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I woke up early, before the sun. Laura had rolled over sometime during the night, and was facing away from me. I could feel the cold on my face, and in the dim twilight, could make out my breath it was so cold. I put my feet on the cold floor of the cabin, slung my bathrobe over my back and headed to the living room to get the fire going again. A few sticks of kindling, a crumpled up piece of newspaper and a little blowing on the coals soon had the fire roaring and crackling.
I made my way to the kitchen, and realized that the power was still out. So I set to the task of making coffee the old fashioned way. I heard my dog scratch at the back door and went to let him in the house. He’s a wolf hybrid, so cold weather isn’t usually a problem for him. Coming home usually isn’t a priority either, as he hunts most of the time for what ever he eats. With the recent storm, I’d imagine that the pick en’s were a little slim out in the wilderness, so he came home for a free meal and a warm place to lay down.

With the back door open, I went ahead and got another armload of wood. It has stopped snowing, but the sky was still very dark and cloudy. I estimated that there was probably two feet or better, of fresh powdery snow on the ground, which meant that this far off of the beaten path, the roads were still un plowed and impassable.

I returned to the living room with my armload of wood, and Bear was growling in the direction of the bedroom. I glanced over my shoulder, and saw Laura standing in the doorway, a comforter wrapped around her with a look of terror on her face. “Bear!” I shouted at the dog. “Is that anyway to treat a guest.” At the tone of my voice, he put his head down, his ears back up and started wagging his bushy tail. “It’s ok Laura, he’s a friend of mine.” I patted the top of Bear’s head.

“Is that a wolf?” Laura said, kind of shakily.

Bear put my hand in his mouth playfully, and started to shake gently. “Well, His dad is a wolf, but mom was a St. Bernard. He’s a hybrid.” I explained, “Full blooded wolves usually aren’t this thick and big.” I continued to play with him. “It’s ok, let him smell you. He doesn’t bite friends.” I reassured.

Laura came a little closer to us and Bear stopped playing for a moment to sniff at the new intruder. “He looks really mean.”

“That’s it, put your hand out so he can smell you.” I held on to Bear’s collar, more to make Laura feel comfortable than anything else. “He’s a big ole teddy bear.” I said roughly scratching the top of his head.

Bear sniffed at Laura’s outstretched hand, and then gave it a quick lick as if to say, “ok, you can pet me now.”

Laura put her hand on the top of his head. “Nice doggy.” She said, but still didn’t want to get very close.

“Well, the phone doesn’t work, the power’s still out, and it’s going to snow some more.” I announced getting a can of dog food out of the cabinet, which took Bear’s attention away from Laura. “If you had any plans on going anywhere today, they’re cancelled.”

I opened the can of food, and put it in Bear’s bowl with a plop. He sucked it down like it was merely a snack, but it seemed to satisfy his hunger for the moment. I washed my hands quickly, as the water was very cold, but it was still running, so the pipes hadn’t frozen over night. “Do you want some coffee?” I asked Laura, drying my hands.

“Sure, that would be great.” She said yawning. She was standing next to the fireplace, wrapped in a comforter, trying to get warm.

“It’ll warm up in here pretty quick.” I commented, handing her a steaming cup of coffee. “I don’t have any milk, do you want sugar?”

“No, just black.” She said looking for a reaction. “My father always said that sugar ruins coffee. I guess it stuck.” She chuckled a little.

I sat down on the couch, my hands wrapped around the coffee cup, enjoying the warmth. Laura set the cup down on the hearth, and then opened the comforter up to readjust, and wrap it tighter around her, giving me an excellent, though quick view of her body. I tried to avert my eyes a bit, so that she wouldn’t think I was peeking.

Once she was readjusted, she picked her cup up and joined me on the couch, sitting right next to me. She put her head on my shoulder. “Jeff, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you letting me stay here with you.” She said.

I made a scoffing noise. “I couldn’t have just left you out there. You’d be dead by now.” I leaned my head on top of hers. “Besides, you’ve got to be the sexiest damsel in distress I’ve ever come across.”

She took her head off of my shoulder, looked up into my eyes, and gave me a quick kiss. “How many damsels in distress have you picked up along the side of the road?”

“Just you,” I answered. “But as damsels go, you’re definitely the hottest.” I gave her a little wink. This made her blush a little bit, and she turned her head. Seeing that she was a little embarrassed, I tried to change the subject. “The hot water heater is gas, I bet it’s still working if you want to take a shower.”

“We could share it.” She said, leaning her head on my shoulder again. “That is if you want to.” She added.

I kissed her forehead gently, then moved my kiss to her waiting lips. She met my kiss eagerly, her tongue prying at my mouth. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth for a time, then she broke the kiss, and stood up holding her hands out in front of her. The comforter fell off of her shoulders, and she stood before me as God made her, beautiful, and sexy, and ready for love.

I took her hands, stood, and followed her to the bathroom. When we got to the door, she pulled at the belt of my robe, letting it fall open. I went to the shower, and turned the water on. It warmed up fairly quickly, and I climbed under the water, leading her by the hand in behind me. We embraced under the hot water, the heat melting our bodies into one. She reached behind me, found the soap, and started rubbing the bar on my back, my neck, then down to my buttocks.

She backed up from me a little bit, and then rubbed the soap vigorously into a soft fluffy lather. “Here, Hold this.” She directed. She put her hands around my semi stiff organ, and started rubbing her slick soapy hands all up and down the shaft and down to my balls. I had started rubbing the soap onto her chest, and breasts, making her nipples stand out at the attention.

