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Lust and Horny
Kait is imagining how she will look in a provocative pose or with a particularly sexy piece of lingerie for me when I come home tonight. Her body is trim and shapely; She is tall and a total turn-on. Her body is perfectly gorgeous. I have used her pictures for jerking off and have fantasies about her, imagining what I will do with her next time we are together. She got so aroused, she rubbed her crotch until she came, just thinking about when I came home finding her there.

Looking at her watch, she realizes I will be home in an hour; she hurries to get cleaned up so she can start dinner. She decides she really needs a bath to get the dirt and sweat off and get ready for me. She put fragrant bath oil in the water and soaked for a bit, fantasizing about being with me in a tropical pool, a little waterfall washing over them, both of them naked. She is starting to feel just a bit tingly. She shaves her legs smooth; she very carefully shaves her pussy, working her way very carefully over the lips and up around the hood of her clit. I said I liked that because it made it easier to get my tongue on her clit. This is really starting to get her hot. She is thinking about masturbating but I will be home before too long; so she wants to save her arousal for me. She left a nice carefully trimmed strip of hair up above her cunt; otherwise, her vulva was smooth as a baby's bottom.

She got out of the bath and dries herself off. Standing naked in front of the mirror, she blows her hair dry, watching her body in the mirror, imagining me going wild with lust watching it. Her breasts are firm, not huge or saggy. The nipples are pink and erect. She made her boobs bounce and jiggle just to see what that looks like and decides it looks somewhat sexy and somewhat funny. Her tummy is not quite perfectly flat, just a tiny bit rounded below the navel. She looks down at her crotch and sees her cunt lips exposed below the trimmed patch of hair. She knows that I love to see those lips and told her so many times. Finishing with the blow drier, she rubs moisturizing body lotion all over herself, imagining that her hands were my hands, a little bit rough, but still gentle. starting with her feet, then up her legs, feeling the warmth and tingle as she spreads it over her newly shaven lower lips, then on to her tummy, and up to her chest.

She rubs the lotion onto her breasts, massaging her nipples, imagining me suckling on them, and feeling the response in her pussy, and the clenching inside her belly that it causes. She is totally naked and getting very aroused, she decides that since she was all spiffed up, she had enough time to take a few pictures before I got home. She went downstairs and got out the camera and tripod. Looking around for a good location, she decides to take some " naughty housewife" shots in the kitchen. She put on a short, frilly, pink checked apron that half covered her breasts and stops just at her crotch. She ran back upstairs and got her red spike heels; she knew they made her butt stick out sexily.

She set the camera to take a sequence of pictures ten seconds apart. The camera was by the doorway to the kitchen aimed toward the counter by the sink. She checked in the viewfinder to make sure it was zoomed out to just about her height. As the flash started going off at ten second intervals she started flirting with the camera, standing coyly facing it, so the apron covered her "essentials" [flash]. She pulled the apron tight so that her nipples stuck out on each side of it [flash]. Her nipples were starting to get hard from thinking about herself being displayed so erotically [flash]. She reached back to untie the string of the apron behind her neck [flash] her breasts thrust out proudly [flash]. She began letting the apron down, little by little, revealing her body six inches at a time, exposing her breasts [flash], her torso [flash], her waist [flash], her tummy [flash], and her strip of hair [flash], her pussy lips [flash], her thighs [flash], and finally dropped it to the floor [flash].

She stood sideways sticking out her butt, [flash] her arms pretending to cover her breasts, but purposely not doing a very good job of concealing them. [flash] Finally, she turned to face away from the camera. [flash] She stuck her bare ass out at the camera. [flash] She leaned forward against the counter to emphasize the roundness of her butt. [flash] She spread her legs, her feet in her spike heels about 18 inches apart, [flash] leaning forward, [flash].

Her pussy is really getting warm. The tingle is spreading. She starts to smell the scent of her own arousal. She is so absorbed in her day dream, she didn't hear the front door open as I came home and came to the kitchen to see the chef. I got to the doorway of the kitchen, seeing the camera flashing, and stopped. I just stood there staring for few seconds, then I realize what she is doing. I see her smooth pussy, opening up wetly, all the way across the room. I see how aroused she is. I watch her as waving in circles round and round. My lust is instantaneous, with a tinge of jealousy about her showing her pictures to other guys. The jealousy arouses me all the more. I can tell how much she wants to get fucked. My cock is throbbing demanding to be used. I want her and I want her NOW.

