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We watched the snowfall for a little while longer. “Do you want more coffee?” She asked me.

My mind was jolted out of its forgotten daydream by her question. “Yea, that would be nice.” I moved from the window to the couch, after putting a couple of large logs on the fire. Laura returned a few minutes later, two steaming cups in her hands and sat down next to me on the couch, handing me my cup back.

“I wonder if the power will come back on today.” She tried to make small talk as if there wasn’t anything else to talk about.

“I wonder if you’re going to tell me about this Eddie guy and what you were doing in the middle of nowhere yesterday.” I peered over my coffee cup at her reaction to the question, and there was none.

She put her coffee cup down on the end table, turned her body to face me and began.

It turns out that Eddie is a small time mobster that works mainly out of Scranton, PA. He came to Crystal Ridge to lean on a rather large used car auction house that, while it was doing a thriving business on its own, Eddie was convinced that he could make it better, and of course for that service he should get paid, whether he was actually helpful or not. He had suspected his wife of three years, Laura, of cheating on him while he was away on business, and decided that she would accompany him whether she wanted to or not. Eddie, from their wedding day forward had been very abusive, to the point of putting Laura in the hospital on one occasion and making several threats against her life on others.

As usually happens with a big mouthed, overbearing control freak and his wife, a fight broke out while they were at the hotel in Crystal Ridge. To shut her up, he gave her a heavy dose of roofies, against her wishes, took her clothes with him and went out to do his business. Apparently he was caught up in the storm, and returned to the hotel later than he expected. She’d already woke up and had planned her escape. She hit him on the head with a scotch bottle, and ran out of the motel room with the only thing that she could grab which was the raincoat that Eddie was wearing.

She didn’t know how far Eddie’s connections ran, but she knew that he pretty much ran the police department in Scranton, so she didn’t call the police. Instead she hitched a ride with the first car that would stop, headed away from the motel and wasn’t really particular about the direction it was headed. As she stumbled into the cab of the pickup truck, which turned out to be owned by a farmer that was actually going the wrong direction, she saw Eddie stumble out of the hotel room, holding his head, and looking all around for her. She couldn’t be certain if he saw her or not, but she had to assume that she did. She was still very lightheaded and still under the affects of the roofies, so by the time she realized that the farmer, her savior, was heading the wrong direction, she was already ten or so miles out of town on the I-75 freeway. A few exits later, she asked the farmer to drop her off, and she’d find her own way.

She knew that t was just a matter of time before Eddie caught up to her if he’d seen her get into the pickup truck. She stumbled down the road, not sure where she was going, but needing to get away from the freeway. She had walked for about twenty minutes or so, cold, wet, and still very groggy, ducking into the bushes when ever she heard a car coming. Finally it happened. Eddie’s Cadillac came barreling down the road. He’d obviously followed the truck that she’d gotten onto the freeway and she suspected that he wasn’t sure which exiting ramp it got off on.

Laura doesn’t remember passing out, but remembers waking up on the side of the road and in the rain.

“That’s when I saw your truck.” She looked at me. “I couldn’t take a chance of you not stopping, so I got into the middle of the road to make you stop.” She took another sip of her coffee.

“What if I wouldn’t have been able to stop?” I almost had a scolding tone to my voice. “Did you think of that?”

Laura set her coffee cup back down and looked into my eyes. “If you didn’t stop, my nightmare would still be over.” She said with a tear falling down her cheek.

I simply reached for her and held her close to me. We sat motionless, her in my arms for a long time. I tried to comfort her and to make her feel safe. “I’m glad I was able to stop.” I finally said.

“Me too.” She replied, her arms squeezing my midsection.

A scratch on the back door brought us back from our individual thoughts. What ever it was that had gotten Bear’s attention and had drawn him outside had passed, and he wanted back in from the cold. I got up and let him in. While the door was open, I gathered another arm load of wood for the fire then returned to the living room to find Laura petting Bear, complaining that he was all wet and smelled like a wet dog.

