A srtudent gets some after hour tuition.
After Hours

F-m sex

His cock bent upwards as blood surged into it, filling every gland and vessel with hot thick essence. Clear semen dripped from the mouth of it as its purple round head throbbed with every heart beat. He grasped it firmly and squezzed it, more of the viscus juice dribbled from the cocks eye. His ball's clean shaven and round hung heavy, they sagged beneath his long hard smoothly veined cock shaft. He moved forwards towards her open gaping and wet pussy, it was exposed before him the site of her naked body sent a sexual surge through his young loins. He pressed his cock against her lips leaning forward it slipped in past the labia and into the hotness of her womanly centre, she sighed lightly as his hardness penetrated deep into her. Her walls expanded to take in his thickness, he slowly worked up his tempo as his balls began to slap against her ass. His hard muscled abdomen tensed to her delight with every one of his pleasure sending thrusts. She reached forwards and grabbed his muscled ass and pulled it towards her, feeling him ram harder into her. She could feel his whole member ebcome buried deep within her, its head pressing against her and its thickness rubbing against her inner walls. She could feel his smooth shaven pubic region grind into her hard clit. He looked down seeing her firm breasts rock back and forth with each of his thrusts, she began to groan softly overwhelmed with the ecstatic feelings coming from her groin.

He leaned forwards kissing her breasts, he took her left nipple into his mouth, as he continued his flesh piston motion drilling back and forth into her wet slick and glistening hole. It sucked in his hot hard rod as he gave it to her, both enjoying the feeling each feeling the impending tide of climax approach. His sucking and nibbling on her erect nipples caused her to sigh loudly, she was becoming closer to the explosion which she had craved so long. His smooth muscular body rubbed closely against hers, she could feel his whole being affectionately fill her.

"Fuck me harder, faster" she whispered heatedly into his ear.

He increased his tempo, slapping hard against her he fucked her harder, her body jived against his, she was sensitive all over, as she began to feel her body come nearer to the climax. His hardness probed deeper into her, vaginal fluids sweet and slippery drooled out of her, she could feel it slide towards her anus, tickling it nicely. A liquid slapping accompanied her moans of guntral pleasure, she pulled him tighter roving her feminine hips against his. Faster and harder he pumped into her, she was to close now, with every thrust she could feel herself going. Her body was glowing a surge of plasure erupted across her, her pussy flaming red sent a volt of powerful pleasure throughout her. His cock continued its unrelentless pistoning into her hot wetness, like a fleshy sleaze she welcomed his cock.

He could feel her body shudder as she moaned loudly screaming sexual obscenities into the air and at his hard young body. He felt her pussy tightening around his cock, he was near and could no longer hold it back, her orgasm was triggering his, he continued thrusting into her with deep meaningful thrusts. He felt his balls surge pumping his heavy hot seed through his cock and out into her pussy. With spurts of hot jets he came inside of her washing deep inside of her. She felt full, his cock and cum filling her completely, she expanded into another sudden orgasm as his cum soaked her insides.

Still fucking into her with a hard cock, he felt his cum slosh out dripping from her pussy over his shining shaftt and across her loins. He stopped and removed his cosk, she smiled a delicious satisfied smile. Content to lay there basking in the afterglow. He moved to her froin he could smell her woman odours mingled in with th heavy scent of his cum. With his tongue he slurped up slowly there fuckjuice, its salty sweet taste made his cock harden from its dwindling post orgasm state. His hot tongue strobed over her clit, relaxing it he ran it gently over her sensitive erectness. She moaned grabbing his head hard she pulled it deep into her sex box. His tongue slipped into her cuntal canal and licked back and forth, in and out. His fingers parted her fleshy cheeks and gently stroked her inner regions tickling her sensitive erogenous zones.

The fluids of there sex made her groin area reflect the light and rubbed into his face. He continued sucking and licking with precsion, his face glistened from her juice, she continued to flood it out as though her womanly dam had been broken by his hard young virile dambusting cock.

She shudered one more time, uncontrollably she jerked in a wave of sheer pleasure that hurt while also feeling good. he continued his ministrations prolonging the pleasure as it drained her life away. With a blood engorged erection he placed it between her legs again her eyes still closed, she was unsuspecting as it inserted into her wetness. The filling sensation was enormous, his cock was harder and bigger than ever, it was as though this young guy had grown another inch in length and two more in width. Feeling him stretch her relaxed and swollen region she felt him fuck her viciously. He body limp and without energy took the hard fucking his eyes glazed with desire, a primal lust had engulfed him. She saw it and it made her respond in kind, her body recharged began to fuck back into him. There fucking grew to a closing as his hardness exploded with a long ropey jet of cum, across her belly. She felt some of the liquid heat splash against her chin, she flicked her tongue out and tasted it, the young cum of a boy she smiled always so refreshing. His still hard cock looked at her, with he slender fingers she stoked the cum on her belly and tits and brought it to her mouth, desperatly she lapped at it sucking it into her as though it was the last food or water on the earth.

Happy and complete the embraced and kissed there tongues slipping against one another's, there mouths meshing together in one physical entity.

She smiled and felt her body glow, he stood up, his sweaty and muscular body sent another wave through her. He bent forwards to plce his tear drop liked hairy legs into his pants, his semi hard cock leaning forward over two drained but still heavy balls. She laid there still naked and tired, she fell to sleep in her dreams he had her again.

Later on that night her husband entered her room sneaking in, still in his work clothes he tried not waking his wife.

She rolled over facing him, still naked and full of the boys seed.
He noticed her, smiling.

"How was the private lesson with that kid today? Did he show up this time? You know you shouldnt spend so much of your private time teaching these kids what you also teach them at school." He said removing his shoes.

"Yes, I know he did very well, there is hpe for him yet, besides I find it very fulfilling having these young men learn from me." she smiled in the darkness.

"Whatever makes you happy honesy" said her husband, he leaned over kissing her. Within minutes he was asleep.

She closed her eyes and joined him, dreaming of who she would have to punish in detention tommorow.

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