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Krampus and his evil Elves is at it again.
Silent night 2: Bloody Claus

Alice a Christian born red head, who, admittedly, hated the religion. The only reason she was in it was because her parents were Catholics through and through. She went to catholic school, because the public schools were too vulgar and didn't teach her the things her parents wanted them to teach. However hating her religion she found ways to be a corrupt disobedient girl. Cutting her dresses a bit shorter then sowing a seem around it, not wearing bras half the time, and doing things in general that were not what her parents wanted. It mainly stemmed from her parents calling her a demonic child from the start because she had red hair, and was left handed. Her behavior didn't help, because now they called her a whore and a little bitch, among other things. She learned Wicca however from the boy from across the street. It was a religion she liked quite well. The 5'9 girl with long red hair going a bit past her shoulders looked at herself in the mirror. A beautiful girl stared back her shapely thighs showed from the skirt four inches past her knees. Her white blouse buttoned up except for the last buttons. The nuns always told her button up, only a few of the priests seemed to care enough to tell her though. She planned on going out with the boy across the street. His name was Dylan. And he didn't know it but she also planned on giving him, her virginity. They had known each other from childhood, and she was sure. She had on ruby red lip stick, nails painted black, her skin a flawless porcelain color. High heels on making her butt round and plump, her sexiest lingerie on. She couldn't wait to see him. Her parents out to see a movie. They were showing A Christmas Story in theaters. Only on Christmas Eve.

"Alright Krampus, you said you wanted a naughty girl in this neighborhood, go and seek. I will done soon and I will be back in one hour. Make your elves strong my friend. The stronger they are the sooner you can destroy the guardians that hold your imprisonment."
Santa, the jolly red saint cried a hearty and well mannered laugh as his reindeer set off, leaving the demon, along with his vile devilish minions. The dark elves. Three foot tall pale skinned elves with black veins bulging out and beady black eyes and sharp pointy teeth. They all wore red elf clothing.

Alice brushed her lightly curled hair sitting in front of her mirror over a desk. One long leg folded over the other. She couldn't help the feeling she was being. Watched however.
The Krampus stared in along with all of his devilish elves. Snickering and jeering at her the demon eyes his prize. The young red head sat, almost her whole left thigh exposed, sexy as ever.

