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My name is Adam Burton and I was nineteen-going-on-twenty at the time when this adventure began.
My life revolved around my girlfriend Keisha Stone, who was eighteen years of age and a brunette. We both had pale white complexions.

It was only in the summer months that our skin would really tan and darken.

We had now been dating for two years and lived together for about one of those.

Keisha was once a star gymnast and played lacrosse, while I was into football and track.

Once school finished for us, so did playing sports.

Keisha worked part-time in a restaurant, while I worked in computer store.

The only exercise we did now was at the gym after work.

Apart from socializing occasionally, we spent most of our time together and working.

We had a few sexual fantasies that we had imagined incorporating into our vibrant sex lives.

Our main ones were a threesome with a bi-guy involved and a romp around a nudist’s colony.

Mine was the later.

It was more talk to amuse ourselves, after a good romp in the sack.

Things couldn’t have been any rosier at the time, but I sensed sometimes Keisha (Kee, as I called her) was becoming distracted.

That was until Keisha opened up and started probing me about her fantasy to further our commitment together.

I wasn’t quite ready for a bi-guy entering our bedroom - it scared me.

So we decided to take a hiatus and explore other avenues, to clear our souls for the time being.

This turned out to be a big mistake to our companionship.

Now I was on my own, without my long-time girlfriend, my trusty right hand came into regular use.

As for Keisha, all I heard were rumors up until now.

In that time alone I began to fantasize and dream things unimaginable to me before.
Like bisexual and gay encounters when I dreamt.

I would hit the club circuit scene usually on Friday and Saturday nights, out of sheer boredom and loneliness.

I found myself exploring my options.

On some of these nights, I would end up lucky with a random companion.

I would take the girl home, shag her, and then set her free.

The chemistry wasn’t quite there, like it had been with Kee.

Two months into our hiatus, I wanted Keisha back so bad.

It was driving me crazy - so crazy in fact; that I would find myself jacking off to porn and imagining it was Keisha.

As soon as I got home from work I would begin.

I would strip off my clothes, and turn the TV on, put on a porno DVD, pour myself a glass of red wine, and sit down and watch porn all night.

I would jack-off up to as much as five times at night, and imagine the girls, or at least one girl, was Keisha.

One of my closest friends (Jay) once walked in on me by accident.

I hadn’t shut the door properly in my haste to begin my new routine.

There I was sitting on my couch, naked and stroking my cock to porn.

He just cleared his throat and grinned at me.
I felt like a twelve-year-old again when I saw his face.

I made sure to always lock my front door after that.

Since our hiatus I heard stories that, Keisha had already hooked up with an old school friend of mine, Tyrone.

It wasn’t as much of a shock to me that they did.

I already knew Keisha was a beautiful and sexy girl, and Tyrone, well he was a black stud.

I knew deep down that Keisha had held a candle for him while we were together, therefore, I could blame no one but myself for the demise of our relationship, and their new-found friendship

Even knowing that, I did feel a tiny bit shocked when I first saw them together.

There they were playing tonsil hockey out in the park.

Tyrone had a hand groping Keisha’s breasts and another attached to her crotch.

I could see several hickey’s on her pasty white neck.

They were too wrapped-up in themselves and didn’t see me walk by.

What I did notice was that Keisha was now dressing totally differently now.

Once upon a time she dressed more conservatively, but now she dressed more risqué very short and revealing clothes, like tiny cut-off shorts and basically a sports bra under an open plaid vest.

She was more ghetto now.

I was taken by surprise after seeing them and the way Keisha acted now.

It was then and there that I decided it was time to move on and start to plan a life without her.

One part of me wanted her back, but another part of me just couldn’t accept the new Keisha.

I tried to move on, and on to an old flame of mine - my ex-girlfriend Jacqui, who was from my old neighborhood.

Jacqui had some mental issues that caused me grief the first time around, but she was also alive and female, which were the two things I didn’t have around me and needed at the time.

Jacqui had been a friend of mine since kindergarten and we stayed friends even after our relationship ended.

I had slowly started to forget about Keisha and bring Jacqui back into my life again.

Then Jay came by to visit me one Wednesday evening.

I wished he hadn’t and hoped he didn’t come by to gossip.

“Hey man, how ya going?” Jay asked.

“Not too bad!” I said.

He asked me if I had heard about the party on Saturday night.

I replied, “Ah, no man, I went out for tea with Jacqui.”

