A Rich Mother and her athletic teen son work out together
Rich Mother spoils Sonny
By Fantam
(Incest Mom-son, teen, anal sex, oral )

Elizabeth Jamieson and her son, James were far from being poor, when James was 10 his father a very prominent businessman had died in a freak auto accident. Leaving both James and his mother well over $30 million in insurance as well as numerous estates and titles. Still living in the lavish home James had decided to take a year of his studies to further his martial arts training, as well as he put it to develop his mind. His mother, Elizabeth enjoyed the rich and lavish lifestyle her self often having numerous lovers. At 45 Elizabeth was far from looking over the hill, her body ws firmed and toned from hours spent with personal trainers and in exploring the latest fads in training and diets. James had often showed his mom some techniques in martial arts as well as taking her through rigourous routines. Basically that was as far as there relationship extended, James was merely a personal trainer and entertainement ploy used by the rich woman. Often while hosting rather expensive and ludicrously elaborate parties she would show her handsome son of to the numerous guests, often the woman would take a keen interest in the fit and well proportioned young man.

James was quite an inteligent lad, his body was well sculptured from the hours of intensive training and his mind was just as honed. James spent just as much time masturbating and fantasising about women. His 18cm long cock was sufficent to please most women. One night while in his room James laid back on his bed, his cock hard and curved as it pointed at his muscled torso, he closed his eyes as his youthful fist pump back and forth against his smooth veiny meat. Visions of naked sexy women flooded his mind, his left hand caressed his heavy balls as he pumped back and forth his cock slick in pre cum and saliva. A voice shattered his fantasy, " James are you free this Saturday ?"
asked his mother as James scrambled trying to regain his composure and clothing.
"Um, yeah I guess, why mom?" asked James as his beautiful mom entered his room. Her Champagne blonde hair tied back neatly and her mature yet well shaped body neatly packed into a tight pair of exercise pants and her firm yet round breasts squezzed into a boob tube. James noticed how sexy his mom looked not for the first time either. She smiled at him and turned, "A little later honey can you come down and help me with my workout."
"Yes sure" He answered watching her tight ass as she left his room.

Elizabeth walked down the stairs, lately she ahd been so unbelivably horny, and the only thing apart from fucking that aleviated some of the tension was working out. James now dressed in his workout gear met his mom in there private gym. "Ok hon, I want to do some more ground work and maybe some wrestling" Elizabeth said as she pumped her toned thighs on the stationary bike, sweat already beading on her brow. "ok Mom" Replied Jame as he started losely warming up.

Elizabeth watched her son as she rode the exercise machine, she looked at his cute face, his fair hair and his well muscled young body. Often she had thought of her son as more than just a boy more than a mother should think of there own son. He bent over in front of her touching his hands onto his toes, she looked at his tight buns. Pefect she thought, how she would love to wrap her arms around those as she pulled him further between her legs. Elizabeth began to feel flushed as her hormones began pumping throughout her already horny body.

James now himself limbered up approached his mother, " Ok mom you all ready he asked"
The pair walked out to a small matted area. James laid on his back so that his mother could mount him, as his mother sat down her tight buttocks pressed into his hardening crotch. She new better than to sit so low in the mount, james though did not bother telling her. Elizabeth gently grinded herself against her son as he explained to her what to do. The pair went through several drills and exercises each one bringing the other closer to a state of explosive build up of sexual energy. Now between his mothers legs as she wrapped them around him, James turned to his side. Elizabeth pulled her son into her crotch and raised his hips applying pressure against his neck and head. James now found his face pressed against the moist and warm groin of his mother, he took in the sweet msuky scent of her womanhood and sweat. Elizabeth rubbed herself firmly against her sons face, he pulled himself out much to her disappointmemt. She rolled over her round and perfectly saped ass faced her son, James knelt back for a few moments admiring the site, not noticing his mom watching him admire her behind.
"Do you want to fuck it or something?" Asked his mom shocking James as he immediately stood up.
"Sorry, Um I was thinking of pinning a move on you" Lied James as he tried regaining his composure. His hard teen cock pressed against his pants material giving his mother something to stare at.
"I think you were thinking of pinning me allright, not that I would mind" Elizabeth smiled as she now stood her hands on her hips as she rubbed them smoothly. Elizabeth saw her sons hardness and could not stand it any longer, she stepped towards him cupped his groin and pressed her mouth to his. Liz was a woman who was used to getting her own way, and she needed sex, the fact that it was her son only served to thrill her more. Her tongue parting his lips with some force, James backed up from his mothers sexual assault, her tongue slipping against his inside of his hot and warm mouth. James pulled back his face.
"What are you doing mom ?" He asked his breathe uneasy and excited.
"Im about to get a hard workout, now shut up and do as I say boy" she ordered as her face went back to his. Elizabeth kissed her son for several minutes, her hands roaming across his young body feeling his muscled cheeks and grabbing his very hard erect cock. James had by now started kissing his mother back, his young tongue matching her randy pace. Elizabeth pulled her mouth away and whispered into her sons ear as she licked his lobe gently. "Do you wanna fuck mommy?" She asked obsenely.

