A wealthy schoolgirl enjoys a few erotic encounters on her first day back at school.
The moist warmth slid around her fingers as Lillian pushed them deep inside her pussy. She was standing up, leaning against the door of her walk-in closet, enjoying the soft quiet of its enclosed space and her own reflection smiling back at her in the full-length mirror opposite the door, the pair of them each holding up their red plaid school skirt with one hand and fucking themselves under white panties with the other. Their bobbed blonde hair just reaching their shoulders and swaying gently in response to the movement. Her bra-less, shapely breasts pushing against the thin fabric of her white shirt, the hard nipples showing themselves with small mounds pointing out. Blue eyes staring at each other with the glazed look of passion.

She was fantasising about various people pinning her against the door and ravaging her tender young body. One of her teachers. A few different boys from school and just a couple of girls. Her mother's chauffeur. The delivery boy. Maybe even her recently acquired step-father and his dull but gloriously innocent son. So many people to fuck but so little time to spare for them.

Any of them would be good right now if she had one of them in front of her. She kneaded her pussy lips gently between thrusts, her pelvis pressing against her palm as she slowly forced her hand as far as it could go inside, her clit stimulated gently under its hood. She could feel the warming glow of an orgasm building inside, her enjoyment of the rising tension warring against the need for urgency. She massaged herself on the ornate closet door, with its carved flowers curling up the face on either side acting as soft, ribbed, bumps to slide her smooth back and buttocks against. Her movements became faster as the rhythm between her hands and body picked up its pace in harmony with her pleasure. She was going to cum, she could feel it, it was coming, it was --

"Lilliaaaan! Are you ready dear? Don't you have to go to school now?!" And with that the spell was broken, dislodging Lillian out of her roiling fantasy. Her mother was usually so wonderfully oblivious to such details as school times and Lillian actually attending. The consequences of having new family members had thus far been uninspiring, not least of which being having to suffer her step-brother now attending her own school.

Rolling her eyes at her own reflection she responded sweetly to her mother downstairs, voice echoing loudly in the enclosed closet, "Yes Mother, I was coming shortly!" Smiling to herself at the obvious double-meaning, she pulled her exploring fingers out of her moist panties and sucked them clean, her pink tongue wrapping around to taste her own sweet juices, her braces giving her pink lips that extra bit of cute curl. Watching herself do this only started to turn her on again so with a sigh, quick readjustment of her uniform and a flounce she exited the closet, stooping to pick up her bag and red school jacket on the way out of her luxurious bedroom.

As she closed her door behind her she put on her sweet "Daughter of the Year" smile and gracefully descended the long stairs to her waiting mother and new sibling in the lobby area. The pair watched her descent, her mother's pleasantly vacant expression in its usual place and her brother trying not to too obviously eye her up as all her moving parts jolted with each step, an activity he'd been undertaking (and failing at) since the day they first met. Even if he had nothing interesting to say at least he knew where to look.

Although they were both sixteen he was slightly taller than she was. Neither devilishly handsome or eye-avertingly ugly, he was, as in all things apparently, about as plain as could be to Lillian's eyes. Green eyes, brown hair and wearing his school uniform as loosely as any teenage boy does. Her mother was wearing exercise gear, her still young body not quite having made it to a more matronly figure, the tight clothing emphasising her attractive shape and displaying where Lillian's own blessed genetics had heralded from.

"Don't stand there daydreaming Rhys, it's school time!" The boy's eyes flicked away and Lillian smiled inwardly at his embarrassment as she turned to her parent, "bye Mother, I'll see you and Daddy when we get home."

"Oh Lillian it's so nice that you're already calling him Daddy. I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear you accepting him so readily." Lillian's mother had such a way with words and the young girl had to stop herself from laughing out loud at the comment. She had no doubts her new step-father would LOVE to hear her call him "Daddy". His eyes were just as active as his son's and instead of mild curiosity she could see something more hungry there.

"See you when you get home darling, and you too Rhys of course, have a nice day at school!" Motherly duties over she left out the side door, off to navigate the mansion's halls in the direction of the gym, and, Lillian suspected, the handsome young gym instructor not all that much older than Lillian herself.
The young sibling exited the house to the waiting limo and its driver waiting patiently on the driveway. The thirty-something chauffeur Paul tipped his black hat to Lillian as she came down the steps towards him, cheerily greeting the young pair.

"Good morning Miss Bell, Master Rhys. Off to school is it then?"

"Yes thank you Paul," chirped Lillian, "I don't think I'll be bribing you to take us elsewhere today." The comment was innocuous enough for Rhys' sake, but Paul smiled at the reference to their mutually beneficial "arrangement".

Despite having a ridiculously large allowance for a high school girl Lillian didn't bribe the man with money but with access to her soft tits, hands and, on very special days, mouth. In exchange he drove her to places not necessarily part of their supposed schedule. With Rhys around that made either activity somewhat unavailable to them and so for the second time already that morning Lillian was deprived some of her usual pleasure. During the ride Rhys pointedly tried not to stare at his sister opposite him in the passenger compartment, although that didn't stop him breathing in her perfume and the lingering scent of her earlier self-pleasuring.

