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Continuation of the story "Boyfriend forced to watch me being used".
This is a continuation of the story “Boyfriend forced to watch me being used”. Please read that first or you will not understand the context of this story.

I was a little scared after having all those STD tests. What if I’ve contracted something from those guys? Mom was even more afraid for me, though, and she was worried that I might get pregnant. But, I assured her that wasn’t going to happen because I was on birth control.

Well, I just had to wait for the results. In the meanwhile, I couldn’t have sex with my boyfriend, I couldn’t risk infecting him with something that I might have.

I awoke the next morning with my boyfriend’s arm around me. I felt so safe, and so loved. He was still sound asleep, and I noticed that he had an erection. So called “morning wood”. My boyfriend loved fucking me in the morning, and I loved to start the day off being ravaged by him. Although, this morning it was a different story. I quietly got up and went into the kitchen to make coffee. Mom was there.

“Mom? What are you doing here, don’t you have work today?” I asked.

“No, honey, I took the week off to be here for you”, said Mom.

“That’s really not necessary mommy, I’m fine, I promise you”, I said.

“I know baby, but still, I want to be here if you need anything”, said Mom in a loving voice.

“Mommy –well, there is something that you could do, maybe. If you’re up for it, that is”, I said.

“Anything honey, what is it?” inquired Mom.

I explained the situation to her, and how I was scared of the possibility that I might have contracted something from the four guys who raped me, and I didn’t want to risk spreading anything to my boyfriend.

“Will you have sex with my boyfriend Mom? Keep him satisfied, until my results come back, please?” I asked, almost begged.

I explained that I wouldn’t feel hurt and that I wanted her to do it. She thought it was a bad idea and it was wrong, but, something inside her wanted to have my boyfriend’s cock inside her again.

“Baby, last night was almost a year since I’ve had a cock in me”, said Mom.

“Other than the rubber one”, I joked.

Mom turned a bright shade of pink. She said that she worked a lot and didn’t have time to go out and meet guys. I told her it was a win-win situation. Just then my boyfriend walked into the room, with his morning wood no doubt.

“Good morning, beautiful ladies. What are you two conspiring about?” smiled my boyfriend.

He hugged me tight and kissed me on my forehead.

“I love you”, whispered my boyfriend to me.

Mom smiled, she liked my boyfriend, because she knew how much he cared for me.

Before he could say anything, I dropped down to my knees in front of my boyfriend, and pulled his shorts down, right in front of my mom. I grabbed the base of my boyfriend’s cock with my soft, warm hand. I moved closer and placed my hot, wet mouth over the head of his cock and let my lips slide along the length of his cock. I used my tongue and massaged the underside of his cock, while using my hand to stroke his cock.

My boyfriend was stunned. What had gotten into me, he thought. In front of my mother? I looked up into his eyes as I sucked on his cock. I was using a tank top and a pair of short shorts. Mom was using a tiny strap nightie, which barely covered her body. Her cleavage was deep and her creamy thighs were exposed. The nightie came down just below her ass.

With my free hand, I motioned for mom to come here. She kneeled down beside me. I let go of my boyfriend’s cock and pulled my mouth away, only to place it right back on his balls. I licked it, and sucked on it. Mom took his entire cock into her mouth, she was deep-throating him. You go mom, I thought. I pulled his balls into my mouth, one at a time, while watching mom bob her head on his cock. I could feel his balls tighten, and mom could feel his cock twitch. We both knew he was going to cum and mom deep-throated his cock once again, allowing him to send his load of cum directly down her throat.

“Fuck, what was that for?” said my boyfriend as he wiped a drop of sweat off his forehead.

“For being the amazing boyfriend that you are”, I said. Mom smiled.

My mom walked toward my boyfriend and pushed him onto the chair at the table, and straddled him sitting on his lap with her legs on either side of him. He looked at me and I smiled back, approvingly. She put her hands on the sides of his neck and kissed him passionately, on his lips. I could see their tongues as they sucked and locked with each other. My boyfriend put his hands on the side of mom’s thick, milky thighs and squeezed and ran his hands inside her nightie, holding onto her thighs.

