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Song lyrics, to the tune of Big Rock Candy Mountain
"The Tig-o-bitty Mountains" sung to the tune of "The Big Rock Candy Mountain"
New lyrics by SessoScrittore

One Friday as the sun went down,
and Sports Center was just ending,
at the door was a hottie knockin',
on her breast tat was a rendering,

of a QR code, that she ask I scan,
A site came up, amounting,
to a wondrous land, and she led my hand,
to the Tig-o-bitty mountains.

In the Tig-o-bitty mountains,
all the guys stay hard as rock,
they shoot their spooge and plunge back in,
when the girls demand more cock
Where the STDs are never around,
and the poon is plentiful,
there's the short and the tall,
in which to bust your ball,
and their heads all bob, and swallow gobs,
in the Tig-o-bitty mountains.

In the Tig-o-bitty mountains,
all the quims get stuffed with prick,
all the girls' arseholes are pink and tight,
and they cum like lickety split.
The girls and the boys and the in-betweens
they still share all the land,
just give the sign,
and nobody'll whine,
'bout what you decline,
In the Tig-o-bitty mountains.

In the Tig-o-bitty mountains,
all the boobs are perfect shaped,
all the gals squirt lots of lubricant,
and their numbers mean no wait.
All the guys turn super handsome,
and the girls turn super hot,
where we all fire blanks,
and issue spanks,
to the grateful skanks,
in the Tig-o-bitty mountains

In the tig-o-bitty mountains,
clits and g-spots are found,
the hips are shaped the way you prefer,
whether super slim or round.
Girls get off before fellas do,
and guys last as long as girls like,
oh, I'm planning to stay,
where you can spurt all day,
and poke your thing,
without needing a ring,
in the Tig-o-bitty mountains.

*moan for two lines*

Well, I'll see you guys,
from between some thighs,
in the Tig-o-bitty mountains!

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2014-02-10 21:49:36
that just wow

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-12 10:05:03
One thing I wish I was the girls

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-12 10:04:09
It should be more interesting but wow

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2014-01-10 19:00:22
03467222100 for pakistan boy

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2014-01-03 18:14:02
I don't get...someone explain

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