A brother, sister and her transexual friend spend a night in a Haunted House
House on Horny Hill.

Chapter 1: Nothing is as it seems.

It was a pleasantly warm afternoon, the rains of the days prior gave the air a crisp freshness. Anne Masters negotiated the slender and windy driveway as it ascended closer to the large house on the hill. She was house sitting which would be a pleasant change to her studies.

It was only for a week, the first week of her holidays. It was money, albeit minimal, but there was food, shelter, television and time to herself. She found room to park her silver Mitsubishi Mirage and grabbed her things, a small suitcase, her handbag and school bag which she had had since High school.

At 22, Anne was half way through a history masters degree, unlike many of her friends she though it was of importance to be aware of the past. At the end of her degree when all has been said and done she knew that she would most likely land a job at a library somewhere. That was not a problem, she would focus her spare time on writing and training.

She loved to write historical fiction and had ambition to perhaps get a novel or atleast a short story published, she was also on the state Netball side. Though she was having the year of to focus on her other sport, and unlikely one for a academic and attractive young girl, Kick-Boxing. A sport that her younger brother had led her to when she was a senior in High school. Her younger brother, who six years younger than her was her biggest fan, he always managed to tag along and she feared that he would make an un-announced visit later in the week, though she would welcome the company after the isolation. She looked the house over, she had been here when she was younger, the owner's an elderly couple who had babysat her many years ago.

The couple who at close to 70 had won some voyage and where having a grey honeymoon or something romantic like that. The house was old, easily early twentieth century, it had a cold presence to it, she noted as she entered and took a deep breathe. Old wood, books and prune juice. The smell of old people, she was used to that.The smell was in-offensive, it was re-assuring, she wondered about the history of the house and explored the place with her inquisitive side taking over. The house reminded her off her grandparents. They had raised her and her brother since she was six. After her father had disappeared, after her mothers death. She never knew how she died, or where. The elderly couple had known her mum, and when they returned she was determined to ask them some questions about her.

She worked her way upstairs after she had placed her bags in the room that she would stay in. She walked up the spiral stair case, it was alot darker upstairs, this house would be ideal for a horror movie she smiled. A door creaked shut as she reached the top, her smiled vanished and she felt a cold sweat begin. Floor boards now started to creek gently, like an old wooden boat rocking on slight waves deep into the night. Her hands went up, it was a conditioned response, her fists clenched as she approached the noise.

" Hello " she enquired as she entered a large room, it was full of books, old wooden furniture and a large table, several classy chairs surrounded it. The door behind her closed, slamming violently. She turned as she jumped, frightened from the unexpectedness of it all.

She felt as though she was in a horror movie now and was making all of the classical mistakes, namely pressing on in her investigation, contray to instinct. She opened the door, her rationale mind was saying that a draft shut the door. A draft from where though, commented the other parts of her brain.

" Hello, who is there ?" she asked. The question was a habbit that most people seem to have drawn from most movies or books, a question that all victims ask, right before...

" Get out" answered a raspy voice, she stepped back not moving, her hands clenched she was ready to defend herself or run. " Get out " it went on, it was as though she was in Amittyville all of a sudden. A odd shaped shadow appeared from behind the wall, now she was scared. The shadow's form changed shape, a body appeared.

" You bastard !" she yelled, her suprise and anger overcoming her sense of relief.
It was her brother, he was smiling a devilish grin.

" What are you doing here ?" she asked still annoyed at his prank. At 22 and she still was easily scared, she shook her head at her self.

" Im here keeping an eye on you." He said, Will was a clever kid he always had been. He had just completed his last year of High School and was following his sisters footsteps, going to the very Uni that she was.
And what was worst he was doing the same subject's and course she took when she was a rookie. His interest though was military history. In a way she was relieved, having been that easily frightened in the middle of the day, she dreaded the thought of how sleepless her nights may be especially if the weather forecasts rang true. Storms had been predicted in the coming days and thunder and lightening where bad enough.

" So how come you want to spend your time here in the middle of no where with me ?" asked Anne.

