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"Jacob, my Jacob." I said his name over and over in my mind. I missed him so much. He was gone, on a hunting trip with leah and seth. He would be back tomorrow but i still didnt know how i would make it through tonight. I lay in my bed, going over memories, the first time he'd held me and the look in his eyes as if he was staring at the sun, the moon, the stars and the earth all in one. Yeah, he loved me, very much so, but sometimes, alone like this where my father couldnt hear my thoughts, i liked to think that he didnt just love me because of the imprint. He had grown love me in his own choosing, andwould have anyways. But i knew i was completely and utterly wrong. If it wasnt for the imprint, he would still hate me right now, he mot likely would'dve killed me! What a terribke thing to think of the man you would one day marry. That he could've been your murderer! Because before i was born, he'd been in love with my mother, bella swan, and he'd made his play for her. Of course, she'd chosen my father, they'd gotten married, and a short time later produced me. You see, my father, edward, was a vampire, and my mother had been a human. So i was a half vampire, stronger than my mother, and i had almost killed her during her pregnancy a.d birth. The only thing that saved her was vampire venom. She was now a vampire, as she had been simce the day i was born. Jacob had hated me, because he was a werewolf, and she was a human, but when i came along, i nearly killed her, so the only choice was a vamjpire transformation. Vampire's (my family) and Werewolves (Jacob's Family) Were enemies, so he was extremely pissed that the girl he loved was now a vampire. He was mostly pissed at me, because it had been my fault. Yes, physically, it had, but mentally, it hadnt been anyone's fault. I had chosen to be a sperm in my dad's cock, i hadnt chosen to be the one sperm to knock up my mother. I hadnt chosen to almost kill her. But he had hated me anyway. Until he imprinted. And thats when he began to love me. I often questioned if he really did love me. Because how do you get from Hate, pull of few supernatural strings, and then, bada bing, Love. It just wasnt true love. I must have fallen asleep at some point because when i awoke it was morning, and jacob was beside me. He felt me stir, and turned around. "Baby, your awake." He kissed me full on the mouth. I felt a spark at that moment. I loved him. I wanted him. He was mine. I had been wanting to have sex with jacob since i was twelve. I was 17, andi was finally going to get my wish. I crawled on top of him and passionately moved my hands up his shirt and rubbed his chest with one, hand, then tangled both fingers in hair as i ground my crotch against his. He had a major boner. "Nessie, are you sure you wanna do this?" He asked me. I nodded. "Do you have a condom? He shook his head no. Then we would have to do without one i unbuttoned his jeans and pulled off his pants, throwing them over the side of the bed. I ripped down his uderwear and gasped. His cock was at least 2 inches thick and 14 inches tall. "Jacob, what the hell?" I whispered. "Its a wolf thing". He murmured. I smirked at him. And this is a vampire thing, i said, pulling off my shirt and bra to reveal my c cup Tits though i was skinny. I did a twirl and unbuttoned my pants. He watched me with eyes wide. I dropped my jeans, and crawled onto the bed with just my underwear, i hitched his shirt up over him and tossed it behind me, we kissed for a while and then he pushed me over, ripped my underwear off, and tossed the shreds where his shirt lay. We were both completely naked. "Geez, Jake, those were good underwear." He chuckled and said "You ready Ness?" I nodded. He pushed open my legs and put his mouth to my pussy. His wet tongue in my cunt felt so good i moaned and jerked under his hold. He finally stopped and came back up to kiss me. "You tasted amazing. " He whispered in my ear. A shrivel of warmth went through me. I pushed him over and began to kjss his neck, down his chest, and over his stomach until i rea hed his cock, i sucked on the head and heard him groan. I took it as far as i could, which was about half, and sucked roughly. After several minutes i felt him tighten and he popped his load into my mouth. I swallowed three times, four times, 5 times, 6 times, 7 times. Each time my mouth was full. Finally he relaxed and i climbed up him, placing my Pussy right at his crotch. It hurt like hell when his dick first e.tered me but after a while it didnt hurt anymore and i was able to take him all the way in. I rode his fat cock with my wet cunt and moaned, ugggg, fuck me Jacob. I was just about to squirt when i felt him tighten and he whispered, "Come with me, Renesmee". I lay still on his chest, feeling him shoot load after load into me, making me orgasm again and again. Jacob was mine. I was his. I was no longer a virgin. He had taken that from me. I didnt care what my dad thought. We would one day be married with five children. I loved him. I fell asleep on his chest there, where i wanted to be forever.

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2013-12-09 08:37:34
Was ok but could have been better. But for just second story you did great. Continue writing.

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