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Lust and Horny
After dinner we went into the family room in front of the fireplace. Heather's skin seems to glow from within as she laid sprawled across the pillows covering the floor in front of the fireplace. The flames flickering across her curves, highlighting the roundness of her breasts and darkening the shadow between them. Her hands are entwined in the hair covering the head between her legs. Her back arches off of the pillows, pushing her hips tight against my tongue tormenting her aching clit.

" No, no, no," I said, rising up over her and pinning her wrists to the floor. " I told you not to touch me." She pouts, her lower lip lush and full. Her hips rise off of the floor as my hardening cock slids against her slit. She gasps as the head glances over her clit. I tease her, my shaft gliding across her sensitive flesh. I lean down, my lips opening against hers. My tongue sliding into the silky softness of her mouth and tangling with hers. She moans into me, begging for more.

She tenses against my hands, trying to reach for me. My knee slids between her legs, holding her helpless on the floor. She grinds her cleft against my knee, aching for relief from the throbbing between her legs. " Tsk tsk. I said no," I growl. I reach over her head, drawing a pair of handcuffs from around the leg of the sofa. She watchs me as I draw each arm up, locking the cuffs around her wrists. She tries to pull her arms down and fails. I strategically placed one cuff on each side of the sofa leg. I stood up and walk into the kitchen. I return with a few yards of rope between my fingers. I swing it idly, dragging the frayed end over her breasts, teasing her nipples. I kneel beside her, tweaking the hard nubs between my fingers. I slid the rope behind each of her knees, tying her legs to her restrained arms. She is spread wide before me, at my mercy.

I lean over her, dragging my hard thick cock across her cheek. She turns her head and takes me deep into her throat, her tongue licking its way up and down the length of my cock. She swirls the tip of her tongue against the underneath of my head and feels a flare of satisfaction when I thrust deeper into her mouth, groaning her name. " Oh God, Heather..Oh Heather." My hands tangled in her hair, pulling her lips up and around my shaft, choking her with my cock. She moans, sending vibrations thrumming through my shaft.

Her tongue slids teasingly against me and I pull back, dragging my wet cock across her face. I move between her legs and she blushs, sure that I could see all of her. She closes her eyes, bathing in the warmth from the fire. Her eyes fly open to meet mine when my open hand lightly slaps against the damp skin of her open pussy lips. She whimpers as I do it again, my hand stinging her sensitive skin. " It feels good, doesn't it, baby?" I ask her. She nods timidly. " Talk," I growl, " Tell me how good it feels when I slap your slutty little cunt." " It feels very good, John. It makes my pussy dripping wet," she whispers.

" You know what happens to wet little pussies, don't you?" I ask as my fingers dip inside her tight heat. She arches her hips as my fingers dive deeper, filling her. Two, then three, stretching her open for my thick cock. " Tell me, Heather," I said, pulling my fingers from her and slapping her open cunt again. " They get fucked," she said. " How do they get fucked, my pet?" I ask. She swallows, watching the intensity of my face in the firelight. " Hard," she whispers. I smile down at her, the flickering flames reflecting in my dark eyes. I lean down, sucking the side of her neck. She moans, turning her head to allow me better access. She shivers, trembling beneath the onslaught of my mouth.

She feels the tip of my cock slide between her wet lips a second before I slam into her. She cries out " Oh God..AAAAAHHHH," gasping as her pussy stretches around the invasion of my cock. I give her no time to adjust. I slam in and out of her, driving her ass into the pillows beneath them. I brace myself over her, driving deeper with every thrust. She feels my balls slapping her ass as I pummel her cunt. " Oh God," she gasps.
" What, Heather?" I growl, my hips slapping against hers. I slam into her harder, holding my cock deep in her cunt. She feels me throbbing deep within her. She tightens around me and I glare at her. " Don't try to make me cum. I'll fuck you until I've had enough," I told her. " Your pussy is mine." She tightens around me again, testing my words.

My eyes never leave hers as I withdraw from the hot, slick dampness of her cunt. I slid my fingers into her, coating them in her juices. I draw them down her slit and across her asshole, pushing the tip of one against the tight ring of muscle there. She trembles as I slid my thumb into her ass. She is on fire, burning from the penetration. She watches me as my finger fucks her ass, preparing it for my cock. I slid two fingers into her pussy and continue thumbing her ass. I take her to the brink, teasing her mercilessly with my fingers. " Fuck my ass," she demands. I give her a look, then slid my wet fingers from her cunt and slap it again. She whimpers. " Please?" I smile down at her as I take my cock in my hand and stroke myself, teasing both of them. " You want my cock in your ass?" I ask. " Yes, Sir," she answers. " Please."

I place the head of my cock against her asshole and push into her. She cries out as her body stretches around the invasion, her back arching off of the floor. I'm relentless, pushing into her steadily, making her take every inch of my hard cock in her ass. Her eyes fluttering close as I take her. My balls come to rest against her and she takes a deep breath, adjusting to having me buried in her. Her hips lift, taking me deeper. I groan, my hands sliding under her ass to pull her into me. " Look at me," I demand. She opens her eyes, watching my face as light from the fire flickers across it, highlighting my features. She is dying to run her hands over my shoulders, to lean up and kiss my chest, to wrap her long legs around my hips as I thrust into her, she knows I will have none of it. Tonight, I want her helpless, under my control, forcing to obey my whims while I take her.

