Two young lovers consumate their feelings on the beach
A night to Remember.

It was the perfect evening, a gentle summer wind blowing a sea breaze across the streets. Both enjoyed one another's company immensely, they had known each other for some time and this night was just another page in the large book of their union. His eyes were warm when she slowly basked deeply inside of them, catching the dimples at the side of his face. He had joked and she had laughed with genuine delight. Smiling her delicious grin, and giggling gorgeously as she often did while in his presence.

Having eaten their meal, he lead her from the restaraunt for a gentle walk. His strong masculine arms wrapped around her petite feminine waist. His head rested against the top of her soft hair, it pricked his cheek gently. He listened as she spoke, telling him some more of her day's adventure. Casual thing's that had him fascinated, for the simple fact that they involved her. She stopped walking for a moment, she took in a deep lungfil of the cool seaside air. She could smell the beach, the sand, but most of all the sweet cologne that he wore. It flared her nostril's, her head began to swim as she turned it to look again into his eyes. The eye's that told her so much and assured her comfort and pleasure.

"What ?" He asked as he looked down at her.

She continued to gaze into his eyes with affection and content.

"Do I have food on my face ?" He asked wiping the side of his lips.

Almost as he did this she pulled him down to her and kissed him passionately. Both groaned instinctually as they felt the soft warmth of the others lips. Their tongues began to lazily caress from within their mouth's. He nuzzled against her as he kissed her back lovingly. His big manly hands reached down to her soft slender sides and rubbed her through her dress. Massaging her sides with his palm's he broke his kiss from her lips and applied it with as much affection to her cheek and then on down to the side of her neck.

"You smell delicious"

He complimented as he teasingly bit against the side of her neck. Her hand's reached up to his head, she ran her fingers through his hair. Both were lost in the moment, absorbed by each other's company. He kissed her lips one more time and broke it off, as he took her hand and lead her to the beach.

"Come my dear, let us stroll on the beach." He said jokingly in a humourous accent.

"Oh yes, let us." She replied with her soft voice.

"Ah we shall dance and sing into the night." He again joked.

Her eye's gleamed more seriously though as she pulled him against her. Again their lips met. Though this time he could feel more intensity within her kiss. It was as though the last kiss was TNT. This next was nuclear. He felt as though he was spinning as she kissed him deeply. He returned it, almost lifting her up so that she was at his height.

The pair walked some distance along the beach, into the darkness. Now the street sounds from where they had been was washed away by the crashing waves of the night. It seemed as though it was just them and the ocean. Falling backwards she dragged him down with her. His lips joined her's one more time. This time his hand reached up along her stomach, resting atop of her firm breast. She arched her back breathing in deeply as he did this. Her nose brushing against his cheek as they kissed.

With his hand firmly cupping her breast, she could now feel the powerful warmth come from his groin. They each writhed gently into one another, this was more fuel to the already heated kiss that they had been exchanging. Reaching around she pulled against his firm and hard buttock's, he now found himself between her soft thigh's. He arched his back against her driving his hardness into her soft delicately shaped body. Breaking the kiss, he could hear the urgency in her voice as she sighed for air.

"I love you " She whispered.

"I know" He answered.

His lips grazed across her lips, pulling her bottom lip down lightly, he continued to move down her face, where he planted a light kiss on her chin. His mouth slowly peppered her chest with light and warm kisses, she could feel his lips press against her even through the material of the dress. He planted long and deliberate kisses onto each of her breasts. He then moved his face lower to her perfect stomach. As he did this his hands reached up to her breast's. Massaging her through the dress, she could only shudder in anticipation.

" You are such a tease." She said as she rolled her head backwards feeling his naked lips against the inner thigh of her left leg.

" Yes, but I learnt it all from you." He smiled.

