A lucky teen guy gets lucky with his baby sitter

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Nicole sighed as she thumbed through the pages of the latest girl mag that she had just scored of her older sis. She grew tired of he articles and the generic gloss one often found inside. She was 22 and alone on this cool stormy afternoon, it was a Saturday and she just could not be bothered braving the storm to socialise. She reached the sealed section of the magazine, she ripped it open. They are always soo over rated she thought as she glanced over the sanitised pics of nude couples.
Her two year old was at her ex's for a change so the house was tidy and quiet, a week of pent up lust had taken its toll and she gracefully widened her creamy thighs. Her left hand went to her quickly moistening mound, the satiny robe she wore parted perfectly as she gently massaged her hot, trimmed and well shaped pussy. The pictures were rather un-arousing but the sight of a man and woman coupling was enough visual stimulation for her extremely horny body. She rolled her hips to her hands gentle rubbing, her eyes closed and her back arched as her body throbs in a self induced pleasure. She moved her palm over her clit pressing down while her fingers probe into her open cavern of delight. She was nearing the build up now as perspiration began coating her body in a thin layer.
Suddenly the phone rang, its incessant ringing destroyed the moment. Why could it not wait a minute longer ! She angirily answered.


"Nicole, thank God your home, we have a huge favour to ask." answered the voice at the end, it was her mothers friend, Leslie.

"Ok, what is it...and how huge of a favour?" She asked now unconciously covering her body as though she could be seen by Leslie.

"Could ou, pretty pretty please look after Sean and Anne tonight ? We just need you to be there to make sure he does not have any parties etc, as you know he is grounded so keep him indoors." Leslie said her voice gentle.

" My mum has gone back into hospital, its nothing major, just I want to be there for the weekend to get her things, you know how it is."

" I guess I can do it. " Nicole answered she looked at it as a way of scoring points with a potential babysitter.

" Ill just have a quick shower and will be over in thirty, is that ok ?" Nicole answered.

"um, could you make it like fifteen, Im so sorry but the flight leaves pretty soon."

"ok, see ya soon" Nicole stripped of as she entered the shower.

Normal it was Nicoles sister who got the babysitting job, but she was no doubt on some hot date tonight. As was always the case, she thought with a hint of jealousy. And the crazy thing was she did it for free even after she had been offered pay.

Sean was the eldest a fun loving teen who at 14 was gorgeous but also a little smart arse at times. Anne was there little girl who at four could be a little terror. Nicole did not mind looking after them, she had done it often, but tonight was supposed to be her night of, and worst still she needed to get off ! If only Sean was her age she thought with a smile.

As soon a she arrived Leslie and her husband were leaving the taxi already being loaded. Leslie gave her the usual instructions and contact numbers, she waved them off and looked over the kids. Anne was already sleeping, but Sean was sitting in front of the television in a pair of boxers and a tight sports shirt that hugged his developing body.

"Hey" Nicole said as she placed her bag by the door.

"Looks like you get to spend the night indoors like me." Sean said as he flicked thrugh the channels.
"Who wants to go out in that ?" Nicole answered.

" I do, my mates had the fight on cabel which I was supposed to watch, but mum, the bitch she is, has imposed bullshit restricions on me." Sean said looking up at.

"We will have to make our own fun" smiled Nicole, she found herself looking him over. He was cute, and tonight he seemed mature, manly, his hair cut, his muscular hairy legs, his arms, toned with a nice tan.
"Well you can sulk, im going to check on Anne" Nicole turned and left.

"Have fun" Sean said, his eyes glazing across her body as she walked away. He was a teenaged male, it was programmed into him to check out every female. She was wearing a tight short skirt that hugged her thighs and buttocks nicely, its sheeny black material reflected the light well. Her top showed a little clevage but not much. Her light red hair was tied back, though not long, it was also not short. She had been a fantasy of his many a night. Tonight he thought to himself, would be no different.

After Nicole had checked on Anne she entered the lounge room, Sean was not there, she decided to look for him, as she wanted to find out if he had eaten. The light in his room was on, so she looked in, what she saw shocked her, but most of all made those lustful desires that she had suppressed earlier bubble to the top. Sean was removing his boxers, his bck was to her, he was completly naked and seemed to be changing, maybe into some warmer clothes she reasoned. His back was contoured with muscles and his butt was round, tight and very pinchable. He moved side on while he reached out to grab a jumper and pants. Nicole darted behind the door all the while her eyes focused on him. She could see his cock, it was flacid but hung proudly as he pulled his pants up over it. She noticed the bulge beneath the pants as he faced the door way while sliding the jumper on. His toned stomach disappeared underneath the grey jumper. Nicole quickly tip toed off down the hallway. She was wet.