The trip otherwise unimpeded by salacious activity they arrived at school promptly and on time, Paul giving Lillian a wink as he arranged to pick them up later. Giving her brother only a perfunctory glance as she flounced off to class, she knew his eyes would be following her rear as he moved off towards his own room, which was at least some repayment for his having ruined her orgasm prospects of the morning. Only slightly though.

Faced with the odd prospect of a full day of school Lillian wondered how she'd manage to fill the time. School was both boring and easy, the girl's natural intelligence able to keep her grades up even as it competed with her willful promiscuity and the constant distractions it caused. Despite the prohibitive cost of admission, the Gilton Hall Private School had surprisingly lax attention when it came to monitoring the actual attendance of the rich students. Both male and female teachers had been known to have "close" relationships with students and if some of them like Lillian were adept at keeping out of trouble and getting work in on time with consistently high scores, allowances were made, even if they were unofficial in nature.

Yet Lillian was here now and lacking transportation to get herself anywhere more interesting so she'd have to make the best of it. First class of the day was science, far down on the scale of classes she ever showed interest in, its teacher Mrs Ellis prone to talk at great length and engage with her class very little. The class sat in pairs along the workbenches, each pair sharing a gas tap and bunsen burner for when they actually got around to doing things. The lack of teacher attention and convenient spacing provided Lillian the opportunity to whisper with her friend Claire, a thin, raven-haired girl with similar carnal appetites.

"I saw your new step-brother on the way to class, have you fucked him yet? Or have you been teasing him with your cute little curves, denying his poor little prick your sweet self?" Claire was as subtle as ever and Lillian flicked her friend's nipple through her clothes in mock outrage.

"Shut up, he's hardly worth my attention, boring as he is, although you're welcome to let him use him however you see fit if you can get a thought out of him."

"Ooh, maybe I will next time I come round, I could use some new meat." The girl is insatiable Lillian thought to herself. And despite all that had transpired that morning she found herself also feeling a little protective of her new-found sibling, although whether it was instinctive jealousy or actual care she couldn't quite tell. Claire continued on, cutting across Lillian's odd moment of introspection.

"Speaking of new meat, how goes progress with Daniel?" This got the young blonde's attention sparked. Daniel, sitting in the row in front of the girls, had been a project of hers for a while, trying something new with the strapping basketball player. Even for a jock he wasn't bright, but he had lusted after Lillian's sexy body for some time and she had only recently begun to display any returned interest. She usually had a few school guys going at once as regulars, ranging from slightly younger to the remaining years above her. Daniel had missed out last semester but she had teased him mercilessly with eyelash-laden glances, cute smiles and all sorts of "accidental" views of her various soft parts. The poor guy was champing at the bit but she had been drawing him out like one of her own orgasms. She had planned to continue this trend for part of the new semester but her sudden deprivation this morning meant this plan was swiftly losing traction.

"Hmm, I think the poor stud's suffered enough by now don't you? I can practically feel his hard-on whenever we make eye-contact and I'm sure he's heard from his friends how nice and fuckable I am."

Claire giggled softly, fully aware through experience just how enjoyable her best-friend was in bed. "When's the happy day then? Gonna catch up with him after school or wait until training when you're both sweaty in your sports outfits? That'll have him really good and ready to go."

"Tempting my dear Claire, but it has been a slow fucking morning and I want him now. Let's see if he notices this." She switched to the messenger on her laptop and typed him a quick note.

"Danny boy, you're looking good this morning. Happy to be back at school are we? I'm sure you've missed me like I did you." That should be enough to get him going. The message was sent and the girls looked slyly in the boy's direction, each putting themselves in a position that would show off their legs under the desk and leaning forward enough to show a little cleavage where their shirts were unbuttoned.

Lillian saw the message notification pop up at the bottom of Daniel's screen but the jock had his head in the clouds and didn't notice. The girls sat poised in their stances ready for him to turn and look but nothing seemed to be happening. Exchanging glances with her giggling friend Lillian inwardly grumbled at the universe attempting to stop her getting off today and flicked a scrap of paper at the boy's head. The paper hit its target and although the oblivious jock didn't turn around it jolted him awake enough to look at his screen. The girls quickly set themselves up again in their sexy positions.

Daniel casually swiveled his chair to the side so he could look at Lillian. His eyes widened a little at the two gorgeous specimens displaying themselves for him and he turned back slightly to type a response.
"Hey Lil, you look as sexy as ever. I missed you over the break too, I thought about you a lot." Naww bless, he was ever so keen. Time to see if he had guts.

"Oh really? And what was I doing while I was in your head?" A direct and obvious set-up but she was horny as hell and if he didn't pick up on this then he really wasn't going to be worth it anyway. She saw him think for a bit before typing in a response.

"Weeeell, you've got such a sexy body. You kept appearing in my head as I...helped myself have fun." More subtle than she'd expected from him, not that-that said much, but it was enough.