“You’re a good boy, yes you are.” She said to Bear, who not used to that kind of attention from me, was soaking it up from her, all the while giving me the “why don’t you treat me like this” look.

The rest of the day consisted of a mixture of watching the weather, eating some food, drinking coffee, then hot chocolate, and mainly getting to know each other. We told each other our life stories, for the most part, which basically killed time until it got dark.

Bear had gone out and come back in several more times before deciding finally that it was too cold to spend the night outside. He curled up on the floor in front of the fireplace letting his fur dry out some. Several oil lamps had been lit, and the room had a cozy glow to it.

Laura, who was laying against me on the couch, her head on my stomach, running her fingers lazily running up and down the outside of my thigh. It was comfortable, I kept thinking to myself. We had already told the other everything we could think of to tell and now we sat in silence, just enjoying each other’s company.

Bear walked lazily to the back door, gave it a little scratch that told me that he had some business to do outside. I gently moved out from under Laura, and headed to the back door. We needed more firewood to keep the house warm all night anyway, so when I let him out, I grabbed more wood. It was then that I noticed something odd. There seemed to be a pathway in the snow that went completely around the house with deeper indentations near the windows. I listened to the crisp night air for any sound and heard the quiet drip of water. I looked up in the darkness and strained to see an icicle that had formed off of the roof and noticed that it was melting. Mystery solved. The heat from the roof was melting the snow, and the pathway was either snow falling from the roof, or the melted spot where water had fallen. Never the less, I called for Bear before re-entering the house. He didn’t come running, which wasn’t altogether that odd, so I closed the door and returned to the couch.

“Everything alright out there?” Laura asked me seeing the quizzical look on my face.

“Yea,” I replied sitting back on the couch, trying to find the same spot and position I was in before. “Bear ran off, I was just wondering if he was going to come back tonight.”

“He’ll scratch at the door when he’s ready, won’t he?” She rubbed my leg vigorously to get the chill off of my sweats.

“Yea, he should.” I answered.

She resumed her gentle, lazy rubbing on my thigh, while watching the flames dance in the fireplace, which is what she was doing before I had to get up. I let my hand lazily rub her shoulder and her back, which she seemed to be enjoying. Her hands started wandering farther up my leg and onto my lap. Soon she was letting her hands drift lazily over the bulge in my sweatpants. It felt good, so I didn’t object and as a matter of fact, I let my hands drift farther down the front of her shoulder to her breast. The attention that she was giving to my cock sent chills up my spine and made my toes tingle. Unconsciously my breathing picked up speed, as the blood rushed to fill my now engorging member. She felt the bulge in my sweatpants start to grow, which was now her sole focus. She rubbed and teased the bulge watching it twitch and jump to her attentions. She turned slightly giving me better access to her perfect breasts which I immediately took advantage of lightly pinching the hardening nipple through the sweatshirt fabric.

Her breathing increased, as well as the motion of her hand against my now rock hard cock through my sweats. She slipped her hand under the waistbands of both my sweats and boxers and grabbed the steel hard shaft. She let a soft moan escape her lips brought on by both the sensation of her nipples being pinched, and the feeling of my pulsing rod in her soft hand. She pulled at the waistbands trying to free the growing monster from its fabric prison. I raised my hips slightly allowing the sweatpants to be pulled down, letting my cock spring free in front of her face.

She kissed the head of my cock gently before turning her body away from me, giving her mouth full access to me. She engulfed my member hungrily causing me to jump in ecstasy at her swirling tongue, and sucking lips. She moved her head up and down, pulling my rod completely out of her mouth, licking around the purple helmet, then dove back down allowing my length to disappear down her hot throat. Her hand gently squeezed my balls, her mouth worked magic and I knew that I wouldn’t last very long at this pace.

With a loud bang the back door came flying open hitting the wall. “Well isn’t this cozy.” A voice snarled behind me. “Having a good time fucking my wife?” I heard right before a searing pain shot across my temple, and I blacked out.