" To be honest, I have no idea, but I was bored and it seemed like something to do.

I brought some training gear and some books so Ill be occupied. Plus Ill get you whipped into shape so you can either fight or be the best netballer in the state". He smiled, he looked so cute when he smiled she thought.

Later that night Anne sat in front of the open fire place running a brush through her silky brunetter shoulder length hair, the flickering flames caushed shadows to dance on her beautiful face. Her brown eyes gazed into the flames as she went through the motions thoughtlessly. She was dressed in a silky robe that was a pearl colour but the flames gave it an orange glow.

" Your pretty enough to worry about brushing your hair like that." Will said from behind her.

" It's just a habbit, thought Id dry my hair out the old fashioned way." she said now looking at Will. He too was in his pyjama's, satiny black boxers and a grey athletic jumper. He looked manly, his broad shoulders contoured superbly in the jumper. Her eyes glanced down to his groin, she could see a bulge beneath the sheeny material. It looked delicious she thought, then she snapped her mind back to reality. She was glancing at her brothers package. It made her laugh.

" Whats on TV ?" she asked.

" Good question, as the TV does not work." he answered, waving an old book that he had clearly been reading.

A thunder clap shook the house, both jumped.

" I guess even if the TV was working the reception would get screwed up with the storm." Anne added, now standing.

It was Will's turn to look his sisters body over, he had admired her body on more than one occasion. She had for a long time filled his most wildest desires. Though he would never act on those fantasies for fear of reject or destroying the closeness of his relationship with Anne. She leaned over picking up the towel she had used to dry herself after her shower. As she did this, her left leg and buttocks pressed against the silky material. She was tight, perfecty shaped. He felt his insides churn, he knew full well that he would have to relieve himself tonight. She turned and walked past him, her nipples also pressing out with the nighty highlighting her firm breasts. Not the largest but certainly not the smallest, she had well shaped cantelope sized breasts.

" Well I guess we will have to check out all the dark secrets of this house" Will said as he followed his sister. His eyes the whole time focused on her ass, he could see each individual cheek.

"Yes, all the ghosts, ghouls and evil tales that it has to tell." she added both of them were now in the large room that Will had earlier scared her in.

After looking around for a few hours the pair decided to call it a night, having found nothing of consequence each went to their own rooms. Down stairs in the "west wing" of the semi mansion they each had a room side by side. Will's was a store room he had cleared some space on the floor and set up camp. Anne actualy had a bed.

As he lay in bed Will rubbed his growing shaft through the material, he was tired though so he slowly lapsed into sleep as he rubbed his stiff member.

Several hours into his sleep Will awoke, something had touched his shoulder, he opend his eyes, he was still half asleep but he saw someone at his feet. It was a glowy white figure, he snapped awake at the sight. He was certain he was awake now, he slithered up against the wall trying to distance himself from the thing, from whoever it was. It was a woman, he could tell that much, she had red flowing hair, and a creamy round face. It took more form, it seemed to crawl up over him, mounted on top, he struggled as she lowered herself. She was smiling, a calming smile he stopped struggling. He felt a weight press down onto him, it was a light floaty warm weight. She leaned forward, a light emitting from her. Her face lowered to his and her lips pressed against his. The kiss was warm, he felt content, more than he ever had in his entire life. The woman took more form, less like the ghostly figure that she was earlier. What was it, he thought, as soon as she stopped kissing him he attempted to say something. She pressed her finger against his lip

He began to feel something warm touch his groin, his body responded. He began to groan as her hands stroked his cock. She slid his pants down, both her hands holding his swollen phalanx. All he could do was watch on, he was frozen and willing to take whatever she was doing or had planned to do. Her ghostly gown fell open, he looked hungrily at her breasts, they had a familiar beauty, everything about her was familiar, as well as extremely comforting. He reached up cupping her breasts, they were warm, but silkier than most flesh he had held. Her skin was exceptionaly smooth and gave to his touch. His thumb flicked over her nipple, she smiled an infectious smile, he returned it. His lower body completly naked she moved back up to him, kissing him some more. One hand massaged her breast as the other rubbed her back, holding her like this felt weird, otherworldly. She pressed his cock head against her groin, she inserted his cock into her.

