"Come on Phil, give it to me hard!"

Demanded Gloria in her high pitched, annoying pidgin English accent as her step-son-in-law ploughed into her from behind on her family bed.

"Oh yes, that's it Phil! That's it! That's so much better than Jay! You're so much bigger than him!"

Phil grinned. He had never got along with his father in law and hearing his sexy new wife squealing as he fucked her doggy style gave him untold pleasure, not just because she was a hell of a lay but because it was Jay's trophy wife too. Gloria knew that too and laid it on thick.

"Oh Yessss! Fuck me hard Phil!"

Of course Gloria was not looking after her new-born baby, rather she was nude and kneeling on Phil and her own bed was getting a much needed seeing to. Being a nymphomaniac married to a guy in his sixties was not the easiest scenario for Gloria to deal with.

Phil pushed in further and did not hear the front door opening and closing as his wife (and Jay's daughter) Claire arrived to also pick up Luke's lunchbox, thinking Phil must have forgotten.

"Helloooo? Anybody home?!" she called out as she hung up her coat and ascended the stairs.

Phil and Gloria did not hear Claire's words so caught up were they in their dirty, nasty sex. So it was that Claire flung the bedroom door open and walked in on the two of them fucking like rabbits.

For a moment the fucking halted as they registered the new entrant and Phil's face held fear at his wife's return before she started shouting at him.

"Jesus Phil, couldn't the two of you have waited for me? I want to get involved in this action babe!"

"Sorry honey."

Phil looked genuinely shocked and sorry that he had not waited for his nagging wife, he did not know the two had 'fraternised' before. Gloria glared with ill disguised hatred at Jay's daughter (her step- daughter!), the ice cool blonde and the flirty Latino had exact opposite temperaments and open disliked each other but that didn't stop them indulging in some of the hottest sex imaginable. Claire hauled off her clothing and rustled in Gloria's bedside drawer until she came out with her large, black strap on dildo.

"Just let me get this on Phil then how about you move around and stick your dick in her mouth - the bitch will probably scream the house down once I get this thing going."

Gloria glared up at the blonde and spat at her, her saliva fortunately landing on the tip of the plastic dick. The atmosphere was thick and Phil could barely contain himself as he plucked his dick from Gloria's sopping pussy and hurried around the bed to offer it up to the hot blooded Colombian's amazing bee stung red lips. She sucked him all the way into her mouth and swirled her tongue around his piss hole. But her wide eyes never left Claire's daring her all the time. Claire stared at the saliva dripping off her fake cock and exploded once her husband was in Gloria's gob.

"You filthy South American cunt! How dare you spit at me! Tell you what bitch, that's going to be the only lubrication this fucking things going to get!"

And with that Claire got on the bed and mounted herself behind the shapely bum of her step mother (who was the same fucking age!) then she stabbed down and shoved her plastic dildo as far as she could into Gloria's unsuspecting, tight asshole.

Gloria's lips tightened hard around Phil's shaft and his balls slapped on her chin and she let out an animalistic shout that was muffled by his manhood as Claire began to ass fuck her with relish. Her thin hands reached forward and hauled back on Gloria's beautifully coiffured hair and forced herself deeper.

"Yeah How about that you Columbian skank! How'd you fucking like that?"

The truth was Gloria liked it just fine. She lived for treatment like this, being double fucked from both ends roughly was exactly what she needed. She squealed and writhed between husband and wife like the perfect piece of hot ass fuck meat.

And it was this scene that Haley spied though the crack at her parents bedroom door. She was just returned from a night out at Dylan's house after a night of hardcore fucking, she did not want to go back to her parents first, and so planned to sneak into her Grandparents bathroom and clean up. Yet she had been greeted with something different, and she began to get flustered as she watched her parents and step grandmother fucking like insane rabbits.

She kept herself nicely hidden and watched the sex filled spectacle from the relative safety of the door. She watched as her blonde mother hammered into Gloria from behind, fucking her with an unhealthy vigour. She watched as Gloria took each thrust like a champ and cursed back at her erstwhile daughter-in-law, goading her to go harder and faster, ramping up the stakes and very obviously loving this rough fucking. She watched as her father fed his hard dick (god he was pretty well hung!) straight from Gloria's soaking wet cunt into her mouth and smiled as he struggled to keep it in there as her mother drilled the Colombian babe from behind.

They kept at it long enough until finally Phil came all over Gloria's face and both women had come in screaming, raging eruptions of climaxes. Once they were down they quickly got dressed and acted like nothing had happened. By then Haley had crept downstairs and hidden herself away in Gloria's cupboard. A new idea working it's way through her scheming little mind.
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