“Jacqui? How’s that going for you?”

“Slowly, but we’re not pushing it.”

At this time I offered Jay a drink.

We then sat down on my couch and mellowed.

I then turned the volume down on my TV and focused on listening to him.

“Well, Keisha was drinking and out of control.” Jay continued.

“I haven’t seen her in ages.” I lied.

“Early on in the night, she was bad-mouthing you, and then Jacqui.” He said.

“Okay, but Jacqui and I are just friends.” I said, Justifying.

I thought to myself that Keisha must be blowing off steam, and reading more into Jacqui and me.

“She later was all over Tyrone and dragged him upstairs and away from the party.” Jay said.

“Old news, I had known they’d been fucking for some time now.” I said, slowly getting annoyed at the gossip.

“Well do you want to hear the rest or what?”

I shrugged my shoulders and rolled my eyes before nodding a yes.

“Well this is what I have been hearing for some time.” said Jay.
“Keisha had been going saying to people that she wanted to get back at you.”
“She was pissed that you moved on to Jacqui, of all people.” Jay quickly said.

I replied, “Really? But I'm just friends with Jacqui and nothing more.”

“She was telling people that told others that she planned to get back at you.” Jay said.

“She just sounds jealous of my friendship with Jacqui.” I said.

“Since you guys split-up, she has slowly changed.”

“Ok, like I said I am outta the loop.” I paused.
“But whenever I have seen her and Tyrone together, all she is doing is making me lose all interest in her!”

“Well, on Saturday night, maybe it was the alcohol or something, but she went overboard.” He said.

I just listened and was finding it boring.

Jay droned on. “Tyrone looked like he wanted to stay with the party, but he went along with Keisha anyway.” Jay said.

On the outside, I seemed intensely focused on what he was saying, but on the inside, I was yawning and bored – a very angry kind of bored knowing what he just told me.

“Well this is what happened after I left to get myself another drink, after I used the bathroom.” Jay said.

Jay’s retelling begins:
Jay said, “When I returned, I looked up towards the room where Keisha took Tyrone to.”

“I saw Tyrone’s cousin (Jules) standing by the doorway with Axel.”

“I also went up to take a look at what, they were looking at too.”

“What I first saw from my view from the doorway was Keisha butt-naked and on her knees.”

“She was rubbing her sweet spot and feasting on Tyrone’s cock.’

“He had his eyes semi-closed and his head was rocking slightly, Tyrone looked like he was close to cumming.”

I started thinking to myself.
I already knew from our time together that, she liked giving head.

It didn’t matter when, be it before or after sex.

She just loved sucking dick.

So this wasn’t a shock to me.

Jay returned to telling his side of the events.
“Keisha’s head was push from Tyrone’s cock by him, right before it seemed he was at the point of no return.”

“Tyrone then lifted her up gently as he sat back down on the edge of the bed.”

“He pulled her back into his lap and kissed he neck.”

“She was facing us by the doorway, almost giving us a show.”

“Keisha let out a tiny moan, as his cock rubbed the walls of her wet slit.”

“She then repositioned his cock properly, so it could slide inside her.”

“She fidgeted about a little, as his cock went in deeper.”

“Keisha then rocked back and forward, and rode his cock.”

“Tyrone was breathing heavily as she bounced up and down with his cock inside her.”

“There was smacking sound, as thighs met ass.”

“‘Oh god yeah, feels so good,’ ” She was whimpering out.

“She was oblivious to us watching, from the doorway.”

“Tyrone was slowly caressing and coupling her bare tits.”

“As Keisha reached the peak before cumming, she started mumbling strange words.”

“Tyrone was kissing and biting her neck.”

“She rested her hands on her knees as Tyrone continued to thump into her.”

“I swear I heard Tyrone whisper something about the pill.”

“She never answered, but began to bounce up and down his cock again.”

I recollect past experiences with Keisha.

She once told me that the pill used to make her periods regulate better, so I reckoned she’d be still taking them routinely.

“Keisha squealed like a banshee once Tyrone let go inside her.”

“She kept his cock in her and slowly rocked on it, until it was drained of cum and became flaccid.”

“Once his softening cock sloshed out of her cummy hole, she rolled forward on to the carpet like a gymnast would roll.”

“She then crawled back on top of him, like a cat and kissed him passionately.”

“They clung to each other on the bed for a while.”

“Tyrone stood up and got dressed, as if he grew tired of her clinging to him.”

