This is part 2 of my original post. I have included some paragraphs that need to be added into part 1. I deleated them from Part 1 as I thought they might be a bit ummm underage, but it is what happened.
First up is the few paragraphs that need to be added to Part 1.

( I couldn’t believe I was hearing such sexy thing’s, and here I was naked this close to them.
My vagina stirred at the thought of all of them fucking me, just the idea turned me on. But I knew they wouldn’t be interested in a boring ugly girl like me. And with my shyness I could only imagine being conned up and seduced by a man. Anyhow, in a kinky voyeuristic type of way I was quite content listening to their erotic tail’s.
From inside the house a women appeared followed by a boy of about 11 or 12, and a younger blond girl, both had on pyjamas. They approached the men saying they’re all going to bed, the boy asked if he and Kate could sleep in the caravan as there where too many little kid’s sleeping in his bedroom. I noticed a medium sized aluminium caravan parked around the opposite side of the yard. One of the men, must have been his father replied sure, no worries, then went back to drinking his beer. The woman said to the boy as they walked to the caravan, now Jason don’t go scarring your cousin with ghost stories, she is only 9, and you are supposed to be responsible since you turned 12.. Kate replied I’m nearly 10. Jason said no, we will be good. His mum said don’t forget to turn the light off as the two kid’s shut the caravan door. One by one the curtains where closed in the caravan, I thought to myself I wonder what’s going on in there. Curiosity set in and I made my way quietly to the other side of the yard next to the caravan.
The fence finished where the van was parked so it was easy for me to peek in through one of the low open windows. The curtain was only half shut so I had a good view inside. They where both facing each other and the boy said ‘Come on Kate nobody is going to bother us now, do you still want to do it’.
Do what I said to myself. She replied ‘Yes. But don’t tell anybody, ok’
Jason pulled down his pyjama pant’s reveling an erect penis. I had only ever seen photo’s of a man’s cock before, this one was about two third’s the size, but my heart still raced at the sight. Kate lifted her nightie up and I could clearly see her hairless little cunt. Jason gasped a ‘WOW’
Kate said ‘Do we do it standing up’
Jason replied ‘No, I think you lay on the bed and I lay on top of you’
Then I realized, Jason was going to fuck her. Kate lay on the bed directly in front of me, her hip was in front of my face. She pulled her nighty right up to her neck, she had two developing tit ‘buds’ rising from her chest. Kate said ‘Do you want to touch my breasts’
Jason rubbed his hand over them. Kate said ‘That feel’s nice’. I could hardly believe what I was witnessing, I was almost as randy as earlier on. Why couldn’t something like this have happened to me when I was 10. No, I probably would have shit myself and ran away.
Jason climbed on top of Kate, the end of his penis pushed against her vagina. ‘That hurt’s’ she exclaimed. He moved it around and pushed it from different angles, it started to slide into her.
Kate let out a sharp ‘Ahhhh, ooo, that hurt’s’. Jason pushed harder, Kate grimaced, he then pulled back saying ‘It’s to tight, I can’t get it in’. He tried again and Kate said ‘It’s hurting to much, stop or I’ll tell mum’. Jason replied ‘All right, all right, I’ve stopped’. He climbed off and stood on the floor. He had a worried look on his face. Kate sat up and was holding her vagina, ‘I’m sorry, but it hurt too much’ she said.
They talked for a few minutes then turned off the light and jumped into their own bunk’s. As soon as the light went out I moved back and quietly crept back along the fence. I was as horny as all fuck by now. Returning to my peep hole in the fence I once again eve’s dropped on the bunch of by now, three quarter drunk guy’s.)

Now for Part 2

I woke up sweating, what a dream, what an unreal dream, my cunt was wet and throbbing. That’s the horniest dream I’ve ever had. I lay awake for half an hour or more thinking about Blacky, bestiality, if I could get his cock in my vagina, the flood of sperm. A tremendous randy feeling overcame me. Looking at the clock, it was half past two. Flinging the sheets back I jumped out of bed, my mind made up I was going to try and mate with Blacky. Quietly I slipped out the window and walked naked across to the Ryan’s place. It was much cooler than last night, a vale of mist hung in the air, the moon illuminating it in an eerie glow.
My legs where trembling with anticipation as I approached Blacky’s paddock. I climbed through the fence and softly called his name a few times, the mist swirled as his dark shape came towards me. He muzzled the side of my head as I patted his shoulder. Moving around Blacky’s left side I stroked his back, gradually my right hand stroked lower and lower. He stood perfectly still, his head gently nudging my hip. Crouching down I could just see his huge erect cock hanging between his legs, it was nearly touching the ground. Oh well, here goes. I reached under and held it in my hand. It felt all soft and lovely and warm. Blacky snorted but remained motionless.

Kneeling down I maneuvered myself under his fat belly. Continuing to hold on to his cucumber sized penis I held it up to my vagina, it was nearly 50mm in diameter. Unlike Luke’s pointed tool, Blacky’s had a rounded end and a hole in it the size of a garden hose.
I pushed my hip’s back, it kept slipping down, the angle was to steep. Dropping onto my elbow’s, the huge head centered on my vaginal entrance, slowly it began to stretch open. I pushed harder, there was a bit of pain, I thought my vagina was going to split. When, oh god, it started to enter me. The head felt massive, I opened my legs more, it was so tight. I was thinking I can’t do this, when, suddenly my vagina seamed to slip around it, and it was sliding into me. Oh what a fantastic sensation, it wasn’t going to fall out now, so removing my guiding hand from his cock, I shuffled back on my knees and gasped in ecstasy as I felt the size and warmth of his tool penetrate further into my cunt.

Blacky snorted in appreciation, and pleasure no doubt, as I slowly rocked back and forth, each time allowing his cock to go deeper in. It felt like a steel rod inside my belly. My bum was right up between his legs, and his furry fat tummy was against my lower back. I looked down between my own legs, hanging like a pair of black oranges not 100mm from my cunt where his sperm filled balls.
I slowly reached back with one hand and gently felt the slippery shaft. I could just get my thumb and fore finger around it, his cock was every bit of 50mm thick now. And two thirds of it was up me.
I continued to ever so slowly move backwards and forwards on his tool. Every part of my vagina began to tingle, I was nearly having an orgasm. He snorted again and made a funny noise, his belly twitched, shit, I think he’s getting ready to cum.
I thought about the size of his balls, and the giant hole in the end of his cock, and how much sperm a horse can produce. I wanted him to cum, I wanted him to fill me with his sperm just like Luke did. Blacky’s rear legs moved, and his cock jerked, and jerked again, like he was trying to fuck me. His tummy lifted from my back and he made some strained snorting sounds. His rear end lowered and he began to shaft me. I leaned forward as his tool thrust deep into me, it felt incredible. His cock grew harder, this is it , he’s going to blow.
Nothing could prepare me for the sensation I experienced next. The end of his cock exploded, a gush of warm sperm blasted deep in my belly, completely filling my vagina. Followed by a second, and a third, I could feel it squirting out of my cunt around his cock. Another gush, my belly was beginning to feel heavy, my uterus was filling up, but no pain. A few more smaller squirt’s and Blacky was finished. I could hear a glub, glub sound as great blob’s of sperm fell from my vagina onto the ground. More sperm was running down my belly and the inside of my leg. I was in euphoria, I didn’t have an orgasm, but the feel of him cumming inside me was the next best thing.

Blacky’s cock slowly receded and I decided to uncouple myself from him before he stood on my foot or something. Standing up, my entire pubic area was covered in a white gooey liquid. Pushing on my belly I could feel the heavy ball of my sperm filled uterus, it made me feel so horny, it felt bigger than when Luke screwed me. This time I didn’t squeeze it out, I wanted to enjoy the sensation for a while. Blacky came over and muzzled the side of my head again, as if he was saying thank you. I patted him and said “Did you enjoy yourself Blacky”. I thought to myself, there’s lot’s of girls that ride horse’s, but not many horse’s get to ride a girl. I wondered what his past circus life involved, he knew exactly what he wanted when he met me. I bet that’s not the first time his cock has been in a human female. And it won’t be the last either.
Sperm continued to ooze from my body as I returned to the house. Back in my bedroom I turned on the light and sitting on the edge of the bed had a closer look at my poor stretched vagina. It felt sore, and thick white goop, ‘like clagg glue I used to use in primary school’ filled every part of it. Standing, I grabbed a towel and cleaned myself up. Looking at my profile in the mirror a slight bulge was evident in my normally flat belly, oh it felt so nice, I giggled to myself and whispered ‘you filthy slut’.
Crawling back into bed, I placed the towel under my bum, I remembered the wet patch from Luke’s watery spoof. Blacky’s heavy load would be a real mess in the morning. The bedside clock read five past three, shit, the whole session only lasted 35 minutes. I wonder how many girls at school have been fucked by a horse, not a lot I bet.

A shower was the first priority in the morning, my cunt and bum where all sticky. The towel had a big yellow stain over it, I hid it in the bottom of the washing machine. My belly was back to it’s normal size, although it still felt a bit heavy. Most importantly my vaginal opening had shrunk to the size of a finger again, and amazingly didn’t hurt anymore.
I was eating breakfast when the phone rang. It was Donna, apparently she had to leave straight away to start work. The station she was employed by was a day’s drive away, she said she would call in for a quick goodbye on the way out. Half an hour later after a two minute talk she was roaring off down the road. I felt a bit depressed, I was looking forward to another session with her.
Nan and Gramp’s took me on a drive up into the hills, the whole day was taken up touring around looking at dam’s and interesting scenic spots. My mind often drifted to the sexual adventures of the past few day’s, tonight I thought, I might try and get Luke to fuck me again, and then go and visit Blackie, yeh. But on the way home we stopped at a lovely restaurant for tea. I drank a few glasses of wine and crashed into bed fast asleep after we arrived home at 8 O’Clock.

