Two friends catch up in a party
Welcum to the Party:uneditedd

"It's been so long." He said smiling as he looked her over. She was tall, blonde, beautiful, every man's dream. Hey eyes widened, as she leaned closer to him to respond. The music at the party was loud and made it hard to hear.

"You look good." He said again smiling.

She could smell his cologne, it was masculine. She had already been pleasantly in-toxicated this evening but now, the effectcs began to make her head swim.
"What are you doing here?" She asked still suprised to be seeing him.

" I thought Id swing by to see the familiar faces. I certainly lucked out when I saw your beautiful face in the crowd." He complimented her. Some one walked behind him forcing him to step even closer to her.
His large hands clasped her shoulders. The feeling against her naked skin sent a pleasant jolt through her body. This along with his closeness and smell began to take affect on her.
She looked up into his eyes, boldy she asked.

"Did you wanna go somewhere better to talk ?"

"Anywhere you like." He answered.

She slid through the crowd of people, he followed all the while his eyes scanned her body from behind. The way her tight satiny black skirt outlined her perfect shape. Her long legs and the way her hair fell across her shoulders. He could feel the familiar weight from his groin as his stomach began to swirl with sexual anxiety and desire. It had been so long since the two had seen one another and now all he could think about was how good she looked.

She entered a small room, it was isolated from every where else at the party and he was suprised that their was a place without people hanging about at this party. It was a spare bedroom-study. She sat down on the bed still holding her drink.

"Now that you have me all on your own I hope you do not ravage me to much." He teased.
She laughed lightly, toying with the idea as she began to better look at him.

He was tall and broad, nearly 6'3. His arms were larger than the last time she had seen him, his clothes fit him well. Her eyes lowered to his groin, she could see the delicious bulge of a cock desperate to break free. He turned to look out the door as someone had yelled something from down the hallway.
As he did this she looked hungrily at his ass. His pants complimented it well. Suddenly the thought of her fingers digging into his butt as she pulled him into her flooded her mind. She began to feel her body react. Her nipples hardened and her loins began to moisten. Something about him and seeing him made her want to fuck.

The two spoke for a while longer. He could see that she was happily drunk, not to much, but enough for her to be more open about herself. He was now sitting on the bed next to her. She leaned against him as they spoke. Her hand would drop to his leg and run up his thigh, close to his groin. His arm wrapped around her waist as she did this. Pulling her closer into him. She looked up and leaned closer to his face. He saw it in her eyes. The same desire that he had in his. Their lips pressed into each others. It did not take long for him to stab his tongue between the joined lips. He reached up grabbing her side and kissed her heavily. Her hand covered his bulge. She rubbed it through his pants. She could feel its hot hardness and she knew full well that she was the architect of it. She leaned back against the bed, he followed her his hungry mouth never leaving hers. His hands found her breasts and began to press against them through her top. His palm covered her nipples and rolled across them.

His mouth left hers and began to kiss down her neck. She arched her head back, as she did this he found her breasts. Raising her top his mouth began to trace small saliva trails over her right breast. He soon found his nipple, swirling his tongue across it. The coolness of his wet tongue sent a slight jolt into her system. She opened her thighs to his hand as he ran it up into her hot wetness beneath her short smooth skirt. She was wearing a white satiny thong, it was now wet, she could feel his thumb probe against her mound. At first his probing digit was slight, but it soon began to work against her with greater intensity. Rocking her hips she greeted his actions. His hand now covered her hot center, he pressed his palm down so that it would roll across her clit. He began to fuck against her with his hand.

From within his pants his hard cock pressed a perfect outline. She could see it and her small hands went to it. Rubbing the length of the shaft up and down. She could now feel his hand slide under her thong and work across her naked wetness, his thumb slid into her as the rest of his fingers pinched her clit. He moved his hand in slight circles maximising the exotic friction. All the while his mouth engulfed her nipples one at a time. He bit down on them, with a certain firmness that made them respond. She pushed him of, and rolled him to his back. He looked up at her, he smiled as she freed his hardness. It popped out free, the cool air surrounding it.

Her mouth immediately went to it. Her lips wrapped around the top, sucking in his sweet pre-cum. Her tongue teased it as her lips rolled up and down the upper lengths. He was hard, and completyly hers.

He looked down at her bobbing head, he ran his hands through her blonde hair. The feeling was incredible. Her mouth sucked his length deep into her, as her tongue slid across the side. One of her hands cupped his shaved and heavy balls. He lightly rolled his hips to meet her motions. Her mouth opened and closed with fast contractions. The pleasure was intense. He watched in awe and ecstatic delight.