“She sported fresh hickey marks on her neck now.”

“Keisha just lay on the bed, after Tyrone left to rejoin the party.”

“I saw her slide on her crumpled up knickers and before looking around the room.”

“She then picked up and put on a disguarded football top that, she had found lying on the floor.”

“When she sauntered past me down the stairs, I couldn’t help but gawk.”

“I couldn’t help looking at her nipples protruding through the thin NFL top as she swaggered by me.”

“She had that look on her of someone freshly fucked: her hair was rumpled and slightly messy, while her face was beaming.”

“When she reached the bottom of the stairs, her attention was directed at the alcohol area.”

“She quickly downed a shot of tequila before opening a can of coca-cola.”

“Then she looked around the room and saw us just standing near the bedroom entrance.”

“She smirked and walked up towards us.”

“Keisha walked through us before coming to an abrupt halt.”

“She immediately turned and faced Jules.”

“’Come with me, you’re next.’” She said, and kissed him hard on the lips.

“She then grabbed him by the arm and led him inside the bedroom.”

“Inside the room, she pushed Jules on to the bed and wrestled loose his pants.
Then she jerked on his cock.”

“Jules tilted his head towards the ceiling, enjoying it.”

“Then she dropped to her knees and her mouth went to work on it.”

“She had him moaning in no time.”

“She stopped and removed the NFL top.”

“She then wiggled out of her now dirty wet knickers.”

“She stood there and looked into his eyes.”

“’You want some of this?’” She grabbed her pussy and forced two fingers inside.

“Jules didn’t know what to say.”

“She answered the question for him by jumping on top of him and planting a kiss on his chest.”

“Their met and she smiled at him.”

“She then turned full circle as if in a 69 position and sucked on his cock briefly.”

“Then crawled down his body, and squatted down on it, she gave me a grin and a wink.”

“His cock slid nicely inside her, thanks to Tyrone's freshly deposited cum.”

“No sooner had they started fucking, it ended with Jules planting his seed inside her.”

“There was no show of passion this time.”

“Keisha just sat on the carpet fingering her pussy and tasting the cum left in her pussy.”

“Jules had quickly gotten dressed, while she did this.”

“He scuffed up her hair as he left the room.”

“She eventually got dressed, once again in NFL top and knickers.”

“Then Keisha came down the stairs again and went straight towards the tequila like she did before,”

“By now, the guys at the party had their eyes focused clearly on her.”

“They knew she was acting out of character and giving it up freely.”

“Like wolves to the scent of blood, their interests were piqued (aroused) - they wanted a piece of her now.”

I start thinking to myself.

At this stage, I was so tempted to tell Jay, that I had heard enough.

Jay continued his retelling of events.
“Keisha drank a coke and went to the toilet.”

“I went and grabbed myself another can of Beam.”

“When I returned, Keisha was back out and walking by a group of black guys.”

“They were probably friends or relatives of Tyrone or Jules, as I didn’t know them.”

“’Hey guys,’ she said to them.”

“She then planted a kiss on one of them and walked off.”

“He was so surprised, and stood there dumbfounded.”

“His mates laughed at him and then gave him a high five.”

“She now walked by Axel and me with this funny swagger on her way back into the room upstairs.”

“To me she looked high.”

“Just before she entered the room, the black guy she kissed and punk’d yelled out,
‘HEY! I think I love you’ and laughed.

“All she did was give them a grin and touch her lip with a finger.”

“She then turned around and strutted off into the room.”

“Keisha went inside the bedroom and flopped down on the bed.”

“She tossed and turned briefly.”

“Then she peeled off the NFL top off and tossing it aside.”

“She lay face down on top of the bed, almost naked but for her knickers.”

“She clung on too a pillow and started to drift off to sleep.”

“It looked to me like she had had enough and wanted to go to sleep.”

“This night had already left me stunned at this side of Keisha that I had never seen before.”

“Five to ten minutes went by and all the attention was on the tunes been played on the boom box.”

“I decided to pee and grab another can.”

“When I returned, those same black guys that she bumped into were now in the room.”

“All they were doing was looking down on a passed out Keisha on the bed.”

“She was sound asleep when I saw the guys start taking their clothes off.”

“Keisha must have been disturbed by the sound they were making because she woke up.”

“She turned around and stretched. By doing so, her tits were on show to them.”

“She froze at first with her arms outstretched, before crossing her arms and attempting to cover herself up.”

