A young tenanant meets his land lord.
Rent Assistance

It was hard keeping on top of the bills, when your a fighter, pay comes inconsistently and then you have training expenses plus its hard to hold a regular job. Mike was a well muscled heavyweight, not a large heavyweight like most of the giants in the game, he was instead considered to be a small-heavy. At 186cm (6' 2")

and 95 kg (209lbs) he was still a fair sized guy. He was quick to smile and stayed in shape even between fights. He did not have any grand aspirations as to be the world champ but he did want to give all his best in each of his fights. He was still young at 20 and single. It was easier to stay ficused while single. Mike's other income came from working at a video store, not much money, but it was atleast enough to pay most bills.

One night after coming home from training he was stopped in the hallway on the way to his appartment by his landlord. A tall brunette in her mid-30s. She was attractive for her age, and you could tell from her face and still somewhat trim body that in her younger years she was a definite head turner. She smiled at him as he walked by, his grey singlet still soaked in sweat and his toned arms glistening in the hallway light.

" Hey Mike, you know your behind on rent." She said, trying to be assertive yet friendly.

"Yes I know Ms Phillips, I will be able to pay you tommorow when I get paid." He said smiling back to her, he was hoping that she had forgot in someway as he would need the money to pay his yearly gym membership.

" Its ok, dear pay me when you can. My you look like you are in good shape." She complimented her eyes glazing with an un-charecteristic warmth.

"Thank you, some would say about you." He returned the compliment standing by his door.
" But would you say that." She asked teasing, her demenour changing completly.

" Of course I would, I must have the prettiest land lord in the entire city." He smiled his own face emitting its own warmth and openess.

" Ha well if you think compliments will pay the rent then babe, you have another thing coming. Though I must say its a very good start."

" Well rest assured I was just complimenting a genuinely attractive lady. Though now that I think of it, I may have to keep it up in hopes that you may be flexible with my rent." He said leaning his muscular frame against the door.

She could smell his sweaty muskiness it was a cross between leather, liniment for aching muscles, his masculine scents and old spice. In any other language an aphrodisiac.

" Well if you keep these compliments up I may have to drag you into your room and test your bed out and see if you can put your body where your mouth is." She said shocking him with her bluntness.

He felt a familiar stir inside of him, his member began to expand inside of his shorts rolling itself out and against his thigh. His tight black training trunks did not provide much protection in the way of hiding his growing problem. Her eyes adverted down checking out his muscled legs and the package between them. The thought of toying with his young hard willing body sent delightful shivers throughout her body.

" Who am I to complain afterall you are the landlord" He answered as he did so she moved closer to him.

Leaning into him she pressed her lips against his, reaching for the top of his damp singlet she pulled him against her. The pair twirled their togues inside of one anothers mouths. She leaned her body completely against his, it was now that he realised as to how large her breasts were. He could feel their firmness as the rubbed into his naked chest. She groaned as he kissed her, his hands grasping her jean clad buttocks they were firm to the touch, each of their groins ground against the others through their clothing. Pre-cum seaped from the eye of his swollen cock, her gyrations squashed it against his hard body and her womanly hips. The door opened as the pair caressed and stumbled through his appartment.

Somehow the pair fell to the bed, where he ground into her from a top position between her locked legs.

Pulling himself from her grasp he looked at her his eyes glazed over by a animal lust. He saw a mirrored reflection in her eyes. She tweaked her lips in a smile worthy of the devil. Un-buttoning her tight jeans, she pulled them down revealing a pair of white satin lace panties. Kneeling between her legs he smiled up at her, like a pet about to get a well earned meal. Slowly he traced long sensual kissed up along the inside of her legs. Occasionaly he would swirl his tongue against her silky smooth skin. As he did this he walked his hands along the outside of her legs towards her firm, yet womanly butt. He drank in her sensual musk as he pressed his mouth across the top of her satin covered wetness. He could feel the damp heat as his tongue pressed hard into the material. The satin was sucked into her opening, her moisture soaked through and caused the panties to cling to her every contour. Both of his thumbs slid beneath the satin and raised it up of her peachy center. Pressing both thumbs in he rubbed her swollen lips as his mouth continued its light licking.

"Oh, yes baby." She groaned as she could feel his two thumbs massage against her. It had been sometime since she had felt anything remotely this sensual. Now it was coming all at once. The anticipation of what was next, alone served to build a tremendous heat within her. She arched her hips so that he could remove her drenched panties. His hands clawed them down, the wet material leaving her dripping and exposed pussy. The cool air breazed over her dampness. It was soon replaced by his hot breathe, and then his hotter mouth. She had liked to keep herself well trimmed. A nice narow line of hair above the top of her well shaped and tight opening. Everything else was bare and exposed.

His mouth went straight to her erect and prominent clit. Closing his lips over it, he applied a certain degree of pleasure. His lips isolating the small pleasure organ as his tongue stroked over it. His fingers gently probed her slit, sliding in easily he curled them up so that they would slide deep into her. He increased the intensity and pushed his tongue hard down onto her clitoris with every stroking action. His lips were now firmer. He sucked her clit up and the surronding skin, so that he could better tongue it. This alone was to much for her. His wondering fingers added to the impending climax.

