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Crystal's Mother and Step father turned into what she was
Crystal’s past gives her strength
Even with her weird hair color and arms covered with tattoos no one would ever suspect this eighteen year old girl to have such dark fantasies. What most people didn’t know however was her background and what drove her to such a sadistic nature. Crystal’s father was killed when she was only three years old by a drug dealer who was trying to collect for drugs that was actually used by her mother. After the death of her father, Crystal’s mother brought strange men in and out of the home constantly. Most of the men were druggies just like her mother and when Crystal was only ten years old her mother began letting her men friends have sex with her in exchange for drugs. This went on for a couple years and then Crystal’s mother married a sadistic drug dealer who routinely would not only rape Crystal, but also beat her brutally. It was common for her step father to video tape these rapes and beatings and also to have his buddies gang rape her. When her mother married Jake, they moved to an adjacent town and never enrolled Crystal into school. As far as anyone knew she didn’t exist and that’s how her mother and step father got away with the rapes and beatings.

Crystal clearly remembers that weekend when she was only 16 years old and Jake strapped her to a bed in the basement and video taped as over a dozen men repeatedly raped and abused her young tight asshole and pussy for hours on end. When they took a break to either smoke or shoot up drugs, they would torture Crystal by burning her naked flesh with cigarettes or taking their belts to her until she was bleeding and covered with welts from neck to ankles. Several times over the two day torture fest she was throat fucked and gagged to the point where she passed out from lack of oxygen. One time when she came to, there was one man still fucking her comatose body while two others were masturbating over her face. Her stepfather urged them to shoot their nasty cum onto her face and up her nose to make her gag more for the video. The most disgusting part about the entire weekend however was when her own mother made her lick her cunt and even pissed down Crystals throat as she pinched Crystals nose shut to ensure she had to swallow the hot acidic urine. It was at that moment that Crystal knew she had to get away and never return or else they would end up killing her just for fun.

Crystal knew her mother and step father was selling the tapes of her being raped and also knew they were making big money from these sales. She waited patiently after her weekend of torture and listened as her parents talked about how much they were getting for the videos and their plans to torture her even more next time. Once she determined exactly where they were stashing the tapes of her and the wads of money she put her plan into motion immediately. Waiting until her mother and step father was either passed out or asleep (It was hard to tell since they drank and took drugs from the time they got up and until they went to bed.) Crystal silently made her way to their closet and found the tapes and box of cash. Although she had no idea how much money was in the two shoe boxes she knew there had to be several hundred thousand dollars. She heard Jake tell her mother at one time that he was selling the videos to certain special clients for 10,000 per video since she was a minor.
Crystal looked into the boxes of videos and found the list of clients along with copies of over 25 different tapes of her being raped and abused. Crystal planned on taking the money and tapes and just disappearing, but the more she thought of how sadistic Jake and her mother were, she knew they would hunt her down and kill her. She had one thing going for her in the fact she was unknown to the other locals so if she killed her mother and step father, the authorities would probably think it was a botched burglary. With grass, pills, crack and several other drugs Crystal never even knew what they were, the local law enforcement officers would realize it was a drug burglary and probably not waste much time to investigate it.

Walking into her mother and step father’s bedroom, Crystal very carefully not only was able to cuff one of their arms each to the side bed rail but also cuff their other arms to each other. She then tied one end of a piece of rope to one side rail and after laying it across her parents legs just above the ankles she ran the other end around the adjacent bed rail. They both came too when she jerked it hard enough to cut into their skin before she tied it off to the rail but by then they were trapped. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” Jake screamed at the sixteen year old Crystal. “I’m going to beat you to death and throw your remains to the dogs when I get loose,” he continued. Crystal showed no emotion or fear as she hit him with the bat, splitting his head open but knocking him out. Before her mother could react, Crystal hit her also, rendering her helpless. By the time the they came to, Crystal had gagged them and also ran another rope across their necks to keep them from raising up from the mattress. “See these scars from cigarette burns, and these long ones where you would cut me for your sexual pleasure?” Crystal asked as she stood there in panties only ,so they could see her somewhat scarred up body. Well, I don’t have time to do all of this to you but I’m going to cut you up and let you slowly bleed out. When Crystal saw the total fear in their eyes and the veins popping out of her step father’s arms as he tried to free himself, she felt a warm glow beginning to grow between her legs. She couldn’t believe it, but she was actually getting turned on knowing her mother and step father was completely under her control.

Very slowly Crystal ran the tip of the knife across her step father’s upper torso, leaving a thin line of blood in its’ wake. Her step father tensed up when she cupped his balls in one hand and with deliberate but slow strokes she castrated him and laughed as he openly began to weep. Moving slightly to her left with his balls still in her hand, she lifted her mother’s night gown and reaching into her panties, Crystal stuffed her step father’s balls into her mother’s cunt. Next, Crystal ran the knife up her mother’s leg and over her still flat stomach, she looked into her mother’s eyes and in a flat toneless voice told her she was going to cut her breast off. Crystal sat on her mother’s face and after removing the gag began pissing, telling her mother to drink and without warning she leaned forward and cut her mother’s right breast off. Her mother’s breast was relatively small being a 34B cup and so when she replaced her step father’s gag with her mother’s breast she was able to shove all of it in with little effort. Standing up, Crystal took photos of the pair as they convulsed and bled. Well my dear and loving parents, I don’t have anymore time so I must say goodbye and hope you suffer a lot before you finally bleed out. Saying that, Crystal cut their abdomens from side to side and as their cuts oozed from the gash she walked out of the room, picked up the boxes and left the house and never looked back.

Crystal had already sent messages to her step father’s special clients letting them know not only was he dead but she had pictures to prove it. She also let them know she had over 12 hours of videos showing the snuffing of two 15 year old twin girls and also some of her being tortured. She already had responses from over half of them and they were willing to pay almost any price for those tapes. She still had over 100 thousand dollars from her step father’s stash and she was going to use it to upgrade her torture chamber and to make herself look more matronly and lady like. Crystal knew she’d have no problem in enticing young girls and boys to go with her and her pussy juices started flowing just thinking about all the fun she was about to have.


2014-03-18 13:43:13
You sick fuck, I hope you burn in HELL after you bleed to death from BUBBA fucking you in the ass in the prison showers


2014-03-18 13:43:11
You sick fuck, I hope you burn in HELL after you bleed to death from BUBBA fucking you in the ass in the prison showers

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2013-12-09 02:53:58
Come on Crystal,hurry up and find some victims. Can't wait.

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