“’What, what you doing?’ she stuttered, embarrassed”.

“She then started to relax as she looked around the room and saw the sight of all four black cocks around her.”

“I saw her slowly starting to a smile.”

“Oh fucking shit! I thought to myself.”

“Is she going to take on all four or one at a time?”

“The look in her eyes suggested all four at once.”

“What the fuck is she doing? I thought.”

“Axel (the guy next me) was just shaking his head in disbelief.”

“'What?’ I asked him.”

“‘This is the same Keisha bird that used to think her shit didn’t stink, isn’t it?’ he asked, a little puzzled and excited.”

“‘I – I guess so,’ I said, not knowing myself how to answer him correctly.”

“There was a guy with really big cock, and he was the one that began to ease her out of her knickers.”

“She didn’t protest, and in fact, spread her legs apart as if inviting him to thump his big kebab of a cock inside her.”

“Keisha squealed with delight and pain as he shoved his big hard cock inside her slowly.”

“When he began his fucking motion, he was thumping her ass right off the mattress with each forward thrust.”

“His friends just stood there watching their friend begin to fuck Keisha hard.”

“Then one of them presented her with a cock by slapping her face with it.”

“She instinctively opened her mouth and turned her body towards it, allowing it to enter her eager mouth.”

“She was writhing and moaning, but really enjoying the fact that she had two cocks fucking her mouth and pussy.”

“Her lips rode up and down his cock, while it pumped into her face.”

“She was stroking his cock and making me hard in the process.”

“At this stage, I, for the first time, began to wonder if I had a chance too.”

“She was gorging herself on cock, and saw even more cock around her, waiting eagerly for their shot.”

I started thinking to myself as Jay continued his story.

This was her all time number one of fantasies come true.

“‘Hey, suck on mine too,’ a gravel voice ordered.”

“Another cock was being slapped on her face, wanting to be sucked too.”

“He lost patience and pushed his mate away.”

“Then he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her onto his eager cock.”

“He continued to grip her hair and force his cock inside her mouth.”

“She didn’t refuse, but she did look confused.”

“She moaned as she was slurping down on this new cock.”

“Eventually, the vacant cock’s owners grew impatient and guided her hands onto their cock and balls.”

“While being face-fucked and fucked hard, she also began to now jack-off the other two cocks.”

“She looked somewhat overwhelmed by all this added attention.”

“’Oh god, what a nice wet cunt you have,’ the guy with the big cock said.”

“He was really nailing her now.”

“Now the guys around Keisha’s face and arms took turns in fucking their cocks in her mouth.”

“They all just wanted to plant their seeds inside her, either in her cunt or mouth.”

“One of them couldn’t wait any longer, and blew his load over her face.”

“She only squinted her eyes and proceeded to drain his cock - of cum into her mouth.”

“The others laughed at him.”

“’Oh shit, I am cumming too.’ The guy with the grave voice said.”

“He grabbed her by the hair and forced her head down on his cock.”

“’Oh yeah, drink my jizz you fucking slut,’ he bellowed as he was on the verge of cumming.”

“Keisha looked like she was about to cough as her cheeks inhaled, but it was the effect of a cock spewing its load inside her mouth.”

“She was left with no other choice but to drink his cum, as his cock erupted inside her mouth.”

“When he removed his cock from between her lips, stingy ropes of cum also escaped.”

“Keisha finally gasped for much needed air.”

“Her short-lived respite ended with another cock going inside her mouth.”

“Now it seemed that the guys had given up on any hope of fucking her pussy, so they settled on fucking her face.”

“At this stage, I wasn’t to sure if Keisha was as keen on this group as she was when she first woke up.”

“The guy fucking he cunt was now slamming in deep and hard.”

“When he slammed inside balls deep and he let out a groan, everyone around him knew he had just planted his seed inside her.”

“Keisha also let out a muffled groan about the same time.”

“She had finally cum too, with cock stuffed down her throat.”

“I could tell by the way her body acted and how tightly she wrapped her legs around the guy with his cock inside her cunt.”

“When he slowly removed his flaccid cock from her red pussy, there was a gaping hole that eventually leaked cum from it.”

“It wasn’t free for long as the only guy not to cum motioned to her that it was his turn.”

“She bemoaned wearily as he repositioned her on to her hands and knees.”

“Then she moaned as he mounted her doggy style.”