"Did this fun include pulling on your hard cock and imagining me wrapping my cute hands and lips around it?" If the workbench wasn't bolted to the floor she thought the thing might've flipped with the sudden activity in Daniel's pants rising up. She typed quickly before he even got his response out.

"Ooh, looks like it was. Mmmm, isn't it lucky that's what I was thinking about too? Tugging on that dick of yours and seeing just how big it can get."

"It can get pretty big, and I bet it'd get bigger for you." Claire giggled again at that one. Time to push things home now.

"I want to see that, I can't wait either. Meet me in the janitor's closet upstairs a couple of minutes after I leave." That closet and Lillian were about as well acquainted as her one at home, being rarely used by actual janitors except in emergencies. The only other rooms on that top floor were a couple of teachers' offices but during this time they'd all be empty. After giving a special "favour" to one of the student-teachers last year a key to the door had found its way into her possession, and it had been a blessing ever since.

"Really? Are you joking?" He turned around to look at her again. Not bright this one. Lillian licked her lips while making eye contact with him and Claire had a hand around her, softly rubbing the blonde's side-boob, just to add to the eroticism.
"Nope. Get ready to follow me soon. Might want to wait til your friend there goes down a bit though, don't want to make it too obvious :P."

Interrupting Miss Ellis briefly to ask for a bathroom break, Lillian exited the room with more than one pair of eyes following her. God it felt great to be lusted after.

She wasn't long waiting in the dimly lit closet. Most of the gear was already pushed to one side and the tall shelf in the middle made a nice little alcove at the back to fit two people snugly. Daniel walked in quickly and he'd barely closed the door before the girl pounced. At first she pressed herself against him; pelvis, chest and mouth all finding their counterparts on the horny boy. She had one arm under his arm and around him with the other holding his tie.

Daniel couldn't believe his luck, the incredibly sexy blonde sucking his tongue into her mouth with vigour. Their tongues each danced around the other and he thought she was the sweetest tasting thing he'd had in his life. Her pink lips, wet tongue and even the tang of her braces combined to something intoxicating. He ran his hands down her back until he gripped her buttocks over her skirt. His cock was hardening up quickly and made a clear bulge in his pants.

Lillian pulled the boy to the back of the closet by his tie and sat him down on a large bin. While still kissing him the blonde reached down to unbuckle the hapless lad's belt and unzip his pants. She moaned into his mouth after she reached in to fish out his thickening cock. Finally, she was going to see some cum today!

"Well, well Danny boy you didn't lie. This sure is big for such a young boy hmm." She licked up the palm of her hand and, leaning forward from the waist to let her cleavage sit in his face, reached back down to take hold of the cock, stroking very slowly, causing a groan from its owner. She whispered to him sexily, smiling at him with her shiny braces, "I've been longing too see some cum all morning, I'm so glad you could help me Danny boy. I should reward you too yeah?" He nodded in reply, unable to get the words out right that second with his eyes fixated on her chest and his cock responding to her ministrations.

Lillian leaned back up and stuck out her tongue erotically while unbuttoning her shirt slowly. Daniel tugged on his own cock in her absence, avidly watching the show. After undoing all her buttons Lillian brushed the sides away, revealing her pale white globes. Perfectly round and sporting hardened pink nipples they almost caused Daniel to spurt his load at the sight of them. He groaned again and the girl quickly knelt down in front of him, her legs curled and splaying out to the sides, shirt sliding down her back.

"Let me take that from you hmm? If you want a handjob you should let a slut like me take care of it." She took the cock back in both hands and peeled the foreskin back fully to spit down on the large purple head. Letting her saliva spread down the shaft between her fingers she circled the base with one hand and started stroking with the other, moaning quietly to herself. The lower hand curled to press down on his balls, moving them around with gentle stimulation. She was sitting close between his legs and held his dick over her tits and beneath her chin, keeping her steely blue eyes in staring up at him, her lips pouting slightly, the gap between showing her inviting tongue. Tempted as she was to suck on the shaft in front of her, Lillian knew if she did the boy wouldn't last at all and she wanted to draw this out a bit so she took another option. There would be plenty of time to suck this cock later.

Spitting on the shaft again, Lillian sat up slightly and began to rub its tip between the soft mounds of her breasts. She repeated this motion for a while, occasionally moving it across her tits to rub a nipple and spread her spit and the rising pre-cum across her white skin. The dim light gave her skin a beautiful pale glow and Daniel continued to groan in pleasure at the beauty in front of him.

Pulling his cock in close Lillian pressed her tits around it, only just managing to get their reasonable size around its girth. Letting out her own high pitched moans, the slutty blonde pushed herself up and down on her knees and let her soft skin wank the boy's cock. The wetness in his lap and on her tits made a nice slapping sound every time she came down, the rock solid head sticking up proudly as it burst through the top of her mounds. The cock's length meant it started to tap her on the underside of her throat rubbing along the sensitive skin beneath her chin. It felt good but a little strange so she tilted her head to start flapping her tongue against the big head as it rose up close.

