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In love since childhood, Leticia and Marco were separated for years, until he's back and Leticia is exposed to what the love of her life really is. Something out of this world.
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*This story was originally posted in 2011 under the alias of Lilith04 and has been fully edited, with rewritten parts and a new ending.

Night Skies

Chapter One:

When kids, we were inseparable, Marco and I. Our mothers were very good friends, both divorced from their respective husbands, their meetings were frequent. Both loved to meet at night to drink and speak badly of men in general. Meanwhile we used those reunions to run across the house and play. Sometimes I thought the reason they met so often was beer and chitchat, sometimes I thought it was our play dates but, in the end, it all resumed to the fact that we belonged together. I was his and nothing would take me from him... I just had to endure the discovery in the hard way. There was no way he would know that I felt the same way. That I not only knew, but cherished the fact that I was his. Mind, body and soul.

It all begun one day, the day I got lost in the market's parking lot and an eight year old Marco found me there crying. He took me by the hand and brought me to his mother. She was to be one of the most eccentric persons I would know and also someone I would soon learn to love. Eva tried everything in her power to make me stop crying, not giving up until she succeeded. Our fondness for each other was practically instant and I couldn't figure why.

My mother was desperate when she found her. Eva insisted they should see each other once in a while, let us play together, as we had liked each other. My mother resisted at the beginning, but Eva's charms were too much for her. They turned into friends very fast, even before their divorces. Soon she became some kind of aunt for me; I learned to love them both. The divorces came, first my mother's, after she discovered my father was cheating on her. Soon after, Marco's adoptive father had to leave country to work and that ended their marriage. The play dates, travels and parties started and we became something like a family.

Even in school it was like that. Marco and I, we studied together, at the same school but different years, as he was two years older than me. But all the rest of the time we spent together and the teachers thought it was oh so cute the way the tall and handsome boy with deep black eyes and hair practically devoted himself to the green eyed little brunette.

The other students, they just bothered us. But luckily for me, as I was never too smart and always too fragile, Marco was always the stronger of the boys so, in the end, no one could really do anything bad to me without receiving a nice and well deserved punch.

Once beaten by Marco they never tried anything again, no matter the age. He was always extremely strong and his journeys to the principal's office were frequent – he was very often the reason if some boy was visiting the infirmary.

With me he used to be calm, a really easy person. But with anyone else he was usually rough, losing his temper easily, what half of the times ended badly.

But I didn't care. We were happy that way; practiced sports together - unless I used some sort of trick, he was unbeatable - and, living in the coastal little town of Ceu Azul, we went to the beach almost every single day on springs and summers. I always got surprised by the way he never got tan and, not only that, even being as white as marble he seemed to be immune to sun burns... I used to think that he kept some sort of ultra sun block hidden somewhere. Other than that, he was really fond of shadows and stood under beach umbrellas for as long as he cold, but still... Stayed flawlessly white all the time, no matter what.

The years went by, we were growing up and our mothers left our mutual affection overshadow what was happening right under their roofs.

In time, every time we were together, we formed some sort of sensual ballet based in the exchange of glances and forbidden curiosity, the extent to which our bodies were developing. He was getting even taller and broad shoulders emerged out of nowhere, while my breasts were growing and my body was blossoming. With all that intimacy, we could both stare amazed as it was happening, but we never done anything that could be objectionable because we grew up like brother and sister. But the latent chemistry was always there.

I remember that it started happening when I turned twelve, whenever I approached him I had this weird but exciting feeling that never gone away, always in my mind, since I figured out what the word boyfriend really meant. But he never showed any real interest, as it should be. Nothing really happened back then.

Until one day. I was thirteen and he was fifteen, playing a modern video game he had won as a gift, in his marvelous bedroom - his mother always had a lot more money than mine - in the second floor of his house, we started betting on our games.

We played laid on huge pillows and I had already won four matches, making him angry... Maybe because I mocked him every time I won. Sometimes he really had a bad time trying to figure out things related to common relationships, like how should he act or what others would be expecting of him, like he was from another planet. Not to mention his inability to read my reactions or discern lies as a whole. He sucked at it big time. And that was strictly the case, as it was a strategy game. Then after a moment listening to our mothers laughing downstairs, probably full of bourbon, he looked seriously at me and said:

"This time I'll win." Looking at me with a mix of anger and defiance.
"Okay, let's see." I said laughing, and it happened that none of us determined what would be the prize of this bet.

