A man more than enjoys his jog on the beach
On the Beach

The storm had just past, waves washed swiftly against the shore as the glow of the moon illuminated across the glassy water. The smell of rain and salt hung heavily in the air. The beach sand was damp, as his feet slapped against its firmness. He had been jogging for about three kilometers and had now decided to stop. It was warm the air had an electric feel to it, like it was about to have another round of thunder and lighting. He figured he would be home by then, showered and rested after his evening run. He leaned forward pressing his hands against his feet. His muscled legs stretched, all of him was well muscled, not to steroid extremes but more to a finely tuned state. He was wearing a tight grey sweet shirt and a pair of long running pants, the attire added to his athletic body, even in the slight moon light. As he went through a variety of stretches, from the dunes someone watched him with interest.

Sitting against the small dune face, she observed this stranger, he lived near by and she had noted him on occasion at the local shops as well as running about working his toned body into a sweet. It was as he ran that she had first noticed him, his strong frame and tear drop shaped legs that powered his sexy body as he ran down the road or along the beach. She was short, with a slender young body, she had often roused mens attention as she bathed at the beach in a provacative two piece. She hoped she would arose his interests.
" Hello, I didn't see you there" He said snapping her out of her daze.
" Oh hi...have a good run ?" she asked as he walked over to her. The wind carried his musky sweaty scent. It smelt of after-shave and the spice of his sexy body odour. He wiped his brow.
" Yeah, I thought Id take in the scenery. It only seems to get better though." He said smiling.
" Why thank you, my name is Krystal by the way, I live not to far from you." she added enjoying his smile and warm eyes.

The pair spoke for several long minutes, when the conversation was disrupted by a loud thunder clap. Moments later rain pelted down stinging them with its coolness.
Krstal raised the blanket and offered him to join her in the slight shelter as the pair made their way towards a wooden shelter only a few meters away along the beach.
His body was hot against hers, at this close proximity he smelt delicious she thought. They made it to the shelter, while it was raining the storm had ensured that it was not cold. So the pair were not to concerned about running to more enclosed shelter.
" I guess I am having my shower here at the beach now" He joked.
" I can't complain about the company." He added, she smiled back a devilish glimmer in her eyes. He was sitting next to her, their shoulders rubbed, both were gazing at the waves. He offered small talk, but it always ended gently with a slight lull of silence.

She turned to him, not saying anything she acted on a strange impulse. She had to have him...the storm and the exotic nature of the situation strengthed her passion. Their lips pressed into one another's, at first he did not respond. After a long second he kissed her back. Slowly tongues met and danced within the hot confines of their mouths. His hands rubbed her shoulders as he tilted his head slightly adding more intensity to the kiss. Her hand dropped to his lap, escalating the strange unexpected coupling. She rubbed his growing erection through his pants he groaned as she did this. Boldly she reached under and slid her hand into his pants, her small hands grasped his hot shaft head. It felt large and defined. All the while the pair kissed. He reached behind her and cupped her back massaging her smoothly as she wrapped her fingers tighter around his round cock-head. He broke the kiss and looked at her briefly, he then moved his lips to her neck where he started planting small and delicate kisses, slowly up her neck and back down to her chest. Her breathing increased as outside the lightning flickered.

She sighed as he cupped her left breast, his tumb pressing into its nipple. His other hand was wrapped under her shoulder and rubbed her back. He had now gone back to kissing her, his lips bit down on hers, his mouth tasted sweet. Like fresh rain water. His breathe was hot.

He stepped back, he was now standing and she sitting looking at him hungrily, biting her lower lip. He raised her shirt above her head, she was wearing no bra. His eyes drank in the pert firmness of her breasts, they were enough to fill his hands. He lowered him self kneeling between her open thighs. His mouth engulfed one breast at a time as his tongue swirled teasing the nipple. They were hard, he bit down on them gently, his hands went between her thighs under her skirt to her hot center as his mouth devoured her breasts. With one hand her rubbed her through her now very damp silky thong, she shuddered as he did this, he found her clit and brushed against it nicely. He now kissed between her breasts, she arched her head back as he traced kisses down to her stomach and then under her skirt.

She had now parted her thighs far enough as to allow his head complete access between her legs and under her short skirt. She held his head as she felt his tongue slide over the material covering her burning mound. He teased her with his mouth as he blew hot air against her only to follow it up with his cool tongue. Around them the waves began to crash into the beach as the lightning lit up the night sky.

Pulling her saturated thong down her legs he layed her onto the bench and found her naked mound with his mouth. He rubbed her upper legs as he worked over her clitoris with his tongue, occasionaly he would bite it not hard, but enough to make her jolt in pleasure. The moment had now caught up with her as her body began to react to his intensifying actions, like the storm around her she was ready to explode. A loud thunder burst shook them both, it was enough to send her over the rift. She screamed, her body twisted in delight as his mouth and hands continued their probings into her. Her shriek of ecstasy was drowned out by the storm.

Kissing her lightly he looked up at her heaving chest, his groin was now a sizeable land mark on his rippled and hard body. She noticed it, still breathing heavily she stood up. Kissing him hard, she reached down and stroked his mast, un-knowingly the pair stumbled into the open. Rain splashed across them as they continued their hot passionate motions. Falling to the wet sand she parted her legs, he entered her with one long thrust that seemed in time with a bolt of lighting.

His now naked butt arched high as he slid his hardness deep into her, the rain soaked their bodies, it no longer stung it was more of a soothing splashing. Reaching under her lower back he griped her flesh, pulling her up onto him she now had her legs over his hips. She rolled her hips over him feeling him slide into her. With his strong legs he pulled himself up and had her resting on him as he raised her up and down. He was standing in the rain with her wrapped around him clutching him as they furiously joined.

She bit into his neck as she felt herself cum, this one felt more intense, her legs tightened as the waves of pleasure swept over her. As she tightened he fell back onto the sand. He too was feeling the inevitable, his balls tightened and jetisoned their hot contents deep into her. She could feel her insides awash with his hot liquid. She felt full and complete. Her orgasm subsided as he continued sliding into her.

He carried her to the shelter, her dress soaked, he too was damp and covered in sand. It was worth it they thought. He placed her onto the bench and laid her back against the wall. He smiled as he knelt between her legs. His tongue slid deep into her, she watched on. He lapped up his cum and her juices, she could see his thick white load slide down her leg, but his tongue darted out and cleaned it from her. He kissed and licked for some time, giving her a smaller orgasm.

After kissing for some while and enjoying the now calming scenery the pair dressed. He offered to drive her home as his car was not that far. The pair walked passed an old man fishing, he threw his line out into the water as he stood waist high in the salty water. The storm continued far in the distance, the night was again bright.

" Caught anything ?" Krystal asked the man as he looked over straining to see the pair.

" Not yet, but I hope to net something tonight just as well as you did." He smiled.

They pair blushed, back at her house, they showered. That though is a whole nother story.


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Wonderful story, great line, could be from a personal experience ? (countrycadillac)

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