In two steps I was across the kitchen. Before she realizes what is happening, I'm on her, grabbing her around the waist with one hand, around the breasts with the other. I snarl at her in my animal lust. " Looking at your butt sticking out so you show your pussy from behind, and knowing that showing it off makes you want to cum all the time, I know; You are a bitch in heat. You are just like a mongrel, wagging your tail, hoping to get mounted by whatever mutt comes along. You don't care who fucks you, as long as you get fucked. You are obviously just asking for it."

My words hit her like an electric shock sending shivers all over her body. Kait is so startled, she can't speak; she lets out a groan of lust and desire. " oh god..oooohhhh."
She broke out in goose bumps. With a growl I pick her up bodily from behind. I carrie her to the big oak dining table. I practically fling her against it, bending her over the table, her ass sticking out against my monster hardness. In my throaty jealous lust, my jaw clenched, spoke. " You fucking sexy little bitch. When did you get here? You want fucking? OK, I'll give you a fucking you naughty slut."

With one big hand I hold her down against the table so she couldn't rise. I stood to one side and put my leg behind her legs, trapping them. With my free hand, I feel between her legs, wiping the pussy juice across her lips, stroking, feeling how wet, open and aroused she is. I spoke: " You fucking naughty little bitch, you're so wet, I'll bet you'd let anyone or anything fuck you right now!" She is so aroused, she can hardly stand it. Bending her at my will over the table, my hardon raging in my pants. She begins to scream. " John, I can't take any more, oh, oh, oh, just fuck me John, fuck me now, please John, ohhhhhhh, please, fuck me. Fuck Me! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEEE!" Her scream, a wail, a mixture of lust, fear, desire, and need. I said," OK, Kait, you really want to get fucked, now?
" Oh, yes, oh yes." She gasps. " Please, fuck me like a dog."

I force her legs apart, feeling the wetness of her pussy, rubbing her cunt lips and clit with my hand. I force my thumb into her dripping cunt hole. The entry made her gasp with pleasure. " Is this where you want it, Kait?" " Oh, god, yes." She pleads. "Yes, now, please, I can't wait any longer." My index finger feels her clit, making her writhe. I pull my now dripping thumb from her cunt and push it against her asshole. My index finger now replaces my thumb in her twat. My thumb forces its way into her ass, causing her to gasp with pain and pleasure. I squeeze my thumb and forefinger together inside her, while massaging her clit with my middle finger. She shivers. She feels the rush coming. It has been building all afternoon, wanting it, holding it back, needing it. With a groan, she cums, gushing over my hand and down her legs, spasming, convulsing, her legs stiffening.

The sight of her orgasmic convulsions bring my lust to its peak. While her exhausted body is too drained to rise, I quickly unzip my pants and pull out my monster cock. Not bothering to drop my pants, I get behind her, and forcing my raging long thick rod into her cunt, taking her from behind. I begin thrusting into her like a piston. I lean over her and grab her breasts, crushing them in my big hands, squeezing them, using them as handles to pull against while I slam my cock into her over and over. Crushing against her ass, Kait feels the rough cloth of my pants and the zipper of my trousers. She feels me going crazy, pumping in and out and grunting like an animal. She feels the weight of me pushing her down onto the table. She is being bounced around under me helplessly. She grabs onto the opposite side of the table with both hands, hanging on for her life.

Kait feels my surging cock stretching her pussy, the head coming almost out and then back in, feeling my forceful rough thrusts. Her pubic bone is being ground against the top of the table. Her clit is mashed against the table edge. Her feet are coming off the floor with the force of my thrusts. Her nipples are throbbing. As I slammed in and out of her, I grab her breasts, I'm grunting, in animalistic noises, forcing words out between grunts: " Ohhhhh Gaaaawwwwed what a slut you are! You just remember that your body is MINE, you little fuck! Nnnnn, mmmmm, I'm gonna use your sexy cunt any time I want, anywhere I want and any way I want mmmpph, unnnkk, ggggghhhh. You're such a horny cunt. You stick your pussy out like that girl and it's gonna get fucked, oh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh!