So we begun gaming and I was really worried about his reaction if he lost, as he seemed really focused this time. I didn't like it when he got angry, and really didn't like to see him sad, so I intentionally let him win.

He jumped up, pointed his finger at me laughing and started poking me. I tried to ignore him, but feeling a heartwarming joy for seeing him that happy. He then suddenly stopped and made a really weird expression while staring at me.

"Leticia, get up. I need you standing to collect the prize of our bet." He said looking weird and I stood up.

I remember dressing a loose white blouse and my blue school shorts with a yellow headband in my long and brown hair that separated my fringe from the long locks that fell from the sides of my head to my shoulders.

He was surprisingly red and looked apprehensive, when stammered: "Show me your breasts..."

That got me really surprised, making me gasp audibly.

"You... You want to see my breasts? Really?" I said certainly even more red than he was.

And he nodded visibly worried, but excited...

At that moment I felt a lot of emotions conflicting inside me. I was ashamed and I thought it as a wrong thing... But at the same time it made me so happy to know that he wanted to see me... After all I had no doubt of what I wanted to do.

I slowly lifted the front of my shirt. He was static and I could see his hands trembling, even more than mine. So I unhooked the front of my bra and my breasts bounced in front of him. I was holding my long shirt with both hands, my forearms flanking my tits, still small, of a brighter skin tone than the rest of my body and light brown nipples.

He kept staring at me, perplexed, and I couldn't even imagine what was passing in his head. Until he finally said: "They're beautiful... They are so beautiful..." I looked down embarrassed with a silly smile in my lips.

Then he walked slowly, stopping in front of me – he was at least two feet taller than me – gently took my chin with his fingers, he lifted my face and kissed me. I almost fainted when his lips touched mine. Then he wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me firmly and making me sigh, and kissed me a little harder. In some awkward way it seemed wrong, but yet so right...

He broke the kiss and whispered with his face close to mine: "Can I touch you?"

Touch me... I felt my entire young body getting warm. I nodded.

Not wasting time he reached for my left breast, which he held completely in his big hand, and then began to fondle it, gently touching my nipple with his thumb. I only felt it, because I couldn't stop looking to his eyes, full of curiosity, as his delighted in me. They were lit, passionate and for some reason mine were wet.

He was hungering for discovery and I wouldn't be able to stop him. I laced my hands around the back of his neck and stood tiptoed while I could feel his hands groping all over my body, even beneath my clothes, and I had no objection to it. I just experienced it the best way I could, he kissed me wildly while I could feel him reaching further.

Marco looked me in the eyes, looking for approval while I felt his hand sliding under my panties, heading to my most secret places and he got it. I couldn't think of anybody else to be the first to touch me. He satisfied himself, moving and caring enough to feel my trembling and hear my smooth moaning, acting accordingly, reacting as I reacted, feeling and exploring me as long as he was sure I was comfortable with it.

Something inside was telling me, screaming to me, that I was his. I belonged to and with him. It was new to me and after that I discovered that I loved it, being the focus of his desires. I could let him do anything he wanted to me as long as I could feel the way he rejoiced with it...

That day we had to stop suddenly when my mother called us to dinner. None of us had the appetite. It was the most special night for us as we both could still feel each other. It was the only and last moment we had...

Our world collided with the hispid and cruel reality. None of us owned ourselves, to give ourselves to each other that way.

Less than a week after that we discovered that his father needed them, something had happened to him and his mother had to leave country and move to the United States, go to New York. It was the saddest moment of my life, watching them go.

"I can't live without you!!" I cried.
"I'll be back for you, no matter what. Believe me."

But as the weeks, months... Years passed as I tried to manage my absurd pain, my loss... And I never heard of them again. So far.


Three long years had passed.