The sensation was incredible, warm and liquid like, her insides massaging his shaft expertly. He groaned his hips raising to meet her body. He had good staying power in more normal circumstances but never before had he felt such focused pleasure. Her insides gripped his cock gently and pleasured it, it felt like ten small wet slippery hands squezing and pulling his cock in a co-ordinated concert. He shuderd as he felt his body convulse and ejaculate deep into her. It was a giant jet, thick hot cum shooting into her. She smiled a happy smile, he closed his eyes, his cock shrinking, but still throbbing cum surrounding it. She began to lose form, and de-materialise, back into the light that she had arrived as. He was satsfied, but sad that she left him. He fell into a delicious exhausted sleep, he was drained.

Chapter 2: Good morning and the day that follows.

The sun tried punching holes though the overcast clouds as the birds chirped. Anne had been awake for two hours and was suprised that Will was not. She decided to wake him. She walked into his room, stopping suprised at what she was greeted by. Laying with no covers on him, he was naked the waist down, almost spread eagle.

Between his muscular legs was rested a superbly shaped semi erect cock. It layed like a sleeping snake, he looked at peace sleeping deeply, his chiseled tanned stomach rose lightly as he breathed. She moved closer, the room was slightly stuffy from being closed up all night, she felt light headed as his male aroma's hit her. She also noted the distinct smell of cum. A smell she had grown to love, a smell that made her extremely aroused. She leaned closer to him, she was absorbed by his splendid sight, his cock, his nakedness.

She noticed that his cock looked spent, as though he had ejaculated, dried and still wet cum pooled near it. She had a wild kinky side, that not many people were aware of. Before she awoke him, she wanted to touch it. Who would know, besides, she would be without sex for a few weeks or worst longer so she may aswell seize this oppurtunity. His cock lengthened and thickened, he moved slightly, he may be waking she thought. He turned his head, clearly asleep, she could see his eye lid's flickering. He was dreaming.
Now was her chance, she lightly dipped her finger into the small puddle of cum that rested beneath his cock head. She scooped a small sample of his cum on her finger, bringing her finger just beneath her nose. Without any thought, she licked it, once she had tasted it she could not help herself, she sucked the cum from her finger taking in all the salty-sweetness.

It had staled being exposed to the air for so long, plus it was cold. She touched his balls, he was not very hairy, so she could see his every vein, every contour. Looking up she saw that he was still asleep. Boldly she moved her head above his groin. She ran her tongue up his shaft starting at the pit where his balls parted, all the way up to his cock's eye. Her right hand came up and guided his head into her mouth, she swirled her tongue around lightly, pressing the eye with her tongue. She removed his cock from her mouth, licking some more cum up just as she raised her head. She could not take to many risks. Will was still asleep.

She wanted to suck on him some more. Though her rationale mind started to kick in. What the hell had she just done ? she thought. She had done some kinky things, wild lewd things that many would frown upon, but this had taken the prize. She felt guilty, and slightly nauseous. Remembering her intial aim, she moved back, his cock still semi rigid and his eyelids still fluttering. She coved his loins up and rocked him at the shoulders. Whispering his name.

Will opened his eye's, he saw Anne, she looked beautiful in the light as it came in through the blinds. He smiled, he had slept well, he remembered what had happened but was uncertain if it was a really vivid dream.

" About time you awoke." Anne said as she smiled looking at him with her dark brown eyes.

" And what a sight to wake to." He answered.

He stretched his arms out and asked, " Whats for breakfast?".

" Thats up to you, you can cook." She answered teasing him.

He stood up, unaware that he was naked waist down. He knew he had an early morning erection, but he was confident it would be hidden in his shorts. When it was too late, he realised he was naked.

" Uh, ok, that's not something you see every day." Teased Anne.