If someone had walked past the closet at that point they'd have clearly heard the heavy breathing, groans and squealing of the pair inside.

Lillian felt so good to have a cock between her lovely tits. While its hard shaft did nothing more than softly and wetly massage her skin, the promise of cum that went with the activity pleasured her greatly. Knowing that she could so easily get a guy off made her wet, the slickness between her thighs gradually building throughout the whole encounter. The narcissistic blonde got off on her own slutty abilities and image even more than the boy whose cock she held. She knew he was close to spurting and increased her pace, putting on her best sexy voice.

"Are you gonna cum for me Danny boy?" she asked through pouted lips.

"Uh-huh," he responded unnecessarily.

"Come on Danny boy, cum all over my soft tits while you fuck them. Cum for me mmmm." Danny let out a long groan and Lillian let out an exclamation of delight as the warm cum jettisoned onto her chest and tongue. After three big spurts the next few dribbles out the rest, with gentle encouragement from Lillian's tits squeezing the last drops out. She let out a soft, breathless 'aah', letting the cum on her tongue slowly drop out onto her breasts, feeling the warm glow of satisfaction in her belly at making that cum explode.

Daniel's head was rolled back in exhausted pleasure, and he looked up to see the cum dripping out of the girl's pink mouth making his cock jump again even as it started to soften. Lillian barely noticed him, eyes closed as she gloriously rubbed the cum into her tits and sucked the rest off her fingers. The taste of cum always made her day better. Whether it was hers or someone else didn't really matter, it was a taste unlike any other and always on her mind.

They recovered like this for a minute until Lillian's glow receded. Bringing herself back to reality she looked back up at her new toy, gently rubbing his tender balls in thanks.

"Nicely done Danny boy, we'll definitely be doing this again soon, plus a little more I believe."

"Cool," he said eloquently, a dumb grin plastered on his face. She'd have to be careful with what she did with this one. If she gave him too much pleasure he'd float off into a coma.

"Alright stud, how about you pull those pants back on properly and get back to class while I clean myself up a bit." She dismissed him neatly and the smitten boy did as commanded, completely under her spell after what she'd done to him.

After Daniel stepped out the door, throwing a last puppyish look back towards the topless girl to which she responded with a wink, Lillian smoothed the last remnants of gooey fluid on her breasts out until it was rubbed in like lotion. She'd always heard cum was good for the skin plus the idea of having the boy's jizz on her chest when she went and spoke to Claire again made her feel sexy. Buttoning up her shirt and re-arraging her uniform to its former pristine status, minus the slight dampness on her chest, she dusted off her knees and her trusty mint breath spray, giving her mouth a little cleanse. Finishing off with a top-up of the light pink lip gloss she wore, the satisfied girl left her second favourite closet.

As she closed and locked the door, Lillian heard the sound of a book page being turned behind her. She spun around quickly to see who was standing there but the hall was empty. The door to Mr. Keefer's office was ajar however.

A series of different thoughts went through Lillian's head at once. How long had he been in his office? Had he heard her and Daniel during their session? How could he not have? If he had, why didn't he catch them? In a rare instance of uncertainty Lillian was frozen. While she'd had some interesting relationships with teachers before, Mr. Keefer wasn't one of them. He'd been one of her geography teachers during middle school, marginally prior to her beginning the enthusiastic exploration of all things sexual, and while he wasn't a harsh teacher, he had a dry sense of humour and something of a no-nonsense attitude. As the head of a department he was seen as one of the more responsible and senior of the teachers, respected by both colleagues and students. That being his reputation, Lillian couldn't quite work out why he'd ignored the loud coupling occurring in the closet opposite his office. She felt the slightest urge to look in his door but perhaps it would be better to sneak away. Before she could decide what to do Mr. Keefer made that a moot point by calling out in a conversational voice.

"So, did you have fun then? Sounded like someone in there was having a good time." He knew she was standing there! He must've heard the door! The knowledge actually helped Lillian unfreeze from her possum reaction. No escaping from it now. She could probably brazen her way out of this, even with someone as formidable as Mr. Keefer. Any teacher not fully aware of her promiscuity always fell for her status as the "perfect student", although this one might be a hard sell. 'Time to face the music' she thought to herself as she pushed open the door.

Mr. Keefer didn't look up from his book on the desk as she walked into the office. His desk was diagonally positioned across the room due to lack of space, a bookshelf on each of the walls stuffed with text books of various kinds. Lillian thought he must be in his 40's, maybe late 30's if one made a generous appraisal. Broad shouldered but with the slight softness around the edges that went with being an academic he wasn't terrible to look at. His dark curly hair didn't have any grey creeping in and even the slight ruggedness of his skin from smoking enhanced his looks in an "older guy" kind of way.

"Hi there Mr. Keefer," said Lillian sheepishly, giving him a shy smile she was sure would win him over.
Still without looking up he said in the same conversational tone, "Miss Bell." This only added to her confusion. Although she knew his casual reading was a deliberate ploy to make her nervous, the part that wrong-footed her was that he already knew she was the one who'd been in the closet. They were silent for a minute or so, the teacher still perusing the text in front of him.