The following morning we all went into town and visited some of Nan’s friends, then did the weeks shopping. After lunch Nan and Gramp’s had a siesta and where soon snoozing away. At last, finally I could take Luke into the bush, it’s been two days, he must want a root by now, I know my cunt was craving for one.
As we walked down the track towards the beach my vagina tingled in anticipation, I took off my bikini top. Luke looked up at me and began to make a fast panting sound, I think he might be interested. With each step my vagina felt wetter and heavier, that’s far enough I said, we moved off the track into the bush. Finding a small sand patch I slipped down my bikini bottom, Luke was going wild running around me in circles. By now I desperately wanted to be fucked, dropping onto my hands and knees Luke was on me in half a second. His probing erect tool found my cunt and was up me in the next half second. He fucked me hard and deep, arching my back down I stuck my cunt out and let him penetrate me up to the hilt, his body and balls repeatedly slamming into my bum. It was fantastic, he kept fucking and fucking, his front legs tight around my waist. I began to cum as his tool grew fat inside me. Our timing was perfect, my orgasm lasting for 15 to 20 seconds, the final pleasure waves being extended as I felt the warm squirt’s as Luke started to ejaculate.
His cock and knot’s expanded tight, the whole mass pulsating as he pumped his load deep into my eager vagina. This is the best fuck he has given me yet, and the longest. We were staying copulated for much longer than the first time, my belly full of his sperm with no sign of the flow stopping.
I’m not sure if I prefer the long slow ejaculation of a dog, or the sudden gushing flood of a horse. Either way it feel’s fucking fantastic.
Eventually Luke’s tool shrunk and withdrew in a flood of sperm. Standing up my belly felt tight and heavy, my uterus was again full. We slowly wandered back to the house, I think both of us had that nice fucked kind of afterglow. I didn’t do much for the rest of the day.

That night, about an hour after going to bed, I was awoken by a scratch, scratch, at my bedroom door. Luke wanted to visit me. I let him in and straight away I knew what he wanted. The thought of another fuck soon had my juices flowing. I was already naked so climbing onto the bed on my hands and knees I whispered “Come and fuck me Luke”. He didn’t kneed a second invitation, jumping onto the bed he mounted me and gave me the nicest longest root yet. His tool ramming into me, he just kept fucking my cunt with steady even strokes. I quickly started to climax, and experienced the most beautifully long orgasm I’d ever had, it wasn’t intense, but I just kept quietly cumming and cumming for over a minute. Eventually his cock grew fat and he began to pump his load into me for the second time today, luckily for the sheets on my bed it was at a much reduced rate than this afternoon. I think Luke might be in love, ha, ha, no, like me he has discovered how much pleasure fucking can be.

The next morning Luke and I walked down to the beach. We hadn’t even gone half way when he gave me that ‘I want a root look’. The thought was on my mind as well, we detoured into the bush where he gave me another wonderful fuck like last night. My orgasm’s where coming easier every time, both of us had learned to position ourselves for the maximum pleasure. Luke’s sperm production had recovered, as once again he gave me a belly full.

Luke, having got what he wanted quietly followed me down to the beach. Most of his spoof had drained out of me by the time we reached the water. The area was deserted so I swam naked, I enjoyed the sensation as the waves caressed my body Luke briefly paddled around before collapsing on the sand, I smiled contentedly at myself knowing that I had worn him out ‘again’. Keeping a wary eye up and down the beach for approaching people or vehicles I continued to swim and play around in the water.
About half an hour had passed when Luke let out a half hearted bark. To my horror a man was running along the beach less than 100 meters from me. Looking at my bikinis laying on the beach, they might as well have been on another planet, I decided to stay in the sea an hope he kept going. He’s getting closer. Oh no, he stopped to pat Luke, my heart leapt into my throat.
Keeping low in the water I saw that it wasn’t a man, but a boy. As I looked closer I thought he looked familiar, it was Jason, the boy that tried to root Kate in the caravan the other night. My horror quickly evaporated, knowing that I was older than him, and that I knew his little secret made me somehow more superior, I just wish I had my bikinis on.
Jason turned his attention to me, he waded into the surf saying “This is a good spot, there’s no rock’s here”. He came closer to me, I should have felt trapped, or at least embarrassed, but for some reason it didn’t bother me. I just said “What’s your name” even though I knew.
“Jason, what’s yours”. I replied “Linda”. We talked about where we lived, what we liked, and which school’s we went to. Jason was visiting his uncle, the house the party was at, he was going back to town tomorrow.
He was about 2 meters from me and kept trying to look down at my submerged boob’s, I think he noticed I had no bather’s on. It kind of gave me an erotic feeling, this was the first time a guy, well a boy, was perving on my body. As a wave passed I let my tit’s come out of the water, I pretended to look towards the beach, Jason gawked at my small, but nice boob’s. I turned and splashed water at him, he splashed back saying “Your in the nude”.
I said “So what, it’s a free country” and giggled. A water fight started, and we were soon wrestling each other. Jason and I were evenly matched so no one got the upper hand, it was good fun.
Shark!, Jason screamed, about 3 meters behind us a gray triangle cut through the water. We half swam, ran, jumped, 5 seconds later we were on the beach looking back, there was no trace of the menace. Wide eyed and heart pounding I didn’t even care that I was still naked. A playful punch on the arm from Jason brought me back to reality.
“Nice tit’s” he said. I quickly turned to where my bikinis were laying, Jason pleaded “Aw don’t put your bathers back on, what if I go nudy as well”.
I imagined both of us in the nick, and remembered what Jason’s cock looked like as it touched Kate’s vagina. It might end up touching my vagina.
I replied “Well get em off then, but I’m not going swimming again”. Jason unhesitantly peeled his wet bathers off, revealing a lovely half erect penis. Yes, I might just let his cock touch my vagina.
The sight of a four wheel drive heading along the beach about half a kilometer away sent us scurrying up and over the sand hill’s. Luke trotted behind then lay next to our bather’s and towels, while Jason and I spied on the approaching vehicle. It drove past but stopped about 200 meters along the beach, a couple with two small children piled out and set up camp. “That’s the end of playing about on the beach” I said. I turned to Jason, he was more intent on perving at my tit’s than what was happening on the beach. He looked at me and said “What does it feel like to have tit’s”. I replied “They’re just there, they aren’t very big, so I hardly notice them”, which is true. He looked closer at them. An erotic charge went through me as I said “Would you like to feel them”. Jason didn’t need any encouragement, both his hand’s began to fondle my small, but pert boob’s.
His cock grew hard and stood to attention, my vagina did the female equivalent. Jason’s hand’s slipped down my side’s and on to my hip’s, he looked me up and down, I don’t think he knew what to do next. I slowly put my arm’s around him and held him against me. We where about the same height, I was a little taller, I kissed his cheek. The feel of his erect cock against my tummy was driving me wild. I whispered in his ear “Kiss me”. He kissed me awkwardly, but it was still nice. My vagina was against the base of his cock. He rubbed it against me, I wanted him to fuck me, my heart began to pound at the thought of him ejeculating in my vagina, I whispered “Would you like to root me”
Jason stammered a reply “O-o-o oh y-y-y-yes. I’d love to. Would you let me”. I just smiled at him and said “Have you ever rooted a girl before”. “No” he replied.
“Well, here’s your big chance” I seductively said as I lay down on my back on the warm sand, and spread my legs wide like the slut that I am.
Jason needed no further encouragement, I watched his cock disappear behind my pubic mound as he lowered himself on to me. He had trouble trying to find my slit, I reached down and guided his tool into my hole. The round head of his cock entered my vagina, I let out a moan of pleasure as he pushed it deep into me “Oh that feel’s good”. He began to root me, straight away I felt a different kind of pleasure in my cunt. His body was pushing hard against the external parts of my vagina, something that was impossible to experience with Luke or Blackie. It felt just like when Donna fucked me, but this time I had a cock up me as well. Oh it felt fantastic, I unconsciously whispered “Push harder” and Jason responded with increased vigor. I was actually being rooted by a man, well a boy, for the first time I was going to have human sperm inside me. My vagina was beginning to throb, the first tingles’ of an orgasm where starting in my legs. Each thrust of his cock brought me closer to a climax. The surge of pleasure rose and overflowed and I screamed in ecstasy as my vagina exploded into the most intense orgasm. My body shuddered and my hips bucked hard up and down against Jason. He held me tight and rode me like a bucking bronco, his cock thrusting harder and deeper. My cunt was oozing, it made a sloppy wet sound with every stroke. Some of that cum would be dog spoof, and by the sudden hardening of Jason’s cock any second now it would be overrun with human sperm. A kind of euphoria came over me, like this is what I wanted more than anything else in the world.

His body stiffened, I held his bum and pulled him hard against me, I wanted his sperm, I wanted his babies. I whispered in his ear “Fill me, fill me up with your spoof”. He pushed his tool hard into me and groaned, I felt a spurt deep in my belly, then a warm flood filled my cunt. It was the most satisfying feeling I could imagine. For the first time in my life my vagina had human sperm inside it, the thought that I could now conceive a baby filled me with wonder.
Jason lay on top of me drained, he had an amazed look on his face, I don’t think he expected to get a root out of me so easily. And I didn’t think I would cum so hard, and so soon after Luke screwed me. I knew that from this moment on I was going to try and get as much cock and have as much pleasure as I possibly could, my vagina, and my body had come of age.
Less than an hour later Jason was fucking me again, we both climaxed together and I had another intense orgasm. It was almost lunch time, Jason had to go to the footy this afternoon with his uncle. He said he wanted to see me later, as he was going back home tomorrow. And then asked if he could root me again. I told him he could fuck me as much as he liked and we arranged to meet out the front of my Grandparents house at 10:00 O’clock tonight.