Alice suddenly felt cold. Freezing even as a cold draft came from under the door.
"What the hell?" She said standing up and opening her door just to get a blast of cold air. She immediately began rubbing her arms. She walked closing her legs more as she made her way down stairs. An almost cyan blue light shined off the walls. She walked down stairs and looked right into the living room. A blue flame was flaring bright at her. She cocked her head.
"What in gods name?" She said quietly. She walked forward slowly.
Behind her it stood. Eyes glowing a deep eerie blue, deep, deep blue snow bitten skin. Serrated teeth from its grotesque grin. Long jagged fingernails. His Santa outfit tattered and worn. From the darkness all around her the elves slowly crawled towards her. Their black eyes glinting at the fire as where her eyes were focused. Hand by hand foot by foot they crept forward. She now stood but three feet from the fire. It was a freezing fire. Cold. The logs in it were covered in ice and their were eight pieces of charcoal.
Her breath was visible in the air. She felt hard stone cold hands slowly wrap around her hips as her spine turned to stone. She heard small vile snickers from all around her. Then she felt her skirt lift a bit and something hard press between her round firm ass cheeks. The thong she wore did little to stop anything.
She felt ice cold breath, colder then the fire on her neck.
"Naughty." It breathed. She spun around as the hands grabbed her and threw to the rug on the floor. It fell upon her, its dark deep maniacal laugh meeting her high pitched screams. It hands worked fast going under her skirt as the elves descended upon her. His hard hands gripped her loving thighs, soft and luscious. The elves held her arms down as two jumped on her chest, grabbing each side of her blouse and ripping it wide open. Her black lace bra shown wide as her tits bounced up and down. An elf jumped up its feet landing on either side of her neck. Its member hard and at least five to six inches long. It shoved it hard into her mouth as she tried to scream out. It snickered rocking back and forth. Its eyes suddenly shot open and screamed falling always Krampus looked up to see the elfs blue blood draining down the sides of her cheeks and her chin as the dickless elf held its crotch slowly and painfully dying. She looked at another elf and spit the member at it. It hit the elf square in the face as it let go of her arm freaking out. Her now free arm reached across pulverizing the other elf holding her arm in the face sending it tumbling. She grabbed the fallen elf whipping it into the fire turning it into an icicle on the spot. Krampus didn't seem to care as he went down on the fighting girl. Moving her thong out of the way. The elves on her chest went to stomp down when she use her hand to bash their heads together. They both simply fell off. Suddenly she gasped. She felt a cold but incredibly fast, wet tongue flickering in her pussy. She took a deep breath as the remaining living and conscious elf smiled.
Krampus' long wide tongue was like a whirlwind between her soft lips. She threw her hands at the creature to attack it but instead put her hands on around his head wanting more. To feel his tongue deeper. She was so wet, her pussy ached for it. She wrapped her succulent legs around his head turning her head with her eyes shut mouth wide and moaning. She slowly opened her eyes seeing the deviant elf standing staring striking his member. He appeared to be the runt of the group. Biting half of her lower lip she lifted a hand extending a finger, beckoning the elf forward. Her mouth slowly opened as her tongue slowly slipped out the tip of her tongue licking her top lip slowly, pushing it up. The elf walked forward unsure. She reached out gently grabbing its member and began to stroke it softly. She came as she moaned out a near scream. She wrapped her lips around the member shifting her head back and forth eagerly. The tip of her tongue pressing on it. She had never given a blow-job before but was alrighty very good. The amount of porn she watched helped with that. Krampus came up tearing her bra away. He began to suck on her ample breasts with perky nipples. It member between her legs. It went forward shoving it in between her tight lips. Loosened because of the times she had used a small dildo. It didn't make her immune to all the pain through. She winced sucking extremely hard on the elf's member. The Krampus grasped her breasts squeezing them hard and firmly as his cock shifted in and out of her soaking wet pussy. She flipped suddenly, the Krümpas now on its back as she rode it cock furiously. The elf ran around put its face directly between her sexy ass cheeks. She gasped once again turning around to see the elf face first in her ass feeling his tongue licking her ass hole. Her grabbed the back of its head pulling in hard getting its tongue in deeper. She moaned hard cumming again her juices flooding all over Krümpas' cock. The Krampus' hands were at her hips, his claws slowly digging into her flesh. She began pounding her hips down faster, her eyes shut hard, she grounded her hands by the sides of the Krampus' head ramming her pelvis down faster and harder. She cried out in pain yet pleasure as her pelvis rammed down once and felt something ram into her asshole. But it made her squirt everywhere. She didn't stop her sexual assault. She keep ramming and thrusting. A barely audible high pitches cried of pleasure, her eyes shut and mouth wide. She cried out feeling an overwhelming orgasm shoot a shockwave through her body riveting over and over like a never ending dream. She slowed her humps to a stop not slowly gyrating her hips around, she lowered herself to Krümpas' face and slowly, lightly kissed him. Her tongue slipping into his mouth licking his tongue lightly. His tongue met her hers more aggressively. The elf started pumping at that moment he meant to cum in her ass. She started pumping back. She suddenly felt her pussy get soaked in what felt like liquid ice. She knew the demon had cum. She stood up going down on the Krampus sucking his cock and drinking the last drops of his freezing semen. The elf stood by, she reached over and began to jerk the elf off. She swallowed the last of Krümpas. She turned her attention to the elf. She wrapped her lips around his member again violently shoving her head forward. She threw it down crawling up rubbing her tits against its member. It gave a low growl that turned to a roar as it blew its load all over her tits and face, a bang of hers fell in front of her face as she gave it a deviant look licking a bit of cum on her lips off. She looking down still shifting her tits, licking her breasts of cum and its cock. The small creature began to glow. She got back from it as it began to grow.
The Krümpas stood over the elf as it took form. It was now a 6 foot elf with very masculine features and stern. But quite handsome. The Krümpas looked to her smiling, pulling a dagger. She gasped in sudden fear. The elf grasped the demons shoulder. It looked back at it. It shook its head. But the Krümpas roared "Rekail! Do not disobey!" in return pushing it away. It went in fast went suddenly it stopped as just one word was called out.
It looked up to see a blonde man standing their.
"In the name of the goddess and the horned one I command you to leave." It roared back,
He laid a finger on a drawn on blue pentagram on his forehead.
"I said OUT demon! The goddess protects me, she is my shield, the god is my shield! You will not win! It growled as it slowly took a step back. He kissed his fingers and laid them on the floor.
This house is now under their protection. Enter this house again and face their wrath Krampus. I don't that you have an evolved gremlin at your side. A boogeyman will not help you now.
It roared once slowly disappearing into the shadows.

It took some explaining but Dylan told her what it was, how it took souls to make itself stronger, how the elves fed on energy like a leech to turn themselves into creatures called closet wraiths or bogeymen that were shape shifters. That she had to keep the closet door shut in her room from now on. And that Wicca magic protected him from them.

A week later, Alice woke up. She looked at her clock, 3am. She sat up with the sheets over her body. She saw the closet door open.
"It's you isn't? Rekail?" She suddenly saw glowing blue eyes peer out from the closet. "I knew if I left the closet door open you'd come." She said slowly lifting the blankets off of her. She got to her knees crawling on the bed towards the edge. Lipstick already on, thong, on lace bra, on. Fishnets, on.
It walked out to her.
"You know... I heard shapeshifter Rekail. If my parents were... Killed... And someone... Or something took their place. We could be together for the rest of our lives... I left their closet door open too." She said with a deviant grin. "Baby? Please be messy... And then come back as soon as possible. Without washing up. I want to lick the blood from your body."
It disappeared from the room with an evil grin. She began to finger herself herring a slash. A scream the a crack accompanied by another slash and a splatter. Then another slash and splatter.
She smiled with her eyes shut.
"Merry Christmas to all.. And to all a bloody night."
It came back into the room to see her with her ass in the air on her knees.
"I ready to have my chimney stuffed. What are you waiting for?"

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"merry christmas to all & to all, a bloody night"

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