"Well?" he asked expectantly, eyes still flicking across the page.

"Sir?" said the girl.

"You didn't answer my question. Did you have a fun time with that boy in the closet? Unless you two were running vigorously on the spot on a wet floor, somebody was getting off in there. I was just curious as to whether you got to partake as well, not just your companion who clearly got some release at the finish line of your particular race." He spoke as if he was talking about any normal topic with a student, rather than the idea of teenagers fucking in a closet.

For the briefest of moments Lillian wasn't sure how to digest that statement. Then she asked, "I might tell you that, but if I could ask sir, how did you know who I was without looking up."

"Miss Bell," he said again in his cheerily informative teacher voice. "You're not the only one with a key to that door, and since so few people use this floor it wasn't hard to discover that it was a student frequently leaving a strong sex smell in there for the past few terms rather than a teacher. Not to mention the expensive perfume that you wear is rather unique amongst even the other wealthy girls. It took me a little while but I remembered where I knew it from." He finally looked up at her, casually leaning his elbows on the table and steepling his fingers together over the book. "So, your question is answered..." he left it open for her to respond.

Daniel sure had given her what she'd needed, but Lillian suddenly felt that really, she could go for a little more. Especially if someone pressed her into it, which was exactly where she was starting to hope this encounter was going if she was picking up the signs right. Either the older man was calmly holding back an explosion of anger or, more likely she felt, she was going to add another conquest to her list. She played along with his demeanor, reporting to him as if discussing something in class.

"Well sir, my companion as you called him certainly was entertaining. I've been needing some release all morning and a good titfucking seemed the right way to go." The teacher took this information in without flinching, nodding his head thoughtfully.

"That sounds about right. It didn't seem like you were in there long enough for you to receive anything in return from your friend. Generous of you letting him get off on his own."

She shook her head, letting her blonde hair swish around a little. "No sir it's ok. He did give me something in return. I quite enjoy getting a guy's cum sperm on me. It feels so rewarding to rub it into my skin knowing that I caused it to happen." She emphasised this point by smoothing her hands over her chest, drawing attention to the slightly wet patches dotted across it.

"Oh I see, you enjoy the idea of boys lusting over you. Would it be fair to say you get wet just from knowing that every one of those boys in the school who see you would love to take you in various, fantastical ways." Such an effect was already at work, her thighs once again starting to feel that particular smooth and slick way.

"Mmm, yes sir. Although I must say, even though having a boy's dick to play with is always fun, young and pliable as they are, nothing quite hits the spot like a full grown man's cock. The firmer, more experienced hands of a man can find all sorts of ways to make me feel good." She took a couple of steps forward so she was no longer in the doorway but standing in front of his desk. "Plus, boys are easy. As you said I do get off on knowing people want to fuck me. Horny boys always want to put their dicks wherever they can. Men who know their tastes and wants, who look at a cute little teen like me with eyes that have known women...well, they're a different sort of challenge. And that gives me a different sort of...satisfaction."

Lillian leaned forward to rest her hands on the desk, bending from the hips as she had before, her pert buttocks sticking out under the skirt. They were so close to touching, their arms almost in contact and her hair hanging just around his hands as she tilted her head forward to make deep eye contact with him. This was clearly a challenge directed at the older man. Lillian wanted to see what he would do.

He merely arched an eyebrow at her mockingly. "So, you're saying that a boy, such as you had a minute ago, would only be starters for you. You would need to find a "man" to pleasure in order to really pleasure yourself?"

Son of a bitch was playing her own game back at her. He was going to draw this out and keep teasing her. This made her new-found attraction for him surge, but she still wasn't going to let him get away with it. Time to change the game then.

"Yes sir, you're absolutely right. And I believe that I've already found one. In fact I believe this one has fallen right into my lap." With the athletic ease that came with cheerleading she levered herself, pelvis first, up and over the desk and onto his lap, pushing his hands out of the way and one of her knees knocking his desk lamp spinning to face the other way. "Actually I think I just fell into his."

With that she thrust her face up into his and invaded his mouth with her tongue. She could feel him smiling as he kissed her back as vigorously, breathing in her thankfully freshly minted taste. Directly under he pussy Lillian could feel the man's cock already hard in his pants, and she knew it would soon be hers. Like Daniel had, Mr. Keefer ran his hands down the girl's back and cupped his hands around her buttocks, her skirt already riding up from her athletic jump across the desk. Unlike Daniel however, Mr. Keefer was more confident and pushed his hands under her white panties as well, feeling the magnificent skin underneath.

The girl's hands were running through the man's hair and squeezing his shoulders as their tongues danced together. Even as they passionately kissed Lillian was running through things in her head. She'd never been with a senior staffer before, let alone someone this old, not that he was ancient or anything. She realised that she didn't even know his first name, but that didn't bother her. They were well set into the roles of Miss Bell and Mr. Keefer and that only turned her on more.

