pre-cum at the end of his substantial bulb. Un-buttoning the boxers she pulls his cock out, moving her hips close to the edge she rolls them upwards. He steps forwards standing on the rail at the bottom, he leans into her, his cock slides into her, slowly she can feel every contour and vein of his long hard throbbing shaft as it glides deep into her. The pair rock gently at first, but they soon quickly up the tempo. With his pants at his ankles he picks her off the counter and impales her deep onto him, walking across the room still attached she grinds her hips and feels him fill her up. He presses her against the machine, it rocks and shakes in concert with their groaning and furious coupling.

His hands holding her as his fingers dig into her buttocks he raises her slightly, allowing himself full deep penetration. She can feel him against her clit, and her wetness causes an overflow that slides down her legs, tickling her. The building sensation borders on unbearable as she bites his neck. Her orgasm near, as he ups the tempo, driving his hips into her, the fury of his actions push her over the edge.
" Arggh !" she moaned loudly her eyes closed as he drove deep into her. The tightness of her slit and the orgasm caused him to rupture into orgasm. He felt her muscles tighten and milk his cock. Both shivered in a delightful explosion. He filled her up with his hot white seed, her juices over flowing and covering his groin, forming a puddle on the floor. The pair hug one another tightly, their clothes rumpled and a mess, their hair completely strewn above their heads. As he thrust in her one final time the machine shook with them, taking its last beating. As he stopped, the machine hissed loudly, beneath her hips was the money tray. Gold and silver coins poured into it, filling it instantly, lights started to flash reading above the
machine " JackPot ".

Quickly the pair rushed to get changed back into their clothes before anyone came. Just as he pulled his pants up, his grandmother approached from her corner.

She smiled, " Looks like it was worth you coming with me tonight after all."

She then turned to Helen and whispered, " I’ve been coming here for years and I never win big like that." she ended it with a devilish wink.

Sept. 2001

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