A battle was now raging in her mind, her aroused state wanted her to seduce him and pleasure herself with his young virile body. The other side argued against looking at the consequences. She had made her decision. Afterall he was basically a man anyhow(and this is a sex story;P) and was more of a man than half the bozos that she had seen.

The two settled down in front of the TV, Aliens, the fire was crackling and each was rugged up beneath the same blanket. Sean stood up and turned to Nicole,

"want a drink or something"

"Yeah sure, Ill come with you" she answered.

He lead the way she was looking his body over.

That ass, he had such a gorgeous ass and back. The top that she was wearing barely contained her huge breasts. She was not a big girl, just curvy and built in all the right places.

Sean reached up to get some mugs for the hot chocolate, as he did this Nicole gave into her temptation and patted him on the behind.

"Hey" He replied.

"Im sorry I couldn't help myself, you have such a good lil butt!" she smiled. The pair had been lightly flirting for most of the night.

"Why thank you, but do I get to touch your butt in return?" he asked now facing her. His cock slowly started to swell, and butterflies began to fly around inside of his body.

"If you want, but I bet Im getting the better end of the bargain."

"Sure, you have a hot body." he said blurting it out before he could control himself.

"I bet you say that to alll the girls that pat your ass." she laughed. She had noticed his erect shaft as it filled out along his thingh, it was outlined almost perfectly by the grey pant material.
"I would if more people as good looking as you patted my butt." He dared to continue.
" So does this mean I can pat it some more. What if I want to rub it. Or ruv other places ?"
She asked smiling a devilish grin that made him go wild.

" You can do whatever you want to me, I, uh, mean sure, you could if you really wanted to."

He was smiling but no longer as confidently as before, his innocent naiveness was apparent as she leaned closer towards him. Her hand reached down and cupped his hard cock, she smiled her face was close to his. She rubbed gently, his long hot member throbbed lightly with every heart beat.

"you certainly have filled out." she commented before she leaned into his lips. Both kissed the other, their tongues slid back and forth, she continued to carress his hardness, as she now pressed into him.

He was against the bench with her body leaning against him. He reached up and rubbed her back, lowering his hands to her ass. She now moved her hand so that they hugged behind him. Her large breasts pressed against his chest as his hard cock made its mark against her soft womanly belly.

"Have you ever had sex?" she asked in between kisses.

"Kinda" he answered doing his best to matcvh her hot rhythm..

He moved his face town to her breasts and kissed with passion, his tongue sliding down her cleavage and over to each nipple. Her top moving out of the way for his hot mouth.

She leaned her head back as his mouth licked around her very erect nipples, he lowered his hand to her groin and rubbed her mound massaging it in nice controlled motions. He could feel the heat. So could she.

"" she said as he bit lightly down onto her left nipple. He slid his left hand into her pants and pressed his fingers into her with intricate sexual maneuvering. His right hand cupped her substantial breast as his mouth sucked as much of it it. He kissed around her breast the sides, beneath, and then along the side of her neck.

All the while his thumb rubbed against her clit as two of his fingers slowly inserted into her hot wetness.
"The..bedroom..ahhh" she moaned as he ignored her ad continued his assault of pleasure.

He lowered himself and pulled her pants down gently, he was possesed and would stop nothing short of the full thing. She was trimmed nicely, her lips were like an exotic plant moist and awaiting his mouth. He darted his tongue out like a snake stalking its prey, he found her clit and pressed into her. She reached down and forced his head into her.

"Ah...ah...yes...ohhh.." she moaned thrusting her hips into his face.

He cupped her tightly his two thumbs underneath her buttocks and pressing up, rubbing her all the while his hands squezzing her cheeks firmly. His nose was pressed into her and his tongue painted her clit and cuntal canal with ferocity. She bucked and writhed uncontrollably each flick of his tongue or twist of his finger sent her closer to a ever soaring height. Her hands pulled onto his hair as she pushed him deep into her. A loud groan escaped her as she shuddered. His tongue and mouth lapped up the flooding of her orgasm. He continued his face glistening from her cum as she went weak at the knees. He half lifted her up onto the bench were he continued to go to work on her delicious pussy. He circled his tongue around in a wide arc as his fingers slid into her. She contnued to orgasm, he gauged expertedly or instinctually the ebb and flow of her pleasurable waves.