She pulled her mouth off his, their lips making a wet smacking sound as they came apart. "Oh Mr. Keefer thank you. I can feel your hard cock beneath me and it makes me so happy to know I'm the cause. I can't wait to have it in my hands." Her right hand had snuck down and was pressing down on the solid mass below.

"What would you like to do with it Miss Bell?"

"Mmm sir," she moaned, her deft fingers working to undo the barriers holding back his cock. "I'm going to make sure it spurts long and hard all over me." She freed the member from its confines and moved his pants past where her legs straddled him, down to his knees. As she started tugging on it Mr. Keefer, calmly casual as ever, reached up and started unbuttoning her shirt one handed. She squealed softly as his fingers encircled an erect nipple and teased it out.

The penis was about the same size as Daniel's, she thought, but with a bit more thickness to it. Somehow it felt more pleasant in her hand, it's thickness providing more for her to play with, and the mental contemplation about what to do with it. As if following her thoughts Mr. Keefer pressed her again.

"Do you want to make that cock cum Miss Bell?"

"Yes Mr. Keefer, I really want to make it explode." Her tugging had reached a decent pace now, the prize in her hands reaching its full size. The head had burst out of its enclosure like a budding flower, leaning towards the sunlight of the bright blonde enticing it.

"What are you going to do to make it cum Miss Bell?" Lillian felt that internal twinge of carnal joy inside as the man continued to tease her in the way she was used to doing herself. The man deserved something a bit more fun than a simple titfuck she decided.

"Mr. Keefer sir, my braces make my lips so puffy and sore, I'm sure if I got to suck on your cock I could make you cum and ease my puffy little lips' pain."

"I think that might work Miss Bell. You better get to it then." His look challenged her as much as her earlier expression to him. Giving him one last tongue filled kiss she slip slowly down his lap, her breasts rubbing down the teacher's chest as she put herself between his legs. Sitting under the desk, looking past his erect cock in her hands to his mocking face was one of the sexiest things Lillian felt she had done in a long while.

Placing her palm on the tip of his cock and surrounding his shaft with her fingers she teased the skin up and down while reaching her bright pink tongue out to lick from the underside of his balls to where her palm rested. She repeated this action a few times, tilting her head and flicking her tongue around the sides of his fingers to lather him up.

After his cock was good and slippery Lillian lowered her hand until it was around the base. She began to kiss the head with light little kisses all around, making cute little smacking noises until on the last kiss she opened her lips over the tip and slowly moved down to cover the whole head. Her mouth stretched open to encompass the thick cock going inside her mouth.

Her bright pink lips and nipples shone with the wetness on them, looking incredibly sexy to the teacher whose cock she was sucking. When she made eye contact with him the older man had to stop himself from cumming early. He'd wanted the slut on his dick ever since he figured out who had been using the closet, and he thanked all higher powers that he'd timed his return to the office so well.

Lillian's blonde hair looked so good as she began to bob her head up and down on the teacher's cock, sucking as if trying to pull the cum out. It swayed in rhythm with the jiggling of her breasts as her head sank lower and lower with each bob. Her hand kept wanking him at the base, meeting her lips at each peak. Mr. Keefer reached with one hand to gently caress her cheeks and hair, encouraging her movements. She pulled her mouth off his cock to briefly suck his thumb and giggle, showing off her braces with her smile.

The blonde continued sucking, moaning around the cock, making pleasing vibrations for both of them. Suddenly they were both shocked by the sudden vibrations of his phone ringing on the desk. Mr. Keefer looked down at the young blonde student with his cock in her mouth. Lillian shook her head around his dick, they had important things to focus on here. The teacher let out a laugh and picked up the phone but rather than send it to voicemail the bastard answered.

Lillian gave him an annoyed look, which still only looked incredibly sexy to the man as she was sucking on his cock at the time. How dare he take a call while she was doing this. She got off on the attention of others and if he wasn't focused on her while she was giving him a blowjob then that was just rude, let alone annoying. The caller was another teacher discussing something boring about curriculum. What a prick, talking to someone unimportant while this goddess deigned to let him put his manly parts into her beautiful mouth.

Suddenly determined to be the center of attention again Lillian renewed her efforts. She lowered her hand a bit, allowing her lips to go deeper on the cock, the head reaching the back of her mouth as she sucked as hard as she could. Mr. Keefer kept talking on the phone as she did this, his insufferable calm ever present.

Her head movements became wilder, her whole body moving up and down with the fervour of her sucking, her left hand gripping his knee to steady herself. Spit was rolling down his balls and coating her tits as they rubbed his sack, shining under the room's light above them every time she rose out from under the desk slightly. This vigorous movement started to make a bit of noise, her sucking and slurping over his cock getting louder with the increasing level of lubrication. After one particularly loud slurp Mr. Keefer picked up and dropped his book on the desk with a bump.

"Hm? Oh I'm just moving some papers round the desk, but yes we will need to get them up to there by mid term in preparation for exams." The teacher arched his eyebrow again at the teeny girl blowing him. Lillian responded only with a satisfied sultry look now that she had his attention again. As she began to make another purposeful slurp however, Mr. Keefer's hand on her face suddenly gripped her head and pulled her down the whole length of his shaft, her lips meeting the base and her throat opening wide to the intruding dick.