It was a wonderful dreamy afternoon, I watched TV for a while, then lay on the bed, my hand often rubbing my belly. I knew I was still in the ovulating part of my cycle, and Jason’s sperm could be conceiving a baby inside me right now. Arching my back up, I pushed my belly out and feeling with both hand’s imagined I was pregnant. God I’d love to have a baby growing inside me, the thought that now I could actually be pregnant didn’t frighten me at all. In fact the idea turned me on, it would give me a purpose in life, at least my baby would love and want me. Wouldn’t the bitches at school look if they saw shy, friendless Linda walking around with a fat round belly, that would shut them up from saying nobody would root me. I can’t wait till tonight to get some more spoof into me.
My Grandparent’s took forever to go to bed, it was ten to ten before all was still. Quietly I slipped out of the window, I decided to wear a t-shirt and skirt, I didn’t want to seem like a complete slut turning up in the nude, although I didn’t wear any undies.
Jason was walking up the road, lucky I wasn’t naked, he’d brought three friends along as well.
I said “Hi”. Jason replied “Hi Linda. These are my mate’s from footy, we’re all just crusin around”. He introduced them, Mick, Scott and Tony. They where all fourteen, the same as me. Mick and Tony where taller than me, Scott was a shorty. I wondered how much Jason had told his friends about me, they all looked me up and down.
Jason said their fathers are on the piss round at his uncles house, he pointed in the direction of the house I was spying on the other night. He whispered in my ear “My friends don’t believe I rooted you, can we do it in front of them”. A tingle went up my spine at the idea of being watched by the others, then the thought struck me of being fucked by all of them. The tingle quickly turned into a throb, and it centered on my cunt. I replied “That’s ok”.
At that instant it started to rain, it wasn’t heavy but enough to soak you if you stayed out in it. The thought of laying in the bush on wet sand getting fucked didn’t appeal to me, but my nice comfy bed was only a minute away. I said “We can all go to my bedroom if you want, but you will have to be quiet”.
One by one they all squeezed through the window after me. My bedside clock had a small light, it half illuminated the room with a kind of moonlight, it was just enough to see what you where doing. The boys stood nervously by the window, I think they thought my Dad was going to come bursting through the door with a shotgun or something.
I sat on the bed and said “My Grandparents are fast asleep, we’re allright here. Is there something you want to do to me Jason”. My cunt quivered in anticipation, Jason walked over and began to undress. I took my clothes off and lay back on the bed, Jason climbed between my legs and was up on top of me. His cock entered my cunt and he began to fuck me for the third time today. His strokes quickened as I began to softly moan, my mind concentrating on the end of his cock thrusting into my vagina. The thought that it was about to squirt more life giving sperm into my reproductive system giving me the most erotic charge, I exploded into a lovely orgasm. I tried not to scream out load, but a few oh’s and ah’s escaped. A moment later Jason gasped, I felt a small dribble of sperm come from his cock, I figured I must have fucked him dry today.
I don’t know if I’m oversexed, or if it’s my strong female desire to have a baby, probably both, but being fucked, and more importantly, having sperm pumped into me is the most satisfying experience I know. Looking at Jason’s three friends, I think I was going to be satisfied some more.
Mick and Tony were both feeling their hard cock’s through their jeans. I whispered in Jason’s ear “Do your friends want to root me as well”.
He looked at me and replied “You don’t mind do you”. I said “No, it’s all right”. My first gang bang, all I could think about were their cocks pumping my belly full of spoof, I was going to be a walking sperm bank.
Jason climbed off and said to the other’s “She doesn’t mind if we all root her”. Mick was first, he awkwardly got on me, but once his cock found my hole he gave me a lovely fuck. My body was slowly rising to an orgasm, when he shuddered and ejaculated his wad. It didn’t feel like a lot, but it was very satisfying to have another guy’s sperm inside me.
I must be in heat or something, the urge to be fucked had never been so strong. Mick got off me and Tony quickly took his place. I watched his cock slide into my cunt and held onto his bum as he lay down on me. A warm trickle of cum and spoof ran down the crack of my arse as he sunk his tool into me. Rolling my hips back I stuck my cunt up against his body and squeezed my vaginal muscles, his balls slapping my bum as Tony’s penis penetrated deep into my sperm filled vagina. It was nearly as long as Luke’s, and felt unreal as each stroke rammed into my belly. The throbbing of the orgasm Mick didn’t give me quickly returned. Tony’s grip tightened and his cock grew harder. My body was in ecstasy, it was like an orgasm in slow motion.
I gasped in erotic pleasure as Tony pushed hard into me, I knew he was about to cum, oh god how I wanted his sperm. He groaned and I moaned as I felt spurt after spurt filling my cunt, holding my vaginal muscles tight I kept all inside.
Last of all little Scotty had a turn, he had trouble getting an erection, he said it was stage fright. The other three said they would leave us alone and would meet him back at the house. As they climbed out through the window I heard one of them whisper “Hey Jason, we owe you one”. The little sneak had planned it all along, but I’m not complaining.
Scotty had no problems getting a hard on once we where alone. As he lay on me he ever so slowly inserted his tool into my cunt. And what a tool, it was much fatter than the other’s, and as he gradually pushed it in, it was even longer than Tony’s. He slowly started to root me and said “I’m not hurting you am I”. I replied “No, it feels fantastic, you can push harder if you like” Lifting my cunt as I had done with Tony, Scotty gently pushed it all the way in and slowly started to fuck me.
I mewed with pleasure, this was the nicest root of all. His cock felt so big and comfortable inside, and all I had to do was lay back on my bed and let him fuck me, oh god it was good to be fucked. My vagina started throbbing with the beautiful feeling of an imminent orgasm. Oh shit it was fantastic, with every stroke I gave a little moan, I was starting to cum. Scotty kept slowly fucking me as an intense orgasm surged through me, my body bucked and I groaned and moaned loudly, I kept cuming for much longer than I ever had before. Scotty began to bite my neck, this new sensation adding to my pleasure.
Two or three minutes later he lifted his head and kissed me, we pashed on for ages, this was the first time I had really been kissed, and to be fucked at the same time was heaven. Eventually he lifted his head and started to root me harder. I could easily feel the end of his cock ramming the depths of my vagina and I eagerly awaited to feel him ejeculate. Scotty gasped, I felt one big spurt followed by another, I oood with pleasure as his load of sperm filled me. He gave me the best fuck I’ve ever had, lucky my Grandparents are half deaf and didn’t hear my love noises.
We talked for a while, it turned out Scotty was only a few months younger than me. Unfortunately he lives in town and would be going back with the others in the morning. He leaned over and sucked my tit, then said he would try to get a lift out one night in and visit me if I wanted. I told him he could sleep in my bed anytime. We said goodbye kissed again and he was gone.
I snuggled down into bed, there was a wet patch of cum and spoof on the sheet but I didn’t mind. There was lots more spoof up my vagina, and in my uterus. I gently rubbed my belly, I have the sperm of four boys inside me, all their semen would be trying to fertilize my egg, I could be conceiving right now and wake up in the morning pregnant. I’ve never felt more contented.

I slept in next morning, that was no surprise seeing what I got up to during the night. I thought about what I would do if I really did get pregnant, it would satisfy my strong maternal desires, but in reality I would probably shit myself. I knew I was taking a big risk letting them all root me last night, but it was ‘oh so good’. And I knew I probably wouldn’t hesitate to do the same again.
For most of the day I wandered about the house in a dreamy daze. My Grandparents went out visiting some friends in the afternoon. I was sitting in the lounge doing not much of anything when Luke came up, muzzled my arm and gave me that ‘I want a root’ look. I figured it was well over a day since we last copulated, he would be loaded with spoof. I soon became aroused by his advances, Luke could pump ten times more sperm into me than what the four boy’s combined gave me last night. I rubbed my belly and was thinking about the nice full feeling it gets after he fucks me, then my mind drifted to Blacky. The perverted urge came over me to have sex with the horse again, having his huge tool cum in me was the greatest sensation ever, but it was so fucking awkward getting it up me. I knew the blast of sperm could fill my uterus in seconds, that was the best part. And then the idea struck me, I could let Luke root me afterwards, his slow ejaculation would gradually expand my uterus even more. An erotic tingle overcame me as I imagined what the swollen uterus in my belly would feel like after they both fucked me.
It didn’t take long to convince myself to give it a try, I was soon sneaking across the road with Luke expectedly padding along behind. Blacky snorted and with his tail in the air trotted over to the fence as soon as he spotted me. As I rubbed his mane the huge black slug of his cock extended from his belly, looks like he’s glad to see me.
My vagina ached in anticipation as I led Blacky to the bush covered far corner of the paddock, Luke closely followed, I told him firmly to laydown and stay. No one could spot us here, I quickly stripped my dress off and stood naked in front of Blacky. My cunt oozed cum, the thought that I was about to be rooted by this randy black stallion gave me the most unreal erotic surge.
Blacky began muzzling me down, I dropped to my knees and gently grabbed his cock. It looked so much bigger in daylight, a stream of pre cum oozed out the 20mm slit at the end of the huge shaft, no wonder it feels so good when he cums. Oh well, here we go I thought, as I maneuvered my bum under his belly, I guided the head of his tool into my slit, his precum began to ooze all over my slit. As before I almost had my shoulders on the ground and pushed back. I centered the head on my vagina hole and I could feel his precum flow inside me and it made my cunt twice as slippery Gradually my vagina opened up and the huge tool began to enter me, it felt so tight, I pushed back harder and gasped in ecstasy as it slipped into my cunt Blacky snorted and shuffled about as I pushed back and his cock sank deep into me, it was up me further than last time, my whole cunt was full of cock. Gently I rocked back and forth, the feel of his massive tool inside me was incredible. After 3 or 4 minutes my cunt was slowly rising to an orgasm.