As the years went by our mothers lost all contact, except for some sporadic phone calls and Christmas cards. My mother was able to forget it, I couldn't. I physically and emotionally needed him, I could feel it. I wanted to go live there, with them. At the end, she sent me to the psychiatrist, and there was a big surprise. The doctor told my mother that she had never seen anything like that in someone so young, told her that I had my feet firmly on the ground, was rational, that I knew the implications but didn't know how to deal with it, my love for someone who wasn't there anymore. Result: She asked her to change my school and to help me avoid talking to him. If I could forget, I would suffer less. I was against it all, but to no avail.

I got into high school, made new friends, and time started passing again.

I didn't grow any taller, stopping at 5'2". My skin became a little darker, tanned, thanks to living next to a beautiful beach and, despite being small, my body developed really well, as my waist tapered, my ass rounded... 114 pounds at sixteen years old. Not to mention that my breasts began to attract attention, having a 34D cup size and being as shorty as I was. At the beach boys couldn't hide the way they drew their glances.

But even though I had many, many chances, I never got to date anybody. The farthest I went was some kissing and making out. Rarely. There was something really wrong with me. I kinda knew what it was, but I couldn't admit it to myself or I would suffer it all again.

The closest I came of having a relationship was with a guy called Ricky. He knew me from Marco's times, studied with us for years and recently had become the most coveted guy of the senior year.

It turned out that, for some reason, I ended up turning into his primary objective. After being with several girls from high school, he then put all his chips on me. As if dating me was some sort of challenge, since nobody had seen me with anybody, ever.
With all that charisma he had and with all my friends striving for it to happen, as they thought it would be good for me, I eventually succumbed and ended up dating him. He spent afternoons at my house helping me with my homework - which was easier for him as he was older - and with my house duties, even if I told him not to. He used to give me ride to school every day and could hide very well his ladies man side, which I'd heard enough about.

With time I started to let him have fun with me, touching places and stuff, but nothing was enough. He wanted badly to take me to bed and I, again, unable to understand or accept why, always denied. I felt I could do it, that it would be nice, but at the end I was never really willing to do it.

So one day, when we were returning from a party, a very drunk Ricky stopped the car and started grabbing me inside the car, in a very rude way. I tried to be patient, to understand him. I even let him grope my breasts... He went further and, sneaking a hand, touched my pussy over my clothes. I dealt with it. I thought of him as a nice guy who wanted me. I couldn't blame him. But it wasn't enough for him.

Ricky insisted until he could sneak his hand inside my panties and I let him. He kept being rude, touching me in a brutal manner, and even confused as I was by the feeling of it, I knew I was supposed to like it, so I tried hard to act normally... Until he tried to put his fingers inside me.

I fought with all my strength to escape and, luckily, I managed to open the door and roll out of the car. He got really angry and even insulted me several times, and then left with the car screeching tires.

The next day, arriving at school, I was ready to excuse him, after all, he was drunk and wasn't used to girls like me, who preferred to remain virgin for no apparent reason...
But when I got there everybody looked at me in a weird way, while some girls that hated me were laughing openly. So Sarah and Melissa, my friends, they came to me and I was told that Ricky had spread throughout the school that he had taken me to bed, and although I seemed like a good girl, I moaned and fucked like a whore.

I was devastated and started to cry immediately. Some of my friends came to comfort me as I tried to compose myself in the principal's office. I discovered that, shortly after, my friends cornered him and made him deny that absurd story. After that I never talked to him again.

Two weeks passed, until the unexpected happened and it all changed for good.

I had three great friends: Milo, an Italian descendant, a really great guy. Brown hair, slender figure, some tattoos and sexy as hell, even if some people thought he was gay, but I knew better. He was completely passionate about Sarah, another great friend. The typical tall blonde and popular girl. Shallow but a really good person. And there was Melissa, or Mel, as we called her. Just a little taller than me, skinnier, but so, so cute. Ginger with the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. The smartest of us all.

She was the one that sped to my home, to tell me that Marco had returned to town. She was one of the few who knew how much I missed him.

Without wasting time I got dressed and we left for the place where she said she had seen him and, as soon as I got out of her car, I saw him walking down the bar's front stairs.

He was incredibly taller now, his face was even more masculine, like it was composed of beautiful straight lines. He looked like some kind of Greek god of strength, all muscular and dressed in that black leather jacket and denim pants. My heart started beating like crazy. He was walking really fast in my direction.