The quick movement barely gave her time to gag, and the bastard wasn't letting up either. His hand held her plastered down to his lap, her own fingers gripping his knees tightly. Lillian thanked God that she could already deepthroat or this might've have been problematic. She did however normally like to reach that point under her own steam. Strangely though the sensation of being held down with the cock in her airway actually started to turn her on. Gaining control of her urge to gag and choke, she found that special place where air wasn't needed and she could stay in position, like underwater swimming but a hundred times more sexy. Her tongue lay at the base between his shaft and balls, giving the cock room to slide in that little bit more down her throat.

Mr. Keefer still holding her head, Lillian took her hands off his knees and quickly slid her panties down to her own, shoving her fingers inside her now very wet pussy and furiously rubbing her clit. A man, not a boy but a man's long hard cock was lodged deep down her throat, slowly robbing her of air while the man himself held a casual conversation on the phone. She could feel the wetness dripping out of her pussy, down her legs as she jerked her fingers in and out while pressing down rapidly on her throbbing clit under its hood. Dots began to play in front of her eyes as the air in her lungs grew thin but she was still so turned on by the throat invasion, spit drooling out of her mouth to add to the stream already on her tits.

Finally the man released the pressure on her head and she flung her head up for air, almost knocking it on the desk. She sucked in breath as greedily as she'd been sucking his cock. Panting heavily and spit sliding down her chin, her vision cleared and she saw that Mr. Keefer had finished his phone call.

"Mr. Keefer!" she exclaimed, keeping to the title despite the urge to call him other things. "I did not give you permission to shove your cock in my throat! What if I had choked?"

The man simply let out a cheery laugh. "Ah Miss Bell, I had little doubt that after all your experience in the closet you'd be more than capable of having a cock in your throat for a while." Lillian let out a petulant noise in response but he only laughed again. "Besides which, I can see from your hand movements that you actually enjoyed it."

Lillian looked down to see her traitor hands still attacking her cunt with gusto. She couldn't fight it, she was extremely turned on by what had happened. The teacher pulled his student out from under the desk and pushed her backwards onto it, her pussy and head over either side. Her panties came all the way off and her back arched as his mouth found her pussy, slurping up the flowing juices.

"I guess you're right Mr. Keefer," she squeaked at him breathlessly, looking upside down at the bookshelf opposite the desk. "I'm a horny slut. I like a cock deep in my throat. I like a man's mouth on my cunt. I like..ah! I like a man's tongue on my clit. Mr. Keefer sir you're licking my cunt so..ah, so well" Lillian squirmed on the desk, squeezing a breast while pushing down on the man's head just as he had done to her.

She let out long squeals and squeaks as Mr. Keefer's tongue pushed into her pussy along with a couple of fingers. The tension inside her was peaking, already at huge heights from her missed orgasms that morning. She felt ready to burst and felt the sudden drop in her stomach as the inevitable occurred.

"Mr. Keefer I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum into your mouth. Quick Mr. Keefer, keep fucking my cunt with with your tongue, keep fucking it. Oh my cunt! Oh my..." her words trailed off into a high pitched squeal as the gates opened and her cum rushed out over Mr. Keefer's face. He pressed it deeply into her pussy and sucked in the juices, holding her lips open to let it flow out.

Lillian barely had time to go limp, her legs and head dangling over the sides of the desk, before she felt a rush of air and a shadow across her vision. Two hands clamped her head as a giant cock rose towards her. She opened her mouth wide to take in the cock, its tip flying all the way down her throat again, his balls resting on her face. Lillian gagged noisily and hungrily around the invading shaft, the glow inside her stomach flaring up again quicker than ever. Mr. Keefer pulled his hips back and thrust forward quickly, repeating the action over and over, fucking the young teen's throat methodically.

The blonde slut could barely think. She hadn't been throat fucked in ages and never had it been as sexy. Her fingers were in her cunt again rubbing around the man's spit and her own lubrication, feeling up her nether lips and the soft haven they protected.

Mr. Keefer kept thrusting hard into her face, the girl gagging with wet throaty sounds, his dick and balls tightening in preparation for what was to come. Her bouncing tits, fingers masturbating furiously, the view of his thick cock disappearing past her shining pink lips and the buldge in her long pale neck from her throat expanding to accomodate that cock was a sight that even the hardy Mr. Keefer could not resist.

He buried his cock deep into the upside down throat, squeezing the sides of Lillian's head as his cock exploded. Not only did the girl get a stomach full of cum but her own pussy erupted into orgasm again as well, riding the second high of the strong face fucking. Mr. Keefer pulled his cock slowly out of the teenager's throat, still spurting cum over her tongue, letting out a long sigh of relief, his member popping out of her sucking mouth. Lillian raised her head slightly to look up at the man who had ravaged her throat, her face wet with sweat and spit, smiling up at him with cum stained braces. She liked the sticky substance off her teeth and stuck her tongue out, letting it slide down into her mouth. She swallowed it down with a satisfied noise like taking a refreshing drink.