" Oh shit, oh, ah..." Will quickly covered himself up. Anne clearly seeing his hard cock, it looked better at full mast and standing out right than it had earlier.

" You must have had a good dream.:" Said Anne as she started to leave.

" I .. I guess." answered Will clearly embarrased.

Suddenly it dawned on him, It was not a dream, it couldn't be. She took his pants off, he could feel dampness and the sticky residue of cum. Maybe he thought, maybe he had just had a wet dream. He went off to shower. Still puzzled by the whole morning incidents. Anne had seen him naked, it was extremely embarrasing yet rather arousing. He rubbed his cock in the shower. He decided not to cum, he wanted to save it later where he could enjoy it some more.

Anne's mobile rang, she answered. It was her Uni flat mate, one of the many strange friends she had made. Her friend Sylvia announced that she was going to pop by and visit. Sylvia was rather unique, she was a woman, with a difference. She was a 25 year old transexual, very few knew that fact. Most assumed she was what she looked like, a gorgeous, stunning woman. Blonde, with large breast's, soft skin, a tight ass, long legs and flat muscled stomach. The only thing that revealed she was really a man was the nice, thick cock she hid, often beneath a pair of silky g-strings. Anne had discovered Sylvia's secret some month's after living together. Anne had been in bed, masturbating as she often did, Sylvia came in accidentaly catching her friend.

Sylvia who enjoyed most things sexual, quickly came to Anne's side. At a point of high arousal, Anne welcomed the extra help, she had flirted with the idea of sex with a woman since early high school. Sylvia was attractive and Anne was only human.

Anne orgasmed, Sylvia started removing her dress, Anne noticed at that point a thick masculine tone in her voice. It was subtle but it was there. Sylvia leaned forward and kissed Anne deeply. Sylvia's continued to cup Anne's mound and pressed her breasts against Anne's. It was a fantastic feeling. Turning Anne on alot more, than before she had cum. Sylvia smiled. " I have a secret." as soon as she said this, she removed her silver silky panties, a hardening cock shaved and circumcised appeared. It was a gorgeous cock, Anne was stunned. It turned her on incredibly. After some grappling around, and heavy petting, Sylvia pressed her cock deep into Anne. The pair fucked for several hours. Since then both had become reguar sex partners. The best of both worlds. Anne was reluctant to have Sylvia come over, since Sylvia had for some time made her likings of Will obvious. She would often flirt or show some leg, even bending over in front of him. Anne made a habbit of separating the two. On the other hand, the morning's antic's had left Anne extremely aroused. She could fuck Sylvia and get some satisfaction, plus she needed to suck a cock, the tatse and feeling of hot cum sliding down her throat. The two talked for some time, Sylvia was like one of the girls, heck she did more feminine things than Anne. Sylvia would come later tonight, actually if all went well both of them will Cum tonight. Anne was satisfied, she would need to be fucked soon.

Masturbation would not quell the fires that were raging inside of her. Anne told Will that Sylvia was coming, he was openly pleased. Even commenting on how 'hot' Sylvia often looked. Anne felt some jealousy, tempted to tell Will that the object of his desire's was really a guy. That would be funny she thought, though cruel, she imagined he had masturbated or fantasised about Sylvia often. He may have even dreamed about her last night. Telling him would most likely crush his fantasy realm, he'd need some one else to dream of then. Then she started to think, what if he thought of her ? The thought made her smile. Did her baby brother get hard over her. Last night when he saw her in the robe he seemed slightly aroused. With such thoughts swirling around, she added dry wood to an already blazing fire of desire.

Will was excited at the news of Sylvia's visiting, he made sure he was in his best close and well groomed. Strangely Anne felt a strong sting of jealousy as her brother prepared himself for another woman. It was then that she started fearing her desire for him. For some reason the mornings adventure was not enough of a catalyst to stir her incestous needs, her realisation of her jealousy clinched it. She would at the very least tease him and use it as a masturbation fantasy. Nothing more was possible.