"Yes" he answered back his hands softly neading into her toned ass flesh. Elizabeth pulled her son to the mats and kissed him heavily again, James ran his hands to her breasts and cupped them, his thumbs stroking her very erect and puffy nipples through the material. He brought his mouth down and kissed his mom on her breasts releasing her firm and well shaped tits from the sweaty confines of her top. His mouth went to her nipple, biting down softly he teased it his mom moaning as her son sucked her breasts. James flicked his tongue from nipple to nipple firmly he stroked them sending his mother up a tower of sexual intensity.
"Oh Baby suck momma's tits, bite them hard" She said her voice fueled by desire and lust.

Elizabeth could not beleive how good her son was she drank in the pleasure he was giving her from sucking her breasts and nipples. She felt him part her legs and press his face into her hot womanly centre. Pulling her tight exercise pants down she felt his breathe caress her nakedness.
"Lick mommy baby, making mommy cum" She whispered grabbing him by the hair and forcing him down hard into her moist hot pussy.

James flicked his tongue at his moms erect clit, his hands parted her cheecks as he ran his tongue firmly through her slit and up to her clit. For long intense hot minutes his mother thrashed as he teased her clitoris with his mouth, occasionaly biting it softly with his teeth. With his fingers he pressed into his mothers pussy, his tongue licking her clit and lips while two of his fingers pumped back and forth, he increased the tempo matching his writhing mother. "Yes, yes, you fuck, youre doing it harder, make me cum" she screamed as he brought her to a higher point. His thumb slick from his saliva nd her juices pressed against her anus, he forced it in, it slid in easily well lubed from the sex juice. The sensation of another penetration sent her over the edge. James felt his mom arch her back and quiver as she orgasmed heavily.
"Yes, ohhh ohhh, ohhhh" she moaned shuddering in sexual delight as her son continued sending her these intense pulses of pleasure.

James stroked his tongue down to his moms enterance and back up to her belly button, trailing a saliva trail across her flat stomach. "That was the best orgasm that ive ever fucken had!" Exclaimed his mother she felt a buzz of sexual energy and was glowing with pleasure.
James looked at his hot sexy mom and stroke his cock as he smiled at her.
"Consider it a gift, mom" he said.
Elizabeth smiled getting up she pulled her sons pants down, "Now I get the bigger part of the present I hope" she smiled sexily.
Pushing James onto his back, Elizabeth lewdly squatted above him and impaled his hard blood engorged boy cock into her hot wet and very willing flesh pocket. Both mother and son sighed imensely as there sex glands interacted. Elizabeth rested her full wait and felt her sons cock press deep inside her, she rubbed back and forth feeling her still very sensitive clit press against his chisleled abdomen. James watched his mom in delight he felt his cock throb with every heart beat as his hot sexy mother rode him with heated and spicy intensity. She fucked against her son for well over 10 minutes, increasing her tempo, James now raised his hips meeting his mothers hot thrusts. She felt her self reach a peak and grinded herself back and forth against him feeling her sons hard cock tear into her fuckhole. With her arms on his sweaty chest she looked at her son deeply into his eyes.
"Feel me with your cum, fucken cum into me." She said while riding him hard and fast.
"Yes, yes oh yes mom" James replied feeling his balls swell with his boy cum.
His rich mom, a pillar of society, a hobnobber of the rich and famous now screamed his name with lustful conviction.