Blacky’s cock grew stiffer and he started giving me short thrusts and with his snorting, I knew he was getting ready to cum as well. My body trembled in anticipation, the huge animal that was on me, and in me, was going to shoot his load. I did short fast strokes and pushed back further. I could feel the head of his cock hard against the end of my vagina. I squeezed my vaginal muscles tight and gasped in ecstasy as the first gush of sperm blasted deep in my belly, it instantly filled me. A second blast and I could feel the warm liquid squirting through my cervix, I continued to squeeze his cock tight as spurt after spurt was pumped into me. My belly began to feel heavy as sperm quickly filled my uterus, it gave me the loveliest erotic sensation. The loud gasping breaths Blackie was making as he orgasmed added to my pleasure, one last snort and he was finished.
I felt quite contented just kneeling there with his softening motionless cock up my cunt. Reaching back a slowly rubbed a hand across my belly. I could easily feel the hard round ball of my sperm filled uterus, it was bigger than last time. .
A few minutes passed, Luke came over to see if I was ok, and probably to get his end in if he could. I said it’s all right, you can have me in a little while, he lay down under a bush.

There wasn’t the slightest hint of pain, in fact it felt wonderfully comfortable having a womb full of sperm and a cunt full of cock I stayed in that position for 5 minutes or more. Ever so slowly I felt Blackie’s cock growing bigger, it was soon stiff and I could feel the big round head deep in my belly. Oh god it felt so good as I gently rocked my hips and felt it sliding in and out of my cunt. I wondered if Blackie would cum again so soon, Luke certainly wouldn’t, maybe horses are different. I felt certain my uterus could hold more sperm, the thought of him cumming in me a second turned me on, I rocked faster.
Another few minutes past, my legs where getting sore and I was nearly ready to give up. But my strong desire to have him ejaculate inside me kept me going. Suddenly he snorted his cock turned rock hard I pushed back driving his cock right up me and squeezed my vagina tight. I half gasped half whispered “Fill me up, fill me up” the head of his cock exploded, I was again in ecstasy as I felt the warm stream of sperm blast the end of my vagina and flood back through my cunt. The first spurt was much stronger than the last fuck, I felt two or three more spurts. My belly grew tight, suddenly his sperm started oozing out of my vagina around his cock, I couldn’t stop it, my uterus was full and overflowing, what a turn on.

Blacky shuffled his feet around and the beautiful cock that had given me so much pleasure, and sperm, slipped out, I think he has had enough. I quickly crawled out from under him, he walked about three steps and stood breathing heavy, he looked knackered. I began to sit up on my knees, when a steady ooze of sperm started to flow from my vagina. Blacky’s cock had been acting as a plug, no matter how hard I squeezed my vagina, spoof kept pouring out. I dropped back onto my hands and knees, I wanted to keep my spoof filled belly for a little while.
Luke was trotting over towards me, he would be all to willing to help plug my cunt, and give me his sperm. I said ‘come on Luke, fuck me’. He came up behind me and was on top of me and up me in two seconds. I could hardly feel his cock in the sperm filled hole of my vagina. Blacky had sure opened me up, as Luke screwed me his balls where almost up my cunt as well.
His cock soon expanded and I could feel his knots growing inside me, oh god it felt so good to be fucked by a dog. We were soon stuck together, his knots tight in my vagina and his pulsating cock squirting even more sperm into my engorged womb. After only a couple of minutes I could feel my belly getting harder, Luke’s slow steady ejeculation was gently expanding my uterus.
About ten minutes had passed, my uterus was rock hard, the feeling that I felt and probably looked 3 months pregnant hit me, giving me the most perverted erotic sensation I had ever imagined.

Luke had almost finished pumping his load into me, I don’t think I could hold any more, the internal pressure inside my tummy was affecting my breathing. As soon as his cock began to shrink a steady flow of sperm drained from my cunt. I stood up after Luke withdrew his tool and was amazed at how far my belly stuck out. I had a typical pregnant bulge, they must have pumped more than a liter of sperm into me. I massaged the hard ball of my womb, I imagined I was pregnant and had a real baby inside me, it was such a fantastic feeling.
It soon became to much strain keeping my vagina squeezed tight. I lay down on my back, my normally flat tummy bulged up more than 50mm. I was still admiring the results of my sexual promiscuity 10 minutes later when I felt a tightening in my belly. Two minutes later there was another stronger one, followed by another. I realized I was having contractions. They grew stronger and stronger, but there was no pain, if anything they gave me pleasure. With each contraction a stream of sperm oozed from my cunt creating a large goopy white puddle on the ground. A couple of really strong one’s and my uterus was almost back to it’s normal size. My baby of horse and dog spoof lay in a big mess on the ground. Well, that was fun I said to myself.
I smelt like an old horse blanket marinated in spoof, so I had a lovely long hot shower before my Grandparents returned. This was another memorable day in the life of a 14 yearold perverted slut, what other disgusting things can I get up to, or get up my cunt at least.
I lay awake for ages that night, I had an uncomfortable feeling in my tummy. I hope I haven’t damaged anything inside me. The idea of never being able to have any babies went through my mind. I got out of bed and sat on the toilet, pushing my belly in with both hands about a cup full of sperm sploshed into the bowl. That felt better, also there was no trace of blood, another good sign. I wondered if I had conceived the other night when Jason and the others fucked me, and if I did have a baby growing inside me did it survive the massive sperm flush out this afternoon, I hope it did.

By the following afternoon I felt back to normal again and wondering if Scotty was ever going to call me, Luke was giving me funny looks as well. Either way my thoughts were returning to sex, but I might stay clear of Blacky for a day or two.
Scotty’s phone call never eventuated, I figured he got what he wanted the other night, he probably had better looking girlfriends than me anyway. So when Luke scratched at my bedroom door after we all went to bed I quietly let him in. Like a disgusting slut I slowly rubbed my belly and said “Come and fuck me Luke”. I knew he was fully aroused as I assumed the doggy style position on the bed, so was I. Luke quickly jumped up and mounted me, his tool found my hole, and he enthusiastically fucked my cunt. All thoughts of Scotty disappeared as Luke gave me a very satisfying root. Twenty minutes later Luke left my room drained, once again I went to sleep with a belly full of his spoof.

DAY 10
The next day my Grandparents and I went on a tour of a local tourist cave. I wore a close fitting dress that went half way to my knees, feeling a bit wicked I didn’t wear any underpants. Once we arrived at the cave and queued up with two dozen other people, a fair proportion of them guys, I felt a bit horny knowing that my vagina was on display just behind a thin cotton curtain.
Once inside the cave the tour guide led us around a maze of stalagmites and various other beautiful mineral deposits, I was also checking out some of the good looking guys in the group. Occasionally I noticed some guys glancing at me, one in particular wearing a red shirt seamed to stay close to me, but he must have been nearly thirty.
Our tour party stopped at a lovely lake right at the end of the cave, the guide explained that at this point he would turn the lights out then turn on various spotlights to highlight certain parts of the cave. He added that the younger ones of us could view it better from an overhead lookout, he then indicated a steep set of steps that twisted and turned up the side of the cave some four or five meters high. I headed up the steps with several others. It wasn’t until we were half way up and negotiating a tight bend that I realized someone might see up my dress.
The guy in the red shirt was right behind me when we reached a tiny landing with a narrow vertical ladder leading to the platform. If I was quick I could make it up without him seeing anything. But the young couple in front of me stopped, I was right on the top step. And to make things worse there was a low overhanging rock you had to bend under. Glancing over my shoulder the guy’s head was level with my feet, he couldn’t help not seeing my naked bum. Finally the two in front of me moved a little, I sneaked a quick glance back, the guy was looking straight up my dress. You virtually had to crawl onto the platform, as I lifted my leg up and over I knew my vagina would be in full view. The woman in front of me stopped again, my left leg was on the ladder, my right knee was up on the platform with my legs well apart, I could almost feel his eyes boring into my cunt. I felt really embarrassed, then the idea that a man was looking at my vagina started to turn the slut on in me. If only he knew that cunt had been fucked by a dog and a horse, he probably thinks I’m a virgin. The woman moved, and his free peep show was over. There was no one else following the guy, and he stayed behind me as there was not much room on the narrow viewing platform.
I tour guide suggested we hang onto the handrail when he turns off the lights, I leaned over a little to watch the show, then the entire cave was plunged into pitch black. The guide explained that this was true total darkness, no kidding, you could not see a damn thing. I heard the click of a switch, a flood light started to come on, there was a muffled bang of in the distance, and the light instantly went off. The guide cursed then explained that a fuse had blown up at the entrance. His torch came on and he said he would go up and fix it, he added it would be safer if we all stayed here. He said it would only take a few minutes, the light from his torch faded away as he returned to the surface.