All I could do was moan at the attention her delicate hands were giving to my now throbbing erection. As I pinched and teased her nipples, a low moan escaped her lips. She pulled the showerhead off of the wall, and rinsed my pulsing love stick. “The soap will burn a little.” She commented.

Once she rinsed me off to her satisfaction, she turned around, bent slightly at the waist, and backed her perfect ass up to my crotch, rubbing my cock between her luscious ass cheeks. I put one hand on her back, then the other on my cock, guiding it to her sex. She was still pretty lubed up from the night before, so I slid in easily. She put her hands on the opposite shower wall and pushed against me straining for full penetration.

I started moving back and forth, pumping my rod in and out of her moistening love hole. I put both hands on her hips and guided my thrusts harder and faster. She reached back, grabbed my ass, and started urging me on, pulling at my hips making me thrust even harder. I felt my nut sack start to tighten up, and knew that I would cum soon, but didn’t want to. I pulled out of her, much to her dismay, and turned her around. I wrapped my arms around her, with my hands firmly planted on her ass cheeks, and lifted her up. She got my intention quickly, and jumped into my arms, wrapping her long smooth legs around my waist. With one hand she reached between us and guided my love missile to her drenched, pulsing cunt.

With her legs wrapped around me, she bucked her hips with the rhythm of my thrusts, taking me deeper, rubbing her stiff clit against my belly on each thrust. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on tightly. “I’m cumming… oh….GOD. she screamed past my head. Feeling my own intense orgasm close, I pounded my hard cock into her pussy with all my energy. I felt my seed start to erupt, and filled her pussy with rope after rope of sticky hot cum, still I pumped like a jackhammer into her.

Her legs clamped around my waist, she pitched her head back, then put both hands over her head against the shower wall to hold her self up. Her tits bounced with my thrusts, her mouth gapped open in a silent scream and her eyes were open wide. All at once, her pussy spit my cock out against my stomach, and then erupted. Hot slimy girl cum gushed out onto my balls, and between my legs. Laura twitched, and then gasped.

I held on to her waist, keeping her from falling. After the initial eruption, she grabbed at her pussy, flailing her hand across her sensitive clit, making her cunt spew even more of the hot juice. “Oh Shit!” She screamed, as I gently let her down to the shower floor. “Oh God!” she exclaimed. She looked up at me, got on to her knees and took my softening rod into her mouth licking up the mixture of her juice and my cum like it was her last meal. Her hand still at her crotch, she started whimpering, then collapsed in a heap onto the shower floor, the water bouncing off of her face. I offered my hand, which she took, and then helped her up onto her shaking legs. We embraced for a short time, and then rinsed our bodies off in what was left of the hot water. When we finished, I shut off the water, and grabbed two towels from the shelf. We dried each other off, then wrapped up in the towels and left the bathroom.

I got dressed in some sweat pants and a flannel shirt, and then found her something comfortable and warm to wear. We moved to the living room, where the fire was still keeping the room somewhat warm. I looked out the window and noticed that it started snowing again. Not real big flakes, but that steady, you know it’s going to be around a while snow. Not being able to look at the weather channel, it was hard to tell just what the storm was doing.

“Do you want some coffee?” Laura touched my shoulder, bringing me out of thought.

“Uh, yea, that would be great.” I said, not moving my stare from the woods outside.

Laura returned a short minute later with the steaming cups of coffee “Man, he’s a big dog.” She commented, having to step over Bear on her way to and from the kitchen. “Did he spend all night outside?”

“Yea, with his coat, he’s not cold out there. He loves it.” I took the coffee and sipped gingerly. “He stays gone for days at a time most times.”

Laura got brave all at once and reached down to Bear to rub his head. Bear looked up at her, sniffed her arm, and then turned over allowing her full access to his belly, which she dutifully scratched and rubbed.

“He likes you.” I commented, “He doesn’t usually turn over like that for just anyone and if you keep that up, you’ll have a friend for life.

She continued to rub Bear’s belly, making one leg start to shake signaling to her that she’d definitely hit the right spot. All at once Bear jumped to his feet, started barking loudly, and ran to the back door of the cabin as if he wanted to go outside. “What the hell?” I commented, pulling the curtains of the window on the back door aside to get a look at what he’s barking at.

The sky was gray and it had started snowing pretty hard, which brought visibility down to almost a white out. I carefully opened the door talking to Bear. “What do ya smell out there buddy?” I opened the door enough for him to get out and he took off like a shot, running out about twenty yards, and then cut to the right like a gazelle fleeing a tiger, bounding through the waist deep snow. Feeling the chill come through the door, I shut it and returned to the warmth of the fire. “He must have heard the pack getting close and wanted to play.” I said, seeing the somewhat scared look on Laura’s face.

She turned toward the front window peering out through the blinding snowfall. “Do you think they’re ever gonna get this road plowed?” She asked, and then added sarcastically, “or are we stuck here till spring?” She laughed a little, and nudged me with her elbow.

“Are you that ready to get away from me?” I asked playfully.

“No,” she laid her head on my shoulder as I put my arm around her. “I’m just anxious to confront Eddie and get my life back.”


2007-06-15 21:00:52
great story!! where's the third one?


2006-07-03 00:23:04
this story is awesome at least this person know how write aplot nut just a fuck story


2005-11-01 00:07:59
A crap story if I ever read one. 1/10 get a job.


2005-10-21 12:32:26
Great! Excellent writing style.Finally someone who can combine erotic, passionate sex with a real storyline. Love it...10/10


2005-10-15 23:18:04
I love all your stories my sweet! Keep it up!-J

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