She gets more than just a suprise

F-M Semi Non-Consent Sex

"Who's there?" She yelled into the darkness and shadows.

Moments before she had heard some foot steps slapping against the cold pavement. Alone she walked uneasily towards her car, her keys ready to unlock it as quickly as possible. The light from over head flickered, adding to the tension of the moment. She struggled with the key, forcing it into the car door, the sweat on her hand making matters worse. Suddenly from behind her she felt something push her against the car. It was bigger and stronger than her. A gloved hand wrapped around her mouth, she was paralysed completely unable to move. Whoever it was pulled her away from the car and bound her arms behind her back. Electrical tape was now being taped over her mouth, she was unable to do a thing, every movement she made wasted, beaten by her captors counter. She was thrown in the back of a commercial van where she lay helpless on its cold floor.

They drove for what seemed like hours, and for all that time she was unable to see where they were going or who or what her captor was. Suddenly the van came to a halt, she slid forward across the floor. The door slid open, her masked captor pulled her out. It had to be a man. He was big, well built and strong. Threw her tears of fear she could smell a masculine musk, a smell that under more normal circumstances would have gained her attention in a positive light. He slung her over his shoulder and her tight short business skirt rode up and his hands cupped her between her legs. It felt awkward yet nice. She looked around, trying to ascertain where she was. It looked like they were in the middle of a great pine forest, the lush damp smell, the darkness, the high trees and mud covered single lane track. He was carrying her towards a small wooden cabin. She dreaded what was going to happen, was he a murderer, a psychotic serial rapist, or some sadistic crack pot who would inevitably torment her, or all of the above. She felt sick, fear was swimming through her numb body. Inside the cabin it was warm and smelt of burning hickory. He laid her down on a surprisingly large bed. He untied her arms from behind her and bound them to the bed post, spread-eagling her top half. This removed some of her discomfort. Her skirt had ridden up and her red satin underwear was in complete view, he could easily see her mound beneath it. His face was covered by a ski mask and she could make out nothing as to determine who he was.

He disappeared and left her alone for an hour or so and when he returned he was carrying a long green duffle bag. She dreaded to think what was inside of it.
He moved towards her gracefully, sitting on the bed near her right leg. She writhed to avoid him but all effort was wasted. He slid his hand up her thigh, slowly and gently. He stopped it as it reached her inner upper thigh, this caused her flesh to break out in goose bumps. She closed her eyes trying to will him to go away, she knew better though. He massaged her lightly, his hand slowly creeping up to her woman hood. He removed his glove, his hand was warm and very smooth. He rubbed her through the silky material, her mound throbbed at the touch. As minutes past her fear slowly subsided, and her body began to take up another feeling. He could feel her mound begin to moisten to his touch, she gently writhed, instinctually. Wanting it to stop but also wanting it to continue, it was like a series of sneezes, an unwanted yet strangely pleasurable sensation which was outside of your control. He now moved towards her, his hand still massaging her through the material. He moved his face to her mound, his tongue slipping out from between the opening on the mask. The long tongue licked long, hard strokes across the v-line of material covered flesh. She groaned lightly. His hands cupped behind her buttocks bringing her into his deep licking. He moved the material to the side, her thick, aroused scent hit him as he began to flick his tongue across her very erect clit. His thumb rubbed into her wet opening penetrating between her lips, invading her private region. She moved gently like a liquid mass to his actions, his tongue was accurate and skilled. He moved his mouth lower, his tongue went deep between her extremely wet slit while both his thumbs rubbed her clit. She was completely intoxicated by lust. It had been a while since she had felt a man's touch and she had never had some one devour her with their mouth before. His hands went beneath her again and raised her hips of the bed, he lapped at her his tongue changing pace and tempo, occasionaly swirling and sometimes thrusting into her. A short time ago the only thing that concerned her was survival, now all that she wanted was to cum.

With two fingers he insterted them deep into her, curving them up inside of her so that they found her g-spot. His tongue un-relentlessly licked her clit. His fingers rubbed her deep inside, as his mouth now sucked her clit, his teeth teasingly nibbling on it lightly. She felt shudders go through her loins as her lower bodied tightened, her muscles went into a strange, ecstatic delight her orgasm was peaking in an intense and incredibly fantastic high. He continued to tenaciously maintain the intense tongue and finger action. His thumb found her anus and rubbed it lightly, her juices and his saliva lubed it up, making it slick and erogenous. The added anal stimulation sent her over a very high edge.