There was excited chatter and giggles, and occasional flashes from camera’s. My Grandfather called out “Are you allright Linda”. I replied that I was ok. In the instant flash from a camera I noticed the young couple pashing on about three meters along the platform. I was also aware of someone standing close behind me, it must have been the guy in the red shirt. A moment later I felt something touch the side of my bum, it was the guys hand. I didn’t know what to do, maybe he was trying to find the handrail. But as his hand opened and began to softly feel my bum a brief sense of panic hit me. Then I realized that I must have turned him on with my vaginas open invitation, the reality that he was fondling me made me instantly randy. I felt like a cheap slut as I leaned over the handrail and stuck my bum out towards him.
His other hand quickly joined in exploring my reasonably well shaped arse, my invitation had been accepted. Both his hands ran down the sides of my legs, then came up under my dress and gently ran all over the naked curves of my hips and bum. No one had ever touched me this way before, it felt lovely. A strong randy feeling was building in my vagina, it was aching to be ‘interfered with’. I spread my legs a little, a finger found my eager wet slit. Ooooh, it felt nice as he inserted it and slowly finger fucked my cunt.
A minute or so past and the finger was withdrawn, my dress was lifted up and straight away I felt a big warm object pressing into my slit. As it opened up my vagina I realized he was sticking his cock up me, I spread my legs further and it sunk right in, shit it felt good. His hands held onto my hips and he proceeded to slowly fuck me, his tool was bigger than Scotty’s, well he was a man after all. My arms wrapped around the handrail, I hung on and enjoyed the ride. The last thing I expected on a cave tour was to get a fuck.

The most fantastic pleasure was building in my vagina, the idea that I was being fucked by a man turned me on more than anything. The erotic sensations that I had a mature human penis inside my female reproductive organ gave me the most satisfying feeling. His strokes began to quicken, that, and the thought he was going to cum in me triggered a short, but intense orgasm. My body shuddered as I tried not to groan out loud.
His grip tightened on my hips, and as he pulled me tight against his body I felt the wonderful feeling as his cock delivered a wad of warm sperm into my belly. Once again my craving to have sexual intercourse had been satisfied. I had the most contented feeling that only a cunt full of human sperm could give, it might even fertilize me.
I remained leaning on the handrail after he withdrew his tool. My vagina and most of my body was in a dreamy sort of sexual afterglow, and for the third or fourth time in the last week I thought to myself how glad I was to be a girl.
A spotlight coming on at the far end of the lake returned me to reality. Standing up straight I turned to look for the guy who had just fucked me, but he was nowhere to be seen. It didn’t bother me, he got what he wanted, and so did I.
On the way home in the back seat of the car I fingered my cunt, it was still half full of sperm. For some reason I wondered what it tasted like. Discretely I sucked some of the spoof from my finger, it smelt sickly and tasted salty and bitter, but I sort of enjoyed it. I pushed two fingers up my vagina and pulled out a big blob, quickly I sucked it up, it didn’t taste as bad. But I think I was more aroused by the fact it was sperm, not the taste of it. Either way it was kind of nice in a kinky sort of way.
Late that night Luke came to my room for our usual session. He gave me another fantastic fuck, I easily climaxed to a lovely orgasm. As I kneeled on the bed with Luke’s pulsating cock stuck hard up my cunt, I wondered what I was going to do for a fuck once I went home. I was so used to getting screwed by him twice a day. But with my new found sexuality it should be easy to find a guy to fill my cunt. Trouble is I would end up getting pregnant sooner or later, but what fun trying. Maybe I’m pregnant already, the thought no longer frightened me, but excited me, besides, I could fuck myself silly for 9 months.

DAY 11
The following day Luke and I set off for the beach, as usual we hadn’t got half way before ending up in the bushes with Luke’s cock ending up in me. I had a mild orgasm after about a minute of his fucking (slut), but he only stayed in me for a couple of minutes before withdrawing. This was unusual, he must be getting tiered I thought. I need not have worried, on our way home after a few hours down the beach he made it quite obvious he wanted to mate with me again. This time he really gave me a fucking, fresh air and a swim must have revived him. My whole body shook as he pounded his tool into my cunt. I was soon mewing in pleasure as another orgasm engulfed me. His expanding cock tightened in my vagina and once again filled me with sperm, oooh shit it feels sooo good.
We wandered back to the house in our normal after sex euphoria, I had completely forgotten that Nan and Gramps where having some friends over for a BBQ lunch. They introduced me to a couple, they where as old as Nan and Gramps, and their young Grandaughter, Chloe.
Chloe was 10 years old, she had a very pretty face, and her dark shoulder length hair matched her ebony eye’s. I couldn’t help notice her small budding breasts, I wish mine were like that when I was 10. After talking to her for a while I realized she was quite mature for her age, we seamed to get along all right.
After lunch Chloe and I walked down to the beach. Luke wasn’t the slightest bit interested in joining us, he lay half asleep on the back verandah. I felt a little guilty as we passed the spot where Luke and me usually stopped for our morning glory. I thought what would I have done if someone like Chloe stumbled across us in the middle of a fuck, I couldn’t bare to think of it. But then I thought nobody has spotted us yet, and quietly laughed to myself.
We had half an hour on the beach before the sea breeze came in and started to sand blast us. I suggested we go over the sandhill and do some sunbathing, Chloe agreed. We found a nice area next to the tree line, and spread our towels out. We both lay on our backs and chatted away about nothing in particular. After a while I found myself perving on Chloe’s body, her skintight one piece bathers clearly showing her developing curves and budding little tits. I don’t know why, but I was becoming sexually attracted to her.
Chloe sat up exclaiming her bathers where uncomfortable and started pulling them about. I innocently said why don’t we do some nude bathing. Chloe giggled and said you wont tell anyone will you. I smiled and said no, I do it all the time. She said OK and started to peel hers off. My favorite white bikini was soon on the ground, we where both kneeling facing each other. Chloe giggled again and said “You look like a woman, your’s has hairs on it”. Her eyes where on my pubic area. I was taken back a bit by her frankness, but compared to her bald vagina my sparse wispy hairs did make me look mature. I replied “Well, I am older than you”. Chloe looked down at her own vagina. Reaching down she put her finger on a small bruise just above the top of her slit and said “Oh, I did that on my bike yesterday”. I sympathetically replied “Does it hurt”. She opened her legs wider and said “It hurt a lot yesterday”. The sight of her hairless cunt was turning me on. Chloe just sat there with her legs apart, her hand now resting on her leg. She gave me a funny little smile and softly said “It’s still a bit sore”. My pulse quickened as I realized she wanted me to touch her, I think. One way to find out. I asked “Would you like me to kiss it better” She put on a shy little girl look and said “Yes”. She lay back on the towel as I leaned over. My lips touched the bruise. I opened my mouth a little and slowly ran the tip of my tongue in small circles. Chloe whispered “That feels nice” and she opened her legs wide. My tongue made bigger circles until it found the top of her vagina, Chloe lifted her hips, I know knew what she wanted, My mouth closed around her cunt, my tongue probing her slit, the tip finding her tight virgin vaginal entrance. Chloe lifted her legs and pulled them back fully exposing her cunt, as my tongue slowly entered her vagina she whispered “Push it right in” Wow I was tongue fucking a 10 year old girl, and I was enjoying it.
Chloe whispered “O, that feels nice, push it up further”. My tongue was as far up as it would go, I started to finger fuck her and moved my tongue up to her clit. She mewed with pleasure as my finger slipped deep into her cunt. This girl could easily take a cock up her vagina,
I was amazed at how well developed she was, and as she oooed and arrred a few times I wondered if she was capable of having an orgasm.
I didn’t have to wonder for much longer. Chloe shuddered and let out a small moan as her little body climaxed in sexual pleasure. I looked up as she came, her face had the look of pure exstacy crossed with amazement, her nipples where standing out like bullets from her small breasts.
I kneeled up and watched her panting body, my vagina was throbbing. For a brief few seconds I wished I was a boy. I could have easily fucked her.
Chloe looked up at me and softly said “That felt fantastic…….what did you do to me” .
I explained to her about orgasms and sex, she knew the basics. I softly rubbed her lower belly as I told her about babies and getting pregnant, she put her hand on mine and said “If you where a boy I would let you make me pregnant” and giggled. My vagina was aching for relief, I lay down on top of her and whispered “Pretend I’m a boy”.
Our belly’s touched I pushed my wet vagina against hers, my juicy flaps slid easily around her hairless smooth cunt and I began to hump her. My vagina became even more sloppy and wet, then I suddenly realized my uterus was still full of Lukes sperm. The erotic thought that sperm was coming from my body and into Chloes reproductive organ turned me on even more, I was actually fertilizing her.
An intense orgasm quickly started to rise in my belly, once again I imagined I was a boy and my cock was up her cunt, and I was going to cum inside her, I humped her harder, I was going to blow.
My body exploded, I groaned out loud as my vagina contracted in waves of pleasure. Holding my cunt hard against Chloe’s I knew I was transferring dog spoof into her vagina. As my orgasm faded I collapsed on top of her, it was my turn to pant now.
The intense randyness in me faded as fast as my orgasm, I stood up and wondered how I could have done that to a 10 year old girl. But Chloe smiled up at me said “That was lovely, you orgasmed as well”. I had to agree it was very enjoyable, maybe this sort of thing happens all the time, after all, I did have sex with Donna.
We talked about our intimate encounter for a while, then both agreed never to tell anyone, it was our little secret. We talked some more, it turned out she lived close to my place and we decided we should keep in touch.
Upon our return to the house her grandparents where getting ready to leave. Chloe said she was going back to her parents tomorrow, we went into my bedroom and she gave me her phone number. Chloe then put her arms around me and quickly kissed me on the lips then whispered
“I love you”. Wow, she had a crush on me, well I suppose I did make love to her. I replied that I loved her and I would give her a call. Mmmm I shouldn’t have said that, I’m not sure having a relationship with a 10 year old girl is what I want, but she is so pretty, and I do like her, sexually.