I begin moving within her, sliding my cock in and out of her tight ass. She is on fire, burning as I fuck her. My fingers teasing the wet entrance of her cunt as I fuck her ass, sliding barely in and retreating. My thumb flickers across her clit, making her moan my name. " oh john..oh god john..john." I speed up, fucking her harder. It is burning, it hurts, she does not care. She does not give a damn about anything but cumming around the hard cock fucking her. " You're a beautiful doll," I growl, my fingers digging into her chest. I pinch her nipples hard, tenting them between my fingers. " A beautiful doll who's going to cum all over my hard cock," I tell her, my cock continuing to slam into her. She moans, begging for more. " You look so good taking my cock, Heather," I said, watching lust infuse her features as I take her higher and higher. She is driving me crazy, moving her hips, fucking her ass back on my cock. I will not be able to hold out much longer. " Is my slut ready to cum for me?" I ask.

" Oh God," she whimpers, " Please let me cum. Make me cum with your cock buried in my slutty little ass," she begs. I slam into her like a freight train, fucking her feverishly, feeling her tighten around me as she gets closer and closer to the edge. I thrust into her deep and hold my cock in her ass, throbbing wildly. " Cum, Heather. Cum for me. Now!"
The feeling of my cock filling her ass with hot cum sends her through the roof. She is jerking on the floor, her back arching, pushing her tits out towards me. I pinch them harder, making her whimper. She clenchs around me, draining every drop of cum from me as she milks my cock with her ass. She feels me unsnapping the handcuffs from her wrists and freeing her legs from the rope. I lie down beside her, pulling her quivering body tight against me. She feels my fingers in her hair, running across her shoulders, circling her back. She turns in my arms, throwing a thigh lazily over me and tangling her fingers in the hair on my chest, her cheek coming to rest against the breadth of my shoulder. She drifts off, the heat from the fire warming our naked skin.

" Shall we indulge in a bath together?" I ask her. Unsure of what sounds might escape her lips she just nods. I got up and went over to start the bath. While I was doing that she arose and went to her bags and withdrew her white terry robe and proceeded to the bathroom to put it on. I retrieve our glasses and the bottle of wine and brought them over to the tub. I then went to my bag of goodies and retrieve clove soap and a sponge and an assortment of candles. I place the candles around the tub and lit them. Looking at the romantic scene in front of me, I was pleased. I walked to the closet, removed and hung up my clothes and proceeded to the tub. I climb in as the steam rolls off the surface.

A few moments later, she came out with her white terry robe and her hair piled atop her head. She walks slowly through the room, smiling at me the entire way. Once she arrives at the tub, she stops and took hold of her bathrobe tie and slowly undid it. Once undone she slips out of the protection of the robe and let it fall to her feet, and then she slowly descendes into the tub. I admire her beautiful physique. Her long slender legs meeting at the shaved V. Her flat stomach pointing upwards to her full breasts that are begging to be caressed. Her delicate neck and soft face are surrounded by the mass of blonde hair lying seductively on her head.

Once submerged, all I see is above the breast line, I knew what treasure lays hidden amidst the circulating water. I hand her, her glass of wine and she reaches out, smiling as she took it from me. Raising the glass to her lips she takes a sip and slowly licks her lips, removing any wine and making her full sexy lips shiny. I could watch those lips all day, I thought as I feel arousal settling in.

She slids over next to me kissing me passionately on the lips. I respond inviting her tongue into my mouth as I gently suck on her tongue. I move my hand through the water in search of her breasts, finding them and proceeding to caress one nipple, bringing it to erection. My hand then moves to the other nipple, teasing it until I got the same response. Once her nipples were hard, I slowly slid my hand down to her " forbidden zone." She spreads her legs a little to allow me access to her. My fingers slid down, I feel the slippery wetness of her, telling me she is becoming aroused. I gently push a finger into her and she respondes with a moan. " ooooohhhhh..ooooohhhh..mmmmmmm." She reaches over and wraps her fingers around my now hard cock and gently squeezes and lets go with her fingers and then strokes me softly on both sides of the shaft.

" Why don't you sit up on the ledge, I'm in the mood for an appetizer," she smiles and licks her lips. I got up slowly and sat on the ledge. Only my lower legs remain in the water. She moves up and positions herself in between my legs, her breasts shiny wet and aroused. She places her hands on the tops of my thighs and bends her head down and kisses my cock. She moves to the base of my shaft and begins licking the shaft, around, gently leaving trails of hot passion where her lips has been on the shaft side and starts at the base and slowly moves up to the head. She does this on the other side a few more times; after several times she rests when she came to the tip. She puts her lips over the tip only covering the head. She feels the erotic rim of my penis in her mouth. While the head is in her mouth, her tongue dances softly around the tip, while she gently sucks me. I'm depositing precum in her mouth as she continues this and this arouses her more.