"Arrggghhhh..." She screeched, never before knowing such pleasures. He slowed his tempo down matching her orgasmic recession. She fell into a delicious post orgasm slum, completely content. As she lay there enjoying the after glow, he moved up slowly, unbuttoning her top, he reached inside and cupped her bra clad breasts. Removing her lacy bra he placed his mouth onto a very firm nipple. He swirled his tongue around as he sucked from her nipple, he massaged her flank as he did this. She moaned as he removed the electric tape. Licking her lips as her pleasured her for a second time. She could feel through his pants his hard cock, it rubbed against her. It felt large and well shaped.

"Fuck me." She whispered.

His hand reached up and stroked along the side of her face comforting her. As he removed his swollen cock from its confines, she looked at it in awe when it bounced into view, long and thick, cut with prominent veins. Beneath it were two large orbs, filled wth cum and ready to explode. She looked at it, needing it more than anything else. He moved himself so that he was between her legs. He slid her wet panties down and parted her thighs, her pussy was trimmed and her lips were swollen. Her womanhood glistened in the dim light, she was ready for his hardness. As he rubbed his cock head against her clit the contact of his hot engorged flesh made her sigh with delight. He ran the head down to her anus and back up, teasing her, he built the tension up. He then positioned it ready to penetrate deep into her body. She moved against him impatiently trying to force him inside of her. He leaned lightly forward, slowly entering her, once inside he increased his rhythm. He began to thrust into her, she wanted it fast and hard so he was going to oblige her. He leaned into her, his muscled stomach against her soft smooth tummy. His hands untied her from the bed, as he they became free she embraced him, her tongue finding his through the slit of the mask. He tasted like her sweet juices mixed with a fresh, minty taste. The feeling of his thick hard cock sliding into her was breathtaking, she found it hard to kiss him as he did this. His mouth found her neck as he pressed his hips hard against her, his cock going deep into her. The heavy low hanging balls slapping into her with dense fleshiness. He kissed her neck lightly as he drove into her. She was close again, he pulled her up to him, impaling her onto his cock now she was grinding against him, rolling her hips to meet his limited thrusts. She jerked violently as orgasm raked her body. He could feel her muscles clench and milk his hard fuckpiston. He too was close. As she peaked he was close to his explosive orgasm.

"Cum in me...ahhh...cum in me..." She yelled in the throes of lustful ecstacy.

He could not hold back. With a pent up might his cock throbbed out its contents deep into her, she could feel his hot thick cum squirt deep into her. Like a water cannon suppressing a furious fire, so did his cock blanket her insides. She felt full, as his cum began to pour out of her, coating his still firm member. She was gasping for air, her body covered in sweat. Her breasts raised up and down with every deep lungful of air. He removed his cock, and replaced it with his mouth. He lapped up their combined juices. The sensation of his mouth and tongue removing the slickness was incredibly soothing. He was delicate with his precision, which made it all the more pleasurable. He brought her to another orgasm which on its own would have seemed great, but following her previous two it was a small knoll compared to the highest peak of the Himalayas.

"Who are you.." She asked.

"Sssshhh.." He answered. Pulling his pants up and composing his clothing, as he did this she caught a glimpes of his tanned chiseled stomach. She smiled content and completly satisfied.

"Happy Birthday" he said kissing her forehead.

"But..Its not my birthday..." She said suprised.

"What ? Aren’t you Jenifer Bates ?" He asked.

"No, I’m not… she is my boss." She said as her mind tried to imagine who this stranger was.

He lead her to the van and drove her home, both sitting in silence. She recollected the sensations and delight of their coupling. As he dropped her off, she asked,

"Can I see your face."

"No" he answered. "We put to much at face value and I want you to remember what I felt like and not what I looked like." Before she could say another word the van disappeared into the night.

In her pocket was a glove and a card... it read...

Suprises are funny things, they come from nowhere, and bear our doom or bring our salvation. Only you can determine which is which.


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2013-12-07 20:42:22
Very amateurishly written. Very weak plot, Misspelled words, including in the title. Rated 1/10

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2013-12-07 20:37:39
The reader should know that if the writer cannot even spell the title correctly, he is not going to be able to write anything worth reading.
Remember poor authors and simply avoid reading their crap as it will not normally improve. This wannabe writer needs to return to middle school.

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