DAY 12
I helped Nan and gramps in the garden all morning, I was stating to feel a bit depressed, there was only two more days of my holiday left. I was really going to miss this place this time, I wonder why.
The phone rang and Nan answered it. It was the Ryans, apparently somebody was coming over this afternoon to pick up Blackie, he was going to a new home. Oh no, I thought, I would never see by my stud stallion again. Never feel his cock or feel the gush of his sperm inside me again, now I felt really depressed. Nan said the people would be round at 3.
During lunch I made up my mind to go over and have one last fuck from Blackie, I was as horny as hell just thinking about it.
After my Grandparents retired for their afternoon siesta, I made sure Luke was asleep on the back verandah, I didn’t want him following me. Quietly I left the house and headed over the road.
I was wearing my old blue and white summer dress and a thin pair of cotton pants. By the time I walked around the back of the Ryans place my vagina was throbbing, the crotch of my pants where soaked in my cum.
It had been four days since Blackie and I last mated and it was no surprise when he came galloping up to me after one soft call of his name. His big black cock swinging wildly, fully erect.
He winnied and snorted excitedly as I climbed through the fence. I scanned around for any signs of people, it was all clear. There was a small stable about 20 meters away, I decided we could do it in there, no one can see inside, and it was much closer than walking over to the bushes at the end of the paddock.
The door was latched closed, as I opened it Blackie virtually pushed me inside. It had a concrete floor with an old piece of carpet laying on one half. I had a quick look outside then closed the door. I took my dress of and pulled my pants down, I was as randy as all fuck. I put two fingers up my cunt and worked them around to open my hole up. Blackie was breathing heavily and he had an intense look in his eyes, he knew what was going to happen next. I lead him over so as he was standing on the carpet and kneeled down next to him. His cock oozed precum, it dribbled onto the carpet like honey.
I maneuvered my bum under his belly and guided the head of his slug into my vagina. It was still awkward, but gradually I felt my cunt open up and his huge black tool slipped into me.
I pushed back until he was right up me, oh god it felt fantastic. I rocked back and fourth, the pleasure quickly started to rise.
I thought I heard a car door shut, no, no, couldn’t be, it must have been something else, no one can see us in here, who cares.
An intense tingling started in my vagina, I moaned and shuddered into a blinding orgasm, I kept cuming and cuming, it was fucking beautiful. As the ecstacy in my body slowly subsided Blackie began to make his raspy snorting sound, and his cock went rock hard. I gasped in pleasure as I felt the first blast of sperm erupt into my belly, a lovely warm flood filled my vagina. Then another blast and another, his sperm was oozing out of my cunt. Blackie was snorting and gasping, he had never cum as hard as that before. His sperm was all around my cunt and running down my belly. There was a big blob of it on the carpet under my vagina, the stuff was everywhere.
Suddenly a woman’s voice called out “Hello, is there anybody in there” . I heard the latch move on the stable door. Instantly a sense of panic struck me, I was trapped. Awkwardly I crawled out from under the stallion, not an easy task with a rock hard cock stuck up my vagina. I grabbed my dress and stood up just as the door opened. I was sprung, all I could do was hold my dress up to my tits, I was frozen with panic, I wished I could just disappear.
A dark haired woman, about 35 years old, stood in the doorway. She looked at me, looked at Blackie, and said “O, errr…..ummm….err been having a bit of fun have we”. I bowed my head in shame, then I noticed the lower part of my belly and all around my cunt was covered in gunky white spoof. Blackie was standing side on to the door, his erect big black cock covered in the same gunk. It must have looked pretty obvious what we where up to. Right then a big blob of sperm fell from my vagina and made an audible ‘splat’ on the floor.
I wanted to die, tears welled up in my eyes, slowly I lifted my head and looked at the woman.
There was nothing I could say, tears began to streak down my cheeks. She spoke again “It’s all right honey. Don’t cry”. That was it, giant sobs welled up in me and I started to ball uncontrollably. She came over and put her arms around me and said “There, there honey don’t cry, I’m not going to tell anyone…….your just a girl , it’s ok”.
She gently rubbed my back and a spoke again “Blackie sure makes a mess when he cums doesn’t he”. A sense of relief came over me, she knew the horse and seemed to accept the fact I had just had sexual intercourse with him. With her two thumbs she gently wiped the tears from under my eyes. I didn’t know what to say, I hesitantly said “You, you know Blackie”. She replied “Yes, I used to work in a circus with him. And, yes, I sometimes had sex with him as well. So don’t worry, your not the only one”. She smiled at me and added “You must be quite a promiscuous little sex pot, how old are you”. I replied “Fourteen”. She thought for a moment then said “Mmmm…….I think you are a really horny fourteen year old, I heard you orgasm from the driveway, you know there’s not to many young girls around that could take Blackie’s cock up their vagina’s”. I started to feel better, the state of shock I was in began to vaporize.
She smiled again and said her name was Ann, I said Hi, my names Linda. I contemplated how to clean up the gooey mess all over me, I had never had this much spoof on me before. Ann said she had a towel in the car and went out to get it. I was still a bit dumbfounded by the whole experience, I figured she was the one that was coming to pick Blackie up, at least now I know where he got his sexual appetite for human women from.

Ann returned with a small blue towel, I must have still looked a bit pensive, she looked at me and said ‘It’s all right Linda, it’s your own body. Come on, I’ll clean you up”. She wiped my belly, and I spread my legs a bit as she wiped inside my legs. Ann said “You don’t mind if I wipe your vagina”. I said “OK”. She gently wiped my slit and opened up my flaps with her other hand. She exclaimed “Wow Linda, you have got a big vagina, no wonder you like being rooted by a horse”. I innocently replied “Have I”, I pictured Donna’s tight little cunt, mine was huge compared to hers. Ann said inquiringly “How much of Blackie’s cock can you get inside you”. I replied sheepishly “About three quarters of it”. Ann just said mmmm.
I slipped my dress and pants back on, Ann laughed and said “You look just like any other innocent young girl, but we know what your really like”.
A 4 x 4 rolled up the driveway with a horse float in tow. Ann introduced me to the handsome driver. “This is Steve, my boyfriend. Steve meet Linda”. I said my customary Hi. Ann asked Steve to reverse the float up to the gate, he chucked it into reverse and started to back around. Ann reached into her car and handed me a card. She said “Linda, if you would like to visit Blackie just give me a call on this number. If you want to make some money…..I’d love to take a video of you and him ‘together’ if you know what I mean”. She smiled at me in a wicked sort of way, I knew exactly what she meant. But I was unsure of having my body recorded for all to see carrying out an act of bestiality. I asked “How much money”. She replied “Owww….a nice young girl like you being intimate with a horse…..mmmm maybe two or three hundred Dollars. Think about it and give me a call”. I couldn’t believe I could earn that much, I said “Yes, I will think about it”.
Ten minutes later I waved good bye to them as they disappeared in a cloud of dust down the road. My favorite black stallion was gone, I would just have to be satisfied with Luke’s cock. I discreetly returned to my bedroom and put Ann’s card in a safe place and giggled to myself, me in a porno movie, wow. Two or three hundred Dollars, Wow.
I did some nude posses in front of the mirror, apart from small boobs, my body was quite ‘nice’. Maybe some men like little tits. Some more sperm oozed from my cunt as I bent over, even thought I didn’t squeeze his cock, Blackie had still filled up my uterus again. I had a lovely warm shower and lazed about the lounge for the rest of the afternoon. There was only two more nights left of my holiday, my mum would be around on Sunday morning. Then ‘bleargh’ school on Tuesday, the depression was starting.
That evening as we all went to bed it began to rain heavily and the temperature dropped to about 20 degrees. The tin roof made a comforting roar and water gurgled through the downpipes. I love rainy night’s, I opened my window wide and smelt the dampness, the constant patter patter of the rain hitting the ground was seducing me, I wanted to run naked and feel it on my body.
Luke desperately scratched at my door, then I realized it had been yesterday morning when we did it last. I let him in and sat on the bed. He jumped up next to me and started licking my arm, I turned towards him and let him lick my face and mouth. I leaned back and held a tit up and he licked all over that as well. Laying back I opened my legs and his tongue darted into my cunt, oh it felt beautiful, why hadn’t I done this before. After a minute Luke looked up at me as if to say ‘well, are you going to let me root you’.

His tongue work had got me well and truly primed, I rolled over onto my hands and knees. Luke wasted no time in mounting me, his cock jabbed around a few times before finding my slit, the tip entered me, then bam, his front legs tightened around my waist and he drove his tool deep into my vagina. My body shuddered as each stroke slammed into me, Luke meant business tonight, it felt fucking fantastic.
All to soon I could feel Luke start to ejeculate, his cock grew fat and he gave one last thrust to lock his knots inside my vagina. Oh well, I cant have an orgasm every time I thought, but it still feels fantastic to have a cunt full of cock. With each pulsation I could feel a squirt deep in my belly, it still gives me the most erotic sensation to be pumped full of sperm. With Blackie or a man it’s all over in two second’s, with a dog it lasts for ages.
After fifteen minutes Luke was drained and he got off me, I had a nice comfortable heavy feeling in my belly, he really filled me this time. After I let Luke out I returned to the open window, the sound of the rain soon seduced me again, I climbed out and let it have me.