After giving the still large but deflating cock a few more upside-down licks and kisses Lillian said, "Well sir, I don't think you need to ask this time. I definitely got some satisfaction from that encounter." Mr. Keefer, placid as ever, nodded as if he expected nothing else and moved back to his normal side of the desk to open a drawer and produce a hand-towel which he used to wipe himself clean before passing it to Lillian.

"A pleasure to have been of help Miss Bell. I pride myself on being a teacher that can bring out the full potential of students. I hate to see it going to waste. Now I really must go address the matter I discussed on the phone earlier, but should you ever feel that your potential is being neglected be sure to let me know. I believe we'll be able to work on it effectively."

"You bet Mr. Keefer!" said Lillian, still unmoved from her position on the desk but wiping her body down with the towel. "I do hope you're one of my teachers next year, I believe regular intercourse between us could prove most beneficial to my further progression." The mocking smile flashed across the teachers face as he inclined his head towards her in farewell.

"Miss Bell." As he swung open the door and slid out Lillian noticed the door to the office had never been fully shut. She'd been even less discretionary having sexual relations with a teacher than with a simple student. But damn the man seemed to know what he was doing, and he was certainly a cool one about it all. He was so open yet so mysterious at the same time, able to hide in plain sight so well. Definitely something worth exploring more in future.

"God I'm going to have to fuck him," she voiced to herself with a mixture of anticipation and respect for how quickly the man had turned her own ploys against her. It took her a little longer to collect herself than her encounter with Daniel, having to rub almost her entire body down from all the sweat and spit that covered it. Another liberal application of her minty mouth spray was required as well. Fun as it was to have secret cum spread across her body, it wasn't exactly complimentary to her breath. Looking at the clock on the desk she noticed that there wasn't much time left before her class finished. The most boring one of the day almost out of the way and in such a satisfying manner too. For such a bad start, the day was surely improving.

Back to looking splendid in her school uniform, only a slight flush to her face giving any evidence at recent exertion, Lillian hurried her way back to class, a skip to her step as she realised how much she now loved this blessedly quiet hallway.

Her absence unnoticed by Mrs. Ellis, Lillian moved back to her seat, many of the bored students in her class, especially the dazed Daniel, eyeing her off as she walked past. When she sat down Claire huddled in close for the gossip.

"What took you so long? Daniel got back ages ago! Was he that good? You look like you've run a race." Her eyes were keen as she waited for Lillian to spill.

"You have to come over tonight Claire, I can't tell you here. But it wasn't Daniel who delayed me you can be sure of that." Lillian was able to manipulate her friend just as easily as the hordes of boys who crossed her path. She'd given her only a sliver of information but it was enough to get the raven-haired girl's full attention, like a hunting dog catching a scent. It would leave her in a fit of curiosity for the rest of the day, something which didn't bother Lillian especially as it only added to the fun.

The rest of the school day passed without anything more salacious than a few longing stares sent in the direction of both girls and their other friends, plus just a little jolt in Lillian's pussy when she caught sight of Mr. Keefer across the yard between classes. She and Claire even used their lunch break to get a head start on homework, which would leave them with more free time later that evening at Lillian's house.

After the final class of the day the two girls hurried out the main gate to go find Paul's limo in the spacious parking lot, Claire having called her parents to let them know of her impromptu plans. The chauffeur was leaning against the driver's door waiting for them, sunglasses and hat in their proper place, patiently watching the comings and goings of parents and other private drivers.

"Miss Bell. And Miss Farwood too! Lovely to see you again, shall you be accompanying us home?" Claire let out another giggle at the man's polite greeting. Lillian knew her friend had fancied the cute driver for a while and laughed inwardly as her friend turned on the "cute fuckable teen" charm they both employed so often.

"Hiii Paul! Nice to see you too. Lillian invited me back and my mum said it was ok. Taking us home then?" She was still keen to hear her best friend's tale about the mysterious encounter.

Lillian glanced through the limo's tinted windows and asked her driver, "Where is Rhys?" Claire started craning her head around the milling crowd of people. "Your brother better hurry up! We've got things about!" She left the deliberate pause there for Paul to wonder about.

"Step-brother," Lillian reminded her friend with a distracted air, also trying to spot the annoying boy through the crowd.

Paul interrupted their search by opening their passenger door. "Master Rhys has volunteered for the debating team and as such won't be joining us, instead he is going to their first meeting. One of his new friends has kindly offered to organise his return home after their meeting. It will only be the three of us on the trip home." He gestured the two girls inside with a polite smile. Although Lillian was mildly surprised the dull boy had made friends so quickly, this new piece of information registered quickly. Claire looked especially pleased to be underway, not to mention happy that she'd get to perv on Paul through the inside partition without her friend's step-brother interfering.

As they got into the vehicle, Paul depositing their bags in the back, Lillian decided that perhaps on this ride it might be time Claire got to enjoy a little more than perving.

Today was really turning out to be a lucky day.

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