He passed by me. Didn't even look at me. Ignored me completely and, in a rush, got in a pick-up truck and left.

Time stopped.

I couldn't believe in what just happened and apparently Sarah couldn't either.

The disappointment was probably all over my numb face, as Mel hugged me and was practically dragging me back to her car when a lot of people just burst through the bar's door like they were looking for me. But they were looking for him.

In no time I was told that Marco had beaten Ricky and, not only that, he knocked him down with a single punch. People were calling an ambulance to help him as he seemed to have a lot of broken ribs and they were afraid he had pierced a lung.

I was trying to understand how could he do that, shatter bones with a single blow, while people were looking at me like I had something to do with it and, even though I wasn't paying attention to them, Melissa insisted I went home to avoid any more problems. So I did.

She was taking me back home and I could see her checking on me occasionally, like she was trying to verify the impact that the events of this evening had on me. But I just looked really surprised, nothing else. I hadn't being able to digest it yet. Maybe I was a little catatonic.

"Promise me you'll not leave the house today," she asked me soon as we arrived.
"I'm serious. I'll be back really soon and I'll sleep here with you today, ok?"

According to her, by the little she knew him, she was sure he couldn't forget me just like this.

That said, she left with her little car.

I knew she had said that to comfort me, but it just motivated me to go to his house, that huge gray and black house that looked like a modern and habitable lookout, on the top of a hill near the coast.

I couldn't stand the feeling of having him so close and not having him with me... Much less the terrible feeling I had every time I thought of how he ignored me. That was killing me. Instead of crying, I decided to act.

So I left a little note to mom and sent a message to Melissa – she would probably kill me after this – then I turned off my mobile and threw myself on the run through the shadowy forest between our houses. I ran the faster I could. The police probably would be already looking for him. Ricky's father was an important figure in this town and what happened to him certainly wouldn't go unpunished.

The forest was just a dark green and black blur passing by my eyes, the sound of leafs crushing and accelerated heartbeats while I was running... Until I heard my name.

"Leticia..." I heard the familiar but more hoarse voice calling me.

I looked around just to see Marco staring at me through the trees a few steps away, standing in a clearing in the forest, lit by the moon light.

"Marco..." I muttered. I stepped into the clearing trying to understand what he was doing there, standing in the middle of nowhere, as if he was expecting that I would find him.

And I did.

But soon as I stepped in the clearing, he moved. Marco threw himself forward with an insane strength, getting where I was absurdly fast, matter of a second or less...

My eyes were open wide. He was standing in front of me and I barely could see him coming. I looked up slowly and when I reached his face I saw only shadows. A chill ran up my spine.

While I was thinking what to say after all this years, he simply put his hands on my shoulders, making me shiver. It was a dream disguised as a nightmare. Even in that weird situation I couldn't be happier than I was at that moment, feeling his huge hands touching me after all this time.

But something was different, very different. He tightened his grip on my shoulders and turned me easily, facing away from him. It was a nightmare disguised as a dream.

"M-Marco, what are you..." I begun saying just as I felt he bending over me and wrapping an arm around my neck and squeezing me against him.

My back didn't reaching more than his abdomen. He had grown and got even taller since we were apart. But instead of saying how much he missed me, how hard it was to be so far away from me or maybe say that he would never let me alone again... He closed his arm around my neck and almost lifted me, while his other hand grabbed the front part of my shirt and ripped it apart with a single movement. It was violent, the soft blue fabric stretching, making my back arc forward, and the sound of my clothes tearing up.

"Yaaaaagh!" I squealed surprised and tried to get off his grip, but he lifted me by the neck, taking my feet off the ground. I grabbed his arm with both hands trying to hold my own weight to breathe, but all I could do was debating myself and lose my breath. I couldn't believe he was doing that to me.

"You are mine, Leticia, and no one else," he said calmly, as if lifting all my weight with his left arm was nothing for him. He reached my bra with the right hand and popped it open just by hooking one finger and forcing its front part, making me arch my back again due to his strength.

"Ugh!" I left a throaty sound out of my mouth while I barely had air to breathe. My breasts bounced free in the cold night air and he lifted me up even more, also using the other arm as not to strangle me, until my neck was paired with his right shoulder. Marco then squeezed me against him, holding my neck and hands, as he suddenly grabbed my left breast with his huge hand and began mauling it.