“She was drooling cum from her mouth in pleasure as he slid his cock inside her now sloppy pussy.”

“Keisha was panting and breathing heavily.”

“Then she had to suck on more dick as it was fed to her once again.”

“Once again she was filled with cock at both ends.”

I felt two emotions: one of being totally pissed off, and the other was the irony that her fantasy was becoming her nightmare.

Jay continues with his retelling of events.
“She was rocking back and forth between the two cocks.”

“Her lips slid down a fat cock, while she bucked back into one that was ramming her.”

“All the time, she was continually moaning.”

“She was cumming again, but it didn’t faze her.”

“I think her doing these guys doggy style made her come more alive.”

“’Jesus if you told me a month ago Keisha was a slut, I would have punched you,’ I said to Axel.”

“’She was all prim and proper not to long ago, now look at her - she’s a fucking slut,’ he said, and laughed.”

“’Maybe we should have a go next,’ I said.”

“He just smirked.”

“’Look at the slut go.’ one of the guys said.”

“’Rocking and rocking with black dick pumping,’ another said in a rhyme.”

“’Look at the whore,’ someone said.”

“She didn’t even take offense to all the banter been thrown her way.”

“Keisha was like a bitch in heat, getting gang-banged by four black guys.”

“The zone she was in right now – she couldn’t say no to cock.”

“She was being fucked hard and leaving her acting deranged.”

“They fucked her face and left her cheeks and hair all a gooey mess of saliva and cum.”

“Cum was now dribbling out of her well-fucked pussy and coated her thighs and legs.”

“She could have stopped if she wanted too, but I don’t think she did.”

“’Fuck her harder, Cuz, because each time you do, she takes me down her throat deeper,’ one of them said to the other and laughed.”

“Some more black dudes tried to muscle into the room.”

“’I heard there was some white ho getting gang-banged hard up here,’ one of the new guys said.”

“’Hey, wait your turn - bro,’ I yelled at him.”

“Soon she was guzzling on fresh cum in her mouth and her pussy was filled again.”

“Then she was at it again and again.”

“She was now being passed around like a cigarette – being fucked hard.”

“All inhibitions and morality had all but vanished.”

“She was more like a rag doll than a living human being now.”

“Look man, I have to be straight with you - we all took turns with her most of the night,” Jay said, trying to be polite.

“Well, she is her own girl now and dead to me now,” I said, a bit depressed.

“I did as well.” Jay said.

I just looked at him a bit angry, but I understood.

“Sorry!” Jay said.

“It’s ok, we’re cool.” I said.

Jay went back to his retelling of events.

“I went and crashed on a couch at about 2:00am.”

“When I woke up again, it was 3:15am.”

“The same four black guys from earlier were fucking her, once again.”

“I looked at Keisha and she didn’t look to good.”

“She was all but out of it and barely conscious, with cock in her mouth and dick slamming in her pussy.”

“’Leave her be, can’t you see she’s a corpse?’ I said.”

“They all but ignored me.”

“I got frustrated and went in search of Tyrone.”

When I found him he was in no mood to try and make them ease up on her.

“’Fuck that dirty ho; she’s getting what’s coming to her. Now fuck off!’ was his reaction to me.”

“Then I tried again to stop them and got threatened with a fist, so I backed down.”

“I sat back down on the couch stewing as they kept at it, until about 4:30am.

“These four guys fucked her over and over again, several times.”

“She would have had sex with about eight guys that I knew of, including me that night.”

“At 4:45am, I went upstairs and checked up on her.”

“Keisha was now alone and passed out.”

“Her arms and legs were slumped over the mattress as she lay spread-eagled and face down on it.”

“The view I saw of her was of a gooey collapsed corpse cover in cum.”

“She was a mess; there was cum oozing out of her pussy and it looked like they had done her in the ass too.”

“When she coughed while I was in the room, she would splatter out cum as she coughed.”

“I placed a blanket over her and went outside for a smoke.”

“When I came back, I noticed the four black guys were nowhere.”

“Then went I checked on Keisha, she was now gone too.”

Jay now tuned and looked at me.

“She couldn’t have just gotten up on her own and left either. Not in the state she was in either,” Jay said.

“Fuck, they must have taken her,” I said.

“Probably, but why?”

“Probably to continue on where they left off, once she comes too, without interruptions, I guess or worse,” I said, clutching at straws.


* A special thank you to Twistedsister for putting my idea into words for me.

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