James felt his balls swell, his mom yelled that she was cumming, James could not handle it any longer the pleausre he was receiving sent him over and he felt his young cock explode, pumping thick pent up reserves of cum into his mother. Elizabeth felt his seed splash inside of her the sensation of her sons young hot cum lining her insides caused her to orgasm again. Both mother and son collapsed, taken over and drained by the sexual forces of each other. Some minutes passed and James felt his cock harden again still inside his mother he felt his cum and her juice squish out and slide down his shaft and onto his low hanging testicles.
"James, you are sleeping with me from now on, son, I want to fuck you in every possible way" Elizabeth said as she felt her son's youthful member rise for the second round.

She moved down to her sons hard glistening cock, it was covered in the love juices, she placed it hungrily into her mouht, he nostrils flaring as she smelt the strong odours of his young semen and her ripe nectar. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked in his stiff cock, occasionaly she would run her tongue across his head. Her motherly hands stroked his cock in the same tempo as her moth slipped over it. She felt her pussy tingle and buzz as she sucked her boys meat, she looked at his face as his eyes rolled in ecstatic passion.
"Oh Mom, that feels so goood." He whispered his voice shaky.
Elizabeth continued her expert sucking. She looked at him as she removed her mouth.
"Do you wanna fuck mommy good, baby?' she asked.
He nodded as she positioned her self back on his chest, he felt her wet pussy seap its juice on his muscular chest.
"Wanna Fuck my asshole? I love it in the arse, but its been so long, and im sooo horny baby." His mother said as she kissed him gently. He could taste his cock on her lips.
"Ok Mom, anything for you" He answered his cock still engorged with his young hot blood.

She knelt before him on all fours presenting her son with her round firm cheeks, her puckered anus winked at him as she stretched her cheeks apart.
"Kiss me there" she ordered obeying his mother, he brought his mouth there, his lips pressed againt her bumhole, he stroked his tongue across it lightly as he did so he felt he shudder.
"Make it all slick honey, and then press it in gently." He heard his mother say as he kissed her anus.
He covered her asshole in saliva and reached around cupping some of her nectar rubbing that into her asshole, some of his cum dribbled from her pussy, he also applied that to her tight brown hole.
Bringing his hard cock to her hole he pressed lightly, she pressed backwards and his cock slipped in. She gently rocked back as his stiff cock inch by hard inch slipped into her swallowing hole. He caupped her cheeks as he gently slid his cock in all the while absorbing the sexy site of his young boycock going into his mothers tight asshole. They both found a common rythm and each grinding against one another, his cock pistonining in and out slowly. He reached around and cupped her mound manipulating her sensitive clit she shuddered as she felt her hot asshole pleasurably engulf her sons cock.
James began to feel his cock reach its maxim, his testicles heavy and low hanging slapped back and forth where ready to release there creamy contents. His mother begged him to cum in her she forced herself backwards faster impaling his cock deeper into her bowls. James could not stand it any longer, his cock hard and pulsing erupted, jetting another thick seedy load into his mother. She felt his cum pulse and spalsh within her tight anal passage, it sent her over the edge. Her own son had just came in her asshole. She felt her body shiver in ecstatic delight. Falling forwards Elizabeth felt her sons cock pop out from her stretched hole. James watched as his cum seaped from his mothers anal hole, the site was enough to get him hard again. His mother looked over to him exhausted yet still very much aroused the older woman rolled onto her back.
"James, you and I are going to Fuck so much now , honey, do you mind?"
James looked at her.
"Id love to Mom"

Mother and Son fucked several more times that night and continued to do so for many years, and every time James had a girl friend he was told to bring her home so that his mommy could see and find out if she was worthy for her son (what a generic ending:).

I hope you enjoyed this story my first erotic one, I hope to imporve and get better I have sevral other story Ideas which I shall soon turn into proper stories asap.

All the best and be safe.



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