I'm going to take your tight ass, Kait! You want cock? I'll give you more cock than you can stand! Your naughty Kait! You go wagging your fucking ass, I'll damned well use it. Just remember that it's MY cock that's gonna get rammed up it, uhh, ohh, nnn! You feel me, Kait? You hear me Kait?" My grunts and groans mixed with my words in a fury of lust.

The dirty talk got to Kait. She can't take any more. It put her over the edge again. Her legs curl up behind me. Her feet wrapping around my legs, clutching at them. Her fists tighten on the far edge of the table. She feels the spasms through her body. She feels the lust surging through her. She loses awareness of anything except the feel of her stretched, swollen pussy, her over-stimulated clit, her crushed nipples hot-wired directly to her clit, the rippling of the convulsions washing over her in wave after wave, cumming, and cumming.

With a huge groan I feel her pussy clenching my cock tight like a vise. I go into convulsive spasms. My weight falls onto her hard as my legs lose control. My fists dig into her breasts hard. She cries out with pain, causing me to groan a sadistic chuckle. The pain, the pleasure, all mingling together with a new surge of pleasurable warmth, she feels my body, hard on top of her, surging rhythmically as I thrust into her, again, and again. She feels my seed gushing deep into her, driven into her, forced into her, filling her.
My spasms subsiding as I lay on top of her, satisfied and spent. I lay there for a few minutes, my cock slowly shrinking. She feels the dampness under her, spreading. I stood up and pull out. She feels the gentle suck of my cock coming out, the emptiness in her pussy, missing me inside her.

With my left hand pressing her back down on the table, I rub my right hand all over her sore ass. She feels the soreness. I give it a few slaps, causing her to jerk in surprise and pain. I reach between her legs and gently stroke her sore pussy, feeling inside her cunt, then rub the wetness up across her anus, circling it with my fingers. I lift her legs and rotate her body up onto the table top. Then I roll her over onto her back. I rub my fingers, wet with her pussy juice, on her lips, then lean over and kiss her, long and hard, while stroking her belly, breasts, thighs and pussy. I lean back, staring at her well fucked body while I pull my pants up and zip them up. Then I said: " Let's go take a shower. Then we will go out for dinner. Kait put some damn clothes on, or I'm liable to do that again, only worse." I left her lying exhausted, sore and bruised, on the table. She smiles.

After our showers, Kait is standing in the bedroom drying off her tight body. She stands 5' 7" without shoes, her tall curvey body is a real turn on. Her breasts are 32c, her waist 24 and 34 hips. I watch her put on her black stocking and then slip on a black mini-dress that barely covers her ass. Her breasts are pouring out from the front of the dress. I feel my cock getting hard at the sight of her and I walk up behind her and slap her ass. She spins around and smiles and said " Later, honey. We have to go to dinner." I kiss her and caress her body. " I cannot wait that long. I want you now!" I said. She laughs and said " Don't be silly. We are showered and ready to go. Come on, get ready."

I turn around feeling horny and fustrated and got dressed as quickly as possible. Soon, we were walking into the restaurant. The hostess is wearing a red mini-skirt and top that covered her breasts. The hostess is 6' 0" tall, has beautiful blue crystal eyes and long jet black hair. Her breasts are 34C with a narrow waist and small hips. I feel my manhood stirring as I look at her, I'm still horny from watching Kait dress. " Welcome, Mr. Malone, my name is Natasha." She said. As we entered into the room, we grabbed a glass of wine and we were escorted to our private table. As the evening wore on, Kait and I engaged in small talk. We would glance at each other once in awhile and continued in our conversation. I watched guys hit on Kait through out night. I'm accustomed to that as she is a beautiful sexy woman.

As I watch Kait being hit on, Natasha taps me on the shoulder and asks " Are you having a good time?" I answer, " Yes." She smiles and said, " I noticed your wine glass is almost empty. Come into the wine cellar and I will freshen it up for you." I look at Kait who is carrying on and then follow Natasha into the wine cellar. As I watch Natasha walk in front of me, I notice her long legs, the way the mini-skirt bounces on her tight ass and her bare shoulders. I feel myself getting very horny. As we got into the cellar, she bent over to reach a lower shelf to get the wine. In doing so, she exposes her beautiful ass cheeks from underneath the mini-skirt and I want to grab her. She then said, " Hm, the wine is out. We will have to go to the basement wine cellar."