It felt fantastic as the big drops hit my skin, I pulled my arms back and let them massage my breasts, I ran and ran and ran, down the track, down to the beach. I was as randy as all fuck, Luke hadn’t satisfied me, I just wanted to be fucked by anything or anyone. I ran naked along the beach towards the village.
Two kilometers later I was at the boat ramp and toilet block, the rain was as heavy as ever. Looking across the deserted car park to the closed shop there wasn’t a living thing in sight.
I walked into the empty men’s toilets, the stainless steel urinal caught my eye. I walked up to it and pressed my vagina against its smooth smelly surface. The thought of all the cocks that had pissed here turned me on.
Just then a cars headlights swept into the carpark. I looked around the corner of the doorway, a Valiant panelvan pulled up about 20 meters away. The inside light went on and I could see a guy and a girl climb into the back. I sprinted over and looked in through a side window. The guy looked about 20 odd, the girl a bit older than me. They both stripped off, the girl had a pair of tits I would kill for, they where perfect. I watched in awe as they kissed and cuddled, the guy ending up on top of her. She moaned as he began to fuck her, the panelvan rocked with their motion. The sound of the girl cumming, closely followed by the guy, almost made me cum. My cunt was throbbing, it was a real turn on watching someone else getting screwed.
After a few minutes they both got dressed and returned to the front seats, I quickly disappeared over a grassy bank next to the carpark and lay flat on my back. The arc of their headlights swung over me as they drove off into the night. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the rain hitting my body, I thought about the sex scene I had just witnessed and began to frig my clit.
A wonderful pressure was building in my cunt, when suddenly I felt that I was being watched. I opened my eyes, a cold shock hit me. There was a man, a naked man standing right between my open legs. He was tall and skinny with a ragged reddish beard, he was old, at least 45. He spoke to me “I’ve been waiting for you, you must be the one”. His cock was sticking out fully erect as he kneeled between my legs. I went to sit up and he grabbed my arms and held me down. I didn’t fight him, I just said “Who are you, what do you want”. I thought to myself, that’s a stupid question, I am the one he has been waiting for, and he want’s to fuck me. He replied “You are the chosen one, you must let me mate with you, please”. He leaned over me and I felt his cock touch my slit. Any fear that was in me quickly vapourised and my cunt throbbed in anticipation, he was going to mate with me all right whether I wanted him to or not.

The head of his cock easily started to slipped into my wet vagina and I gasped in pleasure as it penetrated inside me. He replied “There, that feels nice, there is nothing to fear my little darling”. Yep, it sure felt all right to me, I replied “It feels good” He slowly began rooting me, then quietly asked “Are you on the pill”. I mewed in pleasure a few times then replied “Mmmm no”. His strokes quickened and he softly said “Do you want me to stop”. I mewed again “Ooooh no, keep going, do me, oh do me”. Then in a strange sort of loving voice he said “Oh my darling, you are the one, you are the promised willing fertile maiden Linda, I am Thor’s instrument, I will impregnate you”
He grabbed my shoulders and proceeded to fuck me. I don’t know who’s instrument he was, or how he knew my name, I didn’t care, I just wanted a fuck, and if he was to impregnate me, so what. I spread my legs wide and thrust my hips up, his cock penetrated deep inside me, I enjoyed every second as he humped me. I was soon beginning to cum, he held me tight as I exploded into a wild orgasm. Each stroke of his engorged cock giving my the most unbelievable pleasure. As my orgasm subsided his pace increased and his big tool grew even harder, he gasped “Oh my lord, I am your conduit” he rammed it further into my cunt and groaned. I briefly thought that this guy says some weird things, but they all vanished as I began experiencing the most fantastic feeling as I felt his sperm squirting inside my belly, it was almost hot, and it gave me the most lovely sensation as it filled my vagina, oh god it felt good.
He lay motionless on top of me, our two bodies joined together by our sex organs. My erotic maternal thoughts focusing on my sperm filled reproductive system, I was again in heaven.
After a while he lifted his head and softly said “Did you feel me cuming inside you”. Bloody oath I did, I had never felt spoof so hot, I dreamily replied “Oh Yes, it felt nice”. Then he added “Is that the first time you have had sex”. I lied and said “Yes”. He tilted his head down and kissed me on the lips, then climbed off me and kneeling between my legs put his hand flat on my belly. He looked up into the still poring rain, his other arm pointing straight up. He shouted “O Thor give me a sign, will this virgin girl carry our savior. Please, please tell me”. I was starting to think this guy was a loose cannon, when suddenly a lightning bolt flashed directly overhead. The man shouted “O my lord, my lord thank you, thank you. I am your servant O mighty Thor”. With that he kissed my belly and with both hands gently rubbed my belly. He was crying in happiness as he said “My love, you have been chosen, inside your womb the savior will be conceived and your belly will grow ripe with his form.
I wasn’t sure what to think, this wild man had virtually raped me, although I was a willing victim, he talks to somebody called Thor, he knows my name, and that hot sperm. I’ve got to admit, that lightning bolt was right on cue, and there hasn’t been any flashes all night. Maybe he has made me pregnant, and I am going to give birth to the savior. The guy seamed happy enough, it doesn’t look like he’s going to hurt me, and he did give me a lovely fuck. I felt well and truly contented, so when he insisted I returned to his house he helped me up and I walked off with him hand in hand, my sperm filled cunt still tingling in pleasure.

The rain was still pouring down, when we reached his place. It was a small fibro house not far from the beach, we went inside and he dried me off with a towel. For the first time I could get a good look at the man who had just fucked me. He didn’t look so ragged close up, he was quite handsome for an old guy, and he had the most striking eyes. He said his name was Troy, then babbled away about how he was going to treat me like a princess and how he would do anything for me, I was the chosen one ‘Linda’. I asked how he knew my name. He replied “You are Linda, the bearer of Thor’s children”. I had to admit, he made quite a convincing argument.
The inside of the house was like any other home, nothing to suggest he was a thor nut. For the first time that night I felt cold and started to shiver. He gave me a glass of what tasted like apple cider to drink, he had one as well, it tasted lovely and gave me a warm feeling in my belly. He then led me into his bedroom, it was nice and warm also, a reverse cycle airconditioner hummed quietly in the wall. He asked me to lay face down on the bed, then proceeded to give me a wonderful massage. He rubbed my back then my legs and arms, it was most relaxing, I was almost going to sleep. I sat up and drank another glass of cider before laying on my back, he then went to work massaging my forehead and neck, I was in heaven. He spoke reasuringly about how he would look after me. His hands moved onto my breasts, I almost gasped in pleasure as he expertly manipulated my nipples. As they hardened between his fingers he softly said “You will be suckling the saviour from these breasts”, his voice trailed off and his mouth came down and started to suck my right tit, it felt lovely. The hand that was on my nipple slowly rubbed my lower belly, right above my uterus. I felt so sexy, I hoped I was pregnant.
He lay down next to me, I felt so relaxed I dozed off to sleep.
I had an amazing dream about Vikings and thunder Gods, it seemed so real. I heard rain, then realized I had woken up. It was still raining heavy, and it was still dark outside. Troy was sitting on the bed with me, he said I had slept for 3 hours, it was about 2 in the morning.
Troy once again gently rubbed my tummy, then started to suck my tits. He said nothing but his cock was fully erect. I smiled at him and his hand moved down onto my vagina. He expertly massaged my clit until I shuddered into a screaming orgasm. Then it was his turn, he climbed onto me and slipped his hard cock up my vagina and gave me a lovely long fuck. I slowly climaxed to another fantastic orgasm before he pumped another load of hot sperm into my belly. I think he was making sure ‘the chosen one’ was well and truly fertilized.
He lay down next to me and gradually dropped off to sleep. I wasn’t sure if was going to try and keep me here or not. So very quietly I slid of the bed and padded into the kitchen. I thought that I couldn’t just walk out on him, so spotting a pen I left him a note telling him that I had to go home, but I would come back to see him soon. I stuck it on the fridge and silently slipped out the back door.
I ran back down to the beach, then walked slowly back home. The rain had stopped and it had become nice and warm and humid.