Or was it. Anne changed herself, she wore a silky pearl thong, with matching bra, over it she wore tight black sporttights and a short grey jumper. The tights hugged her every contour, her already aesthtically pleasing ass was now accenuated into a Godly sight. Will noticed it, his eyes became drawn to it, every time she walked past he would look longingly at her behind, absorbing himself into it. Anne noticed, she also found herself looking at him and when he suggested that they do some tarining later she jumped to the offer. It was slowly getting darker as the grey clouds completly covered the sun, it was late afternoon but seemed more like it was becoming night. The pair went to what seemed to be a games room where guests children would occupy themselves, as the grown ups socialised. With a kick shield, focus pads and some light gloves the pair cleared an area and readied themselves for a light work out. Will was now in boxing shorts, though he still looked well groomed, so if Sylvia should arrive he would be prepared. Will watched his sister as they both warmed up and performed some light stretches.

" Ok what do you want to work on ?" he asked as he threw some light punches and elbows.

Thinking with her libido she answered, " Clinching and I guess while you are here you could also show me some grappling."

Smiling, Will answered, " Id love to, good to see that you finnaly realised that kicking and punching is not all you need." He naively thought she was genuinely interested in learning grappling techniques, he did not in any way assumer her alterior motive.

With their hands locked around each other's necks in a classic Muay Thai clinch they both threw light knee's into one another's sides. Anne smelt good, Will thought as he tried his best to be gentle with her. His boisterous nature took over, as she raised her knee he broke the head controlling clinch and hooked his right arm under her leg. Raising it up he swept her supporting leg and took her to the carpet. All the while supporting her. She was suprised holding on tightly to him. On top, from a classic Wrestling cross pin position he felt her breasts against his chest. He switched his base, so that his hips went from being flatly pressed against the carpet to having his right knee against her side scooped up under his hip. His face was over hers.

Anne smiled, she looked at her brother as he kept her pinned to the mat, he was heavier than her and he knew what he was doing so their was not much use in resisting. His breathe smelt minty sweet as he spoke.

" Now what are you going to do lil miss striker?"

Her older sister instincts took over, determined to gain the advantage she would do anything to turn the tides. With her free left hand she reached over and tickled him. He writhed giving her some space. She scooped out, with guile she continued to tickle him as she got him on his hands and knee's She was now standing over him. He protected him as she mercilessly tickled his sides and stomach.

" hahaha Ok ok thats cruel !" He yelled enjoying the tickling and intimacy.

" Wait till I start opening up on you " she yelled as she flicked his ear.

She sat on his back inserting her legs underneath him so that the hooked against his lower belly. Her toes pressed into his groin. Her groin rubbed against his muscled back, the slight struggling and her determination to stay in this position had her clit rubbing into him. Her aroused state that had been building up all day and the situation served to add extra stimulus to the current situation. She rocked her hips lightly, Will just assumed she was holding the position. He stood up and held her calves. She was attached to his back, her breasts pressing against him.

" Now you can't tickle me !" He said as he started to spin around in an attempt to get her dizzy.

" Weeeeee" she yelled as he did this.

He reached his hands up higher to hold onto her better, he did it unconciously. He then cupped her lower cheeks, he felt the firmness, the perfection of them. When his fingers dug into her yielding yet tight flesh he realised what he was holding.

" Ohh, wanna get naughty, eh" she said her breathe burning the back of his sweating neck.

" I didn't mean to, I was just trying to re-adjust you." he said, his hands sliding down her legs. It felt great for both of them.

She jumped of his back. Gaining some distanc she threw a kick to his thigh, it was light but it made the point.

" Ok, ok you win. " He held his hand low so that his hard bulging groin would not be to obvious. He turned and bent over to pick up the focus mitts. Anne approached him from behind, giving into the temptation she pinched his muscular ass. He stood up slightly embarrased. No one had done that to him before, and this was rather unexpected. She switched from a pinch to a grab, as he stood up, her whole hand was against his left bum cheek.

" hey, what are you doing !" he asked.