I don’t know how long I’d been unconscious when an annoying series of slaps across my face brought me back. My hands were tied above my head and my mid section was tied against the center post of the cabin. I was in a standing position and was completely nude.

Laura’s hands were tied behind my waist, and she was facing me in a kneeling position, also completely nude. The intruder was now trying to revive her, whom he’d also apparently knocked unconscious. Once he revived her he stood back to view his handy work. “Well now.” He smirked. “You two look like you’re ready for some action.” He was carrying a shotgun, and had a pistol in his belt. He wore a black leather jacket and black gloves. He grabbed Laura by the hair and pulled her head back sharply. “I about froze my dick off looking for you bitch!” He snarled. “No matter.” He said as he released his grip on her hair. “It’s warm here, and by the time they make it out here to dig out my car, you’ll both be worm food.” He walked around the both of us touching the barrel of the shotgun to our skin as he walked slow laps around us.

“Eddie,” Laura spoke up. “This is ridiculous, let us go!” She yelled.

“Ridiculous Laura?” He bent down putting his face directly in front of hers. “How about finding my wife sucking another mans dick in the middle of fucking nowhere.” He stood, and put the shotgun at the back of Laura’s head. “I ought to blow your fucking brains out right here.”

Laura sobbed gently, then looked up at me and mouthed the words “I’m sorry”, which Eddie saw.

“I’m sorry.” He mocked, “I’m sorry. I suppose you just didn’t know she was married, right?” The shotgun barrel was now at my chin.

“No, actually she told me you were her Ex.” I calmly replied. “I just didn’t believe her when she told me how much of a prick you were.”

Eddie looked down at Laura. “This one’s got balls at least.” He smirked, and then walked away from us both.

I watched Eddie pace around the couch and noticed that the back door hadn’t been latched completely. I looked around carefully and didn’t see Bear, or at least I didn’t see his body. I’m sure that a coward like Eddie would have just shot the dog, being afraid of him.
Eddie walked around my cabin, pretty much like he owned it, peaking into drawers, and cabinets. He tossed a couple more logs onto the fire, and if it was possible for a gorilla like him, he looked deep in thought. He picked up the shotgun and walked over to Laura. “I’d make you suck my dick, but the sight of you ain’t getting the motor spinning, if ya know what I mean.” He made another lap around us. “Suck his.” He finally commanded.

Laura looked up at him. “Come on Eddie, this is going to far. Untie me, and I’ll go with you.” She pleaded, still sounding somewhat defiant. “That’s what you want isn’t it? Your trophy wife standing dutifully by your side?”

Eddie looked like he was getting very angry at this point. “Not anymore sweetheart.” He sat on the couch. “Now I just want you gone, and hurting like your hurting me.” He pulled a silver flask from his inside pocket and took a drink of what was inside. “So I’m going to let you fulfill your last wish.” He replaced the cap on the flask and set it down on the arm of the couch. “You were blowing him when I showed up, so blow him now.” His tone was sarcastic and angry at the same time. He looked at Laura and became irritated that his instructions weren’t being followed. He put the shotgun barrel behind her ear. “Put his dick in your mouth and suck it until I say stop.”

Laura leaned forward and with her mouth, sucked my flaccid dick into her mouth. Tears were running down her face onto my legs and her nose being plugged from all the crying, she had a hard time keeping her mouth closed around it.

“You’d better make it hard sweetie.” He directed. “It doesn’t look like you’re giving him the extra special treatment.”

I looked down at Laura, whose sad eyes were staring up at me. I gave her a wink as if to say, “I’ve got a plan, and it’s ok, just do what he wants.”

Apparently it worked. She started bobbing her head, and sucking my cock in earnest. Even bound, and very uncomfortable, her mouth worked it’s magic, and the blood rushing in started to bring my dick to life.

While Eddie was pacing the floor, and obviously distracted at what he was seeing his lovely wife do to me, I was able to loosen the ropes that bound my wrists to the rafter and almost had my hands free.

