What is a quickie between friends?
What a Night
F-M Sex

She felt light headed, her mouth was somewhat dry as the alcohol began to take its effect. Smiling carelessly she looked into his eyes, her old long lost school friend, her ex's good mate, and now her friend. He looked charming, handsome, and his muscles showed out superbly in his tight shirt, he turned to get himself a water, her gaze cast down to his tight dress pants where his muscled rounded butt firmly pressed against the material.. She felt her juices flow, tension had existed between them for some time, and now this hot summers night she felt liberated, horny and pleasntly drunk. He was as normal sober, he made light jokes forcing her to smile, h loved her smile, he enjoyed her company greatly.

He returned she noticed his cock outlined in his pants, he was just as aroused as she was she thought, the image of his hard cock pressing against his pants made her feel dizzy. She was wearing a short black mini skirt, a boob tube and some nicely placed make up, she looked beautiful, though she nevert thought so, but all her male onlookers thought otherwise.

She had a sexy essence which caused a stirring in most mens loins, and he was o different. Sitting next to her on the bed they conversed, she giggled and touched him lightly. She rubbed his arm, which flexed at her touch.

"im sooo sleepified" She remarked.

"your always sleepified, im hornified" he smiled.

"haha, charming" she smiled her eyes drifting up to his.

she leaned forward and kissed him, he returned the kiss, there lips joined combining in a delicious dance, her hands went down to his hard cock, as she rubbed it gently. He followed her actions and brought his hand to her breast, his thumb lightly rubbed it through the thin satiny materiel of her top. He began to kiss her lightly moving his warm mouth to her neck, he pecked small kisses against her, she could smell his cologne, it made her spin wonderfully. his tongue lashed out, and went to her ears, lightly he kissed and sucked her lobes, while his strong hands massaged her flanks. She laid back onto her bed, he kissed down her soft torso, he kissed through her top teasing her erect firm breasts. His hands rubbed her thighs, as he moved down below her navel, kissing lightly against her dress he could smell her sweet musk, it drove him wild. His mouth pressed against her mound, she pressed up against him.
No words were spoken just passionate feelings, he rolled her skirt up her thighs, looking at her panty covered crotch, she were a g-string which accenuted her womanly figure.

He licked against the silky surface of the gstring, some of his saliva and heat from his breathe soaked through to her already wet mound. Pulling her soaked panties down her looked in delightful awe at her womanhood, pressing his face against her he flicked out his tongue, it stabbed into her clit, lashing over it, slowly he ever slowly increased the pressure. She writhed at his licking, his hands firmly held her thighs, sodft groans escaped her lips. He moved his tongue down to between her soft folds, his thumbs took over rubbing against her clit, his tongue pumped into her hole, he nuzzled his mouth deep into her licking and sucking her nectar. She felt powerful fantastic jolts of delight engulf her. He moved his tongue down between her soft cheeks to her puckered rose biud, she squirmed at this new sensation, his tongue probed her there, as his thumbs slick in his saliva and her juices massaged her erect and throbbing clit.

After tickling and sending waves of pleasure to her lowest erogenous zone, he moved his mouth back up to her clit, which craved its hot warm attention. His fingers gently and slowly probed her holes rubbing around them as his nibbled gently on her hard clit. He pressed his fingers into her slick vaginal opening she sucked in a breathe at this penetration, as his ministrations on her clit intensified. She could feel it approaching deep withing her loins she could feel a hot erotic eruption begin, his mouth and fingers sent her to a delicious skyward peak. Sensing her climax, he continued to increase his tongue play, she shuddered and exploded in orgasm, as her body ruptured like a pent up volcano, girating in small quivers she felt goosebumbs pop up over her sensitive skin. He slowed his tongue down and removed his fingers. Sucking them he looked into her eyes and smiled.

"you are so beautiful, and taste delicious"

She looked at him, as he removed his shirt revealing his young virile chest, he followed this by removing his pants. His hard, completly shaved cock plopped out in all its rigidness. She grabbed it and felt the smooth eroticness of its form. He cupped her breasts as shetroked him gently, his pre cum glistened at the end of his throbbing purple head. He lent forward and sucked in her nipples one by one, her post orgasm state made them extremely sensitive.

He positioned himself between her legs, his hard throbbing member aimed at her inviting hole, he leaned forward, pressing his head against her clit, then he treaced it down between her lips. She enjoyed the teasing, He rubbed her beautiful stomach as he pressed his head in, slowly, teasingly...

Impatiently she rocked her hips forward and felt him stab deep into her. He sighed in pleasure as he felt the liquid velvet heat engulf his hard cock. Rocking against one another, she felt him fill her up, as his hard stomach rubbed into her clitoris, his balls gently slapping against her. He felt the heat and moist vice like grip, as her pussy sucked his cock. For several slow and pleasurable minutes both of them fucked deeply and sensually into the other, there bodies morphed into one beautiful mutation of lustful delight. They each exchanged kisses, he occasionaly took one of her nipples into his mouth.

Changing position, he pulled her up, and she sat on his lap, impaled onto his hard cock. Her legs over his, there chests pressed aginst the others. This position made her feel his hardness better, he rubbed her back, stimulating her beyond her hottest fantasy...each kissed the other with lustful recklessness. It took only a few minutes in this position, for her to sense nother orgasm, he too could feel the impending tide of his hot white seed nearing. Laying her onto her back, while keeping his hardness inside of her, he extended his legs, dropping into the full splits. Keeping her legs together he pumped into her with great control, his flexible hips slapped against her, both of them felt a giant orgasm approach. Faster and harder he fucked deep into her, his flexible body springing him deep into her fleshy depths. Both reached there climax, she screamed, pulling his head down to her breasts as she parted her legs herself nearly achieving the splits. This sent him over the edge, in one thrust he erupted, a hot jet of cum splashed deep inside of her, her orgasm doubled as she felt his liquid fill her, pulsing jets of cum entered deep inside of her.

Overflowing from within her as he continued tro pump into her hole, there mixed juices drooled out from within her, she felt completely filled up.

She smiled, so did he. "want to go again?" he asked.

Until the late hours of morning the pair fucked and lustfully enjoyed one another. Both falling into a deep satisfied sleep.

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