He sat up, pulling her head up. She looked at him her eyes were glazed over. Her lips wet from his pre-cum and her saliva. He stood her up. She braced her hands against the wall as he stood behind her. She could feel his rock hard cock trail its warm fuck lubricant across her butt. He knelt down, behind her. His mouth pressed up into her. she could feel his tongue slide into her. Deep and fast. His face was far into her opening. He pressed into her with force, that she braced her self with rigidity against the wall. His mouth darted across her clit, and down so that he had his tongue pistoning into her depth. His fingers went to her clit as he did this, rolling and rubbing across it fast. He lapped out at her fast and wild. She rocked her hips against him as he mouth fucked her.

"fuck me with your tongue baby." she yelled as he did exactly that.

While keeping the fast tempo he moved his roaming tongue, her thong completly out of the way he had free range to devour every part of her. His thumb pressed against her clit and occasionally slid into her. He moved his mouth back to her, butt where he pressed it deep into her. The action caused her to arch her back. Rolling his tongue against her their she could feel him penetrate her. The erogenous actions excited her even more. But no tongue was going to satisfy her hunger.

"Fuck me" she said.

He gave her clit one more long hard lick and then stood up. He stood behind her his hands on her hips. She pressed back against him, he gave her his full hardness. His cock slid deep into her, imediately he found a tempo. And it was Fast and Hard.

His cock pumped deep into her, so much so that his balls slapped around and hit against the under side of his hard fuck tool. He reached up from behind her and cupped her tits, she leaned as far back into him as she could. She enjoyed the feeling of a hard dick filling her up. He was willing to oblige her. After a few minutes of ths wild standing fuck action, he reached down and seized her by the knees, with one strong action he lifted her. Still impaled on his cock he carried her to the bed. Putting her down, he now stood between her legs and could see her from the front. He continued his fucking.

They rocked into one another with a wild ferocity, every stab deep into her caused her to momentarily lose her breath. Sweat began to cover their erotic half naked bodies. She reached for his ass and pulled him further into her. Holding his tight mucsled butt, she could feel him enter her with just a fast constant hip action. He swung his hips with controlled motions into her. Her mouth opened wide as she felt winded from the fury. His heavy body, with its full weight drilling into her with a action of pleasurable swiftness.

" You feel so good" he whispered into her ear in between his biting down on her lobes.

His hot breathe carresing the side of his neck. She could feel something within her boil over. The feeling of his cocks every shape, slide like a tight glove deep into her insides began to take its toll. She was not ready for what came next.

Pressing her firmly against the wall, still sitting on the bed, he stretched his long muscular legs out. Sitting in the full splits, she felt herself roll onto his hips. With her legs around his waist resting atop of his extended legs she could feel his hardness still inside of her. Pulling her light body onto him, he fucked her with a hunger seen only in the wild. Sliding her against the wall he fucked her down onto his shaft that stood up with steel like rigidity.

She groaned nearing her climax. She could not help herself. She began to feel the internal explosions of pleasure sweep from within her. The pleasure blanketed her body but focused on her penetrated region. Her face was red, and her body began to shudder lightly. He still was inside of her. The orgasm that she had experienced sent him over the edge and into the depths of ecstaic deliciousness. His orgasm was hard and over whelming. He shot thick hot jets of cum deep into her. She could feel his cock re-coil as it emptied its contents deep into her. Filling her up, his hot seed drooled out covering his still hard cock.

The two began to kiss, she was still astride his split sitting figure.Their kiss was calmer, but still had a animalstic intensity to it. She stood up to dismount from her pleasurable ride. Her body still shaking with the passing storm of their fuck. He laid back onto the bed, and pulled her to his face. She sat down resting her weight, he was still hungry and had her sitting astride his willing mouth.

His cum still was rolling out of her warm insides. He could taste and feel it as it slid down his chin and throat. His tongue slowly went to work on her clit only. His hands went to her perfect ass and rubbed it as he gently tongue bathed her still sensitive erection. Her clit, like the rest of her pussy was red. It showed the results of alot of attention. Her hips rocked against his face as he slurped his way across her hotness. He needn't move his mouth as she rolled against his tongue with her own hip motions. She looked back and could see his hardness. It throbbed against his muscled stomach as she face fucked him. It did not take much to bring her to orgasm again. As she neared her actions across his face increased so rapidly that his tongue almost came of inside of her. His hand was now to his rock hard shaft, he stroked it in a frenzy almost matching hers.

She panteded out of breathe while atop of him, when she finnaly came she fell forward exhausted. He stopped his tongue actions, he could go all night. Perhaps he would, but not here. It was only know that the pair could hear voices outside.

"You taste delicious" he said. Looking up at her red face.

"Did you wanna go some where else ?" he asked as he wathced her compose her clothing.

"Absolutely" She replied.

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