"Oh..Oh....argh....oh....yes...yes" She moaned un-controllably as her body became washed over in an incredible orgasm. Her skin went a deep rose colour, her loins pulsed with a deliciously powerful sensation. She began to convulse lightly, trying to push him away as he continued his attack on her pussy. His head however stayed in psoition. The pleasure was too much. She rolled her head as her hands grappled with his head. He continued however. It only took another second for her to feel an equally as intense orgasm.

"Just Fuck me !" She yelled her voice passion filled.

Who was he to deny her, he thought. Still rubbing her legs as he stood, he pulled down his pants. His rock hard erection throbbed into view. The sight of its youthful healthiness made her sigh in lusty desire. Sitting up she reached out for it. Their was one thing she had to do before she felt it enter her.

Mike groaned beneath his breathe as he felt her warm hands grasp hold of the base of his mighty cock. The next feeling was un-describable. Her mouth closed over the head. Moving down its length he could feel her wet warmth engulf his length. Her throat and tongue all doing their part in pleasuring his sex instrument. He looked down as he ran his hands through her silkt dark hair. Her hands slide down the slick length as her mouth bobbed across its girth. He sighed at the sight and feeling of her. She looked like a consumate musician going for the ultimate note, on her crude natural tool. One of her hands went to his testicles that hung heavy beneath his long cock. She rolled her hands around them, feeling the weight of the cum filled containers. Her mouth and actions were to much. He could feel his cum bubble from deep within him. He leaned into her as his buttocks tightened. She knew he was close and pulled him tight into her. Thick hot jets burst down her throat. Their was alot. She coughed on the creamy thickness as it slid down into her belly.

Pulling her mouth from the exploding cannon, he continued to cum, pulsing loopy jets of cum across her face. Still holding his cock she smiled a satisfied grin.

"My you taste nice, kid." She said licking her lips as her hands slowly slid up and down his firm pole. He fell to the bed with her.

Both kissed and entwined in a passionate embrace. Locking their bodies together.
It did not take him very long to gain another erection. She could feel the throbbing hardness against her. It was time, she thought. She needed to be filled.

Pulling her legs up as he kissed her, she told him with her eyes and actions what to do. He positined himself between her legs and leaned forward slightly. The feeling was incredible. His thick length, swelling with lust and passion drove deep into her with his first penetrating slide. Holding herself by the legs, just behind her knee's she watched his young athletic body as it went to work. His hips rocked into her, pressing his hardness deep up into her. She slid her top of revealing her big firm breasts. He leaned forward to kiss them as he fucked into her. His tongue licking each nipple, Her hands clasped his ass, digging her fingers into his hard cheeks she pulled him further into her.

After a while, he decided to roll her over. She obliged. He knelt behind her, rubbing her butt as he slid his cock past her cheeks and into her very wet and waiting pussy. Her body rocked back into his as he pushed into her. His hands slid up the side of her body, tickling her flanks. Both of their bodies were on an automated programe, instinctively they knew what to do. With slick, sexy motions the pair pleasured one another as they fucked like two dogs in slow motion. His weight bore down on her now, she was forced to lay on her stomach as he continued his fucking actions. Scrapping his fingers teasingly across the top of her back, as he pumped rythimacaly into her. He began to fuck into her faster. Her body shook on into the matress, her big breasts mashed against the bed. Her clit dragged into the clothe. It was to much, to many erotic feelings. She was going again.

"Oh...oh...oh.." she sighed with every hard thrust. As he throbbed into her, she involuntarily sighed. Until it became to much.

"Yes, Oh Fuck yes. Do me, fuck me as hard as you can." Ms Phillips yelled.

He could feel her muscles convulse around him as she crudely moaned wickedly. He bodies convulsions sent him over the edge. His exploded deep within her. His hot cum filling her up. Both could feel it slosh out, as he pumped into her. He slowed down his actions as he could see his white creamy seed dribble from her hot, red well fucked opening.

"Baby, I think I may have found away for you to assist your rent payments." She said her breathe taken from the actions. Sweat coated her body as she layed face down on the matress. Moments after his hot cock had left her, she could feel the cool air on her pussy. She could feel his young cum over flow from her pussy as it mingled with her juices. She closed her eyes, tired and complete. She then felt something extremely erotic. His tongue began to lap up their combined juices. Never had she know or felt anyone to do this. His tongue worked on her, cleaning her out like a hungry dog savouring the tastes of an old bone.

His sucked up his hot slime, and nuzzled his mouth into her. He could feel and taste her juices as they began to flood out, as though her body had a great dam busted. His cum was watered down now, by her fuck lube.

"You naughty boy. Oh yes. Fuck your horny. I love it !" She rocked as her legs widened for him to continue his lap job.

His hands went to her butt cheeks and spread her further apart so that his mouth could devour her from behind some more. His thumb massaged her anus as he licked away at her juices. His actions awarded her a quick and suprising orgasm.

She shook swiftly with ecstacy.

Satisfied and exhausted she rolled back over onto her back and looked at his young and still eager body.
"Why are you single, sugar. A fuck like you should have girls all over him" Ms Phillips said as her foot rubbed his upper thigh.

"One thing for certain. Dont worry about paying the rent for this week. If you are interested tommorow night, one of my friends are coming over and I am sure she will like you. If you are up to it, I think that and a few more nights like this may cover next rent as well."

Did he take her up on the offer ? Well I'll let you be the judge on that one.

The End.

I hope you enjoyed this story.

Fantam. March 2002.

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