His tongue darted from his mouth as it warmly moved up her thigh and towards her now moistened and hot womanly center. Lowering his hand's he cupped the side of her waist and pressed his face beneath her dress. She moved her hips gently as she felt the first flicker of his hot tongue press against her silk covered mound. He applied more pressure as she naturally widened her legs for him. He felt her hand's go to the back of his head and pull him into her some more. Rolling her silk covering to one side, his mouth found her delicious flesh. His warm tongue, hot breathe and the coolness of her nakedness drove her senses wild. He had found her clitoris and began to taste it with his mouth, clamping down on it lightly, only to release it and follow up with a long and intense lashing with his tongue. He did this repeatedly until he could hear her breathing deepen. Pulling her against him some more he lifted his chin so that he was now focusing entirely on her small center of pleasure beneath of her trimmed hairline.

She felt him pull his head back, she looked down at him through the darkness. Her eyes searched for his hungrily. She could feel him roll down her damp pearl thong. She felt exposed to him. Leaning forward to kiss her he felt her hands go to his dress pants. While one un-buckled his belt the other ran down the length of his prominent bulge. Her hand's length matching the hot outlined impression made in the black material.

" But I have already had desert. " She whispered.

Her hand now clasping his exposed manhood, he could feel her thumb trace it's smooth length. She stood her self up, with her hand still wrapped around his thickness. She lead him to the slight dunes, where she laid back. He moved forward's following her lead. He sighed as he felt her warm lips slide over his erection. Her hand and head began to move in co-ordination as she pleasured him orally. Her tongue slid in delight over his crown as she tasted his sweet pre-cum.

"You feel wonderful." He remarked as he looked down at her short stylish hair.

Running his hands across the top of her head, he began to rock his hips slightly against her face matching her own erotic motions.

" You are so beautiful." He said in a scratchy voice.

Removing his length, he lowered himself so that he knelt before her. She pulled him down onto her. He could feel her small and warm hand guide his length into her liquid feeling flesh. Slowly he slid his length into her, feeling her body accomadate him. She groaned against him as he filled her up with one slow pleasuring motion. They began to find a common motion, writhing against one another in a delciously perfect union. His hand's reached to her back, where the fine beach sand rubbed against her skin. Pulling her up, he held her body as he continued to slide further into her opening.

Her chest pressed against him as he held her tightly to him, she could feel him raise up onto his knee's. Their face's rubbed cheek to cheek as the hotly motioned their hips. Feeling his hand's against her back she could feel the impending build up of pleasure. It was as though she was a long sleeping volcano ready to erupt, and when she did, she would take all of Atlantis with her.

Feeling his body so tightly clenched against her's she rocked backwards letting him support her weight completly as he held her beneath her armpit's. Reaching behind her he could feel the sand crumb from her warm back as they coupled. One of his hand's snaked down to her lower back finding her round buttock's he squezzed firmly as he clasped hungrily into her flesh.

Both felt the build up of orgasm and increased the tempo, feeling an added friction of stimulated energy she shivered first, her body contracting powerfully into his. He was soon to follow, she could feel his hot pulses surge deep within her. His strong male body, washing her soft interior with his hot creamy seed. Sweat pooled over there heaving bodies, he kissed her some more, stopping only to ask her a question.

" Will you marry me ?"

Shocked, but strangely not suprised, she smiled at him. Still locked into one another's bodies and joined he hugged her deeply.

"Yes. I will."

Her answer filled him with complete satisfaction. The realisation of how exposed and vunerable they were only now hit them. Briskly composing themselves, they both agreed to continue what they had started on the sand as soon as they hit the shower. The night continued with deep and passionate love making, only to be distracted by the rising sun and the chirping of bird's.

Ten Years later.

A young girl no older than eight approached her mother who was sitting back reading on a large comfortable leather chair. Her feet stretched out pointing toward's and open and blazing fire that filled the house with a homely smell.

" Mum, how did Daddy propose to you ?"

The young girl looked at her mother with eager innocent eyes. Her mother looked back at her, shocked by the question.

" Well uh, dear..." She began.

"She will tell you all about it when you are older." Answered her father as he entered the room.

" But let's just say Daddy will propose to her again as soon as you go to bed, sweety."

The girl's mother cast a knowing glance at her husband.

" I think it may be bed time for you now young lady."

The end.
June 2002.

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