A young man awakens to a late night intrusion.
Un....WANTED Intruder

F-m Sex

"Who are you?" he asked panic fueling his words, as he felt someone fondle at his lower body. Moments ago he had been asleep, dozing peacefully his mind floating through whatever fantasy his sub concious had available.

Now he was thrown back into the world of the awake as someone astride his lgs in the dark touched him down below.

He could not see, the room was dark, only shadows were prominent, as the heavy curtains kept the faint moonlight out, and a rumble of thunder and the angry pelting of rain muffled any distinct sound. Smell...he could smell, a faint waft of perfume grazed his nose, it was feminine but he still did not know who or why he was in this predictament.

Was he asleep ? No he could not be no dream was this real, this tangible.

"Who are you?" He asked again as he did so he struggled but he only then realised that his arms were tied to the bed post. Frustration and anxiety pumped adrenaline through his veins.

"Ssshh" said the stranger, it was a feminine voice, but still he asked, "who are you?".

He felt his boxer shorts slide down, his groin and thighs were naked the cool air tickled his naked flesh. He felt helpless, somethig liquid like and warm engulfed him, he felt his penis stir as something...Oh God he thought, her mouth, for the first time in his life, his penis was inside of another person, inside a mouth. He felt the strangers tongue glide over his now engorging head. As musch as he tried he could not deny his bodies natural reaction to the assault.

Within seconds he was fully erect, a hand grasped around his lower shaft as the mouth completely wrapped itself around his member. He writhed not in protest, but in delight. He gently raised his hips as he felt his long youthful pole of blood filled flesh become consumed in one delicious swallowing action. Her throat like a snake consuming its prey took his meat he rocked his hips instinctively to the suction of her lips and throat.

Now he felt her increase the tempo as she pumped up and down with her fist, her saliva and his pre cum providing lubrication, his head she sucked and stroked with her long thick tongue.
He felt as though all his life energy was being sucked form the one junction point, his veins pressed against the already tight skin as she grinded her teeth very gently against his thickness. Rolling her head as she slurped him into her mouth she continued her hand stroking along his slick shaft.

"Oh God, yes, its soo good" He said almost as a thought, instead of words.

He could feel the impending tide of climax aproach as she unrelentlessly continued her comsumption of his youth. Like a exploding volcano, his seed burst outwards along his tube through the narrow eye, it jetted in thick hot salty globs down into her awaiting throat. He released an animalistic groan as she took the last of him lapping all of his juice from his still turgid member.

Releasing hold of his cock, she now vanished, he could no longer feel her, still in a high he felt his body buzz. As he sat up as far as he could he felt a warm wetness press him back down. Her most womanly organ pressed down onto his face, without any thought he forced his tongue upwards, like a minitaure phalanx it stood upright. She rocked back and forth, at first he clumsily licked her, after several seconds he found a common rhythm with her and began to suck her clit, his lips taking her erectness like it was a small penis. His smooth chin runned againts her opening.

She let her weight fall onto him, his mouth jolting her with a lust she desired. He had never imagined a woman to taste and feel so superb, he inhaled her musky scent as he did his best to return the favour to this strange intruder. He could feel his face become damp and wet from her love juice, it was as though some one had just poured warm watery syrup over his face. He loved the sensation, he could feel his rested cock come back to life. Several minutes passed, his mouth and tongue continuing its attack on her, he began to gently nibble her clit as she grinded down harder and faster.

"ohhh errr ohhhh, mmmm, ohhhhhhh...." He heard her moan. The sound of this strangers voice in the throes of ecstacy sent a resurcenge of arousal through his already sex driven body. She was cumming he thought, he had made her cum, he was proud as well as extremely turned on. She shuddered astride his face, still rocking she slowly moved of from his wet face. He licked out as much as he could, to no avail. He awaited her next move with excited anticipation. He felt her straddle him, he exploded in excitement, a hot, vice of delight wrapped around his cock.

"Yes, oh my,. Yes" He said as he felt her full weight psuh his cock deep into her body. She rocked her hips back and force, her hands pressing down onto his sweaty and muscular torso. She rode him like a Rodeo rider trying to push for the last second of their wild ride. He could feel her muscles suck him as though severla tight mouths were working on him at once. The pleasure for her was just as intense, his young cock, was hard and stimulated her with incredible precision as it pumped into her, his hard body against her clit and sensitive inner thighs made her drool and sting with lustfilled electricity. He was going to cum again, it was too intense.

She moved down pressing her mouth against his, this last act of intimacy with this stranger was too much, as her tongue found his, a minitaure explosion burst inside of his aroused loin. Like a machine gun he pmped a volley of his love juice into her interior. She could feel it coat her, she experienced another orgasm, this one not as intense as the first, though what it lacked in intensity it made up for in delightfulness. Pantering above him she pressed her large breasts against hie heaving chest. With a final kiss she pecked his lips. As suddenly as she had appeared, so she had disappeared. He found his hands untied, he sat up, his hand went to his deflating cock it was slick, he could still taste her in his mouth.

"Wow " he thought allowed. He was no longer a virgin, but who was his first ?

After several long refelctive minutes he drifted back to sleep. When he awoke he walked down the hallway. He smiled at his mother as his nostrills flared at the smell of burning bacon.
"Good morning dear, did you sleep well ? I hope You didnt get distrubed last night, with all the fuss." His mother said.

"What do you mean, Mum ?" He enquired.

"Last night we and two other houses on the street, were robbed, your father found signs of forced entry this morning but we can't work out was taken ? Was anything of yours taken last night ?" His mother asked as she approached him.

"Apparently its a catburglar wanted for some time now. We didnt want to wake you up as we knew you needed your rest." His mum said offering him a smile.

"No mum, nothing of mine was taken, well nothing I didnt want taken..." He smiled at his mother.
Later that night he opened his window, hoping that he would be robbed again.


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Poorly written. Obviously you do not know how to proofread or else you would have detected and corrected the numerous errors.

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