" Im sorry, I was just exacting some revenge. Why are you worried, you have a gorgeously cute butt anyway." Her comment made him blush. She was right though, his butt was cute and felt good, many girls had often looked at it as he walked by in his well ironed pants. Through the glossy Boxing shorts it served to enhance the niceness of it.

"Ok so I'll do some combo's, I also want to especially work on my jab." She said changing the subject.

The pair trained for 45 minutes, occasionaly they would touch one another, the contact lingering on longer than neccessary. Nothing more happened only the increase build up of sexual desires and energy within each of them. Sylvia arrived shortly afterwards, she was dressed in her usual outrageous but sexually provactive fashion. She wore smooth white tight pants that where firm fitting in all the right places, and a white leather jacket. Her hair was done in twin pony tails adding to the outrageous look. Sylvia and Anne greeted one another hugging gently and kissing each other's cheeks.

" hey" Will said as Sylvia finished placing her hand bag by the foyer.

" Oh hi, young handsome man." She said smiling her eyes sparkling. On her cheeks she had some sprinkles of gliter, these highlighted her raised facial features.

" So what have you two been up to in this big creepy old house ?" asked Sylvia as they all moved into the living area which adjoined to the kitchen.

" Looking for ghosts, beating one another up and all those sort of normal things." answered Will, he now had two drop dead gorgeous girls to look at for the night.

" Oh, ok, sounds like fun." smiled Sylvia. In the next sentence she went into a gossip update with Anne the two talked and discussed their friends lives, who was with who, what someone said, who wore what and so on.

Will normally would find such a conversation boring, but he was more absorbed by the two ladies who were talking that what was being said. He occasionally added something to the conversation, a off beat comment or a light joke, but his concertration and focus was drawn between his sister athletic and pure beauty, and that exotic outrageous sexual excentricty of Sylvia. She had a deepness to her voice that made him all the more interested in her, it was like a half accent, an extra rung in the ladder of her exoticness.

While the girls went off and did their usual thing, Will decided to explore on his own. Plus he was determined to find a quiet place to himself where he could tend to a growing issue within his pants.
Will found a stair case that folded down from the roof, climbing up he found himself in a deceptively large attic.

It was filled with old damaged trinkets, pictures and boxes filled with books and yellowed paper. He pulled the ladder up so that he had assured privacy, and sat down on an old wooden chair. In his pocket he had a pair of his sisters smooth panties that he had swiped earlier. It was the closest thing to pornography that he could think to find, plus it had her musk. Pulling his pants down, he sat back his erection pent up and at full mast was heavy in his hand. Just as he was about to commence he felt something cool wash over him. His hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he involuntarily shuddered. From behind him he could see a light, he turned and there was a floating woman. Transparent, like a cloud though somewhat more faded. She was smiling, he looked into her eyes, the fear he felt earlier was replaced by warmth and comfort.

The apparation began to take more shape, the face was more distinct. It was a beautiful woman in her mid thirties, with flowing red hair and a creamy complexion. It was the same woman that had visited him the night before. She came to him, not walking, but gliding. Her long arm reached out and found his dwindling shaft. Her hand though transparent was cool, her skin felt like silk. She was now inches from his face, her being materialised into a corporeal life form. She kissed his lips, as her hand stroked his cock back to hardness. She was cool, though not cold, just refreshingly cool. Her tongue swirled inside of his mouth it tasted like wamr milk, though it felt damp and cool. He reached his hands behind her and rubbed her back, his hand sunk in gently it felt incredible. Her skin was yielding like a satiny pillow though more fleshy. She broke the kiss and smiled, her hands reached up to his chest and pushed him back against the old peeling wall.

Stepping back she parted her ghostly gown and revealed perfect orbs on her chest, two slightly hanging breasts, the size of rock melons. Her stomach was round and womanly with a milky whiteness. There were no blemishes, she was perfection. She parted the robe some more revealing a thin trimmed line of glowing red hair above a delcious looking mound. He swallowed heavily as his cock felt close to bursting with blood. She stepped against him again, her hand raising his cock so that it was facing towards his stomach. She herself raised off the floor, he was unsure if she was still standing or floating, not that it mattered now. He felt his cock head become enveloped by a wet smooth suction, he was entering her. It felt beyond description, he went all the way inside, instinctually he started to rock his hips into her. He looked down, he watched as his cock slid into her contrastingly white being.