She opens the door and walks down the steps and I follow behind her. She turns on a light and I see a table and boxes of wine on the floor and shelves of wine. She said, " There is a good bottle of wine up there. I will need to get the ladder. Do you mind holding the ladder?" I answered " no." As she climbs the ladder, I find myself staring at her long tanned legs and I see her ass from underneath the skirt. My cock got harder and I was hoping see would not see it. As she grabs the wine bottles, she begins to slip. I immediately caught her and steadied her by holding on to her legs. Her legs are so soft and creamy and I find myself holding on to them tight. As she descendes the ladder, I keep my hands on her legs and my hands slid from her calf and thigh to her ass and waist.

When she turns round, she notices my hard on. She smiles and winks. I lean into her and kiss her red lips and I gaze into her crystal blue eyes. She looks shocked and said, " Mr Malone, your date is upstairs and we cannot do this." I kiss her again and grab her by her sweet ass cheeks. I grab her hand and put it on my big cock. She immediately squeezes my cock and begins to massage it. " Oh Natasha, you look so hot and I am so horny. My date did not want to fuck before we came over," I said. She caresses my cock even more. I then kiss her neck and behind the ear and run my tongue down her shoulder to her beasts. Her body is responding to the caresses. As I'm kissing her breasts, I run my hands up and down her legs and around to her ass and then I slip a finger over her pussy.

When I touch her pussy, she bucks her hips and lets out a moan, " oh god." Then a musky odor arose from her pussy and I feel her gettng wet. My cock got harder and I imagine being inside of her. Her breath is getting shorter and faster and her tits begin to heave. I take off her top and her nipples are hard, I begin to suck them. " Oh Mr. Malone," she moans. " That feels so gooooood." She begins to remove my shirt and my trousers. I find myself with only my briefs on and my cock is straining against them. I take off her mini-skirt and her panties. There is beautiful black haired mound that I had seen. I want to worship it because I love to eat pussy. I immediately lay her on the table and spread her long silky legs. Her crystal blue eyes looking into my green eyes,I begin to kiss her inner thigh.

I kiss her thighs and come close to her pussy and give it a light kiss. I want to tease her and as I was, she is getting wetter. " Stop playing Sir!" she said. I take a finger and begin to make circles around the lips of her pussy then I slid a finger insider her while kissing her inner thighs. She moans " oooohhh " and grabs her tits and caresses them. " Oh, Sir, that feels so good. Eat me!" she commands. I take my tongue and begin to make circular motions on her pussy and plunge my tongue insider her. " Oh, John! OOOOOOO........OOOOH, John!! I want you." After 20 minutes of oral pleasure, I move beside her so that my fingers work magic on her pussy while sucking on her tits.

She looks at me and puts her hands into my briefs. She commands, "get on the table over me so I can suck your cock." I remove my briefs and we are in a 69 position. I feel her playing with my cock and then lick it like candy. Her hot mouth engulfs my hard cock and I feel myself growing harder. She is good. She then said, " Am I better than your date?" The mention of Kait makes me harder, " Yes," I said. Truth is that she is better. " Oh fuck, Natasha. You do that so well " I said passionately. She licks me for 10 minutes and then stops and said, " I want you inside me."

I got off her and she got off the table and bends over with her hand on the table. " FUCK MY PUSSY FROM BEHIND!" She said. I immediately got behind her and begin to ram my rod into her as I caress her breasts and back. " Oh! YES!!! FUCK ME JOHN! YES! HARDER! FASTER! HARDER! FASTER! THAT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" I feel my balls slapping her ass and her breasts were bouncing. I feel my cock wanting to explode but I'm holding on. We then stop and she turns around and hops on the table. She grabs my cock and guides it into her pussy. She gives me a passionate kiss and I immediately begin to slam into her hard and deep. " Oh. YES! YES! MY PUSSY IS ON FIRE! OH! JOHN!" I run my hands over her tits and grab her ass as I slam my cock in and out of her sweet hole.

" Oh Natasha! Your hole is on fire!" I said. She said, " Am I better than your lady friend? Does she measure up to me?" I said," No. Oh! God! Your pussy is so tight and so hot."
We exploded together and I feel my load firing from my cannon. She screams in pleasure.
" Yes..Yes..Fill me with your seed." We both are breathing heavily and we kiss passionately. She then looks into my eyes and said, " We better get upstairs." She then grab my cock and said " remember me, when your horny and alone."