“Yea baby. Suck that cock like you love it.” Eddie encouraged. “Whoa baby, keep it up, and I’ll let you do me before I cap ya.” He pulled my armchair over to where he could sit comfortably and watch the show he’d made us perform. Eddie sat down and laid the pistol in his belt on the table next to the chair. He loosened the belt on his own pants, slipped them down over his waist, and took his own pecker in his hand. “So that’s what it looks like when you suck cock?” He leaned the shotgun against the arm of the chair, and pulled the flask from his jacket with his free hand. “Damn bitch, your swallowing that thing.” He continued to Jack his own dick while his wife, bound by ropes, sucked on mine. He took a long drink, and then set the flask down on the table next to the chair.

Laura, perhaps trying to escape in her mind, started acting like she enjoyed what she was doing and sucked my steel hard shaft in earnest. Letting it slide all the way out of her mouth, then licking and slurping at the shaft, and my balls. Small moans of pleasure escaped her lips. “Eddie,” she called. “Come fuck me baby.” She raised her ass a little in the air. “Come fuck me from behind. I love it when you do that.” She cooed.

Eddie, who was still stroking his now rock hard stiffy, didn’t even flinch at the request. He pulled his pants completely off over his shoes and knelt down behind her. “You Love it don’t ya baby.” He chanted. “You love my rock hard cock in your dripping cunt, don’t ya bitch.” He guided his cock into Laura’s pussy and started moving his hips back and forth. He reached for the flask, and took another long drink. “Oh yea baby,” he chimed. “You know you love it. Tell me you love my cock baby.”

Laura looked at me and tried to smile at his comments she obviously found amusing. My cock left her mouth. “Oh yea baby, I love your cock.” She looked at me again, and with my already free hand, I waved to her. Seeing that I had one hand free, She began sucking with earnest, trying to make Eddie pay attention to her, not me.

Eddie continued his assault on Laura’s dripping cunt hard enough to make squishy, fart like sounds. He picked up his pace, and I thought for sure he would cum soon. I had to work fast to get my other hand free. I had to hit this son-of-a-bitch hard enough to knock him out on the first blow because I needed time to untie myself. I worked feverishly to get my other hand free when I saw the back door swing open. Bear had nudged the door open with his nose, and was now looking at the scene in front of him. Eddie pounded his hips in to Laura oblivious to the beast that was behind him. “I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming.” Eddie cried out as he released his ejaculate into Laura.

Eddie must have felt the cold air on his bare ass because he turned around in time to see Bear walking toward him, ears down, and a low powerful growl escaping his powerful jaws that were showing all of his teeth. Eddie let out a girl like shriek, pulled his dick out of Laura and sprang towards the pistol on the table. At the same time Bear leapt onto the strange man in a pile of angry thick black fur. He bit at the man’s hand causing him to retreat by scooting backwards on the floor, trying anything he could to get away from the ravaging beast. Bear didn’t let up and pounced on the man with all four legs, and started biting any appendage that was available until he reached the man’s throat. Bear clamped his powerful jaws down on the soft muscle that protected the precious airway. His bite was powerful enough that all noise stopped except his own throaty growl and then, Eddie lay motionless. A pool of blood formed under the man’s head. Bear released his grip, and backed away from him wagging his tail slowly, proud of the kill, ready to present it to his master.

I freed my hands, and was working on Laura’s wrists as Eddie took his final breath. Laura simply stared in astonishment at the powerful animal taking the soul of his victim. Her hands free, she backed away from me and helped me take the ropes off of my waist. I lifted her to her feet, both of us rubbing our wrists and trying to get a grasp of what had just happened. I walked past Bear who was now sitting, panting and gazing at his kill as if standing guard. “Good boy Bear!” I exclaimed, more to calm him down than to give him my approval and rubbed his head between his now perked up ears. “Good boy!”