I could feel his eagerness as he abused me while I shivered in his arms frightened, "A-Aaaaugh! Ma-Marco... Why are you doing this to me!?" I managed to scream.

He ignored me and just kept mauling my poor breast, stretching it from its base to the erect nipple, making me groan as pain rushed through my brain. Marco was too strong, I knew that, but feel him playing with my breast like it was a rubber toy...

But even before I could beg him to stop, his hand was already elsewhere. He ripped off the button of my jeans, broke its zipper and started pulling it down.

"Marco, don't! Please s-stop! Why are you doing--" He choked me and continued until my legs were undressed. Then he loosened his grip on my neck a bit so I could breathe, just so I could feel him holding the sides of my panties with his hooked finger and tearing it up. "Yaaaargh! Nooo Marco! Dooon't!" But he didn't listen; only stuck his fingers between my legs and begun to rub them slowly on my sex. Until then it was just uncomfortable, but suddenly something made him increase his rhythm and strength, until he was really hurting me.

"I can't believe you turned into this. I can't believe you forgot me this way," he muttered while I squealed in pain, his large fingers brutally rubbing over and through my labia and petals, pressing against my virgin entrance.

"I-I nev-ver forgot y-you..." I managed to say through all my cries and groans. And he clenched his arm again, cutting my air.

"That's not what I heard. And that's not what I think. I'm raping you and you're completely wet. That's a whore behavior, because that's what you are." He said gritting his teeth and then thrusted two of his fingers inside of me with no warning, no pity, no mercy...

"AAAAAAAAUGH!!!" I squirmed and leaned forward as a rush of pain emerged from my most intimate part.

He froze, as suddenly as if a lightning had struck him. Then slowly removed his fingers from me, while I writhed in agony. He brought his hand up, where we both could see and it was stained. Stained with my blood.

"No... No!No!No!NO!" He screamed like a monster, like his lungs were as strong as the rest of him. Then he lowered his arms, carefully turning me to him, holding me by my waist, my feet still far away from the ground, and looked at me as kindly as he used to.

"Leticia... Leticia, I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." He said rubbing my teary cheeks and looking at me with that absolutely black eyes.

I just let my trembling face rest on his hand, sighing. "It w-was Ricky, wasn't it?" I asked, trying to endure the shivers and the pain I was feeling.

He simply nodded with grieve and regret all over his face.

"You were a-always terrible while dealing w-with other people... I can't b-believe you believed him..."
"I can't believe you're still talking to me after what I've done..." He said, his voice trembling as I had never heard before. "I simply lost control, I went crazy, I hurt you... I hurt you!"
"Marco..." I said looking to him and trying to hold my tears, "You can do whatever you want to me... A-Anything... As long as you don't leave me again..."

He looked absolutely surprised, even amazed, then lowered his face near to mine and kissed me.

We kissed during a long time, he was still holding me by one arm on my waist, my arms around his neck and his free hand caressing my back, trying to assure that everything was fine now. Then he moved his hands to my legs and crossed them over his back, firmly holding my ass. We weren't kissing like inexperienced children anymore. We were kissing like lovers who wanted voraciously to be inside each other.

And when it was already too much he held me fiercely, his face next to mine and our eyes connected. I felt him moving under me, getting himself ready, then he slowly let my own weight force me against him. I felt myself spreading, stretching to let him in.

I groaned and closed my eyes, I didn't know how it should feel with a normal guy, but I was sure his member was huge like all the rest of him, and it was hurting. A lot.

"Augh... Aaaaugh..." Its tip barely had entered in me yet and I was contorting in agony. I felt his forehead touching mine, like he was trying to comfort me, until he actually eased it, lifting me a little so the pressure vanished.

But I didn't want that, I wanted him inside me. I wanted to be his no matter the consequences. And it had to be now.