I reach out and pull her hair up and away from her face, admiring her beauty and sensuality as she makes love to me with her mouth. She gently, slowly takes all of me in her mouth...easing down my hard thick shaft....her tongue twirling in her hot mouth bringing me erotic pleasure. She softly caresses my balls, which are tight and firm. Sliding her mouth to the top and releasing me from her mouth, and sliding a tongue down the shaft, she kisses and licks my balls. I moan and try to hold myself back. " aaaahhhh."
It is becoming increasingly difficult not to climax for this woman whom I love so much. I know she loves this and I also know very well, this is arousing her as it always does. I start gently grinding my groin with the rhythm of her oral kisses. She returns to my hard cock, drinking up my precum that has been accumulating while she addressed my 'wanting' balls.

She wraps her fingers around the base of my shaft and places her mouth at the tip. Her hand slowly moves up my hard thick cock until it reachs her mouth, then her hand starts to descend on the shaft and her mouth follows, leaving no skin exposed between fingers and lips. I groan at the feeling of this. " oh god.. Heather." When her hand/mouth reaches the base of my shaft, they ascended slowly and I feel the pressure of her fingers tighten as they move upward, the entire time her lips sucking and tongue stroking my cock, keeping me contained in her mouth. She continues doing this a few more times moving faster each time, the pressure getting tighter as well. I can stand it no more and stop her movements. She looks at me and smiles, as I climbed down into the swirling water. I'm so hard and aching to be inside of her.

I sat in front of her and reach under the water and put my hands on her hips and gently pull her towards me. I feel her pussy lightly touch my cock, and I feel the heat radiating from her. I direct her with my hands, positioning her waiting pussy right at the top of my cock. I very gently and slowly put the tip of my shaft into her entryway. She moans so softly, " aaaahhhh..mmmmm " a slight smile on her face as she didn't look away, but rather intensely looks into my eyes. She looks at me and mouths the words " I love you" as I slowly ease myself into her. God did she drive me insane. It seems she knows the exact thing to do and to say at the exact right moment. I know this slowness is putting her over the edge and she wants me in her, all of me in her filling her up, right now. I can tell by the pressure she keeps applying to my cock, wanting to slide down on me. I hold her at bay, teasing her, making her desire me all the more. The last two inches I thrust into her, plunging my hard thick cock into the depths of her pussy. A deep grown escapes her as she pushes herself against me - wanting me all the way in her.

I gently thrust into her and back out, getting harder and faster with each thrust into her hot cave. She meets my thrusts with equal vigor. Feeling her around me, clenching my cock the way she did, my hands are on her hips and feeling her gyrating motions take me higher, and all the while she looks into my eyes, intensely, filled with desire. I can stand it no more and know I will explode, as she does. She always knows when I'm there ready to cum, ready to fill her up. I look into her deep blue eyes, and tell her to kiss me.

She leans forward and places her lips against mine, gently nibbling my lips with her own and gently exploring with her tongue. I can stand it no more and explode deep within her, filling her up with my seed, "oooohhhhh . . . . oooooohhhhhhhhh . . . . . . . gggoooooooooooddddddddddd . . ." as I feel my orgasm rise up within me. There is no feeling on earth like making love to this woman and climaxing deep within her, NOTHING. Her hot pussy holding tight to me, as my cock throba and jerks the last remaining moments of my orgasm. She holds me close and grinds her pussy against my pubic bone, trying to milk the last bit of cum from me. She loves making love to this man, and feeling me buried deep in her and looking into my eyes when she makes love to me. She will never get enough of me, ever.

I'm spent for the moment, and I take her face into my hands and kiss her...softly and gently. She returns my kiss and moves into me closer. I know she is still on fire and as we kiss I feel her pussy tighten on my cock, which makes me harden unbelievingly. She gently rotates her hips in a circular motion around my cock, never letting go of her grip of me. I lean down and take her breast in my mouth sucking on her now hardening nipple. I nibble on it, gently biting into her little nipple bud, which causes her to moan " mmmm..aahh," and with her hand press my head tighter to her.

Her gyrating hips move faster and faster, then she begins moving forward and backward stimulating her clit, which is swelling. My hand reaches down and feels her swollen clit, engorged with desire. I rub it around softly, feeling her body jerk with each touch from me. A smile plays around my mouth, knowing full well, she is close. Her hips continue to move against me, while my fingers work at bringing her to ecstasy. Her little bud is so swollen now, and her pussy is so hot against me, I knew it was a matter of moments before this woman climaxes all over me. She looks at me, smiles, and said " Baby, I'm cumin . . . ." and with that her head falls back and her nipples harden, and I feel the contractions against my hard cock; her little bud pulsing with each contraction. I see the orgasm go thru her body as well as feel it. She moans, softly, digging her finger nails into my shoulders as she went with each wave. "oooohhhh . . . . mmmmyyy . . . aaaahhhhh . . .ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . . gggooooddddddd!" escapes her lips as the climax wracks her body. Her chest heaving, she collapses against me .

I brush her hair from her face, and hold her tightly against me. I know full well in a short while, when we retire to bed and lay in each others arms, those desires will surface again. Until then, I just enjoy her here in my arms, seeking out my protection and security
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