He could almost see the shape of his cock through her for brief moments as she shuddered in a ecstatic jolt. Her legs, wrapped around his outer thigh he felt her hands on his butt pulling him into her. His eyes widened as his entire cock and balls went deep into her. the ghostly pussy taking him completly. The feeling was bliss. It seemed as though it was satisfactory for her as well. She seemed to pulse with a red colour as he thrust deeper into her. She smiled, as her colour became more living, her cheeks redened and her skin lost its glowing white. He also noted that she became heavier, more fleshier. He pumped harder into her, feeling her insides warm up. The transition was superbly erotic. He had never felt anything like this before, the pleasure reached its inevitable crescendo. Holding her tightly he shuddered and thrust hard into her, she responded with a bear hug of her own. With every fast heartbeat, his cock pulsed thick jets of cum into her. Internally she milked him, as his body pulsed more and more of his life giving seed into her. His knees gave way, and he trembled to the floor. He was now covered in a heavy sweat, she hovered away, loosing shape. He looked up, still not believing his eyes.

She smiled and whispered, "Thank You" her lips saying the words without sound.

Chapter 3: Broken promises.

Down stairs the girls began to get touchy feely. Anne noticed that devilish spark in Sylvia's eyes. Anne could see the outline of a growing cock in the tight confines of her smooth pants. The exotic sight mad Anne's body tremble in desire.

The long full shape of Sylvia's cock faced along her left leg, the pants smooth fabric hugged every contour and the head could be seen with distinction.

" God your naughty Anne, you invite me here just so you can have my cock inside of you, what a friend you are." Sylvia teased as she rubbed her friends shoulders.

" Well if I didn't invite you here I may of had jumped my brother, I was growing that close to horny insanity." Anne admited.

" Well if you dont ride that young stud I may just have to, got he gets me hard and wet." Sylvia said as she lowered her hands to Anne's front rubbing her mound with the palm of her hand.

Anne leaned into her hand and ground her hips feeling the sensation wash over her loins.

" He is cute isn't he." Anne said her breathing starting to tremble.

" Oh yeah, good arms, gorgeous face, wild body, a nice tight virgin ass." Sylvia said as she leaned into her friends face licking the side of her neck up to her ear.

" And a delicious cock." Anne added.

Sylvia stepped back, shocked by her friends comment.

" How do you know ?" She asked. Feeling the pre-cum drool from her rock hard she-cock.

" Well, this is real sick I know, but when I went in to wake him up, he was naked, his cock was so hard, it looked splendid in the sunlight. He had most likely dreamed about something sexy as he had cum all over the place. The smell was so intoxicating, so I just leaned in to smell and before you know it I was sucking on it, licking his cum up and feeling his big dick in my mouth.
Its gross I know, but I just could not help myself."

Anne said, her emotions were clearly mixed.

" Hon, that is by far the fucking most horniest thing I have ever heard. I have never been so fucking turned on. Can I fuck him, please. " Sylvia said her hands now rubbing her cock through her pants.

" No you better not, he may not take to your secret, and i would have to kill you. He is off bounds, please promise me that. I should never have done what I did, it was a stupid thing." Anne said her protective older sister side kicking in.

" Will you promise me not to do anything with him?" asked Anne.

" Ok, ok, his cock is yours and yours only." Smiled Sylvia.

" Ha, its not like that." Anne said as she slapped her friend.

Sylvia leaned forwards and started to kiss her friend heavily, their hands ran over their bodies, Anne cupped Sylvia's tight and feminine ass pulling her groin into her as she did so. Sylvia’s curved shaft throbbed hungrily against her friends body, its big bulbous purple head gorged with passionate blood.
Anne kissed her friend there mouths hungry with desire, each of there tongues sensually embracing within the hot confines of there mouths.

To be continued...

Fantam 2001
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