"Marco... Can you push me down?" I asked looking at him, feeling a single drop of sweat rolling down the bridge of my nose.
"It will hurt..." He said hesitatingly, caressing my back beneath my long light brown hair with one hand while the other was supporting me.
"I... I don't know who you really are. I mean, what you are. But I'm certain that I want to be yours... I always wanted. I thought of you every single day in the last three years..." I said feeling tears forming in my eyes, "I think I can forgive every single thing you do to me today, so... I know you want me... Why don't you just take me..." I managed to say looking to his collarbone and stroking his chest, since I was too embarrassed enough to face his gaze.

I heard him gasp, his hands went down to my buttocks and I felt him grab them hard. Then my eyes met his and I knew he would follow what he really wanted to do, exactly as I wanted. I felt myself stretching and almost ripping apart.

"AAUUGH!" With a single downward movement, he was strong enough to impale me on his member, easily surpassing my virginal tightness and getting inside me.

The pain was excruciating. I sank my face in his chest trying to bear it, but before I knew, I was already crying. My legs were shaking terribly, crossed on his back, while he stood quiet, caressing my hair, like waiting for me get used with him inside me.

It was almost killing me, but I was... happy.

I could feel his cock throbbing two or three inches inside of me. I was finally his. Almost a minute later I was able to look at him again. He looked back, wiping my tears with his thumb.

"Are you ready? Are you sure you wanna do this? You are so tiny, so tight..." Marco said.
I nodded "I want you to have me... Please, just do as you like and I'll like it too..." My trembling increased, anticipating what was about to come.

He forced me down slowly, little by little reaching the deepest parts of me, radiating a stinging and tingling sensation all the way inside me, making me squeal like I never did before. I felt so full that it was driving me crazy.

Marco held me tight, then some seconds later he lifted me until his penis was practically out of me, wich seemed to take an eternity, than he sank into me again, just using my own weight to drive me half size down his shaft "Uuugh!"

And then pulling me down through the rest of his long and thick member, until I was completely filled again "Uuuuuuuugh!"

And he repeated, and repeated, and repeated...

I could feel even my most intimate parts stretching to let him pass and his rhythm was gradually increasing until the burning sensation became almost unbearable. My groans, my screams, they were echoing through the forest and after some time I started feeling completely numb, simply gazing at that night sky and that beautiful bright stars, watching me realize my wildest dream, being completely used by the love of my life.

After some time he began to losing control, reaching his climax, using too much strength, doing me roughly. Maybe rougher than I could endure, but my head was so light and the feeling was so intense that I just groaned and cried louder and louder, immersed in a sensation so strong that I wouldn't be able to describe if I tried.

I felt myself dripping, tearing, lots of pain coming from inside me, but pleasure was overwhelming. Then his embrace got so tight that I wasn't able to breath, he started humping frantically and inserted it in me all the way he could, his hands and my weight forcing me down while his hips and his member forced me up, practically crushing my clitoris... Forcing my inner limits.

I was used to masturbate day or other, never too often, maybe once or twice in a week, and always thinking of him, imagining how it would be our first time, how would he care to make such a highly anticipated but common experience the less hurtful and embarrassing possible...

In my imagination it never, ever, got at least close to what that starry night was watching, of how beastly strong he was, nor how insanely self giving I could be.

But in one thing I was right. Like happened in all my dreams, I was orgasming in my first time. Feeling myself clenching and trembling around him.

There was also something I would never guess. That it would happen in a so aggressive and intense way that it would made me practically lose consciousness.

"Aah! Aargh!" He groaned while I wasn't able to do nothing but sigh and moan breathlessly, his arms stiff around me and his member gushing intensely, inundating my insides with his hot seed.

My body became numb, my legs fell from his waist. I wasn't able to think anymore, I just wanted to rest, wanted the pain to stop. I was aching all over and hanging motionless in his arms while my head rested in his shoulder. My back, my insides, my pussy, my butt... They all hurt so intensely...

I passed out momentarily, but I thought I saw a glow of bright light amidst the woods coming in our direction. I could hear the voice of my beloved one calling me, asking me if I was ok. I was, but at the same time I wasn't. I hurt terribly inside and outside. I was numb. I felt chills running all over my body.

And then I heard a voice coming out of nowhere.

"Marco, they found us, we have to go." The voice sounded worried.
"I'm not going. She's hurt!"
"If we stay and fight it will be worst."
"I don't care. I'm not leaving her again."

I could no longer hear anything.

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