After training he reverses things on a mugger.
Against the Wall

F-M Sex, semi-Non-Consent

He had wanted to leave earlier but like always he was drawn into a lengthy conversation with his coach, now he found himself walking alone through the cities underbelly at night. Part of his route took him down a dark long forbidding alleyway, he nervously entered it uncertain of what lurked behind the often moving shadows. A cat growled as it slashed its paws at another adding to the untamed abience of the alley. Now at the middle of the long alley he felt more confident and increased his pace, he thought back to training, how well he had performed when grappling against the senior students. For a long draged on second he fell into a star filled oblivion, stunned he fell backwards uncertain of had hit him. A jolt of adrenaline surged through him as he rallied to recover, a shadowy figure, sligh in stature but agile and swift was upon him. He regained his senses and rushed into the attacker both fell to the hard damp cement. A small, but hard fist slapped into his face, it hurt, he gained a mounted position on the smaller attacker. He readied his fist when he noticed in the pale light the attackers face. Oily, with filth cpvering it, he could still see with clarity that it was a girl, no older than him.

He only now realised two well shaped lumps on her chest, as well as shoulder length hair which draped in a tangled mess her shoulders. He hesitated, she however did not, with her small hand she forced it hard and fast up into his unprotected throat, he gasped for air. While her hand squezzed she arched her back and rolled him over, ontop of him, but still between his legs. Scrambling he pulled her head down hard, over powering her slight strength. She squeled, now he was aware he could tell with 100% certanity that she was a girl by every little thing she did and how she apeared. He rolled her onto her back and held her down.
"I am going to let you up, ok, so calm down" he said between breaths.

She appeared to co-operate, she looked for the first time at her 'victim', he was cute she thought, the way his eyes sparkled even in such a situation. When he released her he offered a hand, he smiled two dimples forming. She felt her body react, it had been so long since anyone had been kind to her, especially someone as hot as him. She felt her groin tingle, yet she also saw an oppurtunity. With a swiftness she kicked him hard into his groin, he fell forwards gasping, she grabbed his bag and ran. He pulled himself up, only a few steps behind her he leapt onto her tearing her to the ground.

Her tight long shirt rolled up in the struggle revealing her soft pale flesh, he could not help to feel his young body react. His hardness pressed out fully erect it rubbed into her by sheer accident as he held her down. She felt it, her loins swam with desire, she felt him grind against her lightly. Hundreds of confused thoughts passed through her head, she acted on the least expected one. With his face near hers she kissed him, her tongue pressing into his mouth. At first unnsure what to do, he reacted kissing her back. Each tongue rolling across the other, he tasted the gamey flavour of his mouth, it contrasted with the minty sweetness of his. She writhed beneath his touch, feeling for his hardness, she found it and was impressed. She released his hardness, her hand sliding along its hot rigidness.

He sighed as she did this, hgis hands cupping her breasts, the new experience sending icy waves of excitement throughout him. She placed his cock near her enterance, still intent to escape with his possesions she led him into another trap. Releasing hold of his hardness she pushed him away, dashing to escape, he was to quick, her stomach on the ground, he pinned her down.

Feeling her dress covered ass against his stomach, he kissed the back of neck, and along its side.
"fuck me" she whispered, the first words he had heard her say, it was incrdibly arousing.
She reached down pulling her skirt up, the cool air entering her sacred area. He leaned into her, his cock sliding deep into her wet slick folds. Both groaned in unison. He pumped his hard cock deep into her, his hands reaching around cupping her breasts, she managed to get herself to her knees, he on his. Fucking hard into the other like wild dogs, in the heart of the night. He grabbed her round tight ass cheecks squezzing them as he pistoned into her hot centre. She pulled away slightly, and stood up, he managed to see her in a much better light. She was beautiful, truely a fallen angel, she walked towards him possedesed by some feral sexual desire.

Pushing him against the wall she pressed her body against his kissing him hard, biting him with more severity than would be expected. He now felt more helpless than when he had been intially dazed. She went to her knee's with him pinned against the wall. Her mouth absorbed his hot hard cock, she could taste her juices and his sweet pre cum. Her hands seized his muscular butocks rubbing them hard as she fucked his cock fast with her mouth. His balls heavy and lose slapped ginst her juice coated chin, she slurped as much of his cock as she could. Her pussy was aflame with liquid heat, she needed to fuck, she didnt care who or how.

Standing her face looking at his she yanked him by the cock and leaned against the wall, he moved against her, lifting her skirt he pushed his cockmeat between her thighs. She could feel it fill her with animalistic satisfaction. She kissed him hard as he pushed into her against the brickwall, her mouth nibbling hard on his clean skin. She bit down, as she felt her pusy juices dribble down her legs, the sexual demon within her was in control and she loved it. Her teeth clenched, sending pain to him as he thrust into her. He reacted by slaming her hard into the wall, pushing his cock hard into new depths of her pussy cave. The mix of violence and sex was too much for her, she could feel herself reach the peak, spasming with ecstatic intensity as she was sandwiched between the wall and his hard body she came with the force of a freight train travelling express. Feeling her internal explosions he could not hold back, like a automatic cannon his cock jetted white liquid shots deep into her. Both fell backwards satisfied, in a wild afterglow. Only now did eacvh realise the small crowd of homeless watching from within the shadows. Still set on achieving jher intial goal she bolted off into the night with his bag.

He pulled himself up smiling, it was worth it. Afterall who wanted an old workout bag that contained his sweat on a towel. Obvuiousy she did. From then onwards he made it an effort to travel that route.


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