I grabbed at the shotgun, moved it far out of reach, and then checked on Eddie. I felt his wrist for a pulse, but didn’t find one. I laid two fingers against the spot that used to be where the jugular vein was, but found only raw, chewed up flesh and again, no pulse. I turned to Laura who was now covered with the comforter, huddled on the couch like a scared little girl.” Is he…” She asked.

“Yep,” I said coolly. “He’s dead.

Laura put her head down on her knees and started sobbing quietly. I went to the kitchen, washed my hands, coaxed Bear back out the back door and shut it. Then I joined Laura on the couch. “You must be freezing.” She said, and offered me part of the comforter.

“No, not really.” I said putting my arm around her shoulder. “Are you ok?” I asked.

She turned her head to look at the body of her dead husband. “I really didn’t want him dead.” She said. “But, I don’t think it would have been truly over any other way.” Laura covered her mouth, got up and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. I got up to follow her, but heard the reason why she ran so suddenly. She was getting sick.

I went into the bedroom, grabbed some boxers, and put on some jeans and a heavy flannel shirt. I grabbed some more sweats from the drawer for Laura and headed towards the bathroom. “Laura, I got you some more clothes.” I spoke through the door.

“Ok, I’ll be right out.” She sobbed.

“Take as much time as you need.” I laid the cloths at the bottom of the door, then wondered what I was going to do about all of this.

Being an ex-convict definitely had its disadvantages. I couldn’t be in possession of a firearm, but there were now two of them in my house. I couldn’t engage in criminal behavior, yet I was contemplating hiding a body that was killed in my living room. I was reasonably sure that there would be some sort of misunderstanding waiting for me if I reported what had happened, even though I hadn’t done anything wrong.

Laura came out of the bathroom, put on the sweats and joined me in the living room. “What do we do now?” she asked putting her head against my shoulder.

“I don’t know.” I said. “We’ve got a few options here. I can drag him outta here, and hope that the animals take care of him.” I already didn’t like that Idea because it meant that there would be a blood trail in the snow, and this storm wasn’t going to last forever. “We could try to bury him.” I continued, but that Idea had a lot of the same attributes of the previous one.

“We can’t call the police.” She said emphatically. “He’s probably got a few of them in his pocket already and payback from the mob isn’t just a bitch, it’s a bitch with teeth.”

Although our options were limited and I hadn’t thought of the reason that Laura mentioned, I did realize that calling the police had never been a viable option. “What ever we’re going to do, we’d better do it fast.” I said heading to the couch to put on my boots.

I went to the kitchen and got several large garbage bags. I returned to the body, and pulled the bag over his head I pulled it down his body as far as I could and with a piece of the rope we were tied with, I tied the bottom of the bag around his body tight. I told Laura to get me a towel. I soaked as much of the blood from the floor up as I could, and wrung the towel out into the other bag. When I got as much of it up as I could, I tossed the towel into the bag with the blood. I asked Laura to try to clean up as much as possible while I was gone, slung Eddie over my shoulder, and headed out into the dark, cold night.

I found Eddie’s car not far down the road from my house stuck in a ditch. He’d obviously lost control of it and it left the road. The door to the car was still open, and his tracks lead in the direction of my cabin. I laid Eddy down next to his car, propping his head against the rocker panel. I took the bag off of his upper body letting the blood that had pooled spill out on the snow around him. Bear had followed me, and now smelled the warm blood around his victim. I dumped the bag of blood on the snow around the man’s hands and on his clothes and then placed the blood soaked towel on his neck with his hand on top of it like it was trying to stop bleeding that had long since ceased to flow. I heard quiet crashing and crunching noises coming from the woods and knew that my plan was going to work. I gathered up the plastic bags, retraced my footprints in the snow, hoping that mother nature would help me cover them up.


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need ch 4 to see if they got a way clean


2006-06-14 06:42:14
Anyone know where this author went. In my oppnion he was the best on this site; I'm really starting to miss reading his storys.


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well bring on the end were thay find him and she stays with him for ever haha fucking each day


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