He had to of had done this before she thought as her body jolted as though she had been stung with a caddle prod. He came up to her kissing her neck lightly as she sighed.

He pressed his cock against her leg as he did so, she was still buzzing and wanted more.
"That was so nice baby, no one has ever made me cum from that before" she said her breathing heavy as she looked at him.

"So I did good?" he asked teasing her as he rubbed her breasts with both his hands.

"Oh baby, Im going to show you how good you did"

In his bedroom she layed him back, gone was the confident take advantage of situations lad before he now looked uncertain. Almost as though eating pussy was all that he had done. And at that he must have done it alot. She slid his pants down his thighs, his cock stood up proudly, she looked at it with hungry eyes. She moved up his legs and kissed her way around his shaft. Gently she licked all the way up to the tip of his hardness. Precum seaped from his eye and she licked it all up with vigour. She looked up at him as she did this, her tongue running rings around his knob. She reached under and raised him up to her as her mouth slid over his cock helmet, he felt the pleasure as his shaft entered her mouth. She slowly moved her mouth up and down with the collabaration from her tongue that massaged his length as she did this smooth liquid motion. She felt his balls against her hands as she rubbed them lightly, they were heavy and full of cum. She knew it would not take him long and she hungrily sucked up and down increasing her pace to the rise of his yung hips.

Long pleasurable minutes passed and she could feel that he was close. She gently fingered his anus to bring him closer. It did the trick. He bucked now as she had done earlier, his cock throbbed and pumped like a cannon. The first thick spurts of his hot sweet cum splashed into her throat. She had never had cum so young and virile before. It was delcious. She almost gaged on it, the volume of his orgasm took her by suprise.

She looked up at him smiling, his cum foaming lightly around her lips.
She reached up to him kissing him, she held his deflating yet still heavy shaft. It was lubed still with his cum and her saliva. Her pussy was wet, and she needed filling and fullfillment immediately. His youth allowed him to re-charge quickly. His cock hardened in her hands as she kissed him passionately he could taste his cum on her tongue.

She lowered herself guiding his cock into her with her hands, it slid in he had nice girth and his veiny pole was wonderfully shaped. She rocked back and forth ontop of him, her breasts free and covered in sweat looked superb as he reached towards them and cupping them moaned in concert with her. Both fucked the other in a co-ordinated unison. He arched his back and rolled her over onto hers. Ontop he thrust forwards into her with a speed that took her by suprise. His cock thumped into her, on her chest her breasts rocked with a weighted delay. With every thrust she could feel his balls slapping into her.
She turned over so that she were on all fours. He re-guided his cock into her. From this position she would cum in no time. He grasped her by the hips and pressed his meat into her.
"Uh-oh" she groaned as she could feel that familiar pleasure he rubbed some saliva into her anus and probed her lightly.

"Fuck yes, fuck me baby ! Oh Yes !" she yelled.

He pumped his hips with a violent rock that only sevred to fire up the intesity inside of her.
He leaned forwards and cupped her breasts, his mouth kissing her neck, he was like a dog in heat only his heaps moving as they machine like thrust into her wet hotness.

Both were too close to call. Her cuntal sleave began to tighten as the pleasure exploded, she could see stars as her pussy ate his cock and swallowed it. Tightening it milked his cock, this was enough to cause his second orgasm. He sighed as he released. She could feel her insides awash.

"Nicole...." he moaned as he slowly decreased his thrusting. She was full and satisfied. His cock drained popped out, her pussy was over flowing. She arched her hips high as she rested her upper body. Sean started to kiss her pussy. She was shocked as she could feel him lick and suck their love juices. His tongue lightly lapped out her sensitive swollen organ. His tongue went from her anus, to the red cheeks of her buttocks to the gaping tenderness that he had just spent himself in.

Both now completly naked held each other tightly, he kissed her breasts as he cock hardened again. "You took me by suprise" she said softly.

"What do you mean?" he asked as he explored her body like a child with a new toy.

"I thought you were a virgin and had never kissed a girl let alone fucked." She said smiling.

"Who was your first ?" she asked.

"My regular baby sitter" he said smiling.

"What !?!" she asked sitting up.

"Yep, she and I started kissing ages ago and then we started to do things, she has taught me all I need to know I guess."

" Well she is a good teacher." Nicole smiled rolling him back over, for the next round.
She smiled inwardly. No wonder she never accepted pay, the job has way to many rewards.

The end.

Fantam 1995

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