DAY 13
The last day of my holiday down here, I felt really depressed at leaving, it had been a very sexy 2 weeks for me. At breakfast Nan and Gramps where sad as well, even though we don’t do that much together they like having me around, even Luke looked sad. And I was worried about Troy, he was probably going mental wondering where I had gone to, I felt my belly and remembered all the pleasure he gave me last night.
I decided that I was going to let Luke fuck me as much as he wanted to, it would be his last chance to root me for maybe 6 months.
The smell of the bush was extra strong walking down to the beach, the heavy rain last night had freshened everything up. Luke started licking my leg, I didn’t need much encouragement to strip off my bathers, Luke followed me into our favorite clearing. Instead of letting him mount me straight away I sat down and let him lick my face again, I kissed his mouth and tongue. I leaned back and opened my legs, he began to lick my vagina, it felt lovely. I soon had a mild orgasm. After it subsided I thought I might try and get on top of Luke like I did the first time. I patted his bum and told him to lay down, he obeyed, I noticed that his penis was erect. I rolled him onto his back and lifting my leg I kneeled over him. I gently grabbed his tool and guided it into my vagina, it easily slipped into my cunt as lowered myself down. I slowly rocked my hips back and forth and pushed back, his penis was right up me. It felt beautiful as I slowly rooted him, he didn’t fight me this time. After a few minutes I felt his penis begin to grow fatter, a hard lump formed near the base, I sat down harder and the lump of his knots popped up inside my vagina. I sat up straight and began to mew in pleasure as his penis expanded to it’s full size, once again we where knotted, it was like a steel rod inside me. I looked down at my vagina, Luke’s balls where up against it, between them was a red shaft 25mm in diameter sticking right up my cunt, it looked so sexy. Luke’s eyes suddenly opened wider, his penis gave a huge pulsation and deep in my belly I felt a warm gush as he started to ejeculate. Spurt after spurt squirted into me, my vagina throbbed and I gasped as I began to have another orgasm. I was in ecstasy, I lay down onto his chest and cuddled him enjoying every single pulsation from his cock as he continued to pump his load into me.
He kept cumming and cumming for a lot longer than what he usually did, I was full up inside and his sperm was starting to dribble out of me.
Suddenly there where voices, it sounded like 2 men calling somebody. They where close, probably on the track leading to the beach. At the same time a bush next to us rustled, I turned around and there was a big brown dog. I couldn’t move, Luke was still tight up my vagina. The dog was a Great Dane cross, it circled around us then sat down in front of me. The voices called louder, Bill, Bill where are you you bastard. One man said to the other, “He could be anywhere, there must be a bitch in heat somewhere near, lets go back to the beach, he will come back sooner or later”. The voices trailed off and they where gone. I looked at the Great Dane, sticking out from between his rear legs was a big purple red shaft, the man was right when he said there was a bitch in heat. It looked a lot bigger than Luke’s penis, and the way he was looking at me he wanted to stick it up my vagina. I thought, well if a horse can root me I should be able to take a Great Dane.
Luke’s penis eventually began to shrink, I lifted my bum up and it flopped out with the usual flood of spoof. Bill stood up, he looked so much bigger. I lifted myself off of Luke, he slowly got up walked a meter and collapsed.
Bill walked up to me, I was kneeling up, he nuzzled my face then licked my shoulder, his tail wagged frantically. Here goes I thought as I dropped down onto my hands and knees, I felt incredibly randy again at the thought of him fucking me. Bill circled around before jumping up on my back, he felt so heavy. His penis jabbed softly into my bum about 60mm above my vagina, I lifted myself up and his penis found my slit. It felt huge as it pushed open my cunt, I gasped as he slowly pushed it up me, he was much more gentle than Luke. His front legs clamped around me and he began to hump away. It went into me a lot further than Luke’s but it didn’t hurt. With each thrust Luke’s sperm was squirting out of me and running down my legs and belly. He rooted me for about a minute before I felt it begin to grow fat, I was on the verge of an orgasm. It started to hurt as his knots expanded, they where not up me far enough. I pushed back and he gave a series of hard thrusts, his tool penetrated to the end of my vagina, I felt his knots go into me, there was no turning back now. He kept rooting me, my body went all hot and tingly, I exploded into a fantastic orgasm. As my body and vagina shuddered I could feel his tool growing tight in my belly, I had never felt anything so beautiful as it grew tighter and harder. I think I was screaming in ecstasy, then deep in my belly I felt the first blast of sperm, then another, my vagina was full. His knots where that tight it was almost hurting, but I didn’t care, I wanted him to fill me up. And fill me up he did, I could feel my uterus growing tight and heavy, and still his load pumped into me. After 10 or 12 minutes my belly was as full as when Blackie fucked me, luckily Bills flow of sperm began to slow, any more and he would have blown me up I think.
Eventually his tool shrunk and sperm gushed out of me. By now Luke was back on his feet, then a strange thing happened, as Bill climbed off Luke jumped up on me and started to hump me. I thought no way, he couldn’t root me again for at least 4 or 5 hours. But then his penis found my cunt and he proceeded to fuck me as hard as he ever had. I just kneeled there and enjoyed being a female, it was lovely just to be fucked. He eventually got knotted inside me and squirted a bit more sperm into my vagina before pulling out. Then straight away Bill took his place, he gave me another beautiful fuck and without warning I had a lovely orgasm.
And that’s how it was for the next hour, they both took turns at fucking me like they where trying to prove who was the best or something, but I had no complaints.

Bill eventually wondered off totally drained, poor old Luke was absolutely fucked, I nearly had to carry him home. I was feeling pretty well rooted myself.

I didn’t do much for the rest of the day. Mum arrived in the afternoon, she stayed the night and we would leave in the morning. After I went to bed Luke scratched on my door and we had our last fuck. I think he knew it would be his last for quite a while. My mum was asleep in the bedroom next door, it gave me a thrill fucking a dog knowing she was only a couple of meters away from me.

DAY 14

That was it, we had an uneventful drive home. I felt my belly a few times wondering how much sperm was still alive inside me, and what type of sperm it was, I laughed to myself.


It had been 3 weeks since I arrived home, my period should have started 2 weeks ago. It didn’t worry me too much, in fact it gave me a thrill to think that I might be pregnant. It would take my mind off the problems my parents where having. Dad was hardly ever home and when he was would argue all the time with mum, they where seriously thinking about divorce. It wasn’t a happy house, I wished I was back at Nan and Gramps, with Luke. And school was the pits.
Also I had been 3 weeks without a fuck and this week I was beginning to feel a bit desperate. I hung around the local shopping center trying to get picked up, but there where no guys around. I even tried to get the neighbours dog to fuck me, but he shot his load before getting his tool up my vagina.
Then one night in my bedroom I found the card that Ann had given me, I thought no way I couldn’t do it. I thought about it all the next day, when I got home that night both of my parents had gone out on their separate ways. I was all alone on a Friday night.
Why not, I decided. I picked up the phone and called Ann.

She remembered me straight away and was glad that I had rang. She said that Blacky would love to see me. We didn’t talk about porno movies or bestiality, we just chatted away like old friends. Eventually Ann asked if I would like to come over to her small farm on the weekend. I replied that I would love to. Ann quietly said that the job offer was still there if I wanted it, we could talk about it tomorrow. I ummmed and errrred a few times then sheepishly replied yes ok. I knew my parents wouldn’t miss me so we arranged for Ann to pick me up at 09:00.
I lay in bed that night and thought about Blacky’s cock, I would love to have it in my vagina again, and to get paid for it as well, mmmm yes please.

Ann arrived a few minutes early, I was all ready to go and jumped in her car. We talked all the way to her place, I felt really relaxed around her.
Ann had a lovely home surrounded by nice gardens and various outbuildings, it was on about 30Ha of land. She showed me into the lounge, Steve her boyfriend was there, he said guday and was nice and friendly as well. I noticed he was playing around with a complicated looking video camera. A quick chill ran through me as I realized that is what he would probably film me with.
We all talked for a few minutes about the farm and horses, when Ann asked if I wanted to go through with making a movie with Blacky. I looked at her, my vagina quivered as I said yes.
Steve said he would move Blacky into the home paddock and disappeared out the back. Ann said it’s ok, I will help you, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, ok. I nodded my head in agreement.
She asked me to come into her bedroom. Ann gave me a lovely red summer dress to wear and sat me down and put some makeup on my face. I looked in the mirror, I was almost beautiful, it didn’t look like me at all, but I still looked 14. She said ‘well, are you ready for your staring roll’
I had butterflies in my stomach and was beginning to get that worried feeling, but I had a randy sensation in my belly. I told Ann that I was really nervous. She reached into her top draw and pulled out a bottle of pills. ‘Hear, take one of these, they will calm your nerves’ she softly said.
I popped it down. ‘Let’s go’ she said.
We walked through the house and out the back. Blacky was about 20 meters away behind a rail fence, he noticed me straight away and lifted his head snorting. Steve was standing next to him with the video camera. The worried feeling had disappeared and I was feeling quite relaxed, that pill Ann gave me must be working.
Steve said he would get some shots of me walking towards Blacky, then a few of me walking him around. I just acted naturally as Steve filmed me walking up to the fence. I gave Blacky a hug and patted him before leading him to a corner of the paddock near a stable.
As usual Blacky had cracked half an erection, Steve told me to suddenly notice his cock and then go all randy looking. Steve started filming and I stroked Blacky’s main before I looked down and gasped at the sight of his tool. He then told me to look around like I was making sure nobody was watching me. That was easy to do. Steve then directed me to lead Blacky into the stable, Blacky just about lead me in there.
Inside the stable was like a mini film studio, there where flood lights and other cameras all over the place. In one corner there where bails of hay stacked against the wall, and clean straw was spread over the floor. He shot me tying Blacky up to a rail, I then had to kneel down and play with Blacky’s now fully erect cock and he took some close ups of me. There where other fixed cameras in front and behind to catch all the action as well.
Ann whispered ‘Keep going Linda, you know what to do, pretend we are not here’. I looked back at her and said ‘ok’
I stood up and seductively as I could pulled my dress up and over my head. Just being naked in front of the camera was giving me a randy buzz. Steve took a close up of me as I felt my wet vagina through my undies before pulling them down. I dropped onto my hands and knees, Steve was behind me, I knew he would be filming a close up of my cunt so I held that position for a few seconds before edging my way under the stallion.
I reached back and lifted the end of his cock up to my cunt and guided it into my slit. I pushed back until I felt my vagina begin to open up then let go with my hand, I could see Steve right in close, he would have been getting a really good shot so I ever so slowly pushed back so Steve could film every millimeter of penetration. As it sunk into me I lifted my head and gasped in excstacy, through almost closed eyes I could see one of the fixed cameras on the ground was pointing right at my front. I pushed back again and it slowly sunk right into me, I lifted my head up against Blacky’s stomach. The front camera would be getting a great shot between my tits of a big black shaft sliding into my cunt, and 2 sperm filled balls hanging right behind.

To Be Continued

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