" She can have it as often as she wants, I will give you my number." I said. We got dressed and headed back upstairs with the bottle of wine. " Be a dear and take the wine to your table and fill your glasses like you filled me," she said with a wick smile. " O.K.," I said. I walked back to my table sitting the wine down, I said " Kait, we need to leave and go home."

We enter the house, I lock the door grabbing Kait pulling her down the hall to the bedroom. As I strip my clothes off, I growl " I'm so fucking horny, Kait get your clothes off NOW." Kait feels her self becoming aroused as she strips. " Get on your hands and knees on the bed." She did as she was told, I guide her hands up so they are braced against the headboard. Then my hands drop to push her legs farther apart. I slather us in lube, pushing my hard cock inside of her. Its like before rough and hard, I ram my hard thick cock deep into her, it hurts as my cock stretches her open. My hands grab her breasts, and cradles them while I set a fast pace, slamming against the back of her thighs. We keep going like this for a while, Kait doesn't like it as much as laying down, it still feels good to have me inside of her. I let go of one of her breasts and use my hand to pull her head backwards.

" I'm going to teach you to be my dirty lover, I want to fuck you every night, at least once." My hand on her breast shifts and my fingers begin playing with her nipple. She lets out a gasp. " Louder," I say. " I want you to scream for me." " OH GOD...JOHN...YES..FUCK ME..HARDER." I let go of her hair and my hand drops to her pussy, I massage her clit in rhythm with her breast and Kait starts going crazy with pleasure. Her body starts to swing in time with mine, we're hitting harder now, and I'm pressing deeper inside her with each thrust. She is moaning and gasping for me. " oooohh
hh..aaaaahhhhh...John..oooohhhh...John." Her noises drive me crazy too. We're like animals, throwing ourselves against each other with no thought but for the pleasure waiting on the horizon. My hands go to her waist and I slam into her harder again.

She mews pathetically as my hands return to their previous locations, forcing her closer to me, closer to the edge of bliss. I slam all the way into her as I explode, my cock jerking wildly as jets of cum fill her. Kait is shaking as her orgasm surges through her, she is screaming " OMG..JOHN..YYYEEESSS..AAAAAHHHHH." We lean against the headboard for a minute catching our breath, I don't pull out of her this time. My cock is already getting hard again.

"Just one more baby, I want one more with you." Kait is getting sore, but she can't resist me. She wants to be a good lover, and she loves pleasing me. Once I'm hard I pull out and instruct her to stand next to the bed, I lay her on the edge of the bed and I stand behind her stepping between her spread legs, then I slam back inside her one more time. Raising her legs up, she wraps them around my waist. I slam into her driving in much deeper than before, she feels me pressing up all the way inside of her with each thrust. My hand is on her clit again and it doesn't seem to take any time for her to reach the edge. We come together, riding the waive of ecstasy.

Kait lays bent over the edge of the bed her feet on the floor, I pull out of her resting my hand on her back. I reach over to the night stand picking up a small tube of lubricant.
Then Kait feels something strange in her rectum. She feels a warm liquid enter her asshole and she is confused as to what it was. I tell Kait that I had just placed lubricant into her anal passage. Kait then feels the new intrusion as I push my hard thick cock into her tight virgin ass, she is so surprised she wasn't able to fend off the penetration.
Kait comes to her senses and realizes the pain in her ass is excruciating and she buries her face in the bed to muffle her scream. Her fists grip the bed cover tight, the pain is slowly subsiding and she feels some cramping.

Tears streaming down her face, she feels full a fullness that she had never experienced before. I slowly start to thrust in and out of her, she slides her hand to her pussy rubbing it. My thrusts drive in deeper as my balls slap aganist her, she is pushing back aganist me
with each thrust. Kait feels my body stiffen and then I unleash a torrent of cum into her.
Kait feels my cock throbbing as each jet of cum shoots inside her. We remained still for a few minutes and then I pull my softening cock from her. Kait feels empty as my cum trickles down her inner thighs. She remains bent over the bed as go into the bathroom. I come back into the bedroom telling Kait " That was great, I'm glad that I got to shove my cock in you hot ass." Both of us curled up on the bed.
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