Winning just under a Million pounds on the Lottery enabled me to build an Olympic sized covered swimming pool and a large snooker cum play room beside it in the garden. It was nicely done with large Palm trees, loads of bushes with a sauna, a large sunken Jacuzzi and stupendous sound system throughout.
I decided to have a party to celebrate the end of the building work.
The party went well with many people from the area I live in. George and Georgina were there of course. George’s mother was there and Georgina brought her father. George’s mother and Georgina’s father spent most of the time together, I am sure they were fucking as they disappeared for most of the night to her house next door. Georges mother had a figure that would not look out of place in a fashion magazine and Georgina’s father similarly had a body to die for, his large cock was prominent in his skimpy trunks. I am not surprised Georges mother took to him and his cock I would not kick either of them out of bed.
I had turned the heating up very high so everyone wore just swimming attire the whole night.
As time went on most of the people had left, those that were left were frolicking in the pool, the girls now topless.
I went to the Jacuzzi, slipped off my trunks and climbed in to the water. I was dozing off when I felt a presence. Georgina was standing above me, She was topless showing her beautiful tits, she had a fantastic body that had grown to be a smaller version of her mother. She saw my trunks on the side of the Jacuzzi and said “Are you naked?”
“Yes, join me“.
She slipped off her bikini bottoms. The lips of her bald cunt were pink and puffy needing a cock to fill it.
The Jacuzzi is tucked in the corner of the pool area so hidden from the pool by bushes.
Georgina sat on the side of the Jacuzzi and spread her legs apart. “Eat my pussy” she demanded.
I put my face between them, kissed her cunt lips and slowly licked the slit that was now open to me. I nibbled in her clit gently teasing it. Georgina moaned “Yes, Yes , That is so good don’t stop”
She lay back and I licked her cunt till she shuddered cumming softly, her juices leaking into my mouth. I lapped up her cunt honey till she was dry.
“Join me in the water” I said.
Georgina entered the water and sat on my lap facing me, we kissed. she licked my face to taste her own cum juices.
We sat there for a while enjoying the bubbling water, she put a hand down pulling on my cock caressing it to full erection.
I put my hand behind her ass and pulled her to me my cock between us, my hand wandered under her backside where I found the rose bud of her ass hole, I slid a finger deep inside. The water was enough lubricant to allow me to get 2 fingers inside her backdoor easily.
“You have such a nice hard prick, I want it in my pussy” she said.
I looked around, there was no one close .
“You need to help me put my cock inside your pussy” I said
She squeezed my hard cock, got up and then lowered herself holding my cock at the entrance of her cunt, I pulled her forward, my cock going deep inside her.
“Oh, you fill me so nicely,” she whispered in my ear sucking my lobe as I fucked her ass hole with my fingers.
We just sat there the water vibrating around us, her tight cunt muscles squeezing my cock.
I played with her ass fucking her till she came again, she kissed me hard sticking her tongue deep in my mouth.
Just as she came down from her climax George came over to the Jacuzzi.
I am sure George knew I had my cock inside her sitting as we were.
“Are you two enjoying yourself” George asked.
“Just relaxing” I replied.
“Yeh, Yeh” He said laughing.
“Cum in and join us” Georgina said to George.
George got into the water and sat beside us, Georgina kissed him. Her cunt tightened around my cock.
“This is a great swimming pool we must use it often” George said.
“You can come over and swim anytime you want, but I must be here to keep you safe” I said
“As no houses over look the pool, can we swim naked?” Georgina asked.
“I do all the time, so you can as well “ I replied. “Also I am having a massage table installed next week, I love giving and receiving massages”.
“Bags me to try it first” George said.
“I will teach you how to give a good massage, a good masseuse can earn good money I replied.
“You can count me in then, I need money for my College and University fees so I will learn properly ” Georgina said.
“I have a few friends that would like a massage from a young lady like you, they have already told me you have a nice body and were you available for some fun, but you will need to practice on me first to prove to me that you can do the job” I told her. “I will make a list and we can sort out your College funds”
“I can also learn“ said George.
“Why don’t you sit with George for a while and I will go say goodbye to some people and I will get us some drinks. ” I told them.
“OK” they replied.
I said goodbye to the stragglers, got some drinks and returned to the Jacuzzi
Georgina was face down on the side of the Jacuzzi, George was pounding her from behind.
“I can see you two are having fun” I said
“Give me your cock and let me suck it” Georgina gasped between moans.
I sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi, Georgina preceded to lick up and down my cock sucking the head of it. As George pounded her from behind my cock went deeper into her mouth and down her throat.
George said “I’m cumming” and pushed hard into Georgina filling her cunt with his cum. I pulled out of her mouth and lay her down on the deck my face between her legs sucking her clit and eating her cunt licking out George’s tasty cum. George lay underneath me taking my cock into his mouth, He sucked my cock till I finally came down his throat. Georgina also screaming “I’m cumming again, keep eating my cunt”
We closed up the pool and went inside for a coffee. George departed home, I took Georgina to bed where I fucked her again till I filled her cunt with my cum alongside Georges, we fell asleep my cock lodged inside her warm cunt.

I woke in the morning to Georgina sucking on my morning woody, her crutch was over my face so I pulled her ass down to eat her cunt, we both came at the same time, her swallowing my cum, me with a face full of her juices mixed with my cum from last night.
“What does your dad think about you staying with me?” I asked her.
“It’s OK” she replied “Now he has met you and seen your house, he said I can stay over whenever I liked as I was old enough to look after myself. He put me on the pill already. Up to now I have only fucked when it was safe, now I can fuck anytime.”
We showered and after breakfast she helped me clear up the pool area from the party. I took her shopping to buy her some sexy night clothes to thank her and for my pleasure.
She stayed with me again that night and I took her directly to school on Monday morning.
As she left she said “Thanks for the weekend, the clothes and especially for a great fuck, I have a load of school work to do and I will see you again at the weekend if that‘s OK with you and you can start the massage teaching?”

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