Mom, unlike me, had much bigger boobs. She pulled the straps of her nightie down and exposed her big, firm breast. I have to admit, the looked beautiful. Pink long nipples, much like my own. They were perfect, I knew my boyfriend would love them. Mom pressed her boobs on my boyfriend’s face, and squeezed them with her own hands. She moved back a bit, but my boyfriend grabbed her boobs. He plunged his mouth onto one nipple and started sucking on it, while caressing her other boob, gently kneading it.

I sat in a chair next to them, getting turned on watching my boyfriend have his way with my mom. I started to caress my own boobs over my top, and felt my nipples hard. I pinched and played with them between my fingers. They begged for a warm, wet, wanting tongue. I watched as my boyfriend let go of moms boob, and with the same hand, again grabbed her soft tender thigh and rubbed it. This time, he moved his hand higher up, and inserted it into her panty. He cupped her freshly shaved, smooth, wet and hot cunt as he was now sucking on the sensitive flesh of her neck. Mom moaned softly as he popped in his middle and forefinger into her awaiting hole. He fingered her pussy as they kissed once again, this time more passionately, fiercely, and wild.

I could the wetness in my own pussy. It definitely coated and messed my panty. I put my hand inside my shorts and rubbed my pussy over my panty. I was right, it was soaking wet. I massaged my clit, in circles, over my panty as I watched them.

Mom got off my boyfriend, pulled her panty down, and got right back on him in the position she was just in. She held his ridged cock in her hand and guided it into her wet pussy. She started riding him slowly, and he grabbed onto her ass cheeks.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to feel something inside my pussy. It was on fire. I slowly pulled my shorts and panty down, and put my feet up on the chair, with my knees now up. I pushed one, then two fingers into my own cunt and started to fuck myself slowly.

I increased my pace and fingered my pussy forcefully as I watched my boyfriend lift mom up, carry her to the wall and fuck her senselessly. It was an erotic sight, with his shorts halfway down, and her sexy legs wrapped around him.

“That’s it baby, oh, fuck me. Aaaah”, squealed Mom.

Her pussy made that same squishing sound it did last night. Mom was close to cumming, I could tell from the sound of her moaning. It was getting louder and more intense. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and moaned rather loud, exclaiming to the world that she was cumming. My boyfriend fucked her soggy pussy forcefully in that position for a few more seconds. He let her down and turned her around, she bent her upper body down and held the wall as he entered her well lubricated pussy from the back. He held her hips and fucked her wild. Mom had another orgasm. Her pussy tightened and gripped my boyfriend’s cock which made him cum. He held her ass, and pumped his seed into mom’s eager pussy.

When he was done, I woke up and walked by mom. She turned around now, with her back against the wall. I kneeled down between her legs. I have never tasted a pussy before, and I never thought I would ever. But, I was so horny right now. Mom’s pussy smelled divine, almost unexplainable. It was wet all over, mixed with my boyfriend’s cum and her own juices. I lapped mom’s hot hole and stuck my tongue inside, tasting my boy’s cum. I fingered myself while sucking mom’s pussy. Mom had another orgasm from me eating her cunt, and I had one from my fingers in my puss.

The phone rang. It was the doctor’s office, the results of the tests were available and we were to go in today around lunch time to receive them.

Let me know if you like.


2014-01-04 18:48:46
Thanks Slut. You got me good and hard. Would love more detailed deion of the fuck scenes. You're getting better, keep up the good work.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-02 18:11:34
really good stories, but you have to slow it down and make it more believable. it's a cool unique story plot but def work on it. when you get better you should rewrite these stories. they're gold

Lucky MannReport

2014-01-02 07:22:17
Nice story. I would have preferred a little more detail in the sex scenes, but keep practicing.


2014-01-01 14:11:33
I like where this story seems to be going.

anonymous readerReport

2013-12-12 00:12:35
What? "Mom, will you have sex with my